2 Arsenal medicals penned in for today | Honda, Arteta, Cahill, Dempsey, Ribery, on the radar?

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Yeah… that’s me… a happy Gooner rolling in transfers. What a bloody day eh?! The best day since time began? Or maybe just the best summer in 5 years? Either way, all the right things began to happen yesterday!

Now, there was obviously disappointment yesterday morning when everyone thought I was telling lies about Yann M’Vila, but then later that day, the backpage of the Evening Standard ran the story pretty much word for word and The Times are reporting the same this morning. Now, they’ve either got someone telling them the same things, or they’ve got a penchant for a daily dose of Le Grove. Either outcome is pleasing. Like I said yesterday, watch this space. We could easily spend £60million today and not bat an eye lid.

Simple fact is, Alex Song not the one and he’ll be off next summer. Frimpong is a very good prospect, but he needs guidance. Whichever way you look at it, we need a defensive midfielder today. We’re desperately short in the middle.


We landed Per Mertesacker yesterday after he completed a medical. Andre Santos was also doing the same. There were a few articles floating about online that stated he’d changed his mind and flown back to Turkey to sign a 4 year deal. I’d be very surprised if that were the case!

Per Mertesacker was a massive curve ball yesterday, but ultimately a fantastic one. He’s a player we’ve been calling for on Le Grove since before June 2008. We reported that he was a Gooner way back then here, 3 years on, whaddya know, he’s going to be turning out at the home of football!

He’s 6ft6, he’s built powerfully, he has 70+ caps for a very solid German team, he’s won trophies, he has Champions League experience and he knows how to defend. Rumour has it we’ve picked him up for £9million. What a price!

This is the sort of player we should always be in for. He has pedigree, he has presence and he’ll slot in perfectly next to Thomas Vermaelen. We have a genuine little and large combination. We have a defender who has played the highline for club and country and we’ve done something crazy… signed a tall player to deal with our fear of high flying balls!

Sacrebleu! <- Does that mean what I think it does?

I’m very pleased.

Park Chu-Young signed for us officially yesterday. The South Korean captain joins us under a cloud of ‘who the f**k’, but the key point here is versatility and hard word. Mainly hard work though. Arshavin and Rosicky showed at the weekend that they’re not cut out for Arsenal when crunch time comes. We need someone who is going to work for their salary, this guy will. Does he have the required quality? I’m not sure… but if he can bag 12 goals for a relegated Monaco, I’d hope for something similar or better for a team capable of teeing him up with far more chances.

Oh, and he takes the number 9 shirt. You knew that already though, right?

Clint Dempsey…

There are big rumours we’re looking to add the American to our attacking line up. Whilst he’s not world-class, he’s a very good player with a superb eye for goal. He has that aggravation factor and a terrific work rate. You don’t need all your players to be La Masia schooled. Sometimes you just need a player who is direct, in your face and not afraid to ruffle a few feathers. He scored 14 goals for Fulham last year and he was very impressive. I’d welcome him into our squad and word on the South American street is that we’ve tabled a $16.8million bid for him.

Gary Cahill…

Have Bolton burned their bridges in negotiations for a player they’ll lose on a free if they don’t get rid of him today? We’ve signed a centre back already. That puts the pressure on Gartside’s hugely indebted club to do a deal today. I think we’re still in for him. Johann Djourrou has been so bad over the past 6 months, you wonder for his future. Cahill is still a top defender and regardless of how many people tell you he’s rubbish, he’s not, he’d make a great addition to the squad.

I still remember how many people told me Ashley Young wasn’t Arsenal quality… some statement eh?

Chris Samba…

There were a lot of rumblings about the shower bully from Blackburn. I have my doubts. The rumours feel more like stories designed to get him a move away from Steve Kean. He’d be a useful addition, but we’ve already filled the role of ‘massive beast’, if we get another centre back, they’ll be good on the ground and stylish… Like a break dancer.

The creative hole?

There’s a massive hole in our side, that’s the one left by Cesc Fabregas. If there’s going to be a monster signing today, I’d love it to come there. Yossi looks like he’s off to Spurs, so good luck to him, quality player, poor injury record. That leaves us with the prospect of Gotze or Hazard. There will probably be another curve ball thrown there, but I’m struggling to see where it’s coming from. The German might be pulled away from his club for £35million and a massive salary, I’m not sure though, it would be a bad move for Dortmund but I guess it depends on how much they want the cash. They’re not flush!

My money is on Arteta. Like Yossi, top quality, just not so much on the fitness side of things. I’d also be interested in Frank Ribery. He was once a £60million player, then his mates bought him a 17 year old hooker, now he’s not quite as popular. He’d be amazing in the Premiership. He’d replace Nasri perfectly. Could we move for him? I’d love it… who knows! Sky are reporting that Honda is in London for a medical… it’s all too much!


I was told that two medicals were booked yesterday, two more for today. Make of that what you will!


It’s a shame it took an absolute spanking to push the board and Arsene Wenger into some serious action. Nearly all of this business could have been conducted in June. I don’t believe all these players have been targets all summer, we’ve just shown intent and made things happen because careers are on the line.

Still, that’s a story for another day.

We’re developing a strong core to the team now. We could make top 4 if we make 2-3 signings of intent again today. Amazing how quickly things can change eh? The squad will be revitalised and fans will be excited for the Swansea game. A morale booster for everyone!

My worry though, is that we’re once again in a transition year. This sort of frenzied 48 hours should never have happened and if we’d made purchases like this 2 years ago, who knows who’d still be here fighting it out in the first team.

Anyway, it’s the last day of transfer rumours. There won’t be a live blog, the comments section will going mental all day, tune in, you can get far more info than 140 characters into a comment and all the stories will come direct to you all day from the Grovers! Life is very exciting!

P.S. For some further reading and listening, check out Tim Payton in the Independent talking business models(I’m not talking topless Staples Girls) and the Footy Shows Podcast starring king of AKB’s, Bob Wilson!

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Transfer Updates

  • Keisuke Honda in for a medical according to Sky Reports

2,722 Responses to “2 Arsenal medicals penned in for today | Honda, Arteta, Cahill, Dempsey, Ribery, on the radar?”

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  1. B

    Tottenham midfielder Tom Huddlestone on Twitter: “Can’t believe who just sneaked into the training ground the back way! Wow.”

    F#ck, they always get the good deals don’t they…

  2. BOOZY

    perdo says-

    “It’s a shame it took an absolute spanking to push the board and Arsene Wenger into some serious action. Nearly all of this business could have been conducted in June. I don’t believe all these players have been targets all summer, we’ve just shown intent and made things happen because careers are on the line.”

    spot on

  3. jack

    I think some on here are getting carried away, we have santos, young and m,seker.some are saying we have enough to get us in top 4. how quickly ambitions seem to change. if midfield isnt sorted today with a quality signing, we`re fucked. if we do, it maybe enough for those that are happy with top 4. fickle or what. Im not being negative, but i agree with Hitman, wenger needs to go. lets wait and see then.

  4. wardo

    There isn’t a back way into Spuds shit hole training ground.

    Trust me.

    It down Luxborough lane in Chigwell…..i take all my rubbish to the tip which is directly oposite spuds training ground !! its a dead end lane and spuds are at the bottom…….then only other way would be via Ashdon playing fields which would mean you’d have to jump over a fence and walk about a mile through a field or stop on the hard shoulder of the m11 and walk up the embankment which would take only a few mins……doubt it though.

    P.s. i blogged once about my dad hanging an Arsenal picture on their fence when we went to the tip once !!

  5. GunnerLoftySugden

    im, Keighley via text: “Arsenal interested in Belgian defender Mark de Man. Apparently, they are also interested in his compatriots, striker Skor de Gaulle and goalkeeper Bloek de Schott.”

  6. Walking Wounded

    Where’s our in blog statistician?

    What state is our 25 man squad in?

    How many foreign/over 21/non homegrown players can we have?

  7. Josip Skoblar

    Bayern would sell Ribery for 30-35 M euros. AFC offered 25 M euros for M’Vila and Wenger has renewed his interest in Samba.

  8. dennisdamenace

    Guillem_Balague Guillem Balague
    by njae63
    Very interesting, Park Chu Young is not the only player #Lille have mispaced. Eden #Hazard has filed a transfer request to force #afc move.

  9. BOOZY

    pedro say-

    “We could make top 4 if we make 2-3 signings of intent again today”

    Spot on again – which is why i’m very sad as this transfer draws to a close – we’ve made no top signing, after loosing 2 top players.

    we really really really need a world class striker.

    and now fabs gone we need a top midfielder.

  10. dennisdamenace

    Guillem Balague
    Very interesting, Park Chu Young is not the only player #Lille have mispaced. Eden #Hazard has filed a transfer request to force #afc move.
    18 minutes ago via web

  11. Santos

    Let’s buy Fellaini or De Rossi, forget about M’vila. He is over priced for now and less experienced than the above-mentioned. Add Cahill and Honda to that and I will trust Arsene once again. Perhaps, that shambolic display on sunday was a blessing in disguise. I wonder.

  12. Mayank

    3 players are trending worldwide on twitter. Elia, Honda and Bellamy.

    First two are linked to Arsenal.


  13. WengersSweeties

    I will say this for Wenger, we are very quick to point out Arsene’s weaknesses, but it’s well documented that a strength of his is to get the best out of top quality players.

    When Wenger has signed players who have already got a established pedigree these footballers have played their best football under him.


    So this is why I believe Per and Santos should do well. Lets hope we bring in more of these type of established players because it’s a system that’s been successful in the past.

  14. hitman49

    if it was so successful why did he stop ?

    or was he just lucky ?

    no sorry

    he should go

    you’v all gone transfer crazy

  15. John

    Sign, Sign, Sign and Sign some more players. I would love it if Wenger pulled 2 more out of the back before 23:00 it’s going to be fun to watch out for. Mertesacker is a bargain especially when you think Man Utd spent £30 Million on Rio Ferdinand.

  16. Mayank

    I know Gunner-Mac but we’re still mentioned in the story. My point was this is the first time on 8 years we’ve gotten proper transfer activity on deadline day.

  17. gambon

    Hmmm not sure comparing Rio with Mertesacker makes a lot of sense, Rio is utter class.

    I would have a 23 year old Rio for £30m in a heartbeat…..Wenger would bid £8m.

  18. Walking Wounded

    rob green

    You are probably right but neither was Bendtner or Chamakh.

    What will get is a work ethic like ManUre’s Korean, and probably a decent technique, which all South Koreans seem to have. After all why are they better than England in recent World Cups?

    He will not be a match winner, but he will definitely be a better squad striker than we have at the moment.

  19. Arse&Nose©

    Did you know John O’shea has played more games for Man Utd in the same period Rio has been around?


  20. afrogunner

    Must Song always be on this post for the wrong reasons? “Simple fact is, Alex Song not the one and he’ll be off next summer” Yeah, he stamped on a cunt but none of the officials saw him and replays are only used against the arsenal. Pls cut him some slack, he’s one of our best. At least we haven’t lost with him in the side this season

  21. Gooneroo


    That’s not a bad back 5. One of the best in recent history, right???

  22. Josip Skoblar

    geekpie says:
    August 31, 2011 at 10:48
    Hazard has filed a transfer request. On BBC.

    … to join Liverpool?… 😉

  23. WengersSweeties

    geekpie says:
    August 31, 2011 at 10:48
    Hazard has filed a transfer request. On BBC.



    The beeb need to catch the fuck up.

  24. Walking Wounded

    You never know there maybe a Van der Vaart type signing coming into the Emirates!

    What is wrong with having a positive Pro-Arsenal day today?


    How about banning negtivity until after the window shuts, and then if he hasn’t done enough then all gloves are off?

  25. hervedenerve

    Danny Rose on Twitter: “@Danny_Rose25: The Sky Sports Men Missed The Geezer Sneaking In Around The Back !! Wow”

  26. PAN10

    Why has this been published on Wikipedia today???

    Arsenal FC
    On the 31st of August, M’Vila signed for Arsenal FC on a long term contract for a undisclosed fee rumoured to be £25 million.

  27. WengersSweeties

    Arse&Nose© says:
    August 31, 2011 at 10:50

    lets concentrate on those who actually might arrive

    Anne knows.


    😆 Anne!!

  28. Mayank

    What’s the point of getting Hazard if we don’t have a AM to create anything. Maybe a double swoop for Hazard and Gourcuf.

    I need to calm down I’m hyperventilating.

  29. gnarleygeorge9

    I see that wide mouthed frog Na$ri has been croaking off again about the down side to Arsenal. Voyeur!!!!!

  30. Walking Wounded

    The signings to date are excellent if we bring in the “WOW” factor signings.

    Our squad looks better already, but the 1st XI doesn’t look that much better yet.

  31. Geoff

    Ha, ha you’re all deluded, we’ll sign no-one of note, I don’t care how hard working this Park is, we should not be spending £5mil on a striker, we should be spending £30mil, did he not learn from the Chamakh signing? It’s not like we don’t have it is it???

    I don’t like Ribery and Arteta is just a crock. As for Dempsey he’s a Fulham (type) player, we are Arsenal and should be spending at least what we have.

    Wenger finally spending now is a massive admission he got it wrong and fucked up, well that and getting beaten 8-2

    So allowing Wenger to waste the transfer money is equally stupid.

    He went to commentate for French TV with 2 days of the window left, he should be sacked for that alone.

  32. WengersSweeties


    1054: Hold on, hold your horses people. It would appear that Guillem Balague tweet re: Eden Hazard/Arsenal was from a fake account. Which can only beg the question… why?


  33. Walking Wounded


    He sounds like Adebayor, when he left.

    They can’t cut the umbilical cord, and realise they may have been better if they had stayed.

  34. gambon

    “How about banning negtivity until after the window shuts, and then if he hasn’t done enough then all gloves are off?”

    Hmmmm the problem with this is all the AKBs then say “give him until Christmas”

    Then “lets se what he does in January”

    Then “judge him in may”

    Then “lets see what he does in the transfer window”

    Its a never ending cycle of head burying in sand.

  35. Dan

    It’s more likely to be Diarra to spurs than Kaka. If we were after Kaka then he’d certainly come to us over the tiny spuds down the road

  36. Piresrightboot

    We have got to sign a top drawer creative midfielder.
    We can’t lose two of the best in the world and not replace them…..This should all have been sorted out weeks ago instead of the usual fu$king around by Wenger

  37. Aussie Gooner Dave

    Translation from Italian Website Choy spoke about

    “Arsenal are very close to buying the outside left Fiorentina Juan Manuel Vargas (27). The deal is already well underway, and tomorrow could get the official status of the transfer. The ‘Gunners’ shelling out 12 million euros for the purchase of the Peruvian player, who also liked to Bayern Monaco, Juventus and Zenit St Petersburg.”

  38. Othello

    fuck Drogba and Kaka and Cahill, they can’t go anywhere else, that’s why they go to spurs,

    who cares? they are dross anyway.

    we are getting much better

    Clelsea’s bid for ribery worries me though. How arrogant

  39. dennisdamenace

    I will be fucking cunted off big time if Cahill goes to Spurs for the sake of £3-4m, that will prove to me that nothing has changed with Wenger, money before success.

  40. jack

    Geoff said it all… talksport said arsene went to commentate on french TV and that the fans will call for his sacking.

  41. rob green

    Geoff says:
    August 31, 2011 at 10:56

    SPOT ON!! Best comment of the day!!

    how can any fan be happy with park!! jesus!! things are bad!!

  42. wardo


    Anne knows ???? you know Pedro will come on here and kick your ass again 👿

    Only i can write things like that as Pedro ignores my posts…… 😆

  43. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    Expect Spuds to ‘extract’ a big name from Chelsea, in addition to cash, in order to part with Modric!

    Could that be the ‘big name’ Huddlestone tweeted???

    Hope to fuck it’s not Drogba!

  44. Paulinho

    Vargas would be a good signing. A boxer turned footballer. Had a good scrap against De La Hoya a few years ago.

  45. leon

    i still think evon with all these new signings it will hard to finish top 4.both nasri and fab going left huge whole that cant be filled with ramsey and wilshire it will need a real experienced player hopefully a big name

  46. Silverstuds

    Great article, very accurate analysis of our situation and very well written.

    A couple of things I’d like to challenge though mate. I’ve scoured the Internet and I’ve had Sky Sports News from yesterday afternoon right up until this very moment and have not read or heard so much of even a whiff of news about a medical for Honda or even an inquiry, let alone a bid.

    Sky Sports News are however talking about Cahill, but how we’ve ended our interest in him after signing Mertesacker. He could now possibly move to Spurs and I have a feeling it’ll be another last second deal done by Harry for a seemingly impossible cut-price. Just like with van der vaart.

    I think we may still be in for another midfielder but it’s anyone’s guess really and will it be an attacking or defensive middle man? It’s anyone’s guess really because although we’re lacking in the defensive midfield department, we all know Wenger would be loathe to drop Song, Diaby and Frimpong all down another notch in ranks and having spent more money whilst doing it.

    Attacking midfield wise? Well he’s already signed Gervinho and Oxlade-Chamberlain, he’s still clearly keeping faith with Arshavin plus we have Theo and we still have the ‘Japanese Ronaldo’ Miyaichi. All of which can play the attacking midfielder roles as well as their respective wings.

    Now before you verbally hang me, I’m purely seeing things from Wengers perspective. He’s probably feeling guilty already about the money he’s spent so suddenly.

    Lastly, I highly, highly doubt we’ll be seeing Hazard in an Arsenal shirt. For one, his price is far too high for Wenger. To be honest I don’t blame him. I’m a HUGE fan of Hazard but at the end of the day, Paying 25-36 million for an unproven teenager playing in a lesser challenging league is a little much to ask, plus he’s a bit of a hothead and a little full of himself.

    I do think we’ll be in for another midfielder but I think it’ll be someone we don’t expect and not a big marquee name. It seems Y’ann M’villa is too expensive although there are unconfirmed rumours were set to improve on our 22m bid up to £25m.

    Suffice to say it’s actually an exciting deadline day for Gooners for once! And we’ll all agree I’m sure It’s about damn time!

    Watch this space….

  47. GunnerLoftySugden

    No idea why people keep slating Park

    Chamakh and Bendtner – he couldnt actually be worse could he

    And we save money as it will cost less to have his name put on back of shirts

  48. wardo


    you say we have not signed anyone decent ??

    Personally i think Mertesacker and Santos are good buys……..Park, well he may just add something that Bendtner couldn’t (not going to mention Chamakh)

  49. Arse&Nose©


    Peds already has Pam the tea lady as his contact, Anne is my contact he can’t have her!!

    She hears all the noises going down when she cleans the executive toilets,

    Anne knows!

  50. wardo

    A&N, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 😀

    you are such a p155 taker…… i think Pedro will know this is just banter and not personel.

  51. wardo

    cant see any real evidence that Hazzard has handed in transfer request !!

    It would be breaking news on SSN for sure…..

  52. Walking Wounded

    Mertesacker and Santos are done deals, medicals and photoshoots etc all done, but announcement will be done later, when (and if) we make any other signings. Mertesacker is returning to the German squad and Santos to Turkey to pack his bags.

  53. GunnerLoftySugden

    BarclaysLeague Barclays PL News
    Wenger ups record midfielder bid to £25m – report: Arsene Wenger has come to Rennes with an improved £25 million… bit.ly/p7xv2x

  54. CedarBayDave

    The two medicals today are for Stan and Wenger to check their vitals after actually buying a few players

  55. Radio Raheem

    Just seen Mauro Zarate arrive at Melwood to be greeted by Comolli and Kenny!

    We should be signing Zarate

  56. Othello

    Geoff your negativity is getting really boring sometimes…

    Even Gambon was excited yesterday with our transfers!

  57. charliegeorge

    You people in England think always the solution is to spend, spend, spend.

    So why now you mad fucker?

    Because your arse is in the sling!


  58. Walking Wounded

    Alright then ask yourself, have we got anyone who can deliver a ball that Mertesacker can score from?

  59. Nick the Greek Gooner from Ealing

    Sorry to piss on our parades, but I think Christmas came yesterday, pure Arsenal style that we won’t buy the creative beast we want today.

  60. Matt

    The word is the player that snuk in the back door at spurs was Balotelli!

    Can you imagine him and Adebayor in the same team!

  61. Yandi

    Sorry to be a doomer (Actually Im not), but none of the players we’ve signed are world class. People are just happy we’re actually doing something… and that should be fucking standard at a club like Arsenal, not a fucking special exception.

  62. caiden_ceaser

    Ryo, Honda & Young, our Asian tours will never be the same again!, profits!!! profits!!! profits!!! profits!!! profits!!! profits!!!

  63. Doublegooner

    Cahill to spuds.

    Shame. I saw a him as a player GG would have signed & he’d have become a bloody good player for us.

  64. Yandi

    Why do we never parade a player?? Or have a fucking press conference with a new player to introduce him to the world media and supporters? Smacks of small club mentality. Fucking hell… even Napoli did it with Inler!

  65. leon

    there are still some players that need to be sold badly for jd aa chamakh diaby scullaci all these are luxury players in my eyes.but i think it will have be done next summer i dought wenger will want to do much business in jan.the boy jekinson should go out on loan i think he has some very qualities but needs time.if wenger does get a top dm player i would put song as cd cover and dump jd,every time i see him its clear he is not natural midfielder he much of more of defender that sits on front of the defence but positional sence is not the best that my one and only problem with him no one can say he does not have the heart and committent

  66. wardo

    Caiden, most top clubs gain extra revenue from far East tours…barca, Real Mad, Manure to name a few. What is you problem with that. We still need to make a profit FFS !! Hopefully those funds will be spent.

    Yandi, German and Brazilian internations…….not world class then no ??

  67. Matt

    Dissapointed we didnt get Cahill. Other than anythign else it would have been nice to add another English player to the team.

  68. Yandi


    Thats bullshit. Jenkinson, cross??? When the fuck was that? Andre Santos more like it… but Jenkinson???

  69. Nick the Greek Gooner from Ealing

    Breaking news on SSN of big news coming out of manure, what’s the odds they have signed Hazard?!! Fuck this shit. Spend dome big money Arsenal!!!!

  70. Yandi

    Yandi, German and Brazilian internations…….not world class then no ??
    Are you fucking kidding me wardo? So they’re Brazilian and German, so they’re bound to be world-class? Get off the alcohol mate

  71. wardo


    Have you not seen him play ?? Are you an Arsenal fan or not ??

    He has crossed quite a few balls into the box that cut the keeper out completely. He seems to either get the ball in the box or get a corner……which is something i like. I wonder if you have actually seen him play

    and no i am not saying he is world class or Lee Dixon right now….he has potential to be a good defender for us (Arsenal that is)