It’s time to bring back terracing, the noise and the crowds.

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London or the Alps?

London or the Alps?

Terracing was banned from Britain as a result of the Taylor report following the Hillsborough tragedy in 1989 when 96 Liverpool fans died.

I watched that happen live on TV and it was truly horrific, many reasons have been put forward, firstly terracing as the blame, the Sun newspaper blamed drunk Liverpool fans (and since that day the Sun doesn’t sell in the Liverpool area) others blame the Police for opening the gates and letting the Liverpool fans in on mass, but I believe what caused the disaster was the cages that stopped the fans spilling onto the pitch.

And that was down to the FA, the same people who have allowed the ban to be enforced.

I remember that year, George Graham refused to play Wimbledon in midweek after the game as a mark of respect and the FA threatened to dock Arsenal 2 points, and boy we needed them, fortunately we ended up winning the league that year anyway and that was why our team took flowers onto the pitch, to say how sorry we all were.

So as a result the knee jerk reaction from the government was to ban terracing, not to sort out the real problem, ironically one of the few places where they still ignore the seating rule is the Kop at Liverpool and at Goodison park, where they all stand, what could be more dangeros than standing eh? Ask the stewards at Arsenal, it’s a heinous crime.

They still have terracing in Germany, they still have terracing in the lower leagues and they still have terracing at Rugby games, so why aren’t we allowed it in the Premier league??? If Arsenal allowed it in the North and South stands we could have a 90,000 capacity and a real atmosphere, we could have a section where you could buy tickets on the day and it would be safe, there is no evidence anywhere in world spectator sports that terracing is dangerous, so why on earth don’t the premier league clubs tell the government we want it re introduced?

I grew up on the terraces and never once saw anyone hurt on them, I’ve seen plenty of accidents in the seating sections though.

Maybe it’s because the stewards would all be unemployed as they would have nothing to do, save politely showing you to your standing area. It would cost nothing to convert and the benefits would be immense, I can’t see how legally you can have one law for the premier league, another rule for the Germans and another one for the lower leagues, it’s discrimination.

So let’s bring back terracing, at this time of the year at least we could all stay nice and warm.

Still no news on Arshavin but we have a few hours left and I still think it will happen, it’s no use saying we have no money as even if you take out the prize money and the transfer budget we had, we still got enough from the sell ons of Bentley, Diarra and Muamba, plus the transfers of Gilberto and Hoyte, and that doesn’t include the saved salaries of Hleb and Lehmann.

So please stop saying we are skint, if we can’t afford it from that little lot then we should never have moved in the first place, it was a disaster if we still have no money.

I watched the West Ham game again last night on Arsenal TV and there are positives we can take from the match, well two anyway, the first is we still have time to get rid of Eboue and the second is we still have time to buy the man of the match, Mathew Upson, and they were the only things we can take from that game.

5 points behind the Chavs and Villa and plenty of games left but we need to buy three players, a defender, a defensive midfielder and a creator, so for me we need Upson, Arshavin and we need to bring back the Flamster, all are affordable and all are acheivable, so stop telling us how much you believe in this team, because we don’t and you still have time. It’s time to say you believe in us and get your cheque book out.

There, no moans, just advice, we can still qualify and win some trophies, if we don’t buy, we will do none of the above and we’ll be going into the summer with Wenger saying his team are older and wiser and spend nothing in the summer as it’s too expensive.

We need PHW to stop saying it won’t be a disaster if we don’t qualify for ECL football, because it will, a horrible disaster, and DD needs to stop crowing about why he left Arsenal, because he didn’t quit, he was quitted, tin tacked and lobbed out.

Please, please buy now Arsene, this team are not good enough. Yes I believe that we can overtake Villa and the Chavs but we can’t rely on that.

Today is last chance saloon, don’t blow it.

Tomorrow I talk about Cardiff, if of course that game is not cancelled, if we sign no one today, I’ll bet he blames the snow!

Have a great day Grovers, I’m in my office and I’m the only one that made it, true grit!

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  1. Paulinho

    I was a doubting Thomas, hold me hands up. Glad I have been proved wrong.

    Advocaat said:”Arsenal don’t realise how good Arshavin is. They are getting him for a very cheap price”

  2. Paulinho

    I wonder if he will be on the bench for the Spuds.

    If not we should see him in the next reserve match, whenever that is.

  3. Angry Loner


    Yeh and he also said he’d be an effin superstar for us too!


    I can see him coming on against the spuds.. 20 minutes to go… sets up one and scores the winner!!!

  4. Bud

    Pedro, I had a crap and when I got up to flush, the message was as clear as day in the sewage that I saw.. Mandingo Dkembe Dkembe was signing !!!!!

  5. Magnus

    I’m sitting here in Norway and i’m f…doing my best to follow the news as they tick in but the the Daily mail are basicly having a little internal contest. How to write 200 bullshit############### stories in 24 hours…and guess what – they did it !! The price??? Guess a new keeboeard for the pc… These guys are f…killing me here !

  6. Franchise

    Alonso in the summer anyone

    alonso and chiellini


    alonso and hangeland

    toure or gallas

    Fabianski no 1

    starting 11 09/10







  7. Bud

    Ade…… Ade……. you having a bubble….. I would not have that lazy tosser in squad, let alone my first 11 !!!!!!!

  8. Franchise

    arshavin, vela, rosicky, vp

    all too similar IMO

    u need the beauty and the beast

    ade excelled when he played along rosicky, hleb

  9. Angry Loner

    Howz about Wenger buying Micah Richards, turning him into a defensive3 midfielder like Petit???

    Ahhh, dreamin again…..

  10. goonerpress

    Angry Loner – Seriously, Quaresma is one heck of a player. I player I would love at Arsenal. He just needs time to settle and I’m sure he will.

  11. David

    But Zidane was in the middle and Arshavin is on the left…I see more of Zidane in Nasri…Zidane didnt have an awful lot of pace but he was outrageous with his passing and ball skills. Looks like Nasri to me….i thought Arshavin wasnt our only Target?

  12. Geoff

    I’m talking skill wise not position, he has pace, skill and a great shot on him.

    He’s not a bad looking bloke either.

  13. Magnus

    Franshise – i know…What I’m saing is that Arsenal would be better off playing with 10 men/boyz on the pitch…I almost wrote “MEN”..that would have been a huge overstatement.

  14. Seb

    thank god all this transfer bollocks will be over by tomorrow.

    Whether the deal is done for Arshavin or not, we won’t win anything this season anyway. Next season will depend on how many of our best players get sold in the summer, to keep the till ringing at Arsenalmart.

    It would just be nice to see some inventive incisive play again, I hope the AA rescue service can do that for us at least.

  15. goonerpress

    I hope for another signing to be unveiled alongside AA. But AA is better than nothing. This could be the second coming of Bergkamp. That play-maker who can split defences and create chances for shit strikers like Adebayor. That play-maker who can skip past players and create a moment of experience.

    Andrei Arshavin, Welcome to Arsenal FC. The home of sexy Football!

  16. Geoff

    I think we’ll win the Fa Cup, and Rosicky will be back to take Arshavin’s place in the ECL and we’ll finish second in the EPL or we could win it.

    Don’t forget we have Walcott, Eduardo and Cesc to come, it’ll be like having 5 new signings.

    …sorry everyone!

  17. Wrighty7

    I take it by Franchise’s ABUSE I got it then! Ha ha

    So how is everybody then?

    I’m happyish, will be very happy tomorrow!

    In the words of Lou from Little Britain,

    “What a ker-fuffle”!!!

  18. skandibird

    Geoff, thanks for keeping us sane to-day, and I agree (as a girl) he is not bad looking at all and apart from a few (no names mentioned)we always seem to buy in ‘lookers’ – TH (hubba hubba), Pires (my favorite), Ljungerg, Vela (oh yes), even Gilberto gets my vote with that cheeky smile of his. Understand he will be wearing shirt number 13? Ah well, back to work tomorrow then, transport working again.

  19. Angry Loner

    Having nthe cardiff game postponed will be a good thing IMO. There’s no chance of havin any more injuries, the players can spend all week training with Arshy too.. And Eduardo can play in the replay now!

  20. goonermichael

    Skandi if looks are important to you you could never be a manc. They are the ugliest bunch of cunts on the planet. Even beardsley takes the piss out of scholes. Ronaldo doesn’t have a chin. Rooney is well don’t really know the word for it, abomination maybe

  21. Wrighty7

    I actually believe we will win the Champions League (I’ve said many it times before)

    A top four finish will be on, I think we may even sneak top three.

  22. Angry Loner

    So, Redknapp will be going to take the spuds, along with bentley, Keane, Defoe, Jenas, lennon, Woodgate et al DOWN!!!!

  23. charybdis1966

    Evening all – this has to be a Le Grove record-number-of-comments day surely ?

    What a roller coaster today has been – bloody Arsenal always put us through the mill don’t they?

    Why-oh-why can’t we just have had a simple announcement on Arsecom this morning – or any of the previous 32 mornings ?

    ‘Cos we are the Arsenal – we do things the hard way.

  24. Angry Loner

    And Keane to Wolves… bentley finally disapears up his own arse.. And redknapp admits he DID support the Arsenal growing up and it was his mission to spend all the spuds money AND send em down…

    Now, THAT’S PMA!

  25. skandibird

    goonermichael; you are soooo right (about the mancs I mean), actually looks aren’t that important to me, however, it does make the game ever so much more pleasurable (apart from winning of course) to watch a bit of ‘eye candy’.

  26. Angry Loner


    Defoe’s out for 10 weeks, Keane’s getting his leg broke by Song on Sunday…So, you sure fella?

  27. London

    Now that it seems safe to go back into the water. I just want to bring to your attention what I thought was the funniest comment of the day.

    “We should find a Russian, any Russian and beat him senseless for putting us through this shit.”(Geoff)


  28. Magnus

    Franchise: earlier today I checked for an injuries status, but no info at all…what kind of injurie was it ?

  29. Pedro

    Or DDM…?

    There are a few contenders… Raddy and Rico would be up there.

    I think Choy has posted everyday for a while though…

  30. Lewyd24

    Watsup guys? I got home from work in SA. Fuckin 17:30. Sky sports only comes on at 6pm in SA. For an hr. This was da last hr in the trf window. We fuckin have a blackout. The whole area LIGHTs out. I jump in my car to the pub. SSN sayin Arshavin has had a medical. Then leave I go to another pub & SSN sayin DEAL FALLIN THRU. GUTTERED! TO THE MAX. Go to my mates place playin some FIFA 09 check my phone & see ARSHAVIN signs till 2012. Fuckin AWSOME!. What a night.

  31. peachesgooner

    The comment I thought was funniest was I think from choy……smething about spurs selling their players and then buying them back for more……great business!!

    I reckon the jist of that has to be at the lane on sunday on a placard…;)

  32. Wrighty7

    I’m really sorry Pedro.

    You can buy the 2000th comment off me for £12m but I want £3m in add-ons.

    You will also have to pay a loyalty bonus for me.

    Deal matey?

  33. Sparrow

    Evening guys, so tomorrow is our day, trust the gooners to be late to deliver yet again!! It would be superb if we had someone else with AA unveiled tomorrow, they owe it to us after taking soo bloody long!!

  34. Sparrow

    I don’t understand why our paperwork is taking till tomorrow when we gave all the papers in at 16:30, when the others have done stuff later, maybe its because we have signed 3 people!! Here’s dreaming!!! :)


    reuters have confirmed there is a breakdown over the proposed deal between pedro and wrighty the deal is expected to collapse…..

  36. goonerpress

    Pedro and Wrighty, you guys need an agent to solve this matter? I will also be looking for my cut. I am also able to take any calls and messages from any Grovers who wish to know more about the deal. You can find my contact details on

  37. goonerpress

    You reckon we should do an unveiling of Arshavin infront of the fans? You know one of those things the Spanish teams do to put extra hype on a player and get the fans live and kicking?

  38. incesc

    so spuds lost ££££££££’s resigning midget defoe and now he is injurd for 10 weeks, and unable to help out in the relegation dogfight, woohoo.

  39. goonerpress

    Okay Wrighty. Lets do this. I’ll get the comment flown in first class to Pedro. I will then tell Sky Sports about the deal and confirm that it is all but done. I will then phone representitives in your country and tell them that the deal is off. I will then also tell Sky Sports that the deal is off but a medical will be done in the evening.

  40. Wrighty7

    This 2000th comment deal is just like the real thing!

    I’m (Zenit) doing all the talking and Pedro (Arsenal) is keeping quiet.

    The 2000th comment is desperate to be sold to Pedro and Geoff is now 100% confident of a deal going through.