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Star Trek Spurs fan

So we’re not playing Milan tonight? Thanks for telling me. I’ve packed my Arsenal bag and everything. What a muppet.

So how have the last 24hrs treated you? I hope you’ve had fun. I have. I’ve been called all sorts of horrible names by Spurs fans… and I’ve enjoyed every one of them. I couldn’t be smugger. The best thing? We own North London bragging rights over the summer. Superb.

Looking back on the game, it’s hard not to be over the moon. Rosicky was imperious. His work rate was tremendous, as was his tenacity and drive to score that goal. We really knocked the ball around with some authority. I just hope the manager can bottle that up for the run in and I hope Rosicky can show a bit more of that on a regular basis.

Now we don’t have any cup matches to worry about, we should be able to concentrate our efforts on making the most out of our downtime. Arsene is right when he said its about injured players now. If we can go the next two months without succumbing to any major problems, we’ll be in a very healthy position. With players like Santos rumoured to be back running… we should have a crop of very fresh players to choose from. Vermaelen is a half season man. Gibbs has played hardly any games. Sagna has only been playing a month. Keepers don’t get tired. Up top, Theo looks fit. Chamberlain has hardly played and hopefully a rested Gervinho will turn in a bit of form.

JD is hamstrung though… big loss.

That’s why Milan is interesting. Do we go all out with a strong first team knowing an international break is round the corner… or do we throw caution to the wind? It’s a tough one and I don’t want to close the door on a miracle, but at the same time I don’t want to see tired players clutching ankles and hamstrings if it can be avoided.

Liverpool on Saturday feels like it could be an epic. They’ve just won the Carling Cup Final, they should be on a high, but I’m not so sure. They were garbage most of the game and they’ll be tired after the extra time. It also has to be noted that the Carling Cup has been something of a curse over the past few years. Spurs went on a horrendous run after winning it under Ramos a few years back. Arsenal went on a terrible 26 game, the worst in living memory (that’s about 12 weeks these days) for me and Birmingham found themselves relegated. Let’s hope the curse continues and we dish out a spanking of glorious proportions.

The financials came through as predicted. We made £41mill from player sales and our wage bill has gone up £8mill or so. We break even before player sales, which is worrying… but it’s also worth noting we’re selling players, so we’re turning in a profit that we’re not spending. I always wonder what the tax burden is on not spending your profit before you declare it? Wouldn’t it be better to invest in players rather than the taxman?

Anyway, Ivan is world class at filling the back pages without saying anything at all. He asked the fans to back the manager, he praised our away support and he spoke of there being money available if we went out of the Champions League, though he wouldn’t say how much as it might affect negotiations. Well Ivan, I’m pretty sure that big fat profit figure you’re talking about with the worlds media will give Lille a clue when you fax over a £3million offer for Hazard this summer.

From what he was saying, we can kiss our £100mill transfer budget dream goodbye! PR guff in the extreme.

Still, he did predict the whole of football would move towards self-sustainability. I’m so glad he brought that up… there was a moment when I wavered, then bang, like a bullet from the blue… he said it. Thank the lord the club still believes that all clubs will one day work to a model where they sell their best players to serve up a fat profit every year.

We’re ahead of the curve people… footballing visionaries.

It’s funny, saving for a rainy day has nearly become a self fulfilling prophecy. Perhaps someone should ask Ivan if frugality is commercially sustainable at the end of the year. If we’re breaking even with Champions League money… is that sustainable? Who knows. I’m hoping we make 4th and we can sweep awkward questions like that under the carpet.

Just so you know, I’ll have a financial post from one of the regulars over the next week or so. In the mean time, I’m sure the Swiss Ramble can satisfy your financial lustings.

Finally, Harry Redknapp has told a close friend he loves Theo and he’d dearly like to manage him with Spurs or England. Good for you Harry. Good for you. I’m pretty sure Theo wouldn’t want to cross the divide. He seems a bit too smart for that. He writes childrens books for gods sake. Who wants to play for a manager who can’t read them? PSG are rumoured to have an interest in him as well as Juventus. If he did leave, you’d have to hope he had higher ambitions than a one season wonder club…

A player rumoured to be coming into the club is Oliver Giroud. His main hobbies are scoring goals, making assists and having a tremendous leap. Seriously. The guy can jump really high. He scores loads of headers. Loves getting in the thick of it and possibly brings the sexy back we lost when Petit and Bobby P left the club. I’m sold.

Enjoy your day and make sure you catch up with all those Spurs fans who called in sick yesterday…

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  1. iffy the Mighty Goonasaures

    Tricky we’ll definitely up our game, think of Stan Kroenke, he’s won’t let Wenger ruin his investment. These kind of guys don’t trust anyone and that’ll be the same he feels about the Arsenal board and Wenger. He will protect the value of the club by making sure we do the right thing, and in the new competitive climate the right thing will be something like shooting for the moon and at least falling among the stars if you miss.

  2. Trickygooner

    Iffy I hope your right buddy but I just worry that Stan sees us as some sort of collectible item that he can earn a few quid off, look good in right circles and leave when he wants. If I’m honest I’d much rather have the Russian. You get the impression with him that wants to give something to the club. Maybe I’m wrong.

  3. David

    If 1 CL season of football is worth 45million in revenue losses.

    And then you look at it that after 15+ years of CL football money we are barely breaking even.

    If that isnt mismanagement i dont know what is.

  4. Dan Ahern

    Here’s what I don’t get about the Podolski rumors: Podolski claims he wants to leave because Koln promised he would be part of a big, ultimately successful project. It’s obviously not much of a project, and extremely unsuccessful. Why would he have already agreed to terms with Arsenal, a club that hasn’t yet secured a top 4 league spot, or yet proven that they’re serious about winning anything for the 7th year running? A club that’s recently been running to a large extent as a project. I’m not saying he wouldn’t come. I just feel like he’d be on a wait-and-see basis with us.

  5. LaurenceGooner

    Perhaps he’s up for a challenge and wants to be a part of something special….

    He’s scored 15 in 19 so far this season, would be perfect for us and would make sense to tie him up now.

    Let’s wait though until after the Euros when he’s had a stormer and we miss out on him…..not!

  6. kwik fit

    “We will have to wait and see but I don’t think it’s too serious. I am optimistic he will play,” Van Marwijk said.

    Arsenal were aware Van Persie had picked up an injury, although they released him for international duty as they thought it was only minor.

    Can you believe that Arsenal released him for duty even with a minor injury!!

  7. gambon

    Freddy mercury

    I’m a delta neutral trader at UBS, one. Of the biggest companies in the world. I have an iq of 165, and I’m basically a football savant (look it up).


  8. follow the money

    someone has probably posted this already but Swiss Ramble on our finances etc.

    About the wage structure: “Not only does this policy reduce the money available to attract world-class players, but it also makes it difficult to move on under-performers, hence loans for Bendtner and Denilson. While there is some logic in giving youngsters good contracts, as it prevents other clubs from snapping them up for free, it is questionable whether this has worked out for Arsenal, given the relatively small number of success stories. My hope would be that one of Arsenal’s smart executives is conducting a review of whether this approach is the most appropriate in 2012.”


  9. Josip Skoblar

    Weird as you say. Lots of old stories. Yes, the whole of LG could post there! There’s not much traffic at the moment. I like themain page, so 90s!

  10. albo

    Hi Bade – sorry for the slow response. I didn’t include the swiss ramble link simply cos its the most recent article on the site, but here it is


    The key area that your set of figures doesn’t include at all is how the tv money is divided up. Is a long article, so here is the crucial passage:

    Sharp-eyed observers will have noted that the allocation for the TV pool varies significantly among English clubs (Chelsea €27 million, Manchester United €25.9 million, Arsenal €16.6 million and Tottenham €14.4 million). This is because of the methodology used to allocate this element, whereby: (a) Half depends on the position that the club finished in the previous season’s Premier League with the team coming first receiving 40%, second 30%, third 20% and fourth 10%. As Arsenal finished third in the 2009/10 Premier League, they received half as much as Chelsea. (b) Half depends on the progress in the current season’s Champions League, which is based on the number of games played. So Arsenal received the least, as they only reached the last 16.

    In the graph just above the passage it breaks it down. Basically, the ‘a)’ section from the quoted paragraph accounted for £42 million,divided up according to EPL position: 1st £16.7m/2nd £12.6m/3rd £8.4m/4th £4.2m.

    Ie based SOLELY on CL money (ie not including the extra EPL prize revenue or increased sponsorship deals from being more successful) 3rd place earned us £4.2million more than 4th place. Add in the extra £800000 in EPL money and it rises to £5 million…

  11. albo

    Add in the extra tightrope that coming 4th risks walking in actually not making it into the lucrative group stages AT ALL, and the idea that Arsenal would prefer to come 4th to make money from a qualifier becomes laughable…

  12. albo

    DavidFebruary 28, 2012 21:51:57
    If 1 CL season of football is worth 45million in revenue losses. And then you look at it that after 15+ years of CL football money we are barely breaking even. If that isnt mismanagement i dont know what is.
    a) Swiss Ramble argues the £45 million is a pretty extreme estimate. Only £27 million of that is money lost directly from not participating.
    b) Most importantly, for the specific point you make, prize money in in football competitions has risen crazy amounts in the last 15 years, so we haven’t been earning that every year for 15 years. I don’t have the CL figures, but in the EPL the overall money pot in 1993 was £9,372,820 vs £159,810,000 in 2010!
    c) In case you haven’t noticed, running costs for football clubs have risen in the last 20 years! In particular, player wages have seen an unprecedented increase since the 1990s. Since 2003, Man Utd’s wage bill has risen by more than £60 million a year!
    d) We build a fuck of great stadium at a cost of £390 million in the time-period you are talking about!

  13. albo

    February 29, 2012 00:07:02
    Not very good with statistics are you albo?When was the last time we lost a qualifier?Laters…
    Silly WUM. I think we both know there are plenty of holes in that argument. I have a feeling you’re clever enough to come up with them on your own though, so I won’t waste my time…

  14. LaurenceGooner

    So RVP got a knock against the Spuds but we still let him go?

    We always play by the rules an get stung! Look at United, they make injuries up to preserve their players in the back end of the season!

    Can pretty much Robin comes back injured – usually happens!

  15. Bade


    Good morning and sorry for the fashionable late reply, due to a night our with a useless battery …..

    I know those figures and already stated them earlier, few weeks back

    You get 4m’ euros more, not quids, but even so, lets assume it’s 4m’ + 800k for the positioning in the EPL, so it’s less than 5m’, and that includes TV and marketing pool.

    Well, what you missed is that CL pays for participation in CL qualifications around 1.8m’ pounds, with the gate revenue from the home game, it’s additional 3.5-4 m’, so it’s already a total of around 5.5m’, and I didn’t include any prize money about wins and TV and marketing pool

    And by the way, when was the last time we didn’t qualify to the group stages? I reckon over the years we won all our games in the CL qualification, apart one maybe we drew (But that’s from memory… Udenise, Celtic, Partizan….)

    So it sums it up for you quite nicely, no?

    I expect you not to say again I know little, it’s really embarrassing to say such thing about my posts mate

  16. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    Kozzers site should have a bloopers section…
    Hold your hands up son and adhere yourself to the fans with a few comments on your fk ups!!

  17. Albo

    Sorry Bade, but your overall assertion that we want 4th to make more money is still conspiracy theory nonsense

    1) link to the figure for payment for qualifiers? Seems incredibly high compared to the group stages…

    2) there is also the more amorphous increase in revenue to consider that would come from being higher up the table, in terms of being more attractive to sponsors etc. even if your figures are accurate, I’d say the 2 are roughly equivalent.

    3) we have qualified in the past, but that doesn’t mean we will every year. The idea that, even if your figures are right, we’d risk nearly £30 million for maybe £500,000 profit is ridiculous! Jeez, £500,000 is what we pay each of our 16 year olds a season!

    4) And there’s also the footballing aspect of having to play the extra 2 games at an inconvenient time. Given that Wenger is so obsessive about his pre-season – only recently being persuaded to have money spinning tours – it seems strange he would want to jeapirdise all that to make around £500,000! (if your figures are accurate)

    Given all this, it is still crazy to claim anyone at AFC is willing us to come 4th just to play the qualifier. But what is a bit of common sense when its so much more fun to come up with crazy conspiracy theories. (It reminds me a bit of that Wenger bonus nonsense a while back).