Arsene Wenger’s prudence vindicated again! | Arsenal 7th in the league… 12 points behind the enemy.

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Sad times...

Failing to score against a Bolton side who’ve only managed 2 clean sheets this year was embarrassing. Taking 8 points taken from the last 24 is worrying. 12 points behind Spurs with a 45 left to play for feels like a charcoal induced stomach pump.

We lined up with a strong side, no complaints on that front. Our back 4 consisted of 3 seasoned internationals and a Frenchman some have called the best centre back in the league. Out midfield saw the return of Arteta and up top Chambo continued in the side.

We started off in fairly explosive fashion considering out recent starts. Vermaelen was played in with a superb Sagna cross but he drove his header into the ground. Minutes later Ramsey found himself through on goal but fluffed his finish.

Chamberlain was making things happen, he was looking alert and motivated. He found Robin wide with a lovely outside of the boot pass, Robin cut sharply inside his full back, laid off Chamberlain who skewed wide. Arsenal were opening up Bolton with ease but the finishing was poor. Sagna in particular was giving us balance and a threat on the right. Oh how we’ve missed him…

Arsenal didn’t have it all their own way. N’Gog brushed off Koscielny with ease and struck a shot across goal that the keeper did well to keep out. The Frenchman found himself in hot bother shortly after when he lost his footing watching a looping ball, N’gog capitalised but couldn’t keep his half volley inside the post. Worrying how shambolic our defence looks at times. Worrying how poor Koscielny was playing for a second game in a row…

Our best chance of the game came when Chamberlain picked out Theo though the middle, Mr ‘£90k please’ had all the time in the world but somehow conspired to pull his shot wide. Yet another terrible miss to add to his portfolio.

Arteta vented his frustrations crunching a Bolton player into a lino who looked like Ed Miliband. I’d have done the same…

The attention had been off Chesney momentarily, so he decided to showboat from a back pass, nearly losing out. Someone needs to pull him to one side and give him a bollocking for unnecessary messing around like that.

Theo and his poor technique continued to let him down in the second half, particularly his touch. It’s just not happening for him. I wonder if he feels put  out by the emergence of a player who looks like he’s having the career Theo wanted?

We didn’t have such an eventful second half. The two best chances fell to Robin. His close range effort from a Sagna cross hit the post, then later on, he turned the Bolton defence inside out he floated a delightful chip to the back stick but sadly hit the bar. I was going to say Bergkamp-esque, but it could have been Bentley-esque (againt Boro’ at Highbury?).

Chamberlain went off for Thierry, I’m not sure why, Theo was the man who looked like the rookie. We also saw the introduction of Rosicky. Two players well past their best and it showed. We created hardly anything.

It was Bolton who went for the jugular bringing on two strikers. N’Gog’s finishing stopped them nicking the points at the end when Koscielny was beaten by a Petrov cross, the header didn’t match it. Mark Davie, who was excellent, beat three defenders at the death, only a superbly judged save kept him from rounding the keeper… some thought it could have been a penalty. He had another great chance when he cut inside Sagna and Song but pulled his shot wide.

The whistle blew and it was the Gooner faithful who were relieved. Sorry, sorry times…

We didn’t play terribly. I mean, it wasn’t vintage, but chances were created. Robin Van Persie hit the post and the bar, Theo somehow missed a pearler of a one on one and Aaron Ramsey was equally guilty in the first half. Who cares though? At the end of the day, did we win? No. Is there a league table of ‘if we’d scored our sitters where would we be?’ Probably. But it doesn’t matter. What football always boils down to is the end result. We dropped 2 points and we were lucky not to drop 3.

We’re a one man team. People sneered about that press comment at the start of the year, but without Robin, we’d be in a world of trouble. The only other player on the pitch willing to take a lead is our 18 year old rookie. Again, he was one of our biggest threats and he was taken off over someone who would struggle to get into the Bolton side. Theo Walcott is as technically retarded on the pitch as I am with a server. His poor control and lack of intelligence on the pitch is painful to watch, especially considering his wage expectations to sign on again. Aaron Ramsey for all his bluster is really struggling to be productive. He does a very good job of looking busy, but he’s extremely inefficient and it doesn’t look like he’s improving at the moment. As for our subs? Well, without meaning to disrespect a great, didn’t Thierry and Rosicky look their age?

I don’t blame the players though, I really don’t. It’s not their fault they’re not good enough, it’s the fault of manager who has known they’re not good enough since last February. We’re on a slippery slope now. We’ve managed 8 points out of 24 and our slump is stating to feel very much like the one that started in February last year and ended in September with us being bottom of the 26 game table. We’ve dropped points against Bolton, Swansea and Fulham which is simply not good enough. Wenger doesn’t know how to stem a bad run of form anymore, he rarely has. If things aren’t going exactly right, he doesn’t know how to rejuvenate jangly nerves.

That squad needed an injection of players this January. How they managed to pull themselves out the mess they were in after the Man U game is a minor miracle in itself. It came at a cost though. We used too few players and now they’re all mentally and physically drained. Look at the creativity yesterday. Alex Song was passing to his imaginary friend again, he was very poor considering the form he’s previously shown, the defence were hoofing it forward like Wimbledon in their prime and the rest had no clue. They needed help this January, some new enthusiasm to carry the burden, but they didn’t get it because the manager was too concerned about the recessionary impact the Euro is having on continental clubs.

Rome is burning… and the whole club is looking the other way. It’s a shame, but the up-shot is that I think January will be the last transfer window Arsene cocks up. I don’t think he’s going to make it to the summer. I don’t think the players believe in themselves and I don’t they believe in the manager. We’ll see though, I might be totally wrong… but I think this might be a profitable window too far for some. It certainly has been for the fans. Sitting in 7th position with everyone on the same points and watching other clubs over take us because the manager wants to do things on a show string budget rankles with people. The fans make all the sacrifice, while the board put up ticket prices and rake in massive bonuses off the back of our loyalty.

Most of this situation is the managers doing though. It’s partly the board for not showing more back bone, but I appreciate the legacy issue. All we can pray for is a massive stroke of luck and hope Villas-Boas and Kenny Dalglish cock things up worse than us. Sad thing is, we barely look top 4 anymore, we’re not even in the top 6 based on form…

Still, a point is a point eh?

Right, moan over, lets hear yours!

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  1. Gooners or Goners?

    *Rob the Goon

    I agree with you to an extent. But I think we can both agree that this club demands, and deserves, transparency! The fans also deserve more respect than we’re getting from our American owners… Personally, I’d find the board 75% responsible, Wenger 25% but that’s a matter of opinion.

    I think Arsene has lost a bit of that old ingenuity along with his hair colour to be honest. That bite has gone that made him a commanding presence at the board’s table. After years of pressure and boardroom politics, he’s become a soft touch and a bit of a yesman to the American invasion. But I firmly believe he still remains an Arsenal supporter! He clearly hates losing! As a fan he should step down come June, find a beach somewhere and a bit of fluff to give him a well deserved blowie…

    Also, to address the outrage towards his decisions to sub AOC (when clearly the best player on the pitch), consider the contract and appearence royalties…

  2. Rob The Goon


    I know dude…

    We have always been 3 players away from world domination…but yet we always seem to weaken ourselves every year.


    It sounds crazy but I would have taken saha/zamora on loan. thats how desperate I am for a signing!?

    Just imagine if we bought the last set of players last season or two seasons ago…

    If only…

  3. Gunner2301


    That’s what makes me laugh about the Club. Very few clubs in World football have benefitted more than Arsenal regarding player price inflation. After all we are a selling Club with a -6mill net spend. It’s just that we are so bare faced hypocrites that we want to profit at the selling end but don’t want to pay the prices in the same market where we are contributing to the inflation.

    Then we spout of about FFP which is a joke in itself and will not be enforceable. But whilst were going on about FFP it means we have an excuse not to buy the players we need.

  4. chigooner

    Raif/ Gunner

    I think the Mata thing is pretty simple. Play for Chelsea (who invest in winning) and make 150k or play for arsenal (who don’t) and make 75k. Looks an easy decision to me.

  5. Raif


    Yes.. I heard that also. Should like typical arsenal ever since DD was Ousted our dealings have been nothing short of a shambles. Dilly Dallying is just putting it nicely

  6. Rob The Goon

    It’s pretty damning how long these lists of players we need to get rid of are. This summer’s going to be massive. It has to be. So much to change.


    We said that last year…..

    …and the year before….

  7. Gunner2301


    I believe if public events are to believed that Chelsea didn’t come in until the buy out clause was activated. Prior to that we had ample opportunity to conclude the deal but we didn’t. It didn’t appear to me as if we were going head to head with Chelsea otherwise we would never have been in for him. We rarely go head to head with anyone, we’re always looking to pay the lowest price.

  8. Raif

    Nothing Will happen in the summer. Well be with the same set up of players bar one or two and then be told we have the tools to win the league. And if we lose out on CL that’s 25 mill lost so even more reason not to spend as we don’t spend when we have it

  9. Gooners or Goners?

    Gunner 2301 and Chigooner…

    Here’s one for you both –

    Mata = 20 (1) appearences / 4 goals
    Arteta = 19 (1) appearences / 6 goals

    Is Mata really worth £25m? …I think not

  10. chigooner


    I suppose it’s possible. I imagine Chelsea was getting their business done in a timely manner over the summer and knew they were interested in Mata. You think they would not have swooped in with a better offer had we done our business earlier before the clause kicked in?

    Gooner or Goner,

    What makes you think there isn’t money available? The current state of affairs would all make much more sense to me if there wasn’t money available, but most people seem confident the money is there.

  11. Gunner2301


    I believe there’s a strong possibility RVP will be gone, Theo (Who I want to sell anyway) will get his pay rise and probably stay. We might see some of the dead wood (those currently on loan) sold. I believe Almunias contract is up anyway so he should be gone. We’ll still keep a hell of a lot of players that we should be getting rid of. We’ll bring in a couple of average players to make up the numbers and that will be it.

  12. Bergkamp63

    I tell you what is annoying, everytime you come back to the site, you lose your username and e-mail address unlike before.

    Then when you type out a whole load of text in the comments box and try to post it, you lose the lot !!

    Must remember to Ctrl C + Ctrl V more often !!

  13. chigooner

    Gooner or Goner,

    To answer your Mata question….

    England Premier League FA Cup Other Cup2 UEFA Total
    Chelsea 2011–12 20 4 7 2 2 0 1 0 0 5 1 2 28 7 9

    Arsenal 2011–12 17 3 1 2 0 0 5 0 0 24 3 2 24 3 2

  14. Gunner2301


    I don’t think Mata was a priority for them. After the buy out clause was activated I believe his price went up to 17mill Chelsea realised that we hadn’t taken it up (i believe we offered 15mill) and thought why not? It did seem to me that Chelsea didn’t appear on the scene until after we’d walked away (seemed very courteous in the way it came across). They probably thought he’d be a good squad player at 17mill and at his age and that kind of money is small change to them.

  15. chigooner

    Knew that would come out looking confusing.

    Bottom line, Mata is far better over all competitions in the goals and assists category. And Mata brings something to the table outside of goals and assists that Arteta does not.

  16. Bade

    Judging by the fixtures of all 7 top teams, we have allegedly the easiest run ….

    Heh, that was the case last season, wasn’t it?

    In the coming 6 games, we will be gaining 8 out of 18 points, added to the 8 our of 24 we already scrapped, makes it 16 out of 42, 16 points out of 13 games …. mmmmmmm

  17. Gunner2301


    Pedro already provided the Podcast. Alex Flynn has no axe to grind and probably knows more about what’s going on in the football world than any of us. Yet people choose to ignore his kind of insider information and still be in denial. It’s probably worse than what he is saying because it did sound as if he was trying to be kind to Wenger out of respect.

  18. chigooner


    If that’s true then we really did bollocks that one up. The problems are obviously much bigger than what Mata could bring but someone with the ability to break down a defense would at least make games like yesterday less painful to watch.

  19. Grainman mike

    Ahh!! its so fucking funny to watch how wengers own policy is bitting him in the ass. How he chose to go budget yet again this summer and didnt want to spend proper money on a hig quality player to replace cesc and nasri. Not Complaining on Arteta or Gervinho, they are solid players, but it was obvious back then that they were not gonna cover for the loss of Cesc/nasri. if wenger would have just taken the 60+ and bought a player like Hazard/gotze back then. but noooo, even when losing the very heart of your team Arsene didnt want to spend.

    Now look where we are. missing champions spot, atleast 25 mil that will go to waste. Losing Rvp in the summer, like Nasri for some undervalued sum…….. reaall Nice transer policy you got there, real fucking nice!!!….

  20. DaleDaGooner

    The real question is WHY IS WENGER TOO STUBBORN TO CHANGE HIS FLAWED “NON-TACTIC” and Why does he stick to players who just don’t fit in?? Ramsey should be on the bench, he provided nothing, at least Wheels took a shot directly at goal onto the keeper( which he always does, never can round a goalie, the thick cunt) ..but 4 times now, Ramsey is put through on goal and all he does is slip….as if he is scared…he is taking up valuable space…a lot of people hate Arshavin right now, but i bet you, Arshavin would have scored goals that Theo and Ramsey failed to score…play the little lazy cunt behind RvP for a change you thick cunt of a manager!

  21. Gunner2301

    Gooners or Goners

    You use a Bleacherreport to justify your point?

    Heres a more informed view

    I don’t think anyone is looking for us to by Messi or Ronaldo but as a Club we can afford to speculate to accumulate, that’s what good business do. If we have 50mill actual we could speculate and spend 75mill it’s not as if support is going to dry up overnight and we wouldn’t afford to repay the extra 25mill.

    At the moment we are living within our means, which is good at certain times but in order to get you out of a hole if unexpected situations arise you have to dip into a reserve to pull you back or maintain your level.

    I’d be happy for us to have 20-25mill we can call on (in terms of loans) each season if we need it in addition to what we have saved. This is not beyond a Club like ours and we would still be within FFP.

    However the biggest obstacle to our progress and spending as a Club is Wengers mismanagement of wages and transfer policy, bad purchases (or purchase of mediocre players) and sticking by the dead wood too long.

  22. chigooner


    Would Arsh score more goals then he would give up due to his piss poor defense? No way you can play Arsh in midfield IMO. Agree Ramsey looks slow, decision making looks slow, finishing looks awful. No one else to put there any better though.

  23. Gunner2301


    Mata was a similar situation to when we lost out on Alvarez. it wouldn’t surprise me if the same people weren’t doing both of those deals.

  24. chigooner

    Enjoyed the article Gooners or Goners.

    I think gunner is right in the sense Wenger should have to answer for wasting what wage space we have on so many sub-par players.

    Author of the article also does not factor in how much money we will lose when we miss the champions league and possibly continental football for the next 5 years. Surely, it makes sense to spend 25mil on transfer and 15m on wages to ensure champions league money (which is at least 40m)?

  25. Gunner2301


    As my earlier comment on who we should get rid off. I would take a chance and play AOC in an attacking position behind the striker. He looks like the liveliest person we have who could play that position until we can resolve it properly.

    He has said that he’s not a winger but an CAM and I think we should be looking to play him there. He doesn’t need to learn the skills to get past a man like Theo does, he already has that in his locker. I fear AOC might be another player that Wenger mis-manages into the ground.

  26. wattsy65


    Think you are a bit delusional if you think the fair play rules will actually be implemented, for a start it would be a constrait of trade, a good laywer will drive holles through it, in a matter of days, that’s why the it keeps getting put back, now 2015, soon to be, well sometime later, all sorts of income will be described as sponsorship, problem solved.

  27. Bergkamp63

    Gooners or Gonner,

    That’s a very interesting read of the bleacher report regarding our finances.

    I don’t think anyone on here or any other Arsenal supporter elsewhere would advocate spending recklessly, what supporters do object to is keeping players who clearly are not up to it and playing them blindly in the hope they will one day come good.

    If we got rid of the 20 or so players who are crap, there is plenty of money to at least have a very good first 11 and pay their wages with spending a single penny more than we are currently laying out.

    Ship em out quicker is the message from the fans.

  28. chigooner

    I would say spot on Bergkamp, but who is going to take those players at those salaries? Therein lies the conundrum. We’re stuck until the contracts run down.

  29. DaleDaGooner

    @Chigooner….Arshavin in a proper umber 10 would not require to run up and down a flank, he’d defend from an advanced position, a position he’d do less damage if he missed a tackle or was brushed off, there’s at least be Ramsey or Arteta as second level to support him in the middle…not in dangerous pockets on the left flank….I can’t believe a lot of people booing or calling him lazy….lets just leave the blame on Wenger, shall we…he’s stubborn and fucked in his tactics.

    AndyB, you know this man!

    Ramsey is a handicap in the creative\attacking midfield..this is more a problem than Arsh starting! We have failed to score from open play in the last 2 games (forget wheels bungling one in) Arshavin didn’t have to show face, Ramsey was poor in creating or taking scoring chances…we need a more mecurial and creative figure there! As it stands..PLAY THE LAZY RUSSIAN THERE AND BENCH RAMSEY!

  30. He's a Gooner

    There is absolutely no chance of us buying Hazard or Gotze in the summer. Makes me sick. Anyone can see that not only would they greatly imrpove our squad, they would go some way to ensure RVP stays with us. Gutted.

  31. miki dora

    Why would Gotze come anyway? We’re utter bullshit, he’d have to carry the responsibility for the whole fucking midfield.

    Imagine him in the first training session being introduced to squilli and song…. Fucking hell, I’d pay more money than my ticket to see that

  32. leitrimgooner

    re berkamp63

    To quote Albert Einstein: “Lunacy is to keep doing what you’ve been doing and expect different results.”

  33. Gunner2301

    I think you guys are right We are looking less and less attractive to players like Goetze and Hazard. Maybe that’s the plan. That way the fans can’t argue because the Club will say they tried. Who knows.

  34. Bergkamp63

    IMO I would rather take the risk and decide if a player was not up to it and ship em out quick after one season in the first team rather than get stuck with someone who is draining the wage bill.

    They can’t all be superstars can they ?

  35. DaleDaGooner

    While I’m bitter about how we are now…I disagree with being unable to attract Gotze or Hazard…, we may not offer them the money they want or their clubs want, but if Man shitty and Spuds can get decent players without Europe, or Juventus, why can’t we?

  36. He's a Gooner

    You are right. Even if we could afford them, there are lesser clubs who look more attractive than us right now. The whole thing is fucked.

  37. AndyB

    There will be no big name signings in the summer unless one of three things happen :

    1 Wenger fucks off, a new manager will spend the transfer kitty!

    2 Silent Stan fucks off back to the hole he snuck out of, Usminof buys his shares and pumps a stack of cash into the kitty and MAKES AW spend it

    3 David Dein returns

    My favoured is a combination of 2 & 3, unfortunately I cant see any of them happening, AND WORSE, I can’t see Wenger admitting he’s wrong and start playing the correct players in their correct positions instead of the over rated/paid ones anywhere he an squeeze them in the prick!

  38. Sabeel


    Right, In other words u would love to pay for the tickets and make the board richer,and watch meekly this shit being dished out…and yes i repeat make the board even more rich….nice….and then moan that there is No change in tactics by the board to improve on-field results….good…

  39. JJ

    Serious question (again) – what does Wenger have to do to get fired? There has to be a line drawn somewhere.

    If RvP gets injured we will finish bottom half of the table. Would that do it?

    Brace yourself for our standard February collapse… oh, wait we have already done that this season – twice!

  40. AndyB

    Bendtner has already said he won’t play for us again, (so he’ll be 1st on Wengers team sheet), Chamack is fucking Crap, so he’ll be second and seeing as Theo and Ramsey are his latest bum boys they can probably bring some of their mates in to fill the rest of the team sheet!

  41. chigooner


    Man City had enough money to throw around to land good players before they were actually good, now that they are good they can compete for Hazard or Gotze or both. Juventus is Juventus but I still don’t think Gotze or Hazard would go there. Spuds have absolutely no chance with Gotze or Hazard. Sadly, Arsenal has no chance at either player. Is moving from Dortmund to Arsenal even a step in the right direction?

  42. Ricky

    “The funny thing is you have said about 65 times in the last year that Wenger is about to quit or get sacked. You were wrong EVERY time.You also said you were in Vegas partying then Pedro proved you were in Milton Keynes, using a school computer at lunch break.Now hurry and get to english class, dont wanna get held back a year….for the 4th time!”


    This is why u can’t get away from this bloody blog….

    Epic stuff like that!

  43. gambon

    Gooners or goners

    Matas first season in the PL, Artetas 7th or something.

    Mata has quality that Arteta will never have.

    You should compare Mata with Gervinho.

  44. Bergkamp63

    The bottom line is we are simply not getting value for money with the players we have on our books.

    That’s down to Wenger and nobody else !!

  45. kwik fit

    Wenger’s lies reached new depth’s on Sunday evening after the Villa game.
    ‘ Wilshere’s injury doesn’t appear to be as bad as first feared, he doesn’t need a protective boot’
    Yeh Arsene a new stress fracture of the ankle is not that bad!
    The boss will spin the fan’s any yarn he want’s cos he doesn’t care anymore. As long as money is growing in the bank he’s happy.
    His last ounce of credibility was lost with the closure of the transfer window.
    He has lost the fan’s , the player’s ,his legacy and his marbles!

  46. LaurenceGooner

    Once upon a time there was an invincible Arsenal who had the league at its mercy and took no prisoners…..

    That Arsenal I’m sad to say has been lost for nigh on 7 years and doesn’t look like appearing very soon.

    I’m not criticising Wenger but nobody is frightened of us anymore, we are easily beaten and don’t seem too bothered about anything. Perhaps it’s time he did move on, perhaps we revamped the clubs backroom and freshened our approach up.

    I will forever be thankful for what Mr Wenger has done for us, the English game and world football but everything has an expiry date and I’m sad to say that Arsene’s is up!

  47. JJ

    Pedro – Do you really think Wenger will get the chop this summer? IG basically said that Wenger has a job as long as he wants to stay with the club…

    Also, Wenger said that it would be a massive disaster not to make top 4. I guess that translates to a massive disaster to his personal bank balance because surely he can’t truly believe that we have a chance of winning the Champ’s League.

  48. Bergkamp63

    If we can strip Fred Goodwin of his knighthood for what he did to the RBS, does Wenger deserve anything less ?

  49. Bade


    A 150 brackets are much better than the 50’s though I’d rather the comments to stay the same, and split it only on the mobile site, if possible

    What about the ability to relate a post to a specific comment, ala “Qoute” in the Arseblog?

  50. goonermart

    Sabeel February 2, 2012 17:33:28


    Right, In other words u would love to pay for the tickets and make the board richer,and watch meekly this shit being dished out…and yes i repeat make the board even more rich….nice….and then moan that there is No change in tactics by the board to improve on-field results….good…

    You just do not get it. after my first post about this subject a normal response should have been “oh yeah i never thought of it like that. maybe if instead of giving up their season tickets everyone could boycott the same game, that would make an impact”

    But no, you take no interest in why people have season tckets, how long it has taken them to obtain them or how long it would take them to get another ticket or the hole what would be left. Your fucking selfish, expecting others to give up something you do not or never will have.

    What the fuck are you going to give up?

    No one wants to make that bunch of cunts richer, but like another poster said ” they could give up their season tickets and then we could get a new manager” that would be great, wouldn’t it just.

    The fact that you even suggest the idea shows what little you know. mug

  51. Pedro

    Bade, I think that quoting system looks messy. The 150 split makes the site run faster. I can’t split it out for the site and the mobile. Comments have flown today, so people seem to be ok with the compromise.

  52. chigooner


    Not sure what you’re saying. Don’t think Goetze would go anywhere for 60k. Couldn’t find how much he makes right now but Dortmund’s wage bill is around 60m i think, they could afford 60k a week. Assuming 60k a week, if the choice is Arsenal or Man U what do you think he is going to do?

  53. Sabeel


    its gaurenteed seeing empty stadium will make the board change there ways, as obviously they would need to do something to attract the fans back to the stadium… if u do not get this basic idea on which am suggesting boycott of the games….u need help

  54. IvoryGoonz

    SpanishDave February 2, 2012 09:45:29

    Wenger said ‘there is no point having a new stadium without a team to watch’ please remind him.
    I don’t think it’s Wenger who said that.
    I have Dein in mind but not 100% certain, lookin for a quote

  55. Bergkamp63

    regarding the 19 game analysis,

    Wage Spend vs Position:
    1- Wolves (+8)
    2- Everton (+5)
    3- West Brom (+4)
    4- Wigan (+4)
    5- Stoke (+2)
    6- Man Utd (+2)
    7- Newcastle (+1)
    8- Fulham (+1)
    9- Spurs (+1)
    10- Man City (0)
    11- Aston Villa (-1)
    12- Liverpool (-1)
    13- Bolton (-2)
    14- Chelsea (-2)
    15- Blackburn (-4)
    16- Sunderland (-9)
    17- Arsenal (-9)

    Like I said at 17.57pm, this just goes to prove we are not getting value for money and the bottom line really is Arsenal !!

  56. goonermart


    your not just talking about boycotting games (which i agree with and have already posted long ago), you are talking about season ticket holders giving up their season tickets, which is completly different, insane and selfish.

  57. Sabeel

    boycotting this board/games and stop making them rich is a way that would force board to change and save the club….

    otherwise,if there any other great ideas,throw it…but whatever be the reason,stop making this bloody board rich…


  58. Sabeel


    if one doesnt give season tickets…how the hec are we going to really hit the pockets of board….no other way aint it?

    is there any other way other than that, to make the board poor..i.e NOT rich

    think abt it


  59. goonermart

    season ticket holders have already paid their money, dick head.
    Boycott yes, just forget about your selfish idea of season ticket holders giving up what you do not have.

  60. IvoryGoonz


    “DAVID DEIN insists Arsenal are ready to take their place among the biggest clubs in the world.

    Gunners chiefs are celebrating after winning permission to move to a £250million stadium at Ashburton Grove, less than half a mile from Highbury.

    Revenue from the new 60,000-seater ground will enable Arsenal to close the gap financially on rivals Manchester United, but vice-chairman Dein is setting his sights even higher.

    He has also promised boss Arsene Wenger the money he needs for new players BEFORE the move, which will be made for the start of the 2004-05 season. Dein said: “It’s not just Manchester United any more ? we’ve got our eyes on Europe as well.

    “We’ve got to compete with Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus. We’re certainly doing that on the field. Now we’ve got to make sure we have the stadium to match.

    “That’s why it’s important that while we’re building the stadium, there’s enough money available for team building.

    “Our fans need a bigger stadium because we can’t accommodate all of them and with the current salaries we need extra income.

    “We would have stagnated at our own stadium because we couldn’t put any more people in. No business can afford to turn people away.”

  61. eastofthelea

    I reckon we could attract big name players, we wern’t all that when Dennis came in. Great players in there early twenties would have been at there most
    impressionable ten years ago when we were the dogs bollocks.

    All we’ve got to do is spend the money and as we’ve seen on here the last week
    its sitting there waiting.

  62. Adam Bucci

    you know why would be a really nice change to this site? having posted links open in a new tab or window instead of taking you away from the page.
    by the way, the changes made are a vast improvement.

  63. Frogman

    Sabeel. Sorry, but you really do spout a lot of shite. It is easy for you to say give up season tickets when you are sitting in India and don’t even go to a bloody game!

  64. goonermart

    I agree kwik fit, but in a weird way i would like to see if he had anything to offer us under a new manager. But not on 85k a week

  65. Frogman

    Sabeel. Something else, you would never have an empty stadium because all of the tourists that come to England/London, want tickets to the game so you may have less true Arsenal supporters but I assure you, the stadium would be filled with bloody tourists instead. It is a no win situation.

  66. kwik fit

    Don’t think a new manager will help Theo, goonermart. I think he’s a lost cause. He seem’s to be getting progressive worse. His attitude also seem’s to be inversely proportionate to his ability.

  67. sabeel

    Just boycotting games wont have any real affect.

    Giving up d season tickets in future is d only way to hit d pockets of board, why is it so tuf to understand dis simple thing.

    Really off.

  68. SXBoyz


    Just seems weird not having a full screen on the pad…. Normally I can pinch or tap to expand.. it ain’t the end of the world tho’… soon get used to it, it’s working mate, that’s the main thing…
    Any chance of hot n cold running water…?? Ha ha

  69. goonermart

    sabeel. Your a total moron.
    you should have just admitted earlier that you had not thought it through and moved on. Your a dick head

  70. sabeel


    Is Geoff from india?, NO,i think u got it

    regardist tourists i agree its a problem,but i doubt there
    would be that many to fill d stadium week in week out all thru d season.

    Right,gnite all.

  71. Dan Ahern

    I wanna know what the fuck happened to Theo. Has was actually doing alright earlier in the year. Now he’s lost every game. He needs his own, separate training sessions, where Henry just teaches him positioning, making runs, touch, finishing, etc., one-on-one.

  72. goonermart

    Frogman, Geoff just happened to mention he gave up his season ticket, so it’s the only thing simple sabeel can cling to for his ridiculous twat of an idea.

  73. Frogman

    Thanks for clearing that up goonermart. I don’t comment on here very often but I do read most of the blogs and I have always noticed that Sabeel appears to always hang on the coat tails of Geoff’s comments (nothing against Geoff)

  74. goonermart

    he had the chance to end the argument gracefully after realising how ridiculous and selfish the idea was, but oh no. Twat

  75. Thomas

    The truth is that there are way too many wankers in the squad currently. Like at least 10 players that just aren’t good enough. How did all this happen? What was the point in building a new stadium? They said it was to compete and now they say we can’t compete because we have built a new arena. Bunch of cunts.

  76. kwik fit

    Dan, Theo has gone way past redemption . He also seem’s to have developed a cockiness which normally arises in quality players. 85K a week ? He’s worth more like 85k a year. Offload to the highest bidder, I say.

  77. Frogman

    We may well have some great young talent that could be the making of a truly great team in say 3-5 years. However, if we don’t get a couple of top class experienced players, how do we bridge the gap until that time comes? Especially if we keep loosing the so called stars, Cesc, Nasri and perhaps RVP this summer. The question is, is it Wenger refusing to buy or are the board stopping him? Why hasn’t Kronke been involved? What has he done for AFC since he came on board?

  78. IvoryGoonz

    players arrival source is
    transfer fee might be wrong, but what I could find on various sources)
    main players only without reserve players and without flops on which we clearly spent for shit, like Papadopulos, yes, that guy


    Fabregas (£700k compensation)
    Djourou (-)
    Clichy (£250k)
    Lehmann (can’t see any fee)

    and those are the players we signed since that 2004-2005 season from which we started buying big players

    Manuel Almunia (6m euros!)
    José Antonio Reyes (£17.5m!)
    Robin van Persie (£2.75m)
    Mathieu Flamini (compensation?)
    Nicklas Bendtner (-)
    Philippe Senderos (?)

    Emmanuel Eboué (-) (just for the joke, look at his goals on wiki for us 😉
    Alexander Hleb (150k euros?)
    Alexandre Song (£1m)

    Emmanuel Adebayor (£7m)
    Julio Baptista (loan swap with Reyes)
    William Gallas (£5m+Cole!)
    Theo Walcott (£12m!)
    Abou Diaby (£2m)
    Rosicky (? thought to be around £6.8m)
    Denilson (£3.4m)

    Bacary Sagna (undisclosed)
    Kieran Gibbs (-)
    Lukasz Fabianski (4.3m euros)
    Eduardo (10-14m euros est.)

    Francis Coquelin (compensation?-)
    Samir Nasri (16.8m euros)
    Aaron Ramsey (6.3m euros)
    Mikael Silvestre (?)
    Carlos Vela (?)
    Jack Wilshere (?)

    Andrey Arshavin (£15m)
    Vito Mannone (?)
    Wojciech Szczesny(?)
    Thomas Vermaelen (10m euros)

    Marouane Chamakh (free?->
    Laurent Koscielny (£10m)
    Sebastien Squillaci (£4m)

    Joel Campbell (£1m?)
    Ryo Miyaichi (?)
    Gervinho (£10.8m?)
    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (£15m)
    Per Mertesacker (£8.8m)
    Andre Santos (7.5m euros)
    Mikel Arteta (£10m)
    Yossi Benayoun (loan)
    Ju-Young Park (3+2m euros)
    Thierry Henry (loan)

    seriously, this is a bloody joke.

  79. kwik fit

    They are all singing from the same hymn sheet frogman. Tight fisted bastard’s the lot! Silent Stan will sell when the time is right. Then and only then we might see some change.

  80. OnceaGoonAlwaysaGoon

    First time poster so go easy – haven’t posted in the past as i found it too easy for people to call so and so a c##t but fair play lads/ladies we have a good debate going on here.

    Firstly, back in the day we were told the move to The Grove enabled us to compete and take us to the next level i.e. become a superclub. Fair enough, majority of us could accept that as there was an end goal (vision) which meant purse strings had to be tightened, again fair enough for long term again. We haven’t quite made it to superclub level (you have to win the ECL to join the elite) we’re a semi-superclub. So what now? What’s the vision? Where is the drive to finish off the project?

    Ok so we’ve lost players in the past and recently but going over the record books when a star player was sold pretty much all funds were reinvested into the squad ala flogging Anelka, Overmars and Petit. So this whole Wenger is scared to spend is tosh he wasn’t scared before so why now – something must be happening at boardroom level. I’m no AKB but something isn’t right here.

    In summary; we have two points of failure 1) The Board – semi completed objective. No ambition to finish the job, an owner who can’t even address the fans and outline the clubs objectives short term and long term. I congratulate the board for the stadium move and keeping Arsenal competitive throughout a tough financial time but now the lack of ambition is disheartening. I accept Arsenal is a business but we’re a football club first so paying out bonuses is a smack in the face to fans – ‘rewarding failure’ which has been used on the forum before.

    2) Arsene Wenger, like the board his personal objective ‘Project Yoof’ has failed. I think AW was severely let down in the summer. Who let him down the board or himself? It was pretty obvious Cesc & N###i were off so why on earth not bring in replacements before letting them go, was it because AW was told to sell before buying to balance the books or was this just poor management – none of us really know. Who’s idea was it to give AW so much power within the club? Seriously, a prudent board can’t give so much power = poor business model. Does AW even have a boss?

    What now? We’re stuck with an ok squad with the likes of Wilshire and Chesney destined to be world class. A fully fit squad we have a competitive team which needs to be supplemented with two top top top draw players to makes us one of the best but that ain’t going to happen unless we can get rid of the deadwood and realistically who would take Diaby (60Kpw), Alumina (50kpw), Squallici (50Kpw) etc…etc…so unless a club comes in matches those astronomical wages we’re stuck until contracts expire. Hand on heart we’re yet again looking at another rebuilding project. Ouch!

    I’m no advocate of booing or chanting vicious obscenities at OUR own players and when it happens it can only derail moral so it’s pointless. For me the protest should be made against the board and whilst matchday income streams are consistent they won’t listen unless people talk with their feet.

    Theo Walcott, 95Kpw player not a chance, average on a good day.

    My two cents

  81. Arben

    I have been told from a friend that Boro Primorac prepare the team sheet for Wenger ,if is true ,is this normal? too much trust? or not too much bothered ?

  82. Herkules

    There are tens of thousands of people on the waiting list for season tickets.. there is absolutely no danger that the board will have empty seats to worry about so it’s fairly silly to suggest that “giving them up” would affect anything.

    Here’s the reality – and it hurts – but we will NOT be competitive financially until 2014 when we offload all these contracts with deadwood and reclaim the right to sell our brand at market prices. Until our cash flow position strengthens our hands are basically tied.

  83. Dan Ahern

    @ kwik – I’m with you at this point. If a team wants to pony up a few mil for Theo, have at ’em. Ox has played what, 150 minutes for Arsenal? And he already looks much more dangerous. Plus we managed to not sell Arshavin, so he’s still available on the wing. And if Miyaichi turns out to be good, well, we’re talking an awful lot of depth at winger here, unlike, I dunno, every other position.

  84. follow the money

    last season we had Cesc and Nasri and still couldn’t pull out of the annual Feb/March death spiral. This year it’s just happening sooner and thinking this group of players is going to suddenly go on a winning streak is delusional. They already expended so much energy reversing the horrid start to the season they just don’t have the strength. In the end it’s Wenger fault for not having enough quality and playing the few decent players we do have way too much. The best managers–Fergie and Deschamps spring to mind–know how to build and manage a squad so they actually get stronger as the season goes on. Wenger’s Arsenal are incapable of reversing runs of bad results and always seems to limp along to the end of the season. Then just like last season Wenger will say the team needs something and he is gonna spend. And then he won’t.

  85. Frogman

    The problem is that the club are financially sound! In that respect you cannot fault Wenger as he has done the job on a shoe string budget and as long as we were in the CL each year (top 4) there really wasn’t too much to complain about apart from not winning an actual trophy. I understand the comment about SAF but what he does is based on money only, he has no morale’s and United are up to their arse in debt! I still believe we are building for the future but of course fans are only interested in what’s happening now which of course I do understand.

  86. Ricky


    By then no big brands will want to come near us..

    As much as i’d like to say your right the worlds not going to stand still & wait for us.

  87. kwik fit

    Building for the the future! Oh that’s alright then . Sometime in the future this vision will be built and we the faithful fans will get what we want. With all due respect that is poppycock. Building for the future will lace the boot’s of those in control and no one else.

  88. leon

    the problem with getting rid of aa is that he still has at least year left on his contract which means the ball is in his court he has want to leave,if a player has 6 months or less on his contract then the club dont have to offer a new contract and i dought he will get one. wenger has players like chamberlian joel cambell rio far as thoe goes at 21-22 although still quite young i just see that he has the ability to score more 10 goals a season if it was me i sell him but with wenger you dont know

  89. goonermart

    some people do not have a future, you know old age, cancer, car crashes. We could have won a couple of titles in the last few years if wenger was not such a stubborn cunt. Some gooners may never see a title again!

  90. Frogman

    kwik fit: If you are refering to my earlier comment, then please go back and read it again, carefully! At no time did I indicate that was all right, did I?

  91. Samir

    I like the changes you have made to the current webpage! But I think it’d be good if you allowed videos posted in the comment section to be played on the webpage…(Like the old site, saves the hassle of being re-directed to youtube etc)

    Cheers for the post aswell! Top notch as per usual!!! 😀