Centre backs are out, Robin the Prince in with a shout… it’s ours for the taking!

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The good news is that Barca have no Pique and no Puyol, big result for a striker that needs to prove himself, Nikki B. I also heard a rumour that Victor Valdes may also be missing, hmmm, that means in theory they have lost 60% of their defence.

For me our recent results have been poor, yes we are second in the league but we are being caught by the chasing pack, drawing with Sunderland was probably because some of the team were thinking about todays game, me I’ve never been a big fan of the Champions league, it’s like a cup, a lottery, it depends who turns up on the day, ask the team that played Birmingham.

It’s being called Champions every week on football focus that does it for me and the way I see it, that’s the best chance we have this season. The English Premier League.

If we win tonight fantastic, if we don’t I won’t lose sleep like I did after the Birmingham game, that hurt, it still does.

That’s it, that’s how I feel, however we have a big, big game on tonight so I will move on.

Can we win this? Yes, Will it be tight? Yes you bet, how will we win then? Well they are at home, the pressure will be on them and they will come out to play, that my friends is an Arsenal fantasy, forget we are playing an under strength Barca, pretend we are playing a team at the bottom of the EPL, like a Birmingham or a West Brom, just kidding!

We need to play them just like we did at the Grove with the exception of the respect bit, don’t allow them the time to pass it around, that gives them confidence and gets the crowd going, keep the ball and weave our own pretty patterns, if we have no Denilson and no Song we take out the players that give the ball away, yes I know we’ll have Diaby but if we play him further forward and ask him to make a 6 yard pass and on occasion a shot, then we could just do it, remember if they don’t get the ball, they can’t hurt us.

So who will play? This is my guess.


Sagna Koscielny Djourou Clichy

Wilshere Cesc Diaby

Nasri Bendtner Arshavin

Using Robin and Chamakh as impact subs. As you can see now, we don’t really have bench players that can change the game anymore, we have either too many players out on loan or we don’t have enough top players, you choose. This time however we have the world’s best striker, Robin Van Persie waiting!

How he came back from a minimum of 3 weeks off to this is beyond me, I’ll take it though, if only we got Vermaelen back for the run in.

The loss of Song for me is a good thing, he was hopeless against Orient at Brisbane Road, hopeless against Birmingham and a liability against Barca, he was so close to being sent off, why? Well because he’s okay against the average team but when he comes up against pace and tenacity, he goes missing. It’s not his fault, it’s just the way it is, so we have to deal with it.

Big game for Diaby, I have always rated him but he doesn’t do it enough, that’s maybe because he doesn’t play enough, who’s fault is that then Diaby? I hope he has an immense game tonight because against teams like Barca, you can have no passengers, everyone needs to be on fire or it will let the whole team down, Arsene don’t even put Denilson on the team bus.

Cesc made it clear he is only in Barca for the Arsenal and told the press to stop twisting his words, good on you skip, now in your first competitive game at the Camp Nou, yes the stadium with the dodgy name, it’s time to make your mark and show them just how good you are.

Jack, show Guardiola that you are better than his second team players and score a goal, and Arsene, strange that even Guardiola believes that whatever the result, you still have time and he doesn’t. So show him tonight, time is up!

So a  lot of people need to prove a point, time for us to show we are ready to win the Champions league and time to beat the mighty Barca in their own back yard.

Yes I know there’s a lot of time’s in there, but Pep Guardiola started it!

So no chest thumping post tonight, I’m all chest thumped out after the last one, time for you guys to show us you are good enough.

Good luck Arsenal, this is the perfect time to let the world know you are real men with top players and kids no longer.

Have a great day Grovers, it doesn’t get better than this, Barca at the Camp Nou in the Champions league, I can’t wait!

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  1. Big Dave

    Barca would had beaten the chavs and man u tonight.

    If messi would had kicked the ball away would he had been booked ?

  2. Zorr0

    Easy now!

    Just back from Richmond, nice pub to watch footy, no knobs. Except me obviously who wants a scrap afet tonight! Never mind.

    The game. Rosiscky. Why? He did no more work imo than Arshavin, so might as well have played the Russki!
    Chesney getting injured? Fucking typical of our last few seasons. However, you could not really fault Almunia, he played well and made some corking stops; although I would like to see my keeper dive at a pen rather than not!
    Fab? A gamble too far, obviously not fit, could not put the miles in so why start him. As for the backheel, well I think the shame of that will keep him at THOF for another season. What a ridiculous thing to attempt!
    I had the game pegged for a 3-2 loss, so us going through on away goals and we had the one chance for it, but Nik took an atrocious touch and that was that!

    We are used to watching us destroy teams with Wengerball (although not always winning!) so what the watching billions must make of that I do not know as it is rare to see the 2nd best passing team in the world get out passed like that. All I can say is I hope that the board’s succession plan for AW is for him to move on to the board and Pep to take over the reins!

    RvP sending off? Well, the ref is a complete cunt for doing that. How can you hear the whistle within 2 seconds to not take the ball on and shoot. He ruined the game and I hope the old fools at UEFA take the right decision and make sure he does not get the semis or final after a poor display where he gave everything to them and sent off a player for nothing.

    If I was Pep, I would suggest to certain of their players the following; “You are one of the world’s best, playing for the best club side in the world. Why are you rolling around holding body parts that have not been touched? It makes you look cheap, pathetic and like a cheat. Do not spoil our beautiful game with these actions!”

    I know we harp on about Ebway for doing it, but at least he is the only one; they have Biscuits, Alves, Pedro, all rolling around like tarts. Just not needed and definitely one reason why we will always hold the moral ground over their club!

    Anyway. The whole point now is how we react to the defeat. We need to take the injustice of RvP red card and the ref performance and the fact we pushed them all the way to get through and use that over the next 12 weeks to get us through the league and to the title. We have the opportunity to win this in our own hands and need to show we can do it.

    Fab and Rvp will be a bit nearer fitness. As will Theo. As will TV5. We bring the whole squad together and really push on now.

    Anyways. Up The Gunners and let’s take every fucker on who wants it for the rest of the season. It is still building up for a great night at the scum in April, what with 50 years since those trogs won the league and us picking up 3 points on our way to title number 14!

    We are The Arsenal. We always will be so “fuck ’em all. fuck ’em all, United West Ham Liverpool, ‘cos we are The Arsenal and we are the best……….

  3. Keyser

    Haha, I saw Cesc doing that and I thought he was gritting his teeth, he’s going to get that picture plastered everywhere, and he deserves it really.

  4. Hitman

    Babies. That was embarrasing. Made us look like non league. They walked right through us in the end.
    So after 7 years of rebuilding whats the end product? We cant even hold a candle to Barca.

  5. Arsene Nose Best

    big dave,chelsea and united could beat this barca team,id even say the yids could beat them.

  6. Arsene Nose Best

    Gooby says:
    March 8, 2011 at 22:44

    you are out of order, tonight isn’t exactly the perfect time to slate wenger to be honest

    are you on one,it’s the best time to slate that cunt.

  7. David


    There is absolutely no excuse for not having a go at goal.


    Even if its from the halfway line.

    Test the fuking keeper.

  8. Marko

    We crumbled Paulinho? How the fuck did you come up with that? Cause we were down to 10 men against the best team on the planet and were chasing shadows and yet had a chance near the end that would of put us through. I guess we did crumble. Look I know on this blog the general tone and everything after a defeat is one of a lynch mob or the fucking gestapo but I dont care what the stats or whatever say if the ref doesn’t send off Van Persie we’re in it till the end. Christ we were still in it till the end with 10 men. I completely disagree with people saying we bottle it in big games after that tonight.

  9. Gooby

    talkshit are so typical

    the team that dominates not always win the game and we are in a good position to say that. bendy could have won us the game, 11 men could have hold on.

  10. Hussain

    Carlton Cole Twitter:
    Don’t like avvin a go @ referee’s but RVP sending off was beyond a joke & if that happened to me id be Screwin’! simples

  11. Franchise

    at least if we sell cesc we make profit next year 😀

    who really in their healthy minds thinks we should keep bendtner as a CF?

    he is shite

  12. Gooby

    Arsene Nose Best says:
    March 8, 2011 at 22:46
    Gooby says:
    March 8, 2011 at 22:44

    you are out of order, tonight isn’t exactly the perfect time to slate wenger to be honest

    are you on one,it’s the best time to slate that cunt.

    no it’s simply not

  13. Zorr0

    ANB, apologies, bit strong, but alcohol fuelled and that was a poor comment.

    No team would live with that. None. I would love to see that team play Real Madridd 55, Brasil 70, Ajax 73, Milan of 84. They would batter the mancs of 99 for certain!

  14. Teerex

    Some of you need to wake up and stop smoking the same weed Wenger is. We were absolutely outplayed with or without RVP. Remember, we didn’t have a single goal attempt even while RVP was faffing about on the pitch.

  15. Marko

    Arsene Nose Best says:
    March 8, 2011 at 22:45
    big dave,chelsea and united could beat this barca team,id even say the yids could beat them.

    Are you serious? You’re a clown.

  16. Arsene Nose Best

    Fab and Rvp will be a bit nearer fitness. As will Theo. As will TV5. We bring the whole squad together and really push on now.

    Anyways. Up The Gunners and let’s take every fucker on who wants it for the rest of the season. It is still building up for a great night at the scum in April, what with 50 years since those trogs won the league and us picking up 3 points on our way to title number 14!

    We are The Arsenal. We always will be so “fuck ‘em all. fuck ‘em all, United West Ham Liverpool, ‘cos we are The Arsenal and we are the best……….

    infact,stop drinking now actually,coming out with shit like that..

  17. Cescs_MyBoy

    Wenger, Wenger, Wenger

    Diaby, Rosicky, Denilson, No bottle, threw it away, no commitment, judge me in May, Bendtner, Stephanovs, Kolscieny, Ligue 1 players, bonus, the board, the club, the kitman

    You doomers are so predicatble.


    OH, and we defended like LIONS

    Proud of the boys. Disappointed Wenger didnt make a change after the ‘red’ card.

  18. incesc

    wilshere on twitter

    “how can the boss expect me to play in the nou camp with diaby and bendtner? they cant play for shit, fml”

  19. TOMTOM

    Martin Keown reaaly laid into Clichy on Irish tv,he said he has learnt nothing in the past few years at Arsenal and he was badly exposed by Alves. He was also critical of Wengers transfer policy and said we only need two more top class players to push us on

  20. Big Dave


    Man u might show more fight then us tonight, but still feel barca would had beaten them.

    Wengers plan is not working, we must invest big time come the summer, get rid of this deadwood

  21. Arsene Nose Best

    this barca team are beatable,it’s just that this arsenal team are not up to the job,and never will be.

  22. choy

    no franchise, he knew we really couldn’t face another top team in Europe and win the league at the same time..

    hence, he sacrificed his personal glory for the greater good.


  23. Gooby

    what the point of blaming wenger, this is not a failure for wenger team or even our system, we were though until the send off, it would have been different on the counter attack with a CF.

  24. patthegooner

    I know the aggregate result was 4-3 but honestly I think that flatters us.

    The gulf in quality and in the performance over the 2 legs was way above that.

    If it wasnt for an out of charachter performance from Almunia and some shocking finishing, we could have been really humiliated there tonight.

  25. Marko

    Again with the 0 shots on target, they would of tired and had we had 11 men we eventually would of had chances. Fuck

  26. incesc


    you might be surprised but im stone cold sober as well!


    and everyone slating cesc, he was injured, blame wenger for playing him and have such dross in reserve that he couldnt sub him

  27. E12 GUNNER



  28. Keyser

    Wilshere on twitter – “Just read the comments from some of the muppets on Le Grove, BBK’s a real dick sometimes’

  29. Franchise

    and re a conspiracy i raised after birmingham

    probably VP was never injured but wenger took him off against Birmingham with his mind on the other competitions he rated more

    in avoidance of press backlash he rests him for orient and sundaland and plays him today


  30. incesc

    “Wengers plan is not working, we must invest big time come the summer, get rid of this deadwood”

    Big Dave

    we should all get this tatooed on our fucking foreheads

  31. simon mcmahon

    Yeah fran good start to the new season with the cesc money in the bank, and a couple more flats sold .
    profits before trophies!!They changed the cannon now
    The new club motto!!

  32. Keyser

    incesc – All week we’ve had people wanking their little maggots over Barcelona and how we’ve got no chance, and now for some reason people seem a bit surprised, and not only Chelsea, United, but also Tottenham could have beaten them.

    People taking this defeat a bit too hard.

    One defensive mistake at the end of injury time in the first half and one very poor decisions from the ref and that’s all it takes really.

  33. Paulinho

    We couldn’t string two passes together. What happened to our much fabled passing game? What happens to our much fabled passing game whenever it matters?

    Crumbled, bottled, lose composure – all means the same thing. Our players freeze on the big occasion and stay frozen to their spots. When that happens you have zero passing options.

    Seriously cannot believe that it seems to have escaped people’s noticed that we physically couldn’t string more than two passes together all night.


  34. Franchise

    as for me

    personally im tired

    tired of calling for wengers head, tired of clamouring for new faces etc

    i dont give a fuck anymore

  35. Keyser

    Franchise – Come on if you’re winding people up at least make it believeable.

    Incesc – Mate, he backheeled it without looking or knowing who was behind him with a few minutes to go before the end of the first half.

    He’s got to take a hefty amount of the blame this time.

  36. Marko

    How does Wenger get a bonus for losing to Barca Gambon? Come on you’ve always got some evidence of his bonuses. Don’t you?

  37. Zorr0

    Teerex, you are a cunt!

    We nearly had the chance to win it at the ned and that was with 10 men. With 11 who knows. With 3 subs and not the 2, who knows.

    So I know, we still have a double to play for, but the ideal thing, after losing by one goal with 10 men to Barca, is to slag the manager, players team etc.

    Yeah that will help for all the games left you bunch of pricks!

    When the window shuts; slag AW for not signing players. Then grow up, move on and get behind the team and the shirt, the badge and the club.

    You know. The club you all claim to support!

  38. Hussain

    Ian Holloway on Twitter:

    BREAKING NEWS:Manchester United have made a 20million pound bid for Swiss SuperstarBarcelona say their ref is not for sale at any price!

    Hahahahahaha LEGEND SIR! One, You beat SPuds and then this? You are Arsenal through and through!!!

  39. patthegooner

    At least Arsene’s wife wont need to worry about him banging french tarts whilst away on business in Europe for another 8 months

  40. incesc

    Marko says:
    March 8, 2011 at 22:58
    How does Wenger get a bonus for losing to Barca Gambon? Come on you’ve always got some evidence of his bonuses. Don’t you?

    fucking hell you ar dumb!!!

    im genuinely shicked by it


  41. Cescs_MyBoy

    E12 – Id love to read to intelligent thesis on why that is fact.

    Gambon – what do you have to say that your wet dream guru Mourinho went to the Camp Nou, with a better squad, more money spent, greater experience and got made to look like donkeys. Is that HIS fault, or down to Barcas brilliance?

    Wenger admitted we were beaten by the better team. Make no bones about it, BARCA WERE SUPERB.

    The anger comes from the ridiculous officating. That is an undeniable fact.

  42. Arsene Nose Best

    Gooby says:
    March 8, 2011 at 22:57
    united have mugs like smalling, fletcher, carrick, evans, brown, raphael. all talentless and cunts

    gooby,arsenal have got more

  43. Gooby

    don’t you ever question gambon’s knowledge of the internal club finances, he knows everything about it

  44. E12 GUNNER



  45. Zorr0

    Paulinho. Bottled it? Did you see how those fuckers press? I have been watching football a very long time. I have never seen a team that not only were brilliant with the ball, but pressed like some rabid zombies like they do.

    I thought they would tire, as at THOF twice, but at home it is different. As Rafa said at HT, they are not running 40 yards, but it is all 10 yard sprints and they swarm you!

    They must have titanium hamstrings to do that!

  46. TOMTOM

    Why was Rosicky playing? When I seen him on the team sheet before the game I thought we had no chance. The man is a joke

  47. Marko

    He’s a wind up merchent that Gambon. We lose a game or a player gets injured or lightening strikes Pat Rice Gambon blames it on Wenger and his transfer policy

  48. patthegooner

    Are you serious E12

    That is the most bizarre comment I have ever read on here.

    You want the Spuds to win the CL????????

  49. zeus


    A pix tells a 1000 words. Cesc smiling when our best forward is sent off? Seriously. I dint want to slate him but shit like that can’t be tolerated.
    From a captain no less.

    Paddy would have had a massive row with the red then.

  50. LJWNewnumber7

    Great support from the arsenal fans. I take full blame for the result tonight. One of the worst moments of my life. I apologise.
    So says cesc.

  51. Big Dave

    Feel sorry for Jack, he plays with such heart and soul, and has cunts like Diaby and Rosicky around him. He is the best. You have to deliver trophies for him, such heartache for him lately

  52. Supergunner07

    Bad news, any1 know the timeline for dislcoated finger injury!

    Arsene Nose Best says:
    March 8, 2011 at 22:55
    big dave,united don’t have mugs like djourou and koscielny playing for them.

    Couldnt agree more what clear chance did they create 11v11, fully fit squad of those 3 teams with right strategy takes them out. Fuck Cuntelona

  53. Franchise

    here is to a good old fashioned wenger arsenal double

    bring on United

    keyser my conspiracy theory is very possible. VP doesnt do early returns from injury 😀

  54. Cescs_MyBoy


    you cant criticise a soldier who gets tired.

    just look to pick him up and carry him forward.

  55. incesc


    its not hard to press when fabregas cant move, diaby is retarded and rosicky is running around on his tip toes passing the ball to xavi every time

  56. Hussain

    Yes, that was his official Twitter account!

    You guys are going way too over the board now! We are the Arsenal, Fuck the SPUDS!

  57. Gooby


    you can’t have a team full of cescs, RvPs it simply doesn’t exist, i like our reserve players, youngsters and B team because they play and fight for the arsenal and even if they get on my nerves sometimes i don’t feel comfortable slating them or insulting them on a blog.

  58. Franchise

    steve biko tbh if i am angry about anything, it is not topping our group

    i would have fancied facing valencia, copenhagen, marseille, roma or milan

  59. TOMTOM

    We will never win the champions league while Wenger is in charge,how many chances has he had? Spend some money you French senile wanker

  60. patthegooner

    Looks like Chesser is only a dislocation.

    depends on the severity but it could be 2-3 weeks or the season!!!!

  61. Gooby

    i don’t give a flying fuck about the spuds progressing to the quarter, although i expect milan to give them a proper spanking and shut them up. it’s a knock out competition everything is possible.

    spuds in the quarter so what? they’ll be able to say that they played the CL once upon a time every year from now on

  62. Wenger the liar

    What a truly disappointing result. I won’t say anything today as it’s a fucking doughnut fest in here. There’s definitely something wrong when keyser is the guy making the most sense in the room :-)

  63. E12 GUNNER





  64. Jerry

    Yes ref wasn’t great, we get 4 yellows and a red yet they get none. Yes we may have nicked it had anyone but Bendtner been given,on a fucking plate, that chance. But come on guys let’s be honest, the better team won on the night and had we fluked it football would’ve been the loser. They were aided by a weak and naive ref but even with God in charge we deserved to lose that game.

    We were taught a footballing lesson tonight, just hope they go on and win it now so we can at least say we got beat by the best, not that we can exactly deny it right now. Don’t want to hear excuses as they simply undermine our own philosophy of class over effort.

    Sure, the Stoke’s & Birmingham’s of this world have done it to us but can you honestly say we’ve ever out passed them in the way we saw tonight…it was pitiful at times ffs.

    Having said that, it’s Wenger’s job to get us focused on what we have left and it should be do-able, particularly the league, in fact we’d be cunts not to win this years league now.

    The league is there for the taking, let’s get it done then in the summer we can implement the surgery required on this squad.

  65. patthegooner

    my bad, for a goalkeeper he is looking at 8-10 weeks out, so effectively Chesser is out for the season

  66. Cescs_MyBoy

    colonel mustard

    bang on.

    no one had the minerals to abuse Cesc after his woeful performance.

    Worst player over the two legs by a mile.

  67. Gooby


    wenger brought a major improvement in Europe, we are in the round 16 every season, we reached a final. We weren’t anywhere near as consistent in the past. you got to give the man some credit sometimes. he’s not a saint like some would say, he screwed up a lot in those past 5 years but today wasn’t really his fault

  68. jlp

    What the fuck is Cesc doing smiling after their penalty
    Leader my ass…what a fucking joker
    Of all the disappointment with players over these last 5 years…smiling while the opposition knocks us out is fucking disgraceful from our so called captain
    truly a dick

  69. Marko

    I could give a shit about the Champions League next season the leagues where it’s at. I doubt a Melo or a Hazard could of done much tonight especially when we went down to 10 men.

  70. Cescs_MyBoy

    defeat on saturday is not a disaster

    the manner of any result is key.

    who can see fergie playing a full strength side ahead of a huge CL game? I cant

    to be honest a front six of:

    carrick, scholes, gibson, obertan/giggs berbatov rooney doesnt strike that much fear after who well djourou and kolsciney defended tonight

  71. swinner

    rosicky and diaby were useless.
    fabregas and van persie weren’t fit and so ended up being useless.
    defence and keeper did as well as can be expected given the circumstances.
    wilshere is quality and english. shouldn’t make a difference but it does.
    nasri did well.
    arsh did ok and looked to be trying.
    bendtner’s first touch for the late chance summed him up. right result given the players we had out there.

  72. Paulinho

    Zorro – Yeah I know all about their pressing but for ffs, we couldn’t even pass the properly or act rationally when we did have space. It was pathetic.

    I’m not sure I’ll ever get that out of my head. It was basic 101 passing manual stuff.

    Again, in the context of our reputation we have, and how we much we take solace in our supposed great football, the debacle is utterly embarrassing.

    I’m not sure our reputation will ever be same again.

    I recommend you watch it again the cold light of day. Sobering stuff.

  73. Zorr0

    Franch, it won’t be a disaster!

    It will be a disaster if we do not win anything. But, you have to learn from your mistakes and move on. If not, we have a serious problem.

    As someone just said, biggest issue was not winning the group and that is down to AW and the squad he tried to use in matchday 4 and 5!

  74. TOMTOM

    Guardiola has said that Wilshere can play for Arsenal because they are under no pressure to win trophies but Barca cant take the risk with such young players,says it all really……..

  75. patthegooner

    The problem on Saturday will be that little South Korean bastard.

    He always scores against us, despite being shite

  76. Charlie boy

    E12 your a fucking prick, we fucking battled tonight I just wish we had battled like this against fucking Sunderland!!

  77. jlp

    E12 GUNNER says:
    March 8, 2011 at 23:12




    What kind of a gooner would ever want those stains to win anything…get your head out of your fucking Clayvon u silly fucker before you get what you wish for

  78. Big Dave


    I cant take another defeat, losing all the time is not good for morale, we need a win somewhere .

  79. Marko

    In fairness we could of gotten Bayern or Inter at this stage and won and then gotten to the final but as long as Barca are in it it’s always gonna be futile really.

  80. Wenger the liar


    Weird was Birmingham

    This was frustrating

    Saturday will be rage

    But as I have been saying for a while my main intrest is the league, quite frankly if we had been knocked out in the group stage and lost to orient I’d have been happy or happier.

  81. patthegooner


    You seriously need to take yourself into a dark room and give yourself a slap.

    No gooner would ever want the spuds to have success in any way whatsoever (unless the result benefits Arsenal), let alone winning the CL.

  82. Keyser

    Paulinho – To be honest I think you’re losing it a bit, we let them have the ball for the majority of the first half, we tracked runners and tried to keep it tight, it was a poor mistake from Fabregaa and after that the gameplan went pretty much out of the window.

    The rest was just strange. 90 minutes in and Bendtner with a better touch could have sent us through.

  83. Zorr0

    Pat, Park is out injured for a while!

    TomTom, moved to a new stadium have they? Carrying the entire hopes of a mini nation and all that that encompasses?

    InCesc, sorry, did not pick up on that, apologies!

  84. Doublegooner

    Barca,,,possibly best club side in the modern game.

    Barca,,, possibly have the best refs !

    Arsenal frail season in season out.

    Nothing will change, we’ll never win anything with Wenger.

  85. Keyser

    WTL – Nah think about it, Fabregas missing against Birmingham, Van Persie goes off, after that it was just a good even contest.

    This game was weird, we let Barca have the ball for almost the full 90, and with a minute or so to go we were still in it even after going a man down.

  86. zeus

    Haven’t seen the Bendy chance and I don’t want to.

    Rohan, if you make another Bendy is great smiley face bla bla bla, I will fly out to Berkley and baptize you a Spud myself.

    Its your views on this overgrown oaf that makes him believe he is the best ever.

  87. charliegeorge

    Mayank said:

    Not the point Gambon, it’s a matter of policy. Barca went 6 years without a trophy and without giving youth a chance. This despite great investment.

    We decided to rely on youth and have gone 5 years without a trophy. If anything our barren years have been more successful.


    Well, Mayank, at least Barcelona were STRIVING TO DO something about not having won a trophy for that long.

    We, on the other hand, are stuck in reverse, sticking to the same pathetically, embarrassingly stupid policies year after year.

    That’s the difference: they try something different, we cling to mediocrity.

    Fawlty’s impact is the same as putting your finger in a glass of water and then pulling it out again!

  88. Doublegooner


    Wenger has surrounded himself with many sub standards like Bendtner….& rewarded them all.

    Wenger is now the Annual Loser’

  89. Paulinho

    Keyser – Yep we let them have the ball, even when we had it. Revolutionary tactics there, really showing our maturity and mental stwength.

  90. TOMTOM

    Why didnt Bendtner control the ball with his left foot then shoot past the keeper with his right,he will never be a top class striker