Arsenal’s Cesc Fabregas’s vile tirade at the ref was disgusting…

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… did we forget to mention it wasn’t at the ref?

So now we have the real version of Cesc’s disgraceful and foul mouth tirade at the ref, it’s easy to see how Arsene Wenger said there’s no way our captain confronted the ref in the tunnel.

That’s because he didn’t you ginger muppet!

Yesterday I called for the truth to out, I said there’s no way they could all be telling the truth, well obviously David Moyes read the article because he came out and said that Cesc’s foul mouth outburst was in fact calm, it contained no foul language and it wasn’t even to the ref, it was to the 4th official, and it wasn’t even a tirade, Cesc apparently asked the said official if he was paid by Everton, good question and to my knowledge that question wasn’t actually answered.

If David Moyes got upset with that comment, he has led a sheltered life and he quite obviously didn’t hear what I was saying about their offside goal! What a complete wa*ker, perhaps if he is so perfect then perhaps he should tell us all why they got rid of their Chief executive without an explanation? Now that would be interesting.

So today we face Newcastle without Andy Caroll and the other guy that sounds like a disease, Shola Amoeba. Well Andy Caroll wouldn’t have played anyway, still it would have been nice to see the most overrated player in the history of football play today!

A lot of people blame Koscielny for their goal last year, me I blamed Fabianski, he was on the wrong side of Caroll and at 6’4″ tall plus 3′ arms on top of that, he really should have cleared the long ball, he didn’t, his fault. Anyway, today gives the team a great opportunity to set the record straight, after all love is never having to say sorry.

We need to keep winning if we want to win the Premier league, there is no better way of showing that than in fact winning today, so I expect nothing other than a win, Diaby and Arshavin to get the first two and Robin to score the third, so yes, 3 nil to the good guys.

This should be the line up today.


Sagna Djourou Kozzer Clichy

Wilshere Cesc Diaby

Walcott RVP Arshavin

So a good day for the travelling fans should be on the cards, Arsenal, I still haven’t forgotten the shabby way you have treated us with this so called ballot and I’m still waiting for the email telling me why my £5k didn’t warrant me getting a cup final ticket.

On my desk by Monday morning please Ivan…

Have a great day Grovers, we need to keep the pressure up, nothing less than a win will do today!

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1,838 Responses to “Arsenal’s Cesc Fabregas’s vile tirade at the ref was disgusting…”

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  1. LAzer

    Suga I don’t know how you can toke and be arsed enough to be on here bollocking everyone. Seems a waste of the green to me…go have some nandos or something man.

  2. incesc

    fuck me we were fucking robbed today.

    fair play to newcastle, cant blame em for having a go.

    backs to the wall job now, we crumble or we fucking smash the shit out of this league.

  3. SUGA3

    seriously, this team is still not mature enough – there are only a few pros who know that the job is done only when it is done, i.e. in the 90th + minute!

    look at AA when he scored that goal against Toffees, just ran back to the centre circle, urging everyone to coe with him instead of elaborate celebrations!

    and the rest of them are suckers for ‘ole’, what do they think it is, La Liga?

  4. incesc

    barton on shava

    barton tries to snap diabys leg

    barton scores 2 pens

    2nd pens is weakest pen in premiership history

    fucking hope the lads are wound up.

    this is it, this is the moment we realise we have to fucking beat all these cunts

  5. SUGA3


    I came back home, can’t be arsed to go anywhere and I am not bollovking anybody, if that’s the impression, then I do apologise 😉

    and Nando’s is just a poncey Harvester 😆

  6. SUGA3

    it’s violent conduct…

    pushing Barton for almost getting his leg broken is one, pushing Nolan for talking shit is another…

    and I think he went for the latter as there is time and place for resolving these issues and it is the tunnel or the parking lot after the game…

  7. SUGA3

    what I meant was that if I was the ref, I would say: ‘OK, I can understand showing a guy who went into a 50-50 dangerously, but you can’t raise your hands at someone who is just talking shit at you, so I need to send you off’

  8. OPG

    Just when you think the other teams were falling behind they are back in it now.
    Don’t quite know what happened suddenly Leon Best was getting the better of us, the injuries are getting worrying now.
    United lost but that’s a monkey off their back as long as the lead is only single digits anyone has a chance.

    Everton vs Blackpool was quite an epic itself.

  9. charliegeorge

    When will you ass-backward pillocks stop blaming the ref and start blaming our failed dictator for his arrogant refusal to snap open the chequebook and begin infusing this club with genuine, ready-made players?

    When will you ever learn? What more evidence do you need?

    Your messiah has failed you – but more to the point, he has tricked and brainwashed you. He has led you on a philosophical crusade steeped in lies, half-truths and contradictions.

    You have been forewarned.

    Yet you continue to go down the road to ruin.

    Number 1 culprit: QOS.

    The quicker she gets off her rags, gets off the benzos, and crawls back into her cave, the better.

  10. AA23

    dont get me wrong mate, I love your posts. just dont go mental for the sake of it or becaiuse you think it’s cool to batter your own club.
    Keep some perspective.

  11. AA23

    “gets off her rags”
    “crawls back into her cave”?
    what a fucking slimey cunt you are.
    you snide little prick.

  12. nishanth

    Ferdinand injured???I am pretty Fergie thought they could have easily beat wolves without Ferdinand.Now he will avoid the international game and will surely play against city on saturday

  13. ardentgooner

    Gutted as any arsenal fan about the result…the team must have hit rock bottom..pretty sure….as gutted and disappointed as we are I think we need to get behind the team now… the result isn’t as horrible as first (cuz ManUtd lost) but the psychological impact could be huge…. we should get behind the team and help them get over it…I think the internatioal break midweek is a great time for the team to get their minds off it and focus elsewhere and get back rejuvenated…..its 2 points dropped in the league but 100 points dropped in the confidence i feel…they need to put this behind them and use this as a chance to kill of games and be ruthless ( i know we said it after spuds and wigan too) but cmon we can still win it…..get over the result..get behind the team..and lets win this title now….

    p.s: DOWD can go die!!

  14. ardentgooner

    i know there’s no way to defend the team in this case..we should have never drawn the game…even with 9 men….its horrible but what is publicly bashing the players going to do….make them feel shit and risk even 4th place or support them, get behind them and propel them to success…i know what i am going to do….Cmon you gunners!!

  15. Confidentgoner

    If we had paid for a defender and a DM

    We would have defended better
    We would not run key players aground
    We would not roll over to Barca for our customary spanking

    For these, I can only hold one man liable. A guy who is known for brilliance as a coach, but a guy who is not pragmatic. How can any sane person go in a run in with 2 defenders, one returning from injury and another on sick bed? Only one Arsene Wenker…

    I have problem with OGL match-day tactics. We were one man down and we had the dodgy Squillaci, but he should have stiffened the midfield. Bringing Rosicky who he admitted was recovering from Flu was a wrong decision. Why did Gibbs not come in for Arsh? Why did we have to remove our forward threat Theo? Why did a tall player not play – Bendnter?

  16. Gooby

    ferdinand isn’t injured, not in a million years.

    is it a fucking coincidence that united main players pick up “injuries” just before internationals?

  17. Confidentgoner

    This feels like a loss. Granted the ref was too keen to award penalty, our gaffer did not help this team from the bench.

    At half time 4-0, strangely I felt something was gonna go wrong. I posted that this was a brilliant performance but can they concentrate for 90mins? How prophetic was that!

    Our team ended up playing 9 v 11, by bringing Rosicky. Gibbs is a harder worker and stronger, plus he is faster and better defensively. What was the point of a recovering Rosicky? We ended up inviting more pressure through our mid to the now hapless (Squillachi) defense. The only other sub I would have done was to bring Bendtner in for RVP, to give us more height. Removing our only goal threat Theo was another useless sub. I still feel that if we had Samba for £3-5MILL, there would have been no need for Squill at the back. Why does he not do the needful?

    It may be too simplistic to say it is him trying to save money, but I think there may be other reasons. My first guess is that he feels he is within a shot of reaching top 4, his task and target along with trying to be financially prudent. why penny pinch on 5-20 mill for a top defender? Will that expenditure kill the club? Certainly not, except he wants to show that the guy he bought- Squill can do a job.

    I have been consistent in my post match analysis that we loose or draw matches due to poor decisions from our bench. From not buying what we need, never mind that he was prepared to pay £10mil of Oxy cube (who we will need 5 years down the road), to not subbing at the right time and not subbing the correct personnel. These things have been happening , its about time we supporters start taking note.

  18. gnarleygeorge9

    Hows the cricket going for the postage stamps lurch 😆

    A flood, cyclone, bush fire ravenged continent has just wiped you like a dirty arse 😆

  19. SUGA3


    also, not the best idea to introduce him into a game where the oppo is kicking the shit out of you with the referee’s blessing 👿