Beaten by Swansea in possession, points and budget | Wenger mess deepens at Arsenal

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No excuses‘ formed the last part of yesterday’s post and here we are today trying to scramble around for a bag of them. Look no further than a weak squad and a manager whose lack of imagination with his tactics and total contempt for ruthlessness in his selection yet again leaves us banging our heads against the proverbial brick wall.

Swansea know how to play possession football, Wenger arrogantly quipped ‘in their own half’ before the game, sadly they showed us how wrong he was. At times they commanded 63% and the bulk of it was in our third. They looked more inventive than us, they were certainly more daring and ultimately, they proved too good for us. Once again, we’re waking up to another defeat, our 7th, against the back drop of taking the lead. That’s 8 points thrown in 4 games and 0 points so far this year.

How did this all happen? Well, it wasn’t because of a bad start. Robin Van Persie opened the scoring after 4 minutes when Arshavin picked him out perfectly with a through ball, the Dutchman looked like he’d taken too long over his decision, he faked, then slipped his snap shot inside Vorm’s post. A fabulous finish.

Swansea didn’t falter though. This wasn’t your usual newly promoted side. This was a team that played like a classic Italian team. They kept possession in the middle of the park and slowed the tempo of the game to suit them, when they saw a chance to slip a winger in, they’d jump on it.

Sadly it wasn’t a lovely piece of possession play that resulted in their goal. Miquel made a hash of a clearance which lead to a Swansea attack, as Dyer was looking to manoeuver in the box, he sensed Ramsey behind him and dropped when it looked like the Welshman had brushed him. It looked soft to start with, on replay, it was a blatant dive. Terrible reffing. A decision we’d never get in reverse. It’s a shame I have to criticise Ramsey for standing behind a player in the box, but that’s the way of the game these days. Sinclair took the penalty and beat the keeper to his left. 1-1.

Ramsey went close soon after we’d kicked off, he latched onto a duff Robin shot, took the ball round Vorm but had no one in a red shirt in the box. Yossi found Robin moments later, the Captain only had the keeper to beat but blasted his shot right at him.

Theo Walcott was looking abject at best. His decision making in the final third was not of the highest order and he didn’t look particularly interested. How long does the boss persist with him? ‘Swansea 63% possession’ flashed up on the screen, they we controlling the game and playing very well.

Our cumbersome full backs were causing us problems. They’d bomb forward without the pace to return. Their lack of mobility in the final third made you wonder why they kept marauding forward like a pack of Bendtners.

The second half opened with a bit more of a bang, Robin fed in Theo, sadly, he could only fire over the bar. Arshavin did the same when Rambo teed him up minute later. Swansea weren’t deterred, fizzing two shots just wide from the edge of our box. We needed to get tighter.

The Welsh took the lead after Aaron Ramsey gave the ball away twice with a poor pass firstly, then a shoddy bit of control, Joe Allen picked up the pieces, played in an unmarked Nathan Dyer with a well weighted pass and let him bury his shot across Chesney. Where was Miquel? About a mile up the pitch… that’s where. Two very weak mistakes by Aaron as well. He really wasn’t doing his Aaron ambassadors any favours…

Wenger changed up the side pretty sharpish. He brought on Thierry Henry for Arshavin (who was dead) and he oddly opted to bring on Rosicky for Benayoun. Why oh why when you’re chasing a game would you bring on a player who hardly ever makes an impact (2 years since his last goal), especially when taking off a player who has always seemed far more dangerous.

My gripes could be put on hold for a moment, Theo Walcott levelled things up when JD threaded him through on goal from right back. Sure it was a nice finish, but it didn’t disguise his woeful performance. Or the fact it was his first contribution to the goal tally since October. He really is out of his depth at Arsenal.

Barely having enough time to sit back down, Miquel was again caught out of position by Siggurdson, he was rumbled, Thierry then lost it on the half way line trying to recover the mistake, Swansea split the defence, Danny Graham beat Koscielny and fired a shot across goal. Chesney was well out of position and they scored. What a debacle.

We were losing by a goal against a team with the lowest transfer spend out of everyone who had a wage bill equal to 3 Diaby’s last season. What a joke. We didn’t really make much of an effort to level things up. AOC was brought on for Mertesacker and he looked bright. Trouble was that no one really gave him the ball. Thierry had a glancing header that whistled past the post and Koscielny nearly acrobatically turned in a spilled Rosicky shot, but bar that, it was frustration all around.

We’d lost. Beaten by Swansea. Call ourselves a top 4 team? Not on this evidence.


What can you say that hasn’t already been rehashed a million times on here? We don’t have the squad to handle injuries to key players. Arteta picked up a calf strain before the game and we lost our maestro. Our passing wasn’t accurate for most of the match and we really struggled to penetrate Swansea in their own half. We had hardly any shots and we certainly didn’t seem to be able to match the fight on show from the minnows.

The team selection gets tougher and tougher to digest every week. We know certain players aren’t good enough, yet we persist. Arshavin did level in with an assist and I thought he did ok in the first half, but his fitness really is questionable. AOC looked far more lively and interested than Theo has for the last few games, yet he’s still only considered for cameo appearances. If a player isn’t in good form, whatever happened to dropping them? We never do… Wenger doesn’t look at a passport when he selects, he looks at how much of his ego he’s invested in a player before he does. He’s certainly wagered a big chunk on Theo after saying he had more than Messi at 19…

What really gets me is our system. 4-3-3 works when we’ve got all our best players available, but when the bulk of them are missing, shouldn’t we change things up. If we really do value intelligence in players, then adapting to a new set up shouldn’t be a problem. Things to consider yesterday…

1. Our full backs were both carthorses.

2. Andrey is the only creative outlet of class

3. Pace is an issue

Why don’t we opt for a more defensive 4-5-1, with Arteta and Song anchoring, Theo and AOC wide with Andrey in the hole… or try something über classic… yep, I’m talking a 4-4-2. We could again have two anchors, like the classic Paddy and Petit with two zippy wingers in AOC and Theo with Andrey playing second striker to Robin. We could switch Arshavin with Thierry when chasing the game.

I’m not saying the above systems are the answer, then again, I’m not going to sit here and tell you flogging the same system regardless of personnel is the future of Arsenal’s football. When we get into ruts like we’re in at the moment, Wenger doesn’t have a way out. He’s incapable of motivating the players and the best we can hope for to change things up is a return from injury.

Typically, the manager was ‘surprised’ at what happened.

‘There were some other turning points. When we came back to 2-2, straight away, a defensive mistake. It looked similar to me to Fulham. Lack of appreciation of the ball. Our defensive performance was not good enough and that’s why we lost the game.

“We made defensive mistakes that you should not make. In the last two games we made mistakes that, at that level, are difficult to explain. It is unbelievable. For a team of that experience, for a team of that ambition, it is difficult to explain.”

He also went on to lambast our attacking play. How can the manager of a team who have conceded 31 goals in little over half a season and been largely dependent on one man in attack claim ‘surprise’ at results like that?

Wenger for me is lost at the moment. He’s struggling to get the best out of players he banked on being legends, he’s despondent about the transfer market (hence why he’s still living in 2002 with transfer fees) and his tactics are too rigid for the quality of squad. We’re in a right old mess that I fear he won’t be able to rectify until the summer.

It’s also worth noting Thierry got into an altercation with a fan. I don’t know the ins and outs… but it doesn’t look good after being back all of 6 minutes does it? Apparently Thierry had to force some of the players to thank the away support, which resulted in a fan accusing the team of lacking passion. A fair accusation. I’d be saying they lack appreciation of what an arse ache it is to get to Swansea and have yourself presented with that dross. Things have changed since Thierry upped sticks and left a few years ago, much like revisiting an old relationship… things are rarely the same again.

On the injury front, don’t get your hopes up. Jack will be back mid-February at the earliest. Most likely the end of. We’ll find out today when Arteta is back later on today I’d imagine, but my gut feel is that if Wenger said he was rested (which he wasn’t), then the injury must be very minor. Still, Santos should be back in the country soon and Vermaelen and Sagna are close. Those two will be an absolute god send to get back in the side.

Oh, and on the transfer front, I’ve heard this new left back we’re trialling is a midget. Smaller than Gael Clichy and built like my nan after her annual bikini crash diet. Superb… can you believe we’re stooping this low?

Anyway, United up next. Brilliant.

P.S. You might want check out this stadium review of Highbury. I’m so depressed today, that feels like something I could do and enjoy.

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  1. Oritseje victor-Nigeria

    Pls, Wenger shud b told to stop saying anytin abt transfer during any of his press conference(s) cos his words are not encouraging gunners also our fans base is droping by every passing day.

  2. IvoryGoonz

    keyser: I see where you’re comin from, Im afraid you’ll learn he’s actually quite litterate, and comes up with some words I doubt he’d be motivated enough to google if english wasnt his first language.
    but he certainly sees only parts of sentences and posts, so I’d be more enclined to suspect he needs to go to Specsavers 😉

  3. PhilF

    I give up, we’re were hopeless against Leeds and were out played by Swansea… Swansea for f**k sake. Nothing is likely to change with Wenger in charge and the current board backing him. More of the same I fear We’re certainly not the side we once were. Sad.

  4. Yippee Kai Yay

    in which case IG, I’ll stick to ignoring him, as that is what I would do in the pub.

    There is nothing more annoying in life than a motivated idiot who refuses to learn from his own mistakes, and isn’t as clever as he thinks he is.

    Also be interested to hear your view on Loic Remy, although I doubt he would move from a CL team to a non-cl team currently. Maybe at the end of the season?

  5. SUGA3

    Orbinho Orbinho

    In the head to heads between the top 7 teams this season, Arsenal have the fewest points of the 7 clubs – just four from six games.

  6. Sir Henry Norris

    Ivory, it would be like winning a million pounds on the lotto:)

    Please refer to @12:31

    Yeah! I can see a Manager who loves our club and has a so called transfer fund that includes player/staff salaries that is far from sufficient to continue to compete at the very top in today’s game.

    I can also see that those funds are much the same as they were when Wenger took the job?.

    Is this the fault of Arsene Wenger?

    It’s the players that need to earn the right to play at the very top end of the game. and many of them are falling short of the our expectations.

  7. Keyser

    Fucking come on, YKY, Ivory, there’s two of you now, I feel like some sort of bonding agent, it’s working slowly, but surely maybe at some point you’ll get together share similar ‘Keyser’ related views and do something about it, release yourselves from the misery.

    Matching t-shirts, fucking go with it.

    Back to the point though, YKY Spurs don’t have similar injuries do they ? Squads shouldn’t really be catered for 8 fullback injuries and No, all of this (wait, let me find a dictionary/thesaurus need a longish/ semi-longish type word here) obsfucation (Is that right ?) doesn’t hide the fact you were talking a steaming pile of poo.

    Yeah- ehh, Yippee Kai Yay mofo.

  8. kwik fit

    If Squid goes to Monaco it might just lit one or two of the grey cloud’s…But ‘arry going for Remy WTF…are we living in a parallel universe?

  9. IvoryGoonz

    incesc: not gonna happen.
    Deschamps knows Redknapp has been sniffing around players, but didnt meet him, and said “he came for nothing, it’s out of question. if I had seen him I’d have told him ‘wait and see’, I discussed it with the president, and things are clear, even if they have lot of money to spend, I got games to play and objectives to reach, not the time to lose my best players”…

    So that’s really just bad journalism
    even Remy added “I already spole about it to the president, it’s out of question, that’s a little lack of respect talking mercato at this moment in time, the fans count on me, and I still have a lot to progress here. We’ll see when Im ready.”

  10. SUGA3


    it is the fault of Arsene Wenger to continue investing into players who are either shite (D******n), never fit (Diaby) or with questionable attitude (Nasri)…

    it is his fault for giving Diaby a contract that runs until 2015 and putting him on a wage which renders him unsellable…

    it is his fault for not acknowledging that he needs help…

    as for the funds not being available, you know full well that it’s bullshit, our wage bill is massive, it’s just that the funds have been poorly used!

    we are getting dicked by teams that would love to have our resources!

  11. Keyser

    The yeah- ehh was mean’t like Lil Jon does it, I know how rooaasssey likes to sound out words so he’ll enjoy that.

  12. Keyser

    Is YKY a voyeur ? Heh.

    This is hilarious, I’m not smart, I don’t profess to be, I’d be kidding myself if I tried to bully people on here, because it’s such a soulless victory.

    I just got tired of people bigging up Spurs, the exaggeration and hyperbole gets tiresome so I point out Spurs haven’t had similar injuries and YKY blows his top.

  13. SUGA3


    what fucking 8 fullback injuries, Einstein?

    we have 4 (that’s F O U R) fullbacks out injured, but given the circumstances, it’s all Wenger’s fault anyway:

    – we sold Eboue and Clichy for peanuts
    – bought Jenkinson who is not good enough
    – counted on Gibbs who can’t string 5 games together
    – only bought Santos (and Merts) after we got thumped by Yoonited, clearly thinking we were all right before then!
    – even having bought Santos, we realistically went into the season with one LB (Santos) and one RB (Sagna)

  14. Yippee Kai Yay

    ‘Bad journalism’ as if there is any other kind online these days. Although tbf to the BBC at least they seem to have taken note of wengers weekend statement. Todays gossip has no-one linked to AFC, not even from

  15. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Pedro – I agree Ramsey will be a good player, but he isn’t a special talent like fabregas or wilshere. Learning on the go in arsenal’s first team isn’t acceptable, but it isn’t his fault. He just has to bare the brunt of frustrations stymed from denilson, diaby, rosicky shite performances.

    But, he has really got to stop these back heels, flicks and hospital balls in the final 3rd or around our own area.. Not helping himself at the moment and his performances recently have deserved some stick, that cannot be denied.

    On The Ugg debate – Men are only allowed to have the slippers for home use. Anything else and you’re a mincer 😉

  16. Yippee Kai Yay

    No keyser, you missed the point.

    Now head off to your local, buy your pint and disappear into the corner of the bar. If your lucky maybe someone wish money-cash will play on the fruity and you can advise them to ‘hold the bells’……..

  17. Yippee Kai Yay

    and thanks SUGA, I was going to point out the definition of the word ‘hyperbole’, in the context of his/her/it saying that arsenal had lost 8 full backs (clearly all of equal ‘world class’ standing I am sure as well 😉 ).

    But that would have only enticed it further I fear.

  18. Keyser

    Yippee Kay Yay – See, this is it, why can’t you explain it ? If I’ve missed the point, instead you go on about the English language and nuances and nom-de-plume’s (Not English, foreign maybe American)

    You’ve come to this decision that neither am I allowed to question what you write on a public forum, but that your writing and thoughts are above reproach to begin with.

    Just explain what you mean’t and I might even say ‘Oh’ and then I’ll go home slink onto my sofa, cradle myself and sleep being shattered mentally by someone far superior to myself.

  19. IvoryGoonz

    Remy’s down to Earth, he knows there’s a gap between Ligue 1 and EPL, and he’s very loyal to the OM fans. (talk about mercenaries…)
    it’s not even about being in CL, OM/Deschamps/Remy know that there’s still some work and purchases needed to pretend to really challenge for the CL title, he just won’t backstab the people who truly believed him when he was down, and helped him get better while there’s a genuine spirit atm thanks to Deschamps and OM fans.
    OM fans wont hesitate to throw you shit if you are, and there’s no banner ban at the Velodrome…
    to me, the next Henry, already said it. but for that to happen, he will need to be bought by an english club to be confronted to even stronger defenders, and reach the next level. we might as well be the first to do that.
    at the moment, think he just needs to reach a title with OM on his own, OM still rely on another striker, and until Remy is confident he can create and score on his own constantly, he won’t move.
    But if OM manage to win this year, and he’s got a great second half, he could well become available, and letting him go to Tottenham would be the last nail on Wenger’s coffin.
    to have the next Henry snatched under his nose by Redknapp?
    If Arsene wants a figure at which Remy would come, he knows in which waters I swim…

  20. SUGA3

    we should have two capable fullbacks instead of fucking permacrock Gibbs and Jenkinson, who is, well, shit…

    I know people will defend the latter, with him being a fan and all that, but he is slow, cumbersome and clumsy, something of a RB version of Bendtner, and he will cost us…

    Gibbs was a dead cert to get injured whilst shaving, Jenks was asked to play too many games at this level…

    and we sold two very capable fullbacks (well, at least compared to these two mugs) for what, combined nine or ten million?

  21. Yippee Kai Yay

    I personally find the ciritcism or Ramsey a bit odd, I thougth all those cheeky backheels made him one of swansea’s most effective players. The way he setup waves of counter attacks made for compelling viewing.

    (Keyser, this sarcasm before you start googling stats again).

  22. IvoryGoonz

    SHN: refer exactly to my previous point. One exagerated comment.
    do you have nothing else to comment on after this shit game than moaning about someone fed up with what you should be commenting about?
    think again.

  23. Yippee Kai Yay

    Keyser, don’t flatter yourself, you wouldn’t know superior until it was too late. You’re far too arragant and self assured for that.

  24. Keyser

    Suga3 – Not really the point we’ve been discussing really, well YKY’s been avoiding, I didn’t want us to sell either of Ebway or Clichy.

  25. Keyser

    YKY – Go on then, what’s the necessary level of self-deprecation before you’ll respond to the question I began with, instead of trying to weasel yourself out of it.

  26. Yippee Kai Yay

    Did anyone really think that Gibbs was ready to take over for a full season as full back when clichy left?

    I would have had him under the ‘crock with potential’ banner.

  27. SUGA3

    the point is that the depth is not about squad numbers, the depth is all about quality too!

    so, if you ask how many players per position we should have, my answer is two, this gives you 20 players + 3 GKs + 2 utility players + however many U21s you want…

    Jenkinson being our second choice RB is a fucking joke, ditto Gibbs…

  28. IvoryGoonz

    SHN: who deemed them good enough for the first team in the first team if not fuckin Wenger?
    who deemed Gibbs and Jenkinson sufficent covers for Santos and Sagna.
    ffs, wake up, at least start shouting if you get raped, don’t just stand there and ask for vaseline

  29. Keyser

    Suga3 – Heh, but they’re still injured right ? Along with Vermaelen and now Coquelin, at times Djourou and Miquel.

  30. SUGA3


    did you for one moment think that Gibbs would stay fit and available to be called upon when needed?

    Jenks’ injury is also fatigue related, it was obvious that he is not cut to withstand the run in all competitions at this level, having played 9 games for fucking Charlton!

    Vermaelen returned from injury and was immediately asked to play out of position where any player is more likely to get injured when throwing himself about in a position he is not accustomed to!

  31. GunzSP

    we’ve got too many similar players. Dont get me wrong, if they are quality and in demand (GK OR ST) i would love them but rosicky benayoun and ramsey are too similar, no wonder the game didnt change when rosicky came on.

    When UTD come to town, we need to switch it up, suprise them.

    Kos Mert Verm??? Miquel
    Walcott song arteta THe ox

    433 is not our style anymore, last year we were playmaking, this year we are direct. arshavin doesnt track back, let him stay up front. Also another body to help rvp. Ramsey needs a rest. No one has mentioned that ramsey played vs qpr, then 2 hours later then the fa cup, then swansea- a bit tiring for a 21 year old. hes a box to box midfielder, the type of player that expends the most energy in a match.

    Next season, no matter where we finish, we must spend. No dilly dallying, if the player is 2m more, pay it as long as he is what we need.

    I would like are team to be next season

    Sagna Kos Verm Santos
    Gervinho M’vila Wilshere Chamberlain

    i think thats working in our budget. We offlad squillaci, almunia, denislon, bendtner—yossi will move back, walcott might leave, i dont care, song may leave i care a bit more, rosicky will defo leave on a free

  32. Radio Raheem

    Suga I thought Jenkinson was getting better before his injury. He looked an able deputy for Sagna I must say. Gibbs is an England international and a decent understudy for Santos IMO.

    It’s something we’ve said a million times on here but Wenger’s tactical rigidity costs us far too many matches.

  33. Keyser

    Suga3 – Oh fuck me, so excuses for them all, so how many’s that now ? So basically according to you we’ve got 1 maybe 2 fullbacks ?!

    Dude I didn’t expect Ramsey to play as much as has or Arteta, but they’ve been pretty much regulars, aren’t we expecting Van Persie to fall apart any day now but he’s been fit for a year. Or Theo for that matter.

    We’ve used about 9 different fullbacks now, am I surprised that 1,2 got injured ? No, there’s fucking 6 of them right now.

  34. Arben

    If some of our players pay more attention on football pitch rather then using twitter,twitting about the shit happening around , I bet outcome of the games will change drastically,
    Some of our players got problem with discipline in and out the pitch
    most of them suffer from big-head and big-mouth syndrome.

  35. Keyser

    Where’as in previous years we’ve had injuries all over the pitch towards the end of the season we’re going through full-backs at a ridiculous pace right now.

  36. kwik fit

    Mike Dean to be the ref for Arsenal v United which means we won’t win. Cause the lost 10 games he was referee we lost. But I don’t think it would matter either way.

  37. IvoryGoonz

    Suga: even more un-explainable is why letting Nordtveidt go?
    bought him for 2m, he’s played 32 games in a calendar year, since he left in dec. 2010.
    was our most talented defender coming out of youth, had played right back, proved to Wenger he could do anything, even midfield, … and he leaves for 800k and get us Jenkinson? on what ground? HG Status?

  38. SUGA3


    what I am saying is that we have two fullbacks, Gibbs and Jenks don’t count, plain and simple…


    I will have to disagree here: all he can do is cross the ball, but has no pace and gets skinned with embarrassing ease, a deputy for Mr Reliable? not for a few years mate!

    Wenger gambled on Sagna’s fitness, bought another one for the future and it once again came back and bit him on his bony arse!

  39. incesc

    Yippee Kai Yay says:

    Did anyone really think that Gibbs was ready to take over for a full season as full back when clichy left?

    nope, hes never had a great game for us

  40. kwik fit

    I’m I dreaming?
    Jamie Dalton @JamieDalton82
    Monaco owner Dmitry Rybolovlev is wasting no time in mercato – They hope to announce Sebastian Squillaci soon

  41. IvoryGoonz

    Keyser: and none of this would have happened if there had been 2 qualified covers for Santos and Sagna.
    and still doesnt transform Djourou, Vermaelen, Miquel and Coquelin into actual full back. positionally maybe, skill-wise, far from it.
    just ignoring the main reason why the shit happens.
    We’ve got 4 fullbacks, how many times can Suga spell it in bold, I wonder, Suga?
    F O U R
    out of which 2 are useless at this stage. they couldnt even string 2 games together.
    I dont know why you are here Keyser, seriously.
    just to prevent the discussion from going on?

  42. SUGA3


    now, wouldn’t Nordtveit be a HG player anyway?

    and the figures are also not a nice read: bought for 2M, sold for 800K, paid him fuck knows how much in wages and invested some in his training and for what? to buy some lanky cunt from Charlton?

  43. Arben

    Kwik fit,

    Mike Dean to be the ref for Arsenal v United
    Is this true?

  44. Keyser

    IvoryGoonz – What discussion ?, we seem to be discussing fullbacks, it’s okay now YKY gone off I think.

    How many players have we used at fullback this year ?

  45. SUGA3


    funny that, I saw him getting outrun by quite a few opposition players…

    anyway, buying a player like him to be the second choice RB for a club of our calibre is a fucking insult!

  46. Keyser

    I doubt he got outrun, he just seems to be quite slow to adjust to nimble players, bit like Djourou from a standing start, otherwise they’re both pretty quick in full flow.

  47. IvoryGoonz

    Suga: I think because he was loaned out most of those years with us, he didnt actually spend enough time in england to qualify…
    same trouble with Joel Campbell these days, the longer he spends on loan under 20, the less he;s likely to be counted in the HG numbers…
    we’ve bought way too many players without ensuring their permit, sent them on loan to sometimes shit team, just to get a permit, and avoid other teams to get them, but then lose as much time, and eventually lose out on this HG status.

    a silly rant, I know, but if that’s the only reason why Wenger traded Jenkinson for Nordtveidt, I think I’m justifiably gutted…

  48. Yippee Kai Yay

    So in summary, the number of quality full backs missing is one. Sagna.

    His loss is significant, everything else is just ‘a n other’ player of mediocre quality. Santos wasn’t exactly match fit, and was still not up to EPL speed to be even considered in the same class as Sagna. And Gibbs was never really a reliable option to back up a new unknown to the squad.

    TV is a CB, who can play FB but lacks pace to play there regularly in a 4-3-3.

    So in terms of ‘quality’ misses from the 1st XI through injury in the first half of the season arsenal have had:

    one FB, one CB (part time FB), one CM.

    Have I missed out any other ‘significant players’ to the first team who were missing through injury?

    There that should save time and debate in the future.

    Right will people now stop going on about afc injuries, they have been mostly to known crocks and ‘average players’.

    The injuries only appear significant in the face of not having bought quality to replace the outgoing players. (hence why you can’t just look at one factor in isolation in order to deduce somthing from it).

    And they are the same well worn season after season limpwristed excuse by myopic idiots.

    You can’t just take a quick look at physioroom and state that AFC are unlucky through injury.

    Half of those wouldn’t have made the squad 10 years ago and in the case of flappyhandski it’s actually a benefit to the squad.

  49. SUGA3


    whatever the cause, it’s the same effect: an opposition player taking advantage of him, like clockwork…

    when we lost Sagna, each and every team targeted him and was pretty damn successful in doing so, he is not good enough, simples!

  50. Radio Raheem

    Suga, Ivory,

    Jenkinson struggled initially but he got better. I think he played well in the last two matches before he got injured. I used to be one of his biggest critics on here. I agree that the ideal solution would’ve been to leave Eboue as a second choice RB. Jenkinson will come good though, maybe not as good Sagna (or Eboue even), but he’ll do.

    Coquelin was starting to look good at RB then he got…

  51. Sir Henry Norris


    Denilson was signed for less than 2m quid, it now seems he is not going mark it with us. Man Utd payed 16m for Anderson and they are 12 points ahead us. Besides Denilson not in our current squad.

    3.5mil signing Diaby, had only been at the club 2 minutes and he suffered a bad injury, I supose it was Wenger that chopped his ankle in that game against Sunderland? is he even Arsenal quality? imho no, but neither is 35mil Andy Carrol.

    Yes we have a large squad, (“with everyone fit”) But what is improtant to note: There aren’t many clubs spending money in this or indeed the last transfer window, hence why some of the “deadwood” are still festering.

    Every club now has to sell before they buy Real, Barca, Utd, even Man City are tightening their belts.

    I will support the club until forever therefore I fully support the current Manager.

  52. Keyser

    YKY – No-ones going on about it, just in comparison Tottenham have had fuck-all like it, so stop talking like they have.

  53. IvoryGoonz

    KeyseR: that is not a discussion, “my friend”, that, is a demonstration to a village idiot.

    let’s play Mertesacker as a striker and declare he’s a striker.

    Im off, seriously, good luck Keyser for the Peroni, you really deserve it.
    being able to improve your amount of bullshit everyday is quite an achievement!

    see ya Grovers!
    (and nice article as usual Pedro, to the point, that some chose to ignore… no excuses)

  54. Radio Raheem

    With Santos’ contribution to our attack and the way we play I’ll consider his absence significant. TV filled in very well for him, and with him playing, it is doubtful if we would have made the mistakes that costs us the matches against Fulham and Swansea. So his absence is also significant…playing JD at RB is a significant disadvantage too

  55. Keyser

    Jenkinson wasn’t that bad and was improving, better than Djourou at least.

    Heh, so basically now it’s going to be we’ve got decent full-back, I called it soon Ramsey’s injury will be seen as myth.

  56. SUGA3


    we have a large squad, but this squad is full of dross, no one will ever buy!

    Diaby? where do I start with this freeloading cunt? probably not his fault for signing the contract until 2015, but what the fuck was Wenger thinking?

    yes, it’s Wenger’s fault for giving him a contract as long as that with no merit whatsoever behind this…

    so what if Andy Carroll cost 10 times as much, what kind of argument is this?

    and this manager is a spent force, he is mentally ill and if there was a single person at this club who was not a half dead fossil like PHW or a clueless fucking Yank talking shite about Billy Bean, he would have been sacked years ago!

    this should be his last season here!

  57. IvoryGoonz

    “IvoryGoonz boys and girls off to slurp the Marseille massive no doubt.”

    you havea no idea. Heh.
    that’s got to be your most interesting comment of the day! Heh.
    how about you go back to your Dallas Chicken Nuggets?>

  58. Xagu

    The only reason we are continually fed this crap about how we cannot compete with Man shitty or Chelski on an equal financial footing is quite simply because neither the board nor Wenger has any interest in doing so. Man shitty is loosing money, but the Sheik and firm behind have taken a calculated promotional risk. They figure the constant hype around both the club and the investors is mutually beneficial, and they are right, they are daily receiving global media coverage. Chelski, Abramovitch and his various organisations has to some degree managed to do the exact same thing, and in many ways this type of aquisitions represents an evolution from the “presidential election model”, one can find at for an example Barcelona.
    As far as I can tell from the publications I’ve read, Usmanov wishes to do the exact same thing with Arsenal. However apart from Chelski and Man shitty Arsenal’s board of directors, would and should have no financial interest in his offer, because no matter how you look at it Arsenal FC is a cash machine, providing a steady and continually rising profitt margin, with practically no cost attached to it.If Usmanov where to buy the board out he’d likely have to pay them three times over. Think of it like this; say you made 100 000 a year, then someone offered you 300 000 in a one off deal, but that would be it. No more 100 000 next year…

    I think most of us would keep that 100 000, and just wait for the year after. Right?
    But Usmanov is still suspiciously eying those offices, so why would you bother taking some of your hard earned 100 000 and invest it back into the club when any moment now the fax machine might print a deal actually worth reading through.

    In short; There will be no reinforcements, not now and not until either this board or Wenger is gone, because a new coach would demand change, and this club requires it to compete.

  59. Yippee Kai Yay

    Keyser, I am realiably informed from a spurs fan (which I have cross refernced in order to be accurate) that they have had a number of injuiries, but have been able to fill in with other players. Which supports my previous assignation, they appear to have not had injuries because they suffered less.

    Lennon was out for significant parts of the season.

    Gallas, Dawson and unsurprisingly King have all been out at different times (but they have depth so it is less noticable), but they have had adequate cover in this department. This compounds another point, any one of their four CB could be deemed 1st selection based upon recent seasons. When Arsenal have lost just one CB it has been signficant due to the quality of the replacements.

    Corluka was out through injury at the start of the season, but walker took his chance to cement a place in 1st XI. So this is really a breakthrough season rather than him having been nailed on starting XI in August. So there is an equivalent positon (albeit not quite the same quality) as Sagna.

    Sandro was out for a long period and returned only to get injured again after two. Which has led to Livermore (their 4th choice MF) playing recently.

    They have also for albeit shorter spell missed Modric, VDV, Defoe and more recently Parker, in parts and yet still coped.

    Parker was signed to take over from Huddlestone (who was previously 1st choice pairing for Modric) thereby improving hte squad and aloowing for injury (Huddlestone has been out all season or there abouts apparently).

    So out of that I would say they have missed an equal number of games for players of the ‘right quality’ with significant EPL experience to make a difference for it to be noticable, but that they miss one or two quality players less, as their competition for places has meant that for once it is less of an issue., they have retained key players (rather than selling) and even improved the squad.

    The point I would have made, had I not better things to do that evening, was that whilst they hadn’t lost someone like Bale or Modric for Significant periods. Their losses are have been broardly equivalent in terms of players of ‘quality’ per game.

    And that Arsenal were lucky that RVP hadn’t been injured!

    I can’t be arsed to go and do a finite analysis, but suffice to say it still holds true, Spurs have had injuries, Arsenal have had more in number, but less in quality. Very few of them should even have been considered to be 1st XI when the season started.

    If you really want a comparison, try Man U and they are on even more points than spurs. or would that make it a ‘man u love in’?

    Now tell me is english your first language?

  60. Yippee Kai Yay

    SUGA citing andy caroll as an example of anything is always going to be someone from the losing side. He cost more than he was worth based upon Torres price paid, so comments about cost and value will always be skewed.

    And unless I am mistaken he plays for liverpool, who not only aren’t in the CL they haven’t been for a couple of seasons now, and didn’t even make the Europa.

    If they are the benchmark for success then Arsenal are really in trouble.

    They paid £20 mil for henderson and £15 mil for Downing ffs.

  61. Keyser

    YKY – If you truly believe we’ve got one decent full-back and that’s somehow a mitigation for our injuries, than that’s a joke firstly, even then Sagna is better than any fullback they have.

    The thing is you could go through their whole squad and you wouldn’t find one key player that’s missed the time Wilshere has, but this is by-the-by, even though they’ve used the Europa Cup as a place to rest players or give players returning from injury game-time, their squad is supposed to cope with the players they’ve had out.

    It’s something we should to, if you go back I’ve said over-all that you could say Tottenham’s got a deeper squad, but at the end of the day what we’ve faced at full-back isn’t something you’d expect your squad to cope with.

    ffs, you’ve wasted all this time writing out paragraph after paragraph,rambling on about context, but we’ve played 9 different players in the full-back positions, as of now 6 are injured because of it.

    That’s not to be expected, it’s just not, even if they were top quality you still wouldn’t expect to deal with it and for some reason you’ve chosen to ignore it.

    If Van Persie gets injured, who btw is a better striker also than any they have than I couldn’t really complain because of what we’ve got in reserve, but what we have had has taken the absolute piss and for that reason No, fuck no, have Tottenham faced the same problems.

  62. Arben

    So Mike Dean and Phil Dowd will destroy Arsene Wenger badly this time, I feel so sorry for my team .These kind of biased Referees shouldn’t be allowed to be nowhere near the pitch .
    So the result is predicted already ,another depressing weekend fuck that.

  63. Keyser

    “Arsenal have had more in number, but less in quality. Very few of them should even have been considered to be 1st XI when the season started.”

    What my first language is should be irrelevant you shouldn’t have gone this far, it’s got fuck all to do with just number, but number in a specific area you just wouldn’t expect it.

    Even then look at the periods players have missed I’m guessing Vermaelen, Wilshere, Sagna, Santos have all missed signifcantly more than any key player from Tottenham.

    It just doesn’t stack up and is a silly comparison.

  64. arsenal1886-2006

    Usmanov is a businessman and can afford to sit back and watch Arsenal implode. The share price will drop alongside the teams woeful displays and will eventually reach a price where he will feel that Kroenke will sell to salvage his investment.
    3 or 4 years with no champions league and he will be more twitchy than Harry.

  65. arsenal1886-2006

    “Arsenal always seem to be looking at the profit margins more than it seems other clubs do and I think it has cost us this year. I don’t think we have got a strong enough squad at the moment and I think that has shown up and I think it talks for itself,” said McLintock.
    “Over the last two years the transfers [out] must be about £100million but I think we may have spent about £50m in return. The money seems to be there. It’s very difficult to know if it’s the board holding the money back or Arsene.
    “I think a lot of the supporters feel as though we need a good injection of money in the transfer window. Sometimes people talk about big money but when I think of some of the players that have gone recently like [Scott] Parker, who went to Tottenham, [Jose] Enrique, who is a fabulous left-back and went for about £5m or £6m, [Chris] Samba I think you could have got for £8m, maybe £10m maximum, and [Gary] Cahill the same. It’s not an awful lot of money and those four players would have made an awful difference to our defence for a start.
    “I think it will be a great challenge for Arsenal to actually finish in the top four because of the squad they have got. I’m really sad to say that because the top four should be the last thing we would be looking for.
    “We should be challenging for the Championship and the Champions League, not talking about getting into the top four. That is a step backwards and I thought we were going to the Emirates Stadium to challenge the Real Madrid’s and Barcelona’s. We all love Arsenal but we are just disappointed and confused with the situation.”

  66. OPG

    “The plan for left back is that we have Kieran Gibbs, Armand Traore and Thomas Vermaelen can play there too. So we have what we need,” said Wenger.

    That was in July, you have to wonder why with all the defensive problems especially selling Clichy in early June and needing another CB it was left to the last week of the window.
    Then gambling with the fitness of Gibbs and the only fit full back in a meaningless game, if Eboue were still around he’d be playing at LB! But hey let’s sign some Oman international to patch things up.

  67. Arben

    I have never had a single thought on conspiracy theories or corruption on the past in Premiere League, but i have got the feeling something dodgy is going on with some fucking referees.
    Newcastle / Arsenal last season 4-4 dodgy staff ,it stink.

  68. David

    Look As Regards to Wenger.

    Seriously now, there’s no doubt he’s a genius.

    That being said, we’ve discovered that even Einstein is past it.

  69. arsenal1886-2006

    Frank McLintock has backed Arsene Wenger’s decision to re-sign Thierry Henry – but says the Arsenal boss must also bring in another striker this month.
    Henry is set to return to Arsenal on a two-month loan deal and, while McLintock believes it is a good move, the former Gunners star says he must not be the only attacking arrival if the club are to remain in the hunt for a top four finish.
    Germany forward Lukas Podolski has been linked with a January switch to the Emirates and McLintock would love to see a player of that ilk brought in to share the goalscoring burden with Robin Van Persie.

    I hope Arsene Wenger doesn’t rely just on Henry coming in this next month because we do badly need someone like [Lukas] Podolski

    Frank McLintock
    “We badly need somebody that can score goals, somebody to play alongside van Persie or, if van Persie is injured, to step in there,” he said, speaking to the Weekend Sports Breakfast.
    “I do think Henry’s return will give the squad a lift because he is one of the best players Arsenal have ever had. He still has great feelings for Arsenal. He will have lost a bit of pace but he had so much pace anyway that he’ll still have more pace than most players.
    “But I hope Arsene Wenger doesn’t rely just on Henry coming in this next month because we do badly need someone like [Lukas] Podolski, someone to replace and play with van Persie because, as everyone knows, if he gets injured we have had it because there’s no-one else in the team scoring regularly apart from van Persie.”

  70. goonermart

    arsenal1886-2006 says:
    January 16, 2012 at 20:08


    Thats a excellent post.

    Nice one Frank. It’s not all about £25m players, it’s about not trying to be a clever cunt.

  71. Yippee Kai Yay

    you see, Keyser by your own admission you’re guessing.

    Of their squad Gallas missed the first Three months, Dawson sept through to Jan, King has made 11 prem appearances in total out of a possible 21. So they have been missing at least two CB’s for the first half of the season and at times three. I would say that was pretty significant and comparative. If anything they have missed out more by having three of the four not available.

    Corluka was out (arguably their previous 1st choice RB) pre-season, and then again after an interantional week. THing is it mattered less as Walker has turned out to be more than capable Right back apparently. And from what I saw in the england game has more chance of being an england regular than Gibbs. So again equivalent to sagna (positionally) but they covered with a proper RB who has stepped up.

    Santos? why include him, he wasn’t exactly a known quantity, has been in and out of international side. But as they lost out more in CB I’ll even give you that one. So across the back line, similar loss through injury, but they have coped better.

    Wilshere is the one the club have really missed, but guess what, Huddlestone and Sandro have both missed out the majority (Sandro less so huddlestone every game after second of EPL). Now I know you will say that it isn’t like for like, but in reality it is. It is simply that Huddlestone is now arguably 4th pick (or maybe even 5th behind livermore) where he was previously 1st, since Spurs weren’t acting in reliance of either by buying better quality in Parker and VDV in recent years, where Arsenal have regressed. Add to that VDV has also been injured, and apparently rarely plays out the 90mins I would say that across the middle they have missed a similar number, but improved through acquisition.

    Most notably a player who apparently wanted to come to Arsenal but ended up at spurs, who has been instrumental since arrival, and when partnered with Sandro for his return

    Is that what you really wanted? someone to actually have to go through stats on spurs players to prove you wrong, knowing that most bloggers here wouldn’t be botherd to challenge your conjecture, in case it made them feel violently ill.

    Safe also in the knowledge that you could simply dismiss it as ‘sounding like a spurs love in’. If so, then you’re just plain wierd.

    The above is also why you can’t look at injuries in isolation. It does stack up, it is comparative and it is a very poor excuse for the season so far.

    Now go and bury your head back in the sand if it makes you feel better.

    And the first laguage is still relevant, you said Iwouldn’t answer a straight question, I have, now that I have had time to be thorough.

    So over to you, is English your first language?

    If not, then I apologise for being so forceful, but I accept that you could adequately misunderstand a few things.

    If it is, then quite simply, stop being an idiot (or at the very least try harder not to be an idiot).

  72. Yippee Kai Yay

    frank is spot on! But I’m sure that Keyser would disagree, and that it’s all down to injuries, and that gibbs is the greatest LB Arsenal have ever seen.

    ps. I forgot to include lennon in the midfield comparrison also injured for nearly half the Prem games so far this season. Seem a shame to have gone to trouble not to stick a nail in Keysers arguement even further. And Bale has missed half a dozen games or so as well apparently.

  73. LeMassiveCoq

    I don’t think it would make any difference if we did spend big and bring in 2 or 3 top class players like Hazard, Gohtze, Vertoghnen…the problem is the senile one. He is tactically clueless.

    The shape and tactics of the team does not change one iota week in week out, even whilst trying to accommodate all the different personnel we have used. I’m sorry but he needs to take a ride on that escalator upstairs and let a new, younger, motivator take the wheel. Till then, we are royally fucked.

  74. Yippee Kai Yay

    The Man City juggernaut keeps rolling on. 0-1 at HT and it seems almost unfair to Wigan.

    After all, the fans who have turned out have to sit there watch an expensively assembled, and for the most part soulless, team dismantle what hope they had for the season piece by piece, and then after all that they have to go home, they wake up tomorrow and they are still in Wigan.

    I just hope they manage to get a nourishing meal inside of them before the evening is out.

  75. David

    That Article on Kreonke is indeed interesting.

    Do you think the fact that The Rams have been shite for far too long since their super bowl loss in the 90’s has got their fans excited about Jeff Fisher?

    I dont think so.

  76. Keyser

    “Is that what you really wanted? someone to actually have to go through stats on spurs players to prove you wrong, knowing that most bloggers here wouldn’t be botherd to challenge your conjecture, in case it made them feel violently ill.”

    This is beyond pathetic now, do you really just want to trade insults ? Because it’s not going to get us anywhere, and it’s going to take just as long again.

    If you play your first, second, third centre-back that’s just something the squad should be able to deal with, it’s the norm, have I held your attention soo far ? Good, (conjecture there to), but fuck it you started it, heh.

    For the umpteenth time it’s not about over-all squad depth, because I’d probably concede there’s is better, it’s the fact that we’ve gone to a ridiculous extreme with injuries in one area. You don’t plan for that, you shouldn’t because it’d be ridiculous.

    I could pick apart your analysis of their injuries say this..

    “King has made 11 prem appearances in total out of a possible 21.”

    He can’t play 3 games in a week so of course he isn’t going to have played every game, that’d go under your crock analogy.

    The thing is I didn’t need you to that, just accept that Tottenham haven’t had to deal with something that normally their squad wouldn’t have to.

    That’s all ? Is that soo hard to grasp ? Think about it, if Sandro misses two weeks and Parker has to play, that’s not soo hard to deal with is it, now if Modric, Parker, Sandro, Huddleston Krankcjar and Livermore, are all missing at the same time is that going to have a different more exacting effect ?!

    Now I’ve done that for midfield, not because I wanted to use maybe a more prominent position, but because I have no real idea who Tottenham’s 3rd, 4th, 5th choice full-backs are.

    Do you want me to pick apart your injury analysis even though I shouldn’t really have to ?!

    Like comparing Wilshere to Tom fucking Huddlestone when Parker’s first choice anyway and the only reason Sandro plays is to give him a rest or play two of them togther.

    Fucking hell, Jack Wilshere — > Tom Huddlestone.

  77. Gunner4Real

    I thought I had weened myself off Arsenal troubles. How wrong I was.

    Most fans are angry because of the result, but to be honest its much deeper. This team is poor. Very poor. Swansea were so much better.

    Wenger has serious issues and I think Gazidis has even more issues. Dein used to act, when he believed it was needed. Ivan spend some f##king money!

  78. Yippee Kai Yay

    Looking at City does remind me of one thing.

    I remember a certain team who had a flat back four, solid centre backs, fullbacks who supported play but could stick a tackle in.

    A keeper with years of international experience.

    They had two strong hard tackling defensive midfielders in the middle of the park making them tough to break down, who had the ability to release quick passes to two pacey wingers, with a free roaming and extremely creative world class support striker behind a world class predatory striker.

    Vaguely remember they acquired a nickname of some description, something that the fans called them, now what was it? ‘the invincibles’ or something like that.

    That model still seemed to work well in the EPL, and is the one that city now seem to have adopted. However despite it being effective in the EPL it was always less effective on the continent.

    The question therefore has to be asked, is Wengers persistance with 4-3-3 and lack of adaptability all in the name of pursuit of the one trophy which has so far eluded him, at whatever the cost?

  79. gambon


    City are just lucky.

    Its not like buying good players makes you a better team. It can’t work, otherwise wenger would do it.

  80. Bade


    Keyser and co will keep blaming others, even when the day comes and Arsene admit his faults and fuck off to PSG

  81. Yippee Kai Yay

    keyser, give it a rest.

    Just accept that they’ve had injuries which are similar and move on, there’s a good chap.

    Still you pick up on one point and fail to acknowledge the bigger picture.

    I get it alright, you have no vision you think in absolutes, and can’t see the wood from the trees.

    You’re tiresome and persistent, and as with others before me have clearly tried to point out, not really worth time or keyboard useage.

    Just appreciate that people are even taking the time to respond and let it go.

  82. goonermart

    Wenger has to go, think Frank is just being kind and respectful.

    Best way to get rid of the senile disease is to boycott the games, especially red and silver members. It’s a bit unfair to expect season ticket holders to miss to many games, after all they have had to shell out a small fortune for them.

    Similarly it’s rather unfair to expect season ticket holders not to renew their tickets as some have waited many many years to obtain them.

    I dont buy the argument that now is not a good time to sack wenger either. It’s always a good time to sack a shit manager, but never a good time to keep a shit one. Just look at Sunderland for fuck sake. Let the new manager have two transfer windows before the start of next season.

    Boycott games = Senile Cunt Out!!

  83. Keyser

    YKY – Heh, you crack me up, where do you think you are ? This isn’t a place that’d be receptive to me, but I’m here, and instead of accepting my point, you can’t even bring yourself to acknowledge it because you’ve read what I’ve written before and come up some vague idea of who you think I am and what I represent.

    To be honest what does it really matter what either of us think of each other, what does any of it matter ? I’m just safe in the knowledge that I put forward a simple point and you went full retard on it.

  84. Bade

    Money can’t buy you quality

    $ity bought Aguero and Dzeko and they both are utter shite

    In the other hand we bought Park on the cheap and Chamakh on the free (Well the sign on fees didn’t make that free, but let’s say), both are tearing the league apart……

  85. goonermart

    Keyser says:
    January 16, 2012 at 20:58

    You don’t plan for that, you shouldn’t because it’d be ridiculous.


    Yeah because everyone thought Gibbs would play 38 games this season! You truly are a massive cock.

  86. Samir

    Great post as always by the way…I always have something to look forward to when I get home!
    Cheers Geoff/Pedro! Keep up the good work 😀

  87. goonermart

    the invincibles?

    I would much rather watch 10 midgets passing the ball around 600 times before blazing the ball over the bar, now thats class!

  88. arsenal1886-2006

    Bade says:
    January 16, 2012 at 21:11
    Money can’t buy you quality

    $ity bought Aguero and Dzeko and they both are utter shite

    In the other hand we bought Park on the cheap and Chamakh on the free (Well the sign on fees didn’t make that free, but let’s say), both are tearing the league apart……


    I thought that was a genuine thought by a poster, then I checked the posters name…..

  89. Yippee Kai Yay

    ‘full retard’. I take it back, you can’t be anywhere near your mid 20’s let alone 30’s.

    I explained myself as you asked. But to the extent that renderd your point useless. rather than to’ing and fro’ing on the meaningly in between detritus you serve up. It required full an empirical evidence to counter your meaningless and irrelevant and somewhat redundant point, more than a little flacid.

    And now you are declaring some sort of victory, for what? being wrong. for having an online dictionary and failing to be able to use it?

    Just, stop, stealing, oxygen. really. do.

  90. Keyser

    Yippee Kai Yay – I don’t think it matters how old I am, or you for that matter you could be 12 or 43 it wouldn’t matter, I asked you how they’ve got similar injuries knowing full well you wouldn’t be able to give an a like for like scenario instead you’ve bullshitted your way through whatever ailments they did have and still ignore my point.

    There squad hasn’t been tested in the same way ours has that’s all, whats soo hard to grasp ?!