Usmanov to up Arsenal stake, What the hell is the Golden boy award? And no go Bendtner.

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Usmanov has said he may increase his share to rival reclusive American Stanley Kroenke, shares are now valued at £11.5k a pop and Balotelli disses Jack Wilshere.

What a day, so Turin, a village in Northern Italy has a newspaper, the Turin Recorder, it has an award called Golden Boys, it’s for anyone under the age of 21 in Europe and guess what, an Italian won it, surprise, surprise, then the twat claims he doesn’t know who Jack Wilshere is, what a tosser, no wonder no-one in Italy liked him, well no one apart from his mum and the Turin Recorder, I expect Jack will lose a bunch of sleep over that!

Usmanov has talked about buying up more shares and says his investment is safe as Arsenal are a well run club, with a great stadium and a top coach, well I agree with all that, and if the coach goes back to coaching and Usmanov and his money men start to handle the other side of the business, then great, I’ll back that idea.

Niklas Bendtner is going nowhere says the coach, fine, then prove you are worth keeping son, Chamakh wasn’t so great at Old Trafford so you should play against the chavs, if you do, seize your chance, we want you to be a great, we really do, the only one who’s not doing it is you, some of what you showed at City will do, good luck if you’re picked!

We had a situation on here yesterday where I binned someone, let me just tell you what the deal is. This is a blog where you can have an opinion, not get one, you can disagree all you like, that’s what makes this blog so much fun, but you can’t keep dissing the stories, that’s disrespectful, Pedro and I don’t take all this time to write stories to have people telling us they are rubbish, it’s really that simple.

Anyone is welcome and any opinion is, but the minute a fellow Grover is slagged off that line is crossed. Someone said it’s a free world, well that’s true, so if people don’t like what I write, they are free to blog somewhere else.

It’s also very difficullt to keep writing stories when we aren’t playing, we write about what is said, if our manager gives interviews to Arab TV stations that don’t make any sense, then we will comment on them, much the same way that had we trounced the Mancs 10 nil, we would have been praising the manager all week, we didn’t, so guess what? We didn’t!

Let’s move on, the next big game is the chavs, we finally have Vermaelen and Diaby back in training so with luck we’ll have a full squad to pick from, then we’ll be a very different team, someone suggested Djourou as a DM, I wouldn’t say no to that, but I don’t think it will happen.

I hope we get Ramsey back in January as I don’t believe we will sell or buy, so I will suggest the team we will have to play the chavs on the 27th.


Sagna Djourou Vermaelen Clichy

Diaby Cesc Nasri

Robin Bendtner Arshavin

So I’ve gone for height, grit and skill, we’ll find out soon enough.

Someone said we were the only team still in all four competitions, let’s see if we can win a few then eh? Let be United for the festive season and see where it takes us, a win over Christmas will put us right up there and give us huge levels of confidence, lets pray for Vermaelen, we need him back, a fit and firing Diaby gets the nod over Song and Denilson for me, but if not then I would go for Jack in there.

Not a lot I can add to that save a few signings, but I can’t see that happening so without risking boring some, I won’t speculate any further, as for those I bin, they are all welcome back, just respect the blog and your fellow bloggers, if you can’t do that, go elsewhere and join the disaffected Grovers on the other sites.

Enjoy your day and if you are having your Christmas party, be careful, drink in moderation and sensibly, and mind your language, swearing isn’t big and it’s not clever and we don’t want you missing the Chelsea game, it could be a defining moment in our season!

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653 Responses to “Usmanov to up Arsenal stake, What the hell is the Golden boy award? And no go Bendtner.”

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  1. DaleDaGooner

    Pedro, yank can be endearing just like th N word can be….it can also be offensive..all in contexts and choice of words and emotions…gambon’s was in an offensive contexts.

    And i did not get a chance to comment on Jacobs argument on the youth thing as i was enjoying the sun…my take, see next comment….

  2. E12 GUNNER

    Stuey,totally agree with you mate. I would love it if we got Flamini back.

    Bring back David Dein and anything is possible.He would revitalise the Arse again.

  3. Lurch LeRouge

    yup id have the flamster back… can you say heartbeat?

    Michael Caine in the quiet american did a killer accent. 😉

  4. BillikenGooner

    heh… coming back this way most actors do well, especially Australian accents.

    I find it interesting to watch movies that are so “american” but are acted by foreigners.

    My favorite movie of all time is a perfect example.

    L.A. Confidential

  5. Gooby

    Kushagra india says:
    December 22, 2010 at 17:46
    the departed is one of the lesser ones from marin Scorcece see GoodFellas

    i saw goodfellas top one too

  6. Lurch LeRouge

    nicole kidman and hugh jackman can’t do accents what you on about?

    nor can russell for that matter, Bana’s just about the only one – oh and blanchett.

    The Proposition is the tits.

  7. BillikenGooner

    not a kidman fan, but Russell either has ahis aussie accent or his neutral “roman, ship captain, l.a. strong arm cop, boxer, etc” accent.. so it doesn’t really register as a bad accent attempt to me.

  8. ritesh

    We need Denilson to stabilise our midfield against Barca. After that we can sell him

    And buy a french mug….or an English mugfor a change 😉

  9. east of the lea

    Some wanting david dein back.i agree as long as he
    donated 10 mil towards transfers.If he done that he’d
    still be over 30 mil up from what he’s made out of arse.

  10. Sam

    My team for the Chavs:
    –Walcott–Nasri–Fabregas–van Persie

    Vermaelen won’t be fit, ditto Gibbs, Diaby has the pace of a snail on crutches and with chav’s attacking pace, that can only be a hindrance and Chamakh sucked against United, time to give Bendtner a chance and Szczesny is just better than Fabianski.

    Wengers probable team:

    –Nasri–Chamakh–van Persie/Arshavin
    A selection headache and probably can’t find a place for Wilshere.

  11. Lurch LeRouge

    it does makes me laugh when when people denigrate Dein for capitalising on his stock – as if selling them weakened their value somehow.

    The treachery came from the board imho, not from DD, and yes he’d be very welcome back – but i can’t see him and fiszman ever doing business together again.

  12. east of the lea

    your either a beniefector ,i know,can’t spell it,or shame in either.just portray yourself for why your in it,thats all.

  13. east of the lea

    yeah i see.compared to hill wood dein doe’s seem more of a true fan than someone who was born into it.Still think
    that with all the shit the players get thrown at them about their wages we should keep an eye on the suits.

  14. paul mc daid

    Hill Wood,nice chap,knows sweet fuck all about football,since Dein left we have not won an argument,its a fucking disgrace.

  15. Lurch LeRouge

    Hill-Woods harmless, Fiszmans the tiger. he’s ill with cancer though and there’s gotta be some action in the summer with Lady Nina’s stock.

    my guess is Dein is brokering a deal with a new party behind the scenes, Usmanov probably dislikes the media attention and wants out, Kroenke hasn’t got the cash to make enough money from the investment fast enough and Fiszman isn’t looking too healthy.

    So with Usmanov’s & Lady Nina’s holdings combined – kroenke and fiszman would have their hands tied.

    It all points to change.

  16. east of the lea

    Dein wanting us to move to wembley still sticks. i know
    we had a couple of nice midweek jolly’s during the cl
    group stages;not that they done us any good, but do you
    believe we would of being better off there.Thats got to
    question his judgement.For all are sakes i hope hill wood is just a figurehead.

  17. Lurch LeRouge

    and if you believe conspiracy….this is possibly the reason they gave the FA job to Bernstein.

    Dein already has baggage from being biased and if a deal is brewing in the background that he’s brokering, that could lead some FA executives to suspect his ‘kickback’ on the deal would be a place on the board, perhaps even chairman – at which point he’d resign due to conflict of interest and leave a vacuum in the post just as we get ready for the Euro’s.

  18. Lurch LeRouge

    Well you can’t completely blame him for that, its not like we are exactly filling the emirates now is it?

    was it such a bad call in lieu of this? ok wasn’t his finest hour I’ll grant that

    but when the decision to build the Em’s was made we weren’t even filling Highbury regularly – unless it was for derby matches or other top 4 rivals. even the current attendance figures are a load of tosh.

  19. east of the lea

    agree, it might all go belly up in he next few can’t just turn up at the schoolboys
    bit, pay their two bob and get in.we got a habit,thats all it is.with a bit of luck we’ll still have are
    stadium.mate i haven’t got a clue about the ownership
    issues but still feel if you made so much out of the club theres no harm putting a bit back.

  20. Kushagra india

    Arsenal moved from Highbury, where the capacity at closure was 38,419, to a new stadium at Ashburton Grove holding 60,355, and filled it instantly. Yet Arsenal have long been established as the biggest club in London and at the time of leaving Highbury had a 20,000-strong waiting list for season tickets, closed for some time. This, in part, prompted their move. The board knew that, in essence, Arsenal were a club with a following of 60,000; it was just that 22,000 of them couldn’t fit inside the stadium.

  21. Albo

    “I think you failed to notice one significant flaw in your argument:

    people who go to Emirates are doing so out of the respect for the club, no one is paying through the nose to have the opportunity to slag anyone off…

    and the players and the coach must show their respect to the poor suckers in the stands by giving their all – if they fail to do, so it equals being disrespectful, which only breeds disrespect…”

    In no way is that a flaw in my argument. Firstly, the fact remains that no one forces fans to ‘pay through the nose’ to watch. They could choose not to buy a ticket.

    Secondly, I have simply never understood this logic that only occurs in sport that the people who buy a ticket believe they have ‘earned’ a say in the running of the club. If you buy a ticket to a movie, you wouldn’t claim that gives you the ‘right’ to tell the director how to direct the next one. If you pay for a book you don’t earn the right to have a say in the plot of the sequel! And yet this is constantly bandied around in sport. ‘I pay for my ticket therefore the club should listen to me for my opinion on transfers.’ It’s nonsense in my opinion. If you don’t like the football at the Emirates, don’t buy a ticket. Simple as that.

  22. Geoff

    Interesting Albo, but Arsenal make me pay for my season ticket in March, that’s when Arsene says he will buy new players, I believe him and renew, then he doesn’t, and you know what, it doesn’t cost £5,200 to watch a film!

  23. Albo

    Lurch LeRouge “Well you can’t completely blame him for that, its not like we are exactly filling the emirates now is it?”

    For the millionth time – they still sell every seat. The empty seats are people with tickets (presumably mostly season ticket holders) who don’t turn up. You try getting a ticket to a premiership match on general sale the day before a game and see how far you get!

    Re Dein – IMO he totally betrayed the club when he sold out to Usmanov. He left us with not one but 2 predators (the Russian and Kroenke) ready to take us over, all because he spectacularly misjudged the entire situation. Say what you like about the board – I think everyone agrees that we have money to spend IF WE WANTED TO so Dein was clearly wrong in saying we needed to sell out to stay competitive.

    And don’t get me started on wanting to move us to Wembley, where we wouldn’t have even owned our stadium!

    On those 2 crucial issues he was wrong, and all he did was massively de-stabilise the club by leaving and selling his shares to some Russian crook – right when we needed stability (and his transfer negotiating savvy) the most.

  24. Geoff

    He got fired for wanting Kroenke in, then the board made him their new best mate, selling to Usmanov was just to try and get back, don’t blame him for that.

  25. Albo

    Yeah, fair point Geoff, I appreciate that it is a slightly different situation for season tickets holders (not just the point you make but I guess also the fact that once you’ve got one you don’t want to lose it etc). Slightly different for me as a red member buying tickets individually I suppose.

    The other flaw in my argument is that it’s not bloody Avatar we’re buying tickets for – it’s the Arsenal. Loving the club isn’t something we can turn on and off is it?

    On the board issue – my understanding was that Dein tried to get Kroenke involved, but was politely told that they ‘didn’t want his type here’. And it was only after Dein got into bed with Usmanov that the board acted and brought Kroenke in to prevent Usmanov a clear path to taking us over. Personally I see Kroenke as the lesser of 2 evils…if only because he looks less like Jabba the Hut…