Is Henry the equivalent of having your old bike re-painted?

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You remember when you were a kid and all you wanted was a new bike, a Chopper with those fancy gears, long saddle and the twirly bits on the cowhorn handlebars? Then your dad gets your old bike re-painted, remember that disappointing feeling? All you wanted was a chopper, an orange one.

Don’t get me wrong here, I was one that was calling for the return of the great man as I wasn’t the person who refuses to give contracts to 30 year olds, Thierry is better than Chamakh, Park and most forwards in the EPL combined, as was Campbell better than what we had at the time and Lehmann better than Almunia.

And don’t forget that Henry left us, and for what? To win the European Cup which he duly did as he knew Arsenal never would.

But I’m thinking what Wenger is doing is throwing up a huge smokescreen to save buying what we do need and getting rid of what we don’t.

Chamakh and Park are hopeless, get rid of them, Arshavin is a top player that has lost his way and Squillaci isn’t good enough for the reserves, so get rid of them all and bring in some quality, we all know they’ll go eventually but strike now and we can replace them in this window.

Remember me saying last year we should get rid of Bendtner and Denilson? Shows how good they were that we couldn’t sell either of them and now Bendtner can’t even get in the Sunderland side, how many years did we suffer those two? How long do we have to suffer the former?

I was talking to one of the Dortmund coaches yesterday, I asked him if Mario Goetze was going to join Arsenal, he said no, I aked him if he wanted Rosicky back, he laughed his nuts off and said no thanks, you keep him, he always was a crock.

Boy does that say a lot. So my point is that Wenger wheels in an Arsenal legend who scores, yes it was only Leeds, but no one else manaaged it, Wenger starts crowing and we the fans get diddled again, all we are after is qualification of a European trophy we can never win because we don’t invest is enough quality, so it’s self perpetuating.

We sign all these kids at a young age because they are the stars of tomorrow and apart from one, Wilshere, they all leave or get moved on, even Luke Freeman went yesterday. Remember the fanfare when we signed him?

So my point is this cycle has to be broken or nothing will ever change, yes it’s great to have Thierry back, but a few defenders, a world class playmaker and a goalscorer that will stay longer than Thierry would have been better.

I would still sign Vertongen as when our stars return he can play anywhere across the back.

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Have a great day Grover’s and hope he proves me wrong.

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  1. Rob green


    “@johncrossmirror: #thfc fans chanting: ‘North London is ours.’ Nine points clear of #afc and level on points with #mufc in table. Gonna take some stopping.”

  2. Josip Skoblar

    Carroll is so slow and heavy. No technique to compensate. How could Dalglish splash that amount of money on him? It beggars belief.

  3. Rob green

    Wenger you cunt!!! How have you let tottenham become better thxn us and let the tables turn!!

    I dont care what anyone says they have a better team and squad than us!!

    Dont bother mentioning injuries to me we blame injuries every year!! Tottenham have got injury problems as well

    Wenger is fucking arsenal and taking us down!! Wenger out

  4. Yippee Kai Yay

    tbf, I was expecting more abuse for my last comment.

    Well people were wondering what spurs would do without a few key players.Hmmm

  5. reggie57

    Stop clutching at straw’s the spud’s have moved ahead of us why our leader sit’s on his throne doing nothing!!

  6. Keyser

    “Tottenham have got injury problems as well”

    Oh fuck off, honestly if you’re going to have a moan don’t start talking shit on top of it.

  7. Yippee Kai Yay

    spurs currently, 4th choice midfielder, 3rd and 4th choice CB. still winning so far, 10 mins for everton to pull something back.

  8. DaleDaGooner

    SUGA, why don’t you go and take a seat? Thanks…stop embarrasing yourself, Carroll vs Chamakh??? child please.

  9. Chris

    there is definitely a feeling that as much as i love thierry, and am happy he is back for a few months, wenger is just using the short term love-in of his return as cover to not sign anyone of note yet again. Actively feel sick worrying that the spuds may actually finish above us and we won’t even have the CL.. then rvp will go.. perhaps even wenger too, but we’d be a serious sh1thole.

  10. Keyser

    Yippee Kai Yay – Mate, you’d carry more credibility if you weren’t using Dawson’s absence as one of their key injury problems last time, now they’re 3rd and 4th choice.

    Bar Livermore that’s probably their strongest team.

  11. SUGA3


    obviously, you are still the same Rabbit,I know there are things you are finding hard to comprehend, but it’s natural, you just need to read some things slowly and some things twice, it’s OK 😆

    yes, you can compare Carroll to Chamakh, both are completely shite…

  12. Yippee Kai Yay

    Keyser, he’s not talking shit, they do.

    But they also more quality in the 1st XI not to notice in more places.

    Imagine an AFC without RVP and Chesney. that’s frightening.

  13. Yippee Kai Yay

    keyser, that’s kinda my point. Dawson out (previously played a bucket load last season and was first choice) then Kaboul steps up and takes 1st place. with Gallas and king always be first choice on quality and experience.

    But they have depth, do AFC????

    You’d ahve more credibility if you opened your eyes a bit.

  14. Keyser

    Yippie Kai Yay – He is, so are you, it’s pathetic, we’ve got enough problems without you making up bullshit to.

    There’s something odd about your posts for an Arsenal all you do is talk up Spurs. They’ve had fuck all injuries.

    “Imagine an AFC without RVP and Chesney. that’s frightening.”

    Eh ?!

  15. SUGA3

    It’s so funny, Spuds are suddenly going to beat Man U, Shitty, and a few better teams yet to be faced….

    how funny, no mention of ‘Arsenal’ in there and if they are unable to beat these teams, neither are we…

    no one says they are going for the title, but between us and them, they have the better team and squad, as far as I am concerned, this is high fucking treason…

  16. HerveDeNerve


    Just to highlight what shit you are shovelling, Spuds are halfway through the season and have 45 points. This was after losing their first 2 games against Manu 3-0 and Shitty 5-1. All they have to do is repeat their first half and they’ve won the title. Your like Wenger, pull your fucking head out of your arsehole!

  17. DaleDaGooner

    All of a sudden Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gervinho, WIlshere, Arteta, Song, Walcott and a few others should be replaced in the squad with 3-4 signings from somewhere more quality than us (their team will sell them too) Yeah, that should propel us past the mighty spuds

  18. SUGA3


    frenchie once summed you up perfectly, you are the best judged on the quality of your fucking arguments, it is there for everyone to see, so I guess I will make no further comments on the subject, you are making my argument for me…

    now jog on, will you?

  19. Yippee Kai Yay

    Or let me put it this way Keyser, Spurs are now 9 points ahead after 20 games and with a GD of +10 on AFC, level on points with United and 3 behind City.

    OK will admit still a long way to go, but are you denying that they are not now a stronger squad?

    If so you need stronger medication.

    Credibility, from a man who talks out of his arse half the time, that’s rich.

  20. Rob green

    Spuds level on points with city. If they beat Wolves on Sat, they draw level on points with city!!

    Sort it out wenger!!!

  21. DaleDaGooner

    “All they have to do is repeat their first half and they’ve won the title.”

    Can anyone understand this twat?? Really? Al they have to do, no shit sherlock…..I didn’t know that they STILL have to do that, I should shit in my pants just like you then, what an idiot, you are just like the man you loath, you just don’t know it. arsewipe

  22. Yippee Kai Yay

    Herve have a word with Keyser will you. I think he’s a lost cause, but have a crack you might get through.


  23. Keyser

    Yippee Kai Yay – Heh, I said we’ve got enough problems without people talking shit, they’ve had fuckall injuries compared to us stop trying to make out they’ve been living on a knifes edge.

    It’s complete and utter bollocks.

    It’s all you come on here to talk about, very odd.

  24. DaleDaGooner

    SUGA, you still foaming out the mouth like a rabid dog? I thought i told you to have a fucking sit, better yet gob a dick to pacify all the shit you might be talking out of you gob.

  25. Rob green

    Keyser your blind and full of it!! Spuds are better than us!! The table doesnt lie!! Wenger will do fuck all!! Harry will probably buy in jan as well

  26. DaleDaGooner

    SUGA knows he’s talking shit constantly, cause he bites every time i refer to shit know what you are about SUGA, you talk dung!

  27. SUGA3


    I am pretty sure no one on here wants to read your pathetic fantasies, but there have to be some sites where this kind of shit is more welcome?

    you poor little thing, your handler has got his work cut out 😆

  28. Ricky

    No doubting the spuds are better equipped then we are… When jack & sagna come back we will probably be fractionally better or even on the same level.

    Only difference is that they have a manager that knows what he’s doing..

  29. SUGA3


    you have been so spectacularly wrong on so many things you could compete with w*llyb*lly for the Golden Clown Shoes Award and yet you have somehow conceived to call me out for talking shit and ‘biting’ on your semi-illiterate attempts to wind people up?

    don’t flatter yourself sunshine…

  30. kapslock

    It’s disgraceful those cunts are 9 points ahead of us.

    Shows just how far we have declined as a team. Pathetic.

  31. Gooby


    what a waste, in some people’s mind it’s ok to spend those amounts, it’s even an excuse sometimes.
    As if it’s the definition of “showing ambition” and acting like a big club so it’s easily forgiven.

    we need a couple of new players and i hope we don’t end up buying flops.

  32. Ricky


    I wouldn’t waste my time mate.. these lot are obviously not being real with themselves.. Anybody with an eye or an ear could tell we got problems..

    It’s obvious dale, keyser & the certain others are on a wind up…

  33. Keyser

    I don’t know what everyone’s worried about WTL’s saving millions while he’s been away from here and he’ll buy the club soon and save everything.

  34. Dream10


    Agree with you with not spending for the sake of it.
    But for quality players you need to pay and Wenger does not do that.

  35. Radio Raheem

    bum chum? haha haven’t heard that one in a while…yeah Ricky’s a Welsh kid…go easy on him…he’s Ridic innit

  36. gazzap

    when was the last time we were 9 points behind Sp*rs well into a season? Must have been like 15+ years ago.
    And their wage bill is nearly half of ours. Its a bloody disgrace and shows up Wenger’s total mismanagement of our squad over several years.

  37. kapslock

    18 games to make a 9 point gap? Not happening.

    We are fighting it out with Chelsea. Hopefully they really fuck up and feel the effect of having Drogba & Co at the ACN. Hearing Essien’s back training though.

  38. Ricky

    What, did that touch a nerve radio?

    Your mum get left behind did she?

    Don’t worry I’m sure she’ll be on the next boat over.. if she’s not already here locked up in a brothel in Bethnal green somewhere.

  39. Gooby

    yes but sometimes he does spend a little money of quality player.

    I agree that he has a habit of working on the cheap since we moved to the that can be frustrating at times although spending big money was never the main aspect of our policy in building squads like nouveaux riches do, nowadays.

    Witch is the easiest way for a club to work its way toward glory like city are doing at the moment, that’s why, imo, football fans urge there respective clubs to “spend some fucking money”.

    It’s obvious that spending money can improve the team, it will in most cases but there’s a difference between clubs when it comes to spending. Real and city can’t be compared to us on that aspect, if we spent half of what city did in those last three years without a sufficient financial return it would be almost impossible to carry on with the same policy (splashing the cash on quality on regular basis) and we’ll find ourselves back to square one because no sugar daddy will come to the rescue.

    Look at liverpool, i don’t know if we have the ability to splash as much cash as kenny dalglish did in the short period he’s been there but if we did i wish we could make a step forward rather than stay just where we were.

  40. kapslock

    Gooby – I don’t think any realistic fan is asking for us to spend money like City, Madrid or Barca have. Or spend it in the ridiculous way Liverpool have.

    It’s the way we have spent our money on the likes of Chamakh, Park, Squillaci etc that has most fans pissed off. Granted you’ll always get the odd shit player but we have second string team of them. It’s also Wengers inability now to keep hold of his best players. That never used to be a problem, now it’s a big one.

    The wage structure needs to be looked at massively. We should be able to spend £20 million on 1 or 2 players without it being a big effect on our budget. A marquee signing would have such a big impact on the team and fans as a whole, it would be a massive lift imo. I don’t doubt Wenger’s ability to identify players, it’s his lack of ambition that gets them. The summers madness and complete mess has inevtiably transferred itself onto our league position. Not good enough with a club that is ‘running a sustainable financial model’ with £53 million sat in the TPA.

  41. Gooby


    I totally agree with. that was my point, spend on what we really need. There are going to be a few disappointments eventually, ala chamakh and squillacci who are going to move soon and we’ll all forget about them. I doubt liverpool will forget about carroll for example.

    I never asked for us to spend like city, i am just saying that some fans think that if city are able to spend that much we should be responding in the same way by going all out and fact is we can’t aren’t equipped for that kind of policy in the market.

  42. Radio Raheem

    Ricky you really are a dense little child. The sad part of all this is that your are probably a 40 year old! I blame the system, by that I mean the herd of swine and lemmings that raised you, for the state you are in, your mind has been turdified by the excruciating deprivation council estate living has clearly had on you.

    So when next you pull that sheepish grin on you grotesque toothless face, twidling your gangrenous fingers, staring at the screen and looking to bescumber our view with your mindless drivel try, if you can, remember that there is a whole world out there with people from outside your family circle.

  43. Ricky

    “your mind has been turdified by the excruciating deprivation council estate living has clearly had on you.”

    “that sheepish grin on you grotesque toothless face, twidling your gangrenous fingers, staring at the screen and looking to bescumber our view with your mindless drivel”

    Well that’s really great, isn’t it..?

    C’mon Mann… Talk like a real person, who goes around say “grotesque, gangerous

    Are you for real!? Who you trying to impress!? Your on a fucking gooner blog made by real fans & not some stuck up political gibberish talking twat who’s closest thing to real life is watching eastenders..

    Grow a pair & stop acting FFS…

  44. Ricky


    Nice one pedders!! That was funny! :)

    Don’t worry raheem, I got love for all my fellow gooner buddies.. Even you..

    Plus radio raheem is the name of one of my favourite boxing journo’s. :)

    Night all, I’m offski.


  45. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Having Thiery Henry on board is a very smart distraction. Wenger has handcuffed himself with foolish contracts and now cannot add without subtraction. On defense we are decimated but we have players coming back. If we can only hold on in the meantime. As for Henry, when he is the one guy that can find the back of the goal then this really tells a truth, that you have failed in your ability to develop from within. Arsenal have serious problems, but have managed to this point to perservere I don’t expect much in this transfer window, that is being realistic in the world that Wenger has created for himself. An fair expectation would be to expect some serious activity in the Summer transfer window, where there are many contracts that must be purged, whether you receive compensation or not for them. Some injured will return and I expect them to add to overall depth, but not really add improvement as none are pure goal scorers, which we desperately need. Its going to be tooth and nail to the final week for 4th place. I’d love to see it, but realistically the odds are against us and they should be, that is what Wenger has done to himself and by extension to us all.

  46. rob green

    New stadium, injuries, money, bad luck, ref decisions?

    what excuses have we got!!

    at the end of the day Tottenham are a better team and improve each year. Wenger is taking us backwards!!

    Wenger out!!

  47. dano san

    What is this transfer mania going on around here?? You say you have been gooners since whatever date way back.. but what I can’t comprehend is that you’re still banging the transfer drum like maniacs!! wtfudge?

    ARSENAL F.C HAVE NEVER BOUGHT THESE TYPE OF PLAYERS YOU’RE ASKING FOR, AND NEVER WILL!!! HOW HARD IS IT TO UNDERSTAND THAT? And yet it’s like Le Grove is on repeat(!) There will be no £40mill players coming in, not even a £20mill player! If you’ve been fans for “so long”, why haven’t you made peace with your inner transfer demon?


    Some commenters on here are slating AW, and rightly so, for the right reasons, but CMON!

    When I read that Titi was, for some, the reason why he/ she fell in love with the mighty Arse, well, then I can’t bother to take their transfer claims so seriously either. Arsenal isn’t Chelsea, Manure, Shitty or Real Madrid – WE ARE THE ARSENAL, AND WE DO THINGS THE ARSENAL WAY. THATS WHAT MAKES OUR CLUB SO SPECIAL! Now, remember that. —-> a good site for some under-the-radar info.

    sry for the dramatic caps, but hey, gotta make a point huh? ;p