It’s too dangerous to play Bolton but it’s quite safe to play in the ACN!

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Well in a week that Arsenal call the game off because it snowed and was deemed too dangerous to go ahead with the match, our players go to the African Cup of Nations where it’s considered safe.

Well unfortunately for two Togo players and their bus driver, it wasn’t, playing the cup in war torn Angola is the equivalent of hosting the World Cup in Helmand province, Afghanistan. Maybe Arsenal should have been more mindful before they sent Alex Song and Emmanuel Eboue to play there about safety.

Hopefully they’ll call it off now and our players can come back, if not at the very least they’ll surround the tournament with better security. An official in Angola even criticised Togo for driving the dangerous route, blimey, that’s like saying the Everton team should fly down today to avoid going through the Midlands.

Let’s just hope our players are safe and come back in one piece, it sure does put football into perspective.

And before any of our African Grovers get bent out of shape, I’m not having a pop at the cup, I’m having a pop at where it’s being played, crazy. Unsafe at the Grove, but okay in Angola, go figure.

Arsene has said on that he won’t be pursuing Chamakh and he almost signed Vieira and he is sure a premiership club will sign Campbell. So add that Dzeko and Gignac are too expensive and Cole is too injured then it looks like we won’t be signing anyone.


The great news is that Bendtner is back in training and looks set to save us £25 million in the transfer window, but he won’t be back for two weeks. Thing is, even if Bendtner is fit, we are still two strikers short in Theo and RVP and 3 short if you consider we never replaced Adebayor.

Also, it’s not like we’re getting Thierry Henry back from injury is it, we are getting an unproven striker back, I like Nikki B a lot, but I still think he’s two years off fulfilling his potential, I beieive you need to be around 24/25 to be a top striker.

So it looks like we are once again being short changed, still as Pedro and Wrighty 7 said yesterday, be calm, we still have 3 weeks left in the transfer window. If only I had their confidence and trust.

Someone suggested Santa Cruz and Ireland or Kompany as they are basically redundant now, anyone?

Everton at home today, well they have been doing okay of late and did draw against the chavs and the spuds, I saw both games and the chavs were woeful, well at least Cech was and the spuds should have been 4 up long before Saha netted.

Saha is another one on the radar, apparently injured today, but too much of a crock to interest me, a perfect Wenger signing though, injured, French and cheap!

I predict we’ll hammer them today and the mancs will draw a blank at Birmingham which will put us second with a game in hand and one point behind the chavs.

Anyway at least we get to watch the Arsenal today and with new signing Rosicky back we should be in for an entertaining game, I really like Tomas, I think he gives our team another dimension, Denilson is in for Song so he gets a chance to show us what he’s got, but will the boss stick with Vela after his assist laden game at Upton Park. I don’t think so.

I thought Eduardo and Nasri did enough to warrant a game and Diaby has to be first on the team sheet these days, so what do we think the team will be today? Try this.

Almunia (prefer Fabianski)

Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Traore

Denilson (prefer Nasri) Ramsey Diaby

Rosicky Arshavin Eduardo

The way to play Everton will be to hit them on the flanks and whip in low crosses, their keeper is playing well at the moment but they’ll remember what we did to them at the first game of the season, Almunia is playing so I’m going for 8-1.

Kidding! But I do think we’ll win handsomely and go second because the mancs won’t.

Hey just a thought, but if the Manc and Chav games are called off and ours goes ahead, we get our game in hand game back, if that makes sense.

Have a great day Grovers, let’s hope we put in a good performance today, no Song, no Fabregas and no frontman, it will certainly show what we have in the locker.

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  1. Geoff

    We have the spirit. Give me a break Arsene. We also have the money, go and spend it.

    Almunia is a joke, a complete joke, he has to go. Denilson is a championship player at best, when will you see that Wenger.

    Two deflected goals, we need to buy a target man, a real grown up one, a centre back, a DM and change the keeper, he’s woeful.

    I’m so disappointed I can’t say anymore.