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I do ok for a living, but I must say, nothing gives me more joy than raiding reduced food aisle in Waitrose. Landing a prawn salad for thirty nine pence when I’ve got a £20 note sitting in my pocket feels like a victory against the man.

Arsene Wenger is like me. He’s got £100million sitting in his pocket, but he’s not interested in shopping in the proven aisle, he’d much prefer to take a chance in the reduced section with a player that might represent some supreme value. How can I not respect this approach when I have the same vision when it comes to sustaining my body?

Problem is, I’ll buy anything with a yellow sticker on it, now sometimes that works out, I mean, who knew what a culinary sensation fresh veal escalopes at £2.68 could be (Sagna)? Other times though, things have gone horrifically wrong in my desperation for a bargain. Only recently, I purchased pig kidneys, I whacked them in the frying pan without soaking them in salt water to remove the unwanted bits, within 2 minutes my house smelt like a pig urinal and the taste of those kidneys still haunts me to this day (even though I knew it was potentially dangerous, I slogged away and tried to convince myself this bargain would work out (ring any bells?)).

You see, a bargain is a good idea when you have nothing to lose. However, when you’re cooking for your job, you’d best ensure that whatever you’re purchasing has the best chance of tasting good.

This guy is 26 years old, he hasn’t scored many goals and he’s not been tested at the highest level. Matt Spiro (@Mattspiro), a France based journo / commentator, has told me that he’s a good all round striker, he can head well, he’s very two footed and he has good technique. The overall feeling though is that he’s an underwhelming signing, even Lille were signing him as a back up. This isn’t first choice for us by the looks of it. Joel Campbell has been deemed a not so special talent and he could find his way into the Lille squad as a result.

People keep telling me I don’t like him because he’s not a £20million striker. Well, that’s not fair. I haven’t said I don’t like him. But Arsenal fans have got to stop getting excited by a player because he’s cheap. I generally judge a players quality on goals, assists, Champions League experience, trophies and pedigree. Now, I’m not saying this guy isn’t the one. He might be. But surely we should be looking at someone a bit more prestigious considering 1) We already have a striker who is good for 15 goals a season, who is an international, who is experienced and proven to a degree in the Premiership, who is 3 years younger (Who should be gone by next week now apparently) 2) Robin is only good for 30 games, whoever comes in should be equal to Robin’s quality if we want to progress.

I can paint any picture here I like, I haven’t seen him. However, I’d like to point out that we’ve gone from sniffing around Benzema and Tevez, to signing a player even the most ardent French Footballing Ambassador struggles to muster up 3 lines about.

Maybe he’ll come good. Maybe he won’t. Whichever way you look at it, he represents a risk…. and don’t kid yourself this is low risk because it’s a low fee. The cost of missing out on top 4 this year is roughly £25million and the potential loss of three of our best players who we’d have to sell as they wouldn’t re-sign.

The stakes have never been higher. Still, one thing you can guarantee with a Korean is that they will work till collapse for the team. He’s also the captain of South Korea and if he can score 12 goals for a relegated team, the chances are, he’ll definitely score 56 for us.

Eden Hazard

Many are speculating that we’ve blown our chance to sign Eden Hazard by gazumping them for Chu-Young. I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. The Korean is worth £3million, Hazard is potentially worth £26million plus. If we want the Belgian, we could have him. I don’t understand why we wouldn’t be interested in him for that fee. He’s clearly top-notch, he’ll likely go on to be one of the best. Dithering over price is what cost us Mata… a player who is clearly going to take the league by storm. I hope we don’t make the same mistake with Hazard. We need a talented creator, he’s one of the few available that we know we’ve got a solid interest in. Plus, Lille are a tiny club moving to a new stadium, even Arsenal had to sell their biggest players when we left Highbury.

That said, this is not the midfielder I was tentatively told we were going in strong for, though the word a a week or so a go was that we’d bid for him before month end…


It does strike me that the only market we’re interested in purchasing from is the French League. We’ve always spoken of the need to save for a rainy day, right now, as far as the squad is concerned, it’s pouring. Now, we’ve got £100million sitting in the bank, the rest of Europe is in dire financial straits and we’re not focusing our attention in any place other than Ligue 1? Arguably 4th or 5th when it comes to strength.

There surely must be some skint Spanish or Italian teams who have top players? Surely there is a left back or a decent holding midfielder out there who could do a job for us? Spain have the most technically accomplished players in the world, why aren’t we sniffing around their senior teams for first team players? Makes no sense… we saved for the day financial Armageddon came, now it’s here, we’re not taking advantage?


So a massive whopper of a game today. Some say the biggest game since Premiership was created, others say just a big game because if we lose it, we’ll be severely off track in the league before its even got going.

The line up for tomorrow is looking more desperate than ever. I’m yet to hear if Vermaelen is fit for the game, there’s been no confirmation either way, news leaked to Young-guns that Sagna is ill, so that potentially means we’ll have Traore, Jenkinson, Kozzer and JD at the back. Then there’s the midfield. Now, if Tommy V is fit, we could move Kozzer into the holding role. That would give me some comfort, he’s fast, good on the ball and aggressive. However, if that isn’t a goer, you face the choice of Henri Lansbury who isn’t a holding midfielder or Coquelin who is greener than Arsenal’s pitch. Rosicky played well the other day and Rambo is a talented young player, but we’re playing a proper team today. Turning them over is a massive ask. Our midfield and defence could be in crisis…

Up top, the team picks itself, Robin, Theo and Arshavin. Outside of that, we have the weakest bench I can remember. AOC, Miyachi, Coquelin, Chamakh, Oyakzup, Bendtner and Fabianski. How have we got to this stage? It’s unbelievable. I’m having a face palm moment before we’ve even started.

Still, today is about miracles and proving people wrong. If we put the United keeper under pressure and work hard, you never know what could happen. United won’t play to our strengths in the same way Udinese did. Expect them to bully us with the absence of any strength and expect them to bomb our box with crosses. We have to be sharp from the off, we have to work our socks off. If we do that, anything is possible. We don’t have a strong line up today, I do hope the coach has factored that into our tactics. I don’t think I’m the only one that thinks ‘just play your game’ on the white board will be enough.

I’m nervous but excited to see what the game throws up. If it goes tits up, we’ve got time to bring in players, if it goes well, maybe we don’t quite need 6 players to compete.

Put your predictions on a postcard and sign it faith!

See you in the comments…

P.S. So much for Fergie being nice…

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2,033 Responses to “Park Chu-Young… the low down | Manchester United preview | Hazard Update”

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  1. Keyser

    Paulinho – Heh, fuck the pleasantries, Einstein or Hleb ? No Paulinho conversation would be complete without a reference.

  2. Ricky

    MM says:
    August 28, 2011 at 19:09

    Best way to protest – Boycott the Swansea game… get to the Emirates and do not enter the stadium. 1000′s of supporters boycotting will send the strongest message (which will never be achieved with chanting or booing inside the staium)

    100% agree mate!

    Thing is most of these gooners are all talk & no action.

  3. bade the gooner (bernard)

    so i’ll tell the AKBs who’ll replace arsene?

    a manager that won’t let us concede 8 goals from bitter rivals in an utter humiliation

  4. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Will Arsenal sign anyone of quality, anyone at all by Wednesday? Highly doubtful now. Must be nice to have $70-$100 million pounds sitting around. How’s about returning some money back to season pass holders who have had to pay more this year for less? Now that would be the right thing to do!

  5. yangkamp10

    just stop going to the games fellas. Stop spending money on the club.

    He will take us into mid table obscurity.
    What’s that? Already there, oh.

  6. David Andreassen

    First of all, huge fckin respect to the AWAY FANS! Only thing that made me porud to be a gooner today.

    Second of all, I really really wish more of you guys would wake the F up and start asking the right questions before our club is down the drain for a looong time. Do you really really NOT see it? Do you have to sack a manager who has actually proven he has the capabillity and wait for a couple of other managers to fail before you smell the rat? Are you really no smarter than the bloody Pool fans?

    Ppl keep sayin wenger are to proud? FFS, if it was a matter of pride, do you think he would still be around? Look at some of the “proud” players weä’ve had? The ppl who are all about ego are the first ones to leave (read Nasri). If anything, he has to little pride to just come out and say it like it is and let the chips fall were they may (ie he’ll get sacked)!

    Just goes to show how much destructive bullshit that’s surounding this club! The Manures picked up on it fast and called for the owners heads, Pool needed a couple of eyars and a couple of managers in order to get it but alot of gunners are still clueless.

    Simple logic. you have top notch winning management. You take out one part and replace it with another and then things start to slowly fall appart. Why in the hell would you susspect that the part that was actually there when we were winning is the part that’s gone bad?

    If you havenät figured out what I’m tryin to say (which you probably haven’t since you’re still asking for Wengers head on a palte) I’ll spell it out for ya:

    Kick Gazdiz in his nuts so hard that he ends up on the chelski part of town!

    And if you’re in doubt (won’t bother with the part that isn’t even doubting that sack wenger is the simple soulution since your clearly just to stupid or mental to talk to), atleast put preassure on the club to come out with an answer on who’s responsible for what.

    I’ll bet you anything, that the answer isn’t Wenger.

  7. Keyser

    David – Come on, Barca at home, in the Champions League, over two legs ? Compared to Old Trafford away, with the team we put out today ?! Not a good comparison is it.

  8. Ricky

    Btw, believe it or not i agree with merse.

    Sacking wenger now would put us deeper in the shit!

    Any board that keeps a manager a day longer after a beating like this are the real problem.

  9. dare

    Those people working on our news signings can’t find players who can strengthen our team according to Wenger. And they were paid all summer just to do that. think the problem of this club is the fans.We were lied to and we didn’t not react.Some of us pay a lot off money just to whatch this club.Someone somewhere is getting paid from this money without doing anything.The solution is a huge protest at Emirates 2morrow.I am sure they will ve to act.Barça bought Alex and Fab4 because their fans wanted them.Here the fans don’t matter.Et le malade de français que nous avons comme coach pense que nous Les fans de ce club nous sommes aussi stupide que lui.Même en 2e division Francaise il aurait été limogé.

  10. yangkamp10

    The worst thing is – we’ve no chance of signing anyone with quality now. Who would want to play for us, Any markee player knows we might have CL football this year but we’ll need 5-6 to have a CHANCE of it next year. And we’ll do good to sign 2.

  11. Steve Biko


    The ‘doomers’ were right all along. Its time their wisdom was acknowledged. The AKBs really need to shut up.

  12. Adam A. Carbarundum

    I hear that Spunks are on the verge of signing Scott Parker from WestHam. And Wenger is where in all of this? If anything, for the money being talked about, he comes cheap for a steady if unspectacular midfielder…Which right about now Arsenal are desperate for.

    Oh, but nothings wrong. Move along, nothing to see here at Arsenal. FTLOG!!!

  13. Paulinho

    Keyser – Fourth would be nothing to shout about either. We probably could’ve spend the same amount as Liverpool this summer. They’ve got the dreaded ‘technical risk’ syndrome. Wenger again choosing to use an iron instead of a driver.

  14. zeus

    piersmorgan Piers Morgan
    I’m suicidal, Shrek. Thanks for asking. @WayneRooney: @piersmorgan hello mate. How r u”
    2 hours ago

  15. David


    Im talking about the style and the way we played against barca.

    The players that made a difference in that game where on display as well.

    but im talking bout keeping it tight and playing counter attacking football. A bit like we used to

  16. Sidney896

    Fucking disgrace! Absolutely gutted. Makes carling cup final look a great result. Mugs, that includes us. Give people their money back.

    Good luck filling the emirates.

    Embarrassed beyond belief.

  17. Ricky


    I’ve tried to get pedro & geoff to put something together as they have made a name for themselves on this blog & i feel they could get a successfull protest together but seems to me there not interested.

    Rather post blogs complaining everyday then go out there & make the fans heard which is a shame really.

  18. leon

    i its pretty clear that both dj and kos are not upto it but people do need to remember that we massivly short in midfield i seriously dought manu would had so much freedom in midfield with song fringpong and wilshire playing there is no dought that cb position needs adressing,also i do feel the boy playing right back realy needs to go out on loan.

  19. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Just watching the Notts Forrest / West Ham match on Setanta. Great football! So that’s what it looks like???

  20. Jonas

    Which are the Arsenal blogs that support Wenger come what may – I want to see how they can defend him after today

  21. Keyser

    David – I think there’s some sort of record where we haven’t scored more than 2 goals at old Trafford in 20 years or something, might even be more than one in the Premiership.

    Once the first goal went in, you either shut up shop then or you try to attack, if you shut up shop you still have to keep them out for the rest of the game.

    They sit back and counter-attack or use pace to stretch the pitch, that’s been their gameplan against us for like 2 decades, either way you need the players on the pitch to pull it off, we just didn’t dude.

  22. gazzap

    wenger is a fucking disgrace. He sends a weak team out there to attack at OT against the Champions? Is he mad? What does he think that’ll do to confidence? I can accept a 2-0 defeat with good defending but wenger takes off our only DM in the game to take a ‘gamble’. He needs to go ASAP.

  23. BOOZY

    been saying it since last season rvp wont win us games.

    he would score some goals, but he wont win us games.

    how wenger doesn’t see this is amazing.

    we should be getting a striker better than rvp.

    not an unknown korean.

  24. Keyser

    Zeus – just realised the Colonel Gaddafi media lockdown can’t kick in until the transfer window shuts anyway.

  25. David


    I think must of us wouldve been happy to take a 4-1 beating and shut up shop.

    Poor decision/Inaction from Wenger regardless of how you look at it.

  26. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Lets look at the positives today, shall we? We did get off the snide with two goals! Lets look at another positive, shall we? The game did come to an end. Lets look at yet another positive, shall we? We did finish with more than 9 on the pitch for the third straight match.

    There are always positives to be found anywhere and everywhere, you just have to know where to look for them!

    Kidding aside, I’m absolutely gutted and nothing is changing that for some time. We have two weeks now to sit and stew on this stinker.

  27. Doublegooner


    Various fans from real old timers to the 20 somethings have been calling me.

    Many are talking about organising and asking how we can arrange Demos.


    We ALL need to come together. There are 000’s who feel lke we do.

    Lets ALL see what we can do. We ALL love this club & Wenger, Gazidas have failed. THEY MUST GO NOW.

    We are in a relegation battle.

    email me at or

    I’ll print T.shirts & offer them at cost ( approx £3-4 each) Digital Printed large banners all at cost.

    Geoff & Pedro, stop fannying about, You’ve both been a brave voice for a long time. Lets all get together.


  28. yangkamp10


    “What is there to turn around?”

    He no longer represents the fans of this proud football club. We are hurting, and he actually defends our pityful start to the season.

    Usmanov needs to get onto the phone to Kronke and ask what the fuck they are playing at. I say Usmanov because he is the only one at board level who seems unhappy with what is being done on the pitch.

    At Chelsea Abramovic signs qualiity players regardless of what the coaches think. Why doesnt our board override him, get the players in that the next coach will need (come October when le senile is gone) to get us back into the top 4.

  29. eboue

    so who else thinks carl jenkinson is worse than silvestre because i do the guy looks like he is a virgin complete gayboy

  30. yangkamp10

    doublegooner, count me in. Emailing you now fella.

    Who’s with us?

    What about it pedro and geoff? Time to be leaders….


  31. Steve Biko


    Great idea. Those of us not in the UK can not do much but we need you guys. Good luck. The fans must act now.

  32. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Gunners management will understand only one message, boycott of all things Arsenal. Hurt them where it matters most, in the pocketbook. Are Gunners fans brave enough to do that? You’d like to believe so, but reality is that they are not. Nothing will change moving forward, only when the Gunners are out of the CL and the realization that play in next years CL is but a dream will the board pay attention.

  33. eboue

    carl jenkinson is jerking off to his gay porn right now the complete fucking loser you know your balls when theo walcott is telling you your shit

  34. BOOZY

    RVP has never scored 30 goals in a season.

    berbatov has scored 30 goals in a season

    berbatov was joint top scorer in the league last season.

    rvp wasn’t.

    berbatov is now united’s 4th choice striker.

    rvp is our first choice striker.

  35. Swedish Gun

    eboue says:
    August 28, 2011 at 19:38
    so who else thinks carl jenkinson is worse than silvestre because i do the guy looks like he is a virgin complete gayboy


    I think everybody saw (KNOWS?) that Jenkinson is not ready for the premier league. Same goes with Coquelin who had a good game, but for fux sake you don’t show a player like Ashley “I am a gooner” Young his best foot and let him score so easily

  36. zeus

    on planning for reinforcements…
    I am very open if we can find the right players. We have the money to sign players. If we find players who can strengthen our team then we will do it. But I am not the only one to work on the case, we have 20 people who are working on that. If we do not do it, it is because we don’t find them. We have plenty of players out today, too many players missing. We do not have the squad to compete when we have this many players out. At the moment, we have not found the solutions to our problems outside. When you look at today, you cannot predict how many players we have out. We did not expect to have Wilshere out, Diaby out, Gervinho out, Vermaelen out and Gibbs out.

    20? And the best we can find is Park?

  37. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Swedish…Don’t tell Wenger that Jenkinson is not ready for prime time. He’s gold to Arsene, just like Djourou and Oxe, who are the future!

  38. eboue


  39. Steve Biko


    sad but true. Its ridiculous. And while you are it consider the Chavs. An attacking quartet of Drogba, Torres, Lukaku and Sturridge. Wenger is truly a moron. Its like going to war in the 21st century with a gun invented in the 19th century.

  40. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Zeus…If nothing more, those words will hang over Wenger forever and a day. You have 20 people working on signings and the best you can come up with is what? An Ivorian who isn’t even man enough to punch Joey Fucking Barton in the face? Geez but this is pathetic…You can’t write a script this good!!!

  41. eboue

    carl jenkinson is not the future hes not even the present he is nothing.THE REASON WE HAVE NOT WON A TROPHY FOR 6 YEARS IS BECAUSE CARL JENKINSON IS A SEASON TICKET HOLDER!!! HE IS A CURSE!!!

  42. Adam A. Carbarundum

    If you are going to get suspended at least have the balls to be man enough to punch Joey Barton in the face, not girl slap him!!! That’s all you need to know about the character of the current Gunners squad.

  43. kev

    jenkinson will be a very good player – he kept going till the end which is all you can ask for for one so young. you cant blame him for being thrown in the deep end – playing a few games in league one and then playing premier league and champions league a few months later. thats down to wenger not carl himself

  44. abucci

    has anyone seen the away kit for the champions league? anything has to be better than the shit they’re wearing away this season. they look like a bunch of jockeys out here.

  45. zee


  46. Ricky


    You need to see the light mate,

    Theres corruption going on upstairs at arsenal.. Wenger is playing the loyal employee with the comments he makes.. He’s a puppet & these lot are pulling he’s strings.

    Trust me, something dodgie is going on behind the scenes cos no ambitious board would ever sit back & allow this sort of thing to go on.

  47. dare

    If Wenger was a coach of a second division club in french league I would ve been sacked.With this board everything coming from Wenger is acceptable and that’s why they both have to go.He said in England its always buying.I do not know a big club in any league with money that doesn’t buy.The man belongs to the past of this club.We need a Manager who sees this club as big as we the fans.

  48. yangkamp10

    If a new world class manager (say Hiddink) came in and took a hard look at the squad, with no emotional ties to any of the players who would he look to keep to build his 1st team around?

    RVP (maybe but not in our current footballing system)

    That’s how far we’ve fallen. The man just doesn’t have a clue tactically,
    And worse, (in my opinion) he has created an Us vs Them scenario with the them being other coaches, fans, the pundits and refs by refusing to have a British core, perpetuating the alof frenchman image, letting the team loose its identity. Too much water has passed under the bridge.

    I’d take Coyle all day long.

  49. Yandi

    Mhm… Beyond dreadful. An Absolute disgrace. It’s been coming though. For 6 years it’s been coming.

    Arsenal Football Club are being dragged in the mud by that senile bastard. Wenger is a CUNT. A cunt of the highest order. There was no fight on the pitch or from the manager. He looked mentally shot on the bench. Like a rabbit in lights. There HAS to be a inquest into the goings on at the club and especially into Arsene Wenger’s position. How is his incompetence taken so fucking lightly…? He should, at the very least be made to apologise for that fucking shower of shite we had to witness… seeing that he’s virtually unsackable. Hate the man. Really do.

    And one other thing. That United team had a lower average age, so bang goes the “we’re a young team” spin. If I had enough money, I’d hire a sniper tonight.

  50. Lordbergkamp

    eboue was everything that was wrong with Arsenal. Diving. Cheating. Overreaction. Inability to actually fucking defend.

    Liked by Wenger. Total pile of shit.

  51. zee

    well ricky he has to have some pride in that case and make a stand against them – step aside. Why be obsessed about seeing out every contract? Because that’s what he’s always done, doesn’t change, can’t change. Change is what’s desperately needed, because even if he’s happy to be the public scapegoat for disgraceful performances like that, he cannot be allowed to, at the expense of the club. The club comes first. Always.

  52. Italored

    We need to get G.G back for 1 season then lets see. Give him a little transfer fund, that ivan the terrible wont spend for him and lets go back to 1-0 to the Arsenal. Anything is better that what we saw today. At least he’ll have the defenders defending!!

  53. Doublegooner


    I’m speaking on behalf of 90% here,

    FUCK OFF YOU CUNT…Jenkinson is more a Gooner than you are.

    Anyone using a name like Eboue should be ashamed.

  54. abucci

    why do premiere league teams keep letting americans buy them? americans are clueless about football and are all about making money. if every premiere team had an american owner there’d be a salary cap and no one of value would ever want to play in the league, they’d all go overseas.

    c’mon usmanov, get on the phone and give the fuckwit kroenke an offer he can’t refuse, or at the least, let him know what you’re thinking.

  55. yangkamp10

    A lot of you are making reference to the character of the team under wenger. Indisipline, diving, slapping as apposed to tackling.

    How about the fact that the likes of Eboue and song sit on the bench wearing hip hop caps and rapper chains like they’re extras in a chipmunk video?
    the club has lost respect from everyone, including its own fans! United players conduct themselves properly. I want change from the top down.

  56. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    David Andreassen – not sure if you read this blog much but on Aug 25 at 12.43 you can read detailed Official Arsenal documents that show Wenger is in charge of signings.
    Now maybe Gazidis and his team are fuckin them up (negotiations) when it comes down to the small print but I doubt it.
    AW is still very much responsible for poor coaching and choosing to stick with sub standard players whilst trying to convince us all they are better than any other player in the WORLD!!
    Sorry mate, he is past it. No fresh ideas, and not the same man who won those trophies.

  57. kev

    after a defeat as heavy and shocking as that i half expected a new post from geoff or pedro.

    they havent posted at all since the game ended have they? passed out in a bar somewhere i expect

  58. Cloggs

    I think we’re doing fine, the boys were a stil a bit tired from the midweek’s game, maybe we will look for a new striker, but I’m very confident about this team.

  59. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Where do you even begin with Wenger? What exactly has he done right over the last six years? Seemed that last season we were on our way to at least one trophy, and then it all came crashing down. A real manager would have kept the boys heads in the game, but he instead allowed them to dig themselves into a huge hole of doubt that they still have yet to find their way out of. That’s the culture at Arsenal, has been for some time.

    Those that leave Arsenal declare Wenger to be just like a second father to them. What these “children” need is not a father nor parent, but a swift smack upside their shangri-la-di-da heads to wake them up. You are professionals for geez sakes, start acting like it!!!

  60. eboue

    if anyone here thinks carl jenkinson deserves to wear our shirt while out at old trafford is deluded like wenger. carl jenkinson is quite possibly one of the worst buy’s wengers ever made!

  61. Ricky

    SUGA3 says:
    August 28, 2011 at 19:50

    eboue 😆

    if we don’t buy, I may join the demo myself!

    Dont wait till then suga, we need ppl like you now.

  62. dare

    Man U Liverpool Chelsea Man city found the players who can improve their squad.Wenger keep lying about not finding the right players. Some clubs rejected our bids.We actually found the players we just weren’t ready to pay the right money for them.This guy believes we are all stupid.

  63. zee

    Whether it’s the board or whatever, the bottom line is, he is not doing his job properly. This summer has been one of complete and utter incompetence. How the hell can he stand there in front of a TV camera after losing 8-2 and say ‘what’s to turn around?” It’s the ramblings of a madman. How about this pearler from the press conference. “Give me more time before saying that I have got it completely wrong.” He says signings is only the answer in England, well he made Liverpool title challengers in his programme notes because of the money they’ve spent!!!!! Nonsensical, hypocritical contradictions, every single fucking week,

  64. azed

    other teams have key players missing, they change tactics and try something different.
    Arsenal depleted, Le senlie tries to prove he has the best kids in town.

  65. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Am I the only one that can’t stand that new cartoon Scooby Doo logo on their kit? It’s almost as big as the Emirates logo and big enough to cover players hearts, which might explain some events of late.

  66. zee

    it’s completely lose-lose for arsenal fans. If by some ridiculous stroke of fortune we’d got a draw today, he’d have been patting his own back before he’d even got in the tunnel today. Delusional and fucking insane.

  67. Doublegooner

    Yangkamp10, Dial Square, Ricky, Suga3, Rhyle, Steve Biko

    Thanks for your support.

    Spread the word & feel free to pass my email on.

    I’m not putting myself forward as leader :) but lets get enough of us together & theres enough heads to come up with something for Swansea.


  68. roaaary

    Doublegooner I have been educating my bird about arsenal today and she asked how do you get rid of a manager. My response was the owners do but ours are making millions from having him there and so no1 can sack him. I told her the only way is to organise a demo and I am 100% involved if we can make enough of a show to not be overruled by akbs. Nothing worse than a march being shot down then we will look like minorities to the board.
    Secondly kroenke will never leave so wouldn’t it be the best idea to only Target Wenger as this could potentially create a divide between the board and le prat

  69. yangkamp10

    Well said Double.

    Jenks might not be Dani Alves but he was the MOST passionate player out there today, loves the club. Walcott was too busy getting spooked into giving the ball away by Evra.

  70. WengersSweeties

    Neville is bang on the money!!

    A complete lack of basic rules of defending in football.

    That high line tactic is absolutely shocking, and this isn’t a new thing, it’s been going on for seasons.

    I feel I need a gambon rage fix!

  71. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Kroenke is not the problem. He’s being educated on British Football by Arsene Wenger, who will always state that there is nothing wrong, nothing to see here, move along.

    Somehow I’d like to believe that you don’t get to be a billionaire by remaining oblivious to what’s around you…but that wig he wears must be made of lead that’s blocking any signals from getting through…it has to be that!

  72. zee

    if this result had come after champs league exit, which i believe would have happened, had that pen gone in, he might actually be leaving this week. no chance now though.

  73. vB

    what a mauling at the hands of manure. thing is i didnt even feel that bad once they had put the game beyond us. i was actually hoping we’d be humiliated so the board can get off their collective arses and get busy in the transfer market. panic buys in the last three days, then so be it.

  74. bayo11

    Arsenal is about to sign a striker whose team got relegated. The truth is that the whole club is rubbish run by a group of useless souls. How dare you sign a striker from monaco after all this shit we are in but they dont care about the fans.

    Truly this is our busiest summer…fucking bastards but the conclusion is it is not wenger or the board’s fault, it is the fans fault for keeping quiet and posting messages on le grove and other sites instead of staging a protest. We wait for the latest post from legrove and other blogs everyday instead of going out there and fighting for what we pay for and what belongs to us..

    We have had enough of posts on the internet…ITS TIME TO BE HEARD.

  75. Adam A. Carbarundum

    And your point is what, Bayo?

    Think about it, would you in their position, listen to anyone other than yourselves? Who are we? According to them, no one.

  76. tiptapi

    gibbs & diaby,if wenger really was not expecting to be without this pair of cunts befor the end of august then he has gone insane

  77. Gay Dave

    Good Morning fella’s, it’s Sunday morning, don’t know why, but I feel good about today, I have a little bit of a hangover, but that’s cool it will go away by itself i’m sure.

    I had this horrible dream, I was on a bus to Manchester and I was an Ipswich fan, spirits were high amongst the group, although the odds were against us, there was a glimmer of hope that we could manage a draw or even sneak a win, the boss was some French arrogant fellow, but was well respected for being shrewd and intelligant, so quietly confedant we were. In this dream we got spanked something like 8-2, the boss was very reassuring in the post game interview that we didn’t need to panic buy and it was just one of those things, so off we went back home, on the bus to drown our sorrows I must have drunk a couple of litres of vodka and passed out.

    Anyway that was just a nightmare, it’s early Sunday morning, today we will spank the mancs, because Arsene knows best!

    Why is it dark? is it armageddon today or what?

    Good luck to the boys, i’m sure we’ll get the win, we have enough quality and mental strength, plus these guys are on good salary’s so i’m sure they will earn every penny!

    All the best

  78. zee

    well not too many champions look back on a season having a laugh about the 8-2 that got away. cant win the league, cant win the champions league, and currently pretty pessimistic about fa cup and carling cup chances. So after another season of no trophies, next summer Vermaelen, RVP, Sagna and Song all enter their last year. It’s all good hehehehe


    le grove take some responsibility organising protests stop giving biggen n doing fuck all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Rhyle

    Unbelievable but the hardcore, Church of Wenger wanker zealots are still praying for their lord and saviour to deliver a miracle…

  81. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Geoff and Pedro are currently out of commission, having gotten right and proper blathered to take away the pain of this afternoon’s debacle. Yeah, that’s it…That’s the ticket!

  82. Lordbergkamp

    Unfortunately this is the genius/madness of Wenger. Two sides of the same coin.

    He is incapable of adapting to circumstance – Wenger does the same thing year in, year out. When it works, it works well. When it doesn’t, well then it ends up being pretty disasterous.

    Most real genius managers adapt and overcome and operate a policy of continuous improvement – look at fergie; no matter how well he’s done, he buys (and buys big) to improve every year – because he accepts that the world moves on the world changes.

    Unfortunately Wenger is the opposite. He genuinely seems to believe that doing the same thing, over and over again will get a different result. That, according to Einsten is the definition of stupidity.

    The simple fact is that Wenger’s can turn out pretty, passing teams – but teams devoid of spirit, heart and the ability to grind out results.

    He’s never been able to turn out a defensive sound team, And once the opposition work out our plan and know our weaknesses (which they have for the past 6 years) then it’s pretty easy to work out how to beat it. I mean Fergie, Mourinho and now Mancini have the teams and nous to spunk us every time.

    Wenger will not change his way – he figures out that things will be different.

    What we need is a coach that can change his team and tactics to adapt to what is before them. I mean, all fergie does is play 4-5-1 , kicks us up in the air and we lose. Although the current team is so bad that he did not even need to do it this time.

    We need change and a fresh approach – now.

  83. yangkamp10

    bayo is right. When the mancs/scouse are fucked off their board’s know about it.
    Arsenal have become self serving. They put their principles before the principles of those who pay their wages, the fans.

    They say they want a sustainable model, but when it comes to spending the money the manager cannot see players better than those he’s already got, or there’s no value in the market etc.

    It’s a racket I’m telling you.

  84. Adam A. Carbarundum

    The only thing worse than today’s drubbing would be for everybody to Wang Chung tonight over a nice rendition of the Safety Dance!!!

    Geez but it sucks to be a Gooner today!

  85. zee

    djourou really does not know how to defend, fuck me it was shocking. Him and song should spend less time getting their fucking hair tinted and more time learning how to play properly.

  86. Ricky

    Zee, a week ago i would have agreed with you to the fullest.

    You need to realise that the wankers upstairs are in control of wenger & he’s actions.. Like i said before, if they wanted that money spent in the window they would have employed someone to deal with transfers like some of spanish & itallian clubs do.

    Wengers never going to come out & go against the board.. its just not in he’s character.

    The only thing that makes me question him is the fact that he has’nt resigned by now for there lack of support.

  87. Prickaerts

    In holland it is normal when a club lose a game so hard because of ignorance they pay the supporters their money back for the ticket, i think that is Wenger has some balls he pays the fans back in stead of buying another teenager “with talent”!

  88. yangkamp10

    good night fellow gooners.
    There just isnt enough time left in the window to sign the players we need to make the top four again this season. We wont win the CL. So this will be our last year as a big club for some time.

    Perhaps this is what is needed. Sometimes you have to hit bottom to force through change.

  89. G STAR

    And from a twitter feed… At the end, Rosicky Arshavin Chamakh headed straight down tunnel. Van Persie shouted at them to come back & salute #afc fans. Chaos

  90. Adam A. Carbarundum

    The bottom line about Wenger and the Board is this…They could not care less what you or I or anyone else have to say. It’s all about them and that is the bottom line. What they say and believe is all that matters. For us to think differently is just adding to our own angst.

    That is the only truth in any of this. We don’t matter.

  91. zee

    ricky – exactly mate thats what i’m saying. if your theory is accurate that’s exactly what he should have done. arsenal must be the biggest piss taking operation in sport, let alone football.

  92. BOOZY

    we need a top top top striker gonzalo higuain, tevez, quiseppe rossi, fernando llorente, ezequeil lavezzi, edison cavani.

    we need to be signing these types of players

  93. ritesh

    Why would Stan sack Wenger?

    They have 25M in the coffers from Wednesday. A big net profit in transfer dealings.

    Fans opinion does not count for them. Fans are there to pay for a ticket, buy refreshments, make some noise around the team.

    Learn your jobs, you muppets 😉

  94. Samir

    I’m in on the protests…And agree, Pedro/Geoff!
    Please do something about this, tomorrow’s post has to be critical as can be towards Wenger, the board and Kroenke!!!!!

  95. bayo11

    @ Adam A Carbarundrum….Arsenal is the only club in england where the coach presents a new signing like a new gift to the fans. Does he think he is doing us a favour.


  96. Lordbergkamp

    boozy – have you been on planet earth for the last 3 months? all of those players have more chance of winning something where they are.

    oh and wenger’s too retarded to sign them. oh and we need defenders you twat.

  97. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    Ricky – read my post at 20.10… It’s all about Wengers big selfish project mate. He never contemplated it failing.

  98. Doublegooner


    Various fans from real old timers to the 20 somethings have been calling me.

    Many are talking about organising and asking how we can arrange Demos.


    We ALL need to come together. There are 000′s who feel lke we do.

    Lets ALL see what we can do. We ALL love this club & Wenger, Gazidas have failed. THEY MUST GO NOW.

    We are in a relegation battle.

    email me at or

    I’ll print T.shirts & offer them at cost ( approx £3-4 each) Digital Printed large banners all at cost.

    Geoff & Pedro, stop fannying about, You’ve both been a brave voice for a long time. Lets all get together.


  99. Ricky

    You guys really need to support this demo that DoubleGooner is talking about.

    Take some time out of your busy schedule’s & lets get these tossers out of the club we love.

    Usmanov & dein is the way forward.

  100. zee

    pedro’s pre-match prophecy: “We don’t have a strong line up today, I do hope the coach has factored that into our tactics. I don’t think I’m the only one that thinks ‘just play your game’ on the white board will be enough.”

    spot on wunnit pedders

  101. Doublegooner


    Thanks mate.

    I’ve become so fucking frustrated getting into rucks for 3 years at games. Ive had my own mates mock me,,NOT NOW…Theyve all run out of patience.

    WE ALL MUST BE HEARD….If Arsene FC fans dont like it, well FUCK EM !!!


  102. Hitman

    Juan Mata – ” I’ve dogded a bullet there”.

    Cesc Fabregas,
    Samir Nasri
    Gael Clichy
    Phil Jones
    Phil Jagielka
    Eden Hazard
    Even E. Eboue!

  103. yangkamp10

    Just seen kaka score a wonderful goal.

    Oh if only. He could do for us what the Bergkamp signing did.

    I’m drunk i’m afraid, onto my second bottle of red.

    yeah lets sign Kaka!

  104. Doublegooner

    My old dad is 83.

    He first had a season ticket in 1937.

    He took me to my 1st game in 1966

    He took me to my 1st away games in 1970

    He introduced me to players.

    I met famous managers & legendary players.

    He doesnt go anymore.

    He said tonight he’s never seen anything so bad as today.

    He said ” Son, Wenger MUST GO”


  105. Hitman

    Agree Zee

    Even non league Crawley Town only lost 0-1.

    Managers of inferior teams have to use tactics. Wenger is cluless.