Centre backs are out, Robin the Prince in with a shout… it’s ours for the taking!

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The good news is that Barca have no Pique and no Puyol, big result for a striker that needs to prove himself, Nikki B. I also heard a rumour that Victor Valdes may also be missing, hmmm, that means in theory they have lost 60% of their defence.

For me our recent results have been poor, yes we are second in the league but we are being caught by the chasing pack, drawing with Sunderland was probably because some of the team were thinking about todays game, me I’ve never been a big fan of the Champions league, it’s like a cup, a lottery, it depends who turns up on the day, ask the team that played Birmingham.

It’s being called Champions every week on football focus that does it for me and the way I see it, that’s the best chance we have this season. The English Premier League.

If we win tonight fantastic, if we don’t I won’t lose sleep like I did after the Birmingham game, that hurt, it still does.

That’s it, that’s how I feel, however we have a big, big game on tonight so I will move on.

Can we win this? Yes, Will it be tight? Yes you bet, how will we win then? Well they are at home, the pressure will be on them and they will come out to play, that my friends is an Arsenal fantasy, forget we are playing an under strength Barca, pretend we are playing a team at the bottom of the EPL, like a Birmingham or a West Brom, just kidding!

We need to play them just like we did at the Grove with the exception of the respect bit, don’t allow them the time to pass it around, that gives them confidence and gets the crowd going, keep the ball and weave our own pretty patterns, if we have no Denilson and no Song we take out the players that give the ball away, yes I know we’ll have Diaby but if we play him further forward and ask him to make a 6 yard pass and on occasion a shot, then we could just do it, remember if they don’t get the ball, they can’t hurt us.

So who will play? This is my guess.


Sagna Koscielny Djourou Clichy

Wilshere Cesc Diaby

Nasri Bendtner Arshavin

Using Robin and Chamakh as impact subs. As you can see now, we don’t really have bench players that can change the game anymore, we have either too many players out on loan or we don’t have enough top players, you choose. This time however we have the world’s best striker, Robin Van Persie waiting!

How he came back from a minimum of 3 weeks off to this is beyond me, I’ll take it though, if only we got Vermaelen back for the run in.

The loss of Song for me is a good thing, he was hopeless against Orient at Brisbane Road, hopeless against Birmingham and a liability against Barca, he was so close to being sent off, why? Well because he’s okay against the average team but when he comes up against pace and tenacity, he goes missing. It’s not his fault, it’s just the way it is, so we have to deal with it.

Big game for Diaby, I have always rated him but he doesn’t do it enough, that’s maybe because he doesn’t play enough, who’s fault is that then Diaby? I hope he has an immense game tonight because against teams like Barca, you can have no passengers, everyone needs to be on fire or it will let the whole team down, Arsene don’t even put Denilson on the team bus.

Cesc made it clear he is only in Barca for the Arsenal and told the press to stop twisting his words, good on you skip, now in your first competitive game at the Camp Nou, yes the stadium with the dodgy name, it’s time to make your mark and show them just how good you are.

Jack, show Guardiola that you are better than his second team players and score a goal, and Arsene, strange that even Guardiola believes that whatever the result, you still have time and he doesn’t. So show him tonight, time is up!

So a  lot of people need to prove a point, time for us to show we are ready to win the Champions league and time to beat the mighty Barca in their own back yard.

Yes I know there’s a lot of time’s in there, but Pep Guardiola started it!

So no chest thumping post tonight, I’m all chest thumped out after the last one, time for you guys to show us you are good enough.

Good luck Arsenal, this is the perfect time to let the world know you are real men with top players and kids no longer.

Have a great day Grovers, it doesn’t get better than this, Barca at the Camp Nou in the Champions league, I can’t wait!

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  1. el tel

    Spot on Moray and David,

    However David we had 5 bookings and they had none.

    Our bookings were for throwing the ball away = ridiculous.

    RVP = kickiing the ball away and an elbow = both not bookings.

    Kosser booked for his first foul.

    My point is that if you press these wankers they just get free kick after free kick, this makes them totally unplayable.

    Now if the Ref books some of them for gamesmanship and assault on RVP/Nasri.

    It could have made a difference. You are right though that we didnt have a shot = disgrace seeing as their defence was for the taking.

    Cowardly Management, after the game plan had been changed. (Keeper off/First goal)

  2. OPG

    59% pass completion is strange for us, even simple passes were going astray it invited so much pressure on the defence.
    At least Wilshere tried but Diaby and Fabregas were diabolical, the midfield was awful with the ball. How lucky was Diaby when he clumsily brought down Messi just inside the area?

    Barca’s fullbacks were causing us problems and as good Messi is at times Iniesta deserves more plaudits, Mascherano was pretty good too.

  3. el tel

    Thats the one David.

    Fran Merida. fucked off as soon as he got the chance.

    Fuck the Spaniards, they can keep Cesc even though he is a great player and the can take the waiter with the poodle too. unfortunately for us nobody wants the latter.

  4. nat turner

    Everything was going to plan as in the the first game ,They come out as expected ,get a goal , we respond and run them out of gas come the 75th minute like in the first leg. BUt then there ref pops his ugly mug up in the gaff and within 5 minutes of us equalizing he sends off one of our players. Last year they had us because we were too injured plus too inexperienced,this year we got them it’s that simple.
    People will look at the stats in this game and ignore the strategy used by wenger which he had no choice in. He had to throw both cesc and RVP out there as red herrings to at least keep the Barca defense worried in the counter,because we had no speed on our bench offensively. We soaked up there pressure impeccably for 35 minutes until Cesc thought he was already on Barca’s team roster. Almunia made one save in the time in between. The decision by the ref was shocking to say the least but nothing we can do now ,but reflect on what we can take out of this game which is a lot to be honest. The defensive job we did was fantastic in general and massive gain in confidence. Rosicky was shocking but my heart sank when i saw Diaby selected because he doesn’t match up well against barca his reactions are too slow. This was our best chance at any type of title this year because it had the least risk of being affected by outside influences like by the FA and the British press .

  5. el tel


    Agree with this. Messi was easily being contained by the Kosser and even ventured close to his own half until the Clown came on.

    Thats when he got an hard on, he knew he was going to score and with yet another chip.

    Inniesta did the damage.

  6. el tel


    Johan was dumped on his butt but Coco moved away from the ball with his hand.

    Will go home from work soon to check it out again.

  7. luke

    lets get 60 million for cesc while hes still young. Get some players with some heart and passion and fight in this team. JEsus christ. Oh and anyone want to join my vigilante cause to investigate barca bribing that ref?

  8. el tel


    They were coming from all angles when the Clown came on and hit the post and the bar from accute angles.

    Chesney had it all under control until his finger gave way.

  9. David

    Its a fair point El tel

    But we have to look deeply at ourselves.

    How shite was Diaby and Cesc?

    Diaby had a chance when Nasri let him in the ball and Diaby got outpaced by a 40 yr old Abidal ffs.

    Its hard to take that we went out like this when we were so close.

    Sagna was close to blocking Xavi’s goal.

    Koscienly shouldve left the man for clichy who had already made a tackle on the ball for the peno.

    The first goal was just magic. Altho it has to be said i think if Chezzy was chipped like that hed have reacted to it quickly and not have stayed on his Arse like Almunia.

    Its a shame.

    But at least we have no more excuses now. Lets beat those inbreds from the North.

    All Devils belong in Hell. Especially Red ones.

  10. el tel


    sign me up for that, also include the Mancscum for fixing the FA over the past 20 years too.

    I am up for this, a Panorama type investigation or dirty NOTW tactics are the way to go.

    Lets tap up all of their phones too.

  11. Rohan

    So much for Jack being only good enough for their B team. Going for that performance, Cesc would struggle to make their C team’s bench.

    By far and away, the worst player on the pitch imo having rewatched it. Did fuck all. Denilson would’ve been better probably

  12. Rohan

    I don’t think any keeper in the world could have done anything for that first goal, David. It was pure magic.
    Sad thing was that if Cesc hadn’t committed that blunder, it wouldn’t have happened and we’d have gone into half time in an absolutely fantastic position.

  13. luke

    well maybe with less fixtures we can win the league now. trying to be positive. Maybe the ref was bribed and will be found out and all Barca’s glory will be tarnished :)

  14. Rohan

    Why the fuck don’t we ever get any dodgy decisions?
    We always always have something go wrong.

    We’re cursed, I tell you. Effing cursed.

  15. nishanth

    Its harsh to blame the defence.Its not like they got a lot of protection from the midfield.They had to defend wave after wave of attacks and eventually had to make a mistake.

  16. nishanth

    I know many aRE FUCKING angry with cesc for his shit perfromance.But the fact is that we need to keep him.He is our best player and he makes our team tick.Inspite of have a lot of good attacking options we always tend to struggle without cesc.

  17. Rohan

    Yeah, I agree. I have no complaints whatsoever with the defence.

    Cesc and Diaby were the two worst players on the pitch in my eyes. Even then, all that and we’re only one Bendtner strike from the quarters.
    Who knows what would have happened with 11 men?

    Yes, they probably were the better team. But the better team don’t always win do they. We of all people should know that. Heck, they were the better team in the first leg even.

    Wenger’s tactic he mentioned post-match even was to hold it and hold on until the last half hour before having a proper go at them. With 11 men on the pitch at 1-1 with 35 minutes to go, it was all going extremely well…We all know what happened next.

  18. nishanth

    Until Van Persie’s sending off how many clear cut chances did those cunts create?Not many really.Cesc’s stupid backheel gifted them a goal.Also Barca are a brilliant team.Losing to this team is no reason sack a manager.This current team is 10 times better than the one inter beat.Its almost like they have struck upon a magic formula.The best forward in world,best player in the world,also xavi,iniesta and pedro also are the best in their position.When Inter played barca they had to deal with ibra and not villa and iniesta also was not playing.Chelsea 2 seasons back and Inter last did not register a shot against them.

  19. Rohan

    Agreed nish. Atleast this match has confirmed for me that Wenger still retains some sort of tactical nous.

    Anyway that’s it from me. Cheers, chin up and don’t forget, we’ve always got Eboue. 😀

  20. nishanth

    Barca were fucking embarrassing yesterday at times though.The way they reacted when Wilshere went down and also that prick alves kept fouling nasir and kept diving.Guardiola may have stated the truth but there is a hint of arrogance in his comments.I fucking hope Madrid will be the team to knock out these cunts.That would be perfect.

  21. gnarleygeorge9

    barcelona need to score 2 more goals to go thru against a hard working, well orgainised unit. The easiest way & best way is for the ref to send an Arsenal player off for trying to score. What a FLICKING joke that comp is

    You can see why barca do so well in it. They get the run of the green, & when things don’t go their way they get a helping hand.

    Anyway, I’m not all that fussed about the CL. Now the boyz need to keep their peckers up & win the BIG ONE.

    Its time to really dig deep & win the PL, the one that matters. Mind u the Double would be doing it in true Arsenal style, chammmmoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!


  22. luke

    Okay, keep Cesc, lets make Vermaelan our captain though. This is getting ridiculous. Cesc is a pathetic captain:

    a) doesnt want to play for us
    b) no passion, no hunger, no fight
    c) injury prone
    d)inability to fire up our team

  23. Rohan

    naah Luke, it’s a tough one for me as to Vermaelen even makes the team. Koscielny and JD are a CB partnership that has the potential to be absolutely out of this world. As good as Rio Vidic.

    There’s only one man the armband should go to and that’s Robin van Persie.

  24. luke

    I agree Robin is mr arsenal through and through, but he is injury prone and he loses his temper a bit too much. As for Vermaelen, it is a tricky one I will say that, but come on. Vermaelen was by far our best and most consistent player last season – made the EPL team of the year ahead of both Rio and Vidic. Koscielny and Djourou are doing great but a fit Vermaelen is miles ahead of both of them without a doubt IMO. I think Koscielny’s strengths come through much more against technical teams like Barca, but against more physical EPL teams his weaknesses show – think Blackburn away. It is a dilemma but a good one to have as we have 3 incredible CB’s and Koscielny will only get better and better. For me, Vermaelen is a must start though, seriously, he was a fucking godsend last season

  25. Rohan

    Not so sure, luke. A lot of his weaknesses were overshadowed by him scoring some fantastic goals and his general style of play which was very aggressive. By that I mean that he is much more noticeable than someone like Koscielny who does his job a lot more quietly.

    If I’m to be honest, I rate Koscielny much higher and he can only get better. vermaelen’s a great player no doubt, but I don’t think he’s as good as you would think he is. Him being out injured has probably helped foster that. He was absolutly diabolical in the big games last season including the ones against chelsea and Barca…2 games in which Koscielny has been imperious this season.

    Koscielny for me is more of a natural defender per se..Vermaelen is more of an athlete. Either way, given our injury record, it’s a great great dilemma to have.

  26. nishanth

    If RVP is able to stay fit he would be the obvious choice.I seriously can’t for Wilshere to become our captain at some point.

    Regardless of whether we win something or not the likes of Denilson,Diaby and Rosicky need to be shipped out.Ramsey,Lansbury are way better than these idiots.I like Bendtner but if he doesn’t step during the next 2 months he needs to be sold

  27. Rohan

    I’d even consider giving it to Nasri if Cesc leaves. There’s something about him I feel..

    I always thought Ramsey was the one who would be tipped for captaincy. Fuck it, I’d like to see him against united.

  28. luke

    I agree with that to some extent Rohan. I think a big talking point to is that Vermaelen had the experience of Gallas next to him whereas Koscielny has had to essentially learn on his own. However, that said, a lot of those big games you cite where vermy didnt perform well (chelski but most notably manure at home), the entire team didnt perform. At least for manure home, we were without Fabregas, Bendtner, song, RVP. We had Arshavin 5 ft 4 as our CF, so obviously we were going to be under more pressure, especially with Denilson as our DM. You know what you are getting with Thomas Vermaelen, 100% commitment, fighting attitude, passion, and ability! Koscielny has had 2 great performances against Bercelona, however, sandwhiched in between was his blunder that cost us a carling cup trophy. I know Schezney was partially at fault but a natural defender kicks that ball into Row X 10 times out of 10. I would take Vermaelen’s consistency and spirit over Koscielny 7 days a week. I must say I would love to see them paired though, I beleieve that is our best 2.

  29. luke

    Rohan says:
    March 9, 2011 at 05:09

    vermaelen’s a great player no doubt, but I don’t think he’s as good as you would think he is. Him being out injured has probably helped foster that.

    I actually think this has done the opposite. I think people are forgetting how good he is and I cannot blame them with Djourou and Koscielny in fine form. Wish we could play all three.

  30. Rohan


    The Koscielny Vermaelen pairing is very interesting. Dunno if they have the aerial power to be good enough. Oh well, we could just bring in Djourou for the likes of Stoke.

    On the ground though, that pair would be fantastic.

  31. luke

    I dont know Rohan, I guess where I am coming from is more so from a team spirit and attitude context. This season, we have seen Arsenal

    -blow a 1-0 lead at sunderland in the last minute of stopage
    -blow a 1-0 lead at Shaktar
    -blow a 2-0 lead to spurs
    -blow a 2-1 lead at wigan
    -blow a 4-0 lead at newcastle
    -and most notably lose the carling cup final- our best chance at a trophy this season.

    I know one player doesnt make some sort of magical difference, but under adversity, our defense has crumbled countless times this year. Countless times. In my opinion, Vermaelen’s leadership, attitude, energy, aggression, and leadership (I know I wrote it twice) would have won us some of these games. He is the ballsiest arsenal player we have at the moment – one who when things are starting to slip will refuse to take it up the arse and will fight on. This team calls out for everything Vermaelen has right now.

  32. Rohan

    We collapsed countless times last season as well with Vermaelen in the side. Wigan 3-2 comes to mind. 😀

    But regardless, I see your point. Vermaelen is a leader of men. Wenger has a big decision to make next season…

  33. Rohan

    You get my point though, luke. 😀

    Didn’t we throw a 2-0 lead at West Ham last season? Not to mention I’m willing to wager our defensive record with Kozzer and JD is much better than Vermy’s with Gallas.

    Either way, I agree with you.

  34. luke

    True Rohan, we surely werent perfect last year earlier. I do think our defensive record has been much better this year, but I also think a lot of that comes from the fact that we are defending better as a team this year. Looking through last season, we had our blunders, but the only games we threw away at a full strength squad, IE, with cesc and robin, were Manure away, man city away, and west ham away. Diaby and the ref cost us at manure, we wernt good enough at city, and at west ham. But 2 games arnt bad. I think Chamakh at CF in the absence of RVP this year has helped the defense immensely as he holds play up better than Eduardo or Arshavin – or CF’s last year. Anyways, nuff said, we have 3 fucking awesome CB’s.

  35. LAzer

    On to other things then. No worries. We have hit a bad patch, but in all honesty everyone knew this would happen.

    Lose at Old Toilet and win the next 10. That’ll do me just fine. Liverpool clash at home looking dangerous. Fuck it they all look dangerous at this point. Blackburn, WBA the lot…

  36. LAzer

    Wishing Utd and Chelsea go further in the CL, let them suffer the late season legs and injuries in CL away ties. We need this bloody title desperately. Come on you GOONERS!!

  37. Rascal Crowe

    I think wilshere will make a great captain. Due to his age he wont get the armband soon but in future i think he will be the best for captain. He is some fearless hungry lad

  38. Rascal Crowe

    I think wilshere will make a great captain. Due to his age he wont get the armband soon but in future i think he will be the best for captain. He is some fearless hungry lad

  39. SUGA3

    like I said last night, we came with a plan to defend for our lives and probably would have got away with it if it was not for injury to Szczesny and Cesc being a Barca loving plank…

    I know you were not 100% Cesc, but really?

    the team presented that they can defend for their lives and plark the bus whenever necessary…

    and oh, are everyone else’s Barcelona supporting mates as quiet as my lot?

  40. Kushagra India

    I have no issues with our defense right now our strike force suck really sick any decent striker will score 40 goals+ for us Lukaku is an option ,I can think of no other name haven’t seen Llorrente play much…

  41. Kushagra India

    Suga moreover taking every chance that was presented by the best striker in the world Bendtner sick at the sight of him…

  42. LAzer

    Barca loving mates sort of celebrated SUGA but didn’t respond to anything when the ref was mentioned.

    Anyways they are all bandwagon sissy loving fans so don’t bother me much.

    So the big news going forward is Almunia then. Certainly he will play at the Toilet.

    Cesc and Vp are back, come on Theo and Song we need you for the run in, get some of those magic mushrooms from Robin.

  43. Rohan

    haha, SUGA my lot were surprisingly very easily shouted down by my counter arguments.

    Oh well…

    I thought we showed some defensive resilience and doggedness I didn’t really suspect we had. Up until the 65th minute, 1-1 11 men on the pitch it was all to play for and anything could have happened.

    We all know what happened next.

    Tactically I can’t blame Wenger at all. They hardly had any clear cut opportunities before the sending off at all. Koscielny was a rock in defence. But with wave after wave after attack in the last 20 minutes, we were bound to crack.

    All that, and to think we were only a late Nicklas Bendtner strike away from victory. I do feel he let himself down there. That’s the sort of moment he needs to seize, it’s the sort of goal he wants to be scoring….

    Oh well, on to United. If anything, I feel this result won’t bring us down. It’ll spur us on to put United to the task. I fancy us to win tbh.

  44. Rohan

    For a team full of foreigners, there was something quintessentially English about us yesterday. 😀

    Must be the air.

  45. SUGA3

    we would have played Coco at the Old Toilet anyway…

    it’s the league run-in with him between the sticks that worries the fuck out of me, we are likely to see how instrumental Szczesny is as far as the defensive stability is concerned…

  46. LAzer

    I suppose we may as well move Bendtner on and give Vela his chances next year eh Kush? I don’t see us investing in a striker unless miraculously someone like a Benzema becomes desperate to join us.

    Agreed. So defense for me is for the most part sorted for the future. Vermaelen and Koscielny, Djourou and Bartley and Miquel to challenge Squillachi for 4th. It took two years but that situation seems sorted now.

  47. Kushagra India

    and I certainly know why Cesc sits in the bench for Spain he will do the same with Barca if he leaves now…

  48. LAzer

    The league is where Coco is at his weakest. We share that fear. I thought he played really well today though in a tough situation under the cosh.

    Szczesny is much better in the air and that is where the league teams attack us most. And his misunderstandings with the back four are comical at times.

    Hope young Szczesny comes back and soon.

  49. Rohan

    Yeah it’s in the air and organizationally that he’s poor.

    Coco is a great shot stopper though. That’s his one strength.

  50. Kushagra India

    Lazer but we need to invest if we ever want to win the UCL
    OR BPL again next year .Man Citeh Man Utd Chelsea all will have major shake ups this summer Vela can’t even start for WBA ……

  51. LAzer

    The English game is so much better than the Spanish. I talk of the league as a whole, not the national teams.

    It is ridiculously funny to see la liga fans believe they are the best league because they have two superpowers with bundles of cash.

  52. LAzer

    We’ve needed to invest for six years Kush. Come on, be honest with yourself. You really think we will? I don’t see it happening. We have bought two big name signings in five years. Samir Nasri and Andrey Arshavin. IF only Wenger would follow that model again.

    I just don’t see it though.

  53. Kushagra India

    Bendtner missed similar sort of chances last year he debuted in 2005 and still that rapist first touch even under one of the finest coaches of the world….what a waste….

  54. Rohan

    I’d be happy with Rodwell and Hazard to be honest with one of Diaby/Denilson leaving.

    Ramsey, Vermaelen and Lansbury dare I say, will be like new signings. 😀

    I also don’t think Cesc will leave this season. He’ll wait for Xavi to decline because I honestly can’t see him getting into that team.

  55. Kushagra India

    Give me five key factors why Liverpool haven’t won the title since 1990?


    Alex Ferguson

    Roman Abramovich

    Arsene Wenger

    Lack of killer instinct

    The transfer market

  56. Kushagra India

    It’s not just about us. You have to pay tribute to others teams. Alex Ferguson taking over Manchester United has to be a factor. He’s so good at his job.

    Other teams have probably had a better overall transfer record and then there is Abramovich.

    I’ve got great respect for those Chelsea lads and John Terry and Frank Lampard are top, top players. But before Abramovich came, they were in a similar boat to us, just picking up cup competitions but never really threatening in the League. It was always Arsenal and Manchester United. But Abramovich took them up to a different level.

    Suddenly, two teams had money – United and Chelsea. Since Abramovich came, Arsenal haven’t won the title.

    People criticise Wenger but before, you only had to beat one team with more money. Now you have to get the better of two, even three.

    You used to be able to get the better of one if they had an offseason but for two to get it wrong with their signings and poor form, is not going to happen.

    The Manchester City situation is going to make things more complicated.

  57. SUGA3

    now a word on the loanees: is it me or does anyone else think that AW actually sees why the likes of Denilshite and Diaby are so poor and have shit attitude (too much, too soon, too easy) and wants the youngsters to learn the hard way to appreciate what they have?

  58. Kushagra India

    this is a cutout from Zonalmarking about the match.
    “Sky Sports’ commentator Martin Tyler summed it up inadvertently when he suggested that when Manuel Almunia had the ball in his arms, he was attempting to kick the ball downfield at an angle, so there was a chance a Barcelona player would head it out for a throw. What a miserable state to be in – a side famed for their slick passing football reduced to trying to win a throw on the half way line from a goalkeeper’s clearance.”

  59. Rohan

    Yeah, it used to be the case that if you were sent on loan, Wenger didn’t really see you in the future of the team.

    Now the opposite seems to be the case. Lansbury and Ramsey will be great additions. Hopefully Vela can do a Jack and step up, because god knows that he has immense talent.

  60. SUGA3


    if it was for me, both Dumb and Dumber would have got shipped out with Lansbury and JET stepping up, subject to the latter having the right attitude…

    Rodwell and Hazard in with Rosicky and Almunia being shown the door, all adds up numbers wise 😉

  61. Kushagra India

    I would love to see our players gettin loaned to the likes of Blackburn, Bolton, Sunderland to get some grit and guts which Wilshere shows each and every day…`

  62. SUGA3

    …even if Rodwell and Hazard would cost an arm and a leg (£20M-ish each) – a club of our stature needs to make biggish inventments in the squad every now and then…

  63. Rohan

    We can’t afford to miss out on Hazard. He could go on to become our best ever player. He’s that good.

  64. Rohan

    We’ve been undone by bad luck in the Champions League quarters too many times…

    07/08 – Hleb’s penalty not being given but Kolo’s innocuous one was…

    08/09 – If it weren’t for that Gibbs slip……and Almunia being at his best. (not)

    10/11 – van Persie’s sending off.

    We’re cursed I tell you.

  65. SUGA3

    I think one or two big signings would give the camp a considerable lift…

    I think we could recoup quite an amount in ‘Hazard’ shirt sales, no? has a nice ring to it!

    off to work, laters 😉

  66. SUGA3

    to be honest, I don’t care about the CL this season, league is the one I want!

    mind you, I am likely to watch the run in from behind the sofa with that fairy in goal!

  67. Sabeel

    IMO,I dont think there is any need as of now to be SO HEARTBROKEN.

    we MUST BE,when the Big one Title & FA cup go out of the window….

  68. Rohan

    Agreed, Sabeel. The FA cup tie against United is unbelievably important.

    Whoever wins it will win the title imo. It would give us a boost for that ever so important tie at the Emirates.

  69. LAzer

    I think Arshavin goes this summer. Miyachi will come in and probably get lumps kicked out of him.

    Btw whatever happened to Mr. A? His positive spin on the world has gone missing from the grove.

  70. LAzer

    Not heartbroken at all actually. The focus needs to be singular now. No more muck ups like Sunderland at home please.

    With Cesc and VP in the lineup we can break any team down. Desperately need those two for the final run in.

    In other news the rumor is Nani may be out for the season with infection. What hogwash, I think its the Manc cunts trying to cover up for their crying baby. He will be back at the weekend.

  71. Kushagra India

    Sorry if Miyachi is coming AA23 needs to stay dunt want this blooding him his future bull once again and thats why I doubt if we will ever sign Hazard he may go to Shitty…

  72. Hussain

    Why the hell does Miyachi coming in mean Arsha leaves? Another 6 years of listening to the word “Boys”? Arshavin has to stay, Nasri and RVP too, Cesc can go fuck off for all i care, I can’t take it, bring in 2 Experienced Quality players, preferably a Mid and a CB, and a striker like Benzema!

  73. LAzer

    Cesc can fuck off? I hope not. He played like shit and the cajoling with the barca team didn’t go over well.

    Regardless, I don’t think any team would WANT to be rid of a Cesc Fabregas.

    I talk of Arshavin because he is at that age now. One more big contract left for him, he will want a long-ish deal. And at 29 I can see us letting him go to a Barca type. Would like him to stay as well but we all know how Football works don’t we. It is unfortunately not as simple as Championship Manager.

  74. OPG

    Almunia made some great saves but his distribution was as bad as our midfield giving the ball away.
    The FA Cup is just a one off cup tie, it is now fairly important to us but many of the players will be knackered and carrying knocks or injuries.

  75. AA23

    Wenger and Nasri charged by UEFA for cunting the ref off after the game.
    good, I hope the cunt gets cancer.