2 Arsenal medicals penned in for today | Honda, Arteta, Cahill, Dempsey, Ribery, on the radar?

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Yeah… that’s me… a happy Gooner rolling in transfers. What a bloody day eh?! The best day since time began? Or maybe just the best summer in 5 years? Either way, all the right things began to happen yesterday!

Now, there was obviously disappointment yesterday morning when everyone thought I was telling lies about Yann M’Vila, but then later that day, the backpage of the Evening Standard ran the story pretty much word for word and The Times are reporting the same this morning. Now, they’ve either got someone telling them the same things, or they’ve got a penchant for a daily dose of Le Grove. Either outcome is pleasing. Like I said yesterday, watch this space. We could easily spend £60million today and not bat an eye lid.

Simple fact is, Alex Song not the one and he’ll be off next summer. Frimpong is a very good prospect, but he needs guidance. Whichever way you look at it, we need a defensive midfielder today. We’re desperately short in the middle.


We landed Per Mertesacker yesterday after he completed a medical. Andre Santos was also doing the same. There were a few articles floating about online that stated he’d changed his mind and flown back to Turkey to sign a 4 year deal. I’d be very surprised if that were the case!

Per Mertesacker was a massive curve ball yesterday, but ultimately a fantastic one. He’s a player we’ve been calling for on Le Grove since before June 2008. We reported that he was a Gooner way back then here, 3 years on, whaddya know, he’s going to be turning out at the home of football!

He’s 6ft6, he’s built powerfully, he has 70+ caps for a very solid German team, he’s won trophies, he has Champions League experience and he knows how to defend. Rumour has it we’ve picked him up for £9million. What a price!

This is the sort of player we should always be in for. He has pedigree, he has presence and he’ll slot in perfectly next to Thomas Vermaelen. We have a genuine little and large combination. We have a defender who has played the highline for club and country and we’ve done something crazy… signed a tall player to deal with our fear of high flying balls!

Sacrebleu! <- Does that mean what I think it does?

I’m very pleased.

Park Chu-Young signed for us officially yesterday. The South Korean captain joins us under a cloud of ‘who the f**k’, but the key point here is versatility and hard word. Mainly hard work though. Arshavin and Rosicky showed at the weekend that they’re not cut out for Arsenal when crunch time comes. We need someone who is going to work for their salary, this guy will. Does he have the required quality? I’m not sure… but if he can bag 12 goals for a relegated Monaco, I’d hope for something similar or better for a team capable of teeing him up with far more chances.

Oh, and he takes the number 9 shirt. You knew that already though, right?

Clint Dempsey…

There are big rumours we’re looking to add the American to our attacking line up. Whilst he’s not world-class, he’s a very good player with a superb eye for goal. He has that aggravation factor and a terrific work rate. You don’t need all your players to be La Masia schooled. Sometimes you just need a player who is direct, in your face and not afraid to ruffle a few feathers. He scored 14 goals for Fulham last year and he was very impressive. I’d welcome him into our squad and word on the South American street is that we’ve tabled a $16.8million bid for him.

Gary Cahill…

Have Bolton burned their bridges in negotiations for a player they’ll lose on a free if they don’t get rid of him today? We’ve signed a centre back already. That puts the pressure on Gartside’s hugely indebted club to do a deal today. I think we’re still in for him. Johann Djourrou has been so bad over the past 6 months, you wonder for his future. Cahill is still a top defender and regardless of how many people tell you he’s rubbish, he’s not, he’d make a great addition to the squad.

I still remember how many people told me Ashley Young wasn’t Arsenal quality… some statement eh?

Chris Samba…

There were a lot of rumblings about the shower bully from Blackburn. I have my doubts. The rumours feel more like stories designed to get him a move away from Steve Kean. He’d be a useful addition, but we’ve already filled the role of ‘massive beast’, if we get another centre back, they’ll be good on the ground and stylish… Like a break dancer.

The creative hole?

There’s a massive hole in our side, that’s the one left by Cesc Fabregas. If there’s going to be a monster signing today, I’d love it to come there. Yossi looks like he’s off to Spurs, so good luck to him, quality player, poor injury record. That leaves us with the prospect of Gotze or Hazard. There will probably be another curve ball thrown there, but I’m struggling to see where it’s coming from. The German might be pulled away from his club for £35million and a massive salary, I’m not sure though, it would be a bad move for Dortmund but I guess it depends on how much they want the cash. They’re not flush!

My money is on Arteta. Like Yossi, top quality, just not so much on the fitness side of things. I’d also be interested in Frank Ribery. He was once a £60million player, then his mates bought him a 17 year old hooker, now he’s not quite as popular. He’d be amazing in the Premiership. He’d replace Nasri perfectly. Could we move for him? I’d love it… who knows! Sky are reporting that Honda is in London for a medical… it’s all too much!


I was told that two medicals were booked yesterday, two more for today. Make of that what you will!


It’s a shame it took an absolute spanking to push the board and Arsene Wenger into some serious action. Nearly all of this business could have been conducted in June. I don’t believe all these players have been targets all summer, we’ve just shown intent and made things happen because careers are on the line.

Still, that’s a story for another day.

We’re developing a strong core to the team now. We could make top 4 if we make 2-3 signings of intent again today. Amazing how quickly things can change eh? The squad will be revitalised and fans will be excited for the Swansea game. A morale booster for everyone!

My worry though, is that we’re once again in a transition year. This sort of frenzied 48 hours should never have happened and if we’d made purchases like this 2 years ago, who knows who’d still be here fighting it out in the first team.

Anyway, it’s the last day of transfer rumours. There won’t be a live blog, the comments section will going mental all day, tune in, you can get far more info than 140 characters into a comment and all the stories will come direct to you all day from the Grovers! Life is very exciting!

P.S. For some further reading and listening, check out Tim Payton in the Independent talking business models(I’m not talking topless Staples Girls) and the Footy Shows Podcast starring king of AKB’s, Bob Wilson!

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Transfer Updates

  • Keisuke Honda in for a medical according to Sky Reports

2,722 Responses to “2 Arsenal medicals penned in for today | Honda, Arteta, Cahill, Dempsey, Ribery, on the radar?”

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  1. Goonerman


    You blame Wenger but maybe the money is just not there. The Board run AFC not Wenger! They give the budget not Wenger.

    Come on be a realist (just like you said you were)

  2. gambon

    Fucking disgusting isnt it GunnerMac

    We get told we have “significant funds to invest” yet make our usual transfer market profits.

    If the club have no interest in spending money then they dont need profits, if they dont need profits then why the fuck do they charge more than any team in world football for tickets.

  3. Rhyle

    Reading above about the geezer reportedly bitching about buying his kids Arteta shirts and that they’re now a waste of money…the lesson here is to wait until the end of the transfer window before choosing a name…

  4. dennisdamenace

    Whether we can complete or not in a bidding war with (say) the Chavs is neither here northern, at least fucking try, we’re supposed to be a big club ffs, at least act like one.

  5. Rohan

    As an Arsenal fan, if you can’t get excited over a full German international CB who is at his peak, you’re not going to get excited over anyone.

  6. dennisdamenace

    G-Mac, we already had £40-45m transfer budget before the sales of Clichy, Fabregas and Nasri.

    So, the current profit is closer to £50m+

  7. gambon


    That is very much AKB thinking, and completely wrong:

    – Every single person on the board has commented that we have “significant money”, we are talking abouyt 20 different quotes.

    – Wenger has said over and over and over that he has significant money, and we are very strong financially

    – We paid £12m for a 17 year old from league 1, the very last thing we need. Since when does a cash strapped club do that?

    – We sold £73m worth of players. What part of that are you failing to understand?

    Take your head out of the sand.




  8. Goonerman

    Well if AFC were financially strong why spend about £50m (my calculation)on players this summer when we received about £65m.

    After a 8-2 beating I would spend another £40m – wouldn’t you to save my job.

  9. ikon

    somehow mert doesnt strike me as a typical wenger signing. he seems to be a no nonsense and a little too nice for his frame. we will definitely know more in the game against swansea.

    surprisingly there are no videos of his compilation on youtube.

  10. gambon


    I would spend every penny possible IF I WANTED TO WIN THINGS!

    Arsene wenger doesnt give a fuck about winning. He didnt at Monaco & he doesnt at Arsenal. He is a serial runner-up.

    We are talking about the man that told us 3rd is a trophy, and he will settle for 2nd for the next 20 years.

    This is a man that is obsessed with kids and developing players. He sees his job as being the same as Steve Bould, to prioritise player development over team success.

    Hes massively out of his depth as a managr, he should be a youth coach.

  11. Goonerman


    For the record I believe Wenger has made numerous mistakes over the past 6 years. So immediately calling someone an AKB when that person makes a point is shallow.

  12. charliegeorge

    Amen to that, gambon.

    He’ll be remembered more as being a skid mark on the underpants of the greater Arsenal community.

  13. miki dora

    Gotze? Nah
    M’Villa? No way
    Hazard? Not really interested
    Mata? Ok’ish I spose. Nah

    Arteta? Bloody right on!
    Benayoun? He’s 31? Perfect! everyone says we needed experience. I’d prefer some small boys again but I guess he’s kept his youthful looks. Plus his hair is floppy.

    Cunt. Been mugged off again. I don’t care if they both turn out to be amazing signings the fact is we had money to get stars which would of made all the difference to my mental state of wellbeing. Is Benayoun going to add creativity and a bit of muscle? Is he fuck.

  14. Michael Fournier

    Frank Ribery? If only but BM is not going to let him go cheap it would take all we got for fab and then some. And we would still need to convince him to want to play for Arsenal
    Only Man$hity have the money to steal Ribery at the moment. Some teams will go into debt to get players like him not Arsenal.

    Also teams like RealM and Barca have the great position of just being dream clubs all around the world. I bet any player offered a chance to play for ether would consider it. Sometimes their own egos fail them they expect that they will be first 11 and end up on the bench they then regret going but they have dreams going in to the deal of more then just the money. (ask Hleb)

    YES we need a player like Frank Ribery but what we really need is a player LIKE Frank Ribery WAS when Marseille signed him remember he was a top signing in 2007 when Bayern Munich signed him that was almost 5 years ago in football that is along time he is still a great player but to spend big for him now would not be a good investment at best if he stays fit he has 1-2 seasons he is on the down hill side of his career I would not sell him if we had him but would not spend big to get him NOW. It is EASY to pick a top talent After he has played out his career and proven he is a great player but the teams that benefit mostly from these great players are the ones that sign them at the start of their careers or buy them when they are still in their low 20s when you buy players 27,28 and older you do it expecting to get a immediate success but also expect that you will not get a long term success without other signings of young talent.
    Arshavin was a late 20s january signing that season he was brilliant and even the next season. But he is now in his 30s still talented but he is not what he was, Now I great player can still contribute well into their 30s but their talents and mental game comes at a loss of youthful pace and ability to play high pressure when you do not have the ball. when played in the right role with the right players around them they can more then make up for that. THat is why I am SO puzzled by Wenger paying Arshavin in a position that depends So much on pace think about it what is the one quality most wide players have? then think about older playmakers where they play? often they slot in behind the forwards picking passes or they are goal hangers ether way they do little defensive chasing they make the ball do the work or let others do the work for them and they finish (like Inzaghi)
    So ether role would suit Arshavin better then putting him on the wing SO when people complain about Arshavin not defending or tracking back enough they need to consider what his game is he is being asks to do more then his best role. Use his abilities and use other players around him o cover for his negatives it is a team game the best managers know how to adapt a team to get the best out of ALL players not ask players to play roles they are not suited for.