It’s too dangerous to play Bolton but it’s quite safe to play in the ACN!

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Well in a week that Arsenal call the game off because it snowed and was deemed too dangerous to go ahead with the match, our players go to the African Cup of Nations where it’s considered safe.

Well unfortunately for two Togo players and their bus driver, it wasn’t, playing the cup in war torn Angola is the equivalent of hosting the World Cup in Helmand province, Afghanistan. Maybe Arsenal should have been more mindful before they sent Alex Song and Emmanuel Eboue to play there about safety.

Hopefully they’ll call it off now and our players can come back, if not at the very least they’ll surround the tournament with better security. An official in Angola even criticised Togo for driving the dangerous route, blimey, that’s like saying the Everton team should fly down today to avoid going through the Midlands.

Let’s just hope our players are safe and come back in one piece, it sure does put football into perspective.

And before any of our African Grovers get bent out of shape, I’m not having a pop at the cup, I’m having a pop at where it’s being played, crazy. Unsafe at the Grove, but okay in Angola, go figure.

Arsene has said on that he won’t be pursuing Chamakh and he almost signed Vieira and he is sure a premiership club will sign Campbell. So add that Dzeko and Gignac are too expensive and Cole is too injured then it looks like we won’t be signing anyone.


The great news is that Bendtner is back in training and looks set to save us £25 million in the transfer window, but he won’t be back for two weeks. Thing is, even if Bendtner is fit, we are still two strikers short in Theo and RVP and 3 short if you consider we never replaced Adebayor.

Also, it’s not like we’re getting Thierry Henry back from injury is it, we are getting an unproven striker back, I like Nikki B a lot, but I still think he’s two years off fulfilling his potential, I beieive you need to be around 24/25 to be a top striker.

So it looks like we are once again being short changed, still as Pedro and Wrighty 7 said yesterday, be calm, we still have 3 weeks left in the transfer window. If only I had their confidence and trust.

Someone suggested Santa Cruz and Ireland or Kompany as they are basically redundant now, anyone?

Everton at home today, well they have been doing okay of late and did draw against the chavs and the spuds, I saw both games and the chavs were woeful, well at least Cech was and the spuds should have been 4 up long before Saha netted.

Saha is another one on the radar, apparently injured today, but too much of a crock to interest me, a perfect Wenger signing though, injured, French and cheap!

I predict we’ll hammer them today and the mancs will draw a blank at Birmingham which will put us second with a game in hand and one point behind the chavs.

Anyway at least we get to watch the Arsenal today and with new signing Rosicky back we should be in for an entertaining game, I really like Tomas, I think he gives our team another dimension, Denilson is in for Song so he gets a chance to show us what he’s got, but will the boss stick with Vela after his assist laden game at Upton Park. I don’t think so.

I thought Eduardo and Nasri did enough to warrant a game and Diaby has to be first on the team sheet these days, so what do we think the team will be today? Try this.

Almunia (prefer Fabianski)

Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Traore

Denilson (prefer Nasri) Ramsey Diaby

Rosicky Arshavin Eduardo

The way to play Everton will be to hit them on the flanks and whip in low crosses, their keeper is playing well at the moment but they’ll remember what we did to them at the first game of the season, Almunia is playing so I’m going for 8-1.

Kidding! But I do think we’ll win handsomely and go second because the mancs won’t.

Hey just a thought, but if the Manc and Chav games are called off and ours goes ahead, we get our game in hand game back, if that makes sense.

Have a great day Grovers, let’s hope we put in a good performance today, no Song, no Fabregas and no frontman, it will certainly show what we have in the locker.

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  1. Paul

    Seen this on Gooner Talk.ive honestly been told by a close m8 of mine who lives in munich that the news in germany is that ivan gazidis is in germany trying 2 put together a deal for edin dzeko. im not just makin this up. it will be the big news 2moro in britain. im trying 2 look 4 a source. also is the rumours of sol campbell coming 2 arsenal true. apparently one of the arsenal young boys let it slip.

  2. Ray in SF

    I don’t know much about football, but I know a little about data

    there was some debate earlier about whether scoring most or conceding least was the mark of a champion.

    in the last 13 years (since the PL was 20 teams — arbitrary cut-off, I know, but I’m curious not compulsive)

    the top scoring team has won 9-times, come 2nd 5-times and come 3rd 1-time (yes, that’s more than 13 but some years there were two top-scoring teams)

    the lowest conceding team has won only 7-times, come 2nd 4-times, come 3rd 1-time, 4th 1-time and even 5th 2-times

    besides points gained which correlates very significantly with winning, goal-difference does quite well…

    the team with the biggest goal difference has won 10 times and come no worse than second on 4 other occasions

    Bottom line, our current projected goal difference of 47 is by coincidence almost exactly the average goal difference of the previous 13 champions and would have won us the league in 7 out of the last 13 years

    and no my parents weren’t cousins

  3. SUGA3


    he would come out all the way to close down Pienaar tho…

    Al would have kept that out, had he gone a yard further, but he is just undecisive IMO…

  4. SFOGunner

    looks like sneider is a lot better than rvp at freekicks. Should take responsibility for the dutch national team ..

  5. Keyser

    gambon – The best teams have consistency behind them, why did they keep those clean sheets ? Because they’ve built a team over several seasons, kept the same players together and were able to keep enough of their best players fit to sustain that.

    We won’t do that because we’re setup differently not because we can’t, it takes time and a lot of effort aswell as the right players, that doesn’t mean we can’t be just as effective, if you forget clean sheets, how many times have we gone on winning runs ? Gone numerous consecutive games with wins and all sorts of wins.

    Look at two games, Tottenham and Villa, we weren’t perfect but when out attack is potent we keep a clean sheet at the same time.

    The idea that Wenger doesn’t do defence is rubbish, because of the way we play, Keown came in to help organise the defence, but back to balance, look at how many goals we scored in that same period, he sat Gilberto in front of the defence and put 4 hardworking efficient players around him.

    We constricted teams into giving us the ball and kept it long enough to score.

    That United team were at the peak of their abilites and had almost everything go their way for that run.

    If you actually look at the important games from last season, the most notable thing is the players we have out, and because of that more times than not you aren’t going to win.

  6. David


    Agreed. Fabianski should be number 1 two games ago…but i think a very experienced older head should come in.

    Fab is quick to come out true…would he have palmed Osman’s header?

  7. gambon

    Ray in SF

    Just one thing. I dont think goals conceeded is the mark of a great defence, i think clean sheets is a better mark overall.

    Would be interesting to see how clean sheets correlate into success, especially amongst higher scoring teams.

  8. gambon


    Having players out is no excuse for us, it may be for some teams but not us cos we have an appaling record with fitness.

    No idea why, but we struggle to keep our players in shape to play.

  9. Keyser

    gambon – It’s never an excuse it’s a reason, the idea that you have to ignore it is rubbish.

    We played United and Chelsea in the semi-finals last year, unless they’ve got a similar injury list you’re just not as likely to win those games.

    I think’s down to some bad luck at least, there’s injuries we’ve had that come from stress and strain, but we’ve had several like broken legs and so on because of teams being soo aggressive against us.

    For some reason it’s just accepted that you can kick us.

    Rosicky and Walcott are different, but each of those long term injuries puts pressure on the rest of the squad, and because we end up playing 50-60 odd games a year and because Wenger’s forced to play the better players more and more as we get further into competitions means we have other injuries aswell.

  10. SUGA3


    teams kick us, because it works…

    the only player in the middle of the park who is not a fucking pansy is Song, but he is still some distance from being Paddy in his prime…

  11. 78692

    Howdy Suga3.

    I got criticized before for saying that Fab should leave if Wenger does not sign top players. Why should a world class player like Fab stay with us and waste his talent with barren seasons,when he could be winning trophies left right and centre with the likes of Barca and Madrid.

    What do you think?

  12. Ray in SF

    gambon: I’m not sure clean sheets is the total answer, it’s obviously good but not the whole story

    last season we gained 38 out of 48 points when we kept a clean sheet, 40 out of 52 when we let in one, and only 3 out of 24 when we let in two or more.

    to put that in perspective 38/48 is a season total of 90, while 40/52 is a season total 88

    we didn’t win a game when we conceded two or more goals, but we did pretty well when we only conceded one

  13. A

    David I don’t see how Almunia can be blamed for the Osman goal, trying to work out who should be, definitely not the keeper, and don’t see who should’ve been marking him. Seems like they just out-thought us, stuck him on the edge of the area as if he was just waiting for anything to fall around there, then made a very late run into the box, completely unmarked.

    Almunia was pants today, could of really terrible moments, the second goal was poor, and the clattering of Traore was terrible, but the first goal can’t be blamed on him, wouldn’t have made any difference if we had the best keeper in the world in goal for that.

    lol Ben Foster, his being hyped was hilarious, wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him following Richard Wright into the Championship.

  14. Maqitlarge

    I was at teh game today, and just watched it back on FF.
    Pants in the first half, and lucky to come in level.

    But, and I expect to get slaughtered for this, I thought we did well in the 2nd half. Sure there were negatives: a few idiotic moments punishing us, prro passing from certain players (Denilson, Traore, AA23…) and them scoring, and the nearly scoring again when Denilson was down and yet more confirmation that Coco the clown needs to find a new circus asafp and Denilson is not up to the job handed to him.

    BUT I thought we could have won. The scored well against the run of play and had a couple more decent chances in the 2nd half. However, if they hadn’t have broken (where was Verm by the way) I’m pretty sure we would have gone on to win.

    I konw we have problems (current GK, CB cover, suffering from Song’s absence and no real CF) but I feel our performance was better that we and the media are giving credit for. As someone said earlier, if that was anyone else coming back so late to draw when not at our best it would have been described as true grit, never say die etc, etc.

    Thats not to say the if we stand still in terms of players this month we’ll wont be out of it, cos if we have Denilson and Coco in their current roles for this run of games at the end of the month, we’ll be well and truley fucked.

  15. David

    A if Almunia stayed on his line’s hed have had a better oppurtunity to save that shot.

    IF we had Reina there is no way that wouldve gone in…and lets not talk about the second goal as well.

  16. A

    Agree totally Maqit.

    First half I thought we were poor, although we improved after they scored, but second half especially although we weren’t tearing them to shreds we were really upping the pressure and turning the screw, and i was very confident that the goal was gonna come. The breakaway/Den injury fucked all that up though.

  17. A

    What would Reina have done for the first goal David? It was weird Almunia’s starting position, but when Osman headed the ball I’d expect any keeper to be in the same position.

    Second goal was terrible though, and Traore was incredibly brave for the clattering, otherwise it would’ve cost us the match!

  18. A

    I’d say cunt is excessive Zorro, more like the village idiot – he can’t help it if he wasn’t given the ability for rational thought!

  19. David


    Im not sure we shouldve won…Imo…we were extremely lucky it couldve very easily been 3-1.

    And how many times could everton have hit us on the break?

    If not for some poor passing by Saha…and some brilliant last defender interceptions by Traore time and time again…

    We wouldnt win anything if Gallas is always forward imo…

    I mean even at the end when Rosicky was taking the shot Gallas was right there in the box.

  20. Pat

    Almunia wasn’t at fault for the 2nd goal ffs. He is absolute shit, but don’t blame him for things that arent his fault.

    He came out and made it harder for Pienaar. Thats his job. He stays on the line and Pienaar goes left or right. 1v1 is NEVER the keepers fault!

  21. Maqitlarge

    Its not just grovers or Arsenal fans, but everyone gtes carried away with the result over the performance. When playing big4 teams, other sides get praised for simply working hard. The pundits then try to tell us they deserve more than they got.

    Not Everton though. They were very good in the first half, exactly what I expected from Villa tbh.
    2nd half they played on the break and took advantage of our mistakes/poor passings/injured players.
    Other than that we dominted them I thought. But that will be ignored cos Everton worked hard.

  22. Pat

    David, Traore was the problem today. Everything they had was his fault! Not everything, obviously, but you get my drift…

  23. David

    Wow…incredible how different people see things

    Pat it was one on one…but that shot was well telegraphed as a chip and a very slow one at that..

    Pinnear is not skillful enough to go round almunia…

    What was he going to do if not to chip it???

  24. Maqitlarge

    David, having come in at 1-1 (luckily I might add) I thought we deserved to win based on the 2nd half performance and the score being level at the start of that half. Just my opinion

    I also thought the CBs were irresponsible today. They bombed forward recently cos Song has filled in well. I thought that was why they bombed on. But with Denilson there thats far to risky. If he does think to drop in he’s not what you want coving a counter attack really is he?

  25. Stu

    Almunia wasnt at fault for either of their goals today but he was absolutely awful in terms of performace. He didnt make any correct decisions and for their second i thought he could have done much better. Its not as if Pienaar faked a shot and then the the chip. Everyone (apart from Al obviously) could see what Pienaar was going to do.

    It wasnt even a chip imo…more of a scoop. Almunia could have read the shot and probably should have.

  26. David


    I couldnt have said it any better. Spot on.

    I was saying that Denilson was never going to beat Pencil in a foot race even if he wasnt limping injured…

    And Song wouldve taken CB position immediately..Denilson was still too far up the pitch for me and was never going to get back in time even if fully fit imo.

  27. Maqitlarge

    Surely Almunia deserves his own feature on Le Grove’s side bar thingey.

    I’d call it dead man walking. How long has he got?

  28. Pat

    David, he SHOULD have saved it, but it wasn’t his fault imo.

    Pienaar had space on the sides and he’s quick. A shift to one side, let loose, goal. Chip was well telegraphed, but he might have wanted Almunia to jump and put it under him. Many class players do that, and Pienaar is a pretty good player.

    Carlton Cole has returned to training btw.

  29. David

    A good keeper shouldve stood his ground and anticipated the chip..

    BUt almunia just fell down and disgracefully half heartedly threw his hand up to save the shot…

    Made himself and Traore look well stupid as if that Pencil goal was a world class finish…he wasnt even in the box ffs.

  30. Maqitlarge

    Did anyone see Traore get pissed off with Gallas over those corners at the end.
    Traore was telling Gallas to give him a call for time, or whatever. Gallas wouldn’t even acknowledge him.
    Pretty pathetic if you ask me

  31. David

    That was Nasri tracking back not traore…

    Bless him for that.

    Yes Pinear couldve gone right or left…but Almunia was already headed to the ground before he played the ball.

    Its not his fault..but he couldve done much better!

  32. Stu

    Its probably Almunia deciding to get rid of the bleached head..

    In fairness Pienaar isnt even that fast imo. He is no slouch (not denilson slow) but he shouldnt have ben able to run a good 40 yards without anyone catching up to him.

    Our defenders are suposed to all be pretty pacey but none of them were anywhere to be seen. They were all probably waiting to have a shot in the box. Im sick and tired of our defenders just roaming forward during open play. Getting as many players forward doesnt guarentee you a goal. There was no reason for both Gallas and Vermaelen to be up front when Everton got their second.

  33. David

    ROFL Maq

    I said that during the game..Arsene making Almunia captain should say it all now shouldnt it.

    Any chances you think that fucker would be dropped?

    And yet people are baffled why we want some players to get injured ffs.

  34. Stu

    Almunia should have waited for Pienaar to shoot before making his move anyway imo. Almunia was on his way down to his right before Pienaar had even taken the shot.

    IMO Al just made a pure quess. Thats just not on…

  35. Maqitlarge

    to be fair Stu Gallas was in position and closed down Cahill, who fed Pienaar through, but I know what you mean

  36. David

    Agreed Stu

    For all our defenders getting Forward.

    Bar Sagna…I cant think of one of them that gets deeply involved with an Assist or a goal?

    Its a real shame..and it pains me to say that this philosophy of our Manager is borderline suicidal because we dont have the right striker to give us a plan B.

  37. AA23

    I’m gutted about the result but some of the comments on here today are priceless.
    I’ve been one of the worst for it in the past but srangely I actually think the point today was a good one and one we deserved after going behind twice in the game.
    none of the teams are good enough to do that and all of the teams are good enough to cause some trouble to the rest, it’s going to be about scrapping for every single point.
    Today we had to scrap for a point and we got it, thats progress on just dropping our heads and accepting a loss.

    Look at the team that was out today, no cesc, no rvp, no song, no clichy or gibbs, no bendnter, no walcott, no eboue.
    Vela who has hardly played, rosicky the same Ramsey who is 11 years old and we managed to salvage a point after going behind twice against an Everton side who are very physical and who were fouling us good and proper every chance they got.
    Maybe we should have “wiped the floor with them!” and all that but we wont do that to every team. Everton are no mugs.
    Almunia is a major problem though, he is rubbish but more importantly he sends terror through our defence and therefore the whole team, Traore was bad today but they all were and, that has a lot to do with the confusuion of trying to do too much because they all know Almunia is dire in our goal, it puts them off their natural game.
    He should be released completely. I’m not even happy with him as backup, he is a player that actually encourages a loss.
    we are still well in the title race and I think we showed a lot of bottle in a bad situation that we probably created for ourselves and if nothing else it showed once more and blatantly that we need to act now to strengthen in certain areas.
    Sometimes we need a kick up the Arse and we usually go on a run once we get one, today was a kick up the Arse and I expect us to respond well to it.

  38. A

    Pat I certainly wouldn’t say he was to blame for it, but he certainly was at fault, he just sat on his arse and let piennar lift it over him. I wouldn’t say a keeper is ever to blame for a goal when it’s a one on one, but he certainly made life very easy for him, Piennar could’ve gone round him very easily too such was the way in which he came out. The main reason the goal happened though was Denilson being injured!

    The first goal I certainly don’t blame him for, looking at it time and time again I don’t blame anyone at the actual corner, but terrible from Ramsey to lose possession for Saha to have the deflected shot that it came from.

    Maqit it was the other way round, Gallas had a go at him when he was tussling with Vaughan or whoever it was which meant time was wasted, and they ended up arguing for ages, Traore seemed to be saying that he couldn’t see very well because of Vaughan elbowing him, which he said again when Gallas had a go at him for slicing the clearance out at the near post from their corner.

  39. Pat

    Maqit, why were there 2 defenders on Cahill when:

    1. He’s slow!
    2. Pienaar was wide open?

    Watching MOTD, we had the better chances, much better actually!

  40. SUGA3


    he was not at fault for the fact that they hit us on the break, but once he came he should have gone all the way and even take a red for the team, as long as it would be outside the box…

    but he won’t do that, will he? he knows that he wouldn’t get back into the side if Fabianski took over for the time of his suspension (unless Fabianski would fuck up as well)…

    if you come to make yourself big, fucking do it, don’t stop halfway – he missed the ball by inches, a yard further would do…

    watching MOTD and we played OK in the second half – as much as our goals were lucky, we were unlucky with a few more…

  41. Maqitlarge

    stand corected Stu, that was Traore. BOTH CBs were awol. Unbelievable!

    A, you’re probably right. i only caught the end of it on FF

  42. David

    I dont care what the team we had out today.

    We had a decent team out and we were playing at home.

    We looked sluggish and our passing was dreadful.

    That was the whole team…not any particular player!

  43. Pat

    And I though Arshavin was going to repeat his Blackburn heroics when he went on that run. Could have went to ground, as there was contact.

    Just saw Pienaar’s goal again. A keeper is supposed go lower and spread his arms to the side, ALmunia did that. He went down right as Pienaar chipped from the 18 yrd. line.

    Nothing wrong, imo.

  44. David


    Very Impressed with Diaby…the composure and decision making while we were 2-1 down for the goal confirms it for me he will be a top player.

    Consistency now is the key.

  45. Stu

    If our players werent so honest we could have had 2 (3 if not for the ref) penalties today. Arshavin vs Neill could have easily been given if Arsh fell over like so many others do. And Ramsey would hae easily taken a tumble when howard came rushing out.

    Not condoning diving but those would have been understandable penalty shouts.

  46. A

    David i agree about the whole team, but Ramsey was by far the worst player on the pitch imo, really wasn’t on the boil, though at his age you expect him to be inconsistent

  47. Stu

    Unbelievably i recall someone on here earlier criticised Rosicky for scoring his goal with the outside of his foot…what a prick huh!

  48. Pat

    They’re analyzing Traore’s performance. Everything they had came from that side!

    Clichy will be back soon, thats good.

  49. Maqitlarge

    why is he picking on Traore? a 20 year old 3rd choice left back. Why does that need a post mortum.

    Yes he had an indifferent day but that was amazing. He’s a cunt who can’t hide his dislike for Arsenal

  50. Gooby

    the problem of the press is that they can’t stand to see arsenal with no englishmen on the field. it makes them sick.

  51. choy

    traore had no cover on his side tbh,

    how are we going to replace song is the main question, we were being abused in midfield today :(

  52. Maqitlarge

    Women commentators. Its like when the headmaster used to mention football in assembly at school, you listen, but its so embarassing!

  53. David

    I was impressed with Traore…goals came from his side?

    Thought the second was a through ball from the right and down the middle?

    and the first a set piece?

    Traore saved our skins alot of times…

    Yes he might have been raped a few times by Landon Dickhead…but at least he was the one defender that tracked back for almost everything?

  54. choy

    traore lost the ball that resulted in a corner which is why gallas was going mental…

    I cannot figure out for the life of me why both the CB’s were not even in their own half, for the second goal.

    I dont think any other team in the PL have such attacking CBs

  55. Pat

    He’s not picking on Traore. He was analyzing our weakest point. Traore and Ramsey were the 2 worst players today, imo.

  56. Maqitlarge

    plus Traore got stuck in first when Everton started to kick the shit out of us. It noticable raised the crowd!

  57. AA23

    Not talking about that specifiically actually Maquit.
    Just surprises me when people talk about overall performance, attitude etc etc when you see so much more whan you watch a game live.
    I wouldnt tend to argue certain points with someone who saw a game live when I watched it on TV or a stream.
    Amunia was as shit in person as he was on telly today though right?

  58. David

    yesterday i said

    Felleni vs Denilson in midfield.


    But then I believed Wenger reassuring words that Denilson was ample enough cover for Song.

    Cant bother to look at the stats of how many “tackles” Felleni won in midfield.

    Looked like M.Diarra ffs.

  59. Maqitlarge

    I thought that was OTT Pat. He even called him petulant when he showed frustration at the corner. If thaqt was Ronney/Terry it would be high standards or some other bullshit. The goals were not his fault. If he was paying attention then he should have ripped the CBs for being nowhere and the CMs for not covering them

  60. SUGA3


    we would normally have Song there…

    AW should have told them to stay back a bit more, taking that into the account – Denilson doesn’t have the same run stopping ability Song has…

  61. Zorr0

    Just watching it on MOTD!

    I thought that every one of their players fought like their lives depended on it!

    Denilson lost ball for corner badly!

  62. David

    We need a striker. Absolutely need a striker. Need it like yesterday.

    We need a plan B.

    We already have enough of the possession we’re just too one dimensional

  63. choy

    I agree suga.. but who’s going to replace Song in the middle of the park?

    All our players only care about attacking.

    We have bolton next week away!

  64. Maqitlarge

    oh, ok AA23. Thanks :)

    Traore did make some mistakes today but the lad has bottle. As I just said, he was first to respond with a crunching tackle which follwed with teh likes of Nasri/Diaby etc doing the same.

    Main observations to day are that Coco is a majot problem and I can’t believe the leniency he gets. Also, Denilson is no cover for Song.

  65. Pat

    David, surely a CDM is more important atm. A partner for Cesc so he can play at his best. We control the game, we create, we score.

    No point in getting a striker if we’re going to be overrun and service will be poor.

    Thats why we need BOTH!

  66. SUGA3


    I have been saying this all along – Denilson can’t cut it in this role, he is just another player who is more attack than defensive minded, not to mention that he’s is slow & lightweight as fuck…

    and I am worried about Billy’s ‘injury’…

  67. David


    Song will soon by back.

    A striker is still what we need even after Song gets back.

    After the bolton game its likely that Cameroon would be out of the Competition.

    We could very well have him for Stoke.

    Getting a player for one game is silly. Maybe if we get someone on loan it will make more sense..but a striker is a must imo..

  68. Maqitlarge

    David, up until today I agreed with that. But after today we will be too far away if we rely on Denilson until Song gets back. Not getting Vieira is looking like a major mistake imo.

    It wouldn’t have “killed” Song. With CL and FAcup there would eb more than enough gvames to go around. But I guess he would have to admit that Denilson wont make it and he aint doing that anytime soon.

  69. choy

    We always keep ignoring the defensive side of the game, one of the main reasons for our recent trophyless seasons.

  70. Maqitlarge

    any of the african based grovers out there fancy cooking up some Lasagne, N5 style for teh Cameroon squad?

  71. Maqitlarge

    I guess the solution should be to have teh 3 man midfield (from Fab4, Diaby, Ramsey, Nasri – and densilson I suppose) who show discipline and show defensive responsibility between them.

    Unfortunately, with this team, CBs and manager, thats a recipe for disaster!

  72. Maqitlarge

    ok, I’m out. This will feel better in the morning.
    This time last month we’d have loved to have been just 3 points behind Chelsea!!!!

  73. Zorr0

    Not a word about Everton playing on when a player just collapses!

    Saying what great tactics from Everton to stop AA playing! Have they not seen his last few performances! That wasn’t tactics, they just let him play badly!

  74. Zorr0

    Not a problem with what they said about Traore, it was all true and he did defend badly in terms of his positioning. But he has to learn and he got no help from the man in front whatsoever!

  75. Pat

    SUGA, I doubt any manager will pull their players out.

    David, we need a CDM that can also play an attacking role. SOmeone who can play with Cesc and Song if need be.

    Veloso fits the bill. Set piece specialist as well.

  76. ethangunner

    El Tel Says:
    January 9, 2010 at 18:28

    Coco the Clown The Tapas Bar Waiter will not be dropped as he is the Captain.

    Fucking hillarious that cunt can’t control himself let alone giving instructions to team mates.

    El tel 100% agree , it would be funny if we still had jens and the roles were reversed .

    im sure jens would be already back at no. 1
    walking frame and all !

    i shouldnt joke really jens is the same age as me :)

    but i look better :)
    and im not german :)

    but the point im making is wenger obviously doesnt have faith in fabianski yet ,or big al would already be benched . and with how ruthless wenger usually is with his keepers if they dont preform ,all i can say is wenger has no plan B in this area ..and it shows …

    how wenger can keep a straight face and say he will only buy if he can find better in the area.

    when it comes to goal keepers …

    he has to be taking the piss with that bollocks
    surely …

  77. A

    AA as captain SUGA?! He’d be the worst captain in the history of the world, in any sport, EVER! He’d refuse the responsibility too!!

    I don’t like Almunia as captain though, not sure there are any other alternatives, Vermy would be a great captain, but not been at the club long enough, Eduardo needs to concentrate on getting his form back, Sagna perhaps? Though doesn’t seem like a talker to me. Gallas isn’t considered and wouldn’t want it after it was taken away from him last season.

    The only alternative would be Denilson really! Though maybe could overlook Vermy being new actually.

  78. SUGA3


    he captains Russian national team, and that is a hell of a job – much bigger than captaining Arsenal if you ask me…

    Denilson for captain? PMSL…

  79. SUGA3

    AW surprised me with a few bizarre captain selection – Sly and Coco?

    ex-Manc cunt captaining Arsenal is an insult, keeper who costs us big time and no one has any confidence in is just silly…

    here’s some AW’s shit man management for you…

  80. SUGA3

    and where do I start on Denilson? fuck me, exactly as I predicted – he got raped…

    he is not cut for the lone DM role – I compared him to Melo, who is being nursed by Bert in the Brazilian national team – without Song, Fellaini ran him over…

  81. AA23

    Is there a possibility that we are the only ones that can see how pony Almunia is?
    Like the twilight zone film where John Lithgow sees a monster on the side of the plane but no one else can see it.

  82. blazon

    pat…i completely share your embarrassment at wanting denilson out of there for weeks…the first half hour today he was awful, worst i can remember and that’s saying something…plus he needlessly gave away the corner that led to the first goal…he’s absolutely NOT what we need as a holding MF…he hasn’t the strength, the steel or the pace…

    Sharkey…re Ramsey, that was the biggest disappointment for me today…after last weekend when he looked so good in cesc’s role it’s hard to fathom how he can regress like he did today – it was true right from the start and Wenger showed him up big time by taking him off, rightly so…how often do you substitute your main man in midfield when he’s not injured?

    Traore too took a big step backwards – not least because he lost his cool with his own teammates in a very public way more than once…and his positioning re Donovan was awful, he got skinned…ironically in the second half he showed us a cross so exquisite from an arsenal full back i could have wept – if only sagna and clichy could do that.

    Almunia, yes, this must be the end…it can’t be justified any longer.

    you know, it’s amazing we got a point – but we did!!

  83. A

    Denilson was captain of all of the Brazil youth teams up to U20, incredibly intelligent, both on and off the pitch, I’d see him as a future captain certainly, though probably a bit young now.

    Arshavin is so hit and miss, just doesn’t pay attention half the game, really couldn’t see him being a good captain, but you never know I guess!

    He spends half the match wandering around making silly faces and picking daisies

  84. Stu

    AA being captain isnt so far fetched A. Dont be so quick to laugh the suggestion off. He captained the side when we played fulham this season at the Cottage.

    Anyone is better than tha fuckhead Almunia who is possible the biggest joke to wear the captains armband in arsenals history. Its really a toss up between him and Silvestre as to which is worse.

  85. SUGA3

    dunno mate, beats me…

    he probably doesn’t trust Fabianski enough to put him in the no.1 permanently – we all know that such a switch would be just irreversible…

    Fabianski had the chance to nip in there against Spuds, but got injured, which forced AW’s hand to reinstate this twat…

  86. A

    I wonder if Almunia will be suitable shaken by the collision with Traore for Fab to start against Bolton. Almost annoying there’s 8 days rest!

  87. SUGA3


    Denilson would be the worst captain I could think of – first of all, he is not first choice and never will be, secondly, he doesn’t have it in him to do it…

    so what if he captained some poxy U20 team? don’t get me started on how much different this is…

    Arshavin captains Russia – this is a massive job, but you would have to know something about Russian mentality to appreciate this…

  88. freduardo

    i think today arshavin was often moving into space and calling for the ball, but the midfielders just couldnt get it to him. i think he misses the really intelligent passing of RVP and Cesc (who wouldnt).
    I thought i could see him getting frustrated with diaby on a couple of occasions, who, although playing well, still has a habit of holding the ball a shade too long for our game in my opinion.
    i think today, especially in the first half, our whole midfield struggled to get decent quick passes into eddie and arsh because of the high tempo game played by everton.
    With time, i think Ramsey and Denilson will learn how to deal with that.
    Nasri has been a little disappointing for me since his return, and i think the right hand side of midfield just does not suit the lad.

  89. Kreshnik

    i said during the game that denilson just doesn’t seem to fit in that role. now after things cooled a bit is clear that he is very lightweight and gets kicked around and bossed easily. That role needs a kick ass animal like Song, period. Then Denilson can sneak at ppl and steal the ball as much as he likes.
    I don’t if would be smart to buy a replacement for such a short time, but that position will cost us more points if we don’t do something, unfortunately. How bout Senderos, why not give him a shot there. With his physical presence he can defntly do a better job than Denilson at least.

  90. freduardo

    or vermaelen in that role? he seems to spend much of his time in the midfield anyway…
    i wouldnt be adverse to seeing senderos getting a game at CB with TV in the holding role. the CB partnership probably will not be broken up however.

  91. Keralite Gooner

    his mis pass to sagna almost injured him and came out himself to kill the other fullback . i think we should shoot our defensive coach too , the team got no organization in the back.

  92. AA23

    I think one of the reasons our defence is so shocking is because of Almunia, he is so shit that the defence is crapping itself non stop and it puts them off their natural game because they are worried what that idiot is going to fuck up next.
    Almunia is like a tumor that spreads to the lungs, brain and bollocks of the defence.

  93. nishanth

    Arshavin as a captain is a good idea.Just might make him work more hard.Why the fuck is almunia the captain?Vermaelen has already said that he doesn’t mind captaining arsenal and he is already the captain of belgian nationoal team.

  94. nishanth

    Next 5 games are-Bolton(a),Villa(a),United(h),Chelsea(a),Liverpool(h)
    These matches could end up deciding whether we are going to fight for the title or end up fighting for the champions league slot.If the clown remains our keeper i can see us struggling.

  95. AA23

    Nishanth if we do well in those games and I think we will do well in all of them including Chelsea then we have a very good run in for the end of the season.
    I think today was a good wake up call and could have been a blessing in disguise for the run of games you listed.
    Almunia needs dropping straight away though.

  96. nishanth

    And its not like almunia is a young keeper who is going to learn from mistakes.He is 32 and will never become world class

  97. ethangunner

    I think today was a good wake up call

    maybe for you it was a wake up call .
    but i doubt you really will ever wake up AA .

    unless we get some players in you can theorize
    a way to beat the chev’s mathematically this season , but head to head , the only way to dominate them is to get a better class of player in…

    end of .

    if you class yesterday a wake up call 4 wenger then the only response is to buy .
    if you class yesterday a wake up call for you…
    then its about fuckin time