Arsene knows (how to make himself money) according to the Guardian.

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Ok so because Aston Villa were lucky enough to win again and beat Portsmouth we have to win at Goodison, a draw or worse would be a disaster, what’s worse is they have Mario the mechanic back tonight and he will dominate our fragile midfield if we let him.

They have no real forwards so it will be a 4-5-1 from them as they tend to win from midfield, but we can spring a surprise if he attacks from the off so this is what I would do tonight.

It’s bold and it’s adventurous and it doesn’t involve his favourites but this is what I would do if Wenger let Le Grove pick the team tonight, and frankly after the Cardiff game, he ought to.

Almunia (because he will)

Sagna Kolo Djourou Clichy

RVP Diaby Nasri Vela

Bendtner Adebayor

The reason I would pick this team is because we could be creatively dominant with Nasri and Diaby, they looked comfortable after the shaky start the others had in the first half (against Cardiff) if we do that again Everton will hammer us. RVP plays out on the right for Holland to great effect and Vela can play out left, and when he plays we are better going forward and maybe as we have two big boys up front we can whip some crosses in with the long ball, don’t forget we hit them with the long ball last season to great effect.

I would have Eduardo on the bench as the impact sub as he destroyed them last year Wilshere, Denilson and Ramsey as cover for Diaby.

Following the news that Rosicky will make his comeback in March makes me even angrier that we have not replaced the injured players by now and we have had two players out for a year or more, you can put a temp in for so long but two for a year is just plain daft.

Still the news today that we have said was the reason he doesn’t spend has finally surfaced as the boss admits he is paid on performance, the article in the Guardian says he is paid handsomely because he makes the club money, so now we know, it’s not about the right player, it’s about his salary and that is why he persists with such young and ordinary players. If of course the article is true.

You judge for yourself (LINK) but it would explain why we keep getting in money and never spending it.

I still think we will get Arshavin though because he couldn’t stay at Zenit now and if they don’t sell him they will have to wait until the summer when the market will be worse and the player will be older and when we’ll be in the Uefa cup.

I wonder what the managers reward will be then?

I still have faith that we will sign Arshavin and another only because it’s obvious to the world that at least two players are not up to the standard we need to succeed and two others are long term injured.

Come on Arsene, now your secret is out spend the money and please don’t pick that team that played Cardiff, if you do we’ll lose, also try Nasri and Diaby together, when you do we look better, we really do and don’t forget you bought them, they’re your players too!

Have a great day Grovers Scotland is a long way to go to play a midweek game, let just hope the wheels are still on the team coach when the game ends, I meant no offence to anyone there as I know that people from the area do not steal hubcaps and I know Everton is not in Scotland I was being silly and trying to be funny about the fact that Liverpool is a long way up north, there humour explained.

3-1 to the Arsenal if he plays that team.

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  1. charybdis1966

    To repost what I said earlier:
    Morning all, what a miserable night of results last night was. Jeez, there seemed to be an FA rule that “one must send off a player from teams playing against those above Arsenal”. Add that to the non-event that is Arse Shavings signings and that even the spuds won last night and one could get pretty cheesed off.
    It makes it all the more important we stuff the toffees tonight. On the up side, and I’m desperately trying to find one, our team tend to try harder in must win games than in ones we are expected to win. Oh dear, straw clutching there !

  2. ArsenalKenya



    Asked whether Arsenal’s relatively frugal nature allowed him to be paid handsomely, Wenger said: “I am on a very good contract. I am one of the few managers who makes money for my club every year. That is the most important. I tell you something, if I would not make money for the club, I would not be on a very good contract.”

  3. Franchise

    i repost too

    Arsene Wenger knows his team wont win anything. He is just too proud to admit he got it wrong. He would rather give the club and fans heartache and persist with his ideologies hoping he sneaks in a trophy. He cant wait to say I told u that they would come good.

    Lets be honest, its been 3 years since Diaby, Ade and Walcott came to the club. 4 years since Eboue and Song touched base. Yet not one of them is really cutting it yet. How long more do we have to wait???

  4. ed atom

    Jeff/Pedro… The heading should have been “Arsene knows (how to make himself and the club money) but has no ambition to win a trophy!

  5. Matt

    While i admire you attacking verve Geoff – there is no way we could play that team.

    Absolutely no defensive protection to the back 4 at all.

    You need to have Denilson in there.


    Sagna Toure Djorou Clichy

    Nasri Diaby Denilson Vela


  6. Big Raddy

    GMR. Your last comment sent shivers down my spine. I hadn’t thought about the RvP situation. AW saying things like ‘he has grown up’ , ‘he loves the club’. making him Captain. All while contract negotiations continue.

    You are right. We have reason for concern

  7. rico01

    Franchise – then AW wouldnt even look at a player that age 😉
    I actually find it hard to believe about you know who, as he is 28 soon and wont have any value in two years time – and yet another player we buy and will no doubt end up letting go on a freebie

  8. Pedro

    I remember making jokes ages ago that Wenger was on a financial performance contract! haha! The truth is outed!

    So he sacrifices success for personal gain? He’s just like the rest of them! haha!

  9. iceman

    I highly doubt he will start with that line up Geoff……..

    So 2-1 for me :)

    I would have said 1-0 but you can bet your house on us conceding a set piece goal….Cahill anyone?

  10. Sparrow

    We all know what Team Wenger is going to play….

    Sagna Kolo JD Clichy
    Eboue Song Denilson Nasri
    Ade RVP

    We will be losing 1-0 then he will take off Eboue for Bendtner and push nasri in the middle for the 3rd time, maybe sub song for diaby, then in 88th minute put Vela on….

  11. Big Raddy

    NO way will we play 4-2-4. Nice idea though, and quite likely when we chase the game in the final 10 minutes !!

  12. ed atom

    It seems forever Franchise……and the reason is because the board are just not ambitious like the manager, and they know there can get away with almost anything, including going trophy-less for half a decade….damn, it is a long time since we won anything!

  13. Arsenal Tom

    morning all… cant see us winning tonight, lescott and jagielka are looking awesome at CB lately.

    apparently we have to sign arshavin by 2pm today or he wont get a work permit… thats according to arseblog

  14. rico01

    What is our boss on, he has now said that Everton could still win the league!!!! Talk about praise up the side we are challenging – concentrate on your own team please….

    What about Runnerbeano – seems like he is in a bit of bother…

  15. goonermichael

    I think you’re spot on sparrow. Everton score a lot from set pieces so it’s just as well we’re really good at defending them. oh fuck

  16. Big Raddy

    I repeat.

    AW is a man of principle. It is inconceivable that he would place persoanl profit before the well-being of the club.

  17. Franchise

    ed atom if arsene wenger were ambitious he wouldnt be concerned about making money. he would be coaching a club like madrid that would back him with cash for transfers

  18. Steve

    A.T, I can’t see that mate. It would probably mean that he couldn’t play against the Spammers if he doesn’t sign by 2p.m todya, not that he won’t get a permit fullstop.

  19. rico01

    Raddy – i agree, if he is not spending i think its come from the board and not him. i just wish he and the board would tell the truth, then we could all try and understand. he just seems to come accross as being a tight old tinker.

  20. tonyadamsisgod

    Morning all……

    As much as I would love too see that team fielded tonight it just wont happen. Wenger has been stubborn all season long so far so I dont see why he would suddenly change now! Apart from Nasri, our midfield will be made up of 3 out of the 4 fucking useless (maybe a little harsh on Denilson) players we have in the midfield berth: Diaby, Denilson, Eboue & Song.

    Wenger will prove yet again that he is losing the plot, Song and Eboue will prove yet again that they are utter dog shit and Arsenal will prove yet again they have no clue in how to steer the club in the right direction.

    I have 2 Everton fans next to me who cant see anything other than a win for the Toffee twats!!

    Arsenal….prepare to get dominated!

    Massively negative moan over!

  21. insidealbania

    Morning All, I have to say that there is as much more chance of my aunty starting on the left tonight than Vela, but it is a very attacking team you have selected, if only! I think tonight we will struggle to contain their midfield and they will dominate for the match and make us look very average at times (which is not hard with the teams that AW selects). I am afraid although nothing but a win is required in this game, we will need a lot of luck just to come out with a draw let alone a win. A season ago this kind of thinking would never have crossed my mind, but thanks to AW and the board I think like this on most match days now.

  22. tonyadamsisgod

    Steve – They are saying that he needs special paper work to play in the EPL. Not sure if its a work permit or not but they say it takes 2 days to complete and that it couldnt happen over a weekend. Therefor today looks like its pretty close to deadline day…..

  23. ed atom

    since when did a football manager start to concern himself with making money for the club as opposed to winning trophies……there has to be an enquiry into this. Since David Dean left, we have slowly become a laughing stock on all fronts.

  24. Arsenal Tom

    steve, i read it takes 2 days to get the work permit papers done and it cant be done on the weekend… they can probably stretch it but i doubt theres allot of room to maneuver.

  25. charybdis1966

    Ah, something to laugh about. The Brazilian striker, Fred, that the spuds were after failed to turn up for a meeting with the twitchy one. Another player tells the Spuds to go forth and multiply.

  26. Franchise

    Im not quite prepared yet for another trophyless campaign. I think I need to start gearing myself for a possible trorhyless season and for a UEFA Cup campaign 09/10

  27. Arsenal Tom

    maybe wengers contract is so good because he agreed to work with fuck all money… that way he gets the best of everything… loads of money, no pressure to sign anyone and no internal pressure to win because he doesnt spend and all the while he gets to play song and eboue 40 times a season

  28. Geoff

    Michael no, I don’t think it’s a record! I think many of you can’t believe the manager would be anything other than honest with you, he’s no Jesus.

    He wanted the credit for moving stadiums, he wanted the credit for selling Anelka and getting Cesc, so he should take the flack for winning nothing and buying shit players.

  29. Steve

    Oh balls A.T, I wasn’t aware of that.

    Franchise, I agree. But I think the fact that he was talking about his own salary in the same sentence as making signings was bad timing and not a slight on Wenger’s greed.

  30. dennisdamenace

    I will re-post what i said much earlier, in yesterdays blog;

    As another transfer window draws to a close, and i know we still have time blah blah blah, but i look at clubs like Villa, who identify a weakness in their first team and try to eradicate it, Heskey comes in because of the Carew situation, and he earns them the win.

    We, on the other hand do almost all we can not to spend any money on new players, the weaknesses and flaws in this squad are so apparent, but nobody does anything to rectify the situation. Well Grovers something’s gotta give. The Board CANNOT expect the fans, supporters, call ‘em what you will, to continually pay the kind of money they are forking out to watch a lower league player like Song, or a bit-part player like Eboue continually get first team games because that’s all we’ve got! That is totally unacceptable. We (PHW) brags how we don’t need external investment, and that we are the 2nd, 3rd richest club in the world. Yet i am reliably informed that for all PHW announcements and Danny Fizman’s ‘if Arsene wants to spend £30m on a single player’ bollocks, it is just that, bollocks! You’d think that with TWO billionaires at the club either Usmanov or Kroenke would get involved in player purchasing budgets? Well they are not even allowed to give money for players, not loan, give. That is totally and completely down to Fizman, who will not allow their involvement, make of that what you will. As a result AW has had to go with this youth policy because he has no choice. These two-faced cunts are lying to us and making AW take all the flack for them.

    So, let’s be clear on this current situation, Everton, Villa & Co. haven’t suddenly become much, much better, we have been sliding backwards for three or four seasons now. To be honest, what is the fucking point of having a world class stadium when you’ve got a team full of lower league players playing in it??? I’d rather go and watch TH14, RP07 etc etc over at Mitcham Common, and pay top dollar for the privilege.

    However, i will now add the following;

    It’s now so painful obvious why we have to put up with the likes of Song, Eboue et al every fucking week, it’s because they are fucking cheap! The so-called ‘I will only buy better than what we have’ what a cuntish statement to have made knowing what we now know!!

    The truly worrying aspect in all of this is, why would any player, not just quality ones, but any player want to come to a club whose only ambition is to make money??

    With that eye opening statement that AW has now come out with, it brings into contention the reasoning for not starting particular players who have been signed from other clubs and have a performance related payment scheme attached to their transfers, all of this stinks to high heaven.

    Grovers, while these people are running our club we will never win anything again, their priorities are no longer football, but money.

  31. Steve

    And Geoff, I totally concur with that. It’s the same in any workplace that you should get praise for a job well done but untimately, if you don’t reach your targets then you have to be held accountable.

    So basically, his targets from the board are obviously financial and not trophies.

  32. stonroy

    So I hear Arseshavin has a 3 million loyalty cause that he expected Arsenal to pay those greedy Zenit pigs. Arsenal said piss off and he said, fine I’ll pay it, but give me 80,000 p/w? To which they said fuck you Asshavin..Supposedly that is the sticking point.

  33. Pedro

    Sorry to say this… because I don’t know the ins and outs of the case… but in general, I would say a good looking 24 year old athlete who earns £140k a week… doesn’t need to seriously sexually assault. I doubt there are many young girls who wouldn’t throw themselves at him…

    I remember reading that Kanye West is scared of being single more than anything else becuase he worries girls will cry rape and ruin his career…

    Has a case of rape ever been proved against a footballer?

  34. Sparrow

    I hate being Doom and Gloom, but what can you do? Its a shame that we can all probably pick a better team than Mr Wenger will tonight…. sniff!

    BTW – Is the game on TV or is this a Stream jobby?

  35. PDT

    Interesting post, Geoff!

    I wouldn’t put Nik up front yet. The boy gets carried away too easily (what Davi was accusing Theo of yesterday). Impact sub yes, starting line up – no.

    Re the Arsh saga, I am pretty sure it will still happen. Zenit is now negotaiting through the press. Clearly, no fee has been agreed and ZSP are being creative to find a way to fill the gap between Arsenal’s offer and what they want.

    Franchise, the squad we have can win us the FA Cup. The draw has been kind to us so far and Theo/Eduardo will be back after the WBA/Burnley match, with Fab coming back in April…things aren’t so bad.

  36. rico01

    Pedro – if it transpires they is no truth in this allegation, which like you i believe it to hold little or no substance, those making such an allegation should have the book thrown at them! What ever happens, Robinho will face cruel chants every week no doubt.

    On the lighter side, he may just learn to hate it here and leave the UK, City dont deserve a player of such class

  37. PDT

    Also, if the board is stupid enough to compensate the manager for how much money he makes, we need a new board. We need at least one footballing man on the board.

  38. PDT

    At least one positive of living on the other side of the world! The game is live on TV!!!

    At 4:00 am, but live nevertheless!

  39. G4L

    since he’ll never play that unbalanced gung-ho football manager team your prediction is way off the mark. And since their is a 66% chance that we won’t win, you practically put yourself in a win-win situation. Nice one.

  40. Franchise

    The Summary of things IMO

    1. Arsenal are not skint
    2. the board dont force Wenger to make them money
    3. the board allow Arsene to do as he wants cos ‘Arsene Knows’ and until recently had ensured that the club has known good times
    4. Wenger chose to go the youth way
    5. Wenger knows he is running out of time. His pride and self indulgence would see him persist with things as they are.
    6. Arsenal board cant be happy about how things are going
    7. Wenger has been talking thrash in the media cos he is running out of ideas
    8. Until we sign 3 established players a DM, CB and winger/AM we wouldnt win shit

  41. Big Raddy


    Here’s how I see it.

    Almunia will only have two shots to save all night. Hence Everton will score at least once.

    Song will have Fellaini in his pocket, and Denilson will outplay Arteta.

    Cahill will be anonymous because WG will play and be deternined to show why he is a great player. JD/Kolo will snuff out there other striker.

    Everton have a very strong defence and we will struggle to score. But Ade is coming into form and will bag at least one. RvP will score a screamer of a free-kick. And Nik will come on as sub and score with a header from a pinpoint Clichy cross.

    Pienaar will be sent off for two yellow card offences.

    So 3-1 to us.

    A man can dream can’t he !!

  42. AvP

    Thats the wrong way to say it, hes saying that if he was to make no money for the club and we were in debt like the chavs, he wouldnt be on a mega bucks deal, but because he makes money, he is allowed to be paid accordingly

    Same as any job

  43. Mandanda

    Hi grovers,

    TBH i am not surprised by AW comments. It is the board that has prioritised the making of profits to trophies. AW has proved that he can win trophies when given the backing but when the emphasis is then placed on him to making profits he also delivers. Like I have always said AFC IS RUN AS A BUSINESS FIRST, the beautiful football, “principles” or “culture & tradition” within the club of the past was and has always been just part of the brand equity AW tried establishing
    The board rewards AW for his co-operation by giving him the leeway and power to do whatever he deems fit on the footballing side of things as long as he keeps balancing the books -fair deal.
    If we want trophies the board has to demand it and put the money where the mouth is, simple! Somehow I don’t see that happening as long ££££££ keeps flodding in and we look like we are challenging. The men running the club are businessmen first then fans second.
    I wouldn’t be surprise if AW has a contract that forbids him contradicting the board to the Media. But this is a small sacrifice to make as he is unlikely to have the freedom to keep running his pet project in anyother club of a similar status.

  44. insidealbania

    DDM , well said and I have been having the same thoughts as you, if AW wanted to buy a 25-30mil player would he be geiven the funds? I think not which is why he doesnt even bother. I said at the beginning of the season that we will win fuck all and now I am convinced we will be in the UEFA cup next season.

  45. ed atom

    AVP….if he was making quality signings and winning trophies….then however he puts those comments wouldn’t have been such an issue.

  46. Lewyd24

    I think these people know exactly what they doing when they cry rape. I mean even Rooney could pull a bomb of a chick . So Robinho should have no problems.

  47. charybdis1966

    What Wenger seems to be saying in the interview Geoff mentions does seem quite inflammatory to me and provides primae facae evidence of what a lot of us feared all along.
    I will reserve judgement on this till it becomes absolutely clear that is completely true as you have to remember the Grauniad used to be called the MANCHESTER Guardian, so of course they’ll have a vested interest in running down the Manks competitors.

  48. Bren

    Does it annoy other Arsenal fans to see how well Giggs is playing for MANU this years, in centrefield and anywhere he is put ?

    Losing Pires, Giberto and others to that ridiculous over 30 contract rule has been shown in my opinion to be laughable

    The sign of a great manager is one who can recognise and correct his mistakes, and improve the team on that basis. AW is so blind at times.

  49. choy

    morning all..

    how long will this arshavin saga go on.. wenger apparently had other targets no? I think its time to go after them…

    zenit twats need another fuckin 2.5 mill… thats what they really want!!!

  50. Doublegooner

    Tonight’s Team will have the same boring / useless faces playing.

    Everton will play with full passion & come at us. Unless we show the same ( which we rarely see) then we’ll get beat.

    Wenger & his players have got to really dig in now. Villa are becoming a real worry to our club.

  51. gunnerindian

    I believe AW uncle scrooge policy will cause the gunners to slip into obscurity.
    It could happen if his present buy young and loan/farm out policy to give the young stars of world class potenial experience do not work. What then ?
    A period of at least two to three years is down the drain and back to the drawing board.The reason the gunners moved to ES was to generate cash for AW to compete in the transfer markets. Now all kiinds of excuse have been bandied about regarding the cash. We have read reports AW has gbp mil 70 and the oeb saying the cash is restricted.
    One thing I know is if Arsenal don’t challenge for honours there will be gaping holes in the es.

  52. thanks god

    for us arsenal is a love affair and for the board and sad to know for arsene it has become a business.
    I want to know why Nina was removed from the board.I belive she had the club close to her heart that the two faced faggots.
    My friends i stay 5000 miles away form the groove, and i wish to come there and start a protes against the fuckers.
    I belive my fellow gooners out there will do somthing of a huge scale to get more transperencey from the gobs of thoses donkeys and let this club run like a football club but not like a brothel to make money for the greedy cunts

  53. rico01

    dennis – no worries, i can empathise, i think we are all very angry, bitter, twisted, and desperate for 2/3 good signings – but also beginning to realise it probably wont happen – summer all over again………..

    ane AW says that Jan transfers need two-three months to settle into a new club….

    Arsene – how the heck would you know that 😉

    Theo is in talks re new contract, they are in talks and he is confident theo will stay – Theo wants to stay…. mme, he will be gone soon then 😉

  54. gazzap

    if we had a quarter the luck of villa we’d be top now. 30% possession and 1 shot on target. To be fair they ran their arses off and covered so well at the back and Pompey are performing well below where they should be with those players. If Villa finished where their football deserved to finish it would be about 6th place.

  55. Franchise

    AvP are u Wenger’s spokeman? what makes u think that if we spent money on players we would be in debt. last account shows we have £98million in cash reserves. the only debt we have is cos of the emirates which we are paying for over 25years and the flats which is ‘meant’ to be a seperate business from the footballing side of things. he doesnt have the same job as any job. his job is to deliver success on the pitch without straining the club financially. he is only saying things like his job is to make money cos he has won fuck all since 2005 lucky FA cup final.

  56. gambon

    I read that article last night and i was fucking disgusted, Wenger basically saying he is very well paid cos he makes the club money.

    The aim of a football club is not and never should be to make money, the moment that happens the fans are being exploited.

  57. dave T

    Football managers have always had to worry about the money a club has, If only on the level of how much they have to spend. What wenger said was nothing new, he gets paid well. yes, he is recognised by nearly every other manager in world football as one of the top managers. Scolari said he is in the top five in the world. he says he gets paid well to mange the team within a budget and not make the clubbust. well no surprise there. What manager would say I am paid to win trophies and the furure ofr the club can go to hell. Well apart from those who managed Leeds of course. So I cannot see what he said that was either contraversial or new. He has laways said he manges withn the budgets set by the club. he has always said he is proud of the fact the club works within its resources.

    I am not keen on some of his selections. But I still dont get the vitriol people express against him. We are 5th and two wins away from second. Not 15th, we are in the Champoins league and not the Leyaland Daf. We are in the FA cup still and the season is only just over half way through.

    I am aware my Glass is half full but as I have said before, if you have a choice of being positive or negative why choose negativity.

    have a great day, we will stuff Everton tonight and the Villa’s luck will run out.

  58. gooner-pak

    i wont be able to watch the match caz no one is screening in indo/pak region….
    vela on left nasri denilson in center and who so ever on the right flank AW wish to play..eboue most probably…BUT NO SONG

  59. gazzap

    Arsenal have to pay a short term loan of £133m back in April next year. It was hoped the flat sales would cover it easily. Since the property market went tits up, that £133m is becoming increasingly hard find. Arsenal are now channelling football money to pay off that loan, despite what they say about keeping football and property seperate. So right now Arsenal have £80m+ in the bank, but its not ours to spend. We may seem rich but we are not. we are still saving every penny we can find. Just my opinion though.

  60. gambon

    The team that was posted is basically a 4-2-4 with 2 attacking mids as the 2. Even KK at newcastle circa 96 wouldnt go that far.

    That is way too unbalanced, esp away to Everton

  61. GunnerShabz

    villa luck aint running out, martin o neil knows they been lucky, but u need luck to survive as well.

    look at liverpool they got luck and rafa benitez is probarly the lukest manager ever

  62. choy

    we won’t sign anyone.. i can see it now.. squabbling over 2 or 3 mill… we will buy some teenager and he will be the new ARSHAVIN

  63. Arse&Nose

    The laws on sexual assault in this country are heavily biased towards the victim.

    I was on jury service recently and involved in a case where a girlfriend accused her partner of sexual assault, the guy spent 3 months locked up while waiting for his trial.

    It turned out her claims were made up.

  64. Big Raddy

    Shabz. It wasn’t luck that scored their goal last night. It was MoN seeing a deficiency within the club, and acting upon it. That is great management, not luck.

  65. gambon

    Gazzap, you are assuming a lot.

    Firstly, the first 90 flats sold at 100% value, generating £39m, so thats only £96m needed to be found. Even if they sold the rest at half price they would cover the loan, and theres no danger of them losing 50%.

    People walking away from deposits isnt really a problem cos you can remarket the property at 90% original price and still make 100% of original price….or remarket at 80% and only lose 10% etc.

  66. rico01

    I would like to see Merida play on the left – and way before any idea of Eboue or Song playing there – For me Everton are too good to play either ot those two. But I have a feeling he will play Song alongside Denilson..

  67. Franchise

    gazzap if things were that bad then arsenal would be up for sale already. property market isnt gonna pick up by next year. UEFA cup wont earn us as much as CL. Betrayed fans wont fill stadiums week in week out. corporate seats are up for renewal and lack of success on the pitch isnt appealing. Respected finacial media institutions like forbes and deloitte say we are making shed loads of money compared to highbury. stop making excuses for a man running out of ideas and lacking innovation. Arsene Wenger is loosing it. If he werent we would have at least won the CC once since he started his youth policy in the competition in 2002.

  68. charybdis1966

    Well said Denis – I only wish AFC would start addressing the bleedin’ obvious problems they’ve brought on themselves.
    Till tonight we can only pray that neither Song or Eboue start tonight.
    If they do – well I’ll brace myself for the worst.

  69. Arse&Nose

    I bet Song will play tonight, could be a game won or lost in midfield and its sad to say but their midfield is stronger than ours.

  70. CHIPPY

    Personally i would play gibbs on the left hand side of midfield and fuck Eboue of as far as a plane could carry the useless Knut but it isnt going to happen for the love of god gibbs would give us so much more of an attacking threat and ability to cross a ball as well as some passion!!!!!!!

  71. Big Raddy

    Look on the Bright side Choy.

    We are on an unbeaten run, if we win tonight, we are on the heels of the free spending Chavs , and all will be well in Le Grove.

  72. GunnerShabz

    Big raddy

    am not talking about last night, just in general this season

    martin o neil is a fantastic manager, heskey is a good buy from them, he will flick balls on to gabby agbonlaor

  73. Geoff

    Raddy were you watching on Sunday??? Of course I want us to win but with the teams he puts out we’ll be lucky to finish 5th, Pompey would have beaten us last night with their pace.

  74. Steve

    Wenger has started all that “January buys take time to settle” bollocks too now.

    How long did it take Heskey to settle at Villa or Defoe at Tottenham?

    £3.5m and Heskey has earned 2 points for Villa already.

    Didn’t Adebayor score on his debut at Birmingham??

    He thinks we’re all fucking stupid.

  75. GunnerShabz

    Sunny of Valencia is in talks with an unamed english club

    he is a good prospect for the future, a defensive midfielder and he is 20

    this looks like wengers kinda signing….

    but its says portsmouth linked too

  76. Franchise

    Even in the late 90’s and early part of this century Wenger always refused irresistable oppurtunities to strengthen his team that is why he never won b2b titles. For what he inherited in that team the back 4 and bergkamp the foundation was already there to build a succesful team. Now that he has to do it from scratch he cant.

    Wenger claims to be a man of ntegrity why would he keep working for an employer that keeps lying and putting the blame on him


    how many times have the board come out to say things like this

    Hill wood in November

    “Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood says Arsene Wenger has money to improve his squad in January, if the manager wants to bring in new players.

    Wenger has often adopted a frugal approach to his transfer activiity, compared to the club’s chief rivals, with Samir Nasri the sole big-money arrival over the summer.

    The Gunners boss has preferred to put his faith in youth, despite claims he needs to invest in experience to boost the team’s trophy hopes.

    Hill-Wood insists Wenger has never been denied the funds to sign players and has backed the Frenchman’s judgement in the transfer market.

    Very sensible

    “Absolutely. There have been suggestions that we keep stopping him from buying – that is not the case,” Hill-Wood told ArsenalTV.

    “He’s very sensible with the way he approaches the transfer market, he’s not going to buy anybody just because the press or fans say he should.

    “He’s only going to buy somebody if he thinks they’re going to improve what is a young squad but a very talented one.

    “He certainly has got money if he wants to spend it.”

  77. Geoff

    If Wenger wanted to make money for the club he should have applied for Gazidas’s job, then we could have brought in someone who wants to win something to manage the team.

  78. GunnerShabz

    honest guys, am desperate for some new signings, any signings will do to improve this team.

    hell i even would take michael owen and ledley king

  79. choy

    even nasri scored on his debut…

    look at zaki, torres, santa cruz last year.. he’s just being skint…. thats all

  80. gazzap

    gambon, Yes I agree with what you say and I dont know the finances down to the penny but I just get the feeling Arsenal are cutting their cloth accordingly right now. That means they want to be sure they can still pay all their loans off comfortably even if the corportate seats/boxes dont sell well, and Arsenal are not in the CL next year. they absolutely refuse to do a Leeds united and invest heavily and then be 100% needing the CL money to survive. we are going the other way and cutting spending and costs so that we can survive on a lower income in future seasons.
    wenger is confident his younglings can fire Arsenal to the top in 1 or 2 years time without the need for significant investment. He still has £20m to spend this year but in the grand scheme of things and compared with other clubs, that isn’t a lot of money.

  81. gambon

    If Wenger wants to make money for the club he should sell afc trinkets door to door, if he knocks on mine he’ll cop an unfortunate one.

  82. Big Raddy

    Shabz. I would not argue about how lucky they are, but I agree with Choy – they are better than us so far this season. I firmly believe this is a flash in the pan, a quirk of history, but it is true nonetheless.

    Compare our teams. IMO These players are better than ours…..

    A. Young

    Add to that their fighting spirit, and their team play.

    I hate to write it, but all of those players would get into our first team. (maybe not Agbo..)

    Be honest, and think of the tam that will play tonight. Apart from Nasri, I would swap our entire midfield.

    Shit …. I have just read my post. I hate Vill, always have. Ignore me – it is the ramblings of an addled mind !

  83. gambon

    The problem Gazzap is that its a self perpetuating cycle,

    Reduce costs incase we dont make CL = the reason we dont make CL.

    I have gone from questioning wenger to thinking hes an out an out cunt in the last few hours.

  84. dave T

    Arse and Nose, Id rather have Denislon and nasri over Osman and Fellani, but Id prefer cahill and Arteta over Song and Eboue. Id take nasri and denilson over Sidwell and milnerbut Id rather have Young and Barry over Eboue and Song. But my opinion is Id still pick our four over either of the other fours as a package. We will still finish avbove both sets at the end of the season.

  85. Mandanda

    Gazidis and AW are pulling in the same direction – enriching the arsenal brand, then maybe win trophies. I think the saying is two hands are better than one lol!
    As for bringing a manager that wants more trophies? why change a winning formula when the incumbent is working? except u suddenly become DD or Nina
    AW might be a man of integrity, he’s integrity I’m sure would apply to the adherence of his contracts (no matter what the contents of the contracts are I would think)

  86. Big Raddy

    Nice to see that avatar again Bud.

    Yes, I read it. Not much to say really. AA and his agent are complete knobs, I would tell them to F.O. but do we cut our nose to spite our face (whatever that means).

    Just pay the money, and close the deal.

  87. t-buzz

    Bonjour Grovers,
    Deviating from the Ars-shavin(g) saga/drama/opera, Ade’s crown as” Most Offside Player” has been nicked by Cissé.

    Category Player/Team Total
    Top Shooter Frank Lampard (Chelsea) 67
    Top Passer Xabi Alonso (Liverpool) 1587
    Top Tackler Lee Cattermole (Wigan) 106
    Most Dribbles & Runs Shaun Wright-Phillips (Chelsea/Man City) 115
    Most Crosses David Bentley (Tottenham) 232

    Most Offsides Djibril Cisse (Sunderland) 43

    Most Fouls Marouane Fellaini (Everton) 73

    Team with most fouls Hull 320
    Team with most shots Chelsea 331,19528,11662_2705370,00.html

    Very sad…. :(

  88. London

    The idea that Wenger is happy not winning trophies is nothing short of ridiculous. Do you really think he happy to go through his whole career without winning the Champions League?
    Wenger has never claimed to have been solely responsible for the move to the new stadium; although, he deserves a share of the success; Wenger has never claimed the credit for selling Anelka; the fact is, he was unhappy at having to sell him: his hand was forced; Wenger is 100% responsible for bringing Fabregas to the club and deserves all the credit associated with it. There is obviously very little news around so we are having a “Lets bash Wenger day”.
    I seriously hate those f….king anti-Arsenal c….s who write absolute bollox for news papers like the Guardian.

  89. GunnerShabz

    our midfield is whats letting us down, the defence is quick, but the midfield is what is fucking up this year.

    last year we had the same defence but we had flamini, gilberto and hleb now this year we got denilson, eboue and song

    thats the difference

  90. Rosey

    Dennisdamenace, very well put and well thought out. I often visit this site as it usually puts up a different viewpoint from simply accepting everything that is ok when patently it is not. I listen keenly to views regarding AW and find myself questioning him based on the topics raised but then feel disloyal as the guy has brought us the best years of our history, 2 doubles, unbeaten 04, a cup final in all but 2 of the last 10 seasons (and we won the league in one of them) So I am torn, is Wenger financially running this club with both hands tied behind his back, or is he the stubborn meiser he gets made out to be. If it is the former, he is not only the best manager this club has seen, but quite possibly the greatest manager in football, if it is the latter, then it is time to go. So all I want is some honesty. If we have no money, then fine I’ll accept what the club is trying to do and get on with it, if (as DFiz will have you believe) that we have stacks of cash and all Wenger has to do is ask and the player is ours, then AW performance is unaccpetable. Having listened to all of the AW out rants I pray just one thing, that the author of this article is not given the job.. Away to Everton with no cover for our fragile back 5 is suicide. I am not a GKB ha ha !

  91. Steve

    I still think Raddy that we’ll end up with Arshavin as nobody else seems interested and no way can Zenit keep him now.

  92. arsenalised

    Choy:he has disrapted the team,caused disunity,fucked up at villa,almost caused toure to leave,caught smoking.