We’ll have a Suarez, the one without the N word please | Thierry is back at Arsenal

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Finally… it happened… after writing about his impending signing, he’s here, King Thierry is back, this time with an aggressive militant beard, slightly more humility… but still with the goals. Well, the latter is what we’re still hoping for because that’s an area of our game we’re really having a problem with. We’ve become more solid as an outfit, we’ve kind of been creating chances, we just haven’t had the tools to finish off teams in the clinical fashion we used to.

I’m still slightly hazed at the thought of the greatest player in Premiership history returning. I love him dearly, I still think he has something to offer, but in the back of my mind there is still that slight nag that says, ‘the Premiership is fast, really fast, can he hack it?’ The fanfare around him joining has been extraordinary. It’s almost totally taken the focus off what we should really be doing and that’s signing players who at least have a medium term future with us.

Still, Thierry is smitten…

“Arsenal and me has always been a love story, with some bad days. Hopefully people agree with me that there were more good days than bad, but I just love the Club.”

That type of love is infectious. When Sol Campbell came back to the team a couple of years ago, he showed the kids what it meant to play in an Arsenal shirt. When the chips are down for us, hopefully Thierry can lead the way.

The manager has come out again and admitted that a left back is still on the cards. He didn’t say whether he was trialling that guy from Oman, hopefully he’s not. There’s also no mention of Richardson which seemed to come out as true last week when the rejection stories did the rounds. Wenger said that Thomas Vermaelen will be back after the Swansea game, that’s gone out a game, hopefully we’re not getting into looser return dates with the Belgian already.

We’ve also ruled ourselves out of the title race. Yeah, I know, things were all looking so damn good in the league, but Wenger has waved the white flag. No title for us this year.

‘We are fighting very hard to get in the top four, and if we can, to do better. We have just come out of the Christmas period with seven points but it is not good enough to fight for the championship because we should have made 12.’

The problem with comments like that above is that they’re becoming an all too familiar tale, we’re almost getting used to not competing for the league. What will happen in the summer? Will he go out and give us a fighting chance by making some purposeful moves, or will he once again do the bare minimum and leave us all knowing the outcome of next season before it’s started?

I wonder what impact this has on the players? Does it lead to complacency when your focus from the outset is not the ultimate prize? When I was at University, all you needed to pass the first year was 40% in each subject, how hard do you think I tried to achieve the best I could? How hard do you think 90% of the student  population round me tried? Study… or get yourself into some seriously boozed up regretful debt?

I think elements of my student attitude shone through towards the end of last season… we were still in the race quite late, undeservedly you might argue and the boys weren’t interested. Is that because in the back of their minds, they knew 4th was their 40% pass mark? Who knows… but I think the lack of ruthlessness of the manager has a direct impact on the culture amongst the players. Even if Fergie loses out on the League this year, you can bet your bottom dollar he’ll be tearing that team apart in the summer if things haven’t worked out. Will Arsene? Of course he won’t…

Wenger voiced his concerns about the ACN and the negative impact it has on players. I still for the life of me can’t understand why it has to be every two years. It smacks of greed to me and it’s detrimental to players health. If they want to host it every two years, players should have a choice as to whether they have to play it, or the clubs should.

We’re paying the wages for our players to come back broken every bi-annually. I don’t think it’s as simple as saying, ‘don’t sign African players’, because they’re some of the best in the League. The International scene is so out of kilter with the interests of the world. I do hope the clubs take FIFA on when there’s an opportunity to do so. World Football as a whole should not be held accountable to a corrupt organisation the clubs could easily do without. International football should take a back seat to club football in my opinion.

It’d be interesting to read what African Gooners think about it?

The Daily Mail, fresh of the back of linking us to every player in Europe we’re not going to sign are at it again, this time linking us with Suarez. Not the one with a penchant for pinching and liberally spraying the N word around the football pitch, oh no, I’m talking about the Argentinian Suarez nobody has been talking about this season despite scoring 14 goals in 24 appearances for Anderlecht. He’s very quick on the ball with a pair of skillful feet to boot, he’s obviously got an eye for goal and he’ll probably come equipped with that Argentinian madness as standard. I’d love it if this rumour were true, it certainly has all the hallmarks of an old school Wenger signing, however, I can’t help but think Thierry is the only movement we’ll see up front this window.

Become an expert in Suarez like me…

Wenger is due to make a decision on Ryo Miyachi, the boy is back from injury and looking very sharp and dangerous in training, the coach is just unsure of how much game time he can give him. Reading between the lines, this sounds like a situation that could be determined by who we buy. If we bring in a foreign left back for three months, or a creative midfielder, he’ll be shipped out so we fulfill our quotas (Update: My line reading is poor, he’s under 21, so he doesn’t need to be registered… back to the drawing board). If he lands an English player, he’ll likely stay. I don’t think it matters too much about inexperience outwide. It’s one of the few areas you can be a relative novice and still make an impact.

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That’s it! Enjoy FA Cup day without Arsenal!

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  1. frenchie


    That is my exact argument. I think i will soon be shopping. And, kwik, obviously you have never been married–they always complain. :)

  2. Rohan

    Dunno about the MacOS but the iPad and the iPhone etc. are miles ahead of their contemporaries in terms of ease of access and assimilation imo.

  3. AJ

    ‘Is that because in the back of their minds, they knew 4th was their 40% pass mark?’
    That means Diaby passes if he watches Arsenal finish 4th on TV.

    By the way, I still do not get it. Henry comes in, who goes out? Or we given time up to February 2 to get someone out?
    We are getting no one except Henry, maybe a left back. So sad we are talking about players other clubs are after.

  4. Lurch LeRouge

    i’d persevere – the smug air of tech superiority is worth the learning curve and then you can peer down on the likes of Rohan like he’s techno tramp.

  5. Lurch LeRouge

    exactly, I’ts completely pointless wishing for incomings until a couple are cleared off the decks, it’s yet to be explained how TH12 is even getting registered.

    any and all of the following need gift wrapping.

    Theo, (not that he has any effect on the quota)

  6. Joppa Road

    Was just thinking, what would you actually miss if Wenger left? Hardly anything of the way he currently manages. Yes, he has won 3 EPLs in 15 years or whatever it is but two of those were built on a Graham defence. George Graham also won two titles in 7 seasons.

    I’m sick of this bollox and 4th being a trophy mentality.

    Wenger OUT Mourinho IN. Get back the win at all costs mentality.

  7. kwik fit

    Andrei Arshavin will put an end to his nightmare spell at Arsenal by re-signing for Zenit St Petersburg, sources in Russia are claiming.

  8. Lurch LeRouge

    Football_Agent9 Football Agent
    The release clause for Demba Ba only applies for Champions League teams.

  9. Joppa Road

    Are you mad Frenchie? I would have agreed with you 3 or 4 seasons ago but not now. Not the way he has Madrid playing – they are great to watch and they don’t like losing.

    Take the other night 2-0 down at home vs. Malaga at H/T. Cup not a big thing in Spain but they obviously got a roasting at H/T as they come out and won 3-2. Mourinho up for it on the sidelines. Mourinho is most certainly what we need, no question about it. Wenger is stale and predictable now and carries far too much sentiment. We owe him fck all – the man is on £140k per week ffs. Get rid.

  10. Dan Ahern (@topical_storm)

    I like sholz’s mention of Montolivo. That would be awesome. He’s not the CAM everybody’s clamoring for, but he is a legit playmaker. What about this: he can player further back near Song, and Arteta could move up the pitch. Ramsey could come off the bench.

  11. Joppa Road

    Mourinho is the only one who could take over from Wenger and more straight on, and not get hooked up in past glories like a lot of AKB do.

  12. Joppa Road

    7 seasons without a trophy and a demise in the club overall. How is this being entertained? Where is Geoff? WTF is going on?

  13. incesc

    they’ll probably try and get in wenger, moronhole and hiddink all at once

    cant believe mancini is moaning about needing a striker, midfielder and a defender


  14. gambon

    Fuck me.

    Wenger signs past it Henry on a 6 week deal then tells us he needs time! Are you fucking kidding me?

    Is there no end to this cunts self indulgent bullshit.

  15. Thomas



    If Demba Ba got a £10m buy out clause for a CL club what the hell are we waiting for?!

  16. Confidentgoner

    Not sure Mr. Ba will fancy us at all. It is tough attracting talent to a stale club like Arsenal. and we all know why the club has gone stale.

  17. Joppa Road

    Some of the older reader may remember just how special FA Cup 3rd round day used to be until the likes of Wenger undermined it completely.

    Great competition and should be treated with respect it deserves.

  18. Foreheadinho

    How would Ba fit into our system? Could he play the false 9? Podolski, Reuss, Suarez, Rooney are the right type of attackers for us. Out and out Strikers are just for late bench cameos.

  19. incesc

    i guess if he is good enough you fit him in somehow forehead

    wenger wont get the credit for finding him so he wont sign him anyway

  20. Gunner2301

    Another Great Post Pedro!

    I think in terms of Henry, he’ll probably do ok although it’s still a risk in terms of his legacy. Even though he’s not as quick as he used to be remember he was quicker than most in his hey day so he won’t be that far behind. What he doesn’t bring in terms of speed he will bring in guile and craft these kind of quality players with a good brain can adapt their game to compensate as they get older remember Georgi Hadji?

    Anyway I think for the Arsenal Henry relationship we have to look more at the psychological effects Henrys return will have. It should raise moral in the dressing room and while he’s not captain I’m sure his advice will be valued. Hopefully he can do things in a way that won’t undermine RVP. I do think this is a Wenger ploy and a very short sighted move if we don’t bring in a quality striker for the longer term though.

    You used Campbells return previously as an example in the hope that the grit and determination that he and Henry brings will rub off on the other members of the team. Doesn’t that just emphasise how wrong Wenger has got the team dynamics? If we can see what’s missing why can’t he? We still don’t have the right captain either although RVP is probably one of the better choices as captain since Viera left but we know why he was chosen dont we?

    Not sure about Suarez, because on video you cant really judge the opposition or defence without seeing it live. The main thing about him I suppose that wont matter if its video footage or not is his composure in front of goal, which we desparately lack in Walcott and Gervinho. Im not sure we’ll be getting anyone this window though.

    I’m surprised you raised the ACN. Why should it be an issue? If you buy an African player who is an international you should know and make contingencies for this. We can’t blame the ACN for us not making adequate contingency. You also need to consider that in poor regions like this football is all a lot of them have so economically it will be good for the host countries and psychologically it will boost African football because theres something out there for an African country to win because in the era of the World Cup it’s not like any of them were going to win that any time soon. You could make the same argument for the Euros although not as frequent. Wasn’t the ACN only going to be like this as a one time only while they adjusted to fit in back in between World Cups?

  21. WengersSweeties

    Good on ya Dan….

    Anyway, I missed this today some how….?

    Bosnian starlet Edin Visca claims Arsenal have expressed an interest in his services, but he is refusing to read too much into the reports.

    The 21-year-old winger has spent less than six months in Turkey with Istanbul BB, but he could be on the move again during the winter transfer window.

    He says Arsenal are monitoring his progress, with Arsene Wenger always on the lookout for players of considerable potential.

    Visca falls into the category and he is flattered to be linked with such a prestigious club.

    He would find it difficult to snub a switch to England should the opportunity arise, but for now his focus remains locked on catching the eye in Istanbul.

    “I am very proud that such a big club is interested in me,” Visca told KiP.

    “Who wouldn’t be happy about that?

    “But the truth is, right now I am an Istanbul BB player and that means I cannot think too much about the Gunners.

    “Until something concrete happens, I will only think about Istanbul BB as I want to play in Turkey and be as good as I can.

    “But, yes, I am happy and proud that such a big club wants me.”

  22. Socrates

    Wasn’t Ba rejected by Pulis because of his bad knee?

    If Wenger signs him and he gets a three month lay-off he only needs to read the comments that will be on here to end his Arsenal career.

    What’s worse he’s even French African, think we may get a Song replacement who would be blamed for everything. Speaking of blame, just failed an exam- I blame Song.

  23. zeus

    Afternoon Gents.

    Read through the comments…..don’t care much for any of them. hehe.

    Hear Ben Arfa scored a sensational goal today.

  24. Joppa Road

    Are there any other more hardcore Arsenal blogs out there?

    I might start one ArsenalUltras. Isn’t that the flags they have in Italy?

  25. Goon from BD

    Socrates- LMAO

    I remember reading he failed his medical at Vfb Stuttgart too. He went on strike at Hoffenheim for not letting him leave or somthing and left West Ham after they got relegated.

    Podolski is a cunt too but he is best choice out there. Perfect for us but he ain’t gonna leave in Jan. SAD

  26. Dan Ahern (@topical_storm)

    Tried to do my YouTube scouting homework on Edin Visca. Not much available, but looks like he likes to find a shot and take it (fairly good too, has punch-forcing power). Seems like a definite youth signing though, not ready to come into the team right away. Also he just signed a 5 year deal in August. Might be one for the future though. Shrug. Okay who else?

  27. Socrates

    Okay Joppa think your a little stuck in the mid nineties. Cant believe what you put on here.

    “show respect to the cup”
    “an english spine”
    “shopping in league 2 and the championship”
    “bring in Maureen, the winner”

    What do you think of King Kenny?

  28. Hitman

    Dial – The FA were the first to disrespect the FA Cup – by letting Man Utd play in World Club Cup in Brazil instead.

    They thought it may help them win 2006 WC!!! Jokers.

    The competition hasnt been the same since. But Wenger is worst of the current managers in his treatment of FA cup rounds.

  29. zeus

    “What’s worse he’s even French African, think we may get a Song replacement who would be blamed for everything. Speaking of blame, just failed an exam- I blame Song.”


  30. Socrates

    Goon from BD, didnt even know that about Ba, we should not be after this guy better we gamble on someone else.

  31. Goon from BD

    Speaking of French Africans and English spine…….

    Newcastle United- English spine out+French Africans in= beat Man United 3-0

  32. Hitman

    Cabaye, Tiote, Ben Arfa, Ba – would all walkstraight into Arsenal’s first team.

    Krul and Gutierrez aint bad either.

    Fcuk me, but their fat owner, Mike Ashley knows how to get rid of deadwood and fire managers amd assemble a proper squad without spending any money. Not bad for bloke who sells chavs clothes for living. He has learnt fairly quickly. And theToon still hate him.

    Our shitty yiddy CEO, treats AFC fans like mushrooms and with utter pompous contempt. Supposedly an Oxford graduate, but hasnt got a clue about running a footbal club.

    Hasnt been successful in the role and we give him an easy ride.

  33. Joppa Road

    Don’t be a prick Socrates.

    Why shouldn’t respect be shown to the FA Cup? Great competition sadly run down by the so called big clubs.

    An English spine – fckin hell do prefer what we have now say to a spine of Cahill, Parker, and Wilshere. Fkin hell you genius Socrates LMAO. We are doing so well aren’t we?

    Bring Mourinho – oh sorry I forgot, Wenger is so much better and a real winner. LOL. Fkin hell I have to laugh.

  34. zeus

    When the choice was between Ben Arfa and Nasri in 2008, I wanted Ben Arfa cuz I thought him the better player.

    He regressed a bit with attitude problems though.

    He has a touch of the CR7 about his play though.

  35. Socrates


    Like I said, stuck in the mid nineties where the top players were predominatly English and the FA Cup still had a real sense of pride.
    Its understandable as it is after all the English PL.

    But you have to accept the fact of global village and all that as trying to stop it now will only get the EPL to regress. I do think that there needs to be local boys making up part of the team whichever country but this should not be taken too far to replace geniune skill and talent.

    You could easily replace that spine that you named there with better less expensive talent.

    You cannot respect a cup, its only the cup that can respect itself if you know what that means.

  36. Joppa Road

    Just have to agree to differ – the EPL is already regressing IMO.

    Mourinho is a better manager than Wenger, hence why I would want him.

    The spine I mentioned is better than the one we have.

    The FA Cup has sadly lost its way. I was just saying when I was younger it really was magic and its such a shame money rules more than prestige and respect for such a good competition.

    If that means I am stuck in the past, so be it.

  37. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Evening all,

    Christ the Rooney talk is depressing. The Roon has issued a statement saying he hasn’t had a bust up with the manager leaving them at loggerheads and he’s on about 200 bags a week!!! We can’t even give our only world class player and captain 120 p/w 😆

    Besides with Wenger in charge we’d never sign a player of that of that class, stature and calibre!

    He wouldn’t be able to take the credit :roll:

    God we’re a joke club these days…

  38. incesc

    he would goon imo

    any manager would, look at the freedom wenger has, its a dream job.

    and we have bucketloads of cash saved up

  39. leon

    i dont expect much business to be done the jan more in the summer but i dont think there needs to major offloads in the summer just tinkering i feel our strongest area is midfield were just need to improve on scoring and being clinical they create enough enough chances and there alot more experience in the team which was needed.in central defence i think the 3 good cbs but 2 bad ones as well.goal keeper issue will have to adressed as well cover is not that great.as for striker position although we dont have as many good strikers i would like i think the wingers and attacking midfielders need to chip hopefully wenger can offload chamakh

  40. WengersSweeties

    I’m watching re-runs of Henry goals with my boy as he can’t sleep and he was too young to remember him the first time round…

    Henry was just a different class, best in the world at his time at Arsenal.

    We’ve gone from that, to the dross we have now…. :roll:

    Interestingly, I’ve seem some of the stuff he’s done for the red bulls!! he still has he’s touch, defiantly.

  41. Goon from BD

    Incesc- The freedom Wenger gets isn’t enough for Jose. Would he get the keys to the bucketloads of cash saved up?

    Fuck that… would Gazidis and co ever think of Mourinho in the first place?

    Don’t get me wrong……I think Jose is arguably THE best in the world but it is unlikely.

  42. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    joppa – the way the games gone i’m afraid. Once upon a time it was all about the prestige of playing for a big club, now players will play for any club providing they’ll pay them more than what’s on offer elsewhere…

    I’m not naive enough to think you wouldn’t leave your 22k pear annum job for one offering 30 even though you’d given your life and soul to that work place… but the comparisons are ridiculous!

    but these blokes get paid 80grand a week.. So that argument is invalid for me..

    Football has just become a rich middle sport at the top level.. I mean tickets for arsenal games are the most expensive in europe. Unless you earn 30k+ (majority of income earners i’d say earn 16-22k) you cannot afford to go to arsenal games on a regular basis if you have any sort of mortgage/rent/kids/wife to provide for…

    It’s a joke.. I have done a geoff this season (I have given up my st and vowed not to return to the stadium until wenger has gone) and at this point in time I can’t say i’m too unhappy with the decision, but at the same time cannot believe that this decline has been allowed to continue to such a state after we initially moved to the stadium to continue to compete at the highest level and attract the top players…

    We seem to be less able to attract top players (also due to the insulting sums we offer clubs for their top players) and have a weaker side than when we left highbury.. My question to the board is ‘what exactly was the point’?

    Because at the moment the only point seems to be charging outrageous ticket prices for more people to see a team who have regressed dramatically!

  43. WengersSweeties

    We are a laughing stock! the problem is now that once Wenger does finally go he’s going to leave a club behind that will be out of the top 4, finding it hard to attract top class, a 25 man squad of over paid, hard to get rid of, less than average shite!!

    And AKB’s will praise him because of what he done and look at us now without him!

    We have failed to act in sacking him, we are not a club that protests against a manager but unless something is done we have to sit back and watch the decay.

  44. Joppa Road


    At last, someone I can completely agree with. Give me Highbury any day and Arsenal competing for the league than a bland 60,000 stadium where you can hear a pin drop most weeks.

    What exactly was the point? And how come we used to get in top talent who loved Arsenal and what it stood for. Now we allow allow the like of Bendtner to run us down.

    Jesus christ it gives me the hump.

  45. Thomas

    What the hell happened to this once great club? *smh*

    Ever since we moved to the Emirates, something just hasn’t been right within the club.

  46. leon

    sweeters to say the club is laughing stock is extremly harsh as far the club into decay the club is far to well run for that the fact arsenal will never beable to compete with the likes man city never

  47. Goon from BD

    Last season was the most depressing. It was a fucking scandal. If Wenger would have bough one CB in Jan…..we could have been………fuck this

    nite people

  48. WengersSweeties

    leon says:
    January 7, 2012 at 21:40

    sweeters to say the club is laughing stock is extremly harsh as far the club into decay the club is far to well run for that the fact arsenal will never beable to compete with the likes man city never


    …..Is the mentality that has been instilled by most Arsenal fans.

    We have money, we can compete, Management choose not to and instead hoard money.

  49. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Let’s put this myth arsenal are somewhat broke to bed please…

    We’re worth more than every club bar 3 on the planet. We charge the highest prices in world football yet have to resort to the kind of transfer dealings that even bruce rioch would shake his head at..

    Wenger has got to be told that this is not acceptable. The young players he’s invested all our money and effort in either leave when they realise the clubs bleak future on the trophy front or in the case of the Bendtner’s and Walcott’s talk a whole host of billy big bullocks shit, but aren’t even good enough to start regularly for the likes of villa (no offence) let alone arsenal… Then there’s the dregs of europe (usually french, can speak french, from the french league or goalkeepers) to make up the squad.. Hardly a recipe for success.

    The board can take the flack from the akb’s but it is the manager who sets out the transfer policy. I do not for one minute believe the board would say no to wenger if he asked for 60m to splash on player (minus wages)… The real problem is Wenger’s reluctance to spend the required sums on top quality in turn for developing young players and getting players he can prove a point with (minus the panic buys on 31st)… It’s got to the point where it’s becoming a long term problem and an embarrassment. This is after all the good he did in his early days.

    I still don’t get the 4-3-3 minus Francesc Fabregas. The man went from a 4-4-1-1/4-5-1 (in Europe away) and was very successful to a 4-3-3on a whim during a pre season campaign. We’ve never been successful since…

    And persisting with it when the man you built it around leaves?

    Arsene wenger doesn’t do tactics, but if he did….

  50. stevegooner

    Last Updated: 11 December

    Abou missed the Everton game. Speaking ahead of the match on November 28, Arsene Wenger said: “It is a slight muscular problem, he’ll be out for around 10 days.”

    Last Game: Arsenal 1-1 Fulham – November 26, 2011

    just copied the above from the team news. Where has Diaby gone?. He’s got a slight muscular problem. Douglas Bader lost 2 legs in WW2 and was back in a plane quicker than this.

  51. Joppa Road

    It’s actually got to the point where I just want him to fck off. We are now behind Spurs with no sign of moving forward, we are treading water at best.

    This time last year I was like “But who can we bring in who would do any better?” – thinking Wenger actually has virtually spent nothing (NET) since being here which is amazing. Thats ok when we are challenging but now we don’t even look close. And then when we do and it’s so blatant we need to strengthen for the home run he wont (07/08 etc).

    I’ve had enough, I want him gone and want Mourinho in. Rememberwe are a fkin masssive club with huge support. We can buy quality.

  52. WengersSweeties

    stevegooner says:
    January 7, 2012 at 22:24

    Last Updated: 11 December

    Abou missed the Everton game. Speaking ahead of the match on November 28, Arsene Wenger said: “It is a slight muscular problem, he’ll be out for around 10 days.”

    Last Game: Arsenal 1-1 Fulham – November 26, 2011

    just copied the above from the team news. Where has Diaby gone?. He’s got a slight muscular problem. Douglas Bader lost 2 legs in WW2 and was back in a plane quicker than this.


    I actually laughed out loud at this.

    Quality point made.

  53. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    joppa – I agree there are others but i’m not sold on mourinho. Yes he has a trophy winning pedigree and seige mentality that seems to work on stronger players, but he’s a short term success coach, who spends the clubs assets to achieve this and with what he’d come in at his disposal personnel wise… Unmitigated disaster!!

  54. WengersSweeties

    Make no mistake, we are the 5th richest club in the World!!

    Why oh why can’t we compete!? thing is Arsenal fans don’t even expect the likes of Messi or Ronaldo ca…

    We just want some direction where there is none! we are now what? battling to make top 4 so that we can be knocked out against teams that are head and shoulders better than us.

    Where we used to be beating Real Madrid, Juventus, Inter, Roma, AC Milan.

    How backwards we have gone.

    125 years ‘Forward’

    Yeah right!!

  55. LeMassiveCoq

    Sick of this shit.

    Either spend some money and stop trying to outsmart everyone or fuckoff Wenger.

    That is all.

  56. Trickygonner

    I would love to see a great big
    banner unfurled over the space where the trophy year gaps are missing and watch the arrogant, blinkered French cunt squirm along with all the overrated shit players we are now lumbered with.
    Evening all by the way.

  57. WengersSweeties

    You know, one of the worse things under Wenger’s management is watching the likes of Cole, Toure, Ade, all competing at the highest level and most of the time against us.

    Cesc is absolute world class and we let him go for £25 million when players of his calibre, like Ronaldo are sold for £80 million THEN you have Torres sold for £50 million and Carroll, £35 million.

    Adebayor is now at Spurs turning it on, which in reflection on us showing not only can we not buy top class but we are also unable to hold onto quality players.

    I really don’t know why we accept this.

  58. Gunner2301

    Robins Choco, Joppa gotta agree with you guys.

    i’m surprised you fell for the bait Robin. You really thought moving to a new stadium would allow us to challenge the top teams? If you study what’s been going on since we left Highbury it’s all been about profit maximisation. Increase the stadium capacity and match day takings, put up ticket prices and prices in the stadium. Spend as little as possible on investment whilst maximizing profit by selling our best players season on season. If that’s the blueprint does that sound as if we’ll be challenging any top team anytime soon?

    The emergence of City is now a convenient excuse, which even if we discount them what about United? We should be in a position to overall them. We can’t even compete with the Spuds who have a wage bill that is a third of ours. FFP is the new excuse as if the big boys and their expensive lawyers wouldn’t find a way round that.

    Wenger has convinced the board that we can make do and still achieve 4th. They have cynically lowered the expectations of the fans year on year by perpetuating the myth that we don’t have funds to spend despite being the 4th or 5th biggest sporting franchise in the world. 4th is now a trophy, Selling our best players is the norm. We’ve been sold a story just to keep us quiet and we trusted Wenger and gave him the benefit of the doubt and he fucked us over.

    We can see where this is leading. Part time spectators who can afford to pay the high prices to take over from the real fans, we are being cleansed out of the club. They don’t care who occupies a seat as long as the stadium is full and people buy merchandise and they can push ticket prices even more because of the waiting list.

    Why should the board invest when Wenger has shown them that he can maintain 4th without significant investment? And by doing so he is crippling himself because when he does need to invest significantly the board will turn it back on him and ask why when he has been doing fine without investment up until now. He’s buried himself and this is why things will not improve while he’s still there.

  59. BozinT


  60. Post Rocky Dave

    Selling Cesc for 25m was fucking ridiculous. And Wenger goes on about being financially sensible?

    He’s an embarrassment of a manager.

  61. Gunner2301

    John Temple – Good question but a bit pointless because Gazidis already said after end of last season debacle that the board wouldn’t sack Wenger It seems he would prefer the fans to do his job for him. I quote:-

    “Arsene is ultimately accountable to the fans – they ultimately make judgment. If you are seeing the relationship between the fans and the manager break down over time that is unsustainable. But I don’t think we are anywhere near that.”

    “We 100 per cent support Arsene. I 100% support him and feel he has done a fantastic job in a difficult period for this club.”

  62. Gunner2301

    All Wengers financial bullshit is just a smoke screen. I see he’s giving interviews now saying there is no money in Europe. I really don’t care what money there is in Europe i just care about what money the club has and I know they have money – Arsenal is not Europe Arsene.

    It seems like this is the excuse he is lining up for not being able to shift the crap he has stacked up at the club on ridiculous wages. That wasn’t very smart for an economist was it? He should just come out and admit that he got it wrong, gave undeserving players too big a contract and the market does not look at them through rose tinted spectacles like he does. That;s the truth of the matter.

  63. The BearMan

    Until there is an announcement from AFC, I believe every player we are supposedly linked with is only wild speculation. History has taught me, that until someone is actually doing a medical at the club not get excited with the rumours.

    Yes! I will not doubt that we are doing window shopping, but the interest is yet growing in the Bank. Wenger is trying to hang on to the squad he has, n hoping the injured players will return to full fitness very soon, that way he will not have to dip into the Piggy Bank.

  64. Gunner2301

    WengersSweeties – We accept it because the club knows we will accept it and still buy tickets and merchandise. They will continue like this until things reach a tipping point with the fans (match day income down, empty seats, European matches and big game allocations not being taken up “Spend some fucking money” being chanted) When it starts to hit them financially that’s the only thing they will listen to.

    As long as fans keep supporting them financially they will continue because in their eyes the financial indicator is the only gauge they see to measure if things are going wrong and to them at the moment it doesn’t appear to be.

  65. Gunner2301

    The BearMan we don’t even bother with medicals anymore i.e. Arteta and Benayoun a big indicator of panic buy if ever I’ve seen one.

  66. Gunner2301

    Dan Ahern – Your missing the point he’s trying to make. This is his way of saying that he can’t offload all the shit he’s got to Europe because theres no money there which is code for they won’t pay the transfer fee we want or the wages the dross are expecting after years and years of Wengers holiday camp and mismanagment of wage policy at the club.

  67. Grassy Knoll

    “Thierry Henry will be in Champions League squad, says Arsène Wenger”

    So, if Wanker doesn’t want to ‘hurt’ the current team, who gets left out in Henry’s place?

    Isn’t Wanker a bald-faced liar!

  68. Rohan

    I think I prefer our current spine of arteta, wilshere, vermaelen, kosco and mertesacker to one with Parker and Cahill lol

  69. Joppa Road

    LOL, yep Rohan they are doing great. Mertasacker looks a natural, Song is great honestly and Verm is the best.

    Clearly we are just unlucky with referees, pressures of the EPL, the fact teams are physical, and we were tired.

    Yep that’ll be it.

  70. Bakari Mnolela

    Wenger should be care in this winter season, also must to take almost two players like lukas podolski and christopher samba so as to improve our squad. i feel “THE GUNNERS” than anything in this world.(BAKARI MNOLELA, nationality:TANZANIAN,city:LINDI:district:NACHINGWEA:Street:posta.

  71. Rohan

    I didn’t say they’re great but I don’t think Cahill is better than Koscielny or Vermaelen if at all.

    With Per in the team, we don’t concede all that much from set-pieces any more either. He’s brought some degree of stability as well.

    In our current system, I don’t think Parker is any better than Song.

  72. Zain

    When I was a kid, I hated wenger…now that I’m older, I realize that no matter how bad times are (and these are pretty bad times indeed), Wenger-The Stubborn French African Loving cunt has actually always been one step ahead. Sure Arsene is a selfish fuck but regardless of that Arsenal are miles ahead of Chelsea, Spuds and the scousers. Sure Chelsea have bought the league in recent times but they can’t anymore. Spuds have the best team in London right now, but like people complain (that Spurs are doing so well on such a low wage-bill)…thats gonna bit back in the ass cause all the players who are on peanuts can double or triple their money at other clubs (if arsenal couldn’t keep nasri, how could spuds keep modric or bale in the next two years)…and none of the spuds players really love the club (sound familiar-thats the arsenal teams of the last 5 years)….and liverpool….well there is something really wrong there…..what I’m trying to say is that….the only way those clubs can stay competitive…is if they build a new stadium….and believe me they are trying really hard………but its not that easy….our pre-emirates period was brilliant and after that we did have to balance the books so to speak….if the best spurs are gonna get is 3rd….with a wheeler-dealer off for the england job in the future or even drops dead (he’s 68)….the only way spurs are going is down….they cant afford top players without a stadium…and they cant afford to stay competitive after they build a stadium because they werent as good in the first place…they’ll have to pay it off by living cheap…Chelsea are a club in decline..the way they ruled england was by being the wealthiest of em all…..now…they aren’t….and the only way they can become as good is if they spend another 500-600 million pounds on a new team (inflation-it took them 250-350 to build their first team in that market….now prices are way higher) with no guarantee of winning the league b/c of city’s money….roman isnt gonna do that…henceforth the whole desire for a self-sustaining model for Chelsea through a stadium….Sure Arsene Wenger doesn’t spend some fucking money and that is going to keep us biting in the arse….BUT….We are still going to be the biggest club in London for the next fifty years because of that son of a bitch…mainly because we are always ahead of them… I HOPE YOU ALL READ THIS THOUGH.

  73. lairdglencairn

    Excedllent post and the replies are just as entertaining. While Henry is without doubt Arsenals best PL player I would suggest that Manchester Uniteds ‘best’ ie King Eric would run him close as the best player in the Premiership. I am sure every soccer supporter will have a club favourite but how many would vote without bias on choosing ‘the best’ ???

  74. Tord Grip

    If the rumours about the 10 mil release clause in Demba Ba’s contract are true, surely this would be exactly what we’re looking for.