Ahhh, what a messed up game we live in… Ratings and Review

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So first things first. Does it irritate anyone else that the league is so badly organised that we still have a game in hand dating back to September? Does it really take that long to squeeze the extra game in? It’s ridiculous… I hate looking at the league table talking about our position if we do happen to win our extra game.

Onto the match…


Eboue Gallas Vermaelen Silvestre

Diaby Song Denilson

Eduardo Arshavin Nasri

The team lined up pretty much as I had expected. Almunia has clearly turned into the undroppable keeper, which was unsurprising considering the excuse Wenger made for his Liverpool mistake. In midfield, I would have preferred to have seen Ramsey in there, but I could understand his omittance as he often goes missing if he’s played from the start… and up top, I couldn’t argue. Walcott rightly dropped after some atrocious performances… the rest of the players were all we had left!

Arsenal started off nervously, Diaby mis-timed a slide tackle which allowed Fagan to hit a low and hard shot at Almunia’s goal. Luckily it was wide of the post by a yard or so.

Our first chance came from Diaby. Eduardo played the ball to Nasri who neatly teed up the Frenchman, who hit a powerful shot at the leg of the Hull defender, out for a corner.

Eduardo and Nasri combined again when the Croatian found his team mate free in the box. The best the Frenchman could do was shoot at Myhil.

Arsenal were looking a little clueless again. If in doubt, hit the wings and fire high balls into the box seemed to be the preferred tactic again.

The game needed a spark and sure enough, Nasri was on hand to provide it in the form of a 200lbs firework. A freekick was awarded after a challenge on Hunt. As the ref had his back to Nasri, the Frenchman cheekily stamped on Garcia’s foot. Hunt hit the deck like he’d been floored by Tyson, Barmby came flying over shoving Nasri in the face… que carnage. After a few minutes of handbags, the ref consulted his linesman and awarded Nasri and Hunt a yellow card each. Lucky Nasri! He’ll now avoid a video arbitration.

After the fight, Hull started getting silly. Zayyate challenged wildly on Vermaelen, then shortly after Barmby and the same player double teamed Diaby and conceded another freekick. Denilson stepped up and from 35 yards slotted it into the far left of the goal. A pearler of a free kick. Arsenal went in at half time 1-0 up!

As the players headed into the tunnel, the childish arguments continued. There were even some rumours that hood man Cesc was involved again! Kevin Keegan and Moritz Volz spoke about how soft the free kick was at half time but I couldn’t disagree more. Neither Hull player won the ball and I was unaware that double teaming a player to win possession was allowed. Stick to the Circus Kev…

Arsenal came out for the second half much better play wise. Eduardo turned on the edge of the box superbly to give himself acres of space… he shot wide. Shortly after the Crozillian gave Diaby the opportunity to shoot inside the box. The shot was crudely hand balled but the ref missed it.

The play moved up the other end, Fagan chased a ball in the box, tussled with Silvestre, fell over and claimed his shirt had been pulled. The ref; conned, pointed to the spot. What a joke. However, the punch line was in the penalty Geovanni took. He ran up slowly, Almunia stood his ground, to watch the Brazillian shoot close enough for Alto parry away. A crucial save from the Spaniard.

Arsenal went up the other end. Diaby did excellently out wide playing a clever one two with Song, the return pass went across the face of goal for the easiest of tap ins for Eduardo.

Fagan continued to do his best impression of Wayne Rooney, tearing around like an idiot, shouting and swearing at anyone who’d listen, crucially not picking up a yellow card.

Arsenal were cruising without really creating chances. The coach brought on Rambo for the superb Nasri.

The final goal of the game came from Diaby. He played another one two, this time with Arshavin who patiently waited for the perfect return ball. Diaby strongly held off the challenge and banged it into the top corner.

Walcott managed to get a few minutes on the pitch and went close when he lobbed wide. Ramsey also blazed the ball just over after a superb move. Joe Royle seemed to think the result was flattering… I can only think he’d confused the last word of that sentence with comfortable.

All the ‘poor performance’ talk at full time from the commentary team riled me a bit. I thought we played fine. It wasn’t vintage, but arguing 3-0 was undeserved was picking holes for the sake of it. The female presenter interviewer for ESPN made a class A tit of herself interviewing Arsene at the end… it was quite funny watching Arsene’s face everytime a poor question came out of her mouth. Talking of Wenger, Wrighty7 has his own opinion on what will happen if our coach heads to City.

So in conclusion, a very good performance from everyone on the pitch today. We go into Christmas in a very strong position with a number of other teams. The Villa game now holds extra importance as they seem to be sneeking up the table grinding out good results along the way. It was a pretty crazy day today, Almunia saved a penalty, Diaby had a blinder, Nasri was tough in midfield, Silvestre looked great, Man U lost heavily as did Liverpool… madness!

One can’t help but think United deserved that after Wolves played a reserve team against them last week. If we do eventually win out game in hand, we take second. Today I’ll mostly be backing West Ham and of course, Burnley!


Almunia: Wouldn’t have got a game if they’d let me be selecter for the day. Still, I wont let that statement get in the way of telling you he had a solid game between the sticks and he that he kept a clean sheet… which included a penalty save. 7

Eboue: You know he’s had a good game when there are no key moments in a match that he’s involved in. Hull were pretty impotent for most of the day, so he didn’t have much to do. What he did do was well executed. 7

Gallas: A solid, yet quiet game at the back. 7

Vermaelen: The only difference between Gallas and the Verminator is the Belgian pushed forward when things are quiet. Again, a solid game. 7

Silvestre: It’s time to give up the auto-slag mind set people use on our favourite geriatric. He had a very good game today, even managing to get up top to join in some sparkling moves. 7.5

Diaby: After he started getting the ball from out of his feet a bit quicker, we saw glimpses into what Diaby could become. He was creative, strong, rangey in the tackle. He was involved in all of the goals and he showed what he could do with a bit of application. 8.5

Song: Powerful performance from the man who likes to call himself the first defender. Good passing, tough tackling and some real discipline (Bar the ruck!) today. I was very impressed. 8

Denilson: A guy I was sitting with pointed out that while Denilson doesn’t appear to do much in game, his main role is to hold the space out wide and link the play. When you look at it like that, you can’t argue that he does a good job. He’s not as crash bang as Rambo, but he holds onto the ball well and he has an eye for a pass. His freekick was very well executed and it stuck two fingers up at Wenger’s ‘don’t shoot from distance’ policy. 7.5

Eduardo: He plays in an unfamiliar wide position and does a good job. He created a few openings today and managed to bag a goal. His finishing still lacks the pre-injury confidence, but I’m sure it’ll come. 7.5

Arshavin: A pretty quiet game from the Russian. He doesn’t perform particularly well without Cesc or a pacey forward. He still holds the ball up well and he has the ability to pull a rabbit out the hat… sadly, not today. 7

Nasri: A super game from a player I gave a little bit of stick to last week. It was gutsy innings that combined skill with hard work and tough challenges. His range of passing was excellent today and for once, I was sad to see him leave the pitch! I was very proud of our Frenchman kick starting a brawl… loved it! 8

P.S. I watched Madrid destroy a very poor Zaragoza side yesterday. The finishing was out of this world and M.Diarra was excellent. If he’s on the market for 5mill, he’d certainly be worth a punt and he’d certainly suit the Premier league.

Also, I have no Villa tickets! Hand them over if they’re going spare… I have plenty of takers!

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  1. tonyadamsisgod

    Pedro – I’M glad you picked up on that cunt Fagan and all his swearing! I can only assume you’re allowed to call the ref a fucking cunt these days!?!?

    Song went up a notch in my book after that ‘fight’ kicked off! he was straight in there dishing it out!! Silvestre too, but you’d always get that from a seasoned pro though and I honestly have no problem with him playing the left back role right now.

  2. Odub


    Good post.

    Wouldnt have marked anyone higher than a 7 though. Vermy was MOTM imo.

    We played a thoroughly shit side, and at times descended to their shit level.
    Hull turned up just to kick us about all game, Hunt is an effing cnut FACT, and he kept throwing his cnutishness about all game, how that sam the eagle look alike ref didnt send him off is beyond me!

    Anyway, we were in 3rd gear all evening, they got an undeserved pen, but we did dominate them.

    Let’s be honest tho, they made Silvestre look like roberto carlos, and Al saving pens what is the world coming to?!!

    Credit where it’s due great freekick Denilson, about frigging time we scored one!!

  3. stonroy

    Morning all. I have to agree with you Pedro, Arshavin does have a good understanding with Cesc and when he’s not there the little Russian does go missing.

  4. Supergunner07

    Not great performance but then again they cant give great performance everytime, it was a very efficient performance in defence and attack so happy days. The aim is now to stay close or ahead of rivals until Jan when we get at least Bendy back upfront and possible signing upfront.

  5. chiku

    Diaby’s performance was just as cracking as the article….Its the best feeling to support a team with such a great and unbiased blog….thanx for all the work u put in for our enjoyment

  6. stonroy

    My team for next week. I keep Eboue to deal with there pace.

    Eboue Verm Gallas Traore

    Song Cesc Diaby Nasri

    Eduardo Arshaving

  7. Confidentgoner

    Great post as always Pedro!

    I think Sylvestre was at best a 6. He should have done better with the ball when he had tons of space in their 18 yard box. But he is 4th choice, so you can’t be too critical. Daiby was the MOM today. We just need him to be consistent and stop scoring own goals.

    He showed today that the potential is there. Perhaps thats what wenger sees on the traing pitch.

  8. stonroy

    I must say I hope Wenger lets the team know that it’s okay to come into the box and defend after a penalty kick is taken.

  9. BigRaddy

    Fine post Pedro.

    The highlight of the game was the fight. I loved that Silvestre was straight into the fracas showing why AW trusts him to chaperone the kids. We stepped up a level after that, and Hull descended into the thugs they are.

    It also showed how tough our Russian is.

    Come On West Ham…..

  10. FinnGun

    Pedro & Geoff,

    I apologize for my previous post. I was way out of line. The line between love and hate really is thin sometimes.

    I’ll never cut and paste here again, and I’ll try to cut down on the “AKB” links.

    It’s great to have a blog where everyone can have an opinion – AKB, IKB or whatever – as long as you love The Arsenal, of course. For that, I thank you.

  11. gooner4ever

    I like the way we perform when we are leading. Best thing is we didn’t concede a goal. I was getting mad of this.
    Also, it was good to see the boss resting Arshavin finally. We will need him to retrieve his lethal finishing of Anfield last year for match against Villa. this could be a decisive match.

    Anyways, let’s all hope West Ham can make it today!!!!!!

  12. BigRaddy

    True Stonroy.

    I don’t know which was worse, the penalty miss or the open goal header that followed.

    3 of their players wen for the same ball and no-one in the red and white was anywhere near.

  13. Pedro

    No problem Finn Gunn, your opinion on Arsenal are welcome and spot on about love for the club.

    Raddy… I didn’t want to say it in the post, but it was poor tracking back from out players. You’ve got to be first to those rebounds!

    I agree… the fight was the highlight… it’s nice to see we have that in us!

    That Hunt player is a nasty little shit isn’t he? Kind of like a modern day Savage…

    Mark Hughes getting sacked… ho ho ho!

    Mancini only has such a good record because he has such limited competition when he won his titles…

  14. oldbird

    Morning Pedro – good match report. Great to see the oft criticised (unfairly imo) Denilson and Sylvestre getting some deserved praise. I thought Sylvestre and a storming game down the left.

    I really loved yesterday despite the cold. Great to see and feel some passion on the pitch and in the stands in second half.

    Bring on Villa. Merry Christmas Grovers and Gooners.

  15. ManGoonian

    Morning… And what a great day it is too!

    Hull are a dirty, fouling, cheating bunch of cheats… Managed by a tangoed twat! So, that was effin hilarious to turn em over yesterday..

  16. goonermichael

    I was just going to post a word about Silvestre when I saw that Raddy said exactly what I was thinking. People say we need a nasty streak, Nasri was well sly with the step and push. I’m still over the moon about Hughes as well.

  17. TonyS

    That was one of the most bizarre penalty awards in football history. Players, fans, people watching on tv were completely nonplussed.

    The ref is clearly part of a far eastern betting ring.

  18. Pedro

    Sorry GM… I’ve amended the comments.

    Fergie is a sulky cunt isn’t he?

    No press conference after a loss…

    Did you see Mick McCarthy? Again… what a cunt…

  19. The Fabster

    After his completely unprovoked hack on Stephen Hunt, that went no where near the ball, I have a new found respect for Emmanuel Eboue.

  20. SongtheGreat


    Fergie is slowly starting to accept the facts ,and what we said at the beginning of the season…they where a one man team with ronaldo, and they just doesnt seem to have the players to adapt to a life without him…me i think they are just about to crumble—

  21. Mayank

    I said it yesterday, this game despite being scrappy at times had that 03-04 energy which I’ve missed. So thank you Nasri. Also Diaby Diaby Diaby when will you do this on a regular basis?

  22. goonermichael

    This season is really weird. I think we’re rubbish sometimes but the mancs are awful. Even without the defensive “crisis”, I thought the chavs would run away with it but that hasn’t happened and we’re still in touch. I’m looking forward to going to the Villa game. I’ve only ever seen us win, I hope that carries on

  23. reggie57

    Good to see a bit of spitefulness return to the team,we have gone from southern softies to southern thugs,and long may it continue!!!

  24. Stav

    Good to see Diaby performing, he always seems more effective further up the pitch, instead if the big man in the holding role that I think most people assumed he would end up. I would have liked to se Eduardo more central and Arshavin starting left but really playing off Eduardo.

    Song had another good game; he reads the game well defensively and breaks up the play regularly, but we don’t want him on the ball trying to pull the strings, get it and give it for him I think.

    Does anyone else wish Phil Brown would ‘go play in the road’?

    Also whats the score with Jay Simpson? Is he going to make it at Arsenal?

  25. choy

    Morning all..

    Silvestre looked amazing in attack 😆

    A very good game, I’m really starting to hate Hull facking city….

  26. TonyS

    Eboue is having one of his best seasons for us. But anyone who wants to play him at the back instead of Sagna in a critical game against a strong team where a moments lapse in concentation can be the difference to winning ………. sorry you’ve got to be on crystal meth.

  27. Mean Lean

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you said..

    “It’s time to give up the auto-slag mind set people use on our favourite geriatric”

    Sadly I think auto-slag is fixed for many people regardless of what said player does during the game.

    Denilson was superb even before his wonderful strike. He quietly goes around winning the ball time and time again and his ability to keep the ball moving without delay was there to see last night.

    Diaby had a great second half but Denilson was MOTM for for.

    We need to start the game at full pelt against Villa, we have been starting matches in first gear and we will come unstuck against the better sides.

    A whole host of injuries and we are still right up there.


  28. reggie57

    Tango man whinging about Nasri should have been red carded for his stamp,them northern softies dont like the warm weather down south do they?

  29. Arsenal General

    Was an easy and nice win over the cunts.

    Fagon = faggot
    Brown = sore loser
    Hunt = the dickhead

    Everyone played really well including Almunia. I will still stick with him as our no.1 because fabianski is not ready yet.

    Denilson, Song, Diaby and Nasri was immense!

    Eduardo need more games and Silvester did very well at the back, no idea why many arsenal supporters hates him (just bcse an ex-manUtd player??). He was solid and his experience is very crucial for the team.

    Overall a great performance and enjoyed it a lot!

  30. ManGoonian

    That Fagan of Hull is a right dirty twat… Diving,. cheatin g, swearing and fouling… Wheres the uproar over his dive for the pen?? Or the punch thrown by barmby??? Hmmmmm…

    Nasri is a legend! Loved him before that cheeky little toe crusher!

  31. raynor73

    I thought your reflection was fair Pedro, perhaps rating players just a little better than they were. This was a bit of a banana skin game, that we lost last season, against a bigger team of hackers!

    We didn’t play vintage but we won, pretty convincingly in the end and it could have been 4 at least 3 times but for weak finishing.

    I agree Nasri was good and fought as did Diaby. We were’nt bullied in a game we could have been, which shows they have got a little steele when required.

    You have to win games to win the league when you aren’t playing that great, so from that point of view a great win for the Gooners!

  32. Pedro

    Paul, I think the commentators added to the Silvestre slagging… they were slagging him off for a ridiculous tackle… no one could see the actual foul because the replay was in the way.

    Please don’t tell me you weren’t thinking the same when you heard it… (You were at the game, so I retract that bit retrospectively)

    Meanlean, Denilson man of the match? Diaby, Nasri and Song were all far more impressive for me… a good result heading into the Villa game. I hope the fighting spirit is here to stay and that we can take that into the cold games up north going forward.

    Did anyone else hear the ESPN girl ask Wenger if he was disappointed with the challenge Silvestre made?

    What an idiot…

  33. izham

    highlight of the match was the brawl..those northern cunts think they could mess around with the boys,well pleased to say that the boys have got balls after all..absolutely loved it when Song went straight for c(h)unt throat..

    come on west ham…

  34. Rich from the North Bank

    I’m also well fuming with our game in hand! It’s jokes, it seems normally when we kick off we have two in hand!!! Give me the points any day…

    Sat up in the rafters yesterday, right opposite Mr. Wenger. Great view and met some quality old school Gooners. Even my old man fought back the critism to sing about Phil Brown hahaha

    The match. Well until the fight I thought Hull were matching us, it was very frustrating. But once the goal was in, even with the Penalty awarded I knew we’d win.
    Think our hand was forced with selection but must say mr. Silvestre was our man of the match. Yes i am hungvoer, but thought he had a great game, just what he needed.

    Thought we looked short up front. Literally! We needed someone to hold the ball up and bring in the midfield. Still, the lads did well, and thought Diaby’s strength up front in the later stages was excellent.

    Roll on the Villa, a truely massive game.

  35. Rich from the North Bank

    One last thing. Time for a lot more starts for Eduardo. If he’s going to regain his shots to goals ration he needs a run in the side. Preferably up front

  36. Gunneroo

    I think it was the first time I saw wenger clap to a build up to ramseys shot. I was dissapointed that it took about 30 secs for any1 to help nasri when 48 hull players were grabbing him. Where’s the team work boys!!!

  37. Confidentgoner

    The post penalty reaction from our players was really annoying. If the header had gone in, I think the defenders would have deserved a week’s wage deduction.

  38. gnarleygeorge9

    Great overview Pedro.

    As for the penalty, which as not IMO, Hull were given a lifeline, & stuffed it. Once that did head, sorry 2 dickheads missed Gio & Hunt the rebound Hull were a mere joke & there was no where for them to hide or no reason for them to whinge. Hull will go down, & when they do, the penalty miss from a gift by the ref will ring louder than a marshall stack. Piss off you never will be’s. Stick to Thugby League 😆

  39. gnarleygeorge9

    Diaby was inspiring to the other players coz of his robustness (is that a word :) ) well you know what I mean. Well done that man I say.

    Mangoonian, definitely not a penalty

  40. ritesh


    Only position we could add is striker… I dont see where we are going to put all these players when most are fit.

    + If you buy, who will accept to sit on the bench sometimes.. Why would Van Der Vaart play in Jan, then sit on the bench..He might as well warm the bench at RM.

  41. Pedro

    Anyone read about John Terry taking £10k bungs to show people round Chelsea?

    What a disgrace… £150k a week and he still needs more money…

  42. ritesh

    The fight of yesterday will give steel to the steam to now…

    It was like our great teams of the past. Return gifts for Stephen Cunt & co.

  43. ritesh

    *The fight of yesterday will give steel to the team now

    I was impressed with Sylvester… He just needs a run of games and he will be a good option for us.

  44. SongtheGreat

    yeah i read it …well proves that chelski is what we always believed them to be…moneygrabbin feckers all of them….not excluding their fans…there really isnt that far ago when stamford was filled to the brink by 10-11000 fans;)…and this is the way manciteh is headed too……….and all i can say is..money cant buy you love….

    terry..a cocain habit isnt cheap…

  45. ritesh

    We have to thank Hughes for giving us some of that Arab money at the start.

    Only a real cunt would give us that kind of money.

    Hughes is a great gaffer… for the likes of Blackburn, or maybe Hull when Browny is sacked…

  46. jack

    silvestre had a good game yesterday, and anyone who says otherwise is just being a dick, or didnt watch the game… he defended well when he had to, got forward, ok didnt do an awful lot, but then again neither did most of the arsenal players yesterday, so credit where credits due, he had a good game, and along with yesterday’s performance there have been signs over the last few weeks, that he can when needed to, do a job for us!!!

  47. patthegooner

    I think Man City might become a force to be reckoned with in the 2nd half of the season.

    Mancini will have money to spend in Jan and with what he has already got, there is a chance they could get into the top 4.

    It will be interesting to see what comes of Ade. I could see them moving him on, or at least trying to, which wont be easy as he is a money grabbing mercenary who is being paid a shit load of money there.

  48. Mayank

    How much ever i hate the cunt, this is a non-issue. Especially if he was intending to donate it.
    It’s just a tour of the club, who the heck would pay 10000 for it.

  49. Micky Did It 89

    With Cesc, Ros, RVP and Bendy to return, the second half of the season looks mighty promising. Lets hope for some luck with injuries.

  50. patthegooner

    And your PL team of the Decade?


    Lauren, Adams, Ferdinand, Cole

    Ronaldo, Vieira, Gerrard, Giggs

    Henry, Torres

    Bench: Van Der Sar, Campbell, Bergkamp, Lampard, Rooney, Cesc, Pires

  51. Pedro

    Mayank, he’s got gambling issues and I have no doubt that the charity things was just an excuse.

    Why would he need to take cash to do that? Couldn’t he do that officially?

    Geoff donates money to the make a wish foundation… I bet it was the first charity that popped into his head because they do a Christmas ball at the Dorchester.

  52. patthegooner

    If the money was going to Charity, I am sure he would not have be so secretive about it. In fact if players were offering that service, I am sure the club would be right behind them and offer it on the website.

  53. patthegooner

    Got to laugh at the press hacks again today.

    I woke up to see the headline

    Dutch star snubs January move to Arsenal

    Yet I dont think we have ever bid for him, and he has not turned us down. He just says he wants to fight for his place at Madrid!!!!! How is that a snub. Lazy cunts

  54. raynor73

    Gosh! Just read in NOTW that Gibson is getting a payrise to equal Wellbeck at £15k per week. Why the fuck do we pay Walcott and the other younguns 60k? That’s madness, espacially given that they havent proved they can cut it yet!

    I’m staggered at the disparity displayed by our club. Surely if they reduced the season ticket price and made it more ‘realworld’, and reduced our young and unproven players salary, we’d see less than the 5000 seats that are clearly empty (and seeming growing) at home games. The club can propaganda how we sell 60,009 tickets at every game all they like, m but we all have eyes, so know its utter bullshit…

  55. Mayank

    But i still think if people are stupid enough to give 10k to see Chelsea’s training area then there’ll be someone stupid enough to show them around. I just don’t get why a man with his kind of cash would do with 8k more?

  56. luke

    goin to west ham to boo Chelsea. I think West Ham can take a point especially with Cech looking on par with Almunia and no essein.

  57. Mayank

    Raynor Walcott is an exception, we pay first teamers like Song and Denilson around 35k if the same sources are to be believed.
    The reason Walcott is an exception is the same one that makes J.S. Park earn 60k. Both have about the same impact on football side but make much more money for the club in terms of shirt sales etc. JS is very popular in the far east just like Theo is in England.
    The players’ agents will get this factor into consideration while negotiating a new deal.

  58. Truth

    Morning all: Another 3 points in the bag, I was nervous prior to the game, not sure why, but the team played well given the personnel. Loved the way the lads stood up for each other when it counted.

    Here’s ESPN’s critique of the incident, apparently its on par with Macherano’s two footed lung:

    ‘There’s no doubt that the Premier League season is heating up. The last few weeks have been extremely entertaining. And, for the casual observer, it’s wonderful to see the Big Four teams getting beat. But there were two incidents on Saturday that I found deplorable. The first was Javier Mascherano’s horror tackle on Portsmouth’s Tal Ben Haim. The second was Samir Nasri’s deliberate kick at Hull City’s Richard Garcia.

    If you watch the Nasri incident again, you can see the Frenchman deliberately and maliciously kick the back of Garcia’s ankle behind the back of referee Steve Bennett. Arsenal had already won the free kick, so there was no need for Nasri to kick out the way he did. It’s bad enough to get kicked in the ankle, but when someone does it behind you without you even seeing it coming, you can imagine how painful that must have been for Garcia.

    Nasri deserved a straight red for the incident. But because the Arsenal player did it behind the back of Bennett and the two assistant referees didn’t see the incident in the crowded area, Bennett ended up giving a yellow card to both Nasri and Steven Hunt. It was bad enough that Nasri got off lightly with just a yellow, but there was no way that Hunt deserved that card. After Nasri fouled Garcia, Hunt took matters into his own hands and pushed Nasri, as Nick Barmby did and a melee then ensued.

    Nasri has gone way down in my estimation based on this one horrible decision. But I’m also disappointed with how a prominent Arsenal blog (NSFW) saw the incident, which is one of the reasons why I don’t typically enjoy club blogs in general because they often put blinders on and are very biased in favor of their club. This is how ArseBlogger described the incident:

    “Samir Nasri, for reasons best known to himself, bumped into a Hull player and gave him a little kick on the foot while the ref’s back was turned. It was a bit sly, I have to say, and there really wasn’t any need for it. Especially as the Hull player wasn’t that little knacker Steven Hunt. But you know, f**k them. A little bit of aggro is no bad thing and it’s nice to see the lads sticking up for each other.”

    “Little kick on the foot”? “Sticking up for each other?” Give me a break. Watch this video (around the 1 minute 30 second mark) and see for yourself:

  59. Honest Bill

    I agree with them. If you look closely you can see that Nasri pulls out a flick knife and plunges it into Garcia’s back. Evil, garlic munching little cunt

  60. ethangunner

    Does it really take that long to squeeze the extra game in? It’s ridiculous… I hate looking at the league table talking about our position if we do happen to win our extra game.
    my thoughts precisely ..
    ive been waiting so long to gloat about something, ANYTHING !!!!!

    and with man U’s injuries and some wacky results over the weekend ,liverpool playing like a pack of dogs we might actually be 2nd ? or 4th ? 5th ?

    when will we not be a week behind ?
    and who’s the game against ? its not the chev’s is it :) ?

  61. Wiseman

    Pedro PLEASE!!!! i need a villa ticket!!!

    I am coming to London for two weeks, and i have never seen Arsenal play live.

    If i can’t find a ticket before the game i am gonna have to try find a tout, what would i expect to pay?

  62. ManGoonian

    raynor73 Says:
    December 20, 2009 at 13:12

    Gosh! Just read in NOTW that Gibson is getting a payrise to equal Wellbeck at £15k per week. Why the fuck do we pay Walcott and the other younguns 60k? That’s madness, espacially given that they havent proved they can cut it yet!

    Seriously fella, you cannot put Theo on a par with those 2 Mancs! Wilshire and JET, maybe, but not Theo… Shit! Phil Neville was on £60k a week at United about years ago FFS!

  63. leon

    when i look at whats going on at liverpool its very simerler to our form last season we were lacking in confedence we leaking goals and we could not score either.i feel there still alot twists and turns yet to come this season realy suprised me.i feel although in ideal world a more experienced midfielder would be nice delinson diaby ramsey song nasri although very young have shown that they not puch overs and very tough and can handle to tough side of the game.

    on anther subject man city the sacking did not suprise one bit as soon as saw the signings he made i knew they never going get into top 4 the only top class player that were bought is given belemy and tevez. i see ade and real madrid reject cant spell his name if you are going to spend 30 mill on a player he has got be the real deal and this guy is winger/stiker like rinaldo but he is alot better .as for there defence its a joke.they can but another defender that have that in there favour

  64. Confidentgoner


    Your point is that Theo is a better footballer than Weelbek? Is that based on

    a) ball retention while in motion
    b) close ball control
    c) ability toi shoot on target
    d) dribbling ability?
    e) speed
    f) because he plays for Arsenal?

  65. A

    Confident, or maybe because he’s been playing at the top level for 3 years, and Wellbeck has only played a handful of games?!

    Theo is an England international, welbeck has only made a couple of sub appearances for the u21s.

    Welbeck is a player with potential, though he isn’t the most intelligent player, and his passing is very poor, but overally he’s MILES behind Theo, and obviously wouldn’t get paid anything like as much.

    Welbeck is the same level, and place in terms of his development as Merida/Wilshere, and behind Ramsey, to compare him to Theo is laughable.

  66. A

    Apart from the fact that Theo is only a year and a bit older than Welbeck, but has made 110 appearances for us, and 8 England caps whereas Welbeck has only made 22 appearances so far in his career, the vast majority in cup matches or matches that don’t matter.

    Leon he isn’t a tricky player, that isn’t his game. He’ll score and set up alot of goals once he gets his sharpness and confidence back

  67. dennisdamenace

    If that penalty decision was made in an Italian league game we’d all say what do you expect, the Italian league is corrupt….