It’s too dangerous to play Bolton but it’s quite safe to play in the ACN!

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Well in a week that Arsenal call the game off because it snowed and was deemed too dangerous to go ahead with the match, our players go to the African Cup of Nations where it’s considered safe.

Well unfortunately for two Togo players and their bus driver, it wasn’t, playing the cup in war torn Angola is the equivalent of hosting the World Cup in Helmand province, Afghanistan. Maybe Arsenal should have been more mindful before they sent Alex Song and Emmanuel Eboue to play there about safety.

Hopefully they’ll call it off now and our players can come back, if not at the very least they’ll surround the tournament with better security. An official in Angola even criticised Togo for driving the dangerous route, blimey, that’s like saying the Everton team should fly down today to avoid going through the Midlands.

Let’s just hope our players are safe and come back in one piece, it sure does put football into perspective.

And before any of our African Grovers get bent out of shape, I’m not having a pop at the cup, I’m having a pop at where it’s being played, crazy. Unsafe at the Grove, but okay in Angola, go figure.

Arsene has said on that he won’t be pursuing Chamakh and he almost signed Vieira and he is sure a premiership club will sign Campbell. So add that Dzeko and Gignac are too expensive and Cole is too injured then it looks like we won’t be signing anyone.


The great news is that Bendtner is back in training and looks set to save us £25 million in the transfer window, but he won’t be back for two weeks. Thing is, even if Bendtner is fit, we are still two strikers short in Theo and RVP and 3 short if you consider we never replaced Adebayor.

Also, it’s not like we’re getting Thierry Henry back from injury is it, we are getting an unproven striker back, I like Nikki B a lot, but I still think he’s two years off fulfilling his potential, I beieive you need to be around 24/25 to be a top striker.

So it looks like we are once again being short changed, still as Pedro and Wrighty 7 said yesterday, be calm, we still have 3 weeks left in the transfer window. If only I had their confidence and trust.

Someone suggested Santa Cruz and Ireland or Kompany as they are basically redundant now, anyone?

Everton at home today, well they have been doing okay of late and did draw against the chavs and the spuds, I saw both games and the chavs were woeful, well at least Cech was and the spuds should have been 4 up long before Saha netted.

Saha is another one on the radar, apparently injured today, but too much of a crock to interest me, a perfect Wenger signing though, injured, French and cheap!

I predict we’ll hammer them today and the mancs will draw a blank at Birmingham which will put us second with a game in hand and one point behind the chavs.

Anyway at least we get to watch the Arsenal today and with new signing Rosicky back we should be in for an entertaining game, I really like Tomas, I think he gives our team another dimension, Denilson is in for Song so he gets a chance to show us what he’s got, but will the boss stick with Vela after his assist laden game at Upton Park. I don’t think so.

I thought Eduardo and Nasri did enough to warrant a game and Diaby has to be first on the team sheet these days, so what do we think the team will be today? Try this.

Almunia (prefer Fabianski)

Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Traore

Denilson (prefer Nasri) Ramsey Diaby

Rosicky Arshavin Eduardo

The way to play Everton will be to hit them on the flanks and whip in low crosses, their keeper is playing well at the moment but they’ll remember what we did to them at the first game of the season, Almunia is playing so I’m going for 8-1.

Kidding! But I do think we’ll win handsomely and go second because the mancs won’t.

Hey just a thought, but if the Manc and Chav games are called off and ours goes ahead, we get our game in hand game back, if that makes sense.

Have a great day Grovers, let’s hope we put in a good performance today, no Song, no Fabregas and no frontman, it will certainly show what we have in the locker.

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  1. gambon

    The problem is Wenger just does not know how to build a strong defence, and seemingly wont delegate power to someone that does.

  2. SUGA3

    problem with GK is that you cannot just allow him to take his time to come good after a slump in form – it’s not like another player will cover for you, you’re on your own…

  3. Micky Did It 89

    Before I bugger off, I am going to put maximum positive spin on this. Suppose Chavs get one point at Hull. Where is the best point, home to Everton, away Brum or away Hull. Maybe, just maybe, its home to Everton.
    That’s the best I can do guys.

  4. SUGA3


    Wenger doesn’t do defence, does he?

    Keown worked wonders with back four of:


    if that was not a hard task, then I don’t know what is…

  5. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    manure played well but still dropped 2 points…

    we played shit but still drew,hence we atleast didnt have manure drove away with more pts from us,especially when manure played lot better than us..

    am really gutted though….we have fabregas in our midfield for a reason

    without song,we were so suscptible to counterattack

    we were outmuscled in midfield…

    better do something wenger,but AKBs will NEVER see this…

  6. tonyadamsisgod

    Is Vermaelen good. Yes, definitely.

    Has signing Vermaelen improved our defensive frailties? Definitely not.

    So, hell yes, we need another CB to be brought in!

  7. SUGA3


    it has actually, given that the opposition does not get a lot of shots on goal, it’s the keeper letting the goals in at every second attempt…

    somebody shoot this cunt…

  8. gambon


    Exactly, also the Almunia situation shows that he just doesnt know what a good goalie is, does he?

    I mean theres no other explanation to why hes played the last 2.5 seasons as first choice, when its been clear throughout that he’s not good enough!

  9. Jaguar

    That senile French bastard would never understand the importance of the term ‘Defence’.FFS,open your eyes,you fucking idiot,than living on our hard earned money.

  10. El Tel

    you are right Suga Billy needs a rest.

    The person most at fault is the same person who has been in the defence these past 2.8 seasons.

    Yes you got it our Captain our inspiration our match winning Keeper.

    I said it before that no matter who is in defence or CM as any 2 shots on target results in 1 goal.

  11. Jaguar

    I wouldnt wonder if Fabregas/Arshavin and RVP fuck of at the end of the season,where they have better chances of winning something.Our club is turning out to be a joke like Mr.Wenger.

  12. patthegooner

    Denilson only out for a week!!!! That is a shame

    I really was hoping a lenghty injury would have forced Wenger’s hand on this.

    I dont like to wish injury on an Arsenal Player, in fact I feel disgusted with myself for feeling it, but that is what Wenger has driven me to. His stubborness here is beyond belief, it really is.

    Seriously, Denilson will cost us points if he continues to play as the holding midfielder in our first 11. Infact he will cost us our Title dream. That may sound harsh, it is a team game but it is such an important position, especially when Cesc is out.

    He was bumped off the ball with ease today, it was like man against boy. Villa and Bolton will look at that and I can guarantee that they will target his inexperience and shitness in that position. Those that have not yet got fully behind Song should look back at that game today and realise why we miss him. We got bossed in the midfield today, and that is why we struggled. Song does not often get bumped off the ball, and he covers the CB when Verm and Gallas go forward. Diaby ended up covering two roles today and was often seen mopping up where Denilson was slipping over.

    I honestly believe that if Song had started this game, we would have won it.

    Forget the Striker, Forget the Keeper, Forget cover at CB. DM is our real priority. Fuck killing Denilson by doing it, he is a liability and an accident waiting to happen in that position. And fuck the problem of what do I do with Song when he gets back. What a fucking lovely problem to have. At least we can rotate, at least we will have strength in that area.

    Seriously I hate the fact that I wish injury on an Arsenal Player I really do, but I cant help it, I instantly thought blessing in disguise when he went off. Just like I did when Diaby was forced off playing in that position against Wolves.

    Stop fucking around Arsene, it is not like we are skint. Go out there and buy Parker or Matuidi or whoever you think would be good cover in the holding role, but please stop mugging us off with propaganda on that this round player or that round player can fill a Square hole, it is insulting.

    I dont hate Denilson, I think he has the potential to be a bit of a Grimandi, but I hate the fact we try and cuff it.

    Man Ure’s result means it is as you were with them. Chavski are the winners today.

  13. SUGA3

    with Denilson playing DM we will get bumfucked by Villa, Mancs, Chavs and Pool…

    and no, Song will not be back too early, Cameroon are going all the way…

  14. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    Calm down,we have only “hope” to bank on,no point on getting angry on things we cant control…..

    “hope” is that wenger sees from this game..we are couple of injuries awy from catastrophy,such that gallas/TV5 partnership…and still no striker…

    C`mon he plays bendy as a wide right winger

  15. tonyadamsisgod

    A – If that’s what it takes then I guess so. Maybe Gallas and TV need to rotated next to a monster in the air??

  16. SharkeySure

    “better do something wenger,but AKBs will NEVER see this…”

    Shut up with that AKB shit – you think your Son of Geoff don’t you.

    Your posts use more and more of his rhetoric every day.

    It is well known that AKBs don’t really exist and that the whole phenomena is a complete misnomer, but here you are claiming to never have met any….in India FFS.


  17. ritesh

    Spirit is what we need Geoff.

    They wanted it more than us for much more of the game. Rambo had a shocker after 2 MOTM displays too.

    Fabianski needs to play sometimes for us too, rotation would not be that bad

  18. tonyadamsisgod

    Suga – 2nd attempts? Osman’s goal was a simple header. First attempt. Piennar’s goal was a simple chip.first attempt.

    Don’t get me wrong, Almunia is terrible but it was our defense that cost us today! That and the fact that far, far, far too many fucking times do our corners get cleared by the first defender! Fran Merida proving why he is the worst at it!

  19. Samir

    I’m sure Senderos could improve this team…..

    Team for Bolton;


    Clichy is back on Monday.
    Fabregas should be back. Might be on the bench however.
    Almunia is BULLSH!T!

  20. SharkeySure

    “Jaguar Says:

    January 9, 2010 at 20:05
    Wenger,you fucking mug,fuck your fucking ego up your arse,and buy some quality players.”

    Eloquence indeed !!!

  21. Jaguar

    AFIK,Mayank is from India,and he spouts the same shit which Wenger does in every interview.So I think you have understood who needs to stop talking out of their arse.

  22. SharkeySure

    Jag. You just don’t get whats going on when someone claims to be an AKB do you…??

    Do YOU know better than Wenger…?? Go on please tell us all that you do…

  23. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    we have a one week for wenger to do some shopping before bolton game

    C`mon wenger,get couple of much needed players if we are to win the league with so many injuries

    goodnite all…am sure chavs WILL drop points..its that we have to buy a couple we badly need and start winning immediately…

    C`mon Arsenal..

  24. SharkeySure

    He might do TAIG.

    But I tend to ignore anyone talking that ‘eloquently’, as they’re not exactly gonna follow it up with a clearly thought out explanation are they…??

  25. Jaguar

    SharkeySure Says:
    January 9, 2010 at 20:11

    Jag. You just don’t get whats going on when someone claims to be an AKB do you…??

    Do YOU know better than Wenger…?? Go on please tell us all that you do…

    What the fucking fuck.If a fucking mug,who is managing one of the best clubs in the world,and drawing £6m ,doesnt fucking know where we are short of players,I am sure,I would do a better job than him ,and I wont have to be paid £1m an year.

  26. SharkeySure

    Gambon….and we listened to him ‘speak only the truth’ about Diaby for how long..??

    He’s no Oracle !!

  27. SharkeySure

    So Jag was that a ‘Yes’ to you knowing better and doing a betetr job..??

    Would you be picking Diaby today…?? Lol

  28. ritesh

    Bendtner would have made a difference on that right wing today…

    we did not put enough pressure on them and let them run the show.

  29. A

    A monster in the air wouldn’t have made any difference today taig, certainly wouldn’t have been marking osman!

    Today we conceded two goals, one was from a corner, the other a counter attack in which they ran through purely because of an injury.

    I don’t think it’s possible to say that we need a new centre back, nor a keeper, on the basis of those goals.

    Though I’d certainly put Fabianski in goal, and if Senderos is buggered or on his way then we need a back up.

  30. gambon


    OK so he’s not the fat black bird from the Matrix.

    However theres no doubt that a lot of peoples feelings could be boiled down to “fuck your ego and buy some players”

  31. SharkeySure

    Fair dos’ criticise Wengers individual mistakes but lets not pretend its a job any of us could do better or make less mistakes.

    Today weren’t a great day for a number of reasons, not just cos Arsene’s the manager.

    We could have 11 new players out there today and still had ‘a bad day at the office’. It happens

  32. A

    not necessarily gambon, and when we do not because of any individuals, and no individual would solve it. If you play an attacking style, then you’re going to be more fragile at the back.

  33. Jaguar

    SS,I was a big critic of Diaby,and he truly deserved the flak of the fans.And I havent been raising my voices against Diaby for the past few weeks,thanks to the improvement in his way of play,rather intelligence.But I dont fucking comprehend why Mr.Wenger despite all his stubbornnes is being defended by the AKB’s. FFS,does Wenger pay a bit of his pay to all the fucking idiots a.k.a AKBs to defend his idiocy?Having said that,I would rather have Rosicky ahead of Diaby in my team.

  34. Keyser

    Jaguar – Wait a min, you’re sure you’d do better than Wenger, but you’d want less than a million a year ?!

  35. gambon

    Yeah but A, we are truely awful in defence, not just a bit too leaky.

    No team has ever won the league conceeding as many as we do, it will undermine our whole season.

    I just cannot understand why we have not improved defensively for 4 years now, why cant Wenger see that he needs to work harder on it if he wants some success?

    At the end of last season he said over and over that we must improve defensively, and we havent, if anything we’re worse.

  36. tonyadamsisgod

    A – Who was injured when they scored? It was because we had about 3 men run from the middle of our defense to shut down just one man. That said man then just slipped the ball through to a free running Piennar. But I digress. Our defense isn’t good enough. Again. Defense is not the be all and end all of football but it comes very close indeed. Ours is not good enough. Mainly in the air but on the ground too. And its the management too. Perhaps its time to rethink the zonal marking?? Osman, the smallest player on the pitch got a leap on Gallas for one reason. He had a running start and Gallas did not.

  37. SharkeySure

    Jaguar – “does Wenger pay a bit of his pay to all the fucking idiots a.k.a AKBs to defend his idiocy?Having said that,I would rather have Rosicky ahead of Diaby in my team”

    Unadulterated shite !! Thats my only response< Its like telling me the sky is green and expecting me to argue with you about it. I wouldn't, its too stoopid to 'debate'!!

    Nite Jag…you have agood evening.

  38. patthegooner

    I dont think anyone thinks they could do Wengers job better than the man himself, But

    He is not perfect and he has a very annoying trait, in that he is incredibly stubborn and I personally believe it is clouding his ability to deliver success to this club.

    I know we could have had ten new players in there today and had a bad day, but just as likely with a bit of cover for DM, we could have won the midfield battle and ultimately the game.

  39. tonyadamsisgod

    gambon – Exactly. To say Wenger is ignorant or naive about thinking attacking football is the only way to win a game is a huge under statement. You cannot win the league when you ship 10 more goals than your rivals. It may not sound a lot but it really is.

  40. A

    yeah gambon, no team has ever won the league conceding this many, and no team has ever scored as many as we have so far either.

    taig denilson was on the deck and couldn’t track back, which is why they could just run through absolutely free

  41. patthegooner

    A who was injured when they scored mate. I thought Rosicky got caught in possession and they broke and scored.

    I was watching a stream so may have missed it

  42. SharkeySure

    Pat 20.27….now that I can’t/can argue with – if you knwo what I mean.

    You’re making reasonable point sfor discussion, not just ranting as you reach for your 11th can of Stella

  43. tonyadamsisgod

    A – That was when they nearly scored a 3rd mate. The second came from a Merida corner getting cleared by the first defender and then Everton breaking away. If Denilson was injured I missed it/

  44. Keyser

    “To say Wenger is ignorant or naive about thinking attacking football is the only way to win a game is a huge under statement.”

    tonyadamsisgod – Got a bit confused here care to elaborate ?!

  45. Jaguar

    SharkeySure Says:
    January 9, 2010 at 20:27

    Jaguar – “does Wenger pay a bit of his pay to all the fucking idiots a.k.a AKBs to defend his idiocy?Having said that,I would rather have Rosicky ahead of Diaby in my team”

    Unadulterated shite !! Thats my only response< Its like telling me the sky is green and expecting me to argue with you about it. I wouldn't, its too stoopid to 'debate'!!

    Nite Jag…you have agood evening.
    FFS,Are you desperately trying to prove to others that you have more trust in Mr.Wenger than AFC?I have had enough of his hypocrisy.I wouldnt mind,if my team doesnt buy any players because of shortage of funds.But,we buy toddlers who would play for us in four years,and that too for inflated fees.what the fucking fuck!Mr.Wenger if we dont win anything this season,due to your fucking ego,fuck right off from my beloved club.

  46. David

    Marko Says:
    January 9, 2010 at 18:34
    And you gave an example of what I was saying, yousaid you were 1 of 3 people who said we’d go on and win 2-1 at liverpool, so I’m just guessing there was dozens on bitching about Wenger calling him a cunt and wishing some players would get injured cause they’re shite.


    Would you like a coockie?

    And when we were 1-0 down at pool when we were playing like gutter shyte…where the fuck where you?

  47. SharkeySure

    Pat 20.27

    Ramsey might have been the main prpblem today. Playing DM behind someone losing the ball that often isn’t easy.

    Last time we looked that poor in midfield (Wolves) also coincided with no Song and Ramsey starting. I lke Ramsey itys just a bit much asking him to deal with the pressure he was put under today

  48. tonyadamsisgod

    Keyser – Sorry mate. Wenger obviously puts the majority of his effort into the attacking side of the game. I can only think his philosophy is that his attacking players will usually bail out his defensive ones by scoring more than they leak. I think that’s naive.

  49. ZAK


    I cant be bothered to work it through but I’m certain that the team that concedes the least goals generally wins the trophies and not the top goal scorers. All they win is the plaudits from fans and pundits. I suppose its down to ambition and what we are all happy with. ME ?? trophies 1st then income will follow, then great play.

  50. SharkeySure

    “what the fucking fuck!Mr.Wenger if we dont win anything this season,due to your fucking ego,fuck right off from my beloved club.”

    Thanks for that Jaguar. No honestly, thanks a million, thats cleared things right up !!

    Couldn’t you have squeezed one more ‘fuck’ into that..??

  51. patthegooner

    Defensively I really dont think we are far off,

    Vermaelen is in the top 3 defenders in the PL and Gallas is not far off that.

    Sagna is shocking at crossing but very good defensively.

    We are no LB no.3 but in Clichy and Gibbs we have a LB that would get in most PL Teams.

    We struggle defensively because of two things

    One is the Keeper. A lot can be said about the confidence the back four have in the bloke behind them, and in Almunia I honestly think they have little to no confidence, he is not commanding, his passing out leads to intercepts and hospital balls. he is simply a poor poor keeper, that is selected on time done and not on competence and quality.

    Secondly I echo my earlier thoughts, when Song plays we are not too bad. Sure we switch off in the later stages when the game is won, and that needs to be ironed out. The problem comes when he is not available. Like today. We take him for granted yet miss the simple things he does. he is a solid lump that has turned clumsey tackling into a knack of breaking up play and distributing well. He has also turned a trait of being caught out of position by about 20m into knowing where to be at the right time. Look what happens when Verm or Gallas go on a bit of roam and we lose possession. You think fuck we will be short at the back here, but no Song has dropped in and is providing cover. Denilson, Diaby, Ramsey, Merida, Cesc, Nasri can’t do this. We are so top heavy in attacking midfielders that it has caught us.

    With a ready made holding midfielder today, we would not have conceded either goal. He would not have been easily brushed off the ball that led to the corner that led to the goal, and he would have mopped up the break away that led to the 2nd.

  52. SharkeySure

    TAIG. Good point… baffles me why Keown is only on MOTD and not our training ground.

    Bringing him back’s a no brainer imo.

  53. David

    Marko Says:
    January 9, 2010 at 18:54
    Maybe you’re right SUGA3 I’m knackered. It’s just that David guy got to me calling Wenger a cunt and wishing Denilson was injured so we could sign someone. How’s that constructive or helpful


    First off I never called Wenger a cunt

    Second If you dont see that Denilson injured is good thing then you must be a cunt.

    Third who the fuck are you fella? How long have you been blogging on here?

    Anyone heard of Marko before?

  54. Jaguar

    Bastards with no brains of their own a.k.a AKBs would keep on defending Mr.Wenger every season citing lack of funds,youth development and all such stuff.If they dont have any fucking excuse to defend Mr.Wenger,the last resort would be to resort to call others as gloryhunters,when they are the prime examples for that term.What a fucking joke!

  55. SharkeySure

    Pathe – great shout re Almunia spreading, shall we say, ‘concern’ thru the team.

    I can’t believe he’s still in the side !!

  56. gambon


    Yeah but a good defence is about clean sheets & not conceeding, not so called good individuals.

    Id rather have 5 nobodies who conceed 24 goals a season than Gallas, Verm, Sagna, Clichy & Almunia conceeding 40+.


    Yeah we do score a lot, but the balance isnt right, and this is why we struggle in the more decisive games, you need to win these 1-0 or 2-1, youre rarely gonna beat Chelsea 3-2.

  57. tonyadamsisgod

    PTG – I’m with you on the GK thing!!

    Sharkey – That would be a dream. I don’t think many people really know how intelligent he is when it comes to football!!

  58. patthegooner

    Sharkey, yeah I would agree with that.

    Ramsey did not help today as he was losing possession and also being brushed off the ball far too easily (The Ref was not helping him either)

    But I do think that is another reason why we needed some quality cover in there.

    There is not enough beef, leadership, experience or quality in there.

    I can’t help but feel that if we had a Parker or Feillani in there today, then the addition of needing to play Ramsey and his poor performance would not have been so obvious.

  59. patthegooner

    It is about clean sheets Gambon, and I think it will come, but only when we change the keeper and get Song or Song cover in there.

    The back four have only been a unit for 5 Months. I remember last season we seemed to change the players in the back four every week.

  60. SharkeySure

    Jag. I doiubt you’re gonna understand this but here goes anyway.

    If you tell me Diaby is shit and Arsene should shoot him or sell him, and I say no he has potential – that doesn’t make me an AKB.

    You seem to think some of us rated him cos Wenger said so, no its cos we used our own eyse to see he had some (raw?) talent.

    Somehow you being the football whizz that you are, saw nothing. How ‘brainless’ was that …??

  61. David

    A Says:
    January 9, 2010 at 20:28
    yeah gambon, no team has ever won the league conceding this many, and no team has ever scored as many as we have so far either.

    taig denilson was on the deck and couldn’t track back, which is why they could just run through absolutely free


    Denilson Was never going to beat Penniar in a footrace.

    Denilson tracking back? A fully fit Denilson wouldnt have been quick enough to see the technique Penniar used to score from close range High Definition.

    Injury or no injury he wasnt going to make it.

  62. raynor73

    I echo your feelings about Denilson. Regardless of how many passes he makes (stats ‘n’ all) he seems to consistently give the ball away with careless passing and apart from the odd goal, doesn’t offer much going forward or defending as he’s just too leightweight. I’m not sure why either as he really isn’t that small, but he just falls over when tackled far too much. You can’t have a DM who is just so fragile in the the tackle. You need someone who is feared. He botteld nearly every challenge with Fellini today, clear as day

  63. A

    pat – denilson was injured when we scored, we lost the ball, and they broke through, with denilson crouching on the ground unable to chase back, which meant they ran though completely unchallenged.

    It was a different instance to when denilson actually collapsed about 30 seconds later, after we took the centre, and that cunt cahill ran past his body lying on the floor and put through vaughan.

  64. patthegooner

    I suppose if you look at Chavski

    Cech, Cole, Terry and Carvalho have been pretty much ever present for a number of years and have always had the quality of Essien, Mikel, Ballack in front of them. So apart from the RB they have been a pretty strong unit

    Likewise Man Ure have had VDS, Vidic, Rio, Evra and Neville. Again they formed a formidible unit, and it now shows that they are leaking goals as it is breaking up.

    There is a lot of quality in there, especially in the nets.

    Get a World Class Keeper or let Fabianski develop into one. Lets face it, at this stage of his career Almunia will never be World Class.

  65. 78692

    If Wenger does not buy big name players in the Window,the I hope Cesc leaves in the summer. It would serve Wenger right.

  66. SharkeySure

    David, can I respectfully add that imo its irrelevant how long anyones been posting on LG. Judge him by his arguments not length of service is my view.

    No offence intended

  67. ritesh

    My interpretation is that today they wanted it more than us.

    We do not lack players, its just that our players were not up for it. Rambo had 2 previous MOTM performances and today he went missing, Shava is…well he drifts in and out. Denilson and Diaby were struggling for positionning, Traore had no cover at all and they left Donovan to run at him. Only the back 4, Samir and Dudu were creating something.

  68. David

    None taken Sharkey

    You havent read the whole story that fucker came on here accusing me that all i do is moan and groan and only show up to blog here after a loss.

    Wouldnt you say it is fair to call into question how long he’s been on here if he’s to make such a retarded assumption?

    OR you disagree?

  69. tonyadamsisgod

    A – Fair enough, I missed that. You should have heard Trevor fucking Francis saying how commendable it was that Cahill kicked tha ball out when Denilson was on the deck. Fuck me, I presume he didn’t realise it was Cahill that slotted the ball through to Vaughn to almost make it 3! Cunt.

  70. ritesh

    To win the championship, u currently need a lot of luck to be injury free… My feeling is that we have to work more on why we face so many injuries and do something about it. If it means changing our style of play, lets do it cause it is costing us many points

  71. Jaguar

    Arsene fans questioning Arsenal fans about their loyalty.I have seen it all now

    Get a fucking life,you fucking AKBs.

  72. SharkeySure

    Pat leadership…well said.

    I think Vieira’s over the hill, can’t run is a waste of £130k pw etc etc etc…

    But I found myself wishing he was out there in a red shirt today.

    It was a strange feeling

  73. tonyadamsisgod

    OK, I feels its about time to leave LG for the night as I can see what’s about to unfold. Laters to the normal grovers who I respect. Hopefully you know who you are.

  74. Keyser

    tonyadamsisgod – We’re an attacking team, ie one that actually wants to play football, thats just the way it is, I don’t think it’s naive, we’re without at least 4-5 or five important attacking players, yet we top the scoring charts.

    You don’t just look at the defense and think we’re conceeding too many goals, you look to reasons why, we’re not like Fulham or Everton where we can play for a point away from home, or even at home, we’re going for the top end of the spectrum and we’re under pressure to WIN.

    You could say the Pienaar goal was down to us being poor defensively, you’d have a point with the Osman goal, but I haven’t seen that yet, but you have to realise Everton don’t give a shit, they’ll stick 11 men behind the ball, because they know we have to break them down.

    We got caught because we were pushing on for the winner at a corner, Song would have been good, but then with the likes of Van Persie, Fabregas, Walcott or Bendtner in the team we probably wouldn’t have been in that position.

    It’s like when Fabregas was brought on against Villa, these teams are happy with a point, we’re going for the title.

  75. David

    There’s no excuse that the smallest/shortest midget on the pitch should score like that.

    I think he had a free header in the second half as well.

    The defence is tragic.

  76. patthegooner

    TAIG, that is the stream I had, and he was still commending him when they ran the replay and he saw that it was Cahill that took the ball off a polaxed Denilson in the first place.

    The Commentary team were talking shite all game.

  77. gambon

    Vieira wouldve done a job today, definately cant play regularly cos hes past it, but he wouldve loved the battle today!

  78. eboue

    me 2 taig 2 many sexually frustrated people come on this site waitin like vipers for us 2 drop points so they can ambush the site.

  79. patthegooner


    I think we would have won that game with Vieira playing for us today.

    I even found myself thinking we could do with a bit of that watching Lee Fucking Bowyer today, and I hate that cunt.

  80. tonyadamsisgod

    Keyser – So Chelsea and Utd have been winning the league because they don’t want to win games and therefore don’t concede goals??? Sorry mate, I’m not buying that. No matter what our game plan actually is it clearly isn’t working!!

  81. David


    You’ve got to take it on the Chin. Some Idiots on here revel in slagging off other gooners…while simultaneously making excuses for shite and failing to make sense whatsoever.

    Just to add to another disappointing result.

  82. ritesh

    786-92 does not look lucky for u… better revert to 786

    who knows…maybe we are losing since u changed that username…was that in 2006 btw?

  83. SharkeySure

    Now you’re joking about shooting Eboue…?? WTF

    Oh and please run us thru why you changed your name…??

  84. patthegooner

    Imagine just saying to West Ham, here is 25m and taking


    They are skint, you never know.

    Oh and they could have Almunia, Shitvestre in return and Wilshire on loan.

  85. David

    Sharkey for you’re Viewing Pleasure.


    January 9, 2010 at 18:15
    Ok SUGA3 so we’ll play the kids against Porto and guarantee when we lose people like David will still bitch and moan. There’s no pleasing those type of fans

    Im not totally innocent. Obviously.

    But alot is always said DURING the game.

    After the game is another issue all together.

    What a cock.

  86. SharkeySure

    Ooohh you’re angry man Jaguar. Bad words and everything…wot next…whole posts IN CAPS.

    Calm down …its a blog not your anger management coursework

  87. tonyadamsisgod

    PTG – Speaking as someone who thinks we should offer Liverpool £80m for Torres and Gerrard, I’m definitely on board with that idea mate!! 😀

    Right now I’m really off.

  88. 78692


    I changed my username just after the draw against Burnley.We then went on to beat:-
    Hull 3-0
    Villa 3-0
    Portsmouth 4-1

  89. David


    Im sure they’d bite our hands off for the money too!

    So is Denilson really returning in a week?

    That is depressing.

  90. patthegooner

    Got to say that whilst I hate everything that Adebayor stands for, I feel for him and his team mates to have gone through that yesterday.

    I did joke last night that I bet he blames it on Arsenal Fans, but this is clearly not a laughing matter.

    What I find amazing though is that they still plan on playing the tournament at all, end even more amazing that they plan on playing games in that region!!!!!

  91. ritesh


    there is an expiry date on the username dude. I knew we were losing those games because of the mistakes of guys like you.

    Change it more frequently and u will see it works 😉

  92. Keyser

    tonyadamsisgod – No, it’s about balance, you can’t just criticise the defense without looking at everything else.

    If we’re chasing the game looking for the win, we’re going to susceptible to a greater counter attacking threat the more risks we take, not because we’re fragile defensively.

    Thats just in the case of the Pienaar goal, you’d have to look at others incidents independantly.

    It’s our first draw after how many wins ?!

    United and Chelsea won the league because they were able to maintain their own balance between defence and attack.

    We’re conceeding goals, but we’re also scoring loads, the difference here is that we’re nowhere near as strong attacking wise as we would be when we have everyone fit, thats means there’s extra pressure on the defence as the team takes more risks going forward.

  93. big dave

    To everyone Wenger says they are to expensive, such fucking crap.

    Everton deserved their point today

    Almuina/Denilson will cost us points this half of the season, maybe 3 or 6 but it will happen

    Buy a bloody keeper in the summer and a proper decent partner for Cesc, one that he deserves to play with instead of Denilson.

    Denilson/Almunia will not win us trophies, said it last year and I still feel the same way.

  94. ritesh

    Agree PG, that is appalling.

    The militants threatened more attacks in that region and Eboue is staying there too. Apparently, they want to come back too according to a Togolese player.

    But the decision to travel by bus was also shocking. They even did not communicate their trajectory plan.

  95. patthegooner

    “Our great concern is for the players, but the championship goes ahead,” said Habuba, who questioned why Togo had elected to travel by road rather than flying.

    “CAF’s regulations are clear: teams are required to fly rather than travel by bus,” he added.

    Why on earth are they holding a tournament in a country where it is deemed unsafe to travel by bus.

  96. SUGA3


    things are getting quite heated here…

    damn, I am disappointed by today’s result – not happy with the overall strength of the team: Everton were as depleted as we are and we should have wiped the floor with them…

    we got a lucky draw, as neither of our goals was a clear cut one…

    and again, somebody shoot Coco – I thought ‘let’s get behind him, he’ll do the job’, but he is beyond help…

    in the CL final when Jens got sent off and he was about to come on, I was like ‘Come on Almunia, you’re the shit, you can do it’ and he got beaten at the near post TWICE…

  97. ritesh


    Clearly a wrong decision taken some years back.
    Angola was not previously qualified to hold the tournament because of political instability. They changed the regulations to give the chance to such countries. Big Big mistake which cost lives.

    Some teams like Mali have expressed reserves about playing in Cabinda.

  98. David

    Fabianski gets beat at the near post.

    Infact id argue that most of the goals he conceeds are at the near and far posts.

    Not including that Insua midfield strike ofcoarse…

  99. SUGA3

    I don’t think either of them (Al & Fab) have enough mental strength to be a keeper for a top, top team, but I would be inclined to give the young one a chance to prove me wrong…

    fuck, I wish Szczesny was 2-3 years older – he has something else about him…

  100. reggie57

    Bit harsh on fabianski there David, regarding insua strike could have had any GK in the world in goal still would have scored mate!!

  101. gambon


    good post, but regarding balance, i think we’re a long way off of having the balance we need.

    We’re a team that is set up to crush weak teams, and struggle against the best teams.

    Im not 100% sure on this, and one day i’ll look at it statistically, but im pretty sure the key to winning the 2 big trophies is a strong defence & clean sheets. If you keep a clean sheet you have 90 minutes, and only need one goal to win a game.

    Look at last season, UTD basically won the league by keeping something like 12 CS in a row, and basically crushed us in the CL semi by not showing us a glimpse of their goal over 120 minutes.

    Could we do the same, im not so sure.

  102. patthegooner

    Fabianski might get beat at the near post too often

    But he is young and will learn from it.

    Almunia isn’t and will not learn from making clangers week in week out,

    Nope, he does not learn from it, he just earns from it.

  103. David

    The GK is a problem…it seems to me that Fab2 is better than Almunia..but im not sure he’s the solution imo…he doesnt get down quick enough to save the shot.