Centre backs are out, Robin the Prince in with a shout… it’s ours for the taking!

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The good news is that Barca have no Pique and no Puyol, big result for a striker that needs to prove himself, Nikki B. I also heard a rumour that Victor Valdes may also be missing, hmmm, that means in theory they have lost 60% of their defence.

For me our recent results have been poor, yes we are second in the league but we are being caught by the chasing pack, drawing with Sunderland was probably because some of the team were thinking about todays game, me I’ve never been a big fan of the Champions league, it’s like a cup, a lottery, it depends who turns up on the day, ask the team that played Birmingham.

It’s being called Champions every week on football focus that does it for me and the way I see it, that’s the best chance we have this season. The English Premier League.

If we win tonight fantastic, if we don’t I won’t lose sleep like I did after the Birmingham game, that hurt, it still does.

That’s it, that’s how I feel, however we have a big, big game on tonight so I will move on.

Can we win this? Yes, Will it be tight? Yes you bet, how will we win then? Well they are at home, the pressure will be on them and they will come out to play, that my friends is an Arsenal fantasy, forget we are playing an under strength Barca, pretend we are playing a team at the bottom of the EPL, like a Birmingham or a West Brom, just kidding!

We need to play them just like we did at the Grove with the exception of the respect bit, don’t allow them the time to pass it around, that gives them confidence and gets the crowd going, keep the ball and weave our own pretty patterns, if we have no Denilson and no Song we take out the players that give the ball away, yes I know we’ll have Diaby but if we play him further forward and ask him to make a 6 yard pass and on occasion a shot, then we could just do it, remember if they don’t get the ball, they can’t hurt us.

So who will play? This is my guess.


Sagna Koscielny Djourou Clichy

Wilshere Cesc Diaby

Nasri Bendtner Arshavin

Using Robin and Chamakh as impact subs. As you can see now, we don’t really have bench players that can change the game anymore, we have either too many players out on loan or we don’t have enough top players, you choose. This time however we have the world’s best striker, Robin Van Persie waiting!

How he came back from a minimum of 3 weeks off to this is beyond me, I’ll take it though, if only we got Vermaelen back for the run in.

The loss of Song for me is a good thing, he was hopeless against Orient at Brisbane Road, hopeless against Birmingham and a liability against Barca, he was so close to being sent off, why? Well because he’s okay against the average team but when he comes up against pace and tenacity, he goes missing. It’s not his fault, it’s just the way it is, so we have to deal with it.

Big game for Diaby, I have always rated him but he doesn’t do it enough, that’s maybe because he doesn’t play enough, who’s fault is that then Diaby? I hope he has an immense game tonight because against teams like Barca, you can have no passengers, everyone needs to be on fire or it will let the whole team down, Arsene don’t even put Denilson on the team bus.

Cesc made it clear he is only in Barca for the Arsenal and told the press to stop twisting his words, good on you skip, now in your first competitive game at the Camp Nou, yes the stadium with the dodgy name, it’s time to make your mark and show them just how good you are.

Jack, show Guardiola that you are better than his second team players and score a goal, and Arsene, strange that even Guardiola believes that whatever the result, you still have time and he doesn’t. So show him tonight, time is up!

So a  lot of people need to prove a point, time for us to show we are ready to win the Champions league and time to beat the mighty Barca in their own back yard.

Yes I know there’s a lot of time’s in there, but Pep Guardiola started it!

So no chest thumping post tonight, I’m all chest thumped out after the last one, time for you guys to show us you are good enough.

Good luck Arsenal, this is the perfect time to let the world know you are real men with top players and kids no longer.

Have a great day Grovers, it doesn’t get better than this, Barca at the Camp Nou in the Champions league, I can’t wait!

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  1. Raugaj

    Need to kick those gay wankers like Rohan who are obsessed with some players more than the club before we win some titles.

  2. Wenger the liar


    I don’t think we let them have it for 90 more like they let us have it for 5 !

    With 11 we had a 10-20% shot IMHO with 10a1%.

    franchise hit the nail on the head relating to the first yellow. Banging on about mental strength all the time , true mental strength is the ability to keep a calm head under pressure not petulantly lash out

    Anyway fucking iPad, my better half called the score cast so I have to listen to her preach to me like stan collymore for the next month.

    Evening, be back tomorrow for a proper convo keyser.

  3. Zorr0

    Gambon, sorry mate, yeah the Orange Tree, nice boozer to watch a game, hardly any cunts; except me tonight!

    TT, 4 5 they all seem to segue into one long night mare, point is how much money do they spend on players, yet all you ever hear is Le Mesia or whatever their version of Colney is and how they are all Catalunyan boys.

    Yeah right, whatfuckingever! It has been shown to be a complete load of bollocks time and time again so stick that up your blaugrana arse you bunch of cunts!

  4. Paulinho

    Barca were bored with us, that’s why it was a slow death.

    We offer absolutely no challenge to them so it’s no surprise they got sloppy. Quite a common occurence when a class disparity is so large.

    If that game was weird then about ninety per cent of our games in the last half decade were as well.

  5. zeus

    The funny thing is this could have been postponed. This all goes back to fucking up the final rounds of the group stages.

    Oh well. We still wouldn’t win. And the extra money from going deeper would be banked. This way we are out nice and early. Hopefully the same happens with Man Utd at the weekend (I know that sounds disgusting)

    I want ………….


    Thats all our squad can take.

  6. Zorr0

    David, FFS give it a rest, we all know how to use NewsNow!

    Jag, gay wankers like Rohan. Shut up and bend over you Cypriot shirtlifting cunt. Fuck off and find another blog you prick!

  7. gooner

    im sure someone has posted this, but LJW has just put something up on twitter

    Arsenal fans great as always! Sorry about the result,good luck to Barca,great team! Oh yeah and the ref was good aswell….
    3 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

  8. Keyser

    Paulinho – and you expected what ? If I follow your train of thought, Barca are supposed to be one of the greatest teams of all time, we haven’t won anything for 5 years, and yet after a decade of games, you pick this one out ?!

    You’re not thinking straight.

  9. Paulinho

    Difference is Mourinho actually sets his team out like that. Inter had Barca in their pocket at the Nou Camp for the most part. Barca got behind us a million times in the first half. Not once did they get behind Inter.

    We try and give as good as we get, stand toe and toe – and we get humped.

  10. Zorr0

    TomTom, a good point, I certainly think he is a lot more naive than Sagna at defending and does not appear to have learnt over the last few years. He would be well suited to Barca, where it does not matter much how you can defend, although his final ball would fuck his chances with them!

  11. Corkgooner

    too many so called supporters on here getting pleasure in tonights result and using it as an excuse to wind up other Arsenal fans.

    pathetic really. wouldnt expect it on an Arsenal blog.

    Especially a blog that doesnt allow other teams supporters on here for that very reason.

  12. LJWNewnumber7

    Persie_Official Robin van Persie
    Thanks all AFC fans 4 tonight played vs a great team and a even better ref. He had a absolute shocker tonight think we all agree on this

  13. Keyser

    Paulinho – There’s loads of differences, Mourinho’s bit of genius was taking a lead there anyway, all the retards like Ballague would hold up the performance at the Nou Camp.

    Inter were jammy at the Nou Camp, and a different referee, a different angle and they were going out to a goal that could have been given.

  14. Paulinho

    Keyser – Your doing your usual spastic routine, creating false arguments.

    You picked this game out as weird, to me it was just another game where a team completely superior to another gets complacent and doesn’t kill off an opponent. Happens often with Barca as well.

    Any eerieness in regards to still being in the tie with minutes to go – despite the gulf in class – is merely a consequence of the away goal system. So close but yet so far.

  15. TOMTOM

    Yeah his final ball is poor but I dont think Barca would be interested in him. Sagna is a consistent player for us and always does a good job. If we signed a really good left back then we would have the makings of a good defence

  16. David

    Im jusss saying.

    If i cant post up links about this fallacy.

    Do i still have my B52 slagging priviledges?

    The pink fairy cunt.

  17. David


    We were worse than Rabbits.

    I say we were like turtles.

    Refused to come out of our shell no matter what.

  18. TOMTOM

    We really needed a player like Mascherano tonight,he would put in some crunching tackles and not let Barca boss the game,we dont have a player that can do that

  19. Keyser

    Paulinho – Don’t be a pussy now, leave the insults, you’re always looking for the game where we fall don’t quite perform or don’t get the result we need and you hold it up as proof for one bullshit opinion or another.

    Think about it, you come on here after every loss and say the same tired things and yet you sound surprised everytime ? How the fuck does that happen ? and especially when we’ve just played away at the Nou Camp.

    You need to go to sleep.

  20. Paulinho

    Inter got a bit lucky at the end, but they convincingly snuffed out there threat for most part. Barca were huffing and puffing. Similar to when they come up against other sides with defensive nous, like Chelsea or United.

    Trying to compare our performance tonight with Inter’s is a level of ‘reaching’ that is extraordinary even by your standards.

  21. Big Dave

    Tired of talking about arsenal’s downfalls, need sleep.
    all together now. “were gonna win fuck all”

  22. David

    I am and will be forever proud of my team.

    But we are a 1-sided coin.

    Can only defend.

    Or can only attack.

    And Wenger has to be a mug for that.

  23. Zorr0

    David, we have all seen what was being said about the game prematch, just don’t see the point in keep posting them.

    Nik, well you are entitled to your opinion obviously. I thought the ball was too strong in real time, but seeing the replay showed what an atrocious touch he took. For which he is a cunt!

  24. Doublegooner

    1st big CL away game Ive missed in years, TF.

    The thought of my mates doing the late flight home this morning makes me glad to be at home now.

    Anyone else miss out here who usually travel ?

  25. charliegeorge

    Are people conveniently forgetting the fact Barcelona had to circumnavigate the globe to get to Milan to play in that particular leg of the CL?

    Typical AKB amnesia onset!

  26. GoonerTee

    No Tweet aint gonna make me feel sorry for anyone. 0 shots? wtf is that all about. not even Bendy got a shot in with that Jack the rippers touch.
    Im depressed and will be for a week. some of the goals tonight were just pure fifa and pro evo. Guys its gonna get worse if Man U beat us on Saturday.

  27. Paulinho

    Keyser – Well you know something about coming on here and saying the same tired things…. it has it’s appeal.

  28. zeus

    Should I be on a Mugabe Media Lockdown.

    I honestly don’t need to hear the media hacks go this that or the other.

  29. Zorr0

    Paulinho, Inter were a once in a life time team set to win the ECL, like Porto. Look at them now. But they were just the team to beat barca, esp with Moronho in charge, it was the perfect marriage.

    All late 20’s early 30’s, bags of experience, big huge monsters who know how to defend as a team, how to spoil a game.

    They will not win anything again as a unit.

  30. Joppa

    I tell you what I refuse to believe Barcelona are that much more of a better team than Arsenal. Are you telling me we couldn’t string 5 passes together all night?

    All this heroic bullshit. Yes the ref stunk and was a cunt but Arsenal played fkin shit tonight. Not one shot. Are we some sort of cunts to accept those tactics from Wenger.

    Fkin awful performance.

  31. charliegeorge

    Are people conveniently forgetting the fact Barcelona were forced to circumnavigate the globe to get to Milan to play in that particular leg of the CL?

    Typical AKB amnesia onset!

  32. Maximus

    Wenger has installed to much of a french mentality and not enough JW’s. When have the French ever been reliable when the going gets tough!

  33. Zorr0

    CG, is your point about Barca having a bad trip to Inter for the game supposed to be a dig at AKB’s how?

  34. leon

    double i completely disagree when going up against team as good barc who a much better passing to play an open game would have been suisicide,for arsenal had to bery patient and disaplind and get lots of men behind the ball and defend as a team and first half they did realy well,as for second half 11 v 11 was hard enough to a man down against a team tahat keep the ball well as they and they attack it was endless presure it was only a matter of time before they scored again but the worst thing about if we had scored just 1 more we would gone through

  35. Keyser

    Paulinho – Come on dude, I guess you’re releasing frustration, so forget it, otherwise you’re not making much sense.

  36. Zorr0

    Maximus, well there was this French sort I pulled in a club in Paris on a 6th form school trip back in the 80’s; I can assur eyou she did not mind some tough going!

    Point about Nik. Bad ball across from Theo last year he does well to score. Good ball from Sagna and he fucks it up!

  37. MatthewT

    I thought it would take a few more years yet before the fucking spuds went futher than us in the champions league, What a disgraceful performance.

    Reclaim Arsenal, Wenger OUT.

  38. Paulinho

    Zorro – I know how good Barca are, and know how tall of an order it is to beat them, but there is a limit to how bad the beat down should be, especially taking into consideration our own standing in football and our maturation and mythical “mental stwength”.

    Last year’s performance there was miles better than this. I attribute that to lack of expectation due to injuries and as a result we expressed ourselves. Tonight we had a near fully fit side, defending a lead – and we did the the dear in the headlights routine again.

  39. zeus

    If you really think about it, WHAT DOES THIS TEAM NEED TO COMPETE WITH BARCA?

    If you concede that the best of the rest are gonna be without the ball 65% of the time, what do you do.
    Who do we get.

    Okay, Hazard is a bit Messi-esque, but he alone couldn’t do it.

    Loud mouth Xavi said the difference between Arsenal and Barca is that Arsenal are 1 touch, Barca are 1/2 a touch. Who out there has that computer chip in their brain that is gonna improve our fluency when Cesc is essentially the best non Barca playmaker in the work and he couldn’t do shit but panic and backpass on the D like an amateur.

  40. Paulinho

    Keyser – I’m making more sense than you think. Unless you think Wenger morphed into Jose Mourinho for the night.

  41. GoonerTee

    Cocky Guardiola we didnt make more than 3 or 4 passes.
    Pauinho spot on. we went into that game leading tonite we shud of played our hearts out. Key factor we went in a goal down at half time to a bit of immaturity and thats all it takes at the highest level. Fab may not even go to Barca now because of that.

  42. Maximus

    That game took a hell of a lot out of us and now slightly fear united on sat as they’ve had their feet up all week, plus no doubt they will also have 12 men. But we are due a result against those bunch of cunts

  43. 1886-2006

    The problem tonight was our own passing game. We look good against average teams but when we are pressed on the ball and given no time we look fairly average ourselves. We are a team that flatters to deceive and we are starting to look the proverbial flat track bullies. Plaudits from Mick McCarthy and Ian Holloway are not worth a wank if you don’t do it against the big boys.
    Give Jack the armband and tell some of the dross to f*** off in the summer.

    Never thought I would say this, Big Up to Almunia. He knows that he is not popular amongst most fans but he showed a massive pair of balls tonight and has earned my respect.

  44. Zorr0

    Last year better than this? Are you for real? Seriously. We went 1 up, should have been 2 if that cunt Diaby had made the right pass, then we were never in it!

    Tonight, one touch from Nik with left, slots with right and we would have robbed them and gone through.

    Last year Messi ripped us a new ahole!

    We are missing Theo, a fit Cesc, SOng who may or may not have been better than Diaby, and a leader at the back, although imo TV5 was poor last year at Nou Camp.

    This is also, a much better Barca side than last season, I mean for Barca football Ibrahimovich or Villa, lol!

  45. Paulinho

    Don’t know Keyser, enlighten me. Of course I am talking about differences that are actually relevant to the discussion though, which is where I might differ from you.

  46. albo

    My thoughts:

    1) Barca dominated. Of COURSE Barca fucking dominated! This is the team that beat Real 5-0 at home!

    2) Banging on about how much Barca dominated doesn’t change the fact that 2 out of 3 times we have played them prior to tonight they had utterly dominated for 70 minutes or so before running out of steam and shipping a couple of goals.

    3) Claiming that the red card made no difference because Barca were dominating completely fails to recognise the FACT that is point 2.

    4) It also ignores the fact that, even when not in the game much, RvP can create a goal out of nothing (see the first leg!)

    5) It also ignores the psychological impact of a ridiculous sending off of one of their best players on the rest of a team that had worked its socks off until then.

    6) People on here need to grow up! When you look at the results Barca have had at home over the last 12 months or so, to be moaning and whingeing about this result as if it proves we are the worst team ever is utterly ridiculous. (Particularly given the refereeing debacle. But that result with 11 men isn’t exactly embarrassing against a team of that quality)

    7) Finally, (and this is not some ‘AKB’ optimist point, I felt this before we played tonight, and made a similar comment on here 12 hours ago) our best chance of winning silverware is probably the Premiership. The CL was a distraction, and an enormous ask, the moment we came second in the group. If an emptier calendar means we win 10 premiership matches a bit easier, then I have no problems with us being out of the Champions League…

  47. luke

    i can accept defeat when the opponent is better but not when the game is ruined because of a decision that made no sense at that point of the game. i also found it funny that he didnt blow up everytime a barca player “wasted time”. one word and one word only defines the rvp call; disgusting.
    atleased kozzer and djourou were good against 12
    rigged do you think?

  48. Paulinho

    Zorro – We spent more time in their half last year in that first ten minutes than we did the WHOLE game this year.

    Individual mistakes like Silvestre literally passing to Messi did us in last year, but as a team we were far more sprightly and switched on than this year. 4-1 flattered Barca.

  49. Joppa

    I thought Arsenal were awful tonight – defending a lead (which we can’t do) or not.

    How can a team like Arsenal not string five or six passes together? Does Wenger have that little confidence in them to send them out with tactics like that where there could only ever be one winner?

    A fkin shambles.

  50. Zorr0

    Anyhoo, Charlie Sheen has just dropped round to see if I fancy some beers round his, so I am off!

    Grovers, those that can retain their playthings in their perambulator, we regroup after 5 seconds and drop back to face those dastardly mancunian scum on Saturday evening.

    Always have. Still do. Always will. Up The Arsenal!

  51. Paulinho

    Keyser – Again I tend to think of things that are actually relevant to the issue at hand, and not go off in weird tangents, so I don’t think I’ll bother.

    I’ll just assume there were no real differences though, and it was just some sort of rhetorical point of nothingness you were making. I’m used to it, don’t worry.

  52. incesc


    are you not q bit frustrated that we didnt seem to give it a go?

    we couldnt hold onto the ball, the players looked scared, we gave away a silly penalty, we gave it away for the first goal, rvp lost his temper which attributed to the sending off, when a great chance came instead of stepping up we fluffed it…

    unprofessional stuff there.

  53. leon

    when inter played barc they simply did not evon attempt to play barc the parked 10 -11 ben behind the ball had one chance and took it that was it nothing specail and got a bit lucky,for itsnot arsenal played badly its just barc are just that good because they have spared no expence ingetting the best sqaud out there evon if it means they are over 200 millin debt.lets be honest arsenal have alot very good players but not world world class players who can change a game such players cost alot and arsenal simply just dont have the funds to get such players costing 25-30 mill,barc spend in excess of 80 mill a season sometimes arsenal cant compete with that

  54. Keyser

    Paulinho – No matter what I say you’re going to try and twist it into some pathetic childish dig anyway.

    We didn’t take a lead into the tie last year, Fabregas was passed fit to play, but has already said he was playing through pain after about 15 minutes, our first sub happened after 15 minutes when our goalie dislocated a finger.

    Last year we were 3-1 down before half-time and 2 goals down on aggregate, this year one poor mistake from Fabregas led to the only clearcut chance Barca had on goal.

    Yet we equalise in the second half and unlike last year for the last 30 fucking minutes we were playing with 10 men.

    All that and yet the aggregate score was what ?!

    Even if you look at all that, to draw definitive conclusions is weak, Inter let Barca have the ball, we couldn’t get it off them according to you, yet we both went down by the same margins.

  55. Joppa

    Am I the only fcker on here questioning the performance and not being able to string a few passes together? I mean f off with that.

    Fabregas tonight was a disgrace – and he is our captain.

    Somebody tell me what the fck was going on with Wenger’s tactics because I haven’t a clue.

  56. albo

    incesc – yeah, course I am.

    But in fairness, tactically I think we did absolutely the right thing. Hold out and hold on. Get to the final quarter, and then hit them as hard as we can by bringing Arshavin and Bendtner on. And we were on course to be doing exactly that (despite both sides gifting each other goals) until one of the most ridiculous decisions I have ever witnessed took place.

    Sure it would have meant riding our luck a bit. But who the fuck in their right minds thought we were going to win this tie WITHOUT having to ride our luck a bit!

  57. Keyser

    Paulinho – The thing is any sane person would be able to see those incidents and yet you can’t bring yourself to mention them because either you just want to argue with me to sate some feeble insecurity you have, or you’re genuinely soo deluded and caught up in your own self importance you ignore them.

  58. Joppa

    Don’t agree that Barca and that much better so that we cant thread 5 or 6 passes together? When teams press it means there is space elsewhere.

    What a fkin joke.

  59. Zorr0

    When Barca press the only space is around Valdes. lol Joppa, have some beers and chill. Gotta go, Charlie ranting about getting sacked and waving a machete around!

    Peace love and harmony!

  60. Paulinho

    Keyser – Well first off Barca had a few chances in that first half. Literally last ditch tackles prevented certain goals as well as a good save or two. It wasn’t the catenaccio display of imperious defending you’re trying to make it out to be.

    As for the rest of the excuse making diatribe, Barca were on cruise control for the entire match, and shock horror, the scoreboard didn’t reflect their superiority. It’s not exactly a new phenomenon.

  61. Maximus

    Persie_official twitter ‘Robin van PersieThanks all AFC fans 4 tonight played vs a great team and a even better ref. He had a absolute shocker tonight think we all agree on this 1′ RVP is class all-round.


    anyone want to defend bendtner and still say hes quality

    cost us one of our best results in europe

  63. Joppa

    Yeah the ref had a shocker but so did Wenger.

    Fck me, all I am reading is how heroic we were.

    Not in my eyes, as usualy I am on a completely different wavelength to most.

  64. Paulinho

    Keyser – WHOOSH!

    Yet another season of collapse goes over your head.

    Of course, keep sifting through every individual match, looking at decisions or incidents that go against us – while ignoring the ones that go for us – and ignore recurring flaws in our side and mentality in key moments.

    Yes, very defination of ‘sane’.

  65. Pat


    Take a look at that pic too. Nasri grabbed by the throat. Busacca did everything by the book in regards to punishing Arsenal players.

    If he wasn’t bias and did the same for Barca, Abidal and whoever is grabbing Nasri would have been sent off. Simple as that really.

    We were shit, but at 1-1 we came to life a bit and we all know Barca tire at the end. The decision deflated us and made it harder. They created fuck all when it was 11 v 11 to be honest.

  66. Keyser

    Paulinho – Stop with the exaggerations, Catenaccio ? Fuck off.

    The thing is, it’s not excuses, those are the actual differences between the games and I didn’t even mention Walcott’s pace.

    Right there, did you scoff and say Walcott’s pace ? Wtf ? Or did you think, yeah it’s only been two games, but it did make a difference ?!

    Overall the sample size of games away to Barcelona at the Camp Nou is now 2 games, both the second legs of a two legged Champions league tie, in very different circumstances, you can spaz out all you like trying draw the same conclusions you always do, but it just doesn’t play out like that.

  67. Keyser

    Paulinho – Was that you letting some of the wind out of your head ? Think about it ffs, It’s Barcefuckinglona and this is you saying enough’s enough ?!

    This game ? Use the Birmingham one you pleb.

  68. Keyser

    Paulinho – Forget all the rest, they’ll just confuse you even more.

    My points like this, if we play our first team against Orient and we played without stringing a pass together and lost, you’d be completely spot on. An off day.

    If we play Birmingham in a Final with our first team and lose, you could say it’s a tougher game than Orient, but we should have enough, mentally weak and so on.

    You’re using a game against Barcelona and trying to find something to make it fit your argument, in this case because we didn’t manage enough passes this somehow shows that we’ve regressed.

    That to me is bollocks, because the situations vary soo much and the level of opposition is at such a level that any one thing could have massive effect on the outcome.

  69. Paulinho

    Don’t exaggerate Keyser. It’s “Barcafuckinglona!” lol.

    Seeing as you like to forgo actually watching the match and drawing some sort of objective opinion from that, and prefer instead to jump on the scoreboard stats to delude yourself, here’s some stats for you:

    Arsenal attempts on target: 0

    Arsenal shots on target: 0

    We’re obviously like, the worst team ever, OMG!

  70. Paulinho

    Guardiola telling it like it is.How dare he, the temerity of the man.

    He didn’t talk about the ref or anything. Cheeky get.

  71. Maximus

    The truth is we got the ball in their area twice and both times their defence looked shoddy. Who knows what would have happened with 11 on the pitch once they started to tire and that with bringing AA on. Barca are by far the best at what they do, and our style suits them more than most. The same couple of players constantly let down the team with their performances (we all no who they are). This must be sorted. Finally Thought nanas08 persistence and skill from the half way line whilst out numbered which led to the corner and goal was excellent.

  72. Lurch LeRouge

    wenger sent us out there to soak it up and we were out hussled in streetcraft.

    it was like our creativity had been stifled in the dressing room pre-match.

  73. Man

    Seriously, if refs don’t want us to play they should should just let us know. This is just stupid now.

    Barca were better, Martin Samuel’s report is pretty spot on there, but the ref spoiled the contest. What an imp!

  74. OPG

    Looking at the goals again there were a couple of defensive errors especially positionally. It didn’t help that we couldn’t keep the ball and gave the ball away cheaply which put us under pressure so the team worked hard and rdde their luck to soak up the pressure.
    Yet Wenger decided to play without a striker for 23 minutes we had no outlet, does he not trust our other strikers enough? Even RVP was a gamble to start the game.

  75. Keyser

    Paulinho – Objective opinion ? That’s a fucking laugh, you have the same feeble opinion regardless of what you see.

    We could have lost by 5 today, we could’ve scraped through, we were beaten by one of the best sides around.

  76. Rohan

    Comment of the fucking day!

    CedarBayDave says:
    March 8, 2011 at 22:28
    Don’t harp on the 0 shots on goal. The tactic was to defend and go at them at the end like we did last time when we beat them.

    That all went out the window with the rvp bullshit sending off. Of course the stats will look like shit when you plan play in a shell for the first 60 minutes and when you plan on attacking you go down to 10 men against the most tactically gifted team in the world.

    You beat them with heart, athletic ability and heart in the last 30. We were robbed of that chance, and coincidentally almost immediately after Barca gifted a goal and things were going to be hairy for them.

    Simply the ref was way out of his league, and whether crooked, poor or just intimidated he blew what could have been one of the best games to watch ever as well as any real chance of us to advance. (although we still could have done that if Bendtner had any touch whatsoever)

  77. Man

    Cesc was crap

    Almunia did better than I expected, hope he continues in the same vein as we need him for the rest of the season

  78. A

    cling to your desperate excuses.

    bless arsene and his belief
    bless his lies and his adultery
    may his mental stwengph cleanse the world
    may he keep the world for his people

  79. Pat

    Despite the shit performance, I think Jack deserves a lot of praise. He was our best player in both legs and was the only one today who actually stayed at his level. Didn’t panic. Was the most composed of our midfielders. Was the best defensively and made the best decisions when he got the ball.

  80. Man

    This might sound silly but I was quite impressed with our defending today. There was a doggedness shown that I didn’t think we had. This JD-Koscielny partnership will grow and grow. I think we will beat Barcelona the next time we meet them!

  81. Man

    “I take full blame for the result tonight. It was one of the worst nights of my life and I apologise,” said Fabregas.

  82. Keyser

    Man – It doesn’t sound silly, it’s similar to the first leg, at home we were far more comfortable on the break, and in Theo we had a player Barca can’t contain with simple pressing.

  83. Rohan

    Good to see the realists talk some sense on here.

    Bunch of fucking mugs. We lost 4-3 to Barcelona on aggregate with a bullshit red card being the pivotal point ffs..

    Le-Grove just gets better and fucking better doesn’t it.

    Wenger got his tactics spot on. Up to the goal, we restricted Barcelona to very few shots on goal and hardly a clear cut opportunity. The one goal they scored was because of a massive Cesc fuckup.

    Shit happens in football. Deal with it.

    A word for Koscielny Djourou Clichy Sagna Jack and Nasri: absolutely fantastic. Proud to call you gunners.

  84. Rohan

    Our game plan was to contain them in the first 70 minutes before going for the kill and you just can’t deny that it wasn’t working.

  85. Rohan

    Paulinho says:
    March 8, 2011 at 23:32
    Barca were bored with us, that’s why it was a slow death.

    We offer absolutely no challenge to them so it’s no surprise they got sloppy. Quite a common occurence when a class disparity is so large.

    If that game was weird then about ninety per cent of our games in the last half decade were as well.

    The stuff you’ll come up with…this comment out of all made me spurt out in laughter. Barca didn’t create a single clear cut opportunity apart from the goal in the first half.

  86. Rohan

    Spud, chavs, and United fans have stuck up for us more than some on here.

    there’s something weirdly sadistic and self-loathing about the general crowd on here. As the famous Dider D. would say: “It’s a fucking disgrace”

  87. Man

    Yeah you are right Keyser. I am more certain of us winning the league now than ever before. I think these rather sad experiences are the final part of this team’s development. Bring on manure.

  88. Man

    Barca didn’t really need the ref’s help yesterday. I’d expect all our encounters with Barca to be feisty from now on. That Dani Alves chap is an incomplete but utter cunt…

  89. Moray

    I only saw the highlights this morning as I fell asleep at 4:00am only 15 minutes into the game last night. But, you know what? It’s the same story every year. Player sent off in crunch game game, key players missing, complaints about bad refereeing decision, mid-game injuries, ageing players whose legs are gone, spinal players playing through injury blah blah…it’s such a Groundhog Day.

    It is just odd to me that players come onto the radar or completely off…and I really don’t get Diaby. What a waste of time he is. What has he ever done to be taking the pitch against Barca, or poster boy for the French national team. Reminds me of Karembeu, the original chancer of a player: won a shitload of awards are barely ever played. And he had some top quality clunge on his arm if I remember correctly.

  90. Rohan

    I prefer to Denilson to Diaby. Atleast with Denilson you know what you’re getting.

    Denilson’s consistently average. Diaby is either shit or world class.

  91. Rohan

    Rosicky was good imo today. He showed some passion and worked reasonably hard imo. He was going absolutely mental at the ref when Cesc was nowhere to be seen at the red card.

    Cesc Diaby were piss poor.

  92. Moray

    Rohan, that’s it exactly. Even if a player’s playing shit, he knows he will stay on the pitch until the 67th minute at least, if not the whole game (Rosicky).

    What happened to counterattack, and pace. I know Walcott was injured, but is that it? How can we expect to unlock the Barca team without pace? Barca themselves have a lot of it.

  93. Rohan

    We were waiting to counterattack until the last half hour, Moray

    That was the whole gameplan. To hold on and hold out whilst riding our luck until the last half hour. You can’t deny that it wasn’t going extremely well. Wenger also mentioned it post-match that he expected it to be a game of 2 halves.

    Even with 10 men we came excruciatingly close to nicking it. Who knows what could have happened if van Persie had stayed on?

    Cesc has to put his hands up and accept full responsibility as he has. It’s always something with us isn’t it. Injureis, half-fit players, ridiculous luck or stupid refereeing decisions.

    The one time it all came together was against the Chavs this season.

    We need TheovanNasrigas to be fully fit and firing in April and May if we’re going to do the traditional Wenger double.

  94. Rohan

    Nasty Samir Nasri-

    Thank you for your support once again u were amazing sorry for the result now we have to think about Man utd game and we still have a league to win and by the way bussaca is the best….pff

  95. el tel

    Up until Chesney went off injured the game plan worked brilliantly, they were outplaying us time and time again but the final pass was being snuffed out by the defence.

    You cant blame Wenger for those tactics and how often do Keepers get injured in matches? Seriously unlucky.

    The moment that Cunt the waiter entered the pitch the game was up. I dont give a fuck that some on her want to credit this cunt. Before he came on the defence were solid and he only had two shots to save but it all caved in after this.

    A shaky defence appeared from nowhere and a fake Keeper who falls to the ground quicker than any Barca player and before the attackers even shoot.

    Messi got an hard on the moment he saw the clown come on as before this the midget cunt was playing so deep he was almost in his own half.

    The barca players also I must add are unplayable because even when you make a mild tackle on them they fall over they play act and they hold thier faces even though they got caught on the sole of thier feet.

    The Ref, well what do you say, we get this treatment week after week after fucking week. Our Lawyers MUST get involved IMO, sue UEFA and the fucking FA.

    The Ref conveniently missed the hand of one of their players around Robins throat and the following slap in the mouth from another of them. Robin should have dropped to the floor at this moment for the benefit of the Team instead of acting hard.

    It was obvious at the time that we wouldnt finish with 11 players on the pitch especially as we scored an equaliser and started to look like we could get into the game.

    There is only one team in the world who you know you wouldnt beat with 10 men and it got worse when they had the help from all three Officials and Cesc and Coco.

    Has anyone actually seen if RVP was offside when being sent off? As I watched the game reluctantly on MUTV (Sky) and they chose to show no replays.

    The first goal was a piss take as Cesc should be sold for trying that back heel in that position and Coco was looking to shine Messis boots with his tongue before the midget cunt even looked like shooting.

    I am convinced Chesney would have stood up and caught the ball without much fuss.

    The second goal was even worse as when looking again on slo mo it looked to me like Coco moved hi hand towards himself and away from the ball. If you think I am being Mad check it out again if there is a chance too. The cunt with the reflexes of a 70 year hold withdrew his hand away from the ball.

    The Kosser was extremely un lucky with the penalty as his foot was planted the forward lost control of the ball but they are Masters of dangling legs and falling to the floor.

    That cheatin cunt Alves has made my top three most hated players after Rooney and John Terry.

    So for me I am completely angry as I for once think Wenger got the tactics spot on and he knew that if we had held out for an hour with Chesney in goal they would have got tired then we would have taken the game to them.

    Unfortunately the game is seriously crooked and the Ref was never going to allow this to happen plus we were extremely unlucky to lose our ONLY Keeper.

    Cesc owes The Arsenal big time after this and in his first match at his beloved Camp Nou he won the game.

    I hope Almunia gets injured very soon as we dont have the personnel to score 3 plus every week from now on when the games come thick and fast.

    I dont want us to ever sign or play another Spaniard in our Team as every fucking one of them have been either shit or trouble.

    Jack and Ramsey are the way forward from now on.

    The Guys I personally hate the most in our Team all let me and other Gooners down on a day that for me meant so much.

    Almunia, Clichy, Diaby. Were total fucking toilet.

    Cesc, Sicky and RVP were not much better but they have many credits from past matches.

    I didnt see Bendtners miss as I fucked off to work before the Pen was taken but apparently from listening to the Radio it was his first touch of the ball after being on for ten minutes. I will always see Bendtner for what he is a third in line striker so I dont get so angry about him. We are hardly going to have a decent third choice on the bench as even the great Barca havent got this.

    The Koss Jack and Djoroue were immense today and although Sagna was ripped to shreds he put in a shift.

    That cunt Clichy had one of our best players Nasri defending better than him and stopped the Guy doing his own job. Funny how Arshavin gets slaughtered for Clichys crapness but Nasri doesnt.

    Anyway like all true Arsenal fans I am really fucked up and can only hope Milan do a job on those pricks tonight.

    To finish off my tuppence worth it is time for Wenger to get his coat at the end of this season. There are amazing coaches out there who play football the right way. Shaktars boss would do for me, whoever he is.

  96. zeus

    Only now going on to non arsenal websites and have to say pep guardiola’s post game comments, while painfully truthful, wreaks of a man full of arrogance.

    I suppose you can’t blame him with the team he’s got. In the final analysis, wenger has to admit certain painful truths; and rhe truth is while we defended admirably, we could not string 3 passes together consistently and we had precisely 0 shots on target.

    Guardiola’s pre game comments about wilshere grinds me the wrong way now more than it did at the time.

    Listening to this novice, brilliant as he is, give Arsene advice on how Arsenal can improve and the way forward boils my blood.

    If wenger had any shame he would really do what’s required to put pep and barca by extension in their place.

  97. Moray

    Rohan, I fell asleep at the beginning of the game, unfortunately, so can’t comment with much authority, except to say that the whole story which unrolled was wholly predictable.

    We are always just one mis-kick/Sol Campbell header from greatness. This has been a feature of Wenger’s teams from his Monaco days, where I believe he was called Mr 2nd place or something like that. It has happened so often that I really can’t attribute it to bad luck. Almost always when it counts, we fail. Even the invincibles side failed to reach the heights they should have.

    I guess I would rather have a team with less talent and bigger balls. This is what Ferguson’s Man Utd teams have specialised in. Even though they have little money to spend these days, they are still grinding out results. And their squad is SHIT!

  98. el tel

    Sky and its Team were drooling over those Spanish cunts and wanted us to lose imo.

    I would bet with anyone this wouldnt happen to any other English Team.

    The only support The Arsenal ever get are from our own fans or Players who have left who know what its really like to play for the most fantastic Club there is.

    We get done by Officials week on week because we are to straight a Club who do things the right way IMO.

    Lets hope Chesney is ok or that Coco has a set back and Mannone gets a call up.

  99. el tel


    I agree with what you say regarding Wenger but to copy the Mancs will be unrealistic as I said in my last post we obey the rules and the reason for their success is because they are bent.

  100. el tel


    You missed the best part of the match for us while sleeping. For twenty minutes they had lots of posesion but instead of following the ball our defence tracked their runners brilliantly and they honestly didnt troubel Chesney.

    It was a tragedy losing our only Keeper and at such an early time in the match too.

  101. el tel


    I think they tried to tonight and to be honest I am the biggest moaner on Le Grove regarding decisions but if you look at the comments during the match almost everyone were complaining about the Officials.

    One point I havent seen before, was there any assistants behind the goals?

    Because if there was then why didnt they see our players getting held by the throat and slapped about?

  102. Moray

    el tel, I am only referring to their spirit and attitude. This is one reason for their success (as well as their spending power of recent years and influence over the referees and FA of course).

    I do rue the Dein days when he was influential in the FA/FIFA set up, and we noticeably had the run of the green in matches. The low point for me was the double CL header against Liverpool where we were unfairly penalised with and denied a penalty in the home and away legs. After that, I refused to be wound up by these ridiculous decisions. for some reason we are still perceived as a small club. It can only be because we don’t line the pockets of agents like the others do.

  103. David

    El Tel

    Ive never seen my team outplayed in such an embarrassing fashion in my life.


    0 shots on goal is an absolute disgrace.

    We didnt go at them period.

    We didnt press in packs like we did in the first leg.


    The officials are bent, we should be used to it by now but when you have AA23 sitting on your bench and your best striker has just been sent off and your sitting there on your arse without changing a thing wtf do you expect?

    Barca scored 2 goals in 2 minutes and the great professor was thinking about french Rap.

  104. el tel

    Reyes= Brilliant but an arsehole.
    Cesc= Brilliant but a let down.
    Coco the fucking clown= the worst Keeper in Arsenal history.

    I forgot the name of the other Spanish fucker who pissed off as soon as he could.

    I dont rate Miguel anywhere near as good as the Kosser.

    Lets hope the latest Spaniard displays his English side if he makes it.

    All three are troublesome Spaniards.

    More Scandinavian Dutch/Germans or Brits for me please, and I have never felt like this before but after seeing the effort from Jack I believe this is where we should be.