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After forensic study of the evidence, this is the moment Spurs fans really started getting depressed.

There are few things I cherish more in life over watching Spurs take a beating in a crucial match. Yesterday it was David Moyes’ 10th anniversary in charge of Everton so you kind of sensed this one might not go the way of the Hotspur. They lined up strongly but never really moved out of 2nd gear. They looked lethargic and out of ideas. Most of their chances came from long range efforts. Whenever they did get into good positions, Jermaine Defoe was on hand to shank it wide of the target.

Watching Adebayor when you’re winning is always a pleasure, what I’d forgotten is just how frustrating he is when your team is losing. Yesterday he was totally hopeless. He was petulant, lazy and totally ineffective. So ineffective he was subbed off after 55 minutes. It changed nothing, Everton held onto their one goal lead and took the three points. A marvellous afternoon. Chelsea won their game and closed the gap on us. So that makes our Monday night clash with Newcastle all the more important.

I can sit here and talk about what a fabulous job Pardew has done. I can say that a draw might not be the worst result. I’m not going to though. This is a major clash, but it’s a major clash we should be taking 3 points from. Newcastle have a host of dangerous players we need to be aware of, but they’re not better than Milan or Spurs. We should be heading into this game know we’re going to win. Their form has been indifferent of late and they were absolutely spanked by the chokers across the road when they last visited London.

Monday night has to be ours. Fourth place is no longer a trophy in my eyes. Oh no… I’ve upped my fan ambition. 3rd place is the new 4th. That trophy of finishing above Spurs is worth more to me than anything else in football at the moment. The bragging rights it would afford us combined with the 5-2 bragging rights we already own… well, it would be a dream summer!

Even the manager thinks third is our target, though for slightly different reasons.

‘It is no longer easy, especially when you look at the quality in Europe that is coming up’

The Premiership has had a bad year in Europe, but I’m not sure I’d quite go along with all the doom mongers who state we’re a weak league now. Spain has two great teams, outside that, normally I wouldn’t rate their league as a whole. The Italian league has a couple of good teams but I think anyone who watched Napoli in the first leg against Chelsea would agree that the result flattered them. The same with Milan. Though they played well in the first leg, we trounced them in the second.

The league does have to shelve the complacency though. We’re in danger of losing that 4th place champions league spot if this is the beginning of a power shift cycle.

We need to improve our squad this summer. Of that there is no doubt. Major improvements need to come into play. Marco Van Basten had some interesting words on the subject.

“The Arsenal squad has to be bigger and stronger. That will never guarantee ­trophies, but it will increase the chances.

“Robin must get the feeling Arsenal will have a squad this summer which can compete with the best teams in England and Europe. They cannot turn around and tell him they are selling the best players, like last summer.

“They have a gem like Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, but at the top of ­European football you also need ­experience.

“So they need a few players of more maturity – and then you can get Robin to stay.”

As it’s Sunday and we have little else to do bar text depressed Spurs fans I’m going to lay out my plans. If you’re too big for speculation, seriously, stop reading now, this is going to upset you.


  • Chesney
  • Fabianski (Sell)
  • Emilio Damián Martínez (Promote)
  • <Position open for an experienced old head>


  • Sagna
  • Mertesacker
  • Koscielny
  • Vermaelen
  • Santos
  • Jenkinson
  • Vertonghen (Buy)
  • Bartley (Promote to 4th choice centre back)
  • JD (Sell to the highest bidder, even if that involves letting him go on a free)
  • Gibbs (Move out the club with a massive sell on clause)
  • Squillaci (terminate contract if he won’t leave)


  • Diaby (Move on to wherever we can. Consider releasing him from contract)
  • Arteta
  • Frimpong
  • Rosicky
  • Wilshere
  • Song
  • Ramsey
  • Coquelin
  • <Position free for creative midfielder>
  • Yann M’Villa


  • Robin (Force him to sign a new deal)
  • Joel Campbell (Promote if legal to do so / If he’s away for 3 years, bring in Kalou on a free)
  • Park Chu-Nooooo (Banish him back to Ligue 1)
  • Chamakh (Force him out of the club)
  • Walcott (Offer new deal, don’t be held to ransom / If swap deal for Sturridge is on, take it, please god take it!)
  • Gervinho
  • Ryo (loan)
  • Chamberlain
  • Hoilett (Free transfer / Andrey replacement)
  • Podolski (Done deal)

Backroom Staff

  • Pat Rice (Steve Bould Promotion)
  • Boro Piromac (release)
  • Tony Colbert (release)
  • Gerry Payton (release)

Move them all on and let’s have a serious shake up this summer!

How would you play the summer?

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  1. zeus

    BenjaminMarch 11, 2012    13:29:49
    I think we should go for Nuri Sahin from Madrid for the creative midfielder role. He is unhappy after being overlooked by Mourinho and could come cheap. Dortmund’s player of the season last year.

    Share those sentiments. But Wilshere is so good box to box it kinda makes a deep laying playmaker redundant. Unless Wenger plans to use jack as a AM, which he was sub par for the few times he played there during Cesc’s injury.

    I don’t want anyone learning new positions next season. Play what u know.

  2. Ice

    Pedro let me speak to the alsatian dude aka Wenger and see what he can do…BTW I think he’s sussed out Song now anyways!

    BTW Dagenham And Redbridge are in for Squilley!

  3. Gunner2301

    Great post Pedro.


    Can’t see us selling Fabianski unless he wants to go. Is he a keeper that can supplement us for all competitions we’re competing in? No but him staying maintains Wengers make do mentality so I don’t think we are really going to compete for anything other than the league.


    Gibbs got a new contract when Clichy left to become a first teamer on first teamers wages. I agree we can’t rely on him and my personal opinion is that he should be sold. He is too lightweight and not good enough defensively. Djourou is staying as long as Arsene is here he just got a new contract. I would have liked him out this Summer but Arsene sees things differently.


    I can’t see us bringing in anyone defensively unless Song leaves, which I hope he does. He’s not good enough and maybe someone will temp him with silly money and he’ll move on. Italy is a good shout.


    if we’re getting Podolski I can;t see us getting anyone else and we may promote one of the youngsters.


    Get rid we need fresh ideas and younger coaches possibly from the old guard.

    I think the only big changes will be Podolski if he’s already signed and someone for the Cesc role. Defensively Wenger will see it that we suffered a lot of injuries so they haven’t had a lot of time together so he hasn’t really seen what they can do, which he will look at next season.

    Wenger will make effort to get rid of the dross, but Diaby, Theo, Rosicky, Fabianski who should go, I don;t think they will. Theo will get his increase and we’ll all live happily ever after.


  4. gambon

    Have to give credit to Man U. They have hung in there all season, not looked that great, but now find themselves top.

    That article on Cesc was a good read, highlights the lack of tactics and footballing discipline at the club.

    The fact that Barcas standards are set so much higher than us is an embarrassment. We should do anything possible to get Pep/Guardiola/Klopp in.

    Also interesting that Van Basten said he knows for a fact that we have A LOT of money.

  5. Frogman

    I have to laugh at some of the clowns on here who not too long ago were saying we were shite because we could not beat Swansea. Well guess what, Man City for all of their millions and super star players could not do it either. It just proves you cannot under estimate any team in the EPL and you simply do not have the right to assume that you can beat anyone. In fairness Swansea has been a fortress at home but there again there are people on here who have nothing better to do than slag off Arsenal no matter what.

  6. Gunner2301


    Two great examples there that marks out the difference between the candidates for champions and the rest, namely to get results when you’re not at your best in the case of ManU and you can see they have that in their DNA every season they do that. Also the ability to organise a team and deploy tactics where Barca have got that down to a T. Every man knowing their job being drilled in it and sticking to it (consider this to be the team Wenger inherited).

    People may rave on about Song and his assists. I’m looking at the shape and organisation of the team and saying his role and those number of assists are incompatible. Something has to give and it’s our back 4 protection. We may be fortunate and win the odd piece of silverware with Wenger but to consistently compete and dominate, he doesn’t have the tactics, ability or knowhow to make this team a well oiled machine and difficult to beat.

  7. jack

    “The fact that Barcas standards are set so much higher than us is an embarrassment. We should do anything possible to get Pep/Guardiola/Klopp in.”

    If only Gambon….

    our standards are top 4, 3rd is now seen as a bonus.
    Status Quo remains the goal. nothing changes until the French clown goes.

  8. Bouldy's left testicle

    Fun with the managers on here today! one would think we had billions in the bank(!) 😀

    Arsenal have actually signed Matias Suarez from Anderlecht and (most likely) Lewis Holtby from Schalke. We should be very happy to have secured these two, as they are very talented indeed.

    Now, on the back of that info, I’d say AW probably won’t buy too many more, considering Podololol is on his way as well(?) and Joel on his way back from Ligue Ø.

    With Song, Theo and RvP’s contracts being up soon and all, a lot will depend on them signing on.

    Anyway, I too would like to see some changes, so I’m no different than the rest.

    Nik B

    Man, that would free up a lot of wages(!) and we’d get like £25mill (woop woop)

    If Song leaves —> M’vila
    Maybe Gourcuff
    Giroud (I was in Paris and saw PSG v Montpellier, and he’s the real deal!)

    Thats it. Pretty much. I don’t think we need a Hazard or Götze now. We’ll get em when they’re 25, no probs. We will be world beaters again by then.

    Btw, in the norwegian PL studio they were discussing the west brom bench:
    “They’ve got Long, Cox…”

    Well, good for them >__<

  9. gambon


    Pretty sure it wasnt just cos we lost to Swansea.

    Incase you didnt realise we lost to Swansea, Fulham, Blackburn, Spurs. We conceded 8 fucking goals in a game. We havent won anything for 7 years, and regularly get embarrassed in the champions league.

  10. Cloggs

    You saw the match? Citeh didn’t lose because of Swansea, they lost from themselves.
    The only point you make is that just spending mega-millions on its own doesn’t guarantee a win.

  11. Cloggs

    Kwik fit,
    What’s that smile on yer face? You won?
    “naahhh… same old shit, got fucked by the ref..” 😆

  12. Gunner2301

    I think Frogman probably went along with Wengers decision not to strengthen in the Summer too. Thing he needs to remember that it’s those of us who are critical that is keeping Wengers sorry ass on his toes otherwise we’d be mid table now and ticket prices would be rising next season. If you want a mediocre team then I don’t have an argument with that but don’t have the audacity to ask for the biggest ticket prices in the world. What are we cunts?

  13. Pedro

    Frogman, I guess plenty have already covered off your comment… but I’d say it’s a bit narrow minded to think people have been criticising the club for not beating Swansea as a singular game.

    City should have beaten them. Come the end of the season, if they don’t win the league… Mancini will be sacked.

  14. iffy the goon

    frogman up your standards and compare yourself to united who won there. Just cuz city lost there’s no reason we should

    barca’s on by the way

  15. Pedro

    Cloggs, like Van Basten said today… it doesn’t guarantee you success, but it certainly gives you a better chance.

  16. Bade


    What a poor comment that was

    “I have to laugh at some of the clowns on here who not too long ago were saying we were shite because we could not beat Swansea”

    Well, we lost to Swansea, not only couldn’t beat them, and that was during a run of 3 losses

    If you want to have comparison with $ity, why not look at their squad, or total points then?

  17. iffy the goon

    Through all this it’s only the fans that haven’t dropped standards.

    The board dropped standards by buying shit players and selling off our best players

    The coach dropped standards by saying he’d gladly come second for the next 20 years and 4th is a trophy

    But the fans, we’ve always given back our best to the team and we’ve always expected the best from them, and no amount of trying to spin off 4th place trophy will change that.

  18. iffy the goon

    And the manner of our swansea loss was so much worse. Conceeding just after we’d scored is piss poor. City’s was a hard fought 1 nil

  19. Gunner2301


    And note there’s not a word out of Van Bastens mouth about what Robins earning isn’t enough for a top player. RVP wants top players to enable us to challenge and win trophies. If he leaves (because he knows it’s not going to happen) then we know what to expect in the transfer window.

  20. jack

    Iffy, there is a lot more fans like frogface than you think. its because of fans like these that our standards and ambition have been lowered. I know there is a lot of other factors… Money, board members, sustainable model, ticket prices etc. but if wenger was at the chavs or united, he would`ve been sacked yrs ago.

  21. iccecream

    This is how I see the team should be next season –
    GK –
    Back ups…

    CD –
    JD (he just signed a new deal, he aint leaving)

    LB –

    RB –

    DM –
    Song [M’Villa if we let Song go]
    Le Coq/Frimmie

    CM –

    ACM/Creative Mid/Cesc’s Replacement –
    New Signing (Doubt it, Wenger will bitch about a huge squad again)

    RW –
    Theo [Gotze if we let Theo go]

    LW –

    CF –

    If RVP leaves then we should buy Podolski and Hazard.
    So overall 3-4 signings –
    Podolski or (Podolski +Hazard = RVP) + Gotze + M’Vila + Quality LB or Creative Mid

  22. Cloggs

    Ayup, it all starts with value for money.. a delicate mixture of getting established players you need (preferably from direct league competitors) , reward players who perfom consistently and invest in emerging talent. Get that mix into a team, don’t rotate too much and there you have the key to success.
    Manutd as a team is better than citeh.

  23. Mark Beasley

    I admire your optimism in moving Fabianski, Djourou, Gibbs & Diaby on. I cannot see it happening, but if we can shift the following nine players I’ll be more than happy.
    (Almunia, Squillaci, Park, Chamakh, Vela, Arshavin, Mannone, Bendtner, Denilson)

    Assuming Benayoun returns to Chelsea that leaves us with –

    11 Non Home Grown players:
    Fabianski, Sagna, Mertersacker, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Santos, Diaby, Rosicky, Arteta, Gervinho, RVP,

    7 Senior Home Grown players:
    Szczesny, Djourou, Gibbs, Ramsey, Song, Lansbury, Walcott

    Supplemented by U21’s including the following 12:
    Martinez, Jenkinson, Miquel, Yennaris, Bartley, Wilshere, Frimpong, Coquelin, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Miyaichi, Afobe, Campbell

    So there is plenty of flexibility here with a restriction of 17 NHG players in a 25 man squad of over 21’s.

    Like you, I would add an experienced GK as cover.

    I expect Vertonghen prefers CB, but I would like it if he was to come in as first choice LB. I am not convinced by Santos, but there is plenty of scope for improving defensively with some coaching. Hopefully Bould will be given the opportunity. Vertonghen could certainly provide good cover across the back line or even challenge to be first choice CB.

    Sticking with players we have been linked with – Yann M’vila or Javi Martinez could add steel to the midfield. As much as Song has improved he still wouldn’t be in my first choice 11.

    Eden Hazard probably gets my vote over Mario Gotze for the creative MF position, as he is a bit older and actually plays on the left side. It would be nice to fill that position with a specialist (expecting both might be pushing it!).

    Up front Podolski appears to be a done deal. Let’s hope he comes in to partner RVP, not as an understudy / replacement.

    I don’t rate Kalou so I wouldn’t want him. Sturridge & Hoilett look promising, but that would depend on Campbell’s eligibility and Afobe’s prospects.

    So, here’s to a big clear out, a big transfer budget and some quality signings. I am dreaming of a cheeky and highly technical 4-1-3-1-1 formation and a serious challenge for silverware!

    Oxlade-Chamberlain, Wilshere, Hazard

    Make it count Arsene.

  24. iffy the goon

    Just got a flash…terrible one

    Jose Mourhinio with man city money and no barca to stop him

    …for the next 10 years

  25. AC Gooner

    Is MVB’s allusion to us having a lot of money this summer is because he knows we are selling


  26. Josip Skoblar

    I’m watching Santander-Barca 0-2 (Messi just scored from the penalty spot). Too easy for Barca. The Spanish league is really a two-horse race.

  27. Frogman

    Pedro: I am not being narrowed minded at all. Of course we should be doing better this season and the strength of the squad is a key factor. My point about Swansea was that there were a lot of posters running their mouth after that particular game. My point is that in the EPL no one has the right to simply assume we will win a game. Those are the narrow minded people you should be addressing.

  28. follow the money

    True the Spanish league is a joke. I actually hate watching Barca. Their play reminds me of a horde of swarming rats. Not to mention their harrassing referrees and diving. Dani Alves especially. That guy’s a piece of shit. To my eye there has been no better football that Arsenal counter-attacking with Pires, Ljungberg, Henry and co.

  29. Lumy

    I would like to know why some think we have a shot at signing Gotze?
    Dortmund will most likely win the bundesliga, are guaranteed champions league footy next season and have in Gotze a young “german” potentially world class player coming through the ranks.

    A good example would be Juventus fans seriously believing their club is gonna sign wilshere when Arsenal is on top of the league table.
    We have no chance of signing Gotze. The sooner we realize that the better.

  30. goondawg

    “Lionel Messi has now scored more goals this season than the entire Chelsea squad in the Premier League.” haha

  31. Pedro

    Frogman, you have no right to win every game. However, there is the expectation that a team challenging for the top spot should be beating a newly promoted team. Losing against Swansea, regardless of how good they’ve been this year is pretty poor.

  32. Pedro

    Wow Frogman, what a crap article! Jeez… I thought you’d have something more powerful than that…

    Our self sustaining business model isn’t allowing us to compete… even when we’ve shaken off the debt we’ll struggle due to wage inflation.

    If you go to the games… having a great stadium isn’t what it’s all about. It’s all about having a great team to watch. I care little for the ground.

    Also, not sure how teams like Liverpool are ruining the game? This obsession with teams spending money badly is really quite strange. So what if Liverpool bought a load of duffers… what does that prove? We have a load of duffers on our books that are so well paid we can’t shift them on which has hindered our squad building ability and strangled our wage bill.

  33. Frogman

    Pedro: I agree with what you just said and to a point you have agreed with me :-) but even a newly promoted side is not to be under estimated! Perhaps you might be even man enough to admit how many posters on here go over the top with some of their comments. Don’t misunderstand me, I do enjoy reading some of the header posts and comments but at the end of the day this site holds claim to the majority of the anti everything about Arsenal place to be. Without a doubt, anyone who attempts to state anything positive about Arsenal seems to get shot down (I am not referring to me) kind of makes a mockery about your claim this is the place to be to have an opinion!

  34. fanboy

    For those who have a problem with clubs ‘buying’ trophies.
    Some guys get laid with their good looks and charm while others have to throw some money around. It doesn’t matter either way long as you are getting laid.

  35. Frogman

    Jack, you are the perfect example of everything that is wrong with this blog. How stupid can you be to simply turn someones opinion into being an AKB:

  36. Pedro

    Frogman, if all people did was talk about the negative on here… there’d be nothing to talk about. This is a pretty diverse board, so actually, I don’t agree with you at all.

    Some people are extreme in the negative sense, others in the positive… some take a middle ground.

    You will get slated for posting poorly written articles… positive or negative. That really was garbage.

  37. Geoff

    Fanboy, good analogy, I’m good looking and with money…

    For those of you out there that get erections from self sustanation, go and sit outside a bank cheer and forget about supporting a football club.

  38. Pedro

    Frogman, there’s nothing wrong with this blog. If you can’t deal with differing opinions… then that’s more a problem that lies with you.

  39. goondawg

    I swear it’s a reoccurring thing nowadays for arsenal to lose to newly promoted sides! Last year was west brom, this year swansea. Whilst it’s true not to underestimate our opponents. A club of Arsenal’s stature must do better! And fuck shitty,they’re only where they are through $$$ and even that doesn’t guarantee anything. Feels good when minnows knock chelsea and $ity back down to earth. It’s alright being proud of the fact we don’t spend as heavily, but it becomes irritating to use that as an excuse for not delivering.

  40. Frogman

    Pedro, That is where you are totally wrong! I have no problem what so ever with different opinions, positive or negative. However, any one who has a postive opinion about Wenger, players or anything good about Arsenal automatically gets slammed as being an AKB and that does not have a damn thing to do with opinions!

  41. Pedro

    Frogman, I say plenty of positive things about Arsenal, so that’s a total fabrication. So do plenty of others who blog on here.

    Like I said, you don’t get to a million+ comments if everyone agrees with each other. You don’t get there if it’s all negative.

  42. Pedro

    Frogman, you’re goading Jack… and you can’t use a singular incident to prove an incorrect point.

    I could say you’re not well read because you just posted up a link to an article written by a 12 year old.

  43. fanboy

    I can say I love arsenal, that is positive and nobody has a problem

    I can also say that arsenal having money in the bank I more important than any trophy *gulp* god help me

  44. boozy

    i hope wenger doesn’t intend †Φ play podolski on the wings. No need †Φ do another arshavin- regardless of whether he plays there for kologne, if we want †Φ get the best from him, then he should be played as a striker.

  45. Frogman

    Pedro, come on get real…how am I goading Jack? Did I call him a cunt…no, did he call me a cunt? Yes….

  46. Gunner2301


    Really. Before you post things on here, you need to check to see whether it contains anything that can be rammed right back down your throat.

    I’ll pick out some choice paragraphs

    “the array of talent that has come through the club year after year”

    Really? Are we back to the developing youngsters myth again? Its statements like this that prove many fans are living in a fantasy world where the front gate to it is Wengers arsehole. We developed Fabregas and Wilshire wouldn’t particularly call that year on year. In fact we have had to get rid of the majority that were plainly not good enough and on huge wages.

    “We are part of a small group of Premier League teams that has made a profit after tax deductions, which may not affect us fans directly, but is a very large achievement in itself”

    These kind of statements come from non-fans, since when as a fan have we had to be concerned with accountancy? Since Wenger and Gazidis drummed it into us that it;s the be all and end all, which is a distraction from the lack of investment and holding them to account for results and team performance.

    The only people that are benefitting from us making a profit are the shareholders. Football clubs should be making minimal profit and to be making profits when you have problem areas on the pitch still, and are wasting money hand over fist on sub-standard players and the highest ticket prices in the world is obscene. So there was no need to raise ticket prices which has brought in about 3mill?

    “Teams such as Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea etc, are all owned by very rich businessmen, “owned” being the key word. Sheikh Mansour has the ability to throw money at the club and not have a worry in the world.”

    Incredible statement. Are we not owned by very rich people? Collectively the wealth at our Club probably surpasses Mansour (if you take Walmart into consideration). The difference is there are owners who are prepared to put their own money in to make improvements. This is a risk they are willing to take in order to demonstrate their ambition. On the opposite side you have Kroenke who has money but doesn;’t want to put any in.

    Kroenke wants to sit on the shoulder of the Club like a vulture and feast of the natural growth of the Club and sell it on at a massive profit having done nothing or even worse use it as leverage against other business dealings. Of the two I respect Mansour more for showing some ambition.

  47. Frogman

    Pedro. Get real.. he called me a cunt and you edited it out. Do you really need to lie..that is stooping pretty low!

  48. iffy the goon

    I’ve posted lots of positive stuff here about Arsenal, i never got slated for anything because i tried to be as objective as possible. If you see something’s going wrong and you can’t point it out then you’re not just a pussy, you’re worse than the clubs that take our best players away, the board that gives our best players away and the coach that refuses to compete because you send them a message that they can take all they want from us without having to give anything back.

  49. Frogman

    Geoff. You and Pedro have just lost all respect when you have to openly lie to defend yourselves. That is pretty sad!!!

  50. jack

    I was thinking about my sausage and a cunt at the same time, and i meant to put sausage in but cunt came out instead. sorry for getting it mixed up.

  51. iffy the goon

    There’s always passion when talking about your club. When the goings bad, the talk is negative, when the goings been bad for several years with no sign of improvement then the people who really love the club will stand up.

    If you can’t understand that then i question your commitment to Arsenal. If what we say here offends you so much then why do you come back here? Why not just remain cosy at untold and speak to like minded people like yourself. I don’t believe it’s passion that drives you, you strike me as the kind of guy that likes to stir shit up.

  52. Gunner2301


    LMAO. 😆 You’re definitely in the wrong place. You’re not going to convince anyone unless you have solid arguments to make and posting a link to an article that is supposed to represent your viewpoint when it has holes you could drive a bus through isn’t a good place to start. Argue your case and bring your evidence and by that I don;t mean posts by other people that don’t stand up to scrutiny.

  53. goondawg

    Frogman stop crying and move on! This is a blog,not a fancy tea party! Speaking of liars, what about Wenger! Always lying through his teeth! But he’s defintely a character though!

  54. Bade


    Negative Blog?

    Blimey this Blog was the most optimistic and positively driven before the Milan game, the Scums and the Scousers as well

    I swear I never read anything negative on here 😆

  55. Bade

    FrogmanMarch 11, 2012 19:41:29
    Jack, anyone who lies is cheap….no character what soever!

    So, shall we start talking about your opinion on Arsene with his constant lies?

  56. iffy the goon

    fizman, smith sold us those lies about the new stadium when it was really built for them to cash in on. The made massive profits from selling their shares massive.

    Where did that money come from? The tickets you bought, the kit i bought, the money that was supposed to make us one of the best in Europe. 7 years later and look where we are, not only can’t we compete in Europe, we’re told we can’t compete with oil money and russian billionaires in the pl.

    It’s completely sickening, that’s why i will stand up when i have to because i can see something is wrong and no one is taking responsibility for it.

  57. Bade

    I wouldn’t bother 2301

    He’s a pooper, one that pops occasionally, thinking with few hollow slogans he can actually change the world

  58. Gunner2301


    Let’s not forget that we are not even trying to be competitive. Selling your best players every season fits in nicely with the Wenger defeatist attitude that is pervasive throughout the Club.

  59. Bade

    I doubt it Santos

    I always believed AKBs would believe urine is a golden water with special g\healing powers, if Arsene says so

    Hence why 4th became a trophy…..

  60. Gunner2301


    Can you imagine the 4th place trophy and the bank balance at the front of the open top bus parading through North London?

  61. Bade


    It would be funny if we finish 3rd and the Chavs finish 4th

    So then will Arsene congratulate them for winning the 4th trophy, and what would be his excuse for us missing up on that one

    Hope a journo with balls will ask him this when the time comes

  62. Pedro

    Lost all respect? haha! I love it when people say that. That and the one about credibility. Like there’s some sort of league table.

  63. boozy

    Maureen is a genius – he knew what he needed †Φ win the title this season, he may allow barca win the next league game between them, but the champions league would be a different ball game.
    Madrid would win both the league åήϑ champions league this season – åήϑ i get this feeling he is highly interested in coaching arsenal, if we offer him the job @̤̥̣̈̊̇ the end of the seaSon, he won’t turn it down.

  64. Pedro

    Bade, though 4th shouldn’t be a trophy… it’s difficult to expect us to beat a team like City to the league title…you have to accept that they changed the rules of the game.

    What most people take issue with is the lack of effort to spend what we do have.

  65. Bade

    Exactly Pedro

    We should be gunning for the title, but this season we had 4th as our highest target, and it’s all down to lack of effort from the manager

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d be happy with 3rd or 4th due to the way things went in the horrible summer, but that won';t make either of those spots a trophy

    I just can’t live with the sleazy politicians attitude of Arsene, and the way he’s twisting the mind of so many facts, and 4th is a trophy and “like a new signing” are examples for this bad spirit

  66. Bade

    So anyway, who’s fit for tomorrow’s night?


    I think OXO will get a rest, though I’d like to see him play

    I was very impressed with the responsibility and maturity he’s shown in the Milan game, playing in midfield

  67. Mayank

    Bade actually fourth is like a trophy if you consider the fortunes of the clubs outside and inside that bracket. It has the second highest pay off after promotion to the PL. It’s minimum requirement for us but if you consider there are 3 clubs that can easily outspend us and 2 that can equal us in many areas getting into the top 4 isn’t a right It has to be fought for.

    Also Jack coming back after a season out will have as much impact on the club asany signing.

  68. Pedro

    Bade, I think Mayank is on the money…. even if we spend what we earn, we’ll still be nowhere near what City can be.

    We should be doing better though. Spurs shouldn’t be sitting in 3rd based on what they spend compared to us.

  69. Bade


    4th isn’t a trophy, never been a trophy, and will never be in the near future as well…..

    As for jack and the new signing, let me sum it up with this

    Jack coming back to the team fresh next season won’t impact Robin’s decision whether to stay or go, but signing Goetze or Hazard or other player of that caliber would do much more in that front

  70. Gunner2301


    City, Chelsea and Man U are not great sides this season, City mainly because they are rotating too much to keep people happy probably, but their defence is formidable. If we’d have added 3 top players last Summer I think we would have challenged them.

    However Wenger’s modis operandi is to see how the top teams are strengthening and doing just enough to keep in touch rather than going the extra mile to try to seriously challenge them. The excess in the accounts says we could have done more.

    Selling our players to City has not helped. They are not stand out players but have contributed to Citys rise and success.

  71. Bade

    Mayank, Pedro

    I totally don’t agree

    There’s some level where the money can’t talk

    If you don’t believe ask Real Galakticos

    Last season, with all the money of other clubs, we were 1-2 players from winning the league

    There are enough quality players in the world that with all the money of $ity or the Chavs, you can still beat them easily, mainly because a football game is about a collaborated effort

  72. Gunner2301

    I don;t think the difference between us and a team like City is all about money. Imagine if we’d spent what we had available, we had a manager who was tactically adept and had a team that was well organised and disciplined. I believe that would have given us a major difference. We haven’t looked well organised as a team for a few seasons now and we are starting to lose our posession percentage too due to our weak midfield.

  73. Pedro

    Bade, I’m not saying we shouldn’t be doing better… I’m just saying on paper, it’s a massive fucking effort to overhaul a side who can spend £50m more than us on wages a year… and a tonne more on players.

  74. Bade


    We don’t need to spend as much as 4ity do, this is a myth

    We can spend wisely, and win the league

    Dortmund was (and still, in spite of the CL failure) a very good example for that

    Our inflated salaries paid to a bunch of useless dross in another way to look at it, you don’t always spend the money on a players deserving every drop of it

  75. Gunner2301

    i agree with Bade. With better management/coaching and quality players (not the most expensive) in a few key areas I believe we could challenge City and United.

    All the players who have left over the last year have basically poo pooed Wengers methods. There are major improvements to be made here and i believe a new manager could probably get more out of the same set of players just by organising and working them better.

  76. Gunner2301

    Wengers methods are stifling the Club. Noboby else can have any input and like Cesc said he had stagnated and that’s what if feels like. We don’t know how to move on from where we are. He’s not the man to take us forward anymore he’s just hanging on, too stubborn to change and adapt.

  77. Bade

    My point Pedro is, although I agree we can’t compete with 4ity’s money, we have ENOUGH MONEY to win the EPL and the CL, but we don’t use it to do so

    Even Barca, with all the media hype of how talented the boys on La Massia, they still spend almost as much as Real do

  78. Pedro

    Bade, we need to spend amounts we don’t have to topple City. Gotze is going to be £34mill, Hazard will be £30mill, M’Villa will be £30mill…

    Now, I’d say the club should stump up for that and take a calculated risk… we’ve got the backing to do that. Dropping off the Champions League map will affect us long term commercially anyway. It’s not like we’re in danger of ever going bust now.

  79. Pedro

    Bade, I get what you’re saying… the quality of the top 2 recently hasn’t really been exceptional… and if we’d had a big enough squad over the past 5 years, we could easily have had 2-3 Premier League trophies.

  80. Mayank

    It isn’t impossible for a top spending club to fail. What is improbable is the club with the fourth highest financial muscle coming 1st.

    Again, it’s not impossible and it should be our aim but we shouldn’t base our expectations on that marker. What anyone wants is for us to keep the players we want to keep, buy the players we need and take some risks in the market.

    Pedro, I think Spurs are a false economy. Harry has done wonders for their belief and taken them to a new level but I think it’s just short termist.

    Look at it this way, If Gallas was one of our best defenders right now, our best striker was a loanee we can’t afford, two of our best players were probably going to be out of our wage range and two other were on the wrong side of 30 next season. Could you conceive any way we could maintain our levels and our wage bill at the same time?

  81. Bade

    It’s not the money that stopping us from winning, it’s the wrong way we’re managing our money, wage structure and players transfer that we’re failing with

    So I can’t blame the money for our trophy drought

  82. Bade


    There’s a Gordian knot between winning trophies and getting richer, the same as between keeping your best players with investing in a top quality additions to your squad

    We have too many top players to count that left due to lack of proper investment in the squad

  83. Gunner2301


    I can’t imagine M’Vila would be that much. if that;s true I wouldn’t want him, he’s a more technical Denilson. Buy Vertonghen for 10mill and play him there, he’d be better than Song. Even TV could play DM.

    Hazard we could have tried for 2 years ago and loaned him back to Lille with another of our duff players to sweeten it. Goetze for 34mill? I wouldn’t pay that either and try for Sahin instead and probably get him for 15mill.

    So that’s 55mill instead of your 94mill. with Podolski that makes 70mill. We could recover 20 of that from dead wood sales. That is doable and within our budget.

    There will always be ways to improve the squad with existing budget. Wenger is hung up on the dead wood that’s what’s holding us back. If we got rid of them all and we know who they are that would reduce the wage bill by about 20mill per year and that could pay the wages for the guys your bringing in and a sizeable increase for RVP.

  84. Mayank

    One of my worries is, if Spurs make top 3 this season maybe they’ll find a back who’s willing to put in the money necessary to sustain that level or even go beyond.

    However, I think the top level market is saturated in the PL. 2 super rich owners and 2 super rich clubs and us! Anyone looking to buy a club with view of making it the best here, will see the competition and probably decide the chance of payback isn’t worth the effort and money.

  85. Gunner2301

    And that’s not even having to dip into the 55mill reserve that’s available. So we are tying our own hands here for the benefit of the dross only nobody else.

  86. iffy the goon

    Pedro fortune favours the brave.

    If we don’t beat city even once but we manage to beat most the other teams, we could still nick the title but we need a squad first, a good one.

  87. Gunner2301


    Spurs would have to build a new stadium if that was the case, they have reached capacity and would need to increase earnings. So they’d probably get sold a story of a better life and being able to compete with the best if they had a shiny new hut like we were told.

  88. iffy the goon

    We don’t really need to calculate that they’re better than us, they may have the best players but the lge is 38 games and if we win the most games, then we win the title


  89. goondawg

    Haha loserpool were brave as well, see how they ended up. They are a class example of how blowing out money is not the way forward. But calculated gambles on m’vila, hazard and goetze (is there serious intent on our behalf? Papers touted him for as little as 25 mil) is a far outcry from the talent pools of carrol, downing and henderson.

    Saw this lil gambit for your amusement a list of wenger quotes

    47) “At some clubs success is accidental. At Arsenal it is compulsory.”