Rainy day fund self-fulfilling? | French striker with tremendous leap on radar | Theo to Spurs?

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Star Trek Spurs fan

So we’re not playing Milan tonight? Thanks for telling me. I’ve packed my Arsenal bag and everything. What a muppet.

So how have the last 24hrs treated you? I hope you’ve had fun. I have. I’ve been called all sorts of horrible names by Spurs fans… and I’ve enjoyed every one of them. I couldn’t be smugger. The best thing? We own North London bragging rights over the summer. Superb.

Looking back on the game, it’s hard not to be over the moon. Rosicky was imperious. His work rate was tremendous, as was his tenacity and drive to score that goal. We really knocked the ball around with some authority. I just hope the manager can bottle that up for the run in and I hope Rosicky can show a bit more of that on a regular basis.

Now we don’t have any cup matches to worry about, we should be able to concentrate our efforts on making the most out of our downtime. Arsene is right when he said its about injured players now. If we can go the next two months without succumbing to any major problems, we’ll be in a very healthy position. With players like Santos rumoured to be back running… we should have a crop of very fresh players to choose from. Vermaelen is a half season man. Gibbs has played hardly any games. Sagna has only been playing a month. Keepers don’t get tired. Up top, Theo looks fit. Chamberlain has hardly played and hopefully a rested Gervinho will turn in a bit of form.

JD is hamstrung though… big loss.

That’s why Milan is interesting. Do we go all out with a strong first team knowing an international break is round the corner… or do we throw caution to the wind? It’s a tough one and I don’t want to close the door on a miracle, but at the same time I don’t want to see tired players clutching ankles and hamstrings if it can be avoided.

Liverpool on Saturday feels like it could be an epic. They’ve just won the Carling Cup Final, they should be on a high, but I’m not so sure. They were garbage most of the game and they’ll be tired after the extra time. It also has to be noted that the Carling Cup has been something of a curse over the past few years. Spurs went on a horrendous run after winning it under Ramos a few years back. Arsenal went on a terrible 26 game, the worst in living memory (that’s about 12 weeks these days) for me and Birmingham found themselves relegated. Let’s hope the curse continues and we dish out a spanking of glorious proportions.

The financials came through as predicted. We made £41mill from player sales and our wage bill has gone up £8mill or so. We break even before player sales, which is worrying… but it’s also worth noting we’re selling players, so we’re turning in a profit that we’re not spending. I always wonder what the tax burden is on not spending your profit before you declare it? Wouldn’t it be better to invest in players rather than the taxman?

Anyway, Ivan is world class at filling the back pages without saying anything at all. He asked the fans to back the manager, he praised our away support and he spoke of there being money available if we went out of the Champions League, though he wouldn’t say how much as it might affect negotiations. Well Ivan, I’m pretty sure that big fat profit figure you’re talking about with the worlds media will give Lille a clue when you fax over a £3million offer for Hazard this summer.

From what he was saying, we can kiss our £100mill transfer budget dream goodbye! PR guff in the extreme.

Still, he did predict the whole of football would move towards self-sustainability. I’m so glad he brought that up… there was a moment when I wavered, then bang, like a bullet from the blue… he said it. Thank the lord the club still believes that all clubs will one day work to a model where they sell their best players to serve up a fat profit every year.

We’re ahead of the curve people… footballing visionaries.

It’s funny, saving for a rainy day has nearly become a self fulfilling prophecy. Perhaps someone should ask Ivan if frugality is commercially sustainable at the end of the year. If we’re breaking even with Champions League money… is that sustainable? Who knows. I’m hoping we make 4th and we can sweep awkward questions like that under the carpet.

Just so you know, I’ll have a financial post from one of the regulars over the next week or so. In the mean time, I’m sure the Swiss Ramble can satisfy your financial lustings.

Finally, Harry Redknapp has told a close friend he loves Theo and he’d dearly like to manage him with Spurs or England. Good for you Harry. Good for you. I’m pretty sure Theo wouldn’t want to cross the divide. He seems a bit too smart for that. He writes childrens books for gods sake. Who wants to play for a manager who can’t read them? PSG are rumoured to have an interest in him as well as Juventus. If he did leave, you’d have to hope he had higher ambitions than a one season wonder club…

A player rumoured to be coming into the club is Oliver Giroud. His main hobbies are scoring goals, making assists and having a tremendous leap. Seriously. The guy can jump really high. He scores loads of headers. Loves getting in the thick of it and possibly brings the sexy back we lost when Petit and Bobby P left the club. I’m sold.

Enjoy your day and make sure you catch up with all those Spurs fans who called in sick yesterday…

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  1. 87gooner

    Although this is just small relief from the slow motion train crash that is Arsenal FC and lowering of expectations for half a decade…..

  2. ItalianGunner

    I am an avid Arsenal fan from Italia!!!! What a game we saw on sunday!!!!!!! I used to read le grove everyday over the summer, but due to life i could not so often!! one person I used really enjoy read was Willyb%lly and his legendary arguments with gambon and Ivory goonz. Does anyone know if he is still posting??? as this place will not be the same without him! Hahahahahhahahhhah

    Where THE FUCK is WILLY???????????????????????????????’


  3. S Asoa

    Reading comments about class players Wanker might buy I can see you sad fellas just having wet dreams, pleasurable no doubt- and all the time Arsie basking in the reflected glory of Arsenal fighting DNA imbibed by Captain RVP and his rallies in the locker room . With half pantie crossing his legs and watching like a moron . Fair guess ! !!

  4. Rutu

    Cavani at Arsenal it will be a dream come true. I am huge fan of Cavani. Imagine Rvp and Cavani upfront. It will be a treat to watch.

  5. Rutu

    Knowing Wenger he would say Bringing Hazard will kill the development of Miyachi.
    To win the title we need Cavani, Hazard and Verontgen and need Rvp to stay ofcourse. Hazard on the other hand may be not on my wishlist because I feel Chamberlain can be as good as him in the near future, However a topquaality striker is necessary.
    But rumours that we have signed pre-contracts with Matias Suarez and Lewis Holtby. Anyone know if they are true?

  6. Bush Gooner


    You clearly do not understand what I have just wrote, and your thought process is still wallowing in the pint of stale Stella.

    Write something constructive on this blog that we the bloggers can understand and maybe, we will find the time to respond. But until you do post something that we could understand put the PS3 control down and get back to school you prick!

  7. goondawg

    haha did anyone see that pic legrove tweeted about the 39 minute commemorative sp*ds dvd … actually had me in stitches!

  8. Bush Gooner

    dennisdamenaceFebruary 28, 2012 11:30:38
    dennisdamenace February 28, 2012 11:06:27 Bush – People are allowed their own opinions, show some class & intelligence by arguing against the points, because the only ‘muggy cunts’ on here are the keyboard tough guys….
    I must still be drunk from Sunday, because that was suppsoed to be aimed at truegooner……………..


    I was a bit confused by your statement… lolol

    I told Trugoner to write something we all can contribute. No doubt he wont be back..

  9. Hasaucha

    I like the look of this Giroud lad but he’s not right footed – that is where the problem lies..Many people talk about Podolski but he’s not that great a center forward – he’s not good enough with the hold up play(not tall enough) or quick enough to play like Tevez/Aguero..If played in the wing,he’ll turn into another Arshavin – poor work-rate..

    Cavani 60k wage? Many top clubs will offer him 150k+ so let’s not kid ourselves..He is truly beyond our range..

    I have a theory that all decent Arsenal youngsters will have takers in the premier league itself at 19/20 or in the championship at 18/19..Afobe already has one season under him despite being injured..Frimpong already has decent number of top level games under..Same thing with Miyaichi – he’s one of Bolton’s better players already..

    Lansbury will never make it..Joel Campbell is Vela II,will not make it either…

  10. Hasaucha

    I was watching the Europa league highlights show and caught some glimpses of Suarez…Very lively and had an incredible 25 yards volley prevented by the post..Looked good..

    I would take Suarez and Holtby openly and if the rumors of pre-contract are indeed true,which i doubt,GREAT JOB..

  11. gambon


    We have a £140m wage bill…….we can afford Cavani.

    We can afford Hazard, Cavani, pretty much anyone that isnt tied to a huge club (Real, Barca, City, Utd, Chelsea).

  12. albo

    Bade – sorry dude, but you’re showing how little you know.

    2 extra games comes nowhere near the extra prize money and CL money that 3 place would get us. Read Swiss Ramble’s recent piece for a breakdown of how the CL money also increases according to domestic league placing…

  13. Hasaucha


    YES..We have a big wage bill and decent money in the bank…But that money is for Wenger’s lab animals not for proven talents..

    We’ll never spend 30m+ for Cavani…

  14. Va Voom

    Giroud would be a great signing.
    Or maybe Nolan Roux from Brest both excellent players from ligue 1 that can do it all.

  15. kapslock

    I think I’d rather Lavezzi then Cavani to be honest but one of them would do just fine.

    Also, anyone know the situation with De Jong at City? I’m sure his contract runs out next year and he’s stalled on contract talks. We should get him would be a massive improvement on Song.

  16. Va Voom

    I think Song needs someone to be the legs for him, If he was just more disciplined in his role and not trying to be all three midfielders then he might be better.

    And who needs De Jong when we have Le Coq, he looks twice the player.

  17. gambon

    Our board love talking about how we dont have the money that our rivals have.

    The fact is the reason we dont have man utds money is a combination of incompetence in negotiating deals (the boards fault) and the lack of success at the club.

    UTD make more because they finish higher in the league, go further in the cups, and have more star players.

    The only way we will improve off the pitch is to improve on the pitch, and the only way to do that is to bring quality players in, which can cost money.

    You get £1.6m more finishing 2nd than 4th.

    You get £7.5m more if you make the CL semi rather than 2nd round. Plus TV money makes it even more.

    Then the sponsors pay more, and you can bring more partners in.

  18. gambon


    I agree. The sad fact is that Wenger wouldnt pay £30m for Messi.

    He would pay £15m for a 16 year old Ivorian though, as long as he was unknown.

  19. dennisdamenace

    Gambon – They also mismanage the funds they do have.
    A playing staff cull would release enough funds to underpin an increase in funds available to employ a higher quality of playing staff.
    Less is more.

  20. dennisdamenace

    However, why spend £25m-30m on a player of Hazard or Cavani’s level, when you can spend £25m-30m on 5 -6 fucking teenagers……….

  21. goondawg

    RVP declaring he’s a true gooner albeit courtesy of talksport (still the only media outlet that I’ve found that vindicated cheating monkey head bale’s dive!) Hinting at a close contract extension methinks/mehopes?
    I believe he will stay even if deep down he knows he stands more chance to win trophies at teams like barca or madrid say. He is a captain, and our leader! Just a class guy all-round. This isn’t like homesick cesc (still praying for a return) or merc prick nasri!

    speaking of the God rvp.. Someone said he was due to miss the anfield clash due to accumulation of 5 yellow cards.. any truth to this?

  22. Hasaucha

    I wouldn’t worry one bit about the DM position…Get Tony Adams as the defensive coach and then he’ll teach song how to handle things..Song’s problem is laziness due to complacency and discipline…He’s 24 and if channeled the right way,he can be a more than decent player for us..Not every def. midfielder is a leader like Vieira so don’t worry about his mentality..

    Coquelin is a gem..Ready to step up already but the cunt that Wenger is,chooses to play him at fullback and gets him injured TWICE…He loves to play young players out of position doesn’t he.. Seb Larsson first played for Arsenal as a left back…FACT

    Even Frimpong is good enough for this level…He put in great performances against LFC and City..For Wolves,he played well against Spuds and Chelshit..He has performed well against the big teams which suggest that he’s a decent player.

  23. gambon

    Yes DDM,

    All i want is a 25 man squad with real quality.

    Look at the strikers.

    If we take RVP out of the equaltion we have Chamakh, Park, Bendtner, Afobe, Murphy, Vela……..none of whom Wenger trusts, and none of whom he wants to play.

    So doesnt it make more sense to trade Chamakh, Park, Bendtner, Murphy & Vela for just 1 top player? Then loan Afobe out for experience?

    I keep on saying it but its not rocket science.

  24. Dan Ahern

    I was gonna post a serious, insightful comment on the blog, but I can’t get past gambon on Theo: “He has the touch of a fat rapist”
    Hahahahah…. oh lord…

  25. nishanth

    At the end of every season its the same. The club will say that they have identified some targets. Wenger will go on about wanting to buy “super quality”. After a while we will hear that the club are waiting to progress from the CL playoff before the signings happen.It has been likes this for the last 3-4 seasons. Just look at Dortmund.Went ahead and signed Reus before others had a sniff. Don’t know whether it is to strengthen the squad or as a replacement for Gotze if he leaves but its still a great piece of business.Wish we acted like instead of just waiting for things to happen.

  26. follow the money

    I found my friend (A Spurs fan) and said “That was some derby, eh?” and he replied “I have no idea what you’re talking about. Sunday never happened” Hahahaaaaaaaaaaa

  27. gambon

    Following on from my last point, we have way too many players, and can swap quality for quatity in every area f the pitch.


    Sell – Almunia, Fabianski, Mannone, Shea
    Buy – 1 class experienced keeper


    Sell – Squillaci, Djourou, Gibbs, Hoyte, Boateng, Hajrovic, Botelho, Meade,
    Buy – World class CB, Fullback who can play left & right a la Zabaleta


    Sell – Diaby, Denilson, Eastmond, Henderson, Gallindo, Ozyakup, Lansbury, Eisfield
    Buy – DM, AM


    Sell – Walcott, Arshavin, Wellington, Campbell, Watt,
    Buy – LW, RW


    Sell – Chamakh, Park, Bendtner, Vela, Murphy,
    Buy – World class CF

    In every position we would have less players, but a much better team. The only thing that would suffer is the loan department at Arsenal. We currently have Mannone, Shea, Hajrovic, Boateng, Bartley, Botelho, Denilson, Lansbury, Arshavin, Watt, Miyaichi, Wellington, Bendtner, Vela , Campbell all out on loan.

    The fact is we wouldnt miss any of these. I have high hopes for Bartley, but none of the others would be missed.

    Time to start maximising our spend. £140m is a lot to play with as a wage bill, so lets start using it properly.

  28. jack

    I listened to brian talbot talking yesterday about so called tiredness and fatigue in the modern game. He said its incredible that players play 2 or 3 games on the trot and are rested due to tiredness. Brian played over 70 games in a row without the diet and new fitness technology and didn’t complain. Its a faster game , I know. That’s the reason for overpaid dieticans and fitness professionals. I’m fed up with listening to excuses of tiredness etc for not being able to compete. Arsenal are full of crocks. Overpaid ones at that. Another excuse is this over training shit some of you come out with. A top club in Europe with best diets and training methods (except defensive coaching) are too TIRED. Get real, no wonder Brian talbot and andy gray believe players are just weak.

  29. nin

    This afternoon when i went for lunch i saw a chap wearing a spurs hat, i walked up to him and asked him for the time, he said:

    “its 1 o’clock mate,”

    I said:

    “Oh really? i thought it was five to…”

    He didnt get it, the thick inbred cnut!

    Nevermind :)

  30. gambon


    Brian Talbot hasnt played for over 25 years.

    He also wouldnt have covered 13km per game, and wouldnt have played with anywhere near the intensity of todays game.

    A player from 1980 would struggle to get through the first 20 mins of a modern game.

  31. jack

    Gambon. I disagree Gambon. The gap is not as wide as you suggest. And real tackles were allowed then, don’t forget that. And they still played 90 mins. Overpaid bunch of crocks. Simple as that.

  32. gambon


    OK then, sell Ramsey.

    I would have Ramsey as a backup AM behind someone top class. Ozyakup doesnt get any games and is nearly 20, lets sell him.

  33. gambon


    The gap is enormous.

    You can convince yourself it isnt but you might wanna look at the data first in terms of ground covered and the speed theyre covering the ground at.

    In the 80’s teams used to condition themselves by running 5 miles every day.

    These days if you did that you would be fucked halfway through the first half.

  34. jack

    Gambon. If your correct, then Arsenals diet, coaches, fitness professionals and medical centre are a complete waste of time for us. Going by our track record of injuries something is badly wrong. You must admit there are a lot of weak crocks in our team.

  35. Dan Ahern

    Here’s a really interesting read about La Masia and Bacelona’s youth attitude:


    What I found most interesting was that, for players they think aren’t up to snuff yet, they offer them for sale with buyback clauses instead of loaning them. This way they get a bigger fee, and then have first swipe at buying the player again if they turn out to be amazing anyway.

    Also interesting: they also scout players for the purpose of learning about their development techniques.

  36. Freddy Steady

    @ gambon February 28, 2012 10:13:46

    It’s easy to go all wiki with your ‘research’ Gambon, but in reality, Campbell has played about 8 full matches, and has 3 goals and 1 assist, plus creating a couple of goals as well. He’s a young lad and clearly has terrific talent, but how could you ever know this?

    As much as you claim to boast knowledge in all matters Arsenal, the thing is, you haven’t got a damn clue!

    So stick it, you clueless you!

  37. opsy

    The reason why we wont trophies is because we wait so long for players to reach their potentials if they eventually do, we end up loosing them

    How long did we have to wait for song, remember how shit he was ?
    How long for RVP ?injury wise
    Kept Rosicky for so long with his injury probs
    We still waiting for walcott
    Cesc left us at 23
    we persisted with denilson,bendtner
    we still waiting for Gibbs,Ramsey,vela, all to reach their potentials without signing world class players whilst they are developing.

  38. gambon

    Freddy Stead

    Yet im right about everything!

    I bet you were telling the world how great Bendtner, Vela, Merida & Fabianski were gonna be werent you?


  39. Bush Gooner

    Robin Van Persie has told the Telegraaf in the Netherlands that he has a lot to talk about, but he wants to sign a new deal with Arsenal.

    Hope this is true.

  40. zeus

    Out – Dross

    In – Sahin, Hazard/Gotze(Hazard cheaper), Podolski, DM.

    Promote Bould to Wenger’s #2. (he ain’t going so………….)

  41. iffy the Mighty Goonasaures

    Stan kroenke(65) will likely not sell to Usmanov and is likely in it for the long haul. It would seem that i was wrong about him, i’d assumed that his wife indulged his sporting acquisitions but i was wrong.

    People describe him as very competitive. He tends to avoid the media spotlight but he’s not scared to ask tough questions. He built up his empire by himself. Married to the walmart heiress, he started a construction outfit that was aided by walmart. He built many of the plaza’s near wal-mart stores through her influence and that was where he started to make his money. He’s also a fitness junkie, like me.

    He has interests in lots of sporting outfits as we all know, and all are based within the United States except for Arsenal. In order to gain control of his latest American sports outfit, the St. louis rams, he’s had to relinquish ownership of the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche to his son, Josh(31).

    One thing that worries me is that he’s quite open to the idea of taking money out of the club. When referring to the Glazer’s situation at Man united, he was quoted as saying:

    ‘We have a whole different philosophy I think in the States, maybe, but I think it’s time maybe for everybody to think a little bit.

    ‘I think they ought to think about who invests in these clubs.

    ‘He (Glazer) took money out of the club. So what? (LA Lakers owner) Jerry Buss takes money out of his club. A lot of owners in the US do. No-one ever says anything about it.”

    Clearly he’s not happy with the current situation at arsenal, and would opt to have more control if he could. Therefore it is absolutely essential that he does not buy over usmanov’s shares as that’s a potential disaster for the club.

    The club does not pay dividends, and all that money he invested is retained in the value of the club so if the club continues underperforming then he will begin to lose money. This is why i’m not so worried about the future of Arsenal,we’re dealing with a board that is motivated by money so if their money starts to disappear, that bit of competitiveness will kick in and they will start to fight by investing the right way.

    Kroenke also seems quite open to partnerships. In 2002, he partnered with American football legend John Elway and Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen to become owner of the Arena Football League’s Colorado Crush. In 2006, Kroenke, in partnership with the money manager Charles Banks, acquired the Napa Valley winery Screaming Eagle. Who is to say that he won’t partner with usmanov to bring Arsenal back to it’s glory days. The board don’t ike him…tuff. PHW reportedly said something about not wanting Kroenke’s kind when he first bought into Arsenal, now he owns a controlling stake in the club. Usmanov looks like a cuddly teddy bear, i’m sure the board can warm up to him.

    Stan kroenke has never sold a single share in any of his sporting franchises. Buying up his shares at Arsenal seemed to cost him almost half of his fortune. The purchase was made possible by procuring loans, and now he’s bidding for the la dodger’s which is estimated at between $800m and $1.2b. It does beg the question of whether Stan kroenke can continue to indulge himself in these expensive ventures. If he is indeed to take over the dodgers it would put a massive strain on his finances and you’d think he’d be forced to let go of some of his assets. He’s never sold a share, but he’s never had so many shares before.

    The ideal situation for me would be for Usmanov to join the board once the contrated period (1 year) to retain the current board runs out. Lets watch him up close and see what he has in store for Arsenal, then we’ll know if he’s the right man for the helm. It’s unlikely, but if stan does eventually sell out, i hope he splits his shares between Usmanov and the fans to prevent a single person from wielding too much control of Arsenal. To me that’ll signal the accomplishment of the custodian role pronounced on him by Danny Fizman.

  42. Gunner2301

    Bush Gooner

    That may be the case but previously Nasri and Henry and others have had plenty to talk about too, which amounts to can the Club match my ambitions? The answer from the Club is probably always Yes but then the Clubs actions in subsequent transfer windows show otherwise.

    For the Club 4th is the ambition. Anyone who is more ambitious than that knows that they will have to leave the Club to see success. RVP is no different he’s seen enough transfer windows to know what will happen and how Wenger will try to sell him a story and he can’t change his ways.

    It will boil down to whether or not RVP wants to win another trophy. If he’s lost those ambitions then he’ll probably sign. If he does need to win a major trophy before he retires, he’ll leave. If he has to adjust his mindset and lose his ambitions we may well see a decline in the player that he is.

    That’s why we will always be left with the dross like Djourou who has no ambition and is quite happy to go through his career never winning anything and just pick up a large pay packet.

  43. iffy the Mighty Goonasaures

    I don’t think rvp is leaving. He says he loves London, his family like it as well, his daughter even speaks with a British accent.

    He’s really taken to his role as club captain and he seems to know what he is doing. The way he described going around to check on Afobe was heart warming. Apparently, even the Arsenal players wives get together for sessions organised by Mrs Robin van persie.

    I expect him to make a strong statement about the clubs direction, and the need to bring in more/better players before signing a new deal, but i’m sure he understands that his exit will hurt Arsenal, and that’s the last thing he’ll want.

  44. kc

    Yet im right about everything!

    I bet you were telling the world how great Bendtner, Vela, Merida & Fabianski were gonna be werent you?


    Gambon never changes

  45. kay

    All those fellow gooners talking about playing with 4-4-1-1 formation can think about putting a strong team with the players we have against our current strong team with 4-2-3-1..

    The current crop of players are more fitted to play in 4-2-3-1/4-3-3..
    Having said that not all players are good enough for the position or not consistent.. But wanker can add players like hazard for lw/rw, Erickson for AM role, M’vila for DM role and vertonghen for CB/LB role..

    Look at the team with these players –
    Wilshere Erickson
    Hazard Rvp OX

    These are the players who are made for these positions..
    Even if you take the invincibles the players were absolutely gods of their respective positions…
    Wanker thinks he can get a great team with inconsistent players like song/walnut/ramsey/gibbs???

    Wanker has to go!! When u have the money as GAMBON and others have been saying for ages Spend the fucking money and we have a team as good as RM or Barca or $ity

    If you are taking about 4-4-1-1 , the squad needs major rebuilding which won’t happen.. Wanker won’t buy 7/8 players when he wont buy 3/4…

  46. Gunner2301


    That might not be a good signal either way i.e. RVP leaves because we’re not investing in quality players or RVP stays but has resigned himself to the fact that we’re not going to invest in quality players, but will happily pick up double his salary and goes into a gradual decline due to his reduced ambition (basically starts thinking like Djourou).

  47. kc

    I don’t think rvp is leaving. He says he loves London, his family like it as well, his daughter even speaks with a British accent

    Henry loved London too

  48. zeus


    He did have a few months out injured. More than anything, banking on the quality and potential he showed at BVB.

    If he’s honest with himself, he realises he can’t displace Xabi and he isn’t favourite for the other deep laying midfield spot.

    No slight on him, just the outrageous amount of talent at Mourinho’s disposal. He would be much better at picking a defense splitting pass from deep than Arteta.

  49. iffy the Mighty Goonasaures

    I really don’t think he’ll leave. He seems like a stand up guy, he knows this club stood by him through his injury hell, he knows the club has given him a duty as captain and he respects this club.

    Don’t forget his mentor is Dennis Bergkamp. He’ll feel he still has much to do here. He’s almost 29, captain of Arsenal. He reminds me a bit of the footballers of old, he’s not going anywhere. (Think durk kuyt)

  50. Bade


    How dare you say I know little? What a poor statement

    I might know little, I might not read the Swiss Ramble, but I know this:


    As long as the system works in 2012 as it was in 2011, then all the team get the same participation bonus, the same bonus per a game, and the only difference regards the club’s achievements

    Anyway, I would love to read the link that I’m sure you’d insert to see how little I really know

    By the way those numbers were already posted on here by me few weeks back… So I wonder who’s not reading and who is… :)

  51. Bush Gooner


    Good point!

    Its all talk at the moment but as soon as Wenger tells RvP that 4th is our trophy he will be off !!!

  52. gambon

    AC Gooner

    I dont really care if we sell him or not.

    As he hasnt had a sustained run of football I guess he can go on loan for the season next year and we’ll see. He doesnt have a future at Arsenal IMO though.

    Next season we should loan:

    Maybe Afobe (wouldnt mind seeing him take Parks place)

  53. gambon

    Of course RVP will leave.

    Stand up guy my arse.

    If hes a good guy he should absolutely go and finish his career with trophies at a proper club with ambitions.

    Much like that Ben Affleck speech near the end of Good Will Hunting, i would say to him,”If i see you here in June i’ll fucking kill you”

    Quite frankly staying at Arsenal would be stupid. Lets also not forget that theres a pretty good (70%+) chance that we WANT to sell him anyway. Its part of our business plan to sell big players regularly.

  54. kay


    But we would sell RVP but there won’t be any replacements for him.. It would be Shitmack..

    Next season we will be doing a battle for getting into the top of the table..

    You should say ”If i see you here in June i’ll fucking kill you” to WANKER..

  55. AC Gooner


    I would be delighted if they could all go on loan and get games. I think Yenaris (dodgy tache aside) will become quite a player. Have only seen him play three or four times but the fellow was positionally very sound and was quite strong going forward.

    And when we have players on loan in the UK, I can enjoy watching them play when Arsenal isn’t.

    Lets wait until the season is over before passing judgement on Ryo. I think he has made massive strides since arrival. Still a way to go but he is on his way.

  56. Keyser

    “Much like that Ben Affleck speech near the end of Good Will Hunting, i would say to him,”If i see you here in June i’ll fucking kill you”

    Are you sure you got the message right there ?!

  57. iffy the Mighty Goonasaures

    He’s captain you know. Before patrick viera, that actually meant something to the players. I believe that Kroenke will push Arsene in the right direction towards player purchase over the summer. Not £100m but we will see some decent players coming through and some rubbish ones leaving.

    After the last board meeting PHW said that corporates were less interested in Arsenal, that watching Arsenal’s not an interesting proposition anymore. They know the pinch is coming if they continue to underperform. Stan also knows his start as Arsenal boss hasn’t been good and he’ll be keen to put things right. I believe it’ll be a positive summer for us.

  58. iffy the Mighty Goonasaures

    I did a little research about stan and i must say that i didn’t know much about him before. He made himself, even through the decision to marry into wealth. He’s not a loser or a venture capitalist and i was prolly in lala land thinking he’ll sell easy.

    He won’t put in his won money to buy players, but he can definitely give gazidis a hint of the way he wants the club to run, with regards to players.

    Anyway, i’m sure we’ll find out soon enough, but after finding out a bit more about stan, i’m inclined to give him a chance to see what will happen over the summer.

  59. Dan Ahern

    Gambon – Don’t know about loaning out Jenkinson and Yennaris. Our RB spot has as much depth as striker. And I highly doubt we’re looking to bolster it in the market.

  60. Freddy Steady

    @ gambonFebruary 28, 2012 16:08:31

    Yet im right about everything!

    I bet you were telling the world how great Bendtner, Vela, Merida & Fabianski were gonna be werent you?


    No, not really, can’t say I did. And if anyone is a mug, it’s you. As you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. You’re assuming this and that, without any real knowledge of whatever topic pops up. It’s what gay people and Tottenham supporters do – they lie, to themselves and others, and they think they’re better than they actually are.

    Are you gay? Or a Sp*d?

  61. Freddy Steady

    And as for saying Vela is shit, you should know he was coveted by all the big clubs in Europe, and Arsenal was lucky to get him. He didn’t get a permit, and wasted over 2 years abroad. As all of our young players, he’s been injured a lot and have never really had a run of games to prove himself, unlike Denilson, showing he’s shite.

    Vela has made 11 goals(4+7) and created even more chances in only 17 starts for Sociedad. And he’s still getting used to his environment. He’s starting to show what he’s capable of, and yes, Gambon will once again have shown what a clueless dimwit he is. And the world will be in balance once again.


  62. jack

    Is there any particular person you identify with in the film Good Will Hunting. Must have stirred some emotions then. with you remembering that quote from Ben Affleck . I’m not being funny as I liked the film very much. Must be Matt Damon part you liked then as he was a mathematical Genius. I won’t mention his emotional state.

  63. Rohan

    We have agreed personal terms with Podolski according to the Bild!

    Probably a good time to wrap up before his stock rises in the Euros.

  64. Dan Ahern

    Pedro – 40m isn’t THAT shocking. We’re talking about one of the best strikers in the world here, wanted by the best teams in the world (like Real Madrid, who set tranfer records like it’s their job). He does have a history of being injury-prone, and the sell-on value won’t be fantastic. What would be shocking is him going anywhere for 20 or under.

  65. goondawg

    if carroll is 35m then 70m for rvp!

    Quite frankly staying at Arsenal would be stupid. Lets also not forget that theres a pretty good (70%+) chance that we WANT to sell him anyway. Its part of our business plan to sell big players regularly.

    much as i hate to admit, gambon has got a point! Takes real fans to ala frimmers, scez, wilshere and jenks to stay at arsenal. Somehow I think rvp is a gooner till he dies!

    If we sell him though, what message does that strike to other players looking at our club as an option? that we will soon sell them on for $$$ as soon as we’ve honed their skills to match the elite,

    Fuck that! I want trophies bitch

  66. Yippee Kai Yay


    Again with the persistence in comparing rvp to carroll.

    One had a resale value the other doesn’t. (think in terms of cars if it helps: less mileage equals higher initial price, because at some point you can recoup part of the price you paid), that is probably the biggest difference.

    Especially in light of ‘the Webster ruling’ and that Van Persie’s last contract started in July 2009, and as he is over 28 years old he could theoretically buy himself out of his contract for far less than 30 mil that it would cost someone else, and they could pay an equivalent signing on bonus.

    One is in the last year of his contract the other one wasn’t.

    One wasn’t a player who could actually go off and win some medals / trophies.

    And finally Caroll was only worth 15 less than Torres, And it was the Torres fee (about 20 mil too high even back then) which dictated the sale price.

    Carrol should have been 15 mil, but not every club is as stupid as Liverpool and they have a snowballs chance in hell of signing him, because he will leave to win honours.

    So when RVP goes for circa £25mil plus bits and pieces, don’t be too shocked everyone. It will be no different to Nasri or Henry (taking the fan’s emotive side out of things), except I will wish RVP well, because he has at least tried to make a difference when he has been fit.

    Don’t just look at one thing in isolation, the bigger picture matters people.

  67. Yippee Kai Yay

    iffy, ‘we are arsenal’ doesn’t quite cut it anymore across Europe.

    After all, man city can hardly say ‘we are man city’, what they say is ‘here is a fcuk load of money, and we will win titles and trophies’.

    fans need to carry on existing in the real world, even if it sucks, and even if they are still buzzing from the weekend.

  68. Yippee Kai Yay

    Webster ruling / article 17 Fifa for those that are not aware:

    Article 17 of FIFA’s Regulations for the Status and Transfer of Players has a section on “Consequences of Terminating a Contract Without Just Cause”. It states that any player who signed a contract before the age of 28 can buy himself out of the contract three years after the deal was signed. If he is 28 or older the time limit is shortened to two years.

    Also in the detail is that the player must contact their existing club outlining their intentions within 15 days of the final match of the season.

    RVP is 28 and his last contract was 2009, so as of 2011 he could theoretically buy out the remainder of his contract to force a move.

    I don’t think he will, UNLESS Arsenal start pricing him out of a move to a title winning side. But all the clubs know he can, and they will know they only have to pay less than the ridiculous figures quoted by some.

    Nasri was 25 mil because he was under 28 so hadn’t satisfied the 3 year criteria within 15 days of the end of the season (having signed early july 2008) so couldn’t buy his way out at the time.

  69. kwik fit

    Best ever game indeed. The Barca game was good but we got lucky on the night and anyway it was only half time in that game.
    But Sunday was the best Arsenal have played since the day’s of the invincible’s imo.

  70. iffy the Mighty Goonasaures

    Yippee Kai Yay that’s not entirely true. It still matters, but we’ve just not used that power the way we should av.

    For instance, would players sign for united or bayern just because they are manchester united and bayern munich? answer is yes.

    City are new comers to the big league so they have to prove themselves with loads of money, we’re different from them.

  71. BacaryisGod

    Oliver Giroud really does jump high. I seem to remember being impressed by another player with the same leaping ability who looked really strong in Ligue 1. I think his name was Maroune Chamakh.

  72. iffy the Mighty Goonasaures

    It was the same for chelsea until a few seasons ago. We’ve always been in the mix and we’ll always be in the mix with an outside chance of winning it. We might not sign the ronaldo’s of this world, but surely podolski’s won’t be a problem for Arsenal

  73. jack

    iffy, the whole purpose of moving to the Emirates was to be able to sign the likes of Ronaldo etc etc etc. and compete. were different from City alright, 17 points difference. its a reality, but a disgrace.

  74. Dan Ahern

    Yippee — Doesn’t add up.

    If RvP signed his latest contract July 2009 (making him 25 at the time), he’d have to wait til July 2012 to clear the 3 year period. That’s pretty far past the “15 days prior to the final match of the season”

  75. Trickygooner

    Fuck me Oli Giroud looks Rvp And Bergkamp esk. Let’s tie him down now!!!!!!
    Or shall we offer one quart of what he’s worth and dither dither dither.
    Or! I have another idea shall we wait two years until his contract runs out and get him for nothing and then realise that we don’t play his type of footie stick him in the ressies and destroy his confidence.
    Or or or !!! Shall we find out where Ivan Glazidis’s house is and go round there and kick the cunts head in. Yeah that’s my fave.

  76. iffy the Mighty Goonasaures

    Jack certain clubs have a status that you don’t achieve overnight. Real madrid is number 1 among those clubs. Every player dreams of madrid, that’s why they get the ronaldos. Thats not to say there aren’t other good players, like cavani, dzeko and podolski that we could and should be signing.

    We won’t sign ronaldo by virtue of being Arsenal, but madrid will. I rememeber city had a crazy cheeky bid for him 2 seasons ago but ronaldo wouldn’t even consider it

  77. kc

    iffy the Mighty Goonasaures

    February 28, 2012    20:31:28

    Jack certain clubs have a status that you don’t achieve overnight. Real madrid is number 1 among those clubs. Every player dreams of madrid, that’s why they get the ronaldos. Thats not to say there aren’t other good players, like cavani, dzeko and podolski that we could and should be signing.

    We won’t sign ronaldo by virtue of being Arsenal, but madrid will. I rememeber city had a crazy cheeky bid for him 2 seasons ago but ronaldo wouldn’t even consider it

    Well said,you could as well post this tomorrow morning so that fans will really get a look at how things are in the real world

  78. jack

    Ill say it again. what did the clown Arsene say was the purpose of moving to the Emirates. He said it was to compete with top clubs in Europe, on the pitch and financially. once the board realised what 22000 extra fans meant financially for their bank accounts, they set in motion the sustainable model shit and their biggest goal was to lower fans expectations and ambitions as they have successfully did with you and thousands of other Arsenal fans.

  79. Trickygooner

    Nail and head kc. In the new gooner the next Dennis Bergkamp was supposed to be a young lad peeed off by his lack of chances in the first team. He thought himself worthy of a place in front of Bob P or Freddie. Name David Beckham, sorry that’s who he thought he was, I mean Bentley, remember him???

  80. iffy the Mighty Goonasaures

    Gibbs is good on the ball, but what has he done to merit £40k pw, what did Arsene see? I mean that’s what’s currently on the table for Welbeck, and fergie is not budging. Why is gibbs on £40k pw? The more details you get, the messier this situation seems.

    It’s almost like the emirates move was so arsene could start his pet project. The idea was daring like when he first came and changed football in England, but something is very wrong with this project.

  81. iffy the Mighty Goonasaures

    Jack just believe that our interests and those of the board will soon start to align, the new competitive nature of the pl will see to it. How long will it be before another club is bought over, transformed and vying for a place in the champions league. Newcastle is back, liverpool is winning again, and they’re spending too, spuds have tasted the champs lge and want more, city, chelsea and united are there. All these clubs vying for just 4 spots.

    On the other hand we have a new investor that can’t leverage the club for debt, can’t take money out either. His investment in in the value of the club. How much longer do you think he will indulge Arsene and condone failure? He’s already influenced key decisions like the sale of nasri, and far east tours.

    The league is tougher, the corporates are not renewing and the fans are unhappy. By next season, whether we make the top 4 or not we should see strengethening in a way that we haven’t before. We’ll let go of lots of players, and use whatever we have to improve our squad.

  82. Gunner2301


    He doesn’t need to do anything just be in Wengers clique like Djourou. I heard he’d asked for a pay rise when Clichy left and Arsene was promoting him to starting left back and at the time I thought he must be fucking joking. Seems like he got it in the end.

    if you ask me the Club are out of their fucking minds. If we didn’t pay him what he wanted, where would he go? to a bottom half PL club and be on half the salary.

    Wenger must really believe his own hype around these players and it seems that when it comes to negotiating salaries for fringe players we forget completely that we’re a big Club and that they are fortunate to be here, whereas no other big Club would even piss on them.

  83. Trickygooner

    Iffy I’m impressed by your foresight. That sounds vey feasable to me but do you honestly think we will up our game to compete, or just plod along with the same project of youth and not enough spending.

  84. Gunner2301


    The key is a fall in the valuation of the investment. I think anything else Stan doesn’t give a shit about. I don’t think he cares if we win anything or are in the CL for that matter as long as the stadium is full and revenue isn’t falling. That’s why the best thing any of us can do is boycott everything Arsenal let the value of the Club drop and either Kroenke will get out or will be forced to put money in.

  85. zeus

    TrickygoonerFebruary 28, 2012 20:13:36
    Fuck me Oli Giroud looks Rvp And Bergkamp esk. Let’s tie him down now!!!!!!
    Or shall we offer one quart of what he’s worth and dither dither dither.
    Or! I have another idea shall we wait two years until his contract runs out and get him for nothing and then realise that we don’t play his type of footie stick him in the ressies and destroy his confidence.
    Or or or !!! Shall we find out where Ivan Glazidis’s house is and go round there and kick the cunts head in. Yeah that’s my fave.


    Silliest thing I’ve ever heard. Right up there with Wenger’s Eboue is a pass master gem.

  86. jack

    We`ll see Iffy… I understand your points and some of it makes sense. however Stan and Arsene have been indulging each other with pats on the back and the aim is to maintain the staus quo financially. I believe 2 years out of CL will bring change.

  87. David

    5 live cast was a snooze fest.

    If i wanted to listen to AKB’s whinge about how the stadium is screwing us over and how we cant be competitive because of Chelsea/City then id have read an “untold” blog