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So we’ll kick the morning off with a final word over the sexism stuff. Today, the Sun newspaper went with a hit piece on Richard Keys wife being sexist on page five, turn to page 31 and there is a double page spread of 10 sexist jokes, asking the readers which ones are acceptable (an excuse to print sexist jokes) and then hidden somewhere in the back there is an article about a jobless scumbag who beat a cat, threw it from the 11th floor of a building and let it die over 15 agonising minutes.

I know which I found more shocking, a shame we live in a society where an off air remark about the offside rule will curry more debate.

Anyway, we’re where we usually are in January. Wenger needs to make a signing, he’s needed to make one since December and surprise, surprise, there are simply no players anywhere in the world!

Unless of course they are under the age of 20. We never seem to have any problem picking those boys off because 1) They guarantee you a resale value 2) We’re the Real Madrid for young men.

We all read yesterday that Ian Holloway takes a cut of any transfer surplus he creates across the year. Not something I have a problem with usually. We’ve told you for ages that Arsene Wenger is bonused in a similar way and I think once again he’s proved it with the type of player he’s been signing and the inaction so far this winter.

That for me is where his bonus scheme is wrong.

Firstly, he’s not earning £250k a year like Ian Holloway. If that man is taking a cut of transfer profits, fair play, if he was sacked tomorrow in a heap of shame, his salary wouldn’t have secured him for life. Wenger is on the best part of £6million a year already. Surely he doesn’t need a further cut of transfer profits? Surely a club with ambitions as big as Arsenal’s should be telling him what he can spend because the CEO is intelligent enough to know that figure won’t bankrupt us, then bonusing him solely on what he achieves on the pitch.

Arsenal fans pay more than anyone to see their team play football. We’re one trophy position better off than we were last year and arguably, we haven’t played better, the teams around us have just got worse. We are unlikely to get a better chance of the league, we need a centre back, the coach is once again showing an ineptitude for signing players that hit his bonus and we’ll once again giving ourselves an uphill battle to make our mark.

Alex Song has been tremendous so far this year, under no circumstances should he be asked to drop into central defence.

1) He’s not good enough in that position

2) Denilson is not good enough to cover him

3) It could destroy his confidence doing what he’s doing at the moment

Hey, all of the above might be completely wrong. Wenger might surprise us with Gary Cahill or Chris Samba over the weekend. If he does that, regardless of how they adapt, no one will be able to accuse Wenger of not addressing the issues.

However, if history is a gauge, there is an awfully real chance that he’ll bank on the poor Squillaci coming back and then he’ll head into the next 3 months with just 3 centre backs. All the more perplexing as we know full well that JD’s fitness is about as reliable as an iphone 4 alarm clock. All the more worrying because I remember the centre back calamity we went with at the Camp Nou last year.

I find our weakness in the transfer market embarrassing. Almost as embarrassing as sending a girl a smutty joke picture message using an M&S sausage as a prop, only for her not to realise it was sausage. That was awkward. Did I not learn anything from Keys and Gray?!

In other news, I think I owe Geoff a bit of an apology. Sometimes he comes out with some stuff when we’re at football and I think , ‘ Geoff, you do talk some madness sometimes’, but more often than not, he gets it right, one of these times was his insistence that Jack Wilshere could become our new defensive midfielder. Well, low and behold, Fabio Capello has come out and said something very interesting,

“Wilshere is better technically than Makelele. He’s slower than Makelele but when he receives the ball he is more dangerous than Makelele,” Capello told the Daily Telegraph.

“Wilshere is the best young player. He now plays all the time with Arsenal. If you play with Arsenal, you are a really good player because Arsene Wenger likes good players.

“I think he’s mature enough to play this role. He’s a really interesting player.

Well, well, well… I didn’t see that one coming. It’s interesting because Jack seems to relish the fight more than the creative side of the game. That’s not to say that he isn’t very good at picking out passes, because he is. I see him more as an Alonso with balls type of player.

Capello also took time out to address his mistake of leaving Theo at home.

“He is playing how I remember when he started to play with us. It was a tough decision leaving Theo out for the World Cup.

“He is one of the players after the World Cup I thought about a lot. I made a mistake not selecting him.”

I’m not so sure I agree here. Theo has been very disappointing for a number of years now. I’m glad he was dropped from the World Cup squad. He’s worked on his fitness, he’s more motivated than ever before and he’s found his shooting boots at long last. The confidence in his game this season is incredible compared to last.

Just before I go, I thought it was interesting that Blackpool were fined for making 10 changes to their starting line up against Aston Villa earlier in the year, yet Arsenal make 8 changes against Wigan, drop points and no one says anything. Neither team should be fined for utilising their submitted squad, but it does go to show you that sometimes big club fear from the league bosses is real.

In fact, it’s the same for everyone. Commentators openly say on Sky,

‘The referee was probably justified not giving that penalty, could you imagine Ferguson at half time?’

Sorry, if Ferguson shouted at me and I was as big as Howard Webb, I grab him by the shirt and pin him up against the wall and demand a pay rise. Why should it be acceptable for a manager to shout at anyone, especially a match official that’s on the pay roll?

Ferguson is the King in the world of Premier League and I think it’s outrageous certain clubs have decision go their way because of how they operated. Anyway, that’s a different blog for a different day.

See you in the comments!

P.S. Two things. No I don’t have any tickets to the Carling Cup Final and if you are a Arsenal blog writer and you want to talk about us even if it’s to slag us off, a backlink would be common courtesy.

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  1. A

    Yeah incesc Rodwell could be amazing for us. If only….

    Everton won’t let him go though, not now anyway – their fans are already fuming enough at not signing anyone having lost players, if they sold their best prospect too they’d be in alot of trouble!

    Agree about Wilshere too – I think he’ll eventually move further forwards but currently he’s in the ideal position for his development. It’ll be good with Diaby back to have someone to rotate him with though, both for the sake of keeping him fresh and offering us something different.

  2. A

    Is Parker 30 or 31? Bit late to be turned into something he isn’t….

    I agree about Spuds actually thinking about it. Parker is only good when he’s the heart of the midfield. When he’s tried to fit into a team he’s nowhere near as effective, which is why he flopped to such an extent at Chelsea. At Spurs he wouldn’t be the heart of the side so I dunno whether he’d actually be any good. Prob move back in the summer if it even happens!

    I hope Liverpool stand firm – CHelsea would worry me if they got him, although they’d probably play him on the wing

  3. incesc


    glad to say you think he will eventually move forward after capello said he sees him as a dm.

    wilshere has that thing where he can effortlessly turn a tight situation into bags of space and then see a pass.

    to say he will be like zidane is unfair because he was the master of finding 10 seconds space in a packed midfield but wilshere??

  4. nishanth

    Park has retired from international football.Their players tend to retire very early like Berbatov and all.It would be nice if RVP retires because he ususally gets injured playing for holland

  5. Shagx

    WTF do you care how much Wenger is getting? Who are you to judge how much he’s entitled to get? Sounds like jealousy to me!
    As far as the job Wenger has done for Arsenal, I think he’s worth ever penny! If not more!
    He has help rebuild the whole club from top to bottom. He has re-cultured the club and to some extent the whole league.
    He has kept us in the top competition for the past 10? 11? 12? 13 years? I’ve lost count! We might not have won everything or might have lost some, which we shouldn’t have but we competed at the highest level. Also, I think we’ve won some we didn’t deserve.
    He not only helped to build this amazing stadium but more importantly he filled the place every game. How many clubs can fill their stadium like we do? The answer is not very many! With all the money Chelsea spent, they still can manage to fill their stadium every game, not to mention it’s much smaller too.
    You sounded like a spoiled little kid, always bitching didn’t get this or didn’t get that. Stand up and be a man and stop whining. If you don’t like who we sign or don’t sign, or how the club is being run, you can always go and support ManC, I’m sure they’ll look and try to sign every player in the world.

  6. Raugaj

    You are a wanker.Manc or Spuds would be the team,you would pack your bags to support,when the loser Wenger is kicked out of Arsenal.

  7. LAzer

    Hoping EVerton plays their first 11 and they are absolutely knackered for the Tuesday tie. Too bad they get to play a day earlier then we do in the FA cup but have a much tougher test vs. Chelsea atleast.

  8. Kushagra India

    The Guardian in 2009 described users’ comments on YouTube as follows:

    Juvenile, aggressive, sexist, homophobic, swinging from raging at the contents of a video to providing a pointlessly detailed description followed by a LOL, YouTube comments are a hotbed of infantile debate and unashamed ignorance – with the occasional burst of wit shining through.

    Same can be said of Raugaj

  9. Meneurdejeu10

    We missed out on Luis Suarez. A primetime player.
    We could have offered Ajax Bendtner and cash.

    I dreamt of a 4-3-1-2 with Arshavin playing behind Suarez and RVP.

  10. LAzer

    Bendtner is a bit like Hernandez for Utd. Not good enough for regular first 11 but good enough to make an impact. But he needs time to bed in always after coming back. I don’t mind him as a 3rd choice striker at all.

    Besides he as absolute quality in long range passing, rare for a man his size. I remember his huge downfield pass last year as well and of course the recent one from the right for Rvp. I wish Chamakh would learn shooting from him and he would learn effort, touches and running behind the defence from Chamakh. If the two could somehow be one player it would be a phenominal combination.

  11. feygooner

    Surely if Wenger was after money, he would have taken the real Madrid job?

    You basically assume that Wenger is paid on profit of signings and he only makes signings if he gets some money out of it. If someone asks you for some proof of that, you say “prove to me that he doesn’t”.

  12. gnarleygeorge9

    Oh! almost forgot, cricket is played in summer here along with the A League 😉

    Yes The Ashes is cricket. Cricket is a girls game as per Geoff, & our girls won The Ashes back 😆 We can do no wrong 😎 Our male cricketers are winning the one day stuff, & our Southern Hemisphere cousins the Yarpies belted India 😆

  13. gnarleygeorge9

    I see the Curry eaters are performing as per usual with the stadium preps. Fucked it up again, this time with the cricket. Have you blokes heard of machinery to do the heavy stuff 😆

  14. Sabeel


    dude…Australia is a tiny winy place…hardly u find people…multiple sheilas are SHARED..that few is the population of australia…

    We are a bigger country,hence difficult to manage complexities which are zillion times more in count compared to a deserted australia..

  15. Sabeel


    india isnt good at football as so many nations arent good at other difference in nations whatsoever..

    cricket..we are No.1 in tests..wherein aussies got royally screwed and WALLOPPED by england in ashes…royally thrashhing on ur nude butts at there own ground…

    and we are ahead of aussies in one day rankings too ..

  16. gnarleygeorge9

    Poor old curry eaters. The Chinese would buy & sell you lot @ the one street corner 😆

    See Ya losers 😆