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I do ok for a living, but I must say, nothing gives me more joy than raiding reduced food aisle in Waitrose. Landing a prawn salad for thirty nine pence when I’ve got a £20 note sitting in my pocket feels like a victory against the man.

Arsene Wenger is like me. He’s got £100million sitting in his pocket, but he’s not interested in shopping in the proven aisle, he’d much prefer to take a chance in the reduced section with a player that might represent some supreme value. How can I not respect this approach when I have the same vision when it comes to sustaining my body?

Problem is, I’ll buy anything with a yellow sticker on it, now sometimes that works out, I mean, who knew what a culinary sensation fresh veal escalopes at £2.68 could be (Sagna)? Other times though, things have gone horrifically wrong in my desperation for a bargain. Only recently, I purchased pig kidneys, I whacked them in the frying pan without soaking them in salt water to remove the unwanted bits, within 2 minutes my house smelt like a pig urinal and the taste of those kidneys still haunts me to this day (even though I knew it was potentially dangerous, I slogged away and tried to convince myself this bargain would work out (ring any bells?)).

You see, a bargain is a good idea when you have nothing to lose. However, when you’re cooking for your job, you’d best ensure that whatever you’re purchasing has the best chance of tasting good.

This guy is 26 years old, he hasn’t scored many goals and he’s not been tested at the highest level. Matt Spiro (@Mattspiro), a France based journo / commentator, has told me that he’s a good all round striker, he can head well, he’s very two footed and he has good technique. The overall feeling though is that he’s an underwhelming signing, even Lille were signing him as a back up. This isn’t first choice for us by the looks of it. Joel Campbell has been deemed a not so special talent and he could find his way into the Lille squad as a result.

People keep telling me I don’t like him because he’s not a £20million striker. Well, that’s not fair. I haven’t said I don’t like him. But Arsenal fans have got to stop getting excited by a player because he’s cheap. I generally judge a players quality on goals, assists, Champions League experience, trophies and pedigree. Now, I’m not saying this guy isn’t the one. He might be. But surely we should be looking at someone a bit more prestigious considering 1) We already have a striker who is good for 15 goals a season, who is an international, who is experienced and proven to a degree in the Premiership, who is 3 years younger (Who should be gone by next week now apparently) 2) Robin is only good for 30 games, whoever comes in should be equal to Robin’s quality if we want to progress.

I can paint any picture here I like, I haven’t seen him. However, I’d like to point out that we’ve gone from sniffing around Benzema and Tevez, to signing a player even the most ardent French Footballing Ambassador struggles to muster up 3 lines about.

Maybe he’ll come good. Maybe he won’t. Whichever way you look at it, he represents a risk…. and don’t kid yourself this is low risk because it’s a low fee. The cost of missing out on top 4 this year is roughly £25million and the potential loss of three of our best players who we’d have to sell as they wouldn’t re-sign.

The stakes have never been higher. Still, one thing you can guarantee with a Korean is that they will work till collapse for the team. He’s also the captain of South Korea and if he can score 12 goals for a relegated team, the chances are, he’ll definitely score 56 for us.

Eden Hazard

Many are speculating that we’ve blown our chance to sign Eden Hazard by gazumping them for Chu-Young. I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. The Korean is worth £3million, Hazard is potentially worth £26million plus. If we want the Belgian, we could have him. I don’t understand why we wouldn’t be interested in him for that fee. He’s clearly top-notch, he’ll likely go on to be one of the best. Dithering over price is what cost us Mata… a player who is clearly going to take the league by storm. I hope we don’t make the same mistake with Hazard. We need a talented creator, he’s one of the few available that we know we’ve got a solid interest in. Plus, Lille are a tiny club moving to a new stadium, even Arsenal had to sell their biggest players when we left Highbury.

That said, this is not the midfielder I was tentatively told we were going in strong for, though the word a a week or so a go was that we’d bid for him before month end…


It does strike me that the only market we’re interested in purchasing from is the French League. We’ve always spoken of the need to save for a rainy day, right now, as far as the squad is concerned, it’s pouring. Now, we’ve got £100million sitting in the bank, the rest of Europe is in dire financial straits and we’re not focusing our attention in any place other than Ligue 1? Arguably 4th or 5th when it comes to strength.

There surely must be some skint Spanish or Italian teams who have top players? Surely there is a left back or a decent holding midfielder out there who could do a job for us? Spain have the most technically accomplished players in the world, why aren’t we sniffing around their senior teams for first team players? Makes no sense… we saved for the day financial Armageddon came, now it’s here, we’re not taking advantage?


So a massive whopper of a game today. Some say the biggest game since Premiership was created, others say just a big game because if we lose it, we’ll be severely off track in the league before its even got going.

The line up for tomorrow is looking more desperate than ever. I’m yet to hear if Vermaelen is fit for the game, there’s been no confirmation either way, news leaked to Young-guns that Sagna is ill, so that potentially means we’ll have Traore, Jenkinson, Kozzer and JD at the back. Then there’s the midfield. Now, if Tommy V is fit, we could move Kozzer into the holding role. That would give me some comfort, he’s fast, good on the ball and aggressive. However, if that isn’t a goer, you face the choice of Henri Lansbury who isn’t a holding midfielder or Coquelin who is greener than Arsenal’s pitch. Rosicky played well the other day and Rambo is a talented young player, but we’re playing a proper team today. Turning them over is a massive ask. Our midfield and defence could be in crisis…

Up top, the team picks itself, Robin, Theo and Arshavin. Outside of that, we have the weakest bench I can remember. AOC, Miyachi, Coquelin, Chamakh, Oyakzup, Bendtner and Fabianski. How have we got to this stage? It’s unbelievable. I’m having a face palm moment before we’ve even started.

Still, today is about miracles and proving people wrong. If we put the United keeper under pressure and work hard, you never know what could happen. United won’t play to our strengths in the same way Udinese did. Expect them to bully us with the absence of any strength and expect them to bomb our box with crosses. We have to be sharp from the off, we have to work our socks off. If we do that, anything is possible. We don’t have a strong line up today, I do hope the coach has factored that into our tactics. I don’t think I’m the only one that thinks ‘just play your game’ on the white board will be enough.

I’m nervous but excited to see what the game throws up. If it goes tits up, we’ve got time to bring in players, if it goes well, maybe we don’t quite need 6 players to compete.

Put your predictions on a postcard and sign it faith!

See you in the comments…

P.S. So much for Fergie being nice…

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2,033 Responses to “Park Chu-Young… the low down | Manchester United preview | Hazard Update”

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  1. Goonermart

    Carlito. Agree 100%

    Cloggs agree mate, plus its not a quick fix we need, total change in philosophy, transfer policy, youth development, wage structure, playing style and long term plan to compete at the top.

  2. Carlito

    I thought that Hiddink didn’t want the chelski job full time because he was quite pally with Abramovich, and knew working for him would end with the sack, thereby souring their personal relationship.

  3. Doublegooner

    DEMO BEING PLANNED…see my full post earlier 19.36


    We ALL need to come together. There are 000′s who feel lke we do.

    Lets ALL see what we can do. We ALL love this club & Wenger, Gazidas have failed. THEY MUST GO NOW.

    We are in a relegation battle.

    email me at or

    I’ll print T.shirts & offer them at cost ( approx £3-4 each) Digital Printed large banners all at cost.

    Geoff & Pedro, stop fannying about, You’ve both been a brave voice for a long time. Lets all get together.


  4. arsenal1886-2006

    “I know that in England when you lose a game signings are always the solution,”

    Just one signing this week.

    Dear Mr Kroenke,
    I resign.
    Arsene Wenger.

    But seriously though, it sounded in his post match interview as though others were not doing their job. Is Ivan up to the task of signing players?. Does he have the contacts and the experience of dealing with Football clubs who work in a totally different way to other businesses? Is silent Stan refusing to pay the wages necessary to entice quality players?
    If Arsene is being hindered by these people then he should do a Benitez and come out in public and say so. I do not like to see him getting slaughtered like this, he has after all bought us some success in the past. But if he is shielding others from the vitriol that is coming his way then more fool him.
    He should step aside if it is solely his own doing, if it is not his fault then he should do a hatchet job on the board (WANKERS!!!!!!) in the press. He is the public face of Arsenal and our great club is being dragged through the mud because of a lack of investment in experienced quality players.

    This is not just a poor start to the season, it is a continuation of the dire form after and including the Carling Cup debacle against a team who ended up being relegated. We are a shambles.

  5. Dutchman

    100% sure that frimpong and song could have made a difference here. And Hiddink is so fucking good in transfer business, he knows exactly how good players are and he always buys topclass players.

  6. Dave

    incesc – I am going to be sick – really. That just about sums up some of the so called supporters of The Arsenal. Let’s hope it’s afew years before we get our next spanking – cock

  7. Doublegooner


    Thanks for the warning !

    I do have high blood pressure & just had a debibrilator fitted in my chest 4 weeks ago but those 2 cunts at untold need their site targeted.

    I have been attacked by a group of middle class comfy Arsene FC disciples who have warned me they’ll hold me responsible if Wenger leaves ….I’m

  8. eastofthelea

    He might be right but hate the fact that piers morgan is our most
    high profile fan right now. slimeball.. and when you consider we got a fan base from the queen to bin laden, we can do better.

  9. Rhyle

    Apparently, though Pedro…it won’t happen again. Which makes everything all right.

    Not that, you know, it should’ve happened in the first place…

    Doublegooner, a few posts above, is putting in place a demo.

    Last one I remember was in the mid ’80s. I’ll be at this one too, but this time in the crowd rather than being kept inside the stadium by my dad.

    It’s been amazing listening to the Church of Wenger mentalists trying to justify keeping the faith…it reminds of the P****l Church trying to convince me that dinosaurs were put on this earth to test me…

  10. Doublegooner


    Ive posted 3 times tonight a call to rally all fans.

    A few of the guys have emailed me.

    We are facing meltdown.

  11. Dave

    Dutchman – Frimpong is just too raw and would have been sent off today. Song would have given so many free kicks away Rooney would have been in double figures. That defence was truly shocking

  12. Carlito

    Van Basten with Bergkamp
    Guardiola if he quits Barca

    I’d take Coyle or Moyes as well at the moment.

    We need a new start. There was life before Wenger, and they’ll be life, and success after.

  13. Gooner Sam

    Doublegooner, I’m in keep up the good work! Enough is enough, we’ve been a great club before this manager and board and we will be great again but we need them OUT!

  14. DaleDaGooner

    Evra was loving slap around he was giving Walcott and Ashley Young was busy terrorizing Jenkinson when Walcott was thinking up a book to write. Traore and Gibbs as left back? Do me a favor Arsene……

  15. Confidentgoner

    So the footballing teams in the EPL are

    Mancity,ManU,Chelsea, & Liverpool

    The others just flatter to deceive.

    After watching the shellacking, its clear to me that Sir Alex no longer fears Arsenal. His previous winning formula showed he feared our fast passing game. He would crowd the mid, prevent us from playing and get us on the counter. This time, he felt confident he could do the job in full flow football. This is more a reflection in the faith he has in his young side, which has been repaid right from the Charity Cup win, after going 2 goals down.

    Lets look at his line up today. With the exception of Rooney, Nani and Evra most of the starting eleven were kids he had been bringing up gradually or new recruits he got in early. We on the other hand have less rookies and more senior players and still could not play them. They out-passed us, out-thought us, out-ran us and out-played us.

    But should all these sound surprising? For the uninformed , yes. But for the pure soccer analyst, its easy to see that based on current performances alone, this EPL title is a three horse race between ManCity, ManU and Chelsea. No matter what Wenger does now, the best we could hope for is a top ten finish. And of course we could easily be knocked out of the group stages of the Champs league. He has not bought the right assets, neither has he blended any well enough. He has gambled with our future and our season.

    How did it come to this stage? Well if you run a business and keep taking out from the business without putting anything back, you spin it into reverse gear. It ends up failing. Our extreme frugal nature has caught up with us at the worst time- when we will very soon be looking for sponsors renewing their deals etc. This sadly is not a time to bring the brand down. Wenger has a history of bigging up clubs and sinking them. He did that in France and has finally done us in! Wanker.. get rid, simple!

  16. kev

    i think hiddink was happy to go back to chelsea the papers were even saying he wanted wilkins back as his assistant but turkey wanted 4 million to release him from his contract.

    anyway – like everybody else money talks and bullshit walks. make the man an offer and try get him on board. he who dares wins and all that. if he was offered wengers current salary id say hed jump at taking the job

  17. incesc

    gazidis needs to come out and talk about the transfer policy.

    thats his job not wengers.

    he should explain, wenger said there were 2 people working on transfers?

    does it take 20 people to buy gervinho and chamberlaine?

  18. Pedro

    Incesc, I was called last night and told me to expect a pasting.

    I did not envisage that… that was terrible.

    Wenger has to go… sad thing is though, this will get much worse before it gets sorted.

  19. Gooner Sam

    Be interesting to see what is said at the next AST meeting, Arsenes position is becoming untenable, guarantee a statement will be made soon.

  20. incesc

    did the team ‘know we were getting beaten?’ as well.

    awful management.

    man u had players out as well and had a younger average age than us.

  21. Gooner Joe

    Secretly we all hoped for this result, be honest. Why drag out the inevitable . You cant make fillet steak from chop liver!

    Viva La Revolucion!

  22. Thomas. It's up for grabs now!

    Incesc.. thanks! :-) Just what I needed before bedtime.. Someone comparing what we saw today to the Invincibles.. Fucking Incredible!

    Rhyle.. just spent some time reading on ACLF.. Way to go! Incredible over there.

  23. leon

    dave when you put like that you do have point although they both have alot heart and are very strong both tend give away alot free kicks foul alot however i still think there is no way they have bossed the midfield and i can remember viera given fear few red cards so i realy mind that at for me this needs more players like that are fully commited who will put in a real shift for the team,there far to many luxury players like aa in the team not enough commiterd athletes who willing put in a shift for the team who know how defend well

  24. kev

    this situation was avoidable but its gone too far now. its doubtful wenger will be able to pull it out of the fire but heres hoping.

    any english based gooners should support doublegooner – he has the right idea. im not in england myself but if i was id be at every demo. keep up the good work man.

    maybe tomorrow well have some good news to cheer us up. not looking forward to work with the united and pool supporters though!

    night all

  25. Dutchman

    Pedro, at least Jack Jebb scored the winner for England u17. He is a real talent and can be the new wilshere.

    Agree carlito, i have already given up on a CL spot next season, we have nothing to lose. I want the situation at arsenal sorted, so protest!!

  26. Rhyle

    Thomas…ACLF has been mental, populated by a few solitary voices of common sense…even a couple of eloquent AKBs…but mainly church of Wenger zealots…

    At least it gave me people worth venting my spleen at after today’s result rather than my family…


  27. Doublegooner

    Gooner Sam:

    Theres a various individuals & groups all wanting to demo. Email me so I have your add.

    All I’m doing is trying to do something for the Swansea game.

    No reason why if everyone spreads the word a meeting place on the roundabout in front of the Amoury cant attact 2000/5000 fans with T.shirts & Banners DEMANDING



  28. Rhyle

    Frederick the Great told his generals…”To defend everything is to defend nothing…”

    Apt for the AKB in your life…



  29. Rhyle

    Mark…we’re all pissed off but wishing death on Arsenal is why many think that Le Grove has too many neggy, crazy people.

  30. Goonermart

    I just dont get the AKB’s, if you lived in bliss with your wife for 15 years and then she fucked your mate you’d get rid of the cow.

  31. mark

    rhyle im sorry mate bein a fan for all most 20 years now and coz off the tight liein wanker i had tears in my eyes today. please mr wanker help this club and die in ur sleep u fucking basterd,

  32. Rhyle

    Goonermart – that is literally the line I used over at ACLF. Although I was much more eloquent and took about 3 paragraphs more to say.


  33. Goonermart

    Mark, if he dies in his sleep i’m guessing he wont wake up.

    I hope he does too, just for old times sake. otherwise a combine harvester would do

  34. Samir

    Trouble with sacking Wenger is the 12m compensation fee the board would have to pay him…He said earlier that he “won’t be quitting Arsenal”…
    I can’t see this farce of a board paying him to leave!
    We’ll have to drive him out…And the board with him!

    Usmanov in

  35. DaleDaGooner

    Whats Elizabeth doing!!! can she make a phone call and ask for heads if they don’t buy in the proper players to lift this season.

    Can we blame Elizabeth Windsor for this mess! after all he s he Queen of God darn England and a gooner!

  36. mark

    all fans need to call for wengers head now.only us fans can make or break arsenal. we fans are arsenal football. wenger and the bord mean shit to arsenal without us fans.

  37. zeus

    mark says:
    August 29, 2011 at 00:20
    rhyle im sorry mate bein a fan for all most 20 years now and coz off the tight liein wanker i had tears in my eyes today. please mr wanker help this club and die in ur sleep u fucking basterd,

    Some fucking perspective please. It hurts like he’ll now, but don’t wish death on anyone. What are we lowlife scum?

  38. Lordbergkamp

    Dudes – this is football. Not death. I think you need to go get some valium…

    Sack him – you don’t need to wish him dead. That’s a bit creepy.

  39. roaaary

    i agree with mark, no top manager has ever lost 8-2. at 3-1 half time wenger should have realised we were lucky and we wouldnt win and adopted a defensive approach for damage limitation. instead he threw everyone forward and embarassed us fans. he should have known its only us who throw away big leads. this has been going on too long now and everyone can remember a particular time where we have thrown away a game we should have won.
    Wenger out coyle in…….fuck the 433 it doesnt suit us

  40. Doublegooner


    Kronke maybe out of his depth, but he’ll sack Wenger if he has to.

    We are heading for the biggest crisis I’ve ever know at the club.

    I’ve had fellow Goons on the phone tonight, old tmers. Never know anything like this.

  41. Pier

    28.08.11 – The day Arsenal F.C. died.

    We should no longer call ourselves a football club, we are a comedy club now instead.
    Top billing goes to Arsene Wenker, and the supporting act will be ventriloquist Stan Kronke and his puppet Ivan.

    AFC R.I.P.

  42. Lurch LeRouge

    very much doubt Kroenke has the balls to sack wenger when his majority of ownership is so slim DoubleG.

    Its high risk corporate strategy imho and the cowboy doesn’t play that game.

  43. mark

    sorry guys dont be piss with i just cant get over the pain. the goals keep playin in my mind over and over again. i wanted him to get the SACK 4years ago but now i just hope he fucking DIES.i hope he takes all hes money with him down under. R.I.P mr wanker.

  44. Lurch LeRouge

    The fact is Kroenke doesn’t have to sack him yet, the squad are behind the manager. We’ve only lost two games to near rivals, I just can’t see Kroenke knee jerking just yet, especially not with 3 days of a window to go.

  45. Goonermart

    Pier, Arsenal will never die, fucking sad times though.

    if they would just sack the senile french cunt then death wouldn’t be an option.

  46. Doublegooner


    You gonna be at Swansea game ?

    Thereappears a serious grondswell to really get a demo going,

    We’ve all been mouth on here for ages. Lets do something.

  47. roaaary

    if kroenke really is in it for just the money then a demo at swansea will show him he is losing fans.
    wenger had his day like all great managers. not many can keep it up as times change. not so long ago the late bobby robson was one of the greatest he went back to newcastle for a second time and couldnt cut it. we need someone young eg coyle

  48. incesc

    if there was a proper strong football mad arsenal fan in charge of the club.

    wenger would be gone, or would have been forced into signings.

    theres no leadership there from what i can see.

  49. DaleDaGooner

    It was like Howard Webb didn’t need to play for United, he told Fergie “Don’t worry, they will hang themselves” Michael Owen, Rio Ferdinand and Rooney having a go at Piers Morga who has been talking shit about them, then Owen calls him out on his fickle minded support.

  50. mark

    if we fans try reali hard get wenger the sack kick the bord out and let usmanof take over we can be a top team again. this guy is one off the richest man in the world so 200 or 300 mil wont mean anthing 2him.

  51. frenchie

    wishing death on wenger, let alone anyone is mature and fails to examine the facts. certainly, it is acceptable to be upset about the anal rape that occured at the hands of manu, but was it really that much of a shock? i knew going into the match that arsenal would lose. i was prepared for a 5-1 thrashing and 8-2 was frustrating and humiliating. i hated the mobile notification of a new message, knowing that it was another message from a manc pal of mine, messaging me to kick my already swollen and bruised testicles. i had to eat that, but i did not wish death on wenger. 3 days to sort it out and if it has not been accomplished you can then you can ask for his ass.

  52. frenchie


    feelings on possible transfer ins and outs?

    the eb and flow of rumors has really hyped up the expectations, no?

  53. Lurch LeRouge

    exactly Incesc, there’s no real football man in there.

    do we sack a manager and his whole team? because thats what would have to happen. new back room staff, medical team, scouting network bang.

    terminating those contracts prematurely would erode our cash pretty quick.

    Unfortunately the board are too reliant on AW’s entire team to interface with the wider football industry.

  54. Lurch LeRouge

    not really frenchie,

    no more than everyone else on here at least.

    I can tell you after today’s debacle its even more a sellers market.

    i don’t mind the look of the Korean, but I still think we need a min of 5 and ideally 8 players if we want to be truly competitive. So i’m prepared to be disappointed.

  55. frenchie


    did you not hear? arsenal was without 8 players today…nothing to worry about, fella.

    need a creative mid, a dm, a center half (or 2), and, by the looks of things, a leftback.

    coquelin looked one for the future. and that is the future, not now. really not impressed with the fin regardless of his loyalties.

  56. Lurch LeRouge

    I can’t ever remember the manager signalling this early in the season that ManUre are the favourites for the tittle.

    part of me wonders if he didn’t send us out there to get mauled to make a point behind the scenes about forcing his hand to sell our 2 best players.

  57. frenchie


    i fucking know it. all of this could have been avoided by making 1, read it: ONE quality signing per season for the last 3 years. has not happened.

    that is why i agreed with you. the form is relegation, not top four.

  58. frenchie


    fully agree. i think the loss was the proverbial kick in the cock arsenal needed. not even a man who runs an american football squad is so dumb not to understand 8-2 is the equivalent of plunger rape.

  59. Confidentgoner

    Rhyle and all the doomers who’ve come on to spread their ‘gospel’, please f*** off if your sole purpose is the wind-up and ‘told-you-so’. If you have something novel to contribute other than ‘sack Wenger’ etc when we have suffered the ignomy of setting yet another record in 2011, slam your fingers in a steel door seven times.

    If you want to share your wisdom with bretheren of similar mind-sets and bask in your omniscience, please do one on to the likes of ‘Le Grave’ and ‘Arsenal Truth’ etc.

    For my part, I’m with the likes of Aman, Mike SA, Chill, Gains, Darius and the rest.

    ‘AKBs’ hate to protest against Arsene! Wise up Rhyles and stop provoking them. Wenger still has a vocal support from quite a large number of ‘fans’!

  60. Zorr0

    I actually think that AW would walk away without demanding the rest of his contract to be honest. If it ever got to that I seriously think he would walk.

  61. Rhyle

    Woah…hey…I wasn’t even that much of a doomer. I just accused them of being delusional for trying to argue that we should be 4:3 up when, in fact, they were 3:1 down.

    As well as the fact they are all incapable or arguing in a meaningful way. The only thing they could do was resort to insults and accusations of lieing about season tickets. This, of course, came from someone from South Africa who has only seen the Emirates on TV or in photos. Magic.

    It was amazing, by the way…I never once said sack Wenger – even stating the pointlessness of doing exactly that with no time to bring in a successor – and yet they put all sorts of words in my mouth…tremendous.

  62. El Tel

    I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t see the mis match today. It comes to something when a non footballing supporter Mate comes around and I decide to miss The Arsenal.

    No I never expected this result as I am the ultimate Arsenal optimist, I am not an AKB as I nearly had a fight with a dear Uncle 4/5 years back when I told him Wenger must go.

    I don’t blame wenger for all that is wrong for Arsenal as he has had to fight racism in this Country from the moment he got the job. The Board of our beloved Arsenal stink at the moment and heres why.

    They are letting Wenger take total blame for what is happening with our team.

    If Wenger is the problem then they should have removed him.

    If he isn’t the reason for not purchasing players then they should be backing him.

    They are sitting back and either accepting mediocrity or they are to blind to the fact that we are indeed in trouble.

    Not only will us fans be losers but so will they as their investment will be worthless if they let this carry on.

    I still don’t want a sugar Daddy at the Arsenal but a Manager with the tactical nous to compete with the over hyped Manchester Teams and the Chavs.

    I will say it again as I did the other week and I am not trying to be clever or right but we haven’t got a STRIKER.

    That fake RVP will score goals and is a fantastic footballer but he has never bullied any defence in any match I have seen and when we don’t have the ball he is totally useless.

    The same can be said of Arshavin and Theo although you won’t like this but Arshavin at least tries to win the ball back ( He is not a scapegoat for me).

    We need Benzema or Falcao or Drogba or even a Darren Bent type alternative.

    We are powder puff up front and there is no movement in the Opposition area when we do get the ball wide.

    It is not always the fault of Sagna,Theo, Gervinhio or any other player when they get a cross in but our Striker is standing in the middle being marked by two defenders.

    So we can have Cahill, Samba, Alex, Hazard, Kaka, Chow Mein, Sneider M, Aston Villa, Jadson, William. Arteta, Felieni, Jagielka.

    Personally I would bust a bollock for Benzema and a LB and then do my best to get Sneider in.

    We do need a DM badly but Frimpong will be a class act by this seasons end and with Song as back up it could work out ok.

    We could even piss the Spuds off by getting Parker from the Shammers after they do his medical ala Petit and now Chow Mein Park.

    I feel sorry for young Jenkinson today as Theo the hard man gave him a bollocking in front of the World. I hope Jenks gave him a slap in the dressing room as it was the giraffe Djoodoo who should have been bollocked.

    Replacements for our Manager. The Dortmund Manager, Hiddink,Ancelotti. Or on a temporary basis Stevie Bould with DB10 as trainer.

  63. Lurch LeRouge

    why would he walk Zorr0?

    to spare the club? to spare the board?

    just can’t see a guy with a track record like his for stubborn behaviour walking on principal.

  64. Goonermart

    GoonerGaz .

    Well played, away fans outstanding.

    Sorry I dont buy that link, all of the players we could have bought to improve out team and squad would fit in to our wage structure.

    Plus this rotten core came before man city’s money.

  65. Lurch LeRouge

    RVP’s post match interview makes no apologies, he’s laying the blame squarely at the lack of ability in the squad.

  66. Zorr0

    Despite all his current failings, I think if his position became untenable I don’t think he would wait to get sacked, he would just walk away to try and save some dignity.

  67. ed atom

    David says:
    August 29, 2011 at 00:55

    “Seriously though.

    What does Wenger have to do to get sacked?”

    Maybe screw PHW and Kronke’s wives

  68. Thomas. It's up for grabs now!

    Have a lot of memories, good and bad, highs and lows.. I remember losing to York City in the FA Cup in 85. The Barren period up to 89 and that win at Anfield. My greatest moment as a fan.. hence my name on here. The Alan Sunderland Goal against Utd in the 79 Cup final… and so on to the great Wenger period, Invincibles etc.. Today is the lowest. 1896 FFS!

    Only thing is it might be the catalyst for change. Good luck to all London based Gooners if you go to demonstrate. With you in spirit but a bit sad nonetheless that it has come to this. It’s so bad I can’t even be bothered by the non-Gooner mates who will take the piss. Don’t give a fuck about that. Numb and totally oblivious to it.

    Keep it sensible, and enough of the death wishes. Yeah we’re all pissed right off and humiliated. But we only want change and our club back. He did serve us well for 9 years. But time is well well up.

    One thing is for sure. This club has the resources and the fans to be at the very top again and it’s not central to only one man being in charge. Sadly some can’t see that. Blinkered by misinformation or the lack of it. Fed by the press and stupid sound bites. Give any top manager worth his salt the huge resources of this club and he can only but succeed. In fact it’s harder to fuck it up! Mourinho has a vastly superior win percentage than any of the managers currently in charge of the PL top four (including us there). I’m not advocating him as my top choice but just an illustration. His win percentage is 68% across all his clubs. Wenger’s is 53.2%. (Hiddink is 56.58% and Rednose 57.83%). In their time at the club; Wenger has given us a trophy every 2.4 years… G Graham gave us one every 1.7 years… (7 trophies against 6). That’s why I will never call him our actual greatest ever manager. He was at the end of the 04 season but seven years later NO. If Wenger was working under the same rules as Graham he would have qualified for the CL (EC) 3 times against Grahams 2. Graham gave us a European trophy. Fuck me did we celebrate that. I detest misinformation like we qualified 14 times for the CL with AW and no other manager could even dream of that. Bollocks! How about winning it for a change? It’s not beyond this club.

    What a shite day to be a Gooner. But I read somewhere else that the fans who were singing today drowned out a minority who were singing spend some fucking money. I’m with the spend some money brigade but you know what I’m glad I didn’t hear them today. The only bright spot in this shittiest of all days was those away fans singing We love you Arsenal… And with that I’m off to bed with that ringing in my ears.

    Night Grovers and don’t be late now ya hear!

  69. Lurch LeRouge

    his position isn’t yet untenable so we’ll have to wait and see i guess.

    lets just hope Kroenke’s advisers are picking up on the call for action.

  70. Goonermart


    sorry i just dont see how its tenable, over the last five months we have relegation form.

    if cunt was manager of west ham or newcastle he would have been sacked.

  71. David

    I already asked the question before.

    Would an Ancelloti or a Capello sit on his Arse while his team is getting raped?

    You know in your heart Wenger has lost it.

    On a positive Cocq gave everything and looked good in periods.

    I also think that Young was very very lucky.

    He;s been taking those shots for years and they never go in.

  72. Lurch LeRouge

    im not looking at it from our perspective Goonermart.

    I’d have sacked the prick 3 years ago, I think he’s one of the owrst tacticians in topflight football today.

    I’m just musing on the perspective the board will see it from. From their perspective he’s a qualified to continue to make them money, 2 losses in this season will draw attention but it won’t be the straw that puts the camel in a wheelchair.

  73. David


    Ive never been so embarrassed really.

    Ive had all my friends text me “sorry” messages.

    Heck, One even said we need to sack Wenger to move forward.

    Lurch is right.

    The Board would see this as 3 hard points that most teams hardly get away at OT

  74. Goonermart

    Fair play Lurch, we’ll have to make it untenable. Roll on swansea.

    Well Im going to bed now, safe in the knowledge gambon is still alive. Thank Fuck

    Take care Grovers, except AKB’S you can all die too.

  75. Jimbo

    Love how people are finally twigging that what I’ve been saying about Wenger the wanker for YEARS is on the money.

    Better late than never.

    Cancer too good for this prick.

  76. Munitionsman

    “You know me, so you should give me some more time to see if I have got it completely wrong.”

    No we shouldnt. Get out.

  77. OPG

    Roll on the end of the transfer window and the international break.
    The less Wenger interviews the better.
    I dont trust the Daily Mail or the Sun, as the window closes expect more random rumours to appear.

  78. Jimbo

    “You know me, so you should give me some more time to see if I have got it completely wrong.”

    We saw that last season.

    Fuck off, paedo.

  79. Ja_Gunner

    David I agree…

    Ashley Young’s shots were very lucky…I bet he does not score another like that for the whole season…

    well maybe he will but those 2 going in today were fantasy stuff..

    However this is no excuse for what happened..

    Either Wenger or the board or both need to go now….A club this big should never find themselves in this sort of position…

    The club has been systematically run down since the invincibles…

    I dont blame Henry, Cesc, Nasri one bit for leaving. I think Wenger/board keep conning the players telling them world class players are coming and they never do…Van persie, Arshavin etc must feel totally digusted….

    Gervinho must be wondering what the fuck he signed up for……

    The board/Wenger are some stingy bastards…one world class signing per year for the last 4 years or so would have done it…

    But which world class player will want to come after that? I cant believe they reported that shit(8-2) on TV in Jamaica.

    They should have just focused on Usain false starting etc…the only consolation this weekend is that Ja still won the 100m…

    But Arsenal need to get back to winning trophies soon.

    How the fuck can we get new fans when they see Manure beating us 8-2 on the news…Dont they realise that winning trophies will increase the fan base thus leading to more prestige/success, why would you want to own a loser club?

  80. charliegeorge

    Make no mistake. The board and AKBs are complicit in this. They’ve watched on and done fuck-all as Wenger has tied our hands, raped us, bragged about it, then gleefully and smirkingly waltzed away, to repeat the travesty again, and again, and again, and again.

    When is enough enough?

    When does the penny drop?

    As usual, when it’s too late.

    RIP Arsenal.

    Fuck you AKBs, board, and Wenger!

    8-2! And it should’ve been at least 20!

    That is one for the bloody fucking ages!

  81. bade the gooner (bernard)

    dark morning today

    after yesterday, nothing will be like it was before

    our deluded manager re written a 115 years old record of conceded goals!

    115 year!!!, how many of your grand dads were alive then eh? it a three generation fall down, and even then it was in second division

    how can he still be our manager?

    the board must sack him! but they won’t

    anyone to talk about the udinese win?

    yesterday humiliation really put the facts in front of us gooners, that the quality difference between us and the mancs today.

    admit it and let’s work it out, better later than never.


  82. gnarleygeorge9


    There is no way of glossing over the result. That must have been humiliating for the away fans.

    Arsene Wenger, Peter Hill-Wood, Ivan Gazidis, Ken Friar, Chips Keswick, Lord Harris of Peckham & Stanley Kroenke hang your heads in shame. You are a disgrace to the fans of Arsenal Football Club.

  83. bade the gooner (bernard)

    and to listen to the nutty bastard’s post game interview make you even more irritating!

    he’s confident that it amazes me

    any other manager in the whole world, no matter what record he hold, even red nose or guardiolla, wouldn’t be so calm about their job.

    but our mental manager, spoke about the game as if it was a heavy 3-0 defeat or so……

    he’s rewriting our bad records of 115 year, and he’s so complacent about it.

    people should realise he’s a greedy cunt, he won’t walk by himself, he won’t give away his big money contract, the so-called principles man…..

    i think the board must sack him and make some compromise about small compensation he gets, and if he doesn’t want he should be sued for major negligence and maybe deliberate harm for the arsenal badge and history…… i think we can find more than one player and one pundit from our team and outside of it to testify against arsene in that one…….


  84. Burny

    Just suffered the humiliation of one of my manc supporting colleagues NOT take the piss. In fact he said it was so disappointing that it was not a tear-up like Arsenal vs UTD used to be, and condolences at the death of your team……
    Wenger and the board FUCK OFF!!!!!