2 Arsenal medicals penned in for today | Honda, Arteta, Cahill, Dempsey, Ribery, on the radar?

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Yeah… that’s me… a happy Gooner rolling in transfers. What a bloody day eh?! The best day since time began? Or maybe just the best summer in 5 years? Either way, all the right things began to happen yesterday!

Now, there was obviously disappointment yesterday morning when everyone thought I was telling lies about Yann M’Vila, but then later that day, the backpage of the Evening Standard ran the story pretty much word for word and The Times are reporting the same this morning. Now, they’ve either got someone telling them the same things, or they’ve got a penchant for a daily dose of Le Grove. Either outcome is pleasing. Like I said yesterday, watch this space. We could easily spend £60million today and not bat an eye lid.

Simple fact is, Alex Song not the one and he’ll be off next summer. Frimpong is a very good prospect, but he needs guidance. Whichever way you look at it, we need a defensive midfielder today. We’re desperately short in the middle.


We landed Per Mertesacker yesterday after he completed a medical. Andre Santos was also doing the same. There were a few articles floating about online that stated he’d changed his mind and flown back to Turkey to sign a 4 year deal. I’d be very surprised if that were the case!

Per Mertesacker was a massive curve ball yesterday, but ultimately a fantastic one. He’s a player we’ve been calling for on Le Grove since before June 2008. We reported that he was a Gooner way back then here, 3 years on, whaddya know, he’s going to be turning out at the home of football!

He’s 6ft6, he’s built powerfully, he has 70+ caps for a very solid German team, he’s won trophies, he has Champions League experience and he knows how to defend. Rumour has it we’ve picked him up for £9million. What a price!

This is the sort of player we should always be in for. He has pedigree, he has presence and he’ll slot in perfectly next to Thomas Vermaelen. We have a genuine little and large combination. We have a defender who has played the highline for club and country and we’ve done something crazy… signed a tall player to deal with our fear of high flying balls!

Sacrebleu! <- Does that mean what I think it does?

I’m very pleased.

Park Chu-Young signed for us officially yesterday. The South Korean captain joins us under a cloud of ‘who the f**k’, but the key point here is versatility and hard word. Mainly hard work though. Arshavin and Rosicky showed at the weekend that they’re not cut out for Arsenal when crunch time comes. We need someone who is going to work for their salary, this guy will. Does he have the required quality? I’m not sure… but if he can bag 12 goals for a relegated Monaco, I’d hope for something similar or better for a team capable of teeing him up with far more chances.

Oh, and he takes the number 9 shirt. You knew that already though, right?

Clint Dempsey…

There are big rumours we’re looking to add the American to our attacking line up. Whilst he’s not world-class, he’s a very good player with a superb eye for goal. He has that aggravation factor and a terrific work rate. You don’t need all your players to be La Masia schooled. Sometimes you just need a player who is direct, in your face and not afraid to ruffle a few feathers. He scored 14 goals for Fulham last year and he was very impressive. I’d welcome him into our squad and word on the South American street is that we’ve tabled a $16.8million bid for him.

Gary Cahill…

Have Bolton burned their bridges in negotiations for a player they’ll lose on a free if they don’t get rid of him today? We’ve signed a centre back already. That puts the pressure on Gartside’s hugely indebted club to do a deal today. I think we’re still in for him. Johann Djourrou has been so bad over the past 6 months, you wonder for his future. Cahill is still a top defender and regardless of how many people tell you he’s rubbish, he’s not, he’d make a great addition to the squad.

I still remember how many people told me Ashley Young wasn’t Arsenal quality… some statement eh?

Chris Samba…

There were a lot of rumblings about the shower bully from Blackburn. I have my doubts. The rumours feel more like stories designed to get him a move away from Steve Kean. He’d be a useful addition, but we’ve already filled the role of ‘massive beast’, if we get another centre back, they’ll be good on the ground and stylish… Like a break dancer.

The creative hole?

There’s a massive hole in our side, that’s the one left by Cesc Fabregas. If there’s going to be a monster signing today, I’d love it to come there. Yossi looks like he’s off to Spurs, so good luck to him, quality player, poor injury record. That leaves us with the prospect of Gotze or Hazard. There will probably be another curve ball thrown there, but I’m struggling to see where it’s coming from. The German might be pulled away from his club for £35million and a massive salary, I’m not sure though, it would be a bad move for Dortmund but I guess it depends on how much they want the cash. They’re not flush!

My money is on Arteta. Like Yossi, top quality, just not so much on the fitness side of things. I’d also be interested in Frank Ribery. He was once a £60million player, then his mates bought him a 17 year old hooker, now he’s not quite as popular. He’d be amazing in the Premiership. He’d replace Nasri perfectly. Could we move for him? I’d love it… who knows! Sky are reporting that Honda is in London for a medical… it’s all too much!


I was told that two medicals were booked yesterday, two more for today. Make of that what you will!


It’s a shame it took an absolute spanking to push the board and Arsene Wenger into some serious action. Nearly all of this business could have been conducted in June. I don’t believe all these players have been targets all summer, we’ve just shown intent and made things happen because careers are on the line.

Still, that’s a story for another day.

We’re developing a strong core to the team now. We could make top 4 if we make 2-3 signings of intent again today. Amazing how quickly things can change eh? The squad will be revitalised and fans will be excited for the Swansea game. A morale booster for everyone!

My worry though, is that we’re once again in a transition year. This sort of frenzied 48 hours should never have happened and if we’d made purchases like this 2 years ago, who knows who’d still be here fighting it out in the first team.

Anyway, it’s the last day of transfer rumours. There won’t be a live blog, the comments section will going mental all day, tune in, you can get far more info than 140 characters into a comment and all the stories will come direct to you all day from the Grovers! Life is very exciting!

P.S. For some further reading and listening, check out Tim Payton in the Independent talking business models(I’m not talking topless Staples Girls) and the Footy Shows Podcast starring king of AKB’s, Bob Wilson!

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Transfer Updates

  • Keisuke Honda in for a medical according to Sky Reports

2,722 Responses to “2 Arsenal medicals penned in for today | Honda, Arteta, Cahill, Dempsey, Ribery, on the radar?”

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  1. jules

    SSN say big news coming form Man U soon

    Probably Schnieder so they will be fucking awesome

    Why can’t we get someone fucking decent today ?

  2. Ricky

    To the “we got cesc fabregas tune”

    Fuck of stan kronke. fuck off stan kronke.. Fuck off stan kronkee….. Fuck off stan kronke……….

  3. Piresrightboot

    I reckon today is gonna end in massive disappointment, no one else in and the Spuds and Chelski both making massive signings

  4. CedarBayDave

    Totally off the point, but if we are talking revenues from expanding the fan base in Asia:

    Do people in Asia actually buy licensed merchandise (that Arsenal makes coin on), or counterfeit? Most of the real stuff and all of the knock-off stuff seems to come from there.

  5. arsenal1886-2006

    What is it with these ‘sports journalists’, I use the term journalist loosely as ‘lazy hacks’ is more appropriate. They can tap up the phones of murdered children and grieving parents but cannot hack into the agents and club phones.

  6. wardo

    anyone found out if the huddle15stone tweet is true ??

    It could be Drogba in a swap for Modric.

    I have a feeling Harry will be trying to gazump loads today

  7. Geoff

    Othello, I get a bit like that when we lose 8-2 and our manager fucks off to line his own pockets, again.

    So you want me to get excited about a £5million Monaco Korean eh?

    The fucking twat should have been doing this all in June, not the day before the window is closing, and don’t even get me on why we gave Cesc away in August when he has three years left on his contract.

    I’m glad you are positive though, you must be easy to please, me I’m a boring cunt. Obviously.

  8. Arse&Nose©

    Was speaking to Anne this morning and she said that it doesn’t matter how many foreigners we sign the big problem at Arsenal is that fans can’t relate to players any more.

    Even though Cahill was expensive he would have pleased the fans more than Mertesacker because he is English, he is one of us. I think she has a point, Anne knows.

  9. Yandi


    Never said he wasn’t a good signing. I said none of the players we’ve signed are world-class, and I stand by it. I don’t consider Per Mertesecker, Andre Santos and Park as part of the elite in wolrd football, and that’s exactly what we need to win shit!!!!

  10. GunnerLoftySugden

    Well keep ya hopes up guys

    When it was said about the 20 people negotiating deals it was for 8 deals – 6 in and 2 out

    2 out – benny and ? possibly lansbury to west ham

    6 in – well we had 3 so far

    i still positive we will sign 3 today and 2 will be big names

    Honda and Mvila

    The other not sure yet – maybe yossi

  11. BB

    Geoff – 5MM – the French are saying we paid 12MM Euros for him – it’s all panic buying and Wenger probably sits right now in a jacuzzi in Paris getting his knob sorted out

  12. wardo

    A&N, i agree with YOUR point there.

    Mertesacker is a top quality signing (even though some daft Spurs fan is trying to say he isn’t world class just cause he’s got nothing better to do than wind up real gooners) but, Cahill would have been excellent imo.

    I would prefer more of an English backbone in the team

  13. Big Dave

    NEWS!!!: A source close to Yossi Benayoun confirms he’s going to Arsenal. Chelsea will let him go for free. Wages: £3m per year
    3 minutes ago via web
    Favorite Retweet Reply

  14. Yandi

    We need an elite player right now, make no mistake about it. A top, top player in midfield if we’re even to talk about trophies or the fucking top 4! For that to happen, we have to spend 30 to 40 million tonight! We just have to. No fucking penny pinching… Just spend some fucking money on a proven world-class player Wenger!

  15. GunnerLoftySugden

    People keep going on about world class – look at Man U, how many actual world class players did they start with against us

    De Gea, – unproven
    Smalling, – nothing special
    Jones, – nothing special
    Evans, – average
    Evra, – good but not world class
    Nani – hit and miss
    (Park, 68), – hard working but not world class
    Cleverley, – a good youngster
    Anderson – average
    (Giggs, 68) – a good bit part player
    Young, – good in a good team – shit at villa
    Rooney, – 1 world class player
    Welbeck – unproven
    (Hernandez, 35) – 1 good season dont make u world class

    So u dont have to have loads of world class players, they just have to be a good mix and gel well – and more importantly – want to win as a team

  16. wardo


    how do you define “world class” then ?? Serious question.

    If its internations that play for Barca like Messi, Cesc etc etc (dnt want to drop anymore names becasue those arre the only two players I like in that chav team) then yep i agree they are world class.

    I just cant understand;

    1) how a german and brazilian internations ar enot considered wld class
    2) That you haven’t seen Jenkins cross the ball…..

  17. Arse&Nose©

    wardo, it wasn’t my point it was Annes.

    I’m not a racialist like she is. She hates Africans because they are taking all the jobs in the cleaning industry and hates Germans because her husband Alfred was hurt by one of their bombs.

  18. Yandi

    Big Dave says:
    August 31, 2011 at 11:39

    NEWS!!!: A source close to Yossi Benayoun confirms he’s going to Arsenal. Chelsea will let him go for free. Wages: £3m per year
    3 minutes ago via web
    Favorite Retweet Reply

  19. kelsey

    Geoff/Pedro. good morning.

    Don’t come on here very often not because of your articles but the cursing of our players and managers by so many posters on here, is not for me.
    Anyway something drew my attention to today’s post .it was about Clint Dempsey. Where did that info come from.?
    The reason i ask is that he is a very very close friend of my son (which i can prove) and in fact my son sees him regularly.he has just had his second child and is content at Fulham on his 20/25 K a week.I would be surprised if that rumour is nothing more than that.

  20. wardo

    Yandi @ 11:40

    i agree with this comment at least !

    But what we have signed so far is good…..just need another 3/4 players and 2 of those must be top top notch.

    I’m still not sure why no one answered my Neymar comment/question earlier.

    I’d just get him on a plane and send £40mil the other way right now. If he’s good we can get 4 years out of him then sell him to barca for £80mil…..otherwise, Real will be in for him

  21. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    Yandi @ 11.21
    I agree on the ‘World Class’ thing…

    But we have to at least acknowledge we are certainly finally going in the right direction. Those 3 players, are internationals, experienced, and not young prospects. To land a German International with such experience and caps is a good signing in a position we have been screaming at him to rectify! The fact that the experience in not PL is a pity.

    We have also got our way, if only to a certain extent, with the players he has chosen to ship out. Denilson, Vela, Eboue, Traore, etc..Looks like Bendtner and possibly Chamakh also.. etc… (loan or sold). Loans for developement are something else. I just think we are having trouble off-loading some of them because of the deals they are on. Bendy 52k per week for example..

    This window will see huge movement In and Out and that will certainly be a first. Let’s see the numbers when it closes.

    And if a top name comes in today.. Well let’s just wait and see! We can talk about quality and if it’s a case of too little too late later. However, for now, things are moving in the right direction. I just hope we don’t end up with a few Honda Civics when we can afford a Bugatti Veron!

  22. gambon

    Lets just get this right about the positive/negative thing:

    – We are going to make a hefty transfer surplus this summer, when we were supposed to have £40m to spend.

    – If we had signed Gervinho, Mertesacker, Santos, Oxlade, Jenkinson, Young THEN SOLD Cesc, nasri, Clichy, Bendtner I dont think anyone would be happy.

    – The club have done a real psychological number on the fans this summer. Selling everyone off til we were so low then making things appear better than they are by buying lots of players late.

    Unfortunately there will be lots of AKBs telling the realists to stop being so negative, when the truth is we have completely fucked this window up, regardless of what happens today & yesterday.

  23. Nick the Greek Gooner from Ealing

    Sorry I meant Big Dave! Why the fuck would we want Yossi! I took a day off work today for this shit, fuck it I’m off to Ikea with the Mrs, it’s got that bad!

  24. Yandi


    Jadson is a Brazillian international
    Elano is a Brazillian international
    Gomes is a Brazillian international
    Fred is a Brazillian international

    Should we also sign them??? They’re world class according to your alcoholic-driven conclusions

  25. Thirties treble

    Doublegooner says:
    August 31, 2011 at 09:33

    Could be Stuart Laws he’s refering to, as the man who takes too long to conclude transfers.

  26. Alan109

    Mertsacker is a bigger risk than Cahill. Don’t understand this transfer but never mind. BTW how desperate have we become when this site is full pr1cks casting envious eyes at Tottenham’s dealings. We are officially a small club.

  27. wardo

    Boozy, there was a chance when City wanted Clichy and Nasri !! We could have done something maybe

    But i guess;

    1) Arsenal are sick of unsettled players
    2) Tevez would want a change of country if any transfer was to happen
    3) City would not want to sell to us

  28. Alan109

    As there seems to be so many gooners trolling spurs websites today, answer this….are they talking about us?

    Pathetic. Let’s concentrate on ourselves.

  29. arsenal1886-2006

    Mertesacker is not just a defender, he is a leader on the pitch and will organise the defence around him. We have been screaming out for leaders on the pitch and a big imposing centre half., and when we get one some peeps are giving out.
    I will take a German who has 70+ caps for his national team any day of the week.
    A fair amount of top centre half’s are not quick on the floor, they are quick in the mind and have positional awareness and fight to the death.

  30. wardo

    Anyone think Mertesacker is world class ??

    has over 70 caps for Germany.

    just interested to see the views of actual Arsenal fans

  31. Brian


    we all agree that Frimpong is raw but jenks is even rawer if at all there is such a word. his crosses are worse than you are saying and his ball handling leaves much to be desired. he cannot dribble at all. eboue could and sagna can.

    however, of all the players who played in the manure debacle, he was most outstanding for me because of his attitude. he had balls. no. he has balls. he makes up with passion and heart, what he lacks or hasn’t horned in skills.

    i want people who play with such passion. love him.

  32. Arse&Nose©

    I’m sure she said “Sniejder” down the phone, on 2nd thoughts it could have been a sneeze.

    Anne has a cold.

  33. Alan109

    Mertesacker is not world class. At 6,6ft he’s the Peter Crouch of defenders. Slow and technically rubbish.

    We’ll concede less from corners which is what we need. Not sure he’s the perfect solution.

  34. Nick

    dempsey rumour could have some legs to it if chamak is going on loan for now and nikki b sold we would have a space for the target man type he has prem experiance good goal record and not a obvious signing plus fulham have had offer excepted for brian ruiz i have heared!

    Mvilla wants to come and rennes will hopefully agree to 25mill plus add ons

    If we want Hazzard we have to pay 30mill simple as that.

    If your son knows him ask him to bell him and find out 😀

  35. We'll Be Back (@alexnk1)

    This is why yesterday i suprised by the outcry of everyone. All of those who had been so negative, suddenly overjoyed by a few much needed signings.

    You’se lot dont think of the wider picture, i never got carried away with the negative media circus, nor do i get to excited by a couple of signings i knew we would made i stay grounded.

    i think some of you need to stay grounded, through the good and the bad.

    We’re still about 2 signings short.

  36. Emyoueffsee

    Can’t believe arsenal fans can be happy with benayoun and this young korean boy.Mertesecker might be decent but if yis don’t get top class in midfield yis are gonna be cut adrift.Just a non biased opinion so no abuse please.

  37. wardo

    Brian, sometimes I can’t believe people cant actually read my comments properley.

    I never said he is better than Sagna or he is proven or he is ready or he is top class.

    His crossing is pretty good imo. Better than Eboue’s, Clichy’s, Theo’s, Rosicky’s to name a few.

    But, yes he is a very raw player…… it doesn’t matter anyway becasue the question was “who will cross the ball for Mertesacker?” I said Jenkinson but in reality, he wont replace Sagna in our first choice first team and even if he did, the balls into the box intended for Mertesacker would more than likely be from a corner or free kick. Jenkinson will not be taking those.

  38. Yandi


    Im not a Gooner because I don’t think Mertesecker or Andre Santos are world-class?

    I’m also not a Gooner bacause I don’t think Alex Song is the new Vieira. Come on, say it! I know you want to!

  39. Alan109

    Wardo, maybe if this site wasn’t so full of gooners talking about them, he and others won’t come on here?

    Who cares what they are doing this transfer window? Do you think City, UTD and Chelsea fans are really that bothered who spurs are signing?

    There’a way too many comments lauding their potential signings. If you are that interested, go and support them.

  40. We'll Be Back (@alexnk1)

    Defensively, we got a solid defence now.

    However the one area i have been harping on for ever ATTACK/CREAVIVITY is weak.

    We’re two Honda/HAZARD esc players away from being a top 4 team..

    Ive said it all along and ill say it again. We wont do well with Walcott & Arshavin starting games.

    Lotsof you are deluded. Oh arshavin needs to play CM walcott cf.




  41. gnarleygeorge9

    This from Liverpool Kop
    Another day, another selfish, overpaid footballer publicly displaying disloyalty and naked self-interest. This time, it’s Manchester City’s new signing Samir Nasri, who has rather classlessly stabbed Arsenal in the back at a time of real turmoil for the club. ”

    As with many players in the world’s top leagues, when the going gets tough, the ladyboys of modern football ‘bail and bitch’. In Nasri’s case, it’s quite clear from his latest comments that he couldn’t hack the realities of life at Arsenal, which incidentally is one of Europe’s top clubs. As soon as he had to actually put some effort in to help his club through some some tough times, he bailed:

    “My decision was made in June. The defeat against Birmingham in the League Cup final was very harmful for the minds…I wanted to leave after our difficult end of season”.

    What an admirable attitude: he’ll gladly take tens of thousands of pounds a week to kick a ball around but as soon as things become just a little bit difficult, it’s time to leave. Clearly, Nasri’s privileged and pampered little world was in danger of collapsing as a result of losing the League Cup final.

    Thankyou scousers :)

  42. gambon

    With Bendtner & lansbury to go we will be £40m in profit this transfer window.


    Unless we spend £60m in the next 10 hours Wenger should be torn apart at the next home game / Demo.

  43. miki dora

    First I was happy, then a little bit elated, then sad and now angry. I feel like a crack addict.

    If the mancs get Snejider it’s goodbye every cup going. Wankers.

    Sign Gotze, M’Villa and a striker of some nature and I’ll get back to my crack pipe

  44. OPG

    So even making things up here and Gstar isn’t even around 😀
    Sniejder hasn’t signed for United afterall and Benayoun hasn’t looks set for Spuds.

    Former ESPNsoccernet writer Tom Adams on Twitter: “Keisuke Honda’s agent, Kees Ploegsma Jr tells me: ‘No, it is 100% not true[he is going to Arsenal. He is flying somewhere else to check a small knee injury.’ That’s the end of that one then.”

  45. Bobby Pliers

    Yes cos the German national side is full of “technically rubbish” players………..give me strength!!!!

  46. wardo


    Song is not good enough. He has proven that.

    I dont think you are a gooner cause it seems you have another agenda and that is to just create doom on an Arsenal blog.

    Now just fcuk off please

  47. Pedro

    Gambon, he’s bought himself some time with the signings he’s made,he’ll know he needs a major player to hold it off until after Christmas.

    Oh, and a massive victory against Swansea…

  48. gazzap

    Its balotelli who Huddlestone was tweeting about that the spuds traning ground. thank fuck for that. They guy is a cancer. Mancini cant beleive his luck!

  49. Radio Raheem

    If we had signed Gervinho, Mertesacker, Santos, Oxlade, Jenkinson, Young THEN SOLD Cesc, nasri, Clichy, Bendtner I dont think anyone would be happy.


    Cesc was always going to leave and he is irreplaceable. Nasri, I would say we have replaced adequately with Gervinho. If we sign 1 or 2 other quality players before 11pm I’d say we have done okay. The big disappointment is that we should have done this 2 months earlier

  50. fuckwenger

    Yes it truly is a time to rejoice.

    We just got hammered 8-2 by Man United.

    We’ve taken 13 points from our last 14 games.

    We’ve just lost two of the best creative midfielders in world football.

    We have no out and out striker, one that can hold the ball up and play premiership style football.

    Our defence is a fucking shambles.

    And NO-ONE is even mentioning our utterly shit keeper Szcezsny – its great to have confidence – but its better to have it when you’re good and experienced not shit and inexperienced.

    One good penalty save means fuck all.

    Now our fuckwit of a manager is scrambling round like the utter fuckwit he is making a show of himself by paying over the odds for average players, BECAUSE they all know how desperate he is now….

    We are utterly fucked and the few fuckwit signings today will make little difference.

    Theres no point in wallpapering your house when its sinking into its shit foundations.

    Pedro, an utterly naive and appallingly sycophantic post.

  51. wardo

    Alan109, what are you talking about ??

    I have only spoken bout Arsenal’s transfers. That is all i am intersted in. Please quote me if.

    The problem is that City and Manure transfer targets are not being closly followed by Arry Redtwat.

    What comment of mine are you referring to??

  52. Alan109

    You want to look at impressive transfer business than look no further than Roma.

    Simon Kjaer on loan, plus Osvaldo, Pjanic, Bojan, Stekelenburg, Jose Angel, Lamela.

    As for us, I think we’ve done OK. This season is probably a lost cause in terms of titles etc so let’s not splash cash on players we’ll find difficult to shift later. I.e Benayoun.

  53. Nick

    sagna mert tv santos
    hazzard mvilla jack gervinho
    dempsey rvp

    Completely new team good mix I would be confident with that team and all the other options it could lead to

  54. gambon


    As far as I can see hes sold world class players and signed kids and a few players that may be good.

    That to me is strategical weakening of the team, while leaving vast sums in the bank.

    He has been strategically weakening each position for the last 7 years, and i hope a few consolation signings (WAY TOO LATE) dont divert the fans attention from what is needed, a real and serious protest at the next game, sustained until there is change.

    If he spends proper money today then I will give him a chance, but we all know he wont.

    Whatever way you look at it we havent really solved any of our problems from last season, and we have sold our 2 best players.

    Mertesacker may be a signing that will make a real improvement.

    Apart from that hes just buying cheap & pointless.

  55. wardo

    Miki Dora, i was secretly hoping that Arsenal would go in for Sneid’s.

    For me, he would go some way to replacing Cesc…….

  56. Big Dave

    Seems that Suljemani to Arsenal, £8.5m could be direct replacement for outgoing Bendtner. Circa same fee

    Twitter source

  57. Alan109

    I am not referring to you directly, Wardo. I just came on here and there’s loads of comments about who they are signing and how we’d be ‘gutted’ if they sign them. I wouldn’t. They can sign whoever they please but they won’t finish above us. It’s about looking up.

  58. wardo

    Alan109, if you are gonna bang on about Roma’s signings then why dont you fcuk off and support them.

    Do you think they (Roma) are talking about our signings.

    Stupid point you made earlier when all i have blogged about is Arsenal.

  59. Brian

    guys, the work of the 20 man team is to create stories to excite gooners all day and then bring in only one unknown player.

  60. wardo

    ok fair one Alan109…..i dont need another argument tbh

    Its gonna be a nightmare day for us…..i am literally praying for us to spend at least £60mil


  61. Nick the Greek Gooner from Ealing

    I’m with Geoff we brought a Korean, whoops while I shit myself with excitement, why are we not buying top quality?? Happy with the defensive signings, but we have a big hole left when ‘he who shall not be named’ left and we have not filled it.

  62. Pedro

    Bergy… colder than Geoff’s heart I’m afraid.

    Gambon, I can’t argue with any of that… if he doesn’t make any proper signings today, he’ll be gone by next year. The fans won’t tolerate it once the excitement of 3 players dies down.

    Wenger has massively fucked up this window… the worrying thing is I don’t believe he saw it coming. Shameful management really.

  63. wardo


    isn’t Neymar stil available ????

    Or is it too late to make a signing in that region of the world…….lets face it, if he jumped on a plane now he would make London and a medical before 11pm……

  64. Samir

    Mertesacker update, from the reliable @gunnerblog: “Arsenal flew Mertesacker back to Germany last night. The player has done his part. Agents on way to training ground now to finalise.”

  65. CedarBayDave

    Radio Raheem – Dempsey is from a poor family. He actually had to quit his youth club due to his families finances, so they could afford for his sister to continue a tennis path. He was only able to start again after she had a tragic death, so he worked hard at it to honor her. (there is a story out there somewhere about this)

  66. Nick

    Also I think wenger was in France putting the personel touch to a couple of the deals half our targets are from france so dont see why everybody is caining him for being in france and commentating keeps his profile up with the players ect anyway and he can scout players and get paid double bubble 😀

  67. Big Dave

    “Andre Santos (Fenerbahce) has just confirmed to Turkish Media that he is joining Arsenal today. Deal is done.”

  68. Samir

    Andre Santos (Fenerbahce) has just confirmed to Turkish Media that he is joining Arsenal today. Deal is done.”

    From BBC

  69. Pedro

    Nick, we’ve bought Mertesacker and a Brazilian International left back.

    Let’s see who else comes to us today…

  70. Nick the Greek Gooner from Ealing

    Gunnerblog is reliable and he thinks our business is all done. Great fucking great!!

  71. Alan109

    I’d rather us keep the money for the time being. My concern is the calibre of players we want in and if it’s not someone like Hazard, then I’d rather wait until we can get it than make do with Benayoun etc. This Park character is also a bit of a panic buy as there appeared to be no plan in signing him. Remember there’s a 25man rule so shifting deadwood will hold us back in future windows.

  72. Samir

    I’ve got a sneaky feeling we will match Spurs’ price for Cahill in the last few hours…And he’ll choose us!
    Also, if we were getting M’vila or Martin L’equipe will be the first to know as they would have to leave the French training camp!

  73. Gunner4Real

    Why are the moans about Wenger being off to France. He is not responsible for signing players.

    Unless you want to see him shake hands and look pretty for the cameras.

    PS – I’m sure no one saw Pep in sight when Cesc was signed.

  74. wardo

    Bobby P

    TBF, i think Gamban mentioned a figure of £60mil.

    If Arsenal spend that then that is not blowing “stupid money”. It is very much neccessary.

    If its not spend wisely, then thats the fault of Arsenal management. He also said all this should’ve been done much earlier to reduce the risk……..if we miss out on players cause its too late, we’re in trouble

  75. Samir

    Another off the wage bill;

    France U20 striker Gilles Sunu leaves Arsenal, signing four year contract with Lorient, where he played on loan last season.

  76. Radio Raheem

    CedarBayDave, that’s a touching story. I didn’t realise football was that far entrenched in grassroot America. I rate him as a very good footballer – one of those outside the top 4 that can make the jump to a bigger club.

  77. MM

    Even with the top signings, most people on this blog expect a to get to a top 4 this year. So essentially IF we do finish in the top 4 we have only stood still.
    Its amazing how AFC give the fans grief all summer, such that now even the most die hard fans who were aiming for the title this season will be delighted with the standstill.
    I recall the posts from Geoff and Pedro early in the summer being very optimistic (or more in hope!) assuming AW will finally move for top players. As the summer wore on the fan expoectations were killed of by the board and AW, and we (including me) are now so low and desperate that even a yossi/alex/malouda seem good.

  78. gazzap

    We need a creative midfielder. There is no question about that. M’Vila is defensive and I would take him because he is quality but we really need a more attacking player today.
    Rosicky and Ramsey cannot carry our season.

  79. Bobby Pliers

    Wardo, my point is that its not the size of the fee thats the important thing its the quality of the player. Just cos so and so costs £40million it doesn’t mean that you will get a return on the pitch. Remember Reyes?

  80. jules

    Starting to think Mert , santos and park maybe it

    Its past 12 and no rumours of people turning up .

    gone quiet , woud’nt someone be lined up for medical by now ??

  81. RockyPires

    I do fear Kaka to Spurs is true as Maureioo has a soft spot for old Arry. Why would Kaka go for Uefa cup football I do wonder???

    Honda to us ia apparently a none runner, he would be a top signing though.

    Any word on Milner having left training camp??

  82. TaeLuvTW14

    Still on Nasir Behaviour, I read this online, it sums it up. Makes an interesting reading if you have the time.

    Samir Nasri: Just another self-absorbed, money-grabbing mercenary

    Another day, another selfish, overpaid footballer publicly displaying disloyalty and naked self-interest. This time, it’s Manchester City’s new signing Samir Nasri, who has rather classlessly stabbed Arsenal in the back at a time of real turmoil for the club.

    As with many players in the world’s top leagues, when the going gets tough, the ladyboys of modern football ‘bail and bitch’. In Nasri’s case, it’s quite clear from his latest comments that he couldn’t hack the realities of life at Arsenal, which incidentally is one of Europe’s top clubs. As soon as he had to actually put some effort in to help the Gunner’s through some some tough times, he bailed:

    “My decision was made in June. The defeat against Birmingham in the League Cup final was very harmful for the minds…I wanted to leave after our difficult end of season”.

    What an admirable attitude: he’ll gladly take tens of thousands of pounds a week to kick a ball around but as soon as things become just a little bit difficult, it’s time to leave. Clearly, Nasri’s privileged and pampered little world was in danger of collapsing as a result of losing the League Cup final.

    What happens if Man City go through difficulties? Will he just up and leave then as well? Of course not, because as usual, it’s all about money, and he’ll probably be too well paid to consider leaving:

    “Arsenal doesn’t have the same funds. They can’t make the same coups as before in the transfer market. Today I feel like I’m in a team where I can win titles. [At Man city], there are 22 players of a very high level. In the Premier League, very few clubs can show such wealth.”

    None of this is a surprise of course, it’s just further evidence of the narcissistic, egotistical culture of football – it’s no longer a team game; it’s no longer about players collectively doing their best for their clubs; it’s about milking the club for all its worth and subjugating team achievement in favour of individual success.

    Footballing vampires like Nasri expect clubs to be set-up to serve their own personal ambitions; they suck as much cash and opportunity out of the system as possible, then as soon as any kind of barrier to achieving individual success materialises, they bail and bitch, and move on to the next club (as opposed to knuckling down and helping their team move forward).

    Man City is definitely the right place for Nasri – it’s a club full of greedy mercenaries with no real feeling for the club.

    He’ll fit right in.

    Read more: http://www.liverpool-kop.com/2011/08/samir-nasri-just-another-self-absorbed.html#ixzz1WbY47VnL

  83. Geoff

    So someone explain to me Park, who no one has ever heard of and plays in the French league with Monaco is worth a £10mil punt and Cahill at £15mil (who himself was £10mil cheaper than Nasri) isn’t?

  84. Squirrel

    Who is a possible marquee signing?


    Out of that lot only M’vila is a reality imo

  85. Samir

    Apparently Lansbury off to West Ham on loan…
    Surely that means we’re bringing in a midfielder! 😀
    And thanks GoonerDan, much appreciated!

  86. gazzap

    Bendtner to stoke looks to be off as they have signed Jerome instead. the shame of it, being cast aside for a Cameron Jerome. Maybe Nikky isnt as good as he thinks.

  87. Brian

    Arsene is after a nobel peace prize. What with him buying players from every country imaginable and leaving out the english? He wants to balance the equation in the premier league.

    i agree with u on cahill. we want to make bolton desperate and then give them a fair deal at the dying hours.

    y dont you change your name from that twat who instead of talking about man city is keen on talking about us? he must have left in bitterness.

  88. rob green

    can’t see us getting anymore!!
    We have sold / released 11 players now!! That doesn’t include Bendtner!!

  89. CedarBayDave


    would be great if he was there as a replacement, but I doubt it.

  90. JimmyRimmer

    We are still fucking around trying to tie down the Mertesaker deal which all started yesterday. Sorry fellas but I can’t see this club having the know how of trying to close down a deal in a matter of hours. Less than 11 hours to go. Please someone give me some hope?

  91. livid

    i’ve had 2 season tickets since 1991. i’ve been lucky to see some great football over the years. until last season always been a Wenger supporter – probably what a lot of you call a fully paid up AKB’er. Well since our 4th Spring arsecave in 4 years i finally lost patience. Since May I’ve been sending a couple of emails a day to the club, criticising various elements of the team – lack of depth and investment in squad, poor coaching, poor PR, unhappy with new owner etc. I always get the usual auto-reply – ”thanks for your email blah blah blah we have sent it to the communications dept etc etc”. Well, on Monday monring in a bit of a red mist after sundays debacle I sent a zinger of a mail – saying Gazidis had lied to me in close season, saying we would be ‘busy’, and that i feel i bought my 2 season tickets under false pretences and that i was cheated out of my money, and i was sending them back, i told them they had lost me and i didn’t weant to give them any more of my money, especially at the prices they charged just to keep my money in the bank. well,,,, i’ve just got an email from the box office, they said i could have a refund on the tickets. …… calling my bluff ! i didn’t think they would give me a full refund.

    so – 2 things here …… the fact they are willing to give full refunds tells me they are confident on their waiting list. 2. am i paranoid, or does it mean there is a Banner signing on the way today ?? (and btw, i couldn’t bring myself to give them back, it was an idle threat in the middle of having the raging hump about sunday)

  92. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    Nick the Greek.

    Business is not done.

    Grimandi confirmed last night.. working on more deals.. (after confirming M’sacker, Santos).

    Just 10 more hours or so! Now I now what OCD means! Refresh, refresh.. faster you fucker!

  93. Mayank

    Geoff, didn’t we pay about £5m for Park. And We’ve signed Per instead of Cahill. 75 caps v 3 caps. Germany 4 – 1 England. Not really fussed tbh.

    Especially after Gartside’s behaviour. He’ll be sold for 12m today. Which makes his 20m proce tag as shameful as our 6m bid.

  94. arsenal1886-2006

    “Emyoueffsee says:
    August 31, 2011 at 12:06
    Can’t believe arsenal didn’t go in for scott parker or even give hargreaves a pay per play deal.That was a no-brainer.”

    I agree with you there. The problem these days is that clubs look to open new markets, Young (Korea), Miyachi (Japan).
    It is as much about generating finances to compete than creating a settled competitive squad.
    Would Parker or Hargreaves sell shirts in asia? no. Would they be good squad players and maybe first team regulars? when fit definitely.
    Money dictates football policy these days and for a good few years to come.