Arsenal spend £10mill on loyalty bonuses and agent fees | Hamstrung for years by Arsene?

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Good morning Grovers! I attended the monthly AST meeting last night to find out what the low down was in the world of Arsenal. Truth be told, there wasn’t a whole load of new information if you’ve followed the snippets we’ve shared from them over the last year, but that didn’t matter. Yesterday for me was more about judging fan sentiment.

I remember the first one of those meeting I attended, any mention of the coaches future was met with jeers. Last night, I said something along the lines of…

‘Last year we all celebrated the arrival of a CEO who was essentially hands off. We actively encouraged an owner who’d be business as usual. A year on we’re critiquing him for not forcing the hand of the manager in the transfer market. Should the highest paid man at the club need coerce him into buying players? Should we not be questioning whether that sort of manager is right for us?’

Then I was asked what I’d do…

‘I’ve said since last summer he should be sacked’

Not one boo. Not one jeer. Just focus on the question. That’s how far we’ve come.

As for other snippets…

Arsenal are asking for fan opinion on raising prices. They’re also canvassing on the 7 cup matches and whether people want them. Many said they wouldn’t want to attend Europa Cup games. I say that’s a bit poor. I’d go, regardless and I wouldn’t want those games removed.

The AST pushing for home credits reward scheme. Apparently 400 club levellers used their ticket once or less last year. Truly disgraceful, but again, a worry for a club so dependent on expensive seats.

Arsenal have the joint highest ticket revenue in Europe. I’m pretty sure we’re up there with United.

Only 25% of people take up the option of a new season ticket when offered.

The Premiership sells so well because the grounds are 92% capacity.

As of June we’ll have £160mill cash in the bank. Once again it was reiterated that it’s not for spending. Well, not all of it… We pay wages out of that and it acts as cash flow for the season.

Wages are up to £130million. Massive eh?

Predicted cash surplus was thought to be £60mill. Arsenal did however pay out a lot in agents fees and loyalty bonuses. Yep, Thomas Vermaelen got a loyalty bonus. Shouldn’t it have been the other way round? Bribing players to stay… cheeky. I wish my work gave me a loyalty bonus after a year out sick.

Champions League when it’s all said and done is worth £45mill. A mix of TV, gate reciepts and commercial deals. The big question is where that cash comes from if we lose out?

The AST reckon we have two years of float. £50mill this year and £35mill for next years Queensland Property deal.

As we’ve reported before, there is at least £25mill worth of dross in the wage bill. We can’t move them on. This has been compounded over the years by a trick Wenger uses to get around the banks stipulation he must invest 25% of transfer proceeds back into the squad. Instead if buying players, he signs his current ones up to new inflated deals.

We’ve known about this for a while. I find it utterly disgraceful this has been allowed to carry on.

The fact is, we can afford mega wages. Wenger doesn’t have a wage cap. He has an amount of money to play with. The fact he chooses to give JD £50k, Diaby £60k and Denilson £60k directly hinders his ability to pay Robin £160k pw.

United don’t pay their fringe players anywhere near what we do. Wes Brown was on £18k pw, he knew he was part of something special though. We have players who are fat off big salaries. Who play for PAYE not glory.

It’s a horrible mess people, it really is.

The story of FFP came up as well. Nigel Phillips, like many of our readers believe the club use the ruling to hide behind. City have blatantly breached the rules a number of times and nothing has happened. As have many clubs. The irony of it all is that if any club is in danger of breaching the rules, it’s us if we exit the Champions League. Our wage bill will be unsustainable if we’re out of Europe.

It was also highlighted that the average age of the board is 73… hence the stagnation and lack of ambition post stadium build.

There was also the absolute refusal of the club to allow R&W onto the board. It won’t happen. What people suspect might occur is that Stan could sell up if things get too spicy. He’s never sold an asset, but he’s never bought overseas. If he isn’t welcome at his own Franchise… Sorry I mean club… He could sell out for a massive profit. He’s too old to be in it for the long term. Unless his son Josh is a major league soccer fan.

Interesting that Matt Scott of the Telegraph believes Wenger has made himself unsackable. His squad is too full and too highly paid to do anything with over the next few years. He reckons no top manager would touch the job.

You’ll hear more from him in a couple of weeks time… in your ears if you get what I mean.

Some other snippets

  • The club improved revenue by £10mill last season. £3mill of that was tour money. £4mill was season ticket price hikes. Yet the CEO landed a £600k bonus! Errr… where is the outrage?
  • We could have a £100million rights issue and beat FFP if it went against the stadium debt. The reason we won’t do that is because Wenger wouldn’t spend the money. Previously it was because the other board members wouldn’t put their hands in their pockets. They only took out of the club…
  • Average attendance to the games these days is in the low fifties.
  • We have 71 paid professional on the wage bill (we had 48 when we moved to the Emirates). We also fund Nik B and Denilson. We laugh at City for doing the same with Adebayor and Bridge, we’re just as bad… on lower salaries of course!
  • The board have got rich off the self sustaining business model.
  • We earn £14mill from short sponsor / manufacture. Liverpool earn £40mill
  • Nina booted from board for having a Starbucks with Usmanov people.
  • David Dein spends more time with Wenger than Gazidis. If he is spending that much time with Wenger, it begs the question what the hell he’s talking to him about? ‘Errr, Arsene… Squillaci. What the hell were you thinking?’
  • Stadium debt is £220mill
  • When Dein was booted from the board, Wenger was promised he was in charge. Hence why he was able to pick his own CEO.
  • Wenger decides player value, hence why so many deals fall through. That’s why Mata isn’t wearing an Arsenal shirt.
  • Club runs at break even.
  • There are only 1200 shareholders left. Geoff being one of them. He’s a rarity… he didn’t sell out like so many did.

Final fun fact of the evening… There are more Arsenal fans in Nigerian than there are in the UK. Wow! I’ve always said we get a bundle of traffic from the home of Kanu… I didn’t realise the extent of support!

Right… that’s your monthly round up. If you want to join up and have your say, sign up here… well worth the cash. If you want to read their analysis of the financials, check here.

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Thanks to everyone I met and spoke to last night… a great night as always.

So… what stood out for you? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. HerveDeNerve


    To be honest, i can’t stand Piers Morgan, i really hate him, but at the end of the day Twitter, much like this blog, is about people voicing an opinion and Frimpong should just shut his mouth. Comments like “stay away from The Emirates and we don’t need people like you” are simply unacceptable.

    Personally, I would like Frimpong to be disciplined by the club, fined and be made to apologise publicly to Morgan, even though i can’t stand Morgan either.

    It just goes to show the mentality of some of our younger players at the club, there is no discipline whatsoever, Wenger just wraps them in cotton wool, sticks up for them when they play shit and now we know, pays them stupid fucking wages that they have had to do fuck all to earn.

    The whole thing is a mess from top to bottom. I can’t think of one reason why any decent manager will want to manage Arsenal and put their reputation on the line. Especially when you think that from the moment he arrives it is going to take the best part of three years to clear up Wengers shit. You simply cannot just get rid of 30 or so odd players by clicking your fingers. Cancelling contracts means having to pay them up so there is your transfer kitty out the window. If we could have sold some, we would have. Bendtner and Denilson are still on the books, its fucking unreal. People talk about the RBS Bank debacle as a prime example of overpaid executives being reckless and putting a whole institution at risk.

    Well the same thing is going on at the institution of Arsenal, and its happening right in front of our very eyes. The big gamble here is our ability to remain in the top four, it would appear that without it we are well and truly fucked.

    What a shambles

  2. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    There is corruption going on. I think you need look no further than the fact that someone who owns nearly a 3rd of the company (our club) is not allowed to have a say in the running of things. The guys in charge are hiding something.
    Chicago book keeping? Two sets of books…

  3. dennisdamenace

    MHNM – I’m with you on that one. It would explain so much, least of all the £55m ‘other costs’……..

  4. Rob The Goon

    Got this comment from the Footballistically Arsenal podcast:

    Kelvin from the Black Scarf Movement basically said:

    Theres a Clause in our stadium loan contract with RBS which says 70% or 75% of all transfer revenue received has to be used and invested in the team, to us thats going out and buying quality players but instead WE’VE IMPROVED CONTRACTS OF 18 PLAYERS WE HAVE NOW SENT OUT ON LOAN!!


  5. HerveDeNerve

    Lets not start getting stupid with the conspiracy theories please. It just makes this blog descend into farce. The club are already at that level, lets not join in!!

  6. Henry14

    Wenger can’t manage big players and big personalities.

    He’s shit, he’s so past it it’s scary.

    He up’s contracts because he can manage our shit squad full of pussy’s – they don’t argue back, aren’t winners and don’t care about losing games.

    Wenger is finished and has been for years – i personally hope he never works anotehr day in football.


  7. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    RTG – this is well known I think and if you look back to when this was agreed AW probably thought that would mean at the most 7 mil from a 10 mil sale – I dont think he ever thought that he would have 50 million come in from player sales.
    7 mil would mean buying one player and would not mess up his ethos of developing players.
    Suddenly he’s got to spend 35 mil on the squad which goes against his principles so he’ll duck, dodge and dive to avoid doing it….

  8. dennisdamenace

    Guys – hypothetically speaking of course, but should the Spudz do to us what they did to the Barcodes, what then?
    There has to be a tipping point.

  9. mjgooner

    I fully agree with Gambon that we can get rid of most of our dross.
    Havent you guys heard of BOGOF – Buy One Get One Free
    Buy Djourou for 4m, get Squillac free……..or the other way around.

  10. HerveDeNerve

    Rob the Goon

    Well in my opinion they will win because it looks like they will turn up with this:



    Im sorry, but i just can’t see us getting past that lot

  11. dennisdamenace

    Who the fuck is gonna spend £4m on that cluster fuck?
    Besides, it’s not so much the asking price, it’s the wages of the fuckwit, by giving the cretin £50k a week Wenger immediately prices half the EPL out of it………

  12. HerveDeNerve

    To be honest, I hope VDV plays instead of Saha, Saha and Adebayor play much closer together and would do more damage. VDV always like to drop deeper and get himself involved in areas he shouldn’t be in.

  13. HerveDeNerve


    Why would he sell Djourou, the mad fucker has just given him a new contract. Thats it for him, he is sorted, he can just sit there like all the other dross and collect his wages. Its fucking gross negligence. This is a player who got sent off at Fulham and cost us three points. What does he do some 3 weeks later? Comes on against Sunderland, gets booked and then goes in with a full bloodied two footed tackle which luckily the ref didn’t see. I tell you, Wenger must like staring at his cock in the showers, its the only thing i can think of why he’s still there.

  14. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    No disrespect and I hate to state the obvious but…

    Jenkinson Djourou Squillaci Miguel
    Denilson Rosicky Benayoun
    Bendtner Chamakh Gervinho

    …thats a Birmingham, Fulham, Wigan level team.

  15. dennisdamenace

    So, Gazidis is threatening RvP with the old ‘you ain’t going anywhere’ ploy, even if it means he leaves for a free next summer………….now that’s why he got his massive bonus………..what an absolute prick, our only consistent performer, our only quality player, our captain, and Gazidis has just fucked him right off………….nice one you clueless Yank cunt.
    However, this needs to be tempered with the thought of kissing £20m+ goodbye should he walk for free next year……..
    What a fucked up club we have become.

  16. Rob The Goon


    I absolutely hate to admit it but I dont see us winning either.

    Personally, I think wenger will go for negative tactics on sunday as he knows that this could be his last game if we lose badly

  17. Cloggs


    I don’t have anything to add. You just summed up the misery and yes we’re derailed in such a fashion that it will take at least 2 or 3 seasons to get us back on track.

    I can’t believe that there are still lot’s of fans out there who can’t -or refuse to- see the bigger picture and that it will get worse and worse if nothing changes.
    Add to this all the spin and false promises from wenger and the board come ticket renewal time and you’ll want to tear your hair out, but what hurts me most is hearing those lines like “Fuck off from the E********S we don’t need your support from people like you ” from other gooners and now even players who earn in a week as much as I do in a year for just daring do have an opnion while paying thru my bloody nose to have the privilege to see these millionaires kick a ball once in a while.
    Well, Frimpong can fuck-off along all those AKB’s hurling abuse towards fellow gooners.

  18. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    DDM – Ive said it before on here, if this was going on at a club on mainland Europe, supporters would be up the training ground and outside the board and managers houses.
    But to be fair, there are rumblings and once they start there is no going back…its just a slow process.

  19. gambon


    Fact is we are better off keeping him for one year than selling him.

    That said, its pathetic how bad we are run!! We cant sign good players, lose any plyer that becomes decent.

    We are an absolute shambles. We are a £250m club, being run just like Bolton or West Brom.

  20. Bush Gooner

    HerveDeNerveFebruary 21, 2012 15:21:09
    MjGoonerWhy would he sell Djourou, the mad fucker has just given him a new contract. Thats it for him, he is sorted, he can just sit there like all the other dross and collect his wages. Its fucking gross negligence. This is a player who got sent off at Fulham and cost us three points. What does he do some 3 weeks later? Comes on against Sunderland, gets booked and then goes in with a full bloodied two footed tackle which luckily the ref didn’t see. I tell you, Wenger must like staring at his cock in the showers, its the only thing i can think of why he’s still there.


    LMFAO !!!!

  21. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    Yes Gambon.. Here’s another way of looking at it!

    May 2010 – Cash in Bank 127.6m

    Nov 2010 – Cash in Bank 110.4

    Net change at 6 month report -17.2m

    May 2011 Cash in Bank 160.2m

    Trend: 127.6 -> 110.4 -> 160.2.

    Obviously there is a cash flow issue throughout the season and the cash falls and rises as the income streams come in. Basically ST income at the beginning and Broadcasting, UEFA, PL money at the end. And in this particular summer, between our 127.6 and falling to 110.4 in Nov was a period when we have put out more cash on players than received. Kocielny and Squillaci in for 16.5m and Eduardo out for 6.7m. So approx 10m of this fall can be attributed to this.. Assuming all cash was paid in the period!

    But I’m not buying that we need 110m in the bank to operate/survive/stand still!

    Spurs started this season with 20m in the bank and a wage bill of 90m. Are they going under? No, they also do not take risks and Levy runs a tight but risk averse club. They just utilise all their financial resources to the limit. (They’ve actually been a selling club this season as they are at full stretch if anyone has noticed!) I know the 32m is ring-fenced in debt servicing reserve accounts so I do cater for this. Don’t forget we have a pre-approved 55m overdraft facility which can be used to solve cash flow issues. So to say that large chunks of money cannot be spent is…!

  22. I'm not sure what to say

    Gambon, I think if Bolton or West Brom had money to spend on ‘super quality’ players they probably would… so it’s just as well they don’t really, they’d likely be competing for the only trophy we seem to aim for these days

  23. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    Kapslock – Get that fkn French flag off our sleeves!!! It would be the final humiliation but suitable considering the way our team surrenders!

  24. Ricky

    Frimpong needs to spend less time on twitter & worry about getting himself fit & good enough to even get into this shit poor arsenal team like pm said.

    It’s because of players like him were in this position.

  25. Yippee Kai Yay

    Is it just me that can actually see a win at the weekend?

    Even if only to serve as an ‘I told you to have more faith’ press release on Monday.

    It would seem that media attention is at its greatest that something gets pulled out of the bag. And home record is still pretty good.

    Or is everyone pretty much resigned to losing?

    And yes for the record, I am an arrogant wanker, but only when I need to be, and Keyser was nailed on 100% deserving of that after that last few months.

    However, I accept that maybe the rest of you didn’t need to be bored by it though. A lot of you are clearly far more tolerant / better at ignoring him.

  26. Yippee Kai Yay

    Martin Hayes Never MissedFebruary 21, 2012 15:25:50
    No disrespect and I hate to state the obvious but…Flappy
    Jenkinson Djourou Squillaci Miguel
    Denilson Rosicky Benayoun
    Bendtner Chamakh Gervinho…thats a Birmingham, Fulham, Wigan level team.
    Actually that is very disrespectful to Birmingham,
    They are probably the form team in the championship with 6 wins and 4 draws in the last 10 games and a credible away draw against chavs in the weekends FA cup game.

    And they’ve won a trophy recently :(

  27. Bade


    My heart will always keen on an Arsenal win, especially in a Derby, double especially against the Scums

    But my head says we’re knackered team, they’re not that bright as people paint them, so it’s a draw all over it

  28. phil

    Kroenke’s ownership company has a mission statement that proves unequivocally that success is not material, but self sustaining business model is.
    View on Denver Nuggets website

  29. HerveDeNerve


    If you see the team i posted earlier for Spurs i just can’t see how we can win, just can’t see it I’m afraid.

  30. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    The AST is always at pains to point out that a player coming in on a four year deal at £50k per week has a total contract cost of £10m in wages (£2.5m x 4yrs), and these future wages of net squad additions need to come from either savings when other players depart or cash reserves and/or the remaining £35m of expected property realisations.
    AST Review of Arsenal’s finances.


    You see, this is quite a simplistic view to take to say that future wages will come from savings or cash reserves. This is simply not true. Future wages will come from future income. (If we sell player Y and use his savings of course this will partly fund it if the new arrival is on a higher salary.. but what of the increase?) If we do not generate the income then we are showing a loss situation and the cash reserve won’t help us there!

    Now if we look forward and predict that player X will cost us 40m now and a huge salary which we do not have now… Firstly, as is correctly pointed out the fee, although maybe paid now, and the cash balance reduced, will actually be spread over the life of the contract. So on a 4 year contract that’s 10m per year over the next 4 annual accounts. So the cash balance may reduce by 40m today but will increase by 10m for the following 4 years. (As is will be offset against income, not shown as a profit but the cash situation will increase!) To follow that.. say we have income of 10m in 2013. 10m is offset against amortizing the purchase the net result is Zero profit. However we have 10m cash in the hand and that will end up in the cash balance!

    Now for the salary: If we look forward and see income streams coming, that will permit higher salaries, say for example 2 seasons time when KEY sponsorship deals come up and we will realise increased income this is an area where salaries can be paid from. It is way too simplistic to use this as an excuse to have a large cash reserve in place. Break-even FFP means income v expenditure (IN THE ASSESMENT PERIOD) should = breakeven. And as is also pointed out future income can be from property.

  31. johnty

    Don’t get me wrong I think wenger gets more out of average players than any manager in the world ( accept arsav-hole). This is why most of them look completely average when they leave the club. But can anyon explain why our wage bill is 130M per season and Spuds is 80M, a 50M difference HOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our highest paid players RVP, Asav-hole on 80K a week same as spuds RV vaart. This has been the case for the last 5-6 seasons so although wenger has spent less than spuds in transfers in reality he has spent a whole lot more. I have voiced these concerns to the cluc via email but got no response. Our Turn-over is 220M, wage bill 130M. Profit 20M where is the other 90M accounted for??????????????????????????????????????????.

    10 years ago viera, henry were on 100k and our wage bill was 60M How????????????????????????????????

    Pedro if you have the answers to these please feel free to email because it is driving me made!

  32. Bade


    Outside the FA cup, we lost all the cup finals we got with Arsene

    2000 to Glatasaray in the UEFA cup
    2006 to Barca in the CL
    2007 to the Chavs in the CC
    2011 to the Brummies in CC

    This is from my memory, if anyone double-check it, would be nice

  33. HerveDeNerve

    From The Guardian

    Kroenke, who also owns the St Louis Rams of the NFL, the NBA franchise Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche of the NHL and the Major League Soccer team Colorado Rapids, said: “As the controlling shareholder of Arsenal Football Club, it will always be our intention to do what’s necessary to assure success on the pitch, provide long-term stability and build on the accomplishments and history of the club.

    “We recognise that overseeing the operations of the club is not only a privilege but a responsibility that will require attention and dedication as the club strives to reach all of our goals on and off the pitch.

    “We will continue to grow the club’s presence globally while also adhering to the club’s self-sustaining economic model. The club has funds to invest and will do so wisely. Our constant aim will be to compete for silverware and championships.

    “The long-term health of the club is of utmost importance and the board, chief executive, manager and the wider team will be working hard to achieve success for the club and our fans and to play our part in our communities in north London and beyond.

    “Arsenal is not about one shareholder, one player or one fan. It’s a special institution and we look forward to celebrating that further during the 125th anniversary year of the club.”

  34. gambon


    Arsene is a serial loser. He has been his entire career.

    Look at how many finals Jose has lost, look at how many Arsene has.

  35. Bade

    This would be my line up to the Sunday Derby

    Sagna-Kozzer (if fit)- Verm – Miquel/Gibbs (I’d rather Miquel)

  36. gambon


    Also 1-2 to Liverpool in the FAC 2001.

    Unfortuanely Wenger is weak tactically and weak mentally, the most important things in cup finals & run-ins, hence why he has such a poor win:runner up ratio.

  37. Bade


    Well, he can’t deny the facts, can he?

    9 finals, lost 5 won 4 (all if the FA cup)…. with a current run of 3 losses in a row now

    Funny you’r again referring to Jose, the man who complexed him in the first place 😆

  38. johnty

    I think it is better if we lose the next 3 games and miss out on the Champs league. This is the only way the board should sit up and take notice. Arsenal fans must take there own responsibility for this mess. Surely against the spuds at the weekend we could sneak in a couple letters to spell wenger out. I aint a ticket holder but surely you could sneak some letters in spelling ‘WENGER OUT’. Only then will he take notice as at the moment he couldn’t care less.

    Controversy I’d sell RVP take 25Million sign BA 7M, M’Villa 20M,taiwo 2M. Samba 8M

    Oxo Ba Gervo
    ramsay Wilshere
    Taiwo Samba Vermalen Sagna

    This team wont win us the league but I think we will challenge a whole lot better than this season it has pace and power. What do you think people?

  39. Yippee Kai Yay

    I get that arsenal are massive underdogs.

    It is just that every time the camera has swung on Arsene so much in the build up to any game, the team win, the mass media get bored and move on to the next thing.

    With the NLD heightening the scale of anticipation, I can honestly see an arsenal win, no matter how much the team get battered or even if it is undeserved at the end of the game.

    But there is always the slim chance of some barely human intervention in arsenal’s favour, or ‘refereeing decisions’ as they are known.

    We’ve all seen it before, maybe this weekend is the one where it works in asrene / arsenal’s favour.

    somewhere round here, there is a straw at least.

  40. gambon


    Also he has been runner up in the league way more than he’s won it.

    Hes won 5 leagues, and been runner up 8 times.

    Think about the way we bottled 1999 & 2003 and finished 2nd, also the way we bottled 2008 and came 3rd.

    Only wenger teams can fuck up so much.

  41. jogo

    arsenal likes to be the underdog. The boss & the players will perform better that way. So it’s good going to derby as underdog and they’ll get at least a point me think.

  42. johnty

    Ive bottled this up to long but…….

    Wenger has cost us more titles than we could have one with someone else.
    Titles thrown away 1999( signing Kano in summer would have guaranteed title) 2003 ( 8points clear in March) , 2008 ( selling Diarra in Jan), 2010 & 2011 ( not signing a centre half and D-midfielder in summer.

    George Graham & Wenger both said after winning titles ‘ why do I need to strengthen we have just one the league’ result no consecutive titles.

  43. Bade


    I understand you’r referring to his whole career ….

    But you have one mistake, you didn’t count how many time he did win us the 4th trophy eh!

    Fucking nutty manager we have, what a total shame

  44. Bade

    And if we’re talking how Arsene is such a big winner, it is worthy to note he never retained a league title or a cup, except once (the FA cup 2002, 2003)

  45. Bade

    When Jose retained almost every league title he’s won (with Porto, Chavs, Inter), and already won twice the CL

    I won’t be amazed if Real knock the CL and LA Liga this season

  46. Arsene's Nurse

    Who the fuck designed that shirt? Who the fuck approved it? Pleas, please tell me that is a wind up. It’s awful, it’s worse than that yellow and blue JVC away kit from ’93, the one with the wwwwwww all over it.

    Shit how can anyone wear a shirt with the French flag on it? Red jerseys with white sleeves IS Arsenal. Why are these cunts pissing about with this historical club.

  47. incesc

    it was pretty even vs spuds earlier in the season but they are bang in form right now and we are fucked all over the pitch. We havent got robin on the ball for 3 games

    going to watch behind the sofa

  48. Bade

    Whatever happens I can’t hope for a Scums win at our ground

    What a pathetic thing it is to wish your team to lose to your fierce rivals

    It’s a stupid as saying 4th is a trophy

  49. gambon

    If the board came out and said “We WILL sack Wenger if we lose to Spurs” then absolutely id be cheering Spurs.

    As its not realistic I cant want spurs to win.

  50. Bade


    I agree. knocking Barca in their current squad and form, is gigantic. Mind you they were instrumental last season and they added Cesc and Sanchez

    Jose always said his teams get to their peak in the second year

    And he’s the only manager to be able to knock the great Barca in the CL, with Inter. And he was robbed by the ref in that game when he managed the Chavs (almost certain it was him…)

  51. Yippee Kai Yay

    incesec, did you watch their game against stevenage? I’d hardly call that form.

    Sure they did the barcodes, but that was at home, but I’m not sure how well they travel these days. I also watched some of their liverpool game, which was abject at best, switched off at half time and apparently missed absolutely nothing,

  52. Rosie 47

    Could anyone called for Wenger’s head tell me precisely what they think would happen now if we sacked him? Do you think things would improve? Can anyone pinning the blame on AW for high wage bills tell me where on Earth the logic behind that is? Or for that matter, how on Earth you arrive at the conclusion that we can blame him for any of a number of decisions that have clearly been made at club level? Can anyone tell me how on Earth they have made countless judgements about the state of the club and exactly how they have become privy to the information which is not publicly available and which is surely needed to make such judgements? Are any of you actually aware that we moved stadium not too many years ago and are clearly still hampered by the move? And in light of said move, are any of you aware just how stupid you make yourselves look by drawing comparisons between AFC and other PL clubs which just are not there to be made?

    There will be a time in the not-too-distant future when such comparisons will be apt, and certainly our wage structure issues need addressing – but I’m sure those of us who criticise the wage structure were also annoyed to see important players such as Flamini depart the club. Consider that it is in order to avoid such departures that our wage structure is in place, and consider that it is only a fairly recent development. The club, I’m sure, are as aware as we are of the shortcomings of the plan – they made a mistake, and now they need to change something. Once a more effective model has been identified, I’m sure the proper moves will be made to implement it.

    The fact of the matter is that none of us knows the ins and outs of the financial situation at AFC, nor exactly how it impacts the way we operate. What we can all be sure of, however, is that it IS impacting the way we operate. But we all knew that it would back when the move was first proposed, and I think we can all agree that the move to Ashburton Grove was a necessary one – so why all the fuss now when we have still not reached a point when we can realistically have hoped to have left the shadow of the stadium move. All that is happening is a dwindling of patience among the fanbase, and the board are right to remain thick-skinned to it – for now at least. At the moment AW is being treated as a scapegoat for decisions which he did not make. In keeping us in contention for champions league qualification even under the pressure which the stadium move put on the club, I don’t think anyone can really deny that he has done a fantastic job. It is beyond unrealistic to expect the club to be picking up trophies at the moment whilst we are so stretched financially.

    The title of this article sums it up, really: “Hamstrung for years by Arsene”? Don’t be so ridiculous. We are hamstrung at the moment by the stadium move, nothing else. These are not easy waters to navigate, and for anyone who thinks Wenger has done anything other than a fantastic job to keep us in the CL with all this going on – well you can all watch on in glee when Sp*rs make their stadium move, because let me tell you it will not be pretty for them.

    Now I’m not an AKB, ridiculous tag that it is, just someone who appreciates that a little more patience will be needed before we can start judging AW’s success at AFC against Fergie’s recent success at United: the playing field is just not level at the moment. If Wenger had the same kind of money to spend that Fergie does, things would be different. But AW doesn’t have that kind of money, and if Fergie was operating on the pittance that Wenger has had for the last few seasons then I think they’d be looking at a lonely trophy cabinet too.

    Just as much as the next fan, I am angry and dismayed by the performances we have seen on the pitch over the past couple of seasons (and the past week particularly) – and AW must be held accountable for that. We can judge Wenger on what he does with the players at his disposal, and the way we perform on the pitch. But to call him into question over off-pitch issues which clearly go beyond his remit as a football manager flies in the face of all logic and is woefully ignorant. Wenger is not the CEO of Arsenal Football Club, so stop judging him as such.

  53. Whitelinefever

    I’d like to see the AST’s financial analysts start asking some questions about how turning Arsenal into an average but selfish club with no real style, overpaid players with no marketing appeal who are injured half the season anyway (or too poor to even make the top 6ish team that we will become), a stagnant board and coaching setup, expensive tickets and no respect for the fans will impact our future commercial revenue?

    There are significant commercial contracts coming up for renewal very soon and the club continues to deteriorate, not to mention the dwindling international goodwill generated only by previously being a top club with a fantastic style.

    No trophies, no CL, no stars, no supporters. What might the club stand to lose in prize and TV money, sponsorships, merchandising and memberships over the next 5 – 10 years because of our newfound lack of results/ambition/charisma?

  54. gambon


    Wenger has much more power than the “CEO”. He was the one who picked him.

    You have zero understanding of how much power wenger has at the club since Dein left. He is basically the managing director of Arsenal Football Club.

  55. Bade

    I think one of the toughest questions in football world would be

    “What was Arsene’s biggest mistake?”

    He did so many crucial mistakes than I can’t see how can anyone decide what is what between those

  56. HerveDeNerve

    Rosie 47

    “Once a more effective model has been identified, I’m sure the proper moves will be made to implement it.

    Even i can list the taxonomy of a plankton, but you my dear friend are something of another world. What time does your spaceship leave Cape Canaveral today?

  57. dennisdamenace

    Rosie, can you read? Then go on the AST website and see their breakdown of last nights meeting………
    And, just for a lilttle taster, it is Arsene Wenger who decided that Johan Djourou was worthy of a new contract, and it is Arsene Wenger who decided that he was also worthy of £50,000 per week.
    Times that by Dennilson, Bentner, Almunia, Squllaci, Diaby, Gibbs, and all that other rubbish that purveys the SEVENTY-ONE paid professionals at the club, and maybe just maybe you’lll realise why we’re so fucking screwed.

  58. gambon

    Also Rosie

    You realise that Fergies greatest era (2006-2009) came during the Abramovic and to some extent the Abu Dhabi years?

    So Fergie “couldnt compete” either. Guess what…..he found a way, and he wasnt shit scared to spend money like that overpaid french cunt wenger is.

    Comparing Fergie & Wenger is an embarrassment.One is the best manager in history, the other is a glorified youth coach who had a VERY short window of effectiveness.

    Mourinho came to England and completely destroyed Wenger, leaving him a broken and mentally ill man (hence why I love Jose), however Fergie learned a few new tricks, changed his ethos and won unprecedented success.

  59. Gunner2301


    That RVP piece is bollocks nobody can tell RVP that he’s going nowhere and mean it. He’s just turning up the heat so the price will increase.

    You need to consider why exactly they want to keep him. It’s not because their ambitious or they think they can win something with him because they clearly cant when the rest of the team is so shit.

    If Gazidis can’t turn down Djourou in contract negotiations who in my opinion had fuck all to negotiate with, then he can hardly have any negotiating position over Robin. All RVP has to do is hand in a transfer request. Like I said it’s all posturing and Ivan is a fucking muppet.

  60. Bade


    Arsene is managing Arsenal in a monarchy regime

    That’s why he “let” Cesc leave with us losing at least 15m

    That’s why our players keep being injured while he’s refusing to change his unsuited methods

    When Arsene will be sacked things will get much better, of course

    No Arsenal player signs extension or gets pay raise without Arsene approval, that’s why all of them are so thankful

  61. johnty

    Rosie 47 you say wenger is not to blame but he takes 6.5M a year. He is paid more than Fergie for gods sake. It is also alleged that he gets 10% on all profit of players sold. Does this not influence the selling of Anelka, Viera, Henry etc.

    Don’t get me wrong I think if wenger had the mancity, chelsea, Man utd, Spurs squad he would win the league with any of these teams this season, But he has allowed our squad to get so poor. All of the players signed by spurs we could have signed. Remember after 2008 wenger said he wouldn’t sign modric as he didnt think he was up to the physical side of the English PL. …..6 months later he signed Arse-hole. Out of these players one is worth 50M and the other can’t be given away on a free transfer. Get my point.

  62. jogo

    “What was Arsene’s biggest mistake?”

    Biggest mistake was taking the job at arsenal. Had he chosen bolton or other mid low PL club 15yrs ago, and brought the same successes & failures, they’d be happy as fuck.

  63. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Johnty…. I’m on a mobile and out but I’ll answer u later.. But your figures are a bit off..

    Spuds wage bill is 91m and ours is 124.4m.. Both end of year figures. The AST fig is an estimate on this year.

    They are paying as much as they can and are stretched to the max.. We are, to quote our glorious board, comfortably within our range. We also have higher operating expenses etc.. Bigger stadium, more staff etc…

    But I wouldn’t be surprised if Gazidis has 15 empty Jam jars in his office and every day he put a few quid in each and says.. Now that’s for the gas bill, the electric, the water, new nets for the training pitch, paper clips, etc…

  64. Yippee Kai Yay

    pharo9jaFebruary 21, 2012 16:50:42
    WTL = Wenger The Liar
    sorry still don’t follow?

    But to clairfy I am not that myopic, belligerent, self-aggrandising disgrace of human being.

    I am an entirely different form of belligerent, self-aggrandising disgrace of human being, plus I wear contact lenses so vision is pretty good.

  65. johnty

    I would put the whole squad up for sale except OXO, Wilshere, Vermalen, Schezny, Ramsay, Koshieny ( even though there are bigger anorexic women than him out there, he does try). This would be the shock that the squad really needs.

    Don’t blame Diaby for being paid 68K a week wenger sanctioned this contract. He is going to be the new viera…….. , Oh no wait this was suppose to happen 6 years ago!

  66. incesc

    a bit harsh jogo

    wenger did give us a few years of the best football i have ever seen live, he bought thierry, clearly the most exciting player to ever play in england.

    His mistake was ripping up a winning team then persisting with it until he went mental and ended up in the mess we are in now.

  67. johnty

    can anyone out there tell me why we haven’t signed SAMBA!!!!!!!!!
    Koshieny, Sqilachy, Mertsacka.. Why take this dross whenSamba is the obvious signing in the history of Arsenal football club and would give us a defence to be proud of.

  68. incesc


    i think his methods, which are basically telling his players to pass and play their own game works when you have the extreme motivation and talent of campbell, pires, vieira, bergkamp and henry all in the same the team.

    it clearly doesnt work with less talented players.

  69. James Taunt

    Incesc no denying that Wenger had his principles that clicked in EPL and he gave Arsenal some fantastic memories. But this has now become a curse because the AKBs are holding on to the past and are ever so thankful to Arsene.

    The league has moved on with the times but AKBs continue to pull sensible voices down.

  70. JJ

    I heard a strange stat the other day – apparently 52 of the 92 teams in British leagues have won a trophy since we last did 7 years ago…

    Not sure how they get 92 teams but it wouldn’t suprise me.

  71. HerveDeNerve

    Rosie 47

    Its sounds like you may be lost. Let me help you, once you leave Earths atmosphere head for Jupiter and orbit twice where the massive slingshot you will obtain will enable you to reach Pluto. This will be the biggest obstacle in you trying to get back to ZingZong, Pluto is quite small and so has a small gravitational pull but i calculate that 8 orbits should do the trick.

    From here you need to time your slingshot for a heading with the constellation 47 Ursae Majoris. At this point you will be 2.42 million miles from Jupiter and well on your way. Look out for a planet shaped like a banana, you can’t miss it as its got a big sign on it saying 51 Pegasi, when you get here make sure you stop off and try a Banana Dog (basically its a banana in a hot dog bun) before you head off for your next slingshot from the planet 55 Cancri, now this is a tricky one to get close to as its got 71 small moons all drifting around aimlessley not knowing whether they are coming or going. A bit like Arsene Wenger’s squad if you want a comparison.

    Anyway, once you’ve dodge all the aimless moons and have got close enough for a slingshot, leave and head for Tau Bootis which is a large planet just next door to Upsilon Andromedae. This could be an ideal place for you to help Arsene find the next “effective model” as you so succinctly put it in your post whilst you were on our planet. Its worth you stopping here as you never know, you just might find that “model” that you said Wenger is seeking.

    Anyway, from here leave the planet Tau Bootis on a heading for Coronae Borialis, i think you’ll know where you are when you get to here, ZingZong will be just on your right.

    Please let me know when you aim to time your next visit to earth as i’ll make sure I’m out. Have a safe trip Rosie 47 xxx

  72. johnty

    Before I forget. I watched the youth team of 2009. JET, Frimpong, Barkley, Wilshere, Coqerlan,Lansbury. In a 3-1 win at the Spuds I picked these players out as Guaranteed PL players. It is rumoured the youth coaching staff pushed these players to Wenger also, but apparently Wenger can’t stand people picking out a player before him. Thats why the season after he pushed the rightback Eastmond into the first team squad at Centre Mid. eastmond had a shocker all the way to the Youth cup final but wenger pushed him to show he was right. In the end he was wrong.

    A similiar thing happened to Ashley Cole who apparently Wenger didnt rate and agreed to sell him to Crystal Palace for 200K in 2000. Only the Silvinho mess prevented him leaving. Can anyone confirm this because if Wenger cant see the potential in the worlds best left back what chance any other young english player. Wilshere you are the swallow that truely made the summer!

  73. Ice

    Terry Neil used to use the “what type of dog” analogy when putting together winning teams eg get the players to confidentially ascribe the breed of dog that most closely resembled the character of their team mates

    The winning team has the correct mix of character types focusing on winning “breeds” or mentalities

    Do the exercise yourself today and you will find that this team is full of too many dopey afghan hounds, not one terrier and certainly no Jack Russell’s

    Make sense?

    What dog do you think Song is?

    And Mr Wenger?

    BTW the wank yank and Arsene really are having dinner tonight with one or two other lapdogs

  74. Ben Donnelly

    They’re milking us and the club dry untill they sell to Usmanov.

    Does anyone know what we actually sold Cesc for? I’m guessing it was about 17m + add ons
    at best.
    They’ve tapped RVP up too and will offer 20m tops and probably get him as Gazidis has wound him up if reports can be believed.

    What a bunch of crooks are board are.

    I think Wenger’s bypassing that investment clause set by RBS out of spite to prove how very clever he is.

  75. JJ

    Gambon – I have been wondering the same thing about Wenger. He definitely got lucky with the defense he inherited. He has always been tapped into the French market which timed nicely when they he joined Arsenal as France soon became World Cup winners.

    Sure, he has signed a few gems back in the day but there has been more dross than gems over his Arsenal career.

    He does not know tactics, he can not motivate a team, he does not teach defending… Other than design pretty changing rooms and training facilities, what does he do?

  76. HerveDeNerve


    You are Comedy Gold! You should make your way with Rosie 47 to the launchpad, your not too late to miss a lift home you know!

    By the way…whens MVB going to be our manager, is he coming soon?

  77. johnty

    Just anouched on Talk sport 5.38pm that spurs wage bill is 40% less than Ours. Backing up my previous point at 1600hrs. Can someone please ask this at a press conference to Wenger as I will die happy after hearing his response. It is my goal in life to hear Wenger explain the difference in wage bill without sinking into his seat and justifying this. Please ask this at the AGM at the end of the season someone please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. HerveDeNerve


    You talk shit. When Kronke flies into the UK, he uses Fairoaks in Hampshire to land his Private Jet, no ones seen or heard of him you liar.

  79. jogo

    sometimes being stubborn is good, otherwise you’d give up too easily and never achieve anything great. All the great leaders and inventors have this trait.

    At other times, being stubborn is bad, as it can lead you total destruction.

    I just cant make up my mind, in the case of mr. wenger and arsenal, whether him being stubborn is good or bad?

  80. Arsene's Nurse

    Too many of our breeds need taking down the bottom of the garden and introduced to Mr 12 Bore. It would be like pet cemetery down there.

  81. JJ

    The best way to clear out the dross on big salaries is to sit them in the reserves. If they have any ambition they will accept pay cuts to move to another club. I hope that is the plan with dropping AA, Park and Chammy this week.

    Sqirrel and JD should have made that list too but I think Banfield would revolt…

  82. johnty

    Yippee Kai Yay I know the transfer window is closed but thanks for that. But I was referring to signing Samba in Jan or the summer 11′ Doh. If spurs sign Samba, Hoilett, Hazard I will quit watching football from the shame. Can you imagine it next year they will finish 30 point clear of us not just 10. The only joy this season will be knowing beating or drawing with spurs at the weekend will probably end their title chances. How sad that this will be the higlight of our season.

  83. Gunner2301


    What you’re saying about Wenger I have said all along. He was fortunate to have players who knew their jobs requiring minimum coaching from him.

    He was fortunate that he had great captains who could take charge on the field organise them on the field and change the tempo of the game when required.

    He was fortunate that those players gelled otherwise his lack of tactics would have been exposed years ago.

    Why else has he managed to get away with it for so long? Why else has he struggled to recognise what is needed in defence?

    These players now can’t compensate for his shortcomings like the teams of the past have. That’s why he’s in the problems he’s in and can’t find any answers.

  84. johnty

    Just found out that Arsenal have the highest paid board in the English PL. With wengers wages aswell this might account for our ridiculous wage bill.?

    I bet our players wages only account for 70% of the figures reported.

  85. SUGA3

    fuck me, I thought there was a bit of mismanagement at the club, but this is a train wreck of epic fucking proportions!

    sure, questions were raised regarding the reinvestment ratio, seems like by not buying good players and paying them good salaries, we are now loaded to the brim with a load of too-much-too-young-too-early big time Charlies!

    as far as I am concerned, this is gross misconduct, bordering on high fucking treason 👿

  86. SUGA3


    Wenger’s career at Arsenal summed up:

    Inherited good core -> France had good generation of players -> 2006 Dismanlting the team -> 2007 Dein left -> 2008 beginning of the end -> downhill from there, selling club with spiralling wage budget


  87. Leedsgunner

    Rosie @1646 – firstly thanks for a coherent argument, I respectfully disagree but I appreciate it nonetheless. The stadium is a fantastic asset to be sure but it has been also used as a convenient smokescreen to explain away sorely needed investment. Big the club is that hard up and hamstrung why not sell our dross and crocks and put those funds into paying down the stadium debt? (Diaby, Rosicky, Almunia, Denilson, Fabianski, , Squillaci Bentner,) For example why do we have 71 pros on the books? Why spend good money on players that see no actual game time? (Park) Why not invest the funds spent on purchasing 15 -25 speculative youngsters (and their wages) and buy one proven individual (Mata, Podolski, Aguero). Why extend contracts for players who have proven themselves error prone?(Djourou). Why pay the wages of loan players?(Bentner)

    True accountability means owning up when things go wrong and making changes to improve. If you don’t improve have the decency to resign. No dishonour in walking away after a honest go — complacency and mediocrity becomes the norm when you make the same mistakes again and again.

  88. Arben

    Wenger’s friends are mostly Serbians, probably they teach him or dictate him how to win a war towards fans, they have enough experience during balkan war ,or probably Wenger has been inspired from their Dictator Millosevic. I’m not surprised the next manager to be a Serbian manager who is managing a Japanese team at the moment.

  89. Yippee Kai Yay


    don’t worry I knew what you meant, was just messin’ with you to lighten the mood 😐

    I’ve got a nasty feeling that levy is involved in trying to secure hazard as a tempter to keep harry. And consequently keep bale and modric in the process by singing them up to even longer contracts on the promise of a shot at the title.

    It’s the sort of manipulation that has levy’s grubby Machiavellian finger prints all over it.

    Invest in a ‘big player’ on the promise that he signs a new contract to say for a few more years (albeit allowing him off on his jollies this summer with the England squad – which he was going to do with the media anyway).

    That is one of the big differences between the two clubs, they have a ceo who manages people, and contracts, AFC have a yes man who does his masters bidding. The tail is wagging the dog.

    However your point is entirely valid. This weekend IS Arsenal’s ‘cup final’, there is no trophy (not even a pretend one) and it is only Feb.