Some secret new Arsenal kit gossip!

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So… Pam has been on a secondment to Nike of late and she’s only managed to sneak into the chief designers office and steal me some notes on the new kit!

The strange crest that we’ve seen floating about  the net (here) might not be far off the final design. It’s a special design for our 125th anniversary… why such a design though? Well, here is the goss…

  • It has 15 laurel leaves to the left side of the Club’s crest, reflecting the design detail on the reverse of the six pence pieces paid by 15 men to establish the Club – the laurel leaves also represent strength.
  • The 15 oak leaves to the right of the Club’s crest give a nod to the founders who would meet in the Royal Oak pub.
  • Underneath the crest is one of the first recorded mottos related to armament and battle – Forward.

Interesting that the founding fathers of the club met in the same entrance to club level I currently sit in! Can’t believe they could afford such expensive tickets way back when.

Make sure you tune in Monday… I might have a pic to show you, or you could just look at this version.

*I can also confirm 100% that next years away kit will be the reported blue triangle kit. You know, the one that looks like the Monaco kit of old.

I’ve managed to secure a season ticket next season sitting in the normal seats. I couldn’t justify £2600 and to be honest, with my new job situation, even the £1000 felt steep. Some people who don’t go make a judgement on a £1000, in the grand scheme of things it’s not a huge amount. What people forget is all the additional cost around it. £3 for a programme, a travel card, beer, food… salt beef bagel. It all adds up and it can mean sacrifices elsewhere in your life… like eating and stuff.

JD has been speaking to the Guardian in a very revealing interview. He talks about how he was the result of an affair between his dad and a lady from the Ivory Coast. It worked out quite nicely, JD’s dad’s partner based in Switzerland was infertile, so they adopted JD instead! How very sweet…

The interview follows much the same path as the Theo one. He cites hunger as being a problem… he struggles to articulate what they can do about it. It’s a tough question. He also talks about being a better team than United… something I struggle to comprehend really. They’re still in the Champions League and they’re on for the league, we might have a better paper starting 11, but when it comes down to the crunch, United are just driven in a different way.

Sometimes I feel Wenger instills a sense of entitlement in his players. Like they should expect a trophy to drop in their lap by virtue of the style they play. That’s not going to happen and I do think an injection of winnertivity into the squad could help remedy that.

We face a real challenge tomorrow. In my opinion, a victory against United will appease Arsenal fans to a certain extent and it’ll at least leave us far closer in the league than we’ve been in a long time. If we can beat United in a big game, it might shake the crunch game hoodoo that we seem to have acquired during project youth.
I’ll give a richer preview tomorrow…

P.S. Anthony has entered a competition that needs a bit of Gooner voting to help push him over the line. They’re in the final 3 of a competition that had 2000 applicants and they need you to vote for the Ivory FC here. Check out there promo video here, a warning, they’re where they are for being triers! Good luck to them!

Also, I have 2 club level spares for United going for cost at £150 and a single for £40… e-mail in if you’re interested, don’t try and haggle!

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  1. Lurch LeRouge

    not sure the Hitler monkey was a gooner per se, he just didn’t like Tottenham very much!

  2. SUGA3

    Hitler was said to be a Schalke fan…

    1. Adolf Hitler (Schalke 04)

    Hitler may have bombed Old Trafford, but he wasn’t a Manchester City fan. The Fuhrer had a soft spot for Schalke, who, funnily enough, were German champions six times between 1933 and 1945. “Winning a match,” Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda chief, wrote, “is of more importance to the people than the capture of a town in the East.’” He obviously never went to a Norwich-Millwall game.

    he also bombed Highbury, that’s why we played @ Shite Hart Lane, which was not bombed, funnily enough 😉

    is this the ad?

  3. Lurch LeRouge

    technically speaking goering was head of the luftwaffe so i hold him accountable for the highbury bombing 😉

  4. Rohan

    Yeah, I found it when I switched to netBeans and looked at the memory and method calling stuff… Was using Eclipse initially as I’m a lot more used to that.

    The algorithm I was using was pretty complex (it’s one of those sliding block puzzles) so I assumed it was something with that. It’s brilliant now. Destroys the tests much more efficiently in both space and time than everyone I’ve asked. 😀

  5. Kushagra India

    Rohan sorry its called camelNotation was doing some automata theory, thats why slip of tongue ,in this notation second meaningful world is capitalised eg
    ur project looks cool would do something similar after the majors…..

  6. Kushagra India

    atm I m working on virtual computing in Matlab using object tracking, imported the java robot class now my fingers act like mouse its pretty awesome(tracked by webcam) but I will switch to OpenCV for more flexibility…