Arsenal spend £10mill on loyalty bonuses and agent fees | Hamstrung for years by Arsene?

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Good morning Grovers! I attended the monthly AST meeting last night to find out what the low down was in the world of Arsenal. Truth be told, there wasn’t a whole load of new information if you’ve followed the snippets we’ve shared from them over the last year, but that didn’t matter. Yesterday for me was more about judging fan sentiment.

I remember the first one of those meeting I attended, any mention of the coaches future was met with jeers. Last night, I said something along the lines of…

‘Last year we all celebrated the arrival of a CEO who was essentially hands off. We actively encouraged an owner who’d be business as usual. A year on we’re critiquing him for not forcing the hand of the manager in the transfer market. Should the highest paid man at the club need coerce him into buying players? Should we not be questioning whether that sort of manager is right for us?’

Then I was asked what I’d do…

‘I’ve said since last summer he should be sacked’

Not one boo. Not one jeer. Just focus on the question. That’s how far we’ve come.

As for other snippets…

Arsenal are asking for fan opinion on raising prices. They’re also canvassing on the 7 cup matches and whether people want them. Many said they wouldn’t want to attend Europa Cup games. I say that’s a bit poor. I’d go, regardless and I wouldn’t want those games removed.

The AST pushing for home credits reward scheme. Apparently 400 club levellers used their ticket once or less last year. Truly disgraceful, but again, a worry for a club so dependent on expensive seats.

Arsenal have the joint highest ticket revenue in Europe. I’m pretty sure we’re up there with United.

Only 25% of people take up the option of a new season ticket when offered.

The Premiership sells so well because the grounds are 92% capacity.

As of June we’ll have £160mill cash in the bank. Once again it was reiterated that it’s not for spending. Well, not all of it… We pay wages out of that and it acts as cash flow for the season.

Wages are up to £130million. Massive eh?

Predicted cash surplus was thought to be £60mill. Arsenal did however pay out a lot in agents fees and loyalty bonuses. Yep, Thomas Vermaelen got a loyalty bonus. Shouldn’t it have been the other way round? Bribing players to stay… cheeky. I wish my work gave me a loyalty bonus after a year out sick.

Champions League when it’s all said and done is worth £45mill. A mix of TV, gate reciepts and commercial deals. The big question is where that cash comes from if we lose out?

The AST reckon we have two years of float. £50mill this year and £35mill for next years Queensland Property deal.

As we’ve reported before, there is at least £25mill worth of dross in the wage bill. We can’t move them on. This has been compounded over the years by a trick Wenger uses to get around the banks stipulation he must invest 25% of transfer proceeds back into the squad. Instead if buying players, he signs his current ones up to new inflated deals.

We’ve known about this for a while. I find it utterly disgraceful this has been allowed to carry on.

The fact is, we can afford mega wages. Wenger doesn’t have a wage cap. He has an amount of money to play with. The fact he chooses to give JD £50k, Diaby £60k and Denilson £60k directly hinders his ability to pay Robin £160k pw.

United don’t pay their fringe players anywhere near what we do. Wes Brown was on £18k pw, he knew he was part of something special though. We have players who are fat off big salaries. Who play for PAYE not glory.

It’s a horrible mess people, it really is.

The story of FFP came up as well. Nigel Phillips, like many of our readers believe the club use the ruling to hide behind. City have blatantly breached the rules a number of times and nothing has happened. As have many clubs. The irony of it all is that if any club is in danger of breaching the rules, it’s us if we exit the Champions League. Our wage bill will be unsustainable if we’re out of Europe.

It was also highlighted that the average age of the board is 73… hence the stagnation and lack of ambition post stadium build.

There was also the absolute refusal of the club to allow R&W onto the board. It won’t happen. What people suspect might occur is that Stan could sell up if things get too spicy. He’s never sold an asset, but he’s never bought overseas. If he isn’t welcome at his own Franchise… Sorry I mean club… He could sell out for a massive profit. He’s too old to be in it for the long term. Unless his son Josh is a major league soccer fan.

Interesting that Matt Scott of the Telegraph believes Wenger has made himself unsackable. His squad is too full and too highly paid to do anything with over the next few years. He reckons no top manager would touch the job.

You’ll hear more from him in a couple of weeks time… in your ears if you get what I mean.

Some other snippets

  • The club improved revenue by £10mill last season. £3mill of that was tour money. £4mill was season ticket price hikes. Yet the CEO landed a £600k bonus! Errr… where is the outrage?
  • We could have a £100million rights issue and beat FFP if it went against the stadium debt. The reason we won’t do that is because Wenger wouldn’t spend the money. Previously it was because the other board members wouldn’t put their hands in their pockets. They only took out of the club…
  • Average attendance to the games these days is in the low fifties.
  • We have 71 paid professional on the wage bill (we had 48 when we moved to the Emirates). We also fund Nik B and Denilson. We laugh at City for doing the same with Adebayor and Bridge, we’re just as bad… on lower salaries of course!
  • The board have got rich off the self sustaining business model.
  • We earn £14mill from short sponsor / manufacture. Liverpool earn £40mill
  • Nina booted from board for having a Starbucks with Usmanov people.
  • David Dein spends more time with Wenger than Gazidis. If he is spending that much time with Wenger, it begs the question what the hell he’s talking to him about? ‘Errr, Arsene… Squillaci. What the hell were you thinking?’
  • Stadium debt is £220mill
  • When Dein was booted from the board, Wenger was promised he was in charge. Hence why he was able to pick his own CEO.
  • Wenger decides player value, hence why so many deals fall through. That’s why Mata isn’t wearing an Arsenal shirt.
  • Club runs at break even.
  • There are only 1200 shareholders left. Geoff being one of them. He’s a rarity… he didn’t sell out like so many did.

Final fun fact of the evening… There are more Arsenal fans in Nigerian than there are in the UK. Wow! I’ve always said we get a bundle of traffic from the home of Kanu… I didn’t realise the extent of support!

Right… that’s your monthly round up. If you want to join up and have your say, sign up here… well worth the cash. If you want to read their analysis of the financials, check here.

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Thanks to everyone I met and spoke to last night… a great night as always.

So… what stood out for you? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. James Taunt

    The AST report stated Bentner’s whole salary is funded by Arsenal, all £52,000 per week……
    F**king unbelievable.

  2. Yippee Kai Yay

    keyser, the latest I heard from someone at sunderland (board connection with legal team) was that they were told Nik B was on 120 and that they would have to pay half. As far as i knew he was still on 52K.

    Clearly someone is telling porky pies.

    The point is what does it matter. They aren’t going to buy him, the club would have to buy him out of his contract to enable him to depart, and he isn’t good enough to replace RVP. So how much money the club are pissing away is merely a matter of quantum. Form a philosophical perspective it is exactly the same as ade being subsidized by Man city, just a different degree of quantum.

    And there’s no need to get shirty with me just because you’re dim, i was trying to be helpful.

    Gambon, the PAYE element is clearly misleading as it tends to only state the fixted cost, the add-ons and variable may take any one given salary significantly higher. So you will never know anything other than the overall fixed cost element from annual report (which is easily found on their annual report, however since they de-listed last year they will no longer have to produce a full registered financial statement with the same level of detail in the future. Apparently they are trying to work out if that will satisfy FFP rules currently, and whether to change the system or not or whether by de-listing they can circumvent having to produce that information publically.

  3. Keyser

    ddm – Heh, that would be truly disgraceful, just wondering where it’s mentioned ?! Is that the same for Denilson ?!

  4. Mwangi Samuel

    WTF! Paying royalty bonus to a player to stay after being out for a whole season? Fuck! I thought the trend died with the departure of cesc. Wenger refused to meet the asking price for Mata but can afford to dish out bonus to Tv5.

  5. Lurch LeRouge


    the only way we can replace everyone is with a new owner whose willing to underwrite our cash reserves, replacing everyone would leave us with fuck all for a new manager and players.

    I’m all for that, but its pointless waffle until a certain billionaire steps up, a guy I might add who you personally waged war against 2 years ago.

  6. Keyser

    Yippee Kai Yay – Shirty ? Was expecting a Right Said Fred reference from you there.

    I asked a simple enough question, if you don’t know the answer just say so. Just wanted clarity really.

    “The point is what does it matter. They aren’t going to buy him, the club would have to buy him out of his contract to enable him to depart, and he isn’t good enough to replace RVP. So how much money the club are pissing away is merely a matter of quantum. Form a philosophical perspective it is exactly the same as ade being subsidized by Man city, just a different degree of quantum”

    Like this, all you achieve here is convuluting a rather simple tast/ statement, just say it’s a different scale entirely, see what I mean about being a Walcott.

  7. Arben

    I feel so angry after Wenger comments that he is going to leave when Walcott win ballon de ore or Arshavin will score another 4 goals like Liverpool match, that mean he is never going to leave , we should have put pressure on him long time ago ,he just wave two fingers up to the fans and says come and catch me if you can, he has been fooling us for long time , we feel like stupit cunts.

  8. dennisdamenace

    So, running our club costs approximately £180m a year, which includes ‘other costs’ of £55m………….yes £55m!!!!
    WTF is this?
    Stinks to high heaven.

  9. incesc

    i truly believe wanger will be here for the long term, no one will sack him.

    we really need a better team in place above and around him so he can take a step back from this massive mess and untangle it a bit.

    some times when something you love and have worked hard on goes wrong, you cant make yourself give it up. you keep chipping away not seeing the wood for the trees, he needs stronger people around him. He should be made to rip this squad apart and learn from his mistakes.

    obviously that wont happen but we can dream.

  10. Lurch LeRouge

    I actually think thats a positive DDM, It illustrates – at the very least – that we’re prepared to jettison useless contracted players because a lot more of it needs to happen.

  11. dennisdamenace

    Time to be fucking ruthless.
    Just cancel these cunting contracts, bite the bullet and get shot of the fuckers. They (and Wenger) are bleeding our club dry. No one will buy them, we’re stuck with them until they’re contracts run down when they will walk on a free anyway, or we renew them again……..fucking madness.
    Nice work Wenger.

  12. Matchy

    Your Comment HereYour Comment Here


    Of course arsenal is financially very strong. It depends on how you look at it.

    They make profits. Banks loves profits.

    They have two billionaires. Bank loves billionaires.

    They have 60,000 seat stadium. Bank loves assets.

    If arsenal go to bank or finances for new Monies I do t think they will have a problem.

    Bank will valuate that arsenal is around $40 million under valued in terms of just commercial activities. Until 2014! So there is scope in that aspect.

    Compare to the other 99percent of the epl arsenal is on heaven in terms of financial strengths

    Problem 1. Billionaires not doing anything such as reaching inside their pockets.

    Problem 2. Profits based on selling players.

    3. Biggest of all problem or it’s not problem is club policy of self sustainable.

    Self sustainable means exactly that. Self funded.

    Kronke is an investor is arsenal shares not investor in arsenal. He bought arsenal shares and hasn’t inject his own monies in the club. At the same time he has taken away mOnies.

    The other guy well he can’t do shit cos he is not on the board and has t made an offer to kronke that he can’t refuse.

    So yes financially speaking arsenal is in heaven in terms of what they CAN do to get financiers and funds from banks or overdrafts but from moneyed generated directly in the club and ffp then no.

    What I truly believe is arsenal must restructure their internal problems in terms of their academy and wages structure. That’s the first thing. If not wages will always grow and no matter how much revenue u make it will even out your profit lost.

    That us something they can do straight away or it is within their control. Cancelled some players contracts or sell at lost but the players will not join just like alumina why should he leave the club to another club that pays him 15k a week

    To sack an employee in a big company u need money to pay them out. It’s just not as easy as abc.

  13. dennisdamenace

    Oh deary me, i think we can safely say that there will be no Q&A with the manager in the forseeable future……….

  14. Henry14

    Wenger has killed Arsenal. Excellent.

    Everything that you have posted that has come out of that Q&A makes me physically sick to my stomach.

    I hope Hill-Wood and the rest of the cunts choke and die on the money they have bled from the club.

  15. demon2070

    ders no point arguing, giving out scenarios we are running in circles boys.

    be happy enjoy life and reconnect this sunday when we take on the scum, until then we cant do nothing soo enjoy the sun have a few coronas and chat up the nicest bird in your office.

    dont let tash face and arsene redwinelips sour youre mood

    thigns will unravel quickly after the next game!!!!!

  16. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    It would only take a month of people boycotting matches for there to be change – its simple.
    Problem is, getting everyone to agree. So many people have paid for their tickets and enjoy the day out, come what may. Pedro is a prime example.

    I feel like Ive been personally robbed by the club, aside from Wengers poor management skills. . . so I spend ZERO on them!
    Money is the only language these people speak!

  17. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    KC – you have to go mate…and take some big fkn banners to protest!!! They arnt allowed at The Emirates so it has to be done everywhere else!!!


  18. chozzer

    Pedro said, “We also fund Nik B and Denilson” , not that their salaries are fully funded by us.
    How anyone at the AST would know such details is anyone’s guess.

  19. Ice

    So I am being told the wank yank has arranged dinner with arsene this evening….to discuss ?

    Let’s hope the waiting staff put too much ketchup on his big mac and he gets the raving hump, calls arse a washed up has been , arsene retorts some shit about a kid winning the golden ball in 2015, tells the wank yank to back or sack and the wank yank says sack….

    Meanwhile most of the players couldn’t give a shit as they are already briefing their agents to find a way out ….the money was good while it lasted

    The fans?

    Who cares?

    You don’t get to choose your DNA…

  20. kc

    And going to match irrespective of the protes still add $$$$ into their pockets,why should I give the $hit manager my hard earned $$$$

  21. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    Kanu: Err Arsene, perhaps you should not visit Nigeria as the supporters there do not like you.
    AW: Kanu, I will not be told where to go by people who have managed ZERO times
    Kanu: But Arsene they will boo you as soon as you step off the plane, maybe spit on you
    AW: Kanu, I went a whole season unbeaten and will not be told where to visit by people who have won Zero European games..

  22. tony

    how come no one takes about Craig Eastmond anymore? wont he meant to be the next big shit at arsenal? jack wilshire is a overrated english player hes 19 years old he played all off last season and we still didnt win anything.

  23. Yippee Kai Yay


    What exactly are you trying to achieve with your posts?

    Because it occurs to me, at this point in time, I have to consider the possibility that you may represent the majority of fans, in which case that might well be me out. If the club has actively sought fans like you who are unquestioning and incapable of unraveling the truth, then why should I give a shit? It is the like’s of pedro and geoff, the masses who booed the substitution of walcott and a wide range of people here who give me hope that I am not the minority.

    So what is your purpose?

    And btw, what do you mean when you say someone is ‘such a walcott’, that they are short, fast, overpaid, great, shit. have potential, what?

    Of all the comments that you make which are devoid of any clarity whatsoever, it is perhaps this which is most ill defined.

  24. AJ

    Just read Cavani is on a contract with the Napoli until 2015 with a basic salary of €1.35million (just under €26,000 per week).
    lol at wenger.

  25. SpanishDave


    Unfortunately you are right I can see the self satisfaction there. Making of star players from nothing rather than trophies, how vain and egoistic. Tha’ts our man. Trouble is this has now failing and we have 30 odd wannabes eating up our wage bill.
    Over the weekend one of the comments was that Wenger was the only manager doing this ten years ago, now all the top teams are paying high prices for teenage talent, so Wenger is now left with the scraps.

  26. arsenal1886-2006

    71 players on the books!!!!! Surely 50 is a more sustainable and adequate number.
    25 first team squad and 25 full time youth. The youth players then get more 1on1 coaching and can be earmarked as potential first team or be moved on to another club.
    Then use that money saved on the 21 players who have been let go and bring in Adams and or Keown to work on the defending and do the same for midielders and forwards. I mean, how many ex-players would love to be involved in coaching the younger players and passing on their knowledge? They would also be better judges as to whether player A or player B will make the grade.

    Or you could just use the money to give Diaby a bonus for whatever it is he does….

  27. arsenal1886-2006

    Martin Hayes Never MissedFebruary 21, 2012 12:54:43

    Ice is back…yayy. Plucking info from thin air again mate?How’s the Vegas weather?
    Thanks Martin, you put a smile on my face with that comment.

  28. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    To add to your point Gambon, Wenger also gets a hard on for all the other players still playing in the prem that he helped…he often points out that players that fail at Arsenal go on to make great careers for themselves….

    what he fails to point out is that he wasted millions of OUR money for years, only to decide they wernt good enough! = Failure

  29. kc

    Kc:Aw.y didn’t u win a trophy this season since our mental strength and experience had grown
    AW:coz I know 50000 ways not to win trophy
    KC: such as
    Aw:lie to the fan,continue doing wrong substitution,buy shit,make them got injures all the time.make evrybody in d club to be a yes man………

  30. tony

    we had jack Wilshere ,Nasri and fabregas for most off last season so what did we win with them last year? so stop sayin whilshere this and that hes a overrated english kid with a very big mouth just like walcot.

  31. dennisdamenace

    Keyser – My mistake, and i apologise, i was misinformed. Tim Payton just confirmed to me that their wages are partly funded by Arsenal.
    Once again, apologies.

  32. incesc

    what if arsenal go to nigeria get loads of stick, no one turns up

    3 years down the line, arsenal have curbishley as manager, league and champions league winners, messi signs up.

    but arseal refuse to tour nigeria ever again because of what happened this summer


  33. Cloggs

    Well, that was as interesting read Pedro!
    Combine it with this analysis of OGL
    and you get the overall picture.

    Two questions;

    Nina booted from board for having a Starbucks with Usmanov people.

    Lady Nina sold the remainder of the Bracewell-Smith shares to Kroenke, apparently she regretted it later preferring Usmanov the buyer?

    Only 25% of people take up the option of a new season ticket when offered.

    Does that mean the total number of ST holders decreases?
    And if so what happens with these seats?

  34. HerveDeNerve

    Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong took it upon himself to defend manager Arsene Wenger, as he went to war with Gunners fan Piers Morgan on Twitter.

    Journalist Morgan, who’s been an Arsenal fan for 42 years and holds a season ticket at the Emirates, has called for manager Arsene Wenger to be sacked following our recent defeats to AC Milan and Sunderland and has regularly used Twitter to voice his opinions.

    “I respect Wenger’s record for us as much as anyone. But he’s run out of ideas, and we’ve run out of trophies. Time for change” was a recent tweet by Morgan, closely followed by “Better Wenger leaves now, while we all still love and respect him, than watch this horrible deterioration get worse and worse”.

    While some Arsenal fans may agree with Piers Morgan and believe it’s time for a managerial change, one individual who certainly doesn’t is Frimpong. You can see the twitter exchange that ensued for yourself by going to @Frimpong26AFC and @piersmorgan and look at their timelines, but here’s a basic transcript of their row:

    EF: Stop chatting soo much rubbish you. You know nothing about football. You sit behind your laptop and just talk utter rubbish.

    PM: Oh really, Mr Frimpong? Well truth hurts, sunshine. And I’m not afraid to tell it. (you can’t even get in THIS Arsenal team)

    EF: Just don’t bring your ugly face to the emirates because we at Arsenal are sick and tired of your abuse towards players and coach.

    PM: Pipe down Junior, and go to bed. I’ve been following Arsenal for 42 years – twice as long than you’ve been born.

    EF: We don’t need your support. You’re better off reading a script, leave the football to people that know about it. Wasteman

    PM: Big words, big guy. I suggest you focus on improving your game – rather than abusing loyal fans. Most of whom agree with me. I actually like @Frimpong26AFC and his passion – but his youthful arrogance and complacency sums up #Arsenal ’s malaise.

    EF: It still amazes me you call yourself a fan? A fan don’t doesn’t do the things you do. The fans are the people that travel thousands of miles every weekend to support their team. Fans are the 60,000 people we have every saturday. Fans don’t turn their back on their team.

    So, yes, Piers, you ain’t a fan. You’re just some big old school bully that has too much time on twitter. Now you go bed and wake up early to read.

    PM: I’ve followed Arsenal for 42yrs and own 4 season tickets. That entitles me to an opinion. Which is: we need a new manager.

    EF: Loyal?? Well in football you have bad and good times. The LOYAL fans are the ones that remember the Good times. And wait for More.

    PM: You’re so loyal to Arsenal you went to Wolves. So put a DEEENNCH in it and stop pandering to the blinkered minority.

    EF: When was your last game at the emirates? Instead of the Internet. What have you ever done for Arsenal in 42 years? Nothing

    PM: I’ve supported them. Nothing more, nothing less. And I want us to be competitive again, not perennial losers

    EF: You’re entitled to your opinion. Of course you are, but there are ways of doing it, and telling your 2 million followers rubbish we don’t need ain’t class.”

    PM: you started this by abusing a diehard fan who cares about his team. That demeans you Emmanuel, and I thought better of you.

    It’s good to see the players sticking up for their manager, but perhaps a public row with a journalist and isn’t the best way to go about things!

  35. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    To be fair to you Dr Ice, I pray for the day you are right and Wenger goes. I think I would actually fly back to London and do a lap of honour around the Asda stadium (as it will be called then in 2018)

  36. Matthew Thomas

    AVB’s position is under threat at chelsea while they are still in two cup competitions and he doesn’t even have 7 years of failure and ineptitude behind him. I get the impression that if any chelsea, Man Utd, Man City or Liverpool manager told their fans that 4th place is a trophy they would be shown the door very quickly.

    Arsenal should be showing simular ambition.

  37. Bergkamp63

    You are all wasting your breath whining on all the time,

    If you want change, dont go to games and dont buy merchandise and start protesting properly.

    Some people are spending hundreds of pounds travelling to Milan to watch a team you already know is crap !! it’s hypocritical.

    Put up or shut up !!

  38. Yippee Kai Yay

    a post I tried to make earlier referring people to swiss ramble (the default for financials and is objective enough to be referenced by a number of media outlets) had spurs increasing their payroll form 67mil to 91mil between 2010 and 2011, however it doesn’t say if that includes bonus structure / discretionary payments.

    With regards to squad size, I have spoken with a spurs fan about how they cope.

    One thing they did when harry joined (or there abouts) was to pull out of the reserve league. the younger kids they entered into the ‘nextgen series’ which is a European competition for youth players. Apparently they (be it harry or levy as no-one I spoke to seems to know decided that the reserve league was deemed as not competitive enough and the understudys ended up being not ‘match fit’ despite playing theoretical matches.

    They then trimmed the squad preferring to sell on anyone they deemed wouldn’t make it, and then just loan out those on the cusp of first team to prem / championship clubs for proper competitive games. They released a load and became more ruthless with those that wouldn’t make it apparently.

    Makes you wonder what sending arshavin to the reserves will actually do for him.

  39. chozzer

    How would the AST know anything about how Denilson and Bendtner’s wages are funded? Is Tim Payton guessing? Arsenal don’t reveal that information.

  40. gambon

    “Some people are spending hundreds of pounds travelling to Milan to watch a team you already know is crap !! it’s hypocritical”

    The tickets were £25.50…..pretty sure Arsenal dont get a cut of the money paid to eastjet & the Best Western.

  41. dennisdamenace

    Very true, i cannot for a minute believe Sunderland have the sort of money to fund a £52,000 a week player.
    I wonder what their wage bill is?

  42. gambon

    I would have Bartley in the squad next season.

    Bartley, Coquelin, Wilshere, Afobe & Chamberlain would be the youngsters I would focus on.

    Throw the rest out.

  43. tony

    jack Wilshere ,Nasri and fabregas last season this year song, ramsey and arteta we didnt win anything with them. beside fabregas they are all overrated or just shit.

  44. Keyser

    Yippee Kai Yay – Mate, it’s not hard, if I ask how much of Bendtner’s wages are funded by us, what do you think I’m hoping to achieve by asking that question ?!

    In the grander scheme of things..

    “If the club has actively sought fans like you who are unquestioning and incapable of unraveling the truth, then why should I give a shit?”

    Think about this statement ffs, question the club it’s motives, approach and it’s plans for the future, but it’s pointless doing this by blindly following the posts of any blog that just co-incidently chooses to rail against a like target for your ire.

    If all you do is sit there and call people AKB’s because they disagree with your viewpoint then isn’t there some sort of hypocricy there.

    In terms of Walcott, what he has in ridiculous speed, you have in the moderately effective use of a Thesaurus. I shouldn’t need to explain it further, even for you.

  45. phil

    it is a strange system when we pay the entire wage of bendtner and the club he goes to supposedly receives the benefit of his labour, and yet pays nothing.

  46. incesc

    im really not convinced any kind of protest, not turning up will matter.

    we lost 8-2 to man united in a game that went out around the entire world, no pressure was put on the manager

    we lost 4-0 to milan and the game went out around the world

    wenger was destroyed by his own fans at the man u game a few weeks ago, and again the whole world was watching.

    if they dont know that there is a huge problem at the club and the fans are fed up now they never will.

    the fact is they do know and they couldnt care less. Hillwood routinely makes fun of fans moaning, wenger has a go and condescends us, kroenke is even more condescending when we ask him to come and lay out his plans and he says stuff like “i dont even know why i am here” and “the glazers take money out of man u, i dont see the problem with that”

  47. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    At this rate – our 2014 Team

    Coq- Wiltshire- Ramsey- Miyachi

  48. paul mc daid

    This regime has destroyed our team and are going to destroy our club,this could only happen at Arsenal,we the fans have been getting fucked with a smile for years and we just accept it,its pathetic,the manager,board,staff and players are robbing this club blind and no one questions them, if a Bonus is a reward for a job well do then then we should not off paid one for seven years then,how can a disgusting human being like PHW be the chairman off our club?we need a clear out from top to bottom,these losers have this club on life support.

  49. richie powling

    I’ll be at the game on Sunday. I sit directly behind the TV gantry which means that I can discreetly hand out protest literature to Sky, BBC etc. Pedro, if Le-Grove wants to issue a statement that we all agree on I’m more than happy to risk being ejected by handing to Martin Tyler and co.

  50. HerveDeNerve


    I think Frimpong needs to pipe down a bit to be honest, i can understand him sticking up for Wenger as its him whose given him his chance, but to be having a go at a fan who owns 4 season tickets and who must be putting the best part of £10,000 a year into the club is a bit rich. Frimpong surely can’t be that far detached from how supporters must be feeling at the moment.

  51. gambon


    Yes, he should be there as well. Probably Joel Campbell as well.

    Thats 34 players out.

    Bring in

    Hummells or Subotic
    Baines or Cissoko
    Mvila or Biglia
    Gotze or Gourcuff or Hamsik

    That would give us 45 pros.

  52. incesc

    so is there a board meeting this week?

    wonder what will be said.

    i guess first thing every one has to bend over and pull their pants down for arsene

  53. gambon

    Our team for next season, confirmed by Wenger.


    Jenkinson Angha Miguel Botelho

    Eisfeld Ebecilio Rees

    Wellington Akpom Jebb

  54. kc

    In respect to 25 man rule squad,show me your ideal players

    I still have hope in JOEL to start firing in 2020,fuck youth policy

  55. tony

    Frimpong is a fucking joke what has he done in hes life? hes shit and overrated hes song part2. hes playin for wolves if he woz good as hes big mouth he would be at man city or barca so keep it shut u waste off space. young players like him with big mouths are killing this team.

  56. incesc

    is this true from ANR?

    “One interesting slant last night was that apparently, when Guardiola was getting it in the neck from the Spanish media, he decamped to Wenger’s house for a week and they talked things through. “

  57. Antony Armstrong

    If we sell well then the fact that a years wages are taken out of the transfer budget shouldn’t cripple us. If we make the CL and do get that £55m then we can make good signings.

    OUT (Fee+yearly wage)
    Arshavin – 9.7m+3.85m
    Denilson 4.4m_3.3m
    Bendtner – 6.6m+2.86m
    Squillaci – £0+3.3m
    Chamakh – 7m+3.2m
    Park Chu-Young – 1m+3.3m
    Almunia – 0m+2.75m
    TOTAL: 106.26m
    Hazard – 33m+5.5m
    M’Vila – 22m+3.8m
    Giroud – 15m+3.3m
    Vertonghen – 11m+3.3m
    Ba – 7m+3.8m
    TOTAL: 107.7m Possible 4-2-3-1 Possible 4-4-1-1

  58. gambon


    (New keeper)
    Szczesny -HG-
    Baines -HG-
    Bartley -HG-
    Song -HG-
    Ramsey -HG-
    Coquelin -HG-

  59. Yippee Kai Yay

    keyser, I answered your question quite easily ‘ no-one knows exactly’. because unless one party says otherwise the vacuum is filled with mis-information.

    But the only thing that is settled is that afc are paying part of his wages still. I still don’t see what that had to do with modric in your original statement you thick cut’, when adebyor was the more pertinent comparative.

    In terms of what I think you are hoping to achieve with asking that question? god only knows I’ve not worked for a business where I have had to dumb down for a while now, so I really couldn’t say, otherwise i wouldn’t have asked you moron.

    At a push I would assume that you would try and select the answer you liked the best, mix it with some magic beans and come up with some mythical and spurious ideology that nothing is wrong at AFC and that everyone here is wrong and you are right about everything.

    And btw, I don’t call people akb’s because they don’t agree, i call people akb’s when they are clearly so blinded by the sun that they spout the same spurious shit that the clubs own PR machinations produce with increasing regularity.

    And two other things, firstly your analogy of ‘you are such a walcott’ still makes no sense. Especially as I have no use for a thesaurus these days, so don’t judge people by your own standards, I have an eloquence and verbal dexterity that allows me to post significant chucks, without the need for google, which far exceeds your own increasingly apparent pitiful existence.

    Because, and here’s the killer, I can do this off the cuff whilst plotting my way through a 100 page court document, or the finer point of a complex contract for a proposed M&A transaction. Whereas I envisage the most you’ll ever achieve in life is not shooting your metaphorical load in the one situation which might lead to a promotion. The fact that you might even suggest that I have need for use of external resources belie you lack of intellect if that is your default.

    and finally, don’t try and patronise me, I’m not your mate, as I’ve said before, I would give you a wide birth or more likely tell you to get back in your box in the real world.

    So don’t confuse anonymity with the ability to spout absolute bollocks and keep getting away with it. That sort of lack of philosophy of accountability is what has got the public sector, the media, politicians and somewhat, to put things into context, AFC Holdings plc into it’s current plight.

    We’re not at school, the whole ‘last person to speak wins’ mentality is wasted on me, as is the childish failed analogous attempt at a put down.

    Now stop being an odorous cretin and let the grown ups converse. You are out of your league. And should be thankful that despite being here for years that others tolerate you. I don’t know why they do, but they do.

  60. dennisdamenace

    People (quite rightly) berate the banking industry and their bonus based culture.
    What’s the difdference between them and virtually everyone at Arsenal?

  61. dennisdamenace

    And, as for Frimpong. A gobby little no-mark slagging off a man who pays his fucking wages.
    Cunt should crawl back under his fucking stone, and come back when he’s a decent player.

  62. incesc

    said it before

    all those lame frimpong tweets like “frimpong got stabbed and the knife got hurt” or whatever are pretty lame when hes always injured


    did like him slagging off nasri, and he is definatley a gooner

  63. youdaman

    agreed. All these young Arsenal boys would do well to keep of twiter and the likes and just concentrate on their game. Imagine if we were succesful, they would be totally unbearable.,Walcott could not shut up after beating a poor 10 man Blackburn team. I was sure we had knockecd Barca out of the CL, the way he was going on.

  64. dennisdamenace

    Looks to me like you can praise Arsene & Co. when everythings going tickety-boo, but give us your money and shut the fuck up when it’s not.
    No criticism allowed here in Arsene’s utopia.

  65. Keyser

    Yippee Kai Yay – The Modric bit is from a while back, where Modric’s salary of 44k ? I think was used as the sort of benchmark to measure our players wages against.

    Mate, come on, don’t get shirty, I know I’m not particularly smart, well at one point I think I might have been, but that’s long since been eroded into what’s laid bare on this blog, I lead an incredibly sad life taunting people on the internet from the safety of my bedsit, but I seriously don’t see where you’ve provided anything that might enlighten me.

    Bar the obvious about finding help to find your cheese.

  66. Gunzilla

    Morning Grovers……First time poster here…..tho been reading for over a year.Appreciate what you guys do and willingness to go where most Arsenal Blogs do not..Also appreciate that you give fans a platform to vent on here(at least Pedro does…not Geoff,the grumpy bear…lol). Interesting fact that there are more Arsenal Fans in Nigeria than the UK.But just to sound a note of warning..If Arsenal are thinking that they’d make a killing with friendly matches in Nigeria over the summer,they’d be in for a shock.Its easy being a fan outside the UK.Almost all the matches are live on Satellite.And all you have to do is walk into your fav bar and buy a couple of drinks and you can watch all games live.And you’ve spent all of Ten quid.The extent of our support is buying the club shirts every year and paying for Satellite subscription(for the few that can afford it) If and when Arsenal goes to Nigeria,theyd find that majority of the fans in Nigeria cannot afford to go any game that is priced at even 25 pounds. Majority of us are just internet warriors that would find it difficult or impossible to put the money where the support is. Try paying for a season ticket or even 50 quid a game on a freezing evening in January,the wait for 2 hours trying to get on the tube after the game,sidestepping all the horseshit, getting home @ 11.30 pm ,then you are talking.Thats why as much as i bleed Arsenal,and get depressed every weekend after a bad loss,i know that i still cannot claim to be equal to or more of a fan than someone that goes to the game week in week out….

  67. Keyser

    Oh yeah the Tim Minchin video was kind of interesting, you still haven’t told me if you had to follow the subtitles though ?!

  68. incesc

    “Because, and here’s the killer, I can do this off the cuff whilst plotting my way through a 100 page court document, or the finer point of a complex contract for a proposed M&A transaction.”


    thats pretty poor, its just a football blog not mensa.

  69. dennisdamenace

    Talking of Tim Minchin (!), has anyone seen that new series by Noel Fielding, Noel Fielding’s luxury comedy?

  70. Yippee Kai Yay

    incesc, it’s context that’s all. mesa is for weirdos.

    this is merely the culmination of a few weeks worth of putting up with the cunt and having to point out that his implications of me being thick are somewhat wide of the mark.

    And yes I know I am a cunt, but at least I can accept that.

  71. chozzer

    “Especially as I have no use for a thesaurus these days, so don’t judge people by your own standards, I have an eloquence and verbal dexterity that allows me to post significant chucks, without the need for google, which far exceeds your own increasingly apparent pitiful existence.”

    You tell me, mate.

  72. Leedsgunner

    Informative as always — there’s something rotten in the luxury boxes at the Emirates… to paraphrase Hamlet.

    Arsene I see is giving out his usual “We must unite and fight speech” but I want to ask for what? To celebrate mediocrity? To praise unambition? Plus one more thing Arsene just because you win the game or two does not mean we’ve turned another corner. In fact all we have done is either to turn or cut corners… Hence going nowhere and in circles.

    The coaching and the Arsenal Board personify the gravy train don’t they… All we need are some MPs on the board and we would have a full house of self serving idiots. Here’s lies the grave of AFC 1886-2012.. “We came, we lost but no matter we had the self sustaining business model.”

  73. Rob The Goon

    Thanks for the info!

    “Wenger decides player value, hence why so many deals fall through. That’s why Mata isn’t wearing an Arsenal shirt.”

    I’ve said countless times on here that I’m still bitter about the Mata deal. I dont care how he has performed at Chelsea. I feel that he would have suited Arsenal better and it makes me angry even more that Arsene decides player value!!

    If thats the case we can forget about signing quality?!

  74. jogo

    when a guy doesn’t like what they’ve bought, don’t buy no more.
    when the employer don’t like the employee, change the employee.
    If you think you are paying the club’s salary, stop paying.

  75. gambon

    Rob the goon

    Mata has been absolutely top class for Chelsea. A future “top 5 in the PL” player, no doubt.

    Silva, Toure, Bale, Mata, Rooney will be the best 5 out there.

  76. HerveDeNerve

    VDV ready to blast Gunners

    Tottenham forward Rafael van der Vaart aims to recover in time to play against arch-rivals Arsenal in the North London derby on Sunday.

    The Holland international has been hampered by a calf injury which has kept him out of Spurs’ last three fixtures, but could come back into contention for this weekend’s clash.

    Van der Vaart is keen to start training on Wednesday, which will give the playmaker ample time to get fit.

    He is confident he will be ready and everyone in the White Hart Lane camp is desperate for him to play against the Gunners.

    “I’m recovering well from my injury,” Van der Vaart told his official website.

    “I expect to be joining the team training next Wednesday after which I will start to focus on the match against Arsenal. I’ll be happy to play Arsenal. I can’t wait.”

    Fucking great….Its not like he doesn’t score much against us is it!

  77. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    So with 160.1m in the bank at the beginning of the season.. Consider this then..
    Significant funds were available to them
    manager during the summer transfer window,
    as evidenced by the cash balance at the end of
    May of some £73.9 million, 2007 Annual Report.

    Now here’s how the situation has changed since then:

    Revenue 2007 – 200m
    Revenue 2011 – 255m

    Wages 2007 – 90m
    Wages 2011 – 124m (+34)

    Cash in Bank 2007 – 73.9m
    Cash in Bank 2011 – 160.1 (+ 86.2m)

    Difference between Increase in cash in the bank and rise in wages = 52.2m

    So we had SIGNIFICANT funds available in 2007 to buy players with a cash balance of 73.9m, according to our Chairman in the Annual report. We have 52.2m more now available (if we allow for the increase wage costs, but this is very generous as wage costs are borne from this year’s income and NOT cash reserves. However, there is a cash flow issue certainly) and our transfer fund is approx 50m! (The debt reserve account was valid also in 2007)

    Someone’s telling porkies!

  78. dennisdamenace

    incesc – I wanted yto like it i really did, i’m quite a fan of the lad Fielding, but i found it hardwork, bordering on unfunny.

  79. gambon


    This is the point ive been trying to make when people say silly stuff like “The £160m is needed to run the club”.

    And as i said earlier, Man Utd a team with a higher wage bill and higher costs than us, seem to cope with £65m in the bank.

    Lots of lies being told.

  80. Cloggs

    HerveDeNerve 13:33:47

    …but to be having a go at a fan who owns 4 season tickets and who must be putting the best part of £10,000 a year into the club is a bit rich…

    you are right about that.. and doing that on twitter to a journalist with 2M followers is a bit stupid…

  81. S Asoa

    Don’t know what is the law in UK but should be similar like here . Over the Club rules the Law of the Land is applicable . This is to prevent scams and frauds like have been painfully detailed by Pedro . Go through law applicable to Companies to find how the interest of the Club has been compromised . A shareholder like Geoff will have to file a complaint before the police . That way probably Wanker will go to jail and thereby Arsenal get salvation . A further fallout of this will be that all the cozy payouts will be under scrutiny and can be declared null and void . The Kronk will find Arsenal too uncomfortable and good riddance as well.
    Please someone work on this . Otherwise in 3-5 years time zEmirates will be a self sustaining model to grow lettuce on the hallowed turf . Depressing !!

  82. dennisdamenace

    Personally, i think Diaby is in fact chained and tied up in Arsene’s dungeon, plenty of impact injuries to had from daddy Arsene!!

  83. gambon

    Lol, Arsene goes to prison.

    Warden: “Arsene, I told you not to bend over and pick up soap in the sowers, its the oldest trick in the book. Why did you do it?”

    AW: “You think i have to listen to someone who has no ZERO experience of being bummed?”

    Warden: “Was it anything to do with the fact Diaby was behind you?”

    AW: “I have bent over infront of Big Abou 50000 times, I dont have to explain myself to you”

    Warden: “Look Arsene, I feel sorry for you. What would you do if i gave you a million pounds to plan an escape”

    AW: “I would give it back”