I am responsible for United defeat says Arsene Wenger

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Yeah we know Arsene, who’s fault did you think we thought it was? Pat Rice’s? Anyway if that’s your way of saying sorry, I accept, what I don’t accept however is this statement…

‘It’s very important that we win something, we’re here to win trophies, but it depends on what you call trophies, Is it the Champions League, the Premier League, the League Cup? If you win the League Cup you cannot say you win trophies for me’

Well at least he’s finally admitting he doesn’t recognise the league cup, something I have been saying now for a very long time, perhaps some of the sycophants will now believe it, as he’s finally admitted why he fields a youth team, that hasn’t a hope in hell of winning it.

What was more sinister though was this outrageous comment…

‘Of course [finishing third is better than winning a domestic cup]. It’s much more difficult’

So after reading this on Pravda, he has now finally got round to telling us, he isn’t interested in the FA Cup either and qualifying for the Champions league is his target, and why? It’s because he gets a huge bonus for qualification and the club earns good money.

I know that  4th place also qualifies but only for the qualifying rounds and not straight in.

So there you have it, from the horses mouth, Arsene and the board are only interested in the continuance of the gravy train, the Champions league shilling. At last it’s out and the doggedness of Le Grove sticking to our guns against all the abuse from certain quarters, that our leader won’t spend money on building a great team because he and his board are just not interested in silverware, it all about making money.

Onto today and our trip to Stamford Bridge, a big well done to Fabio Capello for being man enough to rid the country of that lout Terry from the England captaincy.

That turgid little arse kisser Pearce tried to tell the world, knocking up your best mates bird has nothing to do with football, Stuart, I bet your wife is proud of you mate, what a nice bloke you are, and another great example of celebrity loving, broken Britain.

Fabio, all I want to know is why it took 12 minutes, was it because you laughing yourself silly for 11 minutes and 50 seconds after you tin-tacked the mug and he was begging you to phone his bint?

Well let’s just hope as you are reading this that Cashley has been revealed by the News  of The World as being the 5th man, I’d be surprised, as I always suspected that wasn’t really his thing, girls that is.

So I was offered the chance to sit in the directors box at the Bridge, by a very good friend, I declined his kind offer because it’s a long way back and I wasn’t that confident, that was however before we heard all the news about their shagging, I’m now hoping that will serve to distract them and we’ll get a result, well that and the way they played against Hull.

Mind you, I did say that last week. If he drops the hapless Denilson, we may have a better shape, if the team mans up and act like they want to win then we may have a chance of getting a result.

With the Mancs starting to play football again, we need to win to stay in the race, and with the scousers winning again, we really need to look over our shoulder, so a win will take away some of the pain and maintain a healthy gap in the table.

We absolutely have to play Bendtner and Diaby today to have any chance, I also hope we don’t see Eboue on the wing.

So this is my guess for the team, well it is if we want to show the chavs we mean business, please don’t make them laugh as hard as Fergie must have last week when he saw that team sheet Arsene.

Anyone but Almunia

Eboue Gallas Vermaelen Clichy

Song Cesc Diaby

Rosicky Bendtner Arshavin

I have never in my footballing life heard any manager, let alone an Arsenal one say that finishing third is more important than winning a trophy, so Arsene, let’s at least do that then, and start by winning today.

So the player we tried to sign was Sorenson, if that’s true he needs to drop Almunia, today, but the final word belongs to Cesc, we are offering him a new 5 year contract to stay, why? He already has one to 2014 doesn’t he??? What is the matter with us, that’s 4 years!

Have a great day Grovers, this is a must not lose game.

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  1. ethangunner

    we need drogba , or anekla .. the chev’s have both and can still bring in kalou from the bench .. who were we kidding last night ..

    nik b who ?

    sagna who crosses to the chev’s

    almunia who cant find his ass with a funnel !

    clichy who is looking very 2nd rate currently .

    fuck me …

    was there any other result possible ?

    liverpool are close enough to smell us now !(so are the northern chev’s )

    and spuds …

    depressing ..

    to consider all the options ..

    none look rosy …

    wenger tried to sign on the last day again ..
    typical .. so he can say he tried i suppose .

    i mean who would sell there top players 2 hours prior to the window closing FFS !

    if he wanted to get someone in , I MEAN REALLY WANTED TO GET SOMEONE IN ! he should of made prep’s week 1 !

  2. gnarleygeorge9

    So how many more humiliating defeats will it take, where the whole world is watching,before Arsene Wenger decides enough is enough. Coz if its something that he will always just brush off with some lame excuse, then he is not the right man for the job now.

  3. gnarleygeorge9


    Unfortunately you are right. I say unfortunately because its a sad state of affairs that we must come to terms with.

  4. A

    Ja there are a massive amount of systems we could play with Chamakh, he could play on either wing, as most of our players could, but it would just be important to have a third good option that could play centrally, if VP and Bendy were out, and offer us a physical presence wide if we needed it.

    Chamakh coming in wouldn’t change the system, or VP’s role in it, and he certainly wouldn’t be an automatic starter.

  5. A

    I don’t mean different systems overall, but different systems with our forwards.

    Theo/Vela are direct quick runners, Nasri/Rosicky are playmakers, Bendtner and Chamakh are physical presences with all round forward’s game. VP is similar but levels above those two. Arshavin is both a playmaker and direct quick runner.

    You can have various combinations there. Really need at least one playmaker or quick runner, with a central physical player.

    Two playmakers or two quick runners would be unlikely, as unbalanced, but various combinations there for various situations and necessities.

  6. nishanth

    Really depressed after yesterday’s game.I was happy with the player’s attitude though.They kept trying(in vain) till the last moment.Team needs to regroup quickly now.I hope bendtner is finally ready to start.

  7. iceman

    We don’t have a striker htf are we expected to get back into the game?

    Oh but because we score a hatful against rubbish opposition we don’t need a striker?

    Or because our cheapskate manager want on for free so will wait till the summer and forgo the current season again?

    I’d be surprised if Cesc and Arsh bother to stick around.

  8. ethangunner


    im not negative on purpose ,id love to say we have d.villa in our team and a top class keeper like given or someone until these poles come good.

    we created chances last night GG , but no mother is there to capitalize , but they players like drog’s were !

    every GREAT SIDE needs a top class striker ..

    think ive only been saying it 2 seasons now ..


    or is this the 3rd ?

  9. iceman

    Had we a D.Villa or a Huntelaar we would have come back for sure.

    It’s sad that this stubborn man can’t see we’re so close but yet so far.

  10. gnarleygeorge9

    You know when you think of it logically. If someone who is apparently on 7 figures per annum to manage the team doesn’t feel pain after being belted 90% of the time by the chavs & manure over the past 5 seasons, why should I. For someone on that sort of money, I’m curious to know what or when this person won’t take it anymore. Its not as if he doesn’t have a choice in ending this 5 year barren spell. He has the cash reserves to buy 95% of the players going around in world football if he wants.

  11. iceman

    He’s just obsessed with his projust and is probably thinking of all the plaudits he’ll get if the tide turns and he does end up victorious.

    I think ever since the Unbeatables he’s thought that.

    Hang on, I just did something no manager has acheived and I’m so grat now.

    Maybe I’m gonna delve in to a new project of winning titles with a team of kids who I will make superstars…or something of the sort?

  12. gnarleygeorge9

    12 months ago there was a call from former players & high profile scribes associated with The Club that the worst thing that could happen to Arsenal was if Arsene Wenger was to go. After this mornings red eye special offering, I’m wondering whether a calculated clean out in some departments would benefit The Club more. At the end of the day, success is measured by trophys won. Where is manures debt level being mentioned now. Its not.

  13. nishanth

    I don’t think you can call it project youth anymore.Most of our first choice players are experienced enough.And our defenders bar clichy are individually brilliant.I don’t think we need a massive overhaul like many are suggesting. We need to
    Buy a new keeper or give szcsesny a chance
    A strong clinical striker(RVP is good but injury prone,Bendtner is still has a lot of improvement to do and Eduardo hasn’t been the same after his injury)
    Learn how to defend as a team(Bringing keown back will surely help)
    Also wenger needs to be more ruthless.The problem is that he is too loyal towards his players.The likes of clichy should be dropped and denilson shouldn’t even get a chance after his performances in the past few weeks.
    All this won’t cost more than 35 million.

  14. Moray

    This from the Daily Mail website:

    ‘We were not running after the ball. They did not dominate. We were always in an attacking position. We were always risking everything going forward and they were good on counter-attacks.
    ‘We were a bit uncertain at the start but when we got into it we were completely dominant. We had mountains of possession and couldn’t transform it into goals. They defended well and got one or two decisions from the referee. They are very experienced.
    ‘They are 29, we are 23. They always make the foul when they are caught on the counter- attack, at the right time, in the right place in the middle in the pitch. It is only a little foul, not enough for a yellow card.
    ‘These are the tricks of a very experienced team and they do that very well.’

    This is just embarrassing and naive.

  15. ethangunner


    yes thats right , to be honest i dont think it will even cost that , he has to have a clear out this season ..

    im sure we will see a few go ..

    he has a big squad , sure i agree .. but quality ?

    NO !

    wenger needs a full transfer window to sell first .. remember !

    thats what we do !
    and even then with ade we didnt do it !

    im confused :)

  16. ethangunner

    its good without all the delusional’s blabbing how good we are !

    have you noticed how quiet it is ?

    whats happened to them ?


  17. ethangunner

    the sooner some of these guys wake up the sooner
    the fans have one voice …

    thats the problem with AFC its fans are divided into denial and the others are just long term frustrated !

    the sooner we all stand together , the sooner
    things MIGHT change …

    but its fucking frustrating to hear people waffle on about song like he is some sort of
    iron curtain of defense ! or nik b coming back after a long term lay off to do the business against the chavs ..

    we have failed every important KEY game ,
    against the top 4 for as long as i can remember.

    sure we might beat them 4 games into the season
    but after christmas we are jelly fish !

    DDM im not just blaming wenger , he might be the master mind , but the boys with the big bucks are more than happy for this shit to continue whilst FOR YEARS ! whilst they rape the fans of $.

  18. ethangunner

    i remember that hooigans movie !

    fuck we wouldnt have to go to a west ham home game for a fight ..

    we could just fight each other ,

    AKB to the left !
    be sure to take off all rose tinted glasses !

    and frustrated , irate fans to the right ..
    baseball bats supplied :)

  19. dennisdamenace

    It’s more in desperate hope than anything tangible with half those mugs ethan, and you’re right, the arrogant management at AFC carry on regardless because of muppets like those, they choose to believe we all feel like that, what a shock to he system last years Q&A mustve been!

  20. Pat

    Only 13 games left.

    Mancs have Villa(A), Everton(A), SPurs, Liverpool, CHelsea, City(A) and possibly someone else.

    Chelsea have a very similar run in, but play Liverpool, SPurs away.

    Making up 9 pts in 13 games will be very, very difficult even if we win ALL our games.

    It’d be brilliant if Everton and Villa both win on Wednesday. We’d be right back in it.

  21. true gooner

    wenger is a fucking idiot ! fielding poor inexpierenced players in both domestic cup competitions proves he is not bothered what the fans want! the deluded french snake! Not signing in january was basically sticking two fingers up at the fans too. we haven’t got any leaders in our team yes cesc is a fine player but i woudnt say hes the perfect captain , no phsyical presence in our defence apart from campbell who is an old black lump of rhino shit

  22. nishanth

    Pat we also have to beat liverpool.A game which i can’t see us losing but we could easily end up getting a draw.Liverpool will be extremely defensive and they will surely target gael clichy

  23. Pat

    nishanth, Clichy improved after the first 30 minutes yesterday, greatly. That can be down to Chelsea sitting back, but we won’t know till Wednesday.

    Also, LPool don’t really have anyone who can exploit CLichy. Johnson is out.

    I think we should beat them. If we play like we did today, we will. They can’t hurt us on the break surely? Who do they have?!?!

  24. bnsb

    We will win ONLY when our strikers find their mojo back. Yesterday there were two good chances for us, which on our day could very well have converted.

  25. nishanth

    Pat-Both our fullbacks are awful going forward.Sagna gets forward all the time and puts awful cross in but he is always attacking.Clichy since the beginning of 2008-2009 season doesn’t really get forward much.He sits back so that he doesn’t get caught out of position.Inspite of that most of attacks comes from his side.His performance in the last 3 games has been just awful.It doesn’t have anything to do with him coming back from injury.Teams have realised that he is our weak link and destroying us through that side

  26. Pat

    Nishanth, but how has become such shit?!?! He was the best LB in the league in 07/08.
    Funny thing with Sagna is that he’s a great crosser for France.

    Maybe we can’t see how good he is because we have midgets, so the crosses look off target, while a taller player might have got a head to it.

  27. nishanth

    Team against liverpool
    Eboue Gallas Vermaelen Traore(Atleast he can put great crosses in)
    Diaby Cesc
    Rosicky Arshavin

  28. nishanth

    Pat-Clichy was never that good going forward.Even in that 2007-2008 season he used to make some great runs but his end product is woeful.I agree about the height factor upto an extent.Why put a high cross in when arshavin is there?I rarely see our fullbacks fizz in low crosses in dangerous areas which are harder to defend.
    The likes of lauren and Cuntley cole were great going forward and we didn’t have anyone in our back then who could head the ball properly

  29. ethangunner

    what a shock to he system last years Q&A mustve been!
    get ready for more if wenger is stupid enough to do another :)

  30. gnarleygeorge9

    G’Day again

    I would stick Eboue @ right back & be done with it. He at least had the ability to run. Now i know the chavs sat back but I can never ever forget this cross

  31. Pat

    Clichy and Sagna had the most assists in 07/08, compared to other fullbacks of course.

    I remember CLichy’s crosses getting us vital points in games! Same with Sagna + Ade.

  32. ikon

    knowing how close we were to getting a god run of games goingwith a target man upfront, it was criminal for wenger nt to invest in the squad

  33. Moray

    ikon – it was arrogant and complacent.

    To think we could get a result from Utd or Chelski without strengthening was just stupidity. And it happened because, just like last year, we’ve tried to be clever and get a player on the cheap by leaving it to the last minute. We never learn.

    And now we’ve lost two Prem games on the bounce and a cup game, it will no doubt affect our confidence going into the CL and for the rest of the season run in. Just like last year.

    Just like last year…that’s the embarrassing part for Arsenal supporters.

    And I’m gutted we’ve made the same amateur mistakes and failed to capitalise on a very weak PRemiership competition this year. You can guarantee Man Utd AND Chelski will strengthen for next year.

  34. iceman

    That was some serious bad luck though…

    On another day he’d be running away with his finger on his lips…


    Left your head Arsh…you have 4 goals to score on Wed :)

  35. Moray

    bnsb, we actually seem to be getting worse as we get older. Especially players like Sagna and Clichy. I can only think it’s the formation we play…

  36. bnsb

    .. and we have conceded 30 goals, Everton and City have let in more. Every other team till no. 11 have conceded lees goals than us.

  37. Geoff

    Call me old fashioned but they were both happy to accept their big shiny new contracts when they got them, if they don’t like them now, after we have won fuck all we should let them spend some time in the reserves, Cesc will be 26 by then and we’ll still get great money for him and Arshavin will be in his thirties and only City or Chelsea will want him.

    Time to make the same stand against greedy players as you do against the fans Arsene, say things like ‘you won’t spend irresponsibly’ that may do it for us that earn fuck all in comparison.

  38. bnsb

    “We are going into the game in a great frame of mind but Arsenal away is always difficult.

    Jamie Carragher,
    “We have been to the Emirates for a couple of years now and I don’t think we’ve won there yet so it is something we are going to have to do sooner or later and hopefully Wednesday will be the time.

    “For the last four or five years we have been good defensively under Rafa and we are just getting back to our normal selves.

    “If you keep clean sheets you are going to win games.”

    I thought you had to score a goal more to win, and you kept a clean sheet, you could still be Captain

  39. iceman


    Another 3 months of torture that it :)


    in order to attract world class players you must have world class players within your ranks…

    sure Arsenal is bigger then both but them leaving will not help the cause at all!

  40. rob green

    Terry showed how important a good captain is for a club!! wenger has already said its not a big deal

    Drogba showed how important a striker is yesterday!! Wenger doesn’t think we need one!!

  41. tonyadamsisgod

    I do hope Pedro will be dishing out the zero that Clichy deserves from yesterday’s game!! Get Traore back in! Fuck me, I’d even take Silvestre over Clichy right now! Exactly!

  42. bnsb

    Drogba showed how important a striker is yesterday!! Wenger doesn’t think we need one!!

    We have Arshavin, he got clear chances what did he do? Have we seen him score from out of nothing?

  43. dennisdamenace

    I would imagine that the management aren’t overly bothered about being beaten comfortably by the Chavs and the Mancs, because barring a complete collapse this seasons target will be achieved, ECL football, so the balance sheet will look good, I wonder if they might consider an open top parade to Islington town hall, then all the AW cronies can cheer the raising of the club’s bank statement….

  44. mkv

    Picture Denilson and Wenger at the grove f-u-c-k-i-n-g up the championship,,,,,,picture Rice and Wenger at the bridge K-i-s-s-i-n-g goodbye to the championship. Is there a way to gt through to Wenger guys. It seems they never listen to the fans,i am fed up. Its so disgusting to hear them trying to justify themselves saying 3rd place is better

  45. Moray


    For me, it’s poor defending. it’s no “Plan B”. If you go a goal down to Man Utd or Chelsea, then you really need to dig in and get yourself back in to the game. Retain possession, use the wings, mix it up. Not just reverting to all out attack like a schoolboy with a hard-on.

    And for Wenger to complain that Chelsea committed professional fouls and had less possession than us, it’s just plain crazy. He’s already compained that they spend more money than us, the referees make mistakes, they tackle us too hard…what the fuck does he expect? That’s football. Even Pele was fouled out of games, and that was 40 years ago…This is the man who assembled the Invincibles team. What the hall has happened?

  46. rob green

    Arsenal football club have gone down hill and we are a joke!! Wenger is not taking us forward!! he has lost it and must go!!

  47. tonyadamsisgod

    There is a reason Arshavin said we wont win the league with him up front!!!! Look at the opportunities that fell to him and Nasri in our last 2 games. Had we a proper striker in their goals would most definitely have been scored!!

  48. bnsb

    We played, tried to organize pressure on Cech’s gate, tried to escalate the pace. Arsenal tried to control the ball, did everything to score a goal. If we could have scored past Cech, the game would have gone differently, but, unfortunately, it didn’t happen. Now there is only one thing to do – to prepare for the next game with Liverpool.


  49. nucks

    dog shit! naive! same old de ja vous feeling!! Even with these players, if we had defended, been more disciplined yesterday we could have beaten a very average chelsea, but if everyone pushes forward, leaves large gaps in midfield, fail to work the keeper and just string endless pass after endless pass, then it will result in outplaying the opposition and winning fuck all! It is the lack of discipline and naive tactics that see us here yet again. No good blaming individual players this time. It’s the coaching, or obvious lack of it!!!!! If we weren’t even nearly good enough it would be easier to swallow. But we are all sick of this dog shit!!!!

  50. tonyadamsisgod

    bnsb – “If we could have scored past Cech, the game would have gone differently”

    Yeah, if we had scored more goals than them, we would have won.

  51. Moray

    I read on ANR that we only received 6.5m euros from Barca for Henry.

    Does anyone here know anything more about that, or is it simply MP making it up?

  52. iceman

    It’s not an opinion.
    It’s a fact.

    He’s a no. 10

    Not a striker.

    Even for Russia…he plays behind Pav and Pobyrank or sumin.

  53. tonyadamsisgod

    iceman – exactly. Hence why he has been saying for so long that he can’t play up front and that we need to sign a striker!!

  54. Geoff

    What I can’t understand is how Wenger seems satisfied to keep getting beaten by teams with money, we have plenty to have made a difference this January, yet he doesn’t seem to care.

    I really have had enough, it seems that it’s only Arsenal that keep rewarding people for not doing their job.

    Even if we won all our remaining games and won the league I would be angry, because had he signed three players in the window we could have cleaned up.

    It’s not stubborness for me, it’s either greed or stupidity and I can’t work out which.

    Even in the 70’s we got to three FA Cup finals in our 8 year barren spell and one FA Cup final in the 80’s before George Graham arrived to end that one.

    We are only a season or so away before we repeat another 8 year barren spell and all the Wenger lovers on here say things like, ‘I remember the 80’s’ Wenger is God.

    Well at this rate, they only have one more season left to remember them again.

  55. nucks

    When Arshavin is at his best, he is running from deep and down the flanks, not up front, down the middle on his own. Plan B please…… Poor positional selection, time and time again…..

  56. Confidentgoner

    Would we have lost yesterday with this formatio/Jut shows that Wenger does not deserve the 6mil salary




  57. Confidentgoner

    Would we have lost yesterday with this formation? Just shows that Wenger does not deserve the 6mil salary. Any fool would have known that we conceed from counters ad we needed o strenghten our fullbacks. Not Wenger!




  58. SUGA3


    it was a case of poor team selection – square peg round hole shit all over again…

    why start Walcott and Nasri? why keep Rosicky and B52 on the bench?

  59. nucks

    missing, 1 mean, hungry bastard of a striker! 1 mean, tough bastard of a midfielder! 1 mean bastard of a defensive coach! and any 1st choice keeper in the first 3 divisions of the English leagues!!!!!

  60. bnsb


    It’s not stubborness for me, it’s either greed or stupidity and I can’t work out which.

    If I could be of help how about all three in equal measures :)

  61. Moray

    Headline on the Guardian website:

    “John Terry finds redemption on the pitch after week from hell”

    Now, unless I missed the point, nobody’s been criticising Terry for how he plays football recently…it’s all been about the fact that he’s been ploughing women left, right and centre while his wife sits at home with his twins. And the fact that he’s a horrible cunt.

    It’s the same with other England players and the UK media. Build em up, knock em down, build em up…

  62. tonyadamsisgod

    Wenger is the worst tactician Arsenal has ever seen. Thats not to say he is very intelligent has brought the club forwards. But, he sends every team out to play in exactly the same way, week in, week out. Regardless of whether we are losing or winning the system remains in place. The subs always happen at the same period of the game and those subs are always like for like replacements. When was the last time you saw Wenger make a tactical decision and either swap on-field players to suit the game (like SAF did when he swapped Scholes & Fletcher) or bring on a player that changed how we played. I can’t remember.

  63. dennisdamenace

    Ohhh boo hoo, they committed more fouls than us, we had more possession than them, it’s so unfair, boo hoo hoo, I’m gonna scream and scream and scream…..

    Tosser, address the issues, stop sounding like a bitch, because you’re making us look like cunts with your piss poor bad loser complaints…

    Employ a defensive coach ffs, employ a goalkeeper worthy of a club of our stature, and buy a fucking goalscorer….

    If you can’t see the glaringly obvious you ard either not good enough at this level anymore or you have an alterior motive for your decisions….

  64. gambon


    Mourinho coming in and comfortably beating his invincibles team crushed Wenger, he has never recovered & doesnt have the motivation or knowledge to try and compete anymore.

    He is happy to just let things tick over, and get 3rd/4th every year, too scared to take on the big 2 teams.

  65. stonroy

    If we won the league Geoff I wouldn’t be angry, I would be embarrassed. Kind of like the speed skater from Australia who won the gold medal after everyone else fell down.

  66. bnsb

    it was a case of poor team selection – square peg round hole shit all over again…

    why start Walcott and Nasri? why keep Rosicky and B52 on the bench?

    If he had played Rosicky and B52, I am sure you would have said why not start Walcott and Nasri. Problem is you are never happy with Wenger :)

    I saw Walcott track back yesterday, nicked a fine ball off Cashley near our goal.

  67. stonroy

    I think wenger has gotten worse as a tactician the more he has tried to prove his point that children can win trophies, it’s blinded him to what’s going on, on the field.

  68. nishanth

    I just hope we somehow manage to beat liverpool.We need to end this winless streak soon otherwise we are in trouble

  69. gambon

    Thats the thing taig/ddm

    He is so out of his depth at the top level, hence why he hasnt ever competed in europe.

    Look at the differences between the big 2 teams & us;

    – They can attack, so can we
    – They can defend, we cant
    – They are skillful, so are we
    – They are big & strong, we are weak midgets
    – They adapt to their opponents, we dont
    – They perform well under pressure, we crumble
    – They have good GKs, we have the three clowns

  70. stonroy

    Gambon there is something else to add to that list, they have a genuine desire and hunger to win the games, we haven’t had that for a while.

  71. gambon

    Also did anyone notice, in his post match comments he said “at 2-0 they defended very well, which you would expect with their experience”

    Can you fucking believe that, he is admitting that experience makes a strong defence, yet he refuses to build an experienced side himself.

    In other words he is admitting his current side is fundamentally weak due to the lack of experience.

  72. nishanth

    Stonroy-I agree.That is the thing which surprises me the most.We have won fuck all for 4 seasons and yet the likes of chelsea and united who have won a lot more tropies recently show more hunger than us.

    Remember at the beginning of the season how we defended really well from the front when our attackers kept pessing upfront.How come we have stopped doing that?

  73. jules

    Im fed with saying the same thing over and over .

    All I know is we have played the two top teams with three small midfielders up front and we cant score a goal ,

    what a suprise , After reading wengers comments , I had have had enough now ,

    it is official now


  74. Kushagra India

    Nishanth right our players dont have the cosmic strengths to play this high intensity game in BPL,
    in La liga Barcelona walks through most of the matches ,something fundamentally is wrong with the team we gave our all in thd 2nd half but we just can’t score since henry has left. We haven’t changed our tactics since then and hoping a new Henry will come

  75. JAY20H

    Bein g there yesterday was just horrible. Once again we start a football match without a strikeR!!!!

    But remember, we dont need to sign anyone.

    Wenger has seriously lost the plot.

    “We are outsiders” says Arsene – Im looking backards once again. Need to beat liverpool wednesday!!!

  76. dennisdamenace

    For me, if Fab4 leaves in the summer I think it’ll be the last straw for RvP, and he’ll want to move on too….