The BBC sums up what is wrong with the EPL, Terry, Cole and the moral compass.

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So I turn on the BBC news this morning at 5.58, eagerly anticipating my quick dose of the news and the ManU appreciation society. So what do I get? 7 minutes of the American oscars, what the hell is that all about, do I care? A bunch of actors, blowing smoke up themselves with their customary annual pat on the back, and the BBC use my money to send out a star struck twit bird, who’s old enough to know better, to report on them. Like we care! It’s embarrassing to let them think we are all as shallow as they are.

Then to top it, the film that wins it, was the biggest load of rubbish I’ve seen for years, the Dirtbox locker, it tries to show that America are the only country in Iraq dismantling bombs, who do they think they are? The only country that wins all the wars,  shame on you America. We should leave them alone and send our troops to the Falklands, let them sort out their own mess.

Then they show a bit when the SAS get involved, and you know what, they get killed by the insurgents, not the Americans though, they are way too good. Pukey, pukey.

I watched it with Mrs Bear, she didn’t make the end, she fell asleep, I only watched to the end because I paid for the DVD and won’t be beaten, what a load of vomit making, badly acted and directed crap.

So why does it sum up Broken Britain? Well it shows that even the BBC now consider celebrity above the news, and that my friends is what is wrong.

Terry, Cashley and Beckham all sold various events to the low life trailer trash magazines, I believe, and that shows that celebrity has taken over from reality, getting on in life and working hard is not important anymore, Jesus H, look at Gordon Brown’s wife, she has a dozen of them a week in Downing Street and that monster wasn’t even elected (nor was Gordon Brown, but that’s another matter).

So this appears to be the way this country and football is going, well not on my watch it isn’t! I’ll say it the way I feel like it should be said. Screw the underclass.


Porto next up, maybe with Cesc, maybe not, I would sooner rest him and keep him for the EPL, play the team we played on Saturday, minus Denilson and we should blow them away, we’ll have a different ref (from Portugal) and it won’t be the ref that did the Villa vs Mancs game, so in theory we should be alright.

I fancy Theo, Eboue and Rosicky to torment them, and with Nasri pulling the strings in the middle with Diaby, we should have more than enough in the locker.

I suspect Nikki will spring into life after the misses against Burnley, the last time I saw anyone miss that many open goals was… …well Bendtner , and funny enough it was against Burnley, so maybe we can chalk that down to it being his bogey team and move on.

Hopefully he’ll bring Campbell back to replace Silvestre and we’ll be more solid at the back, let them lose on him (Silvestre) and we may well concede, and that as we know will spell disaster, we need a goal, but we should try for 3 or 4, I will never feel safe with this keeper sitting on a 1 goal lead, so 3 goals in the first half will make me and 50,000 odd others at the ground feel more comfortable.

Good to see Theo back on track, good to see the Eboue we thought we had bought years ago and great to see Rosicky and Nasri playing like people conducting an orchestra at last.

I’m going for a comfortable win, but only if I see a team that resembles this.

Almunia (no choice, sorry)

Eboue Campbell Vermaelen Clichy

Rosicky Nasri Diaby

Theo Bendtner Arshavin

Have a great day today Grovers, today we start the big, big up, for tomorrow.

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  1. ethangunner

    bnsb Says:
    March 9, 2010 at 06:00


    Opposite to delusion is hopeless, i think 😉
    Arsenal are far from hopeless or we wouldnt be top 4 ..

    but if your ignoring the rift between the top four , then i cant help you BS . :)

    opss bNSB :)

  2. dennisdamenace

    is that what it’s come to now! That Top 4 is something to be proud of???? Well maybe if you are Villa or the Spudz!

  3. ethangunner

    from what ive seen this season we are no way able to compete with the chev’s or man U ..

    and for thew past 5 years for that matter ..
    whats changed now ?

    not much really until we address key issues .
    so until they are addressed id prefer to avoid any team that can pound us , because morally when these young lads get beaten they take it hard !

    so wenger having key injuries and goal keeping problems he should practice what he preaches with the FA/CC and drop out of the CUP ..

    any REAL Arsenal fan would prefer to win the league .. Europe domination for this club currently is a pipe dream …

  4. ethangunner

    dennisdamenace Says:
    March 9, 2010 at 07:29

    is that what it’s come to now! That Top 4 is something to be proud of???? Well maybe if you are Villa or the Spudz!
    it has to be DDM …
    because for the past 5 years it seems to be wenger’s minimum requirement ..


    and funny that .. , that choice encompassed by
    the lure of MONEY ..

    But realistic winning chance in Europe ??

    to get past RM – BARCA – AC – MAN u – CHEVS

    sorry dream land if you think we will knock down ALL those pony’s !

  5. dennisdamenace

    AW ‘builds’ a first team squad full of kids he has no intention of using in the two main competitions, he also has (time and time again) a high percentage of injury prone players in this squad as well. However, he bigs them up at the start of the season by stating he doesn’t need to buy because the squad is the strongest he’s ever had, and that he has belief in the players……then halfway into the season he drops both domestic cups because of ‘priorities’!! Ha! Wassup Arsene squad not big enough, not strong enough, too many injuries (yet again)…….i don’t know who’s the bigger mugs, him for believing his drivel or us for buying it…….

  6. dennisdamenace

    Anyhoo, i’m enjoying the League, just can’t get up for the ECL. The League is hilarious, no prolific forward, shambolic defending, clown goalkeepers, yet we’re still in it, fucking ace. It would be the funniest thing ever, and the greatest thing ever if we were to nick the League this year……

  7. Micky Did It 89

    Morning all.
    Dennis 7:23: only way to win CL is to draw Utd, Chavs etc next round????!!! Surely not. The only way is if by massive chance we avoid them until Final as that would be a one-legger. Sadly, no chance over two legs.

  8. Micky Did It 89

    Ethan: “any REAL fan would prefer to win the league”. In theory you are right as it says more about the team, however, there are some getting-older-gits around like myself who desparately want the One with the Big Ears in our life time. That long wet night in Paris was the worst night of my life and needs exorcizing.

  9. Honest Bill

    I would prefer the league if i was forced to choose. But i would also really like the CL. There is a certain prestige that comes with winning it. Besides we need to win it before Chelski do, because let’s face it, watching John Terry lift it would just be unbearable

  10. Micky Did It 89

    Monsieur Menace: If you mean that we can’t beat those over two legs, it means thay are stronger than us, as proved in the league. It does not mean that we could not beat them in a one off match, particularly as by then we may well have RVP back, which would actually make it more of a level playing field.
    I wonder what the results in those league games would have been had they been Drogba/Ronneyless and we had RVP on board.

  11. dennisdamenace

    Pat – They are half the team they were last season.

    TBH, they are a piss poor outfit at the minute. If we were playing last season’s Porto i’d be REALLY worried. Mind you having said that, with the kind of goals we are capable of conceding almost anyone can score against us this season….

  12. Micky Did It 89

    Sorry, to answer my own question over the Drogba/Rooney/RVP thing, I believe we would be six points richer, while they three points poorer each, and therefore we would be top of the league.

  13. dennisdamenace

    Micky – We won’t beat them feckers in a one off fella! The mentality of the club is the “close, but no cigar” mentality, as in 3rd/4th is good enough, which translates into an underachieving mentality, AW’s bred a bunch of also rans, who choke in the truly big games….

  14. CHIPPY

    Micky, With you on that mate, My Grandad Went without seeing us left the big un and dont want the old man to do the same So its the European Cup for me, And yes being in Paris after that Defeat was probably the worst night out ive ever had after an Arsenal game its was awfull, Imagine being in Spain and winning it what a party !!!

  15. ethangunner

    Micky Did It 89


    i ain’t no spring chicken either ..
    but to win something like that , you cant usually jag or fluke it …

    concentrate on the league , dominate those 2 other crap teams, send em a message we are back .. :) ..

    and you will have one foot in the door mate !
    baby steps , baby steps …

  16. ethangunner

    i just fear wenger will show you why he doesnt compete in those 2 cups every year …

    i think currently with a cac keeper and no real lethal striker .. several key injuries and players who arent preforming well ..

    we shouldnt rattle the tree , focus on the attainable , if you haven’t looked the cupboard is bare of options ..

    im sure wenger will show you that his motivation for the C.L is money based …

    or he would of pulled out of it already ????

  17. Micky Did It 89

    Chippy; Paris, I was Arsenal end, front row, right behind Lehmann, no where to hide, in the pissing rain. I, for one, want that Cup so bad it hurts.
    DDM: I also know that we are friggin miles from the best team in Europe, but Pompey’s win the Cup don’t they??? Oh, and like the league this season, I simply don’t give a rat’s ass how we win it.

  18. ethangunner

    if we win the C.L with NIK B as our spear head it would even be more of a miracle than winning the league ..

  19. CHIPPY

    Chippy; Paris, I was Arsenal end, front row, right behind Lehmann, no where to hide, in the pissing rain. I, for one, want that Cup so bad it hurts.

    Mate i was about 10 rows behind you then !! I wasnt to bad in the ground as the players gave it everything but walking out afterwards and seeing the Barca fans celebrating whilst being held behind the old bill lines was gutting, Had to stand there and watch for about 10mins before they let us leave :-(

  20. Micky Did It 89

    Ethan: I do agree with you on that, although I am not sure which would be the larger miracle.

  21. Micky Did It 89

    Chippy: so you got a horrible white t-shirt as well!! I wanted the yellow one. Fucking nothing went my way that night.
    Really off.

  22. gnarleygeorge9

    Madam Weegie Says:

    2011 PL: Yes CL: CL: Yes FA Cup: If frenchie wants it Carling Cup: If Frenchie pull his finger out

  23. Geoff

    I was enjoying my own air biscuits whilst watching Shell’s wonderful world of golf last night, is that wrong?