Exclusive: We beat United, City, Spurs, Liverpool + Chelsea at something… but what?

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So it’s terribly dull at the moment, there are more insiders out there this year than there are in Broadmoor… and after a few weeks, even reading their fantasy stuff becomes boring. Then it got me thinking, all the insiders publicising themselves on twitter and on blogs wouldn’t be there if there wasn’t a dedicated following of people ready to eat up their information like it was gospel.

So just who are the biggest transfer junkies on the market? Who are all the clever news agencies actively targeting this summer? And when I say actively, you’ll see why when I show you the figures…

So, after a month and a half in my job in Social Media, I’ve taken it upon myself to use work resource out of hours. Hopefully they won’t mind, this is in my spare time and all in the name on honing my skills.

So, using the very best listening software on the market, I’ve run a query for mentions of the top 6 clubs in the country. I’ve included their names, their shortened names and any slang names. For Chelsea, I couldn’t include the term Chav, it’s too generic. They’ve more than made up for what they’ve lost there in mentions because so many girls seem to have the name Chelsea out there. Or girls with the name Chelsea just won’t shut the hell up on social media platforms.

Anyway, the following searches take into account mentions on twitter, Facebook, blogs, comments, forums, news and videos. I’ve run a search for the last 30 days and here’s how the league table tallies up!

Mentions by club

What’s that?

Arsenal smashed it?

Oh yes we did… we might not be best on the pitch but by golly we’re the best when we’re rambling on about it online! We smashed the opposition by a staggering 7902 mentions, and that’s with Chelsea making a very news worthy managerial appointment.

Interesting that Manchester United figure so low down. This could be for a number of reasons.

1) Happy fans don’t have anything to talk about really. There is a direct correlation with Le Grove’s hit figures between Arsenal doing well and Arsenal doing badly. When the times are good, hits go down, when they are bad, they go up. It’s nature of the beast, I’m sure other bloggers will tell you the same, if they don’t, they’re lying. Fans seek solace and answers during the bad times. Arsenal… are in one of those periods of time.

2) Arsenal fans are predominantly based in London. The City is more populus, more affluent and well ahead of the curve when it comes to Manchester. Twitter popularity is massively higher in the London area compared to other parts of the Country and the types of jobs worked are generally office based. According to research, around 60% of twitter users in the UK are London based. There aren’t many laptops with Twitter access in the factories of the North West… trust me, I’ve been to enough of them!

What about Tottenham? Poor old Spurs eh? All that travelling around Europe really must have taken its toll on their fans. They must be positively pooped. A season that promised so much has ended with so little. With talk of their best player wanting out,  guess there’s really not too much to chat about! As for City and Liverpool, the heightened interest in City is expected and apparently, according to my chums over at the Metro, Liverpool are always up there for popularity after the glory years in the 70’s and 80’s.

Chelsea Breakdown

Now, for me, the fact that Chelsea are competing with any of the big boys when it comes to online mentions is staggering even with a new manager. However, upon further scutiny they have almost 3 times as many Facebook mentions as Arsenal. When you delve into it, that’s mainly because in the world, there are a lot of people called Chelsea. Their 2nd place has been socially doped, especially when you consider that if there are a lot of posh girls called Chelsea on Facebook, chances are there will be a lot of Chelsea’s ranting about their Mulberry Handbags on twitter.


City Breakdown

Manchester City take the bulk of their 84,000 mentions from blogs. They’re fairly new to the world of success, so this doesn’t surprise me. You also wouldn’t be surprised that most of those blog entries are blogs like ours asking which of our players they’re planning on stealing. They’re sitting in 4th which is deserved considering the Sheikhs outlay and I expect them to climb higher as more and more people from around the world start taking an interest.

Liverpool Breakdown

Livepool have a pretty standard social mention hierachy. They’ve clearly got huge potential from a commercial point of view. They have a very solid base of fans who stick with them regardless, a bit of success could see their lowly position of 5th rocket next season. They’re a commercial grenade if Kenny gets things right.

United Breakdown

United are in 3rd position by a long shot. I’ve already mentioned why. There can’t be a lot to talk about at the moment. Hence why their main blogger spends half his time goading fans of other clubs.

Spurs Breakdown

purs are sitting in 6th position, lucky to get a Europa Social place this year! I’d like to be able to go back to last year, I’d imagine mentions were a lot higher! Spurs really are on a downer eh? No Champions League, their best players want to leave, Harry has no money to spend and Thursday nights look well and truly booked next year!

Arsenal Breakdown

… finally. Arsenal. The Champions. As you can see, a social hierarchy of a club based in the richest most populated part of the country. A staggering 350,000 mentions of the club on Twitter and a huge 60,000 mentions on blogs. That’s almost 20,000 more than the so-called biggest club on the planet (2nd)! Just goes to show you why the American and the Uzbek are battling it out for Control. If Arsenal had the nous to harness revenue from all the online enthusiasm, they’d be onto a winner.

So, there we have it, your social media breakdown. If anyone has a business need for social and fancies making me look good, bring your business my way!

Next week, I’ll continue the series with a Champions League breakdown and a player breakdown.

Have a great day Grover’s, enjoy your trophy!

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  1. Rohan

    GSTAR just killed the blog then. I’m off then. Work sucks. Weekend’s here!

    Peace, and don’t forget that the messiah that is Ricky Alvarez!

  2. kwik fit

    Come July 1st ( and I certainly intend to!)
    I expect Mr Wenger(miser) with his arms out stcretched and holding
    Alvarez(new pires) Girvenho(new henry) Chamberlain(new lungburg)
    Samba (new sol)
    Come on the Fucking Arsenal!

  3. OPG

    No offence but labelling players we haven’t confirmed signed yet as the new whatever after the Sun says Alvarez is the new ‘Cesc’ is a little too much :p
    We’ve been linked to Jagielka now btw, good defender, leader and a calming influence but not as strong in the air as Cahill, Dann(?) Samba etc.

  4. kwik fit

    Le grove lets get real if we can . We have been riding on a wave for a while but do not believe that it will continue ! Cause guys people out there want us to come no sorry sucome to the straight talking balls pulling chat bistro’s (you know who they are jimmy)

  5. kwik fit

    Lurch is the king of this disco thing but incesc can give me love the sort of love i desire the sort of love that g star gives me (blow)!

  6. kwik fit

    Pedro /Geoff incesc lurch suga g tiaran bIG dave goby samba skandbird frenchie willybilly gooby david santos rohAN AND THE MAN kWIT!

  7. (bernard) bade the gooner

    oh! my latest burst of all……!!!!!
    it’s nighty grovers, i believe.
    had a crazy long long friday which supposed to be a holiday!
    anyways, hope to be more entached tomorrow…..
    well, have a beautiful night there……..
    keep your love boiling, oh it’s great when you have some kind of late bloom
    & yeh pedders, some very great & unique info there mate…..
    how can anyone claim we’re not the greatest team the world has ever seen? & how can he claim this is not the best sport blog?
    especially that i’m posting mostly here….

  8. (bernard) bade the gooner

    what is your thing with night shifts here mate?
    do you live in some place like australia or so?

  9. Gooby


    i am a music fan, i love the 60’s 70’s bands it’s quite a lot of stuff.

    do you like kinks? small faces? stones? clash obviously. led zeppelin, pink floyd

  10. Gooby

    —theo—van persie–nasri

    bench: falppy-butter-handski, kozz, Ebway, alvarez, gervinho, chamakh, heskey, messi, parker,

  11. zeus

    Seems Ricky Alvarez has signed up given the new quotes from the Velaz director of football.

    An EXPERIENCED cb and cm should be priority now with a forward to follow.

  12. kwik fit

    .youtubhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLLHb7dAKmoRCH A N ASS WITCH OUww.youtube.com/watch?v=oLLHb7dAKmoT AND ASS!

  13. kwik fit


  14. Lurch LeRouge

    kwick sorry man can’t play properly i’ve got demanding clients, need to concentrate!

    i hate americanS!

  15. OPG

    It seems that Dortmund have denied interest in Bendtner now, each time his Father claims interest it get’s shot down quickly. Somebody must want him I’m (hoping) sure there’s more interest in him than Denilson.

  16. Evan

    Alvarez the new fabregas, he is a left winger.. Newspapers are shocking.

    Wenger only signs unknown players because they can’t warrant being paid a superstar wage. The second they become first teamers they want more money and out, wenger truly is a fuck. He relies to heavily on bonding with them and making them believe in the wenger way.

    I know what you did last summer, fuck all

    Good morning all

  17. Evan

    Liverpool fans must be pissed

    Andy Carroll: 35 million
    Henderson: 20 million
    Downing: Potentially 19 million

    Clichy: Probably 6 million if we’re lucky (well done arsenal, good business)

    74+ million on that list of shit


    Sanchez potentially 30 million
    Fabregas: 30+ million
    and some other mug

    Kenny the saviour (muppet)