It’s too dangerous to play Bolton but it’s quite safe to play in the ACN!

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Well in a week that Arsenal call the game off because it snowed and was deemed too dangerous to go ahead with the match, our players go to the African Cup of Nations where it’s considered safe.

Well unfortunately for two Togo players and their bus driver, it wasn’t, playing the cup in war torn Angola is the equivalent of hosting the World Cup in Helmand province, Afghanistan. Maybe Arsenal should have been more mindful before they sent Alex Song and Emmanuel Eboue to play there about safety.

Hopefully they’ll call it off now and our players can come back, if not at the very least they’ll surround the tournament with better security. An official in Angola even criticised Togo for driving the dangerous route, blimey, that’s like saying the Everton team should fly down today to avoid going through the Midlands.

Let’s just hope our players are safe and come back in one piece, it sure does put football into perspective.

And before any of our African Grovers get bent out of shape, I’m not having a pop at the cup, I’m having a pop at where it’s being played, crazy. Unsafe at the Grove, but okay in Angola, go figure.

Arsene has said on that he won’t be pursuing Chamakh and he almost signed Vieira and he is sure a premiership club will sign Campbell. So add that Dzeko and Gignac are too expensive and Cole is too injured then it looks like we won’t be signing anyone.


The great news is that Bendtner is back in training and looks set to save us £25 million in the transfer window, but he won’t be back for two weeks. Thing is, even if Bendtner is fit, we are still two strikers short in Theo and RVP and 3 short if you consider we never replaced Adebayor.

Also, it’s not like we’re getting Thierry Henry back from injury is it, we are getting an unproven striker back, I like Nikki B a lot, but I still think he’s two years off fulfilling his potential, I beieive you need to be around 24/25 to be a top striker.

So it looks like we are once again being short changed, still as Pedro and Wrighty 7 said yesterday, be calm, we still have 3 weeks left in the transfer window. If only I had their confidence and trust.

Someone suggested Santa Cruz and Ireland or Kompany as they are basically redundant now, anyone?

Everton at home today, well they have been doing okay of late and did draw against the chavs and the spuds, I saw both games and the chavs were woeful, well at least Cech was and the spuds should have been 4 up long before Saha netted.

Saha is another one on the radar, apparently injured today, but too much of a crock to interest me, a perfect Wenger signing though, injured, French and cheap!

I predict we’ll hammer them today and the mancs will draw a blank at Birmingham which will put us second with a game in hand and one point behind the chavs.

Anyway at least we get to watch the Arsenal today and with new signing Rosicky back we should be in for an entertaining game, I really like Tomas, I think he gives our team another dimension, Denilson is in for Song so he gets a chance to show us what he’s got, but will the boss stick with Vela after his assist laden game at Upton Park. I don’t think so.

I thought Eduardo and Nasri did enough to warrant a game and Diaby has to be first on the team sheet these days, so what do we think the team will be today? Try this.

Almunia (prefer Fabianski)

Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Traore

Denilson (prefer Nasri) Ramsey Diaby

Rosicky Arshavin Eduardo

The way to play Everton will be to hit them on the flanks and whip in low crosses, their keeper is playing well at the moment but they’ll remember what we did to them at the first game of the season, Almunia is playing so I’m going for 8-1.

Kidding! But I do think we’ll win handsomely and go second because the mancs won’t.

Hey just a thought, but if the Manc and Chav games are called off and ours goes ahead, we get our game in hand game back, if that makes sense.

Have a great day Grovers, let’s hope we put in a good performance today, no Song, no Fabregas and no frontman, it will certainly show what we have in the locker.

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  1. vivek

    i was in a bit of a fix yesterday.. feel sad that such an incident happened or happy that it happened to adebayor.. i hav nothing against the togo team so genuinely sry 4 wat hpnd 2 them

  2. chozzer

    I don’t know how there can be a final decision whether the match is on or off this early cos if it snowed heavily at 1pm, we wouldn’t be able to play.

  3. KM

    it seems like L’pool are skint bigtime. all those years of Rafa’s binge spending has come around. i disagree with the author to an extent that the manager does have some responsibility to ensure that the club is financially viable. Wenger is unique in this sense and should be a role model for all. Ferguson & Mourinho won titles etc but with a chequebook buying players at overinflated prices. Chelsea are lucky in that sense that the owner didnt dump the debt on them but ManU and L’pool are in the same boat and have to pay off their debts and will not be able to buy expensive players unless they sell 1st.

  4. KM

    joe Cole would be the ideal signing for Ferguson. They need some spark in midfield and joe Cole could be the playmaker playing ahead of Fletcher/Hargreaves.

  5. Just Stick It In!

    Great day Geoff.
    Now that everybody’s taken a day off, now who has the ultimate heating system in the country?

  6. edatom

    thanks Paul….I was hoping it gets snowed off…so they end up having a fixture pile up list as long as my arm….in the hope that it would teach the ManU loving FA a simple lesson that, you can manipulate the league fixture to always favour ManU all you like, but you can never predict the future…..Go on Arsenal!

  7. sol

    This is why I should stick to Le-grove and Le-grove only when reading blogs.

    I read this yeaterday and was a little bit annoyed with the assumption Arsenal fans would gloat ‘we told you so’ if we didn’t win anything. Have a read

    I made the following reply to this article

    It’s not about Arsenal fans ‘gloating’ that ‘they told you so’. these fans would much rather be wrong and for us to win silverware but the fact remains that in the last 4 years we have been a player or two short of winning the league. This year we can win the league with the current team, but if we bought a world class, big, stong striker ala Dzeko we would walk away with the league. Fact


  8. sol

    This was the crude reply I got…………

    it’s absolutely gloating, look at you right now; you act like you know more than Arsene Wenger. Like if Arsene had only used your keen insight and purchased 1-2 players every year for the past 4 (which he’s done, BTW) we’d be sitting in trophy heaven. Or that if we just bought Dzeko (whom you’ve seen play how many times?) we would be a better team. You can’t possibly predict that stuff, sitting as you are on your computer, and yet you believe that you can. You, in short, believe that you’re smarter that Arsene Wenger and if he doesn’t win anything this season, you will gloat all over the internet with this same line that you’ve been prancing about since Vieira left: “if we only bought so and so.” Fact.

  9. ritesh

    I’ll bet a few bucks on that too Geoff.

    Terrible tragedy at the CAF which adds to the earlier WC qualifier incident between Algeria and Egypt.

  10. KM

    i think/hope Wenger gets Saha/Pavlyuchenko on a short term deal and then hopefully we get Chamakh in the summer for free but he’s going to demand a big salary because we’l be up against other big clubs for his signature.

  11. Geoff

    Wenger just admitted the midweek break was welcome, told you!

    He also admitted his squad is thin, fucking buy someone then.

  12. sol

    Does anyone think that the whole Bendtner fitness versus signing a new striker is a smokescreeen?
    It’s just that Wenger first said we would be in the market for a striker when Van P was ruled out for season, this was when he thought Bedtner would be fit in January
    he then went to say it was 50/50 depending on Benders fitness, but this contradicted earlier comments.

    So maybe he is just saying this, so we dont sound desperate therefore getting riped off, or maybe there is Generally a lack of talent without paying over £20 million

  13. paul

    For all my fans that missed my comment yesterday i will repeat it………I bet Ade didn’t run the the length of the bus to celebrate in front of those gunners.Quality even if i say so myself.

  14. Geoff

    KM, we save nothing if we go after Chamakh on a free, what we don’t pay his team now, we’ll pay the player in the summer, it’s ridiculous to think he’ll be free.

    Someone else will get him, Wenger is sulking because their chairman accused him of unsettling the player, once again Wenger’s ego is going to cost us.

  15. patthegooner

    So gignac was ruled out too

    Balotelli Ruled Out
    Gignac Ruled Out
    Cole Ruled Out
    Dzeko Ruled Out
    Chamakh Ruled Out

    Anyone still think we will sign anyone,

    The strange thing here is that only last Summer he came out with this line

    “The market now is a world market, so you can always find good players. There are only a few players who have a price which we cannot reach – maybe 10 in the world but, for the rest, we have access to the market.

    Now for me I would expect players like Messi, Ronaldo, Villa, Kaka, Drogba etc to be in that 10

    Gignac though??????

  16. SUGA3

    morning Grovers 😉

    great post, good read as always…


    I would think it’s a smokescreen, but are other clubs really that stupid?

  17. Geoff

    Sol I don’t know why people always think Wenger’s has a masterplan, he’s a football manager, his job is to get good players and win trophies, not be the richest club in the league that wins fuck all.

    We might as well go and support Tesco, they have a great balance sheet.

  18. Gooby

    hello Geoff good post,morning grovers.

    nasri will start ahead of sicky imo.

    is fabregas defenitly out for the game or will he make the bench?

  19. KM


    Wenger has his heart set on chamakh because he can fit in to our style of play and because we won’t to have to shell out a transfer fee. However ur right that there’s no guarantee that Chamakh will accept a low/avg salary when other clubs will offer him bumper deals.

  20. Pedro

    Geoff, Chamakh himself has said we’ve been pressuring him but he’s waiting for the summer.

    No desire from the player or the club…

  21. Mayank

    Umm, maybe they think that because the club had taken big strides forward under him… That too without any external help. The growth can only be compared to the Chapman era.

  22. sol


    I agree – I’m just trying to find a rationale for my manager constantly contradicting himself and making himself look like a twat. It’s really quite embarassing.

    I think I’m just as deluded, I mean I was actually getting excited about the prospect of Carlton Cole in our team. Thats how much we need a fucking strong front man.

  23. Geoff

    Pedro, don’t believe everything you read. Why the fuck would he say that, it was his dream to play for Arsenal in August.

  24. KM

    so far Arsenal Match is still on…i wouldnt mind if it was called off and rescheduled for a wednesday evening so i could watch it at home :)

  25. sol

    If anyone watches the NFL you will see games at New England and Cincinatti this weekend which will make the UK look like the Bahamas… and you can bet your fuckin dollar their games will go ahead.

  26. patthegooner


    The fact that we are pressurising Chamakh to come this month is why I think it is him or nobody.

    And it may be coincidence but it seems that since he said that, and flatly refused to come this month, Arsene then started the ‘we will sign if NB is out for a while longer’

    I like NB but I very much doubt he will be the finishing touch here. He is part of the answer but we still need cover.

  27. Dublin Gunner!!!!

    Morning guys an gals!! I no I’m going to get a bad responce to this but for about 2mill van horse head???? He is a fox n the box, we create a lot off chances, just a taught!!

  28. KM


    agree with u. i also believe that Bendtner needs 2more years to become lethal (if her ever will) in front of goal

  29. leon

    i still think there is a chance that wenger will get someone but it be someone lesser known wenger has done business like this all the time henry anelka rvp ade all these players were extremly gifted with the potential to become great but he will go for a player who is fully cooked as a striker costs to much, so i feel if the right player is out there wenger willl pounce.i would not overlook edwardo he is gradualy getting hi sconfedence back he starting get better its taking time but once he does and when he gets back to player he was before the injury if he can he will be real impact the goal will give him great deal confedence. when it comes sole cambell i dont think it would hurt have another cover player wenger would have seen him train day in/out

  30. patthegooner

    Wigan Villa off today now.

    This game has become our game in hand. Imagine if we had have played and beat Bolton on Wed. We could have gone top today.

  31. KM


    i wouldn’t mind actually because we can get him on a 1year contract and he would bend over backwards to come to Arsenal. he’s lethal infront of goal and just needs to stay in/around the box and we will give him chance after chance to finish and hopefully Bendtner can watch and learn

  32. leon

    sol i love the nfl i am philli fan fly eagls fly i was a bit diappointed with there last performance no second chances for them i dought new england will go all the way this year but year i will try watch on my computer

  33. patthegooner


    The sad thing is, that due to a huge lack of ambition in the Transfer Market by Wenger and his new puppet Gazidis, Us Gooners are now resigned and brainwashed into having to get excited by being linked with players like RVN and Sol Campbell, whereas we should be in for the likes of Ribery, Villa, Dzeko, Higuan, Yaya etc.

    A very sad state of affairs

  34. sol


    I’m a buffalo bills fan for my sins!!!

    With the teams left I fancy an outside punt on the Cowboys, which means dumping your Philli’s out unfortunately.

    The saints are great to watch, but no defence so think they will get beaten at some point. Can never rule out the Colts.

  35. G4L_Harry

    Sol, I think he has slowly been retreating from his original comments like he always does, its a very annoying trait of his……..Our form throughout December has convinced him we can cope, that answer you got back on that blog was a tad pedantic. Life is about making decisions and taking opportunites that arise, we missed one the other season when we could have got Anelka back, we are tucked in nicely now, hopefully only 1 point behind by 5 tonight, we could win with what we have, but we are only an injury from a struggle…….I dont think any of us know more than AW, of course we dont, but surely he too can see what we can see? I would love to know what really goes on inside…….
    We can all hope he finds the bargain he craves and adds that little bit of depth…Yeah ok B52 is due back, but what if he breaks down, like most of our returning players do?
    Its not about gloating its about missed tricks……

    I wrote this the other day……..

  36. Dublin Gunner!!!!

    Km and sol that’s what I was thinking, were saying bendtner is a year off his peek?! Why not give van nistl… A 6 month contract wit the chance off earning an other contract if he plays well

  37. Pedro

    Geoff, it probably was his dream a year ago. Now he’s in the last rounds of the Champions league, on target to help his club win the league along with the prospect of a massive contract in 6 months.

    He’d be a fool to move now…

  38. ritesh

    we will probably get a player from Ulan Bator or Khartoum who will become World Class after a few months.

    The Angolan guerrilla will kill all the opposing teams so they can lift the Cup. Fuck that country, bring our players home, that country does not deserve to organize a tournament like that.

  39. Pedro

    Gambon… come on… £20mill for an average player!

    No thanks…

    Out of all the strikers being linked to us, is anyone genuinely excited about anyone bar Dzeko?

    Carlton Cole, Traore, Chamakh, Moses… not really floating my boat I’ve got to say.

  40. leon

    sol i am to fan t-o fan but he aint there you he gone end of the season but in the play offs i will never bet money anything cang happen but arsenal do you think we need another striker i dont it would hurt get one

  41. Mayank

    ritesh i don’t think the shooting was football related. It was probably agnst about arranging a football tournament when they have so many unresolved issues.
    Has anyone seen Lord of War?

  42. KM


    i’d gamble on RVN but not on Sol Campbell because he’s mentally feeble. i’d rather we bought a youngish quality CB like Sakho who would be the eventual CB after Gallas leaves. He’d also be able to get a few games as well in the Carling Cup/Fa Cup etc

  43. ritesh

    Ppl in France are talking about Bordeaux under Laurent Blanc emulating the Monaco under Deschamps to reach the CL final.

    The way they have played so far is fantastic.

  44. Dublin Gunner!!!!

    Suga3 I no but pat the gunner took the words out off my mouth!! Well done pat great comment! Totally agree with u mate

  45. sol

    Harry, Good article and it sums up that YEs, we have a great foundation and a great future, and we are still as good as anyone in the EPL. But why scrape thru and potentially miss out on a an opportunity to storm the league, when it really only takes one striker, one keeper and some form of back-up for CB (even Sol will do) and we can win this by the end of March.

  46. gambon


    But Wenger rates the player, its not about what we think, he’s basically admitting that he wont spend big money even if he likes a player.

    He wouldnt spend £16m on Alonso, £17m on Ribery.

    Too busy divvying it up amonst himself and the shareholders.

    I’ll always love the team on the pitch, but behind the scenes its a festering immoral piece of shit club.

  47. Pedro

    Gambon, agree on the Alonso and Ribery thing… however, I wouldn’t want Gignac and I doubt Wenger does either. He always says he rates players… platitudes if you ask me.

  48. gambon


    We dont necessarily need a world beater, we need someone who is a good player that can provide us an option for the next 6 months.

  49. Mayank

    Shareholder’s don’t get a dividend if i’m not mistaken?
    Also we all know Alonso didn’t happen because Barry didn’t move to Pool.

  50. KM

    from what i’v seen of Chamakh, i believe Wenger rates him because he will fit in seamlessly into our style of play and added advantage is that he’s a proper CF with height.

  51. alfienoakes

    I think wenger is at a crucial.. probably the most crucial point in his arsenal career.

    We are in with a good chance of winning the league. Its in our own hands, and we are are past xmas.

    He is a striker down, and needs defensive cover. He has around 30 – 40 million to make a good choice and deliver the league title.

    What does he do next..? Stay with project youth..? Make a couple of big signings..?

    This is a tipping point for him. Its now about making the right decision more than ever before. We should have been out of this title race 1 month ago really. But we arent.

    So, the next decision he makes makes really will define him. He has money, he has the backing of the board, and he has decent kids there. Waht more would any manager want..

    Then he really can be judged at the end of the season.

  52. Mayank

    I was kidding about Keane cause we were on the topic of signing ex-mancs who hated us. Keane speaks out for Wenger a lot though.

  53. KM


    brilliant analysis on Wenger. he needs to get that CF & CB because he will be doomed if ManU & Chelsea dip into the transfer market and at the same time we have injuries.

  54. gambon


    Im not a huge Gignac fan, but thats not the point.

    If you sat at a press conference and said “are you interested in a striker?” Wenger would say something like “yes we are on the market”.

    Then you proceed to list every striker in world football, he woulod say no to everyone of them.

    Point being, he isnt looking for anyone, he just wants to keep fans buying tickets.

    The club is no longer a football club, its standard capitalist business, exploiting the public with propaganda to make as much profit as possible.

  55. Pedro

    Gambon, why would he share who he was looking at before anyone else has purchased?

    If he said, I’m looking at Adriano… then Citeh bought him… we’d all call him an idiot for revealing his hand.

  56. Mayank

    I’m with NW5 Pedro, it’s a bit pre-mature to be making jokes. Would you be okay with it if the victim was a bit closer to home and not as faceless as he is now?

  57. ritesh

    Agree Mayank, I was ranting 😉

    But what happened is so typical of Africa and generally under-developed countries of Eastern Europe.

    As fund manager, I often use the following anecdote:
    two neighbours were walking when one hits a lamp, he rubs the lamp, genie comes out and tells him to wish for something. He says he’s got 5 cows while his neighbour has 20 cows. Genie says no problem, will give you 15 more cows. The guy says NOOO, i want you to kill 15 cows of my neighbour.

    You cannot fight inequality like that. Inequality is reduced only by the creation of wealth.

  58. Mbulawa

    I will advise you to study the geography of Angola before making sweeping statements, generalisations and very weird comparisons between Angola and Helmand. There is nothing wrong with having a football tournament in Angola. The only thing I would have advised the Angolan and CAF officials was not to be so stupid as to include the enclave of Cabinda as one of the group hosts. The Cabinda enclave is surrounded by the two Congos i.e the Democratic Republic and Congo (Brazzaville). For this reason the natives of this territory dont regard themselves as Angolans hence the continuing violence. Mainland Angola is peaceful. I have been there and I know what I am talking about…..I am not stringing foreign names together just to sound informed!

  59. KM

    agree with u Pedro

    also in the back of Wenger’s mind is project youth and present players in his squad. would Eduardo/Bendtner get pissed off and leave if they don’t get enough games because we all know RvP is going to be 1st choice when he comes back.

  60. Mayank

    I don’t know much about Africa but it’s a shame it truly is. How a great continent can be ravaged by bad politics.

  61. gambon


    Again, not my point.

    We are not looking to sign anyone. Thats my point.

    Just like 18 months ago when wenger said 2 qoutes.

    “no one will leave” & “the fans will be reassured by the signings i make in the next 2 weeks”

    We proceeded to lose Flamini, Gilberto & Hleb while signing Bischoff, Nasri, Silvestre & Ramsey.

    All the qoutes happened before renewal date, all the signings after.

    Was that really a coincidence? Of course not.

  62. Pedro

    Mayank, I’m really not interested.

    Web police really bore me… because more often than not, they’re complete hypocrites.

    Unless of course, you’ve never shared a joke about a tragedy?

  63. Pedro

    Gambon, I think we will sign a striker… and if we don’t, I’m not really that fussed. We need a defender more than anything… a striker doesn’t really change things for me…

  64. gambon


    But RVP is the only world class forward we have and he misses half of every season.

    We need at least one other striker of his quality.

    Do you think our rivals wouldnt sign a second world class forward if their main men were constantly out?

  65. JoeBaker64

    Hi all, I am going to the game today and am travelling from the Southend area where there has been fairly heavy snow overnight. It has snowed again this morning but as there is no news about the game being off/on, I have to travel now (meeting some buddies for a booze). If these snow showers shift towards London as forcast, I can’t see the game going ahead. Oh God, I could be snowed in the pub.

  66. jules

    Morning all

    patthegooner 9,59

    bang on ,

    i don,t think we will sign anyone of note .

    if so wenger has lied again and is using bentner coming back as an excuse ,

    we needed a replacement for ade and rvp before bentner ( and a ch )

    all bollocks . if he does.nt buy and we win nothing when we could of done he must come under some pressure

    this is AFC not wenger fc (project )

  67. Mayank

    Pedro, I was about to make a comment on the subject yesterday but didn’t after reading paul’s joke. I thought it would be hypocritical to laugh at it and then condemn it.
    Thing is when things are written down in black and white here they might not have the same tone as in a friends living room. That’s why you take down offensive jokes.

  68. ritesh


    These are just assumptions. One thing you do prove is that you cannot expect Wenger to come out and share his transfer plans publicly.

    I think that if he has the money and he does get an intersecting player, he will buy.

  69. gambon

    Chamakh will never be a world class CF cos he simply isnt a good finisher.

    Could be very good on the right where Nik started the season though.

    Anyway, we’ll probably miss out on him now. Wenger hates battling other clubs for players.

  70. SUGA3


    I know, the expectations have been lowered, but it is still a blasphemy…

    why not buy a £50M superstriker Robbie Keane then?


  71. jules

    Yep Pedro

    ch is just as important .

    but , Rosicky theo eduardo , all injury prone and bentner not a world beater yet ,

    we do need a striker , we have not replaced ade or rvp

    when we won things we had th14 dennis , pires lungberg .wiltord ,

    do think vela and bentner are going to win something for us at the level they are at now !?

  72. Mayank

    When Wenger says we’ll definitely buy is when i’ll be the most worried, that just means he’s placating the crowd so he can say ‘i tried’ later. As long as he’s coy about it means he’s upto something.