The true cost of the Arsenal management, and why it will only be felt when Arsene Wenger has long gone.

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Before I begin, we won a game last night and beat Liverpool 2–1! Unfortunately it was only the rub-a-dubs. It seems like a long time ago since we won a game under this management doesn’t it? It was actually. Still nice to see someone in the red and white shirt tries to win a game occasionally.

Luke Freeman scored an injury time winner, he’s a prospect, he’s English but he’s only about 9 years old so we’ll have to wait a while.

I haven’t written a post since the capitulation against Barca, It still hurts and nothing I do will change that, the fact that Arsenal rubbbed it in by throwing the FA cup away didn’t really do much as I expected that, but the season ticket hike is just taking the piss to be honest.

We are being asked to stump up more to give all the losers in our team a pay rise. We are also paying for the hopeless team Gazidas has put together to increase our off pitch earnings and as far as I can see, they’ve done sod all as well.

So we have a team that is underperforming, a management that doesn’t care about winning and a backroom staff that would find it hard to hold down a real job in the world of business, happy days, something to look forward to.

The real problem I have with this feckless mob is that they are killing the Arsenal, the trouble is we won’t see that for 10 years or so, how? Let me explain commerce and football support.

There are three types of fan, the first is like me, I began not because of my dad, but because Arsenal were my local team. The second is like my kids they supported Arsenal because I was an Arsenal nut, the third is the one who supports a team because they win stuff, then they can wear the shirt with pride at school.

And that my friends is the generation of fan that Arsene Wenger is killing, they won’t support us because we win nothing and we buy no one, you won’t see the loss of that fan until Wenger is long gone and some of us are dead, then people will say when the ground is empty that it wasn’t like that when Wenger was around and we got what we wished for.

Take note Arsenal, you will reap what you sow, you won’t see it until it’s too late, but it will happen if we continue to play shocking players like Denilson, Diaby, Eboue, Almunia, Rosicky and now Bendtner, I would say Song but I think I’m in the minority.

People will say that Rosicky was a top player, and he was, he once got transferred to a club for a world record £18million, then he started picking up injuries and we got him for around £6mil, another bargain basement buy that turned out to be a waste of money, ask yourself why we got him so cheap, the only surprise there is we’ve still got him.

We did it with Overmars and Kanu and it paid off, but it failed big time with Rosicky and Wenger refuses to admit it. I would be delighted to see a player like Lansbury get a chance, at least he has heart, but no, we continue to let players like Denilson, Diaby and Rosicky ruin our season.

We knew that Vermaelen wasn’t going to feature back in September but refused to buy, I remember saying as much in the window but was told I was crazy, we were second in the league, in the Carling cup final, the next stage of the Champions League and the FA cup , well all we have left now is the league, and all Wenger wants is the credit for us doing better than everyone said we would do at the start of the season.

Maybe I should get some credit because I said we needed to sign three players, we still do, every sports writer and pundit says we do as well, only one person thinks we’re Ok though…

Thanks Arsene, had you spent some money and got rid of the dross, we might have won some of those trophies.

If anyone in business put forward a 6 year plan and failed, he would be fired, you have been paid a massive salary and failed, you should do the right thing and leave, if this team wins anything this season it will be by default.

Only in football and only at Arsenal could this have happened, and then at the end of all this you have the temerity to increase the cost of watching our team fold, thanks.

Next season the spuds will be stronger, the chavs will, both Manc teams and the scousers. Us? We’ll probably lose Cesc and Nasri but we’ll promote a few more kids and be having the same conversation again.

Nothing will change until the management wise up. I’m sorry to be so negative but these are the facts.

I would like to know why Barca are the best team in the world, Guardiola has had 3 years, Arsene Wenger 14, so as we buy all the best young players in the world, how come we aren’t the best? Small point I know, but someone needs to tell me, I’m at a loss.

Have a great day grovers, we still have the league to fight for, who knows, we may even pull it off.

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  1. Marko

    I’ve got them recorded incesc but haven’t got around to watching them but if it’s anything like The Wire then it’ll be good. That How to make it in America is good.

  2. gambon


    There can be only one…and today that definately weren’t you, you got taken apart by the new guy. Along with rohit and Albo.

  3. incesc

    its a bit cheesey but still much better than anything else on.

    bunk is in it and freeman playing similar characters, and there is loads of music.

    rumour they are making more wire as well.

  4. SUGA3

    When asked about his system in 2008, van Gaal said: “It’s a footballing philosophy more than a system. A system depends on the players you have. I played 4-3-3 with Ajax, 2-3-2-3 with Barcelona and I can play 4-4-2 with AZ. I’m flexible. The philosophy stays the same though. I don’t think that you can adapt it to every possible situation. You need the right mindset, and it depends on how the players see the coach and vice versa. The coach is the focal point of the team but you need to have an open mind, and so do all the players. Everyone needs to work together to achieve a common goal. Preparing your tactical formation is essential. Each player needs to know where he has to be, and that is why there needs to be mutual understanding because you need absolute discipline. This is a sport played by 22 men, and there are 11 opponents out there playing as a team. Each individual needs to know who he has to beat and be there to support his team-mates.”

  5. Lurch LeRouge

    Err I think I was making comparisons generally with the Market I think Keyser but I’m in food coma and lost the will to argue. :)

  6. Keyser

    gambon – Mate, I know how much it means to you, so I can’t really take your opinion too seriously. If I said you’ve been humiliated continously on the site, you wouldn’t believe me either.

  7. Marko

    Hear about the character that played Snoop one of Marlo’s muscle.

    On March 10, 2011, Pearson was arrested along with 60 others for alleged drug offenses. The arrest was made during a predawn raid at her home in Baltimore following a five-month DEA operation.[3] Denying bail, Judge John Addison Howard reasoned: “Well, you can change your appearance, I’ve seen the episodes of The Wire in which you appear. You look very different than you do here today, and I’m not talking about the jumpsuit, I’m talking about your general appearance.”[4]

  8. Keyser

    incesc – I’ve got about 8 episodes of Broadwalk Empire recorded, just haven’t got round to watching them, I really want to watch episode 8 because it says in the summary is has Strong Sexual scenes.

    Usually they just say sexual scenes, what could be strong about them ?!

    I watched the Wire one season at a time, 3-4 episodes in a go, you lose interest in the 3rd series completely.

  9. Keyser

    I like John Goodman, he’s good when he’s got something thoughful to say aswell as funny. Reminds me of John Candy in a way, yup because he’s big and fat.

  10. incesc

    I watched the Wire one season at a time, 3-4 episodes in a go, you lose interest in the 3rd series completely.

    what :O


  11. Rohan

    van Gaal? He’s absolutely bonkers. He’s taken Munich down the shitter.

    Some of his decisions are absolutely inexplicable.

  12. Marko

    Fuck no Keyser they never made a bad season and season 4 is the absolute tits.
    Boardwalk Empire is basically the Sopranos mark 2 very good

  13. Keyser

    incesc – Yeah, I think it’s more to do with overload though, I can’t remember what about it started to irritate the shit out of me, but think it’s because you see a familiar pattern developing and they don’t branch out far enough with it.

    You can literally feel the edges of their script and the environment they’re in, like you start to predict what will happen next.

    That was probably down to me watching too much of it in one go though.

  14. Keyser

    gambon – With all the crap you eat, it pays to keep the bowel movements regular, good tip.

    For any other fat fuckers out there, gambon’s the man, a fucking fat man.

  15. Lurch LeRouge

    can’t stomach all that yank tv, too much style too little substance.

    give me inspector morse any day.

  16. SUGA3

    sorry, couldn’t resist:


    yeah, like winning the treble last season, some shitter, that 😉

    as for the ‘inexplicable decisions’ bit, I would not even go there in this debate if I were you…

  17. Keyser

    sixx-pac – Have you seen the South Park episode with The Snooki ? I can’t believe how close it is to the real thing.

  18. Marko

    Seasons 2 and 5 are alright but season 2,3 and particularly 4 are really good stuff. Much like the Sopranos it’s tough to keep up that level of constant greatness a bit like Arsenal really.

  19. Josh Lee

    i agree, diaby, rosickly, denilson-the axis of feeble. i like diaby as a player but he is not a winner and is still putting in average performances. rosciky should be shipped back to germany and denilson needs to go play in portugal or italy where his languid style will fit…he is not a prem player

  20. Keyser

    Lurch LeRouge – Heh, used to watch that midday in the summer holidays from school, it’s amazing how much crime goes on in Jersey.

    They should get him to police the Jersey Shore.

  21. sixx pac

    I don’t want Southpark Keyser. Overrated IMO. Though I can imagine that it would come pretty close to Snooki with those freakishly large eyes :)

    I’d still do her though, just saying 😀

  22. Keyser

    sixx pac – Honestly, after watching the South Park episode, you can’t watch her without thinking about her raping Cartman.

  23. Keyser

    Lurch LeRouge – I think I’m too young for that, remember Airwolf though.

    Also I did pause it to check if the girl waving from the beach was wearing her bikini top.

  24. menace

    It is obvious you are the most intelligent flea on the arse of football humanity.

    Wenger has done more for Arsenal and English football than any other person in the history of the game. His approach has been impeccable and the jealousy of the yids and their ilk has not been able to suppress his amazing achievements. Wenger has created a new team, a new stadium, a new training ground, a new approach to health – both physical and moral, a new diplomacy and a level of intelligence that supercedes every Englishman in the football arena.

  25. LeProf

    …We’ll probably lose Cesc and Nasri but we’ll promote a few more kids and be having the same conversation again…so as we buy all the best young players in the world, how come we aren’t the best?…Small point I know, but someone needs to tell me, I’m at a loss…

    Repeating the same thing and expects a different result? That’s insanity. – Einstein.

  26. LeProf

    Arsenal good old memories…”Have you ever seen England play like this?”

    December 1, 2002
    Aston Villa 1-2 Arsenal…
    Goals: Gardner (14) 1-0; Flamini (23) 1-1; Adebayor (36) 1-2.

    Aston Villa (4-4-2): Carson; Mellberg, Knight, Laursen, Bouma (Berger, 76); Gardner, Petrov (Maloney, 32), Barry, Young; Agbonlahor, Carew. Substitutes not used: Taylor (gk), Harewood, Davies.
    Arsenal (4-4-1-1): Almunia; Sagna, Tour, Gallas, Clichy; Ebou, Diarra, Flamini, Rosicky (Silva, 74); Hleb (Walcott, 60); Adebayor (Bendtner, 90). Substitutes not used: Lehmann (gk), Senderos.

    From The Independent news:
    Aston Villa 1 Arsenal 2: England woe stressed by Wenger’s fluent foreigners
    By Glenn Moore, Monday, 3 December 2007

    …The problem with hiring Wenger was neatly encapsulated in the two chants which echoed from the away support as his team passed their way around a bewildered Villa in the first half: “You need more foreigners”, and, “Have you ever seen England play like this?” Arsenal play football of a fluidity and style rarely, if ever, seen in the English game. There is, this season, a nod to local traditions when an occasional long ball is sent to Emmanuel Adebayor’s brow, but generally Arsenal play pass-and-move on the ground…

    …Wenger can also bring in players from around the world, and does. The question has to be asked, if Wenger cannot find one English player good enough to start for Arsenal, is it possible to select a squad of English footballers capable of playing this way?

    …Where is the English Alexander Hleb, who dictated the game before being chopped down by John Carew? He comes from Belarus, a country which has never qualified for a major tournament. When asked, O’Neill largely avoided the question, except to argue that Manchester United, with several English players, had played just as well against them.

    …But Gareth Barry echoed so many opponents when he said: “We were taught a footballing lesson in the first half. “They showed us how to play the game. There is not a team in the country who can touch Arsenal on that style of football.” That probably includes the national team, whoever the manager is. O’Neill’s Villa, by contrast, play in a style which is recognisably domestic.

    From The Sun:
    Aston Villa 1 Arsenal 2
    By JANINE SELF, The Sun, Published: 03 Dec 2007

    …In Fabregas’ absence, Mathieu Flamini pulled all the strings in first half and never gave up when the going got tougher after the break. Villa skipper Gareth Barry would agree with that verdict – especially after what was ack-nowledged as Arsenal’s best 45 minutes of the season.

    …The England midfielder said: “The first half was a big lesson for us. That was some of the best football we’ve seen here in a long time but we thought about it at half-time and responded.

    …”We were taught a footballing lesson in the first half. They showed us how to play the game. They are so easy on the eye.

    From The Guardian:
    Aston Villa 1 Arsenal 2
    Arsenal pass skill and spirit test in the face of Villa’s best and worst
    The Guardian, Monday 3 December 2007

    …Shortly after the final whistle confirmed the end of Aston Villa’s four-game winning run, their manager, Martin O’Neill, was standing expressionless, staring at his feet and preparing to explain his feelings, presumably of crushing disappointment, at his side’s frustrating failure. Instead eventually he said: “Obviously, I’m delighted.”

    …If O’Neill was that happy, imagine how Arsène Wenger must have felt. “We were absolutely amazing,” the Arsenal manager purred. It was that kind of game, the kind it is impossible not to enjoy. For Arsenal, this was unequivocally impressive: in the first half they proved their skill, in the second their spirit. Villa also proved two points: the best way to approach a game against the league leaders, and the worst.

  27. Pat

    Bartley seems a bit of a cunt. We need that, but Rangers fans are very, very happy with his performances…despite the odd Stokeesque tackle.

  28. MistaKen

    Looking at our recent performances I can see some more embarrassment coming our way. And I will never get over the embarrassing Spurs performance – AT HOME and the criminal Newcastle disaster. No other team does this shit

  29. Sabeel

    West Brom was the Last league game that Almunia,Thanks to Almunia we lost that game…and he is back after being dropped against same team Westbrom…

    We are going into the title run-in with Proven losers in the team like diaby,denilson,almunia,squillaci,rozza …great & Bollocks…..



    like most of you,I’m a frustrated gooner, for those of you who think we will be signing 3 or 4 superstars, not going to happen, lets make one thing clear. Until we are debt free the club will not embark on a spending spree to match the ambitions of the top 4/5, they are for now satisfied with the team achieving champions league football year on year. Don’t be upset if Nasri and Fabregas are sold in the summer, its what we have been doing for the past 6 years, I don’t doubt we will find replacements but don’t expect the likes of Hazard , we will instead scour the world for a un polished diamond and maybe if we receive large amounts of money for players sold, then we might be a unproven superstar who is not English, English players are over priced (Andy Carroll, perfect example). I know every now and again it is reported that cash is available for Wenger to buy new players, what is interesting is that amounts are never specified, I mean does Wenger have 4 million to buy a striker or 40 million ? the media do tend to take comments out of context, which leads to frustrated fans, the truth of the matter is that AFC spend less on transfers than Villa, Sp*rs, Chelski, Manure, The Scousers, Citeh and even the Hammers, the reason is simple, pay down the debt!

  31. Elkieno

    Looks like u won’t be happy even if we do pull it off. Every year I hear arsenal will fall out of top 4 while city, Chelsea, Liverpool, utd n spurs strengthen and will beat us. It hazent happened has it?
    Why? Cos were a good team that’s why. We have crap players in denilson, Xiang almunia etc I know but our full squad can beat any other team, we just haven’t got our bet side fit right now. AW no. Over summer is together rid of them and get replacements in.

  32. Gunner2301

    Danny, a few points on your points.

    1. Cahill would have been cup-tied for the Carling Cup.

    (He;s not the only CB in the world we could have gone for others)

    2. Liverpool refused to sell us Alonso because they couldn’t buy Barry. It was nothing, despite what you’ve heard, to do with money. I know this as I was partly involved in the deal.

    (Alonso was sold anyway why didn’t we put a bid in for him then?)

    3. Schwarzer didn’t come because Fulham didn’t get Given and Stockdale knackered himself. The money issue was a smokescreen. Hughes refused to sell him so we didn’t get him. Don’t be naive.

    (Schwarzer was not the world class keeper we needed wasnt a long term solution and we all know that and the reason we didn’t get a keeper is that we didnt want to pay more than 2 mill for anyone)

    3. Squillaci isn’t great, but was a reasonable punt given his credentials (several excellent seasons for Valencia, a CL final with Monaco). Defending in Europe and the PL are completely different beasts, and not everyone comes up to scratch. Still, he’s our FOURTH choice centre back.

    (Why after letting 4 PL experienced CB go would you be looking to replace them with a 4th choice CB with no PL experience and considering 4PL experienced players left are you seriously telling me that Djourou who hadn’t played for a year was to be our CB pairing with TV and Kos as backup who had only played a year at the top level in France?)

    4. Paying off debt quickly is not just to be commended, it should be celebrated. If we become unsustainable because our debt becomes a burden, for whatever reason, the club will go under, because we don’t have a sugar daddy or a helpful regional government to sort it all out. With the financial world in turmoil it was the only sensible thing to so. I am genuinely astonished that you can’t see that.

    (There’s nothing wrong with debt if it is managed it is unmanageable debt that you dont want. We could still pay off the debt and have money for transfers. If other teams like City and Spuds threaten our 4th spot I’m sure you wouldn’t be complaining about money being spent to strengthen the team at that point. It will inevitably happen so what are you going to say then?)

  33. TonyS

    I have met many,many Brazilian people – and they all have one thing in common:

    They have never heard of our Denilson.