I think we needed that humiliating spanking… But will he change?

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I’m not going to dissect what was a pretty horrible result.

Just a few points, then I’ll let you guys do the rest.

Theo missed a bag full of chances today… but there is the key. He is getting in position to miss them, he is learning his role. Earlier in the year he was barely registering a shot. It wont take long for him to develop composure… training with a genius will speed up that process. I look forward to 15 goals from him next year.

Arsenal were woeful in today… the keeper, the midfield and the defence were all terrible. We need major surgery there in the summer, and I was glad to hear the coach indicate he would sign 2 experienced players. Do I think two players will be enough? No… but it’s a start right?

The fans won’t be conned this summer. We don’t want to hear that we’ve got enough quality in the side to compete next year, because most of us aren’t stupid enough to go along with that this year.I guess what is damning for Wenger and his loyal band of disciples is that even the players don’t believe in his ideology… Almunia, Toure, Adebayor, Cesc and Robin have all mentioned the need to recruit this summer. Thousands of seasons ticket holders, hundreds of Grovers, majority of bloggers, every quality newspaper, every ex-Arsenal player, every pundit, any rival manager who is asked… all say the same.

We’re not good enough to win the league, we need to recruit. Wenger says we have no money, so when he said we need to build a new stadium to compete with ManU and Chelsea, he forgot to tell us it would take another 15 years, wow some omission. Perhaps we should have stayed at Highbury, at least we had money then.

Wenger also said judge him in May… we’re now in May. So what do we think? Well, the proof is in the pudding, and the facts are, our pudding tastes distinctly average compared to what the top three are offering… we need some better ingredients… we need to get some fresh produce from quality establishments.

Life is not a dress rehearsal… if the kids aren’t cutting it, let’s recruit some men who can. Or get real world class kids in because the one’s we have are most certainly not. How many of our team would get into ManU? Cesc maybe? Would Song, Diaby or Denilson? Would Fish head? We know the answer to that don’t we!

Today’s performance was awful, the team selection was awful and the result was down right humiliating, but hey, there will be no doubt about what needs to be done when Wenger sits down with the board this summer.

The problem is the manager will do what he wants, no one will stop him, he is Arsenal, if he made changes he has to admit he failed and he won’t do that.

We have two games left, we will lose one and win one, how bad is that, that we know we go into a game with no chance, how can anyone say anything positive about yesterday? 4 years and counting, way to go Arsene.

Over to you Grovers, what do you think needs to happen?

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  1. A

    yeah but pat it’s unnatural for him to be quiet – i think he’s just putting up and shutting up until he can get his wish to vamos off to pastures new in the summer. I wouldn’t mind a swap with sakho, on top of a top top quality signing alongside that. sakho as back up with time to learn his trade and play the odd game in the mean time in the league cup etc

  2. Stu

    We can either sell Gallas now and get a few million and replace him with quality to mould with the others OR we can let his contract run down in a year, he goes on a free and we have nothing to reinvest.

    I know a few million isnt much but i’d rather get rid of him now and than wait a year and have an incoming replacement need time to fit in

  3. A

    nah the contract thing isn’t a possibility imo stu – either things are so bad behind the scenes he’s gone in the summer, or if relationships have been mended to the extent that he could stay after the summer then there’s nothing to stop him signing a new contract.

  4. Stu

    I think any player, regardless of position, needs to play regularly to develpoe quicker. It makes sense. More playing time means faster development.
    Buying Sakho to sit him on the bench would be crazy. He would probably forget what he has already learned. Like other defenders we have bought.

  5. A

    i dunno stu – i think we’d rotate more, and he could play league cup, and then when kolo goes to the african nations in january he’d get a run in the team, and a chance to show that he’d settled in england and deserved to start – then he’d go on to become the best defender in the world, captain, and be referred to as the french tony adams leading the side to an unprecedented 2 unbeaten seasons in all competitions and a historic double quadruple?!


  6. Pat

    If Gallas does go, I’d like to see Zapata/Chilieni with Sakho/Hangeland come in. One expensive and the other on the cheaper side. Although I wouldn’t mind Zapata and Chilieni! An athletic type(and strong), with a beast that wins everything in the air.

    Although I’d be really, really happy with Sakho. Everyone who is a Ligue 1 fanatic tells me the guy is the next Lillian Thuram. Youngest ever skipper in Ligue 1 history, I read.

  7. Stu

    I dunno A. Arsenal is a great place to lear ones trade…except for defenders. Senderos, Nordveit were both touted as world beaters but Senderos has gone to shit and Nordveit aint all that either.
    I feel the same would happen to Sakho unless Wenger changes things in the defensive department.

  8. A

    i really don’t want hangeland pat – he just isn’t good enough, pure and simple! waaaaaay too slow and get’s turned inside out all day long against smaller tricky forwards, we need the aerial ability, but we need someone with that power who isn’t completely immobile with the ball on the deck, or we’ll get completely buggered against teams in europe, or the likes of utd and liverpool, and even villa and city.

    other than hangeland i agree though

  9. A

    stu you can’t start to write off nordveit yet!! i still really like the look of him, he’s another one with whom it’ll be interesting what happens next season.

  10. Stu

    I heard that for a defender he is pretty frail. Good with the ball but shit in a battle. Cant remember who aid it tho.

  11. A

    lol yeah so did stu though – the way in which hangeland got raped by villa on the deck (and even in the air though everyone gets destroyed by carew) made me 100% certain i’d never want him at the club, and there’s no chance of it. If the likes of young and agbonlahor could embarrass him to that extent i fear for what would happen to him if he was ever given the chance to play against top players in europe or at the top of the table, along with the fact he’d get much less support from the midfield with us than he does with fulham

  12. A

    lol yeah so did senderos though – the way in which hangeland got raped by villa on the deck (and even in the air though everyone gets destroyed by carew) made me 100% certain i’d never want him at the club, and there’s no chance of it. If the likes of young and agbonlahor could embarrass him to that extent i fear for what would happen to him if he was ever given the chance to play against top players in europe or at the top of the table, along with the fact he’d get much less support from the midfield with us than he does with fulham

  13. Pat

    Hangeland would be my 4th choice.

    3. Sakho
    4. Hangeland

    Chilieni is the finished product…and still young I think. The way he dominates Ibrahimovic always amazes me. he loves defending and he loves going in hard.

  14. Stu

    A, there is no pleasing you! We wont get Lucio, Chiellini or anyone of that callibre.
    Hangeland is the best we could hope for given Wengers track record!

  15. Ja_Gunner

    Hey guys..why do you even suggest Chillieni….

    1.First of all Italian players hardly leave Italy
    2.He is on a team that has qulaified automatically
    CL next year
    3. Juventus probably see him as the future so they
    will want mad money for him.

  16. ethangunner

    i still think yaya would be a good choice but maybe not so with the ACN looming , but i feel toure would lift his game if his brother played for us ..

    one thing is for sure wenger has it all to do this summer , and he will be under the mircoscope from fans like us ..

    i think largely it will be a boring affair but
    if the major share holders make some demands id still like to think we could get the squad in better shape with some fresh faces ..

    im glad everyone is ganging up on wenger , if
    he folds into the demands of the fans we could salvage our team … hopefully

  17. iceman

    Van Buyten? We were linked with him a while back if I rememebr correct….he’s old enough…and a beast!!

  18. gnarleygeorge9

    Did anyone get a glimpse of the Geordies. I thought Hey Jude/Beatles were from Scouserville. 1st win @ home since September or something, does that mean the Geordies are back as a football powerhouse πŸ˜†

  19. ArsenalKenya

    -3 players in…3 out….simple.
    -Get shot of Ade, Diaby & Fishmanc.
    -Recall Senderos.
    -Buy a CB,a DM and a CF.

    Hangeland, Villa and Flamini. Bring Sendero’s back. He is better than fish head….

  20. nishanth

    Arsenal 59 matches conceded 53 goals
    Silvestre featured in 21 conceded 33 goals
    Remaing 38 matches we conceded 20 goals
    This stat says it all for me
    Silvestre is not the only reason for us conceding goals but he has been fucking awful

  21. Fire Wenger!

    We need to use the right benchmark. Arshavin is the standard that all new Arsenal signings must measure up to. Getting players who are marginally better thanthe current lot wont help.

  22. dennisdamenace

    iceman – i’d have neither of them. Having Sivestre is a joke, and having Senderos in the team is a step backwards.

    I think we’ve been woeful defensively at times this season, and because of that people are so desperate for a change that they would have Senderos back, forgetting just how cumbersome he actually is……

  23. Fire Wenger!

    Incrementalism isn’t going to get us near the trophies.

    The only way forward is to back uo the Russian with a revolution in the ranks!

  24. dennisdamenace

    I’m with you fella, this summer any signing must be of the Arshavin level, otherwise we risk going further backwards where the Chavs, ManUre and the Bindippers are concerned……

  25. Fire Wenger!

    This manager (assuming that no one has the cojones to fire him) has to admit his project is over. He cannot be allowed to buy another young ‘un.

  26. Fire Wenger!

    Just think for a minute of which of our current first team or, for that matter, which of our reserves in 3 years time will be good enough to play with Arshavin.

    We don’t need a team of Arshavins, ut we need at least 5 players + a goalkeeper of Arshavin’s skill level.

  27. ethangunner

    if senderos ever came back he would have to be behind JD – song and even nordveits if you ask me.

    and we would have to sell fish head 1st ..
    fucking manc reject !

    like Geoff said , what wenger said when he purchased him ..


    fuck me wenger with surprises like him , id rather you do long and protracted business like the Arshavin affair !

    Wengers lame surprises ! never put him in charge of organizing your birthday party !

  28. Fire Wenger!

    Cesc – yes.

    Rosicky – if he ever plays again – yes.

    Gallas – maybe

    RvP – maybe

    Who else?

  29. ethangunner

    i have no problems in wenger buying quality wonder kids .. but they must be just that ..

    bojan – pato – messi – ronaldo types …

    sure purchase players like that early in there teens and you will finally be the youth wizard people are touting you to be ..

    but in all honesty so far your history with talent scouting has been less than impressive ..

  30. ethangunner

    (formerly) PDT

    Nasri … Vela ….
    errr theo if he can get one or 2 things sorted .

    but with gallas going NO DOUBT !
    and toure unsettled .. i can see a defensive walk out happening this season , last season our midfield .. this season defense ..

    the only lot to not walk out is our strikers
    (and thats because they are either total crap or long term injured )

  31. kelsey

    DDM Good Morning,
    i heard my name mentioned at 08.10 so I thought i would chip in.

    I mentioned the other day that the team has no real leadership on the field,not one single player that one can identify as a so called idol who brings joy to watch on a regular basis,the exception being AA from the little we have seen of him.Man for man this squad has less quality as the years go by.The damage was done by the break up of the invinsibles by not gradually replacing like for like.now we are in a position where one can’t suddenly offload 7 or 8 players and expect the same amount of replacements.in addition we really have had a huge amount of injuries,and AW has stifled the natural game of some of the players,by continually playing them in the wrong position and this obsession with trying to walk the ball into the net,with players who either don’t have the intelligence or class to perform like that.Nasri is a good example,as when he first came here,he was shooting on sight but he also now falls into the “system”.Hindsight is a wonderful thing but maybe if lehmann and Gilberto and flamini had stayed at least another year or two,that bit of urgency and experience would have helped.

  32. Geoff

    Silvestre has to go, if Wenger believes his stats, he would see we ship more goals with him in than out.

    Morning all.

  33. Fire Wenger!

    Ethan, the only reason Nasri and Vela look good is because we compare them against Denilson and Song. Do they look good against Ronaldo and Rooney and Tevez?

  34. ethangunner


    i said i didnt like cesc as an option for captain, i felt he just got awarded it because
    it was mind settling from a leaving point of view .

    anyone who saw the ‘cesc fab show’ would realize the kid couldnt command a PS 2 ..

    totally out of his depth and thats not a bad thing , the world needs silent types , just not
    captain’s who are in that mold .

  35. iceman


    I didn’t say have both…of the 2 I know who I’d pick….at least Cesc would be happy his mate’s back πŸ˜‰

  36. Fire Wenger!

    I just realized I am now more negative than Ethan. So BBK is the only one more negative than me!

  37. ethangunner


    i think both will be good players.
    they should be our most juniors of juniors .
    but nasri has looked good in spells and i think if vela got a run of games he would also turn heads , i think vela will be better than dudu !
    100% …

  38. Fire Wenger!

    DDM, I made up the word. It means taking an approach of adding small incremental pieces rather than making big revolutionary changes. πŸ™‚

  39. Fire Wenger!

    I think the core of the team must come out of Arshavin, Cesc and Gallas. Nasri, RvP, Vela, Theo, etc make up the rest of the team, but we need at least three signings of the quality of Arshavin. My preferences would be in goal, a partner for Gallas and a striker. The Velas and Nasris could slot in around them.

    Rosicky, if he comes back, could be massive.

    Oh, and yes, the manager must learn to play 4-4-2

  40. dennisdamenace

    Eeeee Oooop Kelsey, how ya doing?

    You’ve confused me fella, i didn’t mention you at 08:10 dood ❗

  41. Fire Wenger!

    I screwed up the punchline!

    That should read

    Oh, and yes, the manager should learn to play Wengerball!!!

  42. ethangunner


    its not negativity ! its CRITICAL !

    you are critiquing a less than perfect team
    in the VAIN hope that one day someone will listen πŸ™‚

    for me .. if gallas goes we need 2 CD’s
    we need a quality QUALITY DM !

    and the strikers most need selling and others play less part in the regular season ..

    so 2 there 2 ! benzema and villa would do nicely πŸ™‚

    a new goalie !

    wankers to sell

    also randall – and a few others who are getting on and look lame !

  43. dennisdamenace

    Fire Wenger! Formerly the artist known as PDT – You are a diamond amongst all this coal πŸ˜‰ Incrementalism, utter qualideeee……

  44. dennisdamenace

    gnarley you cheeky old mungler, we all know that is ‘chamone’ that the made up work….

  45. gnarleygeorge9

    My brother told me a couple of saturdays mornings ago that Arsene Wenger had quit as manager. & my 1st reaction was, really πŸ™‚ Then he said he was off to QPR & I knew then it was all bullshit.

    But the point of this comment is that when faced with the departure of Wenger, I was actually quite pleased. It says where I am with him Fire Wenger AKA PDT (who speaks much wisdom)

  46. ethangunner

    i think the problem is PDT that we can all say the whole team needs to be gutted ,

    but then you look at the road blocks in our path,
    a stubborn wenger , and if you do manage to get around that with a 4 wheel drive then you have the board who want him to be there because they are happy with his LOW budget approach to the team ..

  47. gnarleygeorge9


    No one, I suppose my reaction was he would quit @ seasons end, but I’d certainly take Guus πŸ™‚

  48. ethangunner

    so however nice a RE – GUTT would be
    ( another new word)
    It aint gonna fuckin happen πŸ™‚

  49. peachesgooner

    Morning Raddy

    Phil Brown aaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh – I’m off then πŸ™

    Raddy – did you propose building the team around Arshavin? I second you……. Do you think Cesc has realised that might happen…..much better for the team i reckon, let Cesc play his football

  50. peachesgooner

    Arsene has always said he would honour his contract so its unlikely even after four years without winning anything he would resign – logically two years was enough to go without silverware……..

  51. Big Raddy

    Peaches. Yes I did, but it is so obvious that even Phil Brown could see it.

    To do so would allow Cesc to recover his genius. The pressure of this season has seen Cesc go backwards. Arshavin should play RvP’s role – he can be our new DB10.

  52. Phobia

    If Arsenal don’t get rid of Adebayor our run without trophies will continue.
    Adebayor must go including Diaby,Bischoff,Denilson,Eboue and Silvestre