Arsenal to pay for Bolton fans fares, what about Arsenal fans?

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So we are told that Arsenal are going to pay for the travel fares of the Bolton fans for the cancellation debacle, good, so they should, what about all the Gooners that also made their way to the ground, unless the lucky ones me included are local, what about all the Arsenal fans that travel from around the world?

This is another example of how out of touch the powers that be are, that they think we all live in Islington.

Onto our 35 year old ex Highbury legend Patrick Vieira, he won’t be coming and that’s a shame, but the signs are we will be getting another 35 year old legend (ex-Invincible) in Sol Campbell, Wenger has been impressed with his training and if we can get shot of Senderos it could well happen, I for one don’t have a problem there, he is a solid back up and offers far more that fishead.

It turns out that Traore won’t qualify under the international games rule, why? Well because he hasn’t played any! However, he could qualify under the exceptional talent one, after all, we have done that before haven’t we!

Next up Everton, I won’t arrange to meet anyone, in case Arsenal cancel the game at 10am just in case we have a frosty day, however, if it does go ahead, same time, same place Grovers!

There still persist the rumours over Carlton Cole and even Scott Parker, I like Parker, but like Cole, he does appear to be a Theo (crock) unlike Cole and Theo, I think he will always be a crock, so I can’t see that happening, Cole though may well, and again, I don’t have a problem with that. Mauro Zarate has now entered the mix but that is a complete load of toot, one good game for Birmingham, a spell at Lazio, and suddenly he’s worth £35mil, perleaaase!

Dzeko, I would have in a heartbeat but Gazidas has said we won’t spend big, so I guess that rules that out. He says we will only buy if we can find the right type of player, well Ivan, if we can’t find a decent striker out there that would do a great job for us, either you need to go, or your scouting network does.

We lost Adebayor, Robin Van Persie, Theo Walcott and Nikki Bedntner since August, if you don’t think we desperately need a front man, I give up. Even if Nikki comes back soon, he may break again, why? Well because Cesc, Rosicky and Theo all have so why would he be any different? And to be honest, he’s not the answer yet, he needs a few more seasons, then I have no doubt he will be a great, but not yet.

Traore (6’8″ version) seems to be going up in everyones estimation, but until yesterday, no one had heard of him, so why aren’t there others out there that could do a job that we equally haven’t heard of?

Cahill would be another centreback we could get, but if Wenger rates this kid from Cardiff, that won’t happen, however, if we just sign a couple of pearlers in the window I believe the whole squad would get the lift it needs to push on, much like it did when we signed Vermaelen and Arshavin, remember, two ready mades!

Come on Arsenal, get the cheque book out and do it quickly.

We should beat Everton tomorrow, we have to beat Everton tomorrow, I feel the others will continue to drop points this month, and we are entering the toughest part of our season, after that it gets easier, so nail the points on early and we are in pole position, sign a couple of players that will make a difference. If we get injuries to the fragile Eduardo we are in big trouble and right now we have no one we can bring on from the bench.

If we aren’t going to bring Simpson back then sell him, what’s the point in keeping him at QPR if when desperate for forwards we don’t recall him, other than the fact he has no future, and if that’s the case, sell him and buy Moses.

Have a great day today grovers, I hope to see some of you tomorrow, but then that’s up to Arsenal, isn’t it!

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  1. tonyadamsisgod

    Bravo, bravo! Le grove loves to tease me and show me that I am first then I refresh to brag about it and there is Sabeel!

  2. Rohan

    I wanted to end it there on my theory of why people are still divided over Song not on debating his qualities or lack of.

    When Makelele committted little niggling falls, he was labelled as highly intelligent. The only difference is that Makelele was part of an already hugely successful team and that he had a reputation. If we win something this season, people up and down the country will be praising Song and his brilliance. As far as I can tell, there have been other players whose defensive frailties have caused us to concede, ( Almunia )I think he is a pretty good header to be fair.

  3. DutchMaster10

    Good points in there…serious questions have got to be asked if they can’t find a half decent striker! My 85yr old nan would score 20 goals a season in this team and she’s 4ft 2″!!

  4. Jerseygooner

    Morning All,

    A typically out of touch token gesture to the Bolton Fans in paying their travel expenses. nice but as you say what about the Arsenal supporters? Purely from a personal point of view i would be raging had i travelled to the game and it was cancelled at such a late hour to be told the BW fans are getting their exes back but not the AFC fans

  5. Ali Saljuk

    ” It turns out that Traore won’t qualify under the international games rule, why? Well because he hasn’t played any! However, he could qualify under the exceptional talent one, after all, we have done that before haven’t we! ”

    My thoughts exactly !

  6. sach

    good post. We def need to buy a striker but I honestly can’t see it happening until close to the end of the window! Which would rule them out for the manure match. Hopefully I’m wrong!

  7. Stevie


    Wenger has aid he wants 4 CBs, Senderos out Campbell in so no more CBs coming in. lets just hope for a Striker (pleeeeeease)

    IMO – Parker is a great player, Cole and Parker double swoop anyone?

  8. ikon

    To be honest sometimes he looks to be on dope.
    Arsene says he has a tendency to win the ball without fouling which is “interesting”.
    Is it true?

  9. Geoff

    Jersey, it’s the Hill-Woods of this world, they live in La, la land.

    So many of our Grovers live abroad and many of them fly in, that’s 2 days off work, ask Big Raddy, he got stuck at Gatwick for two days the poor sod.

  10. Rohan

    Fair enough geoff, I hope us winning some silverware with him at the helm will change your opinion of him. Cheers.

  11. ikon

    Two legendary moments however came from Song and Vermaelen.
    Song choking Hunt in the fight against hull players.
    Vermaelen shielding the ball from Agbonlahor.

    Can we have these pics in the side bar?

  12. Stevie

    Paying back 300 Bolton fans is easy, not so easy for the 55,000 (oh sorry the official stats show 60,000+ for each game this season) Arsenal fans

  13. Mark C

    The big Traore could play if he has been playing in Europe for 2 years.

    There are plenty of non european players who have not played 75% of their international games. How is he playing in Romania?

    There was an interesting thing on the radio questioning Vieira’s age. He is being quoted as being 33 – he might have a Kanu passport !!!

    Hope game goes ahead tomorrow – the players should be ready.

  14. Duke

    Morning all,
    Great post as per usual, Cole and Parker would be great, add a Subotic to that and we are all set for greatness, but we all know it won’t happen, Wenger likes making life for himself, don’t know why.

  15. Geoff

    Rohan, I have changed my opinion of him, I just don’t have him up there with you, he’s an Arsenal player though and he gets cheered like they all do.

    Stevie, we certainly need cover but Parker is injury prone, I’d have him though.

    Ali, let’s see!

  16. Rohan

    geoff bar essien who would you have over Song?
    maybe yaya toure but he has been shite this season and as for Lassana Diarra, Song has been better than him.

  17. Stevie

    I think Song as done ok but do agree he looks like he is on dope, if he were a 100m sprinter he would spend his life pissing into test tubes

  18. Pedro

    Morning all!

    I don’t think paying the expenses of the whole stadium is practical. Most gooners travelling in on a season ticket don’t travel in from that far and I’d suspect most wouldn’t have taken a half day to get to the game.

    Rohan, if someone doesn’t like a player, there is no point in trying to persuade them otherwise! That’s their opinion!

    I reckon we’re getting Zarate for £40mill 😉

  19. Duke

    Where is Pedro? Sidebar needs updating, specially the dog of the week, it’s been like 10 weeks it’s the dog of the week.

  20. CHIPPY

    Lol, Now your going to start a new debate about him Geoff,

    Maybe it will be a mass debate as you plainly think at times hes a wanker :-)

  21. Pedro

    Geoff, Cana, Melo and Inler?

    Come on… Melo has been getting subbed at half time and jeered, Sunderland are in free fall with Cana in their midfield and Inler has gone completley off the radar (His team are 15th)!

  22. arobba

    Why are you mentioning Walcott in relation to our dearth of front men? He is not, nor will he ever be, a decent front man.

  23. Val46

    Geoff Pedro been reading this site for ages about time I start posting..Great job by the way !! Be lucky gooners

  24. Geoff

    Pedro, did you not just say this?

    Rohan, if someone doesn’t like a player, there is no point in trying to persuade them otherwise! That’s their opinion!

    Like Henry set the world alight at Juve then?

    If these players were in our team, they would be sensational, you said it, they are all in shit teams.

    Look at how well Song does at Arsenal, I’m now resting my case.

  25. CHIPPY

    Anyone else finding Skysports news utterly hillarious at the mo with their transfer window countdown absolutley fuck all is happening and they still try and make a big deal out of it, Brian swanson what a prize knobhead he is :-)

    It is starting to look like 95% of clubs havent a pot to piss in tho with the total lack of activety think there may be a few bumpy years ahead for certain sides!!

  26. Stevie

    Pedro – To be fair, Rosicky has been fit for 5 weeks but only over a 4 year period and never continuously………

  27. MoW

    Sol was shite at the end of his Arsenal career. he was slow, heavy, clumsy and mentally wrecked.

    someone please tell me why wee need him back several years later?

    Big Phil for me all the way…

  28. Geoff

    MoW I think he head was all wrong, I thought he was immense for Pompey.

    I agree about Phil, unfortunately Wenger doesn’t…

  29. Doublegooner

    Seems like the toffeemen could all be treated to an ‘all expenses paid holiday’to London tomorrow.

    Double Double Double Double…..If he signs & he’s fucked at least it will fuck the tots off again..Just think, their captain signs for The Arse Twice !

    Anyone for ‘we’ve got Dennis Bergkamp’ ? !

  30. Pedro

    Geoff, there is no point in trying to change your opinion on Song. I’m not saying that.

    I’m asking why you’d want to take an underperforming player for a huge cost to replace a player that has marshalled the defence of a team that has got us to within 4 points of the league leaders with a game in hand.

  31. CHIPPY

    Pedro, Carnt find a dog in an Arsenal shirt but have found The alex song of the dog world how the bloody hell do i attach a jpeg to my message ?

  32. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Pedro Says:
    January 8, 2010 at 09:30
    Sabeel, Rosicky is never fit for 5 weeeks!

    Pedro, u r right

    But i wrote that,in hope that,someday Rosicky puts those injury issues aside,i hope it is NOW..after all it is 2 years since he got injured,

    by now hopefully his bodily “may” have newly adapted succesfully

  33. Stevie


    How is knocking up your girlfriend like locking your keys out of your car?

    The problem goes away with the aid of a coathangar.

  34. SUGA3

    fuck me, if AW signs mentalist Campbell to ‘replace’ Senderos, he will have to watch out for the men in white coats, ffs…

    I will not forget how he fucked up twice and stormed out the ground like a cunt when we played WHU…

    plus, he is not one to be trusted, given this ‘let me play abroad’ bollocks and the way he fucked over Sven at Notts – thanks, but no thanks…

  35. Duke

    I would like to thank everyone who changed their Facebook status to the colour of their bra, to raise awareness for cancer. Clearly up until you did this I was totally oblivious to the incurable, life threatening disease that is cancer…

    Whenever I used to hear the word cancer, I just thought of a mysterious superhero that rid the world of Jade Goody.

  36. gambon

    The spin that comes out of that bullshit artist Gazidis’ mouth is ridiculous.

    “The answer isnt always to give other clubs money”

    Trying to spin it to make it look like signing players is bad as it increases other clubs wealth. What a fucking cunt.

    We wont do any business this month, just like we havent done any in 5 years, which leads me to ask WHERE THE FUCK IS THE MONEY GOING???

    When we are about to bring in a 35 year old has been who fucked us over you know someone is getting rich off this club.

  37. Duke

    Eating pussy is like driving in the snow,
    If you don’t slow down and pay attention, you could slide into the arsehole in front of you.

  38. SUGA3

    Uncle Festa is just another fucking ‘yes man’ unfit to tie Dein’s shoelaces – DD had some balls to stand up to the rest of the pricks on board and AW…

  39. Duke

    Goonerman, yes I do, could you care to explain what you mean by that, or you just telling me an interesting fact?

  40. ikon

    i seriously cannot understand this crap management. If we dont get anyone before mid of this month we are late and our management needs to be ready to answer.

    So much money goes into getting the “right” staff, and whats the point if the right things dont happen at the right time.

  41. Pedro

    Suga, I don’t think that’ll be the last of the signings…

    Good to know that doublegooner was spot on with the Campbell story. I think we were first with that one?

  42. gazzap

    For me there is no question we need another striker regardless of today’s fitness results.
    A club going for the title needs two big strikers not one. at the moment we have none. as you say Nik could easily get injured again.

    We also need another DM. Parker is a good shout. we dont need a highly technical player, we just someone that is prepared to get in people’s faces, and block shots etc. the last player we had that was a bundle of energy was Flamini and I thought he made a huge difference to our game. Most prem teams have 2 or 3 of these type players – Arsenal have none.

    Other than this, we are fine.

  43. Duke

    Pedro, it was Stevie who pointed out it’s joke Friday and not myself.

    Stevie, cheers mate, which one of the two though? I assume the driving in the snow…which had me in stitches myself.

    Here is another one for you:

    Latest News: Gunman breaks into the ‘Celebrity’ Big Brother House and kills everyone.

    The victims are yet to be identified.

  44. Dubbed The New Wenger

    “There still persist the rumours over Carlton Cole and even Scott Parker, I like Parker, but like Cole, he does appear to be a Theo (crock) unlike Cole and Theo, I think he will always be a crock, so I can’t see that happening, Cole though may well, and again, I don’t have a problem with that. Mauro Zarate has now entered the mix but that is a complete load of toot, one good game for Birmingham, a spell at Lazio, and suddenly he’s worth £35mil, perleaaase!”

    Hold up! Regardless of how much Zarate is worth you’re against getting him yet you like C.Cole and Parker?
    I don’t understand all this rubbish about Cole. He is absolute shit! Don’t let me start on Parker!
    Fact is Zarate is easily a better option. At the very least he possesses basic techniques required for a footballer e.g. ball control, passing etc.
    Couldn’t say the same for the other shits.
    Some gooners!

  45. Pedro

    Dubbed, you must have missed the £40million buy out clause and the fact we’re not in the market for another midget?

    Some Gooners are idiots eh?

  46. Big Dave

    Don’t hold your breath guys about transfers. If you see the Ivan G interview we are looking to spend F ALL! As usual. Come on Arsenal we are 2/3 class players from world domination show the fans you mean it and put your hands in your pocket

  47. Duke

    Stevie, you bindipping jokes? What will Pedro say? 😀

    My mate’s contact lenses dried out so I pissed in his eyes.
    I don’t think that was the solution he was looking for.

  48. Goonerman

    Pedro – I think he will lead England in the World Cup. What I saw of heskey at Arsenal the other day was not encouraging. Cole is not world class but he will do a good job for Arsenal.

  49. Duke

    Dubbed, Zarate for 40 mil or Cole for 10? I would even go for Cole if they were the same price. Also there is nothing wrong with Parker except he is injury prone, apart from that he is a great player.
    Some Gooners eh?

  50. DutchMaster10

    My mate plays for West Ham. I text him yesterday regarding Cole. He said his agent has held talks with Arsenal and Cole wants the move. Clubs are in talks. Nothing signed yet. Seems to think Parker is going nowhere. I would much rather put a cheeky £6mil bid in for Cattermole!!!

  51. nishanth

    Pretty sure that someone like parker won’t come.It will make denilson 3rd choice DM.Wenger won’t let that happen.

  52. Gooby

    i would take cole anyday. with the kind of football we play he can have lots of chances in front of goal you know the likes of nasri, sicky, arshavin and fab arround, passing deadly balls.

    parker tho, i don’t know he is too injury prone.

    plus, cole would be a decent sub when RvP gets back

  53. SUGA3


    if football was Yakuza, Sol would be running out of fucking fingers…

    I don’t want him anywhere near our club, period – so what if he looks good in training? he is bonkers and unreliable…

  54. I AM GOONER (maqitlarge)

    If we sign Cole I really hope he celebrates his goals with a Carlton dance, like this:


  55. nishanth

    But he doesn’t cost a penny suga.That is what matters to wenger.I really thought he will buy a decent backup CB

  56. afc53

    Double swoop for Huntellar & Flamini premier league title anyone!

    Oh to dream we have been told this morning by Gazidis there wont be anyone coming in they want a payout in may after all as long as were in the top 4 there not bothered.

  57. Goonerman

    nishanth – as you said he don’t cost a penny and we have Djourou to come thru. AW will have a budget which at the mo we need to spend on a striker.

  58. Arsenal Tom

    we need another vermalen not another fucking silvestre!!

    carlton cole would be quality, if he can look good with the shit west ham put out around him he could be top class with us

  59. SUGA3


    he failed us and then lied to us for a good measure – Flamini was at least reliable right until the end…

    plus, he is 35, FFS – is AW for real? 2 geriatric backup CBs is sheer idiocy, given the high line we play…

  60. DutchMaster10

    I AM GOONER – What a dance!

    Goonerman – jack collison

    Seriously, C,Cole £10mil, Lee Cattermole £7mil and Cahil £?. Easy as that, Mr Gazidas go and earn your fucking money and do some work!

  61. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    i am apalled when wenger says that he has already has 4 central defenders, Hence he wont look for any more

    Seriously, how can wenger depend on guys like Senderos/Silvestre..(Song will play as DM,period.)

    I am really scared by this wengers statement,shuks…

  62. Maksud

    Any word on when the Bolton game will be replayed? Also how is the weather in London, jope its clear for the Everton game. Hope they won’t have to postpone that as well….

  63. afc53

    I cant believe we are having a debate about Carlton Cole good for west ham but so was Tony Cottee would anyone have swapped him for Merse,Campbell,Smith or wright?????

    Is he good enough for a team that are challenging for the league & champions league?????

    Also if we bought Cole would we change formation again?

  64. Arsenal Tom

    gazidis is a knob, he thinks he can come out before the season with all the “4th isnt good enough, its all about the fans” chat and we’ll love him, then do fuck all apart from put a few pretty pictures up around the stadium since then jump on the ‘spending isnt always the answer’ bandwagon.

    just another arsenal puppet taking us for mugs

  65. choy

    A man goes to the doctor after feeling ill. The doctor says: “You know, you should have come to see me sooner. Unfortunately you have waited too long and you are going to die this evening.”

    The man is distraught and wonders how he is going to tell his wife. Well, he tells her and she takes it pretty well: “Honey, this is going to be a night that you will always remember,” she says. “I am going to treat you like a king.”

    She prepares a scrumptious gourmet dinner with wine, candles — the works. After dinner she slips away and returns in the most incredible negligee the man has ever seen. She leads him into their bedroom. They make the most passionate love they have ever made. The man is beside himself. Once done, the wife rolls over to go to sleep knowing she kept her promise. Well, the husband is wide awake watching the clock.

    He knows that he is doomed. He taps her: “Honey?” he whispers. She rolls over and they again proceed to make love. Again when they were done she rolls over and he taps her. By now she is getting cranky, but under the circumstances she grants her husband’s dying wishes. Finally the wife rolls over and begins to snore. Well, the man decides to tap her again: “Honey?” he whispers.

    She rolls over and yells: “Would you give it a rest! One of us has to get up in the morning!”

  66. nishanth

    Goonerman-Are you suggesting that we don’t have enough money to buy a CB?Nobody is asking wenger to sign vidic or Nesta.Just a reliable cover for gallas and vermaelen.Looks like senderos is leaving.Silvestre will be off next season and he is fucking useless.We need a CB.I think it is more important than signing a striker

  67. Arsenal Tom

    I AM GOONER… maybe!? but i thought he looked quality… he fouled quite a bit but he didnt stop running all game, he really set the tempo of the game.

  68. Gooby

    sol and silvestre can boost our average age at most 😉 USELESS.

    bring in cole.

    cahill is overated imo.

    when in the bolton game then?

  69. Goonerman

    Oi Tom – Gazidis is now my mate. I wrote to him before Xmas and suggested that the picture of the the ‘premiership trophy and 2004′ around the inside of the ground should be in Gold so we don’t forget. He wrote back and liked the idea. They will fully consider it in context of other changes to the ground in the summer. I am rather pleased.

  70. DutchMaster10

    Only thing about Cahill or another really decent defender is getting game time. If you were a quality defender would you move to a team where you may only be 3rd choice? I think if Gallas leaves us at the end of the season then you will see plenty of top class defenders wanting to come to us.

  71. Arsenal Tom

    dutchmaster… exactly right mate… to be fair i said a while ago, that he was only saying what he was saying about 4th and the fans to be the antidote to wengers “i believe in these players” talk.

    shame its starting to ring true tough! Gazidis was touted as the man with real ambition

  72. Big Dave

    Arsenal Tom, your right.

    We spent all our money on the murials around the ground ! FFS So us some ambition, we are 3rd game in hand, in 2 cups, now lets push on for the end of season.

    When all fit, if ever that is the case with us our squad is strong, it just needs adding too, and then he talks about our kids in 5 years, we heard all that chat 5 year ago aboutthe future and we still aint won nothing

  73. CHIPPY

    Lets get this straight first Sols defo a nutjob and at first i also thought i dont want the twat making a comeback, But after a little thinking it over i actually dont see it as a bad signing

    1) Hes been training with us for months so will know Gallas and Verms games inside out so should be able to slot straight in if either gets injured

    2) I know hes a little over the hill but Fuck me he was a top class centre half in his prime,

    3) Its his last shot at the bigtime so will want to get it is all if called upon

    4) Has experience of actually winning things !

    5) We will not be able to sign a top clas centre half to sit on the bench with the world cup looming

    So all in all think it could be a good thing

  74. Goonerman

    Nis – we have dosh but we have Silvestre as well as back up. he has to wait to buy a long term CB signing.

  75. Arsenal Tom

    goonerman… lol… glad to see he’s listened to one fan then!!

    pretty pictures around the stadium dont count for much though when the trophy cabinets empty and he’s turning into wenger