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I do ok for a living, but I must say, nothing gives me more joy than raiding reduced food aisle in Waitrose. Landing a prawn salad for thirty nine pence when I’ve got a £20 note sitting in my pocket feels like a victory against the man.

Arsene Wenger is like me. He’s got £100million sitting in his pocket, but he’s not interested in shopping in the proven aisle, he’d much prefer to take a chance in the reduced section with a player that might represent some supreme value. How can I not respect this approach when I have the same vision when it comes to sustaining my body?

Problem is, I’ll buy anything with a yellow sticker on it, now sometimes that works out, I mean, who knew what a culinary sensation fresh veal escalopes at £2.68 could be (Sagna)? Other times though, things have gone horrifically wrong in my desperation for a bargain. Only recently, I purchased pig kidneys, I whacked them in the frying pan without soaking them in salt water to remove the unwanted bits, within 2 minutes my house smelt like a pig urinal and the taste of those kidneys still haunts me to this day (even though I knew it was potentially dangerous, I slogged away and tried to convince myself this bargain would work out (ring any bells?)).

You see, a bargain is a good idea when you have nothing to lose. However, when you’re cooking for your job, you’d best ensure that whatever you’re purchasing has the best chance of tasting good.

This guy is 26 years old, he hasn’t scored many goals and he’s not been tested at the highest level. Matt Spiro (@Mattspiro), a France based journo / commentator, has told me that he’s a good all round striker, he can head well, he’s very two footed and he has good technique. The overall feeling though is that he’s an underwhelming signing, even Lille were signing him as a back up. This isn’t first choice for us by the looks of it. Joel Campbell has been deemed a not so special talent and he could find his way into the Lille squad as a result.

People keep telling me I don’t like him because he’s not a £20million striker. Well, that’s not fair. I haven’t said I don’t like him. But Arsenal fans have got to stop getting excited by a player because he’s cheap. I generally judge a players quality on goals, assists, Champions League experience, trophies and pedigree. Now, I’m not saying this guy isn’t the one. He might be. But surely we should be looking at someone a bit more prestigious considering 1) We already have a striker who is good for 15 goals a season, who is an international, who is experienced and proven to a degree in the Premiership, who is 3 years younger (Who should be gone by next week now apparently) 2) Robin is only good for 30 games, whoever comes in should be equal to Robin’s quality if we want to progress.

I can paint any picture here I like, I haven’t seen him. However, I’d like to point out that we’ve gone from sniffing around Benzema and Tevez, to signing a player even the most ardent French Footballing Ambassador struggles to muster up 3 lines about.

Maybe he’ll come good. Maybe he won’t. Whichever way you look at it, he represents a risk…. and don’t kid yourself this is low risk because it’s a low fee. The cost of missing out on top 4 this year is roughly £25million and the potential loss of three of our best players who we’d have to sell as they wouldn’t re-sign.

The stakes have never been higher. Still, one thing you can guarantee with a Korean is that they will work till collapse for the team. He’s also the captain of South Korea and if he can score 12 goals for a relegated team, the chances are, he’ll definitely score 56 for us.

Eden Hazard

Many are speculating that we’ve blown our chance to sign Eden Hazard by gazumping them for Chu-Young. I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. The Korean is worth £3million, Hazard is potentially worth £26million plus. If we want the Belgian, we could have him. I don’t understand why we wouldn’t be interested in him for that fee. He’s clearly top-notch, he’ll likely go on to be one of the best. Dithering over price is what cost us Mata… a player who is clearly going to take the league by storm. I hope we don’t make the same mistake with Hazard. We need a talented creator, he’s one of the few available that we know we’ve got a solid interest in. Plus, Lille are a tiny club moving to a new stadium, even Arsenal had to sell their biggest players when we left Highbury.

That said, this is not the midfielder I was tentatively told we were going in strong for, though the word a a week or so a go was that we’d bid for him before month end…


It does strike me that the only market we’re interested in purchasing from is the French League. We’ve always spoken of the need to save for a rainy day, right now, as far as the squad is concerned, it’s pouring. Now, we’ve got £100million sitting in the bank, the rest of Europe is in dire financial straits and we’re not focusing our attention in any place other than Ligue 1? Arguably 4th or 5th when it comes to strength.

There surely must be some skint Spanish or Italian teams who have top players? Surely there is a left back or a decent holding midfielder out there who could do a job for us? Spain have the most technically accomplished players in the world, why aren’t we sniffing around their senior teams for first team players? Makes no sense… we saved for the day financial Armageddon came, now it’s here, we’re not taking advantage?


So a massive whopper of a game today. Some say the biggest game since Premiership was created, others say just a big game because if we lose it, we’ll be severely off track in the league before its even got going.

The line up for tomorrow is looking more desperate than ever. I’m yet to hear if Vermaelen is fit for the game, there’s been no confirmation either way, news leaked to Young-guns that Sagna is ill, so that potentially means we’ll have Traore, Jenkinson, Kozzer and JD at the back. Then there’s the midfield. Now, if Tommy V is fit, we could move Kozzer into the holding role. That would give me some comfort, he’s fast, good on the ball and aggressive. However, if that isn’t a goer, you face the choice of Henri Lansbury who isn’t a holding midfielder or Coquelin who is greener than Arsenal’s pitch. Rosicky played well the other day and Rambo is a talented young player, but we’re playing a proper team today. Turning them over is a massive ask. Our midfield and defence could be in crisis…

Up top, the team picks itself, Robin, Theo and Arshavin. Outside of that, we have the weakest bench I can remember. AOC, Miyachi, Coquelin, Chamakh, Oyakzup, Bendtner and Fabianski. How have we got to this stage? It’s unbelievable. I’m having a face palm moment before we’ve even started.

Still, today is about miracles and proving people wrong. If we put the United keeper under pressure and work hard, you never know what could happen. United won’t play to our strengths in the same way Udinese did. Expect them to bully us with the absence of any strength and expect them to bomb our box with crosses. We have to be sharp from the off, we have to work our socks off. If we do that, anything is possible. We don’t have a strong line up today, I do hope the coach has factored that into our tactics. I don’t think I’m the only one that thinks ‘just play your game’ on the white board will be enough.

I’m nervous but excited to see what the game throws up. If it goes tits up, we’ve got time to bring in players, if it goes well, maybe we don’t quite need 6 players to compete.

Put your predictions on a postcard and sign it faith!

See you in the comments…

P.S. So much for Fergie being nice…

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    Arsenal’s problems seem greater than the sums of their manager
    When Arsenal defeated Manchester United 1-0 at the Emirates during last season’s title run-in, it was a rare success. United’s dominance of this fixture — sometimes to the point of doling out humiliation — has become almost routine.

    It has reached the point where Alex Ferguson feels a degree of compassion for the Arsenal manager. That has to be as clear a sign as any that Wenger’s touch has gone awry. Nobody who lives in football’s extreme world of winners and losers wants the sympathy vote. Nobody welcomes pity. Has it really come to this?

    Wenger’s image has taken such a pummelling since the start of the season, even people who would normally relish the schadenfreude have confessed to feeling sorry for him. Some critics felt moved to congratulate him on his team’s safe passage into the Champions League at Udinese, as if they were relieved to see that he had found some refuge from the relentless pounding.

    “Well done Arsenal!” hurrahed the opening line from The Sun’s match report, in all seriousness. Yet another clanging sign that things ain’t what they ought to be.

    Gutsy though their Champions League recovery was, and critical as it is to the club’s profile, it would be foolish to allow a 90-minute shot-in-the-arm to paper over the cracks. Arsenal head to Old Trafford with a thin squad stripped to the bone, still overloaded with problems that scream out for solutions.

    But should all of them pile up at Wenger’s door? While he bears a lot of the responsibility for their dysfunctional summer, others, too, should share the burden. Wenger needed help during this close season from other departments within Arsenal, but that help has not materialised. The scouting network, and the transfer negotiators, have never looked so weak.

    The board, which should have either backed him or forced him to shake things up before the Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri sagas took their toll, have sat back. It is a myth Wenger is the man who controls all transfer activity. First, he is dependent on his scouts for identifying and researching potential recruits. Apart from the obvious exceptions — Henry, Vieira and Anelka were clearly well known to Wenger — in the main, the names and reports that are brought to him by the chief scout, Steve Rowley, are what persuade him to make a move for, say, a young Fabregas. Or for that matter a Manuel Almunia, Denilson, or Igor Stepanovs. It is unusual for Wenger to watch little-known players in the flesh before they sign.

    It appears the scouts have not come up with a useful enough list of targets to work from this summer. Given they knew they would in all likelihood lose a number of players, it was obvious they would need to do a fair bit of shopping. Considering most of the “shops” operate with a hint of poker school, and that agents block the shop front with all the charm of burly bouncers, it would have made sense to have numerous options to consider and to hit the stores quickly.

    Yet Arsenal find themselves scrabbling about in the dwindling days of the sale, hunting for bargains where few remain on display. The experience of last summer with Mark Schwarzer, when they thought that if they hung on to the last moment Fulham would have to cave in, should have been a salutary lesson. That trick used to work. Not any more. The scene has changed since David Dein could pull transfer strings with the best of them and most players were instantly attracted to joining a winning team of the likes of Henry and Vieira.

    It has been a tough summer for Dick Law, currently the chief deal maker, who has struggled to see through interest in a handful of major targets that were on the radar. Chelsea rang rings around him for Juan Mata; Bolton have played tough over Gary Cahill, rejecting Arsenal’s latest bid on Friday; the Gunners did not even appear to make much of a play for Jose Enrique — available for less than Gael Clichy and a real no-brainer purchase who instead went to Liverpool. Law lacks the global football contacts of Dein’s address book, not to mention the ability to engage in smooth talk or hardball if appropriate.

    Dein remembers how the atmosphere around the place could be exhilarated by a flurry of signings. In the summer of 2006, just after leaving Highbury, six deals bubbled along right until the eleventh hour of deadline day. “Arsene has a lovely expression: You need some salt and pepper in the soup. You need to spice it up. This is not a perfect science,” he says. “If we all knew the formula of Coca-Cola we’d all be multimillionaires.”

    Arsenal have a transfer budget of around £70m just from their summer sales. They are chasing an assortment of players, but it all feels worryingly late in the day and, so cack-handedly have they been functioning during this window, the Emirates crowd would be amazed to see the handful of needed signings arriving. Which brings us to the great unanswered question of life at Arsenal — who really calls the shots when it comes to money available for players?

    Depending on who you believe, either the board actively encourage Wenger to spend and feel frustrated at his reluctance, or Wenger does a good job in taking the flak and shielding the board from a financial reality that is much more sobering than they would like to admit.

    The economics at Arsenal remain puzzling. And while the boardroom situation remains uncomfortable, with Alisher Usmanov’s stake undermining Stan Kroenke’s majority shareholding, nobody can put forward a clear message about how the club intend to be ambitious.

    And so Wenger heads for Old Trafford, to take on his old nemesis at a time when United have just demonstrated that the youth project that has obsessed him can work wonders. Seventy million pounds for his thoughts as he scans the callow faces in the away dressing room and prepares them to do their best.

  2. bade the gooner (bernard)

    those three should lead us to glory in three years time, not now

    using them now will make them all injury prone, they won’t be as a good as they good by because there aren’t players they’ll be learning from, and with in that space of time they’ll be frustrated of lack of silverware and all of them wanting out

    we’ve seen it too many times…. but the nutty still a mad man and doesn’t learn from his own mistakes…..

  3. Gunzblazin

    @finest cuts, i like your line up and yeh lets hit man u hard with our pace and passing, so they remember that we are the arsenal ;), i have a good feeling that we will beat them today, as long as we dont do any careless blunders lol, our main concern is not man u today its HOWARD WEBB, all gooners just keep a watch on him. UP GUNNERZ

  4. Rhyle

    We’re 13:2 to win today with Sky Bet…the biggest odds we’ve ever been to win a PL match under Wenger. That particular statistic paints it’s own picture…

  5. LeProf

    With the money now Arsene should get Bruno Alves and Joey Barton. No nonsense, spine of a bully, scared the shit of out of it! It’s like putting a huge turbo on a JCB backhoe in WRC competition!

    There’s nothing to worry about and the team have more time on going forward to attack and scoring tons of goals.

  6. Spanish Dave

    Whatever way you look at it we are weaker than last year. Wenger and the board know it. All that matters is banking cash to improve the asset so that our American businessman can bank the cash. Hes not interested in ‘soccer’ its a business to him and that’s all.Until revenues fall will anything be done perhaps by putting up the price of tickets is a good idea!!.When your boss gives you 6m a year you will do whatever he asks you to do.

  7. bc

    LMAO about the kidneys, done exactly the same on Friday with Chicken Livers.

    I see Park as our replacement for Bendtner, our 3rd choice striker and for that i think he is well suited and well priced. It is the 2nd choice striker i take issue with, Chamakh looks totally lost, for that reason i would be going back to Lille to trade one Afrcan for another. Sow for Chamakh would be worth a shot. In addition to this we could try and sweeten them up for Hazard. According to reports Lille still need to replace Gervinho, obviously they would be losing Hazard and they are after a centre back and a defensive midfielder. So here is the deal we sell them Chamakh and Squillaci, loan them Campbell, Sunu and Coquelin then hand them £20m in cash towards the cost of their new stadium.

    With Hazard, Park and Sow on board i would switch my attention to the Midfield by swapping Bendtner for Arteta. Then splashing the cash on M’Vila.

    That done i would look to tie up 2 defenders, i dont really care which 2 of Vertonghen, Samba, Cahill, Mertesacker, Alex, Cissokho. My preference if pushed would be the first 2.

    That would pretty much finish my summer window dealings, however, should Anzhi come in with £15m for Arshavin, i would rip their arm off and blow it all Adam Johnson. Likewise if Wolfsburg came in with £7m for Rosicky i would blow it on Lucho.

    In January, if Diaby was still focusing on trying to become an extra on Holby City, i would off load him too. However, its too early to say where i would spend it but bearing in mind we could lose, Song, Frimpong, Gervinho, Chamakh or Sow any one of 4 positions could need re-inforcements then there is obviously the injuries that we have picked up.

    In an ideal world you need 4 keepers and 3outfield players competing for each position, (9 midfielders, 3 strikers, 6 wingers) although i think you can get away with 10 defenders, providing a couple are versatile, which ours are. You can also probably lose a winger if a couple of them can play both side which ours can.

  8. Gay Dave

    how the fuck are we going to make any of these signings in the next 3 days, nothing seems likely to happen, we’ve had 3 months to sort this shit out, they won’t offer close to paying the right price for a player, the squad is simply not good enough, we’ll be lucky to finish in the top 10

  9. Rhyle

    Gay Dave says:
    August 28, 2011 at 10:55
    how the fuck are we going to make any of these signings in the next 3 days, nothing seems likely to happen, we’ve had 3 months to sort this shit out, they won’t offer close to paying the right price for a player, the squad is simply not good enough, we’ll be lucky to finish in the top 10

    /\What he said…

  10. bade the gooner (bernard)

    the signing of park the lad, as much talented and profitable he’d turn to be, is another classic stupid and arrogant act from our blind and mad manager…..

    we’re in a situation that we need signings not only to bolster the thin paper squad, but also to declare intent, we’re serious about winning titles and trophies over here. so that could have a positive effect on the squad and lift their spirit, and maybe persuade our “new potentially want-aways” to re-sign their extensions…

  11. Geoff

    No wonder Nasri, Cesc and Clichy wanted out. We are going backwards, you all saw what Mata did for the chavs, lifted the team, lifted the fans and scored, and we are after a Korean makeweight from the French league.

    Fuck me, this game today reminds me of When Wenger fielded a weakened side in the FA cup and thought we could win. (we lost 4-1)

    Has he no pride, always going up there to lose?

    Oh and Pedro, telling me cooking stories makes me feel sick, girls cook. I would sooner go hungry than cook.

    Fucking pansy.

  12. BOOZY

    it would be foolhardy for anyone to think a club that buys a 3mil striker would out perform a club that buys a 35mil striker.

    city spends 35mil on a striker who has scored 150 goals in his career, and is below 25yrs.

    we go out and spend 3mil on a striker who has not scored 50 goals through out his European club career.

    wenger insults the fans – he treats the fans with arrogance and disrespect.

    As much as we complain – Mr. stan would be reaping immediate rewards for his investment .

    Record EPS in just under a year, makes wenger’s job save for this season.

    But wenger’s mistake would be confusing stan as just a business man. The man has been in sports business all his life.
    he knows the fans can make or break you.

  13. Gunzblazin

    thats the good thing, everybody expects us to lose, all the bets are against us, theirs no pressure on us, pressure will be on man u because they are playing at home and they are expected to win, lets go their and perform and BEAT them, on our day we can beat anybody, even the MIGHTY barcelona :)


  14. Rhyle

    Geoff…imagine you as having particularly hair shoulders and a sloping forehead…

    We used to worry about the depth of our squad as first XI was quality, then it was our first choice GK. then we worried about the quality of our GK and CBs…last season it was GK, CBs and forwards (with RvP injured)…now? Well…first choice GK seems to be the only thing we’re NOT worried about…

  15. TOMTOM

    The problem is that most of the fans are still on Wengers side,Wenger wont be sacked any time soon and as long as he is making money for the owner he might never be sacked.

  16. Geoff

    Rhyle, I expect would you would let your girlfriend go to war instead of you, and ask for paternity leave. Me I’m a real man and she could get her mum for a week.

    Enough said.

  17. TOMTOM

    The problem with getting her mum for the week is that you then have her mum at your house for a week,her attractive younger sister would be a better option

  18. Yandi

    No fucking chance whatsoever. You hear that? No chance! Fucking hell. We’re going to be obliterated today. A massacre. And you all know at who’s feet the blame should fall. Me. I’m the one that predicted it. Rupert Murdoch has better odds at snatching the Nobel Prize than Arsenal even getting a goal today. We’re fucked I tell ya!

  19. day

    Think the reason behind the french recruiting is due to the same kind of weather conditions. Spanish and Italian players never last in this league, its too cold. Just remember that they won’t have to apply for work permits either, also just because they come from league 1, it doesn’t make them French. Gervinho is ivorian, park from Korea, chamakh from Africa etc etc.
    One last thing, if we do sign park he will start ahead of chamakh. The arsenal future is very bright. Joel, park and rvp are all free kick specialists.

  20. roaaary

    Signing a cheap unknown from a second division European club to act as back up. Remind u of a certain almunia? U get what u pay for and we pay shit

  21. Gunzblazin


    dont be so negative, we perform at our best when we are written off, i have a realy good feeling about today, trust me, cheer up m8 :)

  22. Lordbergkamp

    Rhyle – yikes. You’re an open minded flyboy.. don’t think you want an ape as you’re new dad though do you?

  23. LewGooner

    1st…..! oh no.

    The author of the piece states…

    I generally judge a players quality on goals, assists, Champions League experience, trophies and pedigree.

    hazard doesn’t really tick all these boxes:
    29 goals in 147 games.
    23 assists in 147 games
    so 52 goals and assists in 147 games…not exactly great in the french league.
    trophies won…only last season
    champs league experience – none as far as I am aware.
    Pedigree – big in france.

    Yet this is the a player the writer feels we should be busting a gut to sign…there are many many players that tick more of the boxes you require.
    Jumping on the badwagon and overhyping….you decide.

    I bet most people haven’t even sat through many lille games through the last 3years, just on youtube

  24. Rhyle

    TOMTOM…even worse than that, fella. I spent most of my career about 80 foot underground in a bunker…but did spend 3 years on TCW (tactical communications wing) doing my bit…

    Lordbergkamp – after every dude you worked with for 7 years has cracked a joke about shagging your mum you tend to get used to it. As long as she’s happy 😉

  25. Zorr0

    Worrying thing is, if Joel had got the work permit, he may have been our striking option. At least Park has some experience in Europe.

    Anyone who wants to rile themselves up for the game a bit more, go read that cunt Neville in the Daily Mail to see what he says about our club. Whilst there may be some truth in it, only we can say that, not that odious little prick!

  26. gambon


    You clearly havent got a clue what you are talking about when it comes to Hazard.

    Hes miles ahead of anyone in the french league at the age of 20.

  27. Gunzblazin

    the way i see it is, weve beaten man ure many times so beating them today is nothing new :)

    RYO and AOC should be unleashed on the devils 2day

  28. bade the gooner (bernard)

    Our only problem seems to be the nasty deadly combination between a greedy spineless baord, an arrogant mad manager, and a bunch of yesmen surrounding him….

    The nutty caligula thinks he’s operating in some big football laboratory experimenting his sick pervert notes… Well someone needs to shake him up to realise he’s working as a manager in a real world where the wanker earns 7 million a year!

  29. albo

    While I agree with all you’ve written about Park Chu-Young, I think he might turn out to be a good signing. Not cos I know anything about him as a player, but just cos we need a few players who will run themselves into the ground every time the step on the pitch. If he brings half of the hustle and work ethic that Park Ji Sung brings united, then he’ll be a decent acquisition imo.

    Interesting article here about how the backroom staff are failing at Arsenal. Sounds pretty accurate to me…

  30. LewGooner


    Im not debating his ability…im just questioning the authors cirteria on deciding a players ability etc.

    I know how good he is, I do watch alot of lille/frnech league games…I am not just a youtuber like the majority of fans…not just arsenal fans that is.

    But no exp in top league, no champs league exp, 1 goal every 5games. 1 assist every 6 games.
    Only won trophies in 2010-11 season.

    Is that really what we are looking for? Especially as most arsenal ‘blogs’ say we need experience

  31. JohnW

    One of these days you will get a heart attack for nothing. If we buy the player, first, he’s not going to be first choice, second, you’re all salivating at the possibility of one day buying a 100M pound player but do you know the marketing potential of this player?

  32. kapslock

    Prediction for today is United 3 Arsenal 0.

    I don’t think we’ll score and our thin, thin squad we’ll feel the effects. It’s an utter disgrace Wenger has put the club in this position.

    No point in thinking about Hazard never happening. 3 days to go. Expect Cahill and one unknown midfielder. Depressing.

  33. albo

    gambon – but I notice you don’t actually address any of the points Lewgooner makes. Your ‘argument’ would be stronger if you…you know….made one….

  34. Geoff

    ha, ha that was funny Rhyle!

    Bade I don’t blame the board, Wenger has way too much power and is stupid beyond belief.

    This Park isn’t even the best forward in France, the last time we took the best forward in France was Chamakh, and we all know how shit he is.

  35. Gunzblazin


    you guys make man ure out to be some kind of gods, get a grip man, weve beaten the best when everybody has doubted us, madrid, inter, barce, any of these teams ring a bell ????,

    so who the fuck are man ure ??????

    weve played the best and beat the best in times of adversity.

    show some faith and be positive m8

  36. Mayank

    One of the saddest Arsenal article I’ve read albo. And it’s all true.

    Did the Sun really run a headline saying ‘Well done Arsenal’

    Never been this down before a match.

  37. tiptapi

    do I watch this game on the box today ? let me see the usual dive just outside the area & the ref tripping over himself to give the pen to please old red nose ,the nailed on pen we won’t get and brushed under the carpet by all & saundry ,the lunatic bit of defending ,the sus sending off ,2attempts at goal if we’re lucky resulting in zero ,the brown nosing commentary ,etc na I’ll pass seen it befor. On another point I’ll take V P as captain would have prefered Tommy V as his position at the back is more suitable for skippering if V P tears that cunt deaby a new one like last season when required he’ll do for me

  38. Yandi


    Are you fucking kidding me? We perform better when the odds are against us? You sound mental. Our record is awful at Old Trafford in the last few years. We’re now taking a sub-standard team to play an in-form United team, and we seemingly get something out of the game because “we play better when the odds we against us”. Do me a favour…

  39. Ricky

    Morning grovies,

    Lets all be honest to ourselves here, m’vila & cahill would have been just right last season, this season there nowhere near enough! We now are short of creative midfielders along with a defender & an attacking player.

    Prepare to be brought back down to earth after that mid-week victory over a udinesse side we should easily be beating

    I think everyone i’ve spoken to is preparing for the worst except my manc supporting mates of course.

  40. Lurch LeRouge

    very metrosexual post pedro,

    is this blog on the turn?

    surprised you didn’t reference your Delia cooking ap for the ipad.

    alas can’t remember a time when expectation was this low.

  41. bade the gooner (bernard)

    Lew gooner,
    I watched hazard few times, no question he’s talented…
    About the criteria, I’m not concerned. My only criteria is a big signing, that shows intent.
    Hazard does it for me, he’s an intent signing. He’s a message signing to robin, theo or whoever queuing towards exit…

    The feeling, and the form of arsenal to be honest, is of a sinking ship, a titanic heading for the rocks… So we need a big star signing to try and stop it…

  42. albo

    Mayank – on the flip side I’m finding it weirdly liberating. I’ve never gone into a big match – on indeed an entire season – expecting quite so little! As a result, I can’t see myself being upset by a loss today, or even being particularly nervous beforehand, because I’m already expecting 0 points.

    In a way, I suppose it explains how Liverpool fans can feel so much more positive than we do at the moment – they had their expectations dropped so much further than us in the last 5 seasons or so…

  43. Lurch LeRouge

    In parkchew’s defense there was a mild blog riot when it was announced we missed on Alvarez, a seemingly unknown crock from a poor league.

    I don’t see how we can rate Alvarez any higher than chewy.

  44. Radio Raheem

    Those stats for Hazard are quite impressive for a 20 year old wing forward but would be less so if he was a 26 year old CF…


  45. LewGooner

    @ bade.

    Yeah I agree in that respect, he would make people think woah look at this guy he has talent, I would like to stay/move to arsenal and play with him.

    My only worry (if somehow we did manage to sign him – still unlikely) is we still wouldn’t have someone to roll there sleeves up, bollock people, someone with the experience everyone seems to be going on bout that can pull all our talented players together and keep them focussed.

    we would still ahve the same weaknesses, albeit with a natural talent on the wing/maybe central

  46. Yandi


    The current situation at Arsenal is a piss-take. All the more sad when you realise that some people are accepting of this shower of shite. Wenger’s had all summer to sort the squad out and we end up with that shit squad going to Old Trafford. 4 games into the season and the team’s looking it’s worst in years. How’s that being allowed to happen? What’s Gazidis’ reaction to this fuck-up of a situation? There’s absolutely NO PRESSURE on him to deliver results on the football pitch. That’s why the Liverpool result last weekend was brushed under the mat as soon as we got Champions League cash in the bank. And how’s he spent it? Park Chu fucking Young from Monaco. *sigh* Cesc’s been gone for weeks now… Where is his fucking replacement?

  47. scott

    3-1 today. But remember ” judge me in may, my best ever squad, great mental strength, super super quality, I’ll take 4th spot for the next 20 years”.

  48. bade the gooner (bernard)

    Well geoff,
    I do blame arsene more than others, still the board could’ve been the sane sound on our mad system… But they’re not

    I reckon had alisher owned the majority of our shares, arsene would’ve have not been so powerful would he?

    I hope the yanki just in for a quick profit of hit and run, so a real business man who’s gooner too, take over and end this farce called arsene wenger …

  49. Mayank

    I suppose the matches are easier to watch. But the fact is there are the makings of a good team in there somewhere. Players we really like. My biggest fear is not performing badly and not even being reduced to Spurs’ stature. It’s losing them. Even if we manage to make a good team afterwards.

    Neither am I inordinately depressed about the departures. These are the same great players that we slumped to fourth with after fighting for the title. Again and again.

    I truly do believe a few signings like Vieira and Pires can lift the team and have us taking on the big boys once more.

  50. Gunzblazin


    rooney aint shit, verminater is strong enough to play that bald headed twat off the pitch, hes over hyped and over priced, all english players are over hyped and priced, i dont know why but thats the way it is.

    most english players just run around like headless chickens exept wilshere :)

  51. gambon


    I wasnt aiming to change Lewgooners opinion, as i know just how good hazard is.

    A 20 year old, who has just come off a season where he got 12 goals and 10 assists, who has 20 caps, and who has played 150 club games is impressive to say the least.

    The fact that he was player of the year, and twice young player of the year previously shows we are talking about one of the best young players in the world.

  52. kapslock

    @Gunzblazin – I’d be more positive with our first XI (even though still quite weak). The team we are taking is a fucking Carling Cup team pretty much. United are the in form team at the moment and we have an awful record at Old Trafford. Don’t get me wrong I hate the cunts and would love nothing more then a win today. However, I’m a realist and I don’t see us getting much out of the game. You never know though. That’s why we love football.

    Come on you REDS. Going Carnival for a bit before the match. Get me some jerk chicken.

  53. Radio Raheem

    I think folks on le grove would’ve been more upbeat about this signing if there were other big teams in for him like like Inter and Barca. Le grove only ‘fell in love’ with Alcatraz after Inter showed interest and overdosed on some youtube clips!!

  54. gambon

    “Neither am I inordinately depressed about the departures. These are the same great players that we slumped to fourth with after fighting for the title. Again and again.”

    Dont agree with this. Nasri & Cesc are/were so far ahead of virtually our entire team….you suggest that coming 4th was down to them.

    By your logic we shouldnt sign any player that didnt win the league last year?

  55. Lordbergkamp

    Goon from BD – You really are stupid. He won the FA Cup on a repay with Crystal Palace in 1990. 4 years after he took over in 1986. Use Wikipedia you ignorant muppet.

  56. kapslock

    @ Yandi – touche. Summer’s been awful, worst one in the past 6 seasons. In my heart of hearts didn’t expect much to change this summer. Gazidis and Wenger just spouting shit to get our hopes up. Bullshit.

    Where’s everyone watching the game today? I’m not going so reckon watching it at the good ol’ Junction at Highbury Corner. Bit of atmosphere needed!

  57. iceman786

    utd had a drought in the 2000’s

    we used to sing
    ruud van nistleroy……. won fuck all…….. won fuck all !!!!

    how times change eh?? well about time they changed again !!!

  58. bade the gooner (bernard)

    @ lewn

    Totally agree, but at least we might win robin and theo re-signing….
    We all know they’re in queue to come out, and they won’t be replaced!

  59. Mayank


    As good as Hazard is and might be I think we’ve lost our chance of getting him.

    And here’s some stats for you.

    Theo has played 178 top level games. And last season scored 13 and assisted 8 for Hazards 12 and 10. And to top it off did it in 14 games lesser than Hazard.

  60. Gunzblazin


    lol, im a realist aswell and i know were struggling abit with our squad but i just have that feeling and i just know we will beat them today, i just hope the referree doesnt decide this game, because they mostly do and its never in our favour.

    people cry about bringing players in, they say wenger buy, wenger buy etc, what wenger needs to do is sign a few refs if he wants us really to win things, im sure fergie has 3-4 refs on his payrole.

    my message to wenger is put a few bids in for refs.

  61. kapslock

    Theo’s a headless chicken, though to be fair to him he had a good season last year. It helps that we generally create so many goal scoring chances. Hazard is technically miles ahead of Theo and I think in a better team he’d absolutely shine through. No doubt.

  62. IvoryGoonz

    Morning, was actually looking at Koreans lately, and why not Chung Young Lee if it’s to raid Bolton? Seems to me he’s the hottest Korean around..

  63. gambon


    Theo is a striker playing wide, Hazard is a proper midfielder.

    You also have to remember Wengers total disregard for defence. Any attacker is made to look good in our team as we dont bother defending.

  64. Mayank

    No Gambon that’s not what I’m saying. Cesc and Nasri were very good players. But for the last 4 seasons we’ve found ourselves within touching distance of the title for a considerable part of the campaign(at least 3 out of the 4 seasons) but have failed to make the final jump.

    I know you like to blame this solely on the defence but this is the same defence that gets us to that position in the first place. Of course larger blame lies with the defence but the attack is not faultless either.

    Everytime the pressure has been on both Cesc and Nasri have either been injured or out of form. Which makes a change if not welcome, at least less scary.

  65. Radio Raheem

    The best we can hope for today is a draw…we’ll get a draw. I’m not quite sure what Ramsey excels at. He isn’t great at tackling, he isn’t great at passing neither is he great in 50-50 situations, whether attacking or defending. Still a great talent though 😉

  66. MOB PIRU


  67. Radio Raheem

    Morning, was actually looking at Koreans lately, and why not Chung Young Lee if it’s to raid Bolton? Seems to me he’s the hottest Korean around..

    Good shout. Shame he is out for 8 months with a broken leg!

  68. Gunzblazin


    lol, theos not a headless chicken aswell, hes just too damn quick for his own good,their are some good english players

    owen was once good
    beckham was good
    micah richards is really god

    but most english players are shit and over hyped and priced.

  69. Mayank

    They were both playing in the same position though.

    I do think Theo is a more limited player than Hazard but at the same time I believe pace trumps trickery in the PL. And generally players who have one great talent can be as successful as their more rounded counterparts.

    The French league is incredibly defensive. Monaco were relegated and conceded lesser goals than us.

  70. Jerry

    Crazy at it sounds our best chance of a result today is for Webb to have a howler in our favour. Not going to happen of course but it’s as stupid a notion as us having the team to compete.

    4 days to go and we still aint got anywhere near a competitive squad for the season ahead, the season that’s already 3 games in that is. Fucking shocking mismanagement from the top down, we are being run by a bunch of clowns.

  71. IvoryGoonz

    Gambon: ah well spotted, then that’s clear, if we are after that other Korean, it’s more for our Asian shirt sales…

  72. mark

    hey guys any news on Elia Hamburg and holland winger? he did look very good in the world cup lots off skills and tricks. any news?

  73. gambon

    At a comparative age Theo scored 6 and got 3 assists.

    Comparing the 2 is pointless, Hazard is 5x the player theo is.

  74. mark

    theo walcok is a overrated englisg player like the rest off them. he can never get in to a team like barcelona or man u or any other team who dont have a wanker as a manger.

  75. Arse&Nose©

    We are linked with chelsea’s alex , don’t believe it but if it’s true id be happy, he it’s better than jagielka

  76. Jerry


    So buy Hazard and play Theo up front? Genius. Then all we need is Cahil and a playmaker, both do able & affordable.

    Watch these incompetent American arseholes fuck it up with a last minute raid on the Denver Rapids. Wouldn’t put anything past this lot in their quest to save more Bucks.

    If it’s not to save money then they’re guilty of Chaplinesque fuckwittery!

  77. Mayank

    He started just 25 games that season Gambon, to Hazards 52! You know the difference being a starter makes. Last season was the first season he got a decent run of games.

    It is pointless comparing the two. I was just pointing out that Theo’s better than the stick he gets.

  78. gambon


    Theo is no striker. The fact that wenger nor capello will give him a chance there says a lot.

    He cant head the ball, and cant play with his back to goal. Hes the biggest 1 trick pony in the game.

  79. mark

    walcock plays for arsenal who make more chamces then any team in the world beside barcelona so he should get more goals.Hazards plays for a shit team with crap plays around so what can he do.

  80. Jerry

    Theo is only effective when either running after or onto a ball, he can finish when he has no other option. If he receives it back to goal or has to get round a player then he’s really rather poor.

  81. Mayank

    Mark Lille just won the Ligue 1. They are by no means a shitty team. As a matter of fact they are the most creative team in France. Which is the most defensive league in Europe.

    I’d say they’re at least as good as us.

  82. mark

    what has jack wilshire done so good for arsenal? this boy done shit hes yet to win fuck all but only coz hes english and wenger likes young boys thats why hes playing in the 1st team. barcelona have many like him in the 3rd team.

  83. Lordbergkamp

    Gambon – don’t be a twat. You could be describing Thierry when he joined.

    Walnutt is a good player, not tip top class – but good none the less.

    He scored two goals in two games against Udinese.

    We need him running in behind, not back to goal. That’s what Chamakh supposed to be for.

  84. Yandi

    Sad thing about today is that Wenger’s already got ready-made excuses for the mauling we’re going to get today. Injuries, referee, the team’s young… And nothing about the team being shit

    It’s weird really. You see things like this in movies and never think any of it is realistic, until you see OGL, the senile cunt. Wenger never gives himself or Arsenal a fucking fighting chance. Season after season. Like he get’s off on going against the tide. Culminating in the club being in the position it’s in right now. He’s a freak and he shouldn’t be managing Arsenal.

  85. Carlito

    I am prepared to reserve judgement on our new signing, as I have never seen or heard of him before.

    However, it does piss me off that Wenger is trying to pick up a bargain from the French 2nd division, when we should be going for an established goalscorer.

    There are only two teams in England, Utd and Liverpool, with a bigger fanbase, and more success than us. Yet we carry on like some mid-table club on the breadline, having to offload players to survive.

  86. Gunzblazin

    no theo is naturally a striker thats why he said that he wants to play up front, he has the pace to go behind defenders, once hes gone then whos gonna catch him, i think hes wasted on the wing even though hes so quick, you guys know wenger he likes to tinker with players positons, wenger even thought bendtner can play right wing lol or can be used as a winger lol.

  87. gambon


    Wenger is absolutely obsessed with finding players that no-ones heard of.

    He has a severe mental illness, i cant believe his family havent had him sectioned for his own good.

    He would be sitting there in a rocking chair talking about “mental strengz”

  88. Carlito

    Don’t know if it’s true, but a Manc neighbour told me that their new keeper had the best save ratio from shots inside the box in their league last season. He also had the worst save ratio from shots outside the box.

    Wonder how many long range efforts we’ll have today.

  89. BOOZY

    we should be worried about united’s movement.

    if we stay static – we would be skinned

    if we play traore – we would be skinned.

    if vermalean doesnt play we would be skinned.

  90. bade the gooner (bernard)

    i truly fear the worst……
    i fear we’re going to be battered……
    though, i’m wholehearted hopeful to be found wrong……

  91. kwik fit

    Manchester United line up v Arsenal (4-5-2): De Gea, Evans, Smalling, Jones, Evra, Nani, Webb, Anderson, Cleverly, Young, Rooney, Hernández.

  92. Mark

    We were never sniffing around Tevez imo and Benzema is like Wenger’s own pipedream, I don’t think it was ever a possibility. Why would Real sell him to us? He was one of the most effective strikers in the second half of last season and there’s no way they’d take a loss on him.

    As for Hazard, seems totally unrealistic. Even moreso now that we’ve got Park from under their noses. I’m not saying we couldn’t afford him, I’m just saying that Lille would look for crazy money because, in typical Arsenal fashion, the business is being done in close to deadline-day style, where Lille wouldn’t have time to find a repalcement for him.

  93. BOOZY

    nasri goes straight into city’s starting 11.

    And there is a big chance coquelin would go straight into our starting line-up.

  94. Carlito

    I’m not dissing the player, I don’t know anything about him.

    It’s our tranfer policy that depresses me. Why bloody France again anyway? It’s so predictable.

  95. Gunzblazin


    were going to skin man u


    trust me were going to win today because “I BELIEVE” lol

    MAN URE are going to be SKINNED 2day :)

  96. gambon

    Fuck me today is going to be embarassing, we are playing a reserve team.

    Coquelin to start, jenk & Traore in the first team.

    Thanks Wenger for your outstanding work this summer.

  97. naija soccer

    Do we really still have 100 million sitting in the bank ? after all the players we ve bought ( yes i know they arecheap) , shouldnt the figure be around 40-60 million or something ?

    as for today’s match , my expectation is at an all time low. as long as we dont get embarrased i ll be fine. i can do 0-2 but something like 0-5 would really mess my day up

  98. Ricky

    You lot looking for excuses already, save yourselves the hassle.

    Howard webb is going to make no difference to the beating that were about to recieve.


    Cesc Rule says:
    August 28, 2011 at 10:46

    headline for today..attack attack attack!!!


    Damn right – let’s stick Ryo on and “Pearl Harbour” the bastards!!!

    No offence Dale!

  100. bade the gooner (bernard)


    arsene said the other dat, it’s hard to sign players, it takes time

    so why it didn’t take that long to spot and sign an unknown 26 south korean, even when he was already mid of his transfer to lille?

    do you remember the last time we signed a player in stoppage time before signing to other club?

    yes yes, his name was silvestre, mikal sillvestre!