Arsene knows (how to make himself money) according to the Guardian.

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Ok so because Aston Villa were lucky enough to win again and beat Portsmouth we have to win at Goodison, a draw or worse would be a disaster, what’s worse is they have Mario the mechanic back tonight and he will dominate our fragile midfield if we let him.

They have no real forwards so it will be a 4-5-1 from them as they tend to win from midfield, but we can spring a surprise if he attacks from the off so this is what I would do tonight.

It’s bold and it’s adventurous and it doesn’t involve his favourites but this is what I would do if Wenger let Le Grove pick the team tonight, and frankly after the Cardiff game, he ought to.

Almunia (because he will)

Sagna Kolo Djourou Clichy

RVP Diaby Nasri Vela

Bendtner Adebayor

The reason I would pick this team is because we could be creatively dominant with Nasri and Diaby, they looked comfortable after the shaky start the others had in the first half (against Cardiff) if we do that again Everton will hammer us. RVP plays out on the right for Holland to great effect and Vela can play out left, and when he plays we are better going forward and maybe as we have two big boys up front we can whip some crosses in with the long ball, don’t forget we hit them with the long ball last season to great effect.

I would have Eduardo on the bench as the impact sub as he destroyed them last year Wilshere, Denilson and Ramsey as cover for Diaby.

Following the news that Rosicky will make his comeback in March makes me even angrier that we have not replaced the injured players by now and we have had two players out for a year or more, you can put a temp in for so long but two for a year is just plain daft.

Still the news today that we have said was the reason he doesn’t spend has finally surfaced as the boss admits he is paid on performance, the article in the Guardian says he is paid handsomely because he makes the club money, so now we know, it’s not about the right player, it’s about his salary and that is why he persists with such young and ordinary players. If of course the article is true.

You judge for yourself (LINK) but it would explain why we keep getting in money and never spending it.

I still think we will get Arshavin though because he couldn’t stay at Zenit now and if they don’t sell him they will have to wait until the summer when the market will be worse and the player will be older and when we’ll be in the Uefa cup.

I wonder what the managers reward will be then?

I still have faith that we will sign Arshavin and another only because it’s obvious to the world that at least two players are not up to the standard we need to succeed and two others are long term injured.

Come on Arsene, now your secret is out spend the money and please don’t pick that team that played Cardiff, if you do we’ll lose, also try Nasri and Diaby together, when you do we look better, we really do and don’t forget you bought them, they’re your players too!

Have a great day Grovers Scotland is a long way to go to play a midweek game, let just hope the wheels are still on the team coach when the game ends, I meant no offence to anyone there as I know that people from the area do not steal hubcaps and I know Everton is not in Scotland I was being silly and trying to be funny about the fact that Liverpool is a long way up north, there humour explained.

3-1 to the Arsenal if he plays that team.

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  1. tonyadamsisgod

    Leon – Exactly! Wenger’s stance on not signing experience players because it will kill the youth is terrible! How are our young players meant to flourish when they have no one to mentor them and guide them in the right direction. They have no one to look up to.

    Just look at what experienced role models our youth had to look up to: Adams, Campbell, Vieira, Parlour, Gilberto, Bergkamp, Henry.

  2. Franchise

    Denilson aint good enough for this level yet
    Song would never be good enough
    Diaby would not make it at Arsenal at this rate
    Adebayor is such a lucky fucker doubling his pay
    Sagna at his age would never learn how to cross
    Arsene has taken us as far as he can

  3. Steve

    I like West Ham and Zola too Franchise. I’ve never minded them as a club and after beating Spertz in lasagnagate and hearing their fans singing “4-2 to the Arsenal” after that game gave me goosies. We even reciporacated with a rendition of bubbles at Highbury that day.

    They looked quality last night though, worrying for Saturday.

  4. Geoff

    London the trouble is Song does it in every game, that’s why I single him out, he doesn’t do it on purpose he’s just not a good player.

  5. GMR

    Tony – I agree with you, my choice would be to see Vela & Co & hope that our attacking play would see us through. I just knew Wenger wouldn’t do that though, if you read my comments before yesterday’s game I said Wenger would care more about not losing that actually winning.

    He wanted to keep the unbeaten run going so the confidence isn’t completely killed again. Whilst a draw obviously isn’t what we need right now he probably thinks getting 5 points back on one of the teams above isn’t impossible. Everton away was probably the hardest away game we had left apart from the obvious ones like Man Utd etc.

  6. Doublegooner


    I don’t rate Song as good enough for Arsenal, although I can tell you from good authority the inner circle do. However, 1st half by his standard he was ok. 2nd half he lost it as did many others.

    Adebayor was fucking hopeless.

    Our club is in a serious mess starting UPSTAIRS…FISZMAN HAS FUCKED UP BIGTIME.

  7. GMR

    I like Diaby as well. He just needs to gain some experience & it would benefit him to have an older player to learn from. He has so much ability on the ball.

    If Bergkamp & Vieira were still around he become an amazing player. Especially with the likes of Keown toughning him up.

  8. tonyadamsisgod

    GMR – Yeah I think you are probably right mate.

    Geoff – Exactly. We don’t want to slate these players. But truth be told there are just not good enough. I’m not saying Song should be shot. I’m saying we, The Arsenal, deserve a lot more than someone like that running our midfield. If we went back 5 years and Wenger chucked Song into the middle of the park there would be fucking riots! So why is it acceptable now?

  9. Franchise

    defensive organisation is the key for this season

    a lot of the ‘smaller’ teams are more organised now when compared to the 98-04 era

    United have scored 39 goals and conceded 10
    Chelsea ave scored 43 goals and conceded 13
    Lpool have scored 37 goals and conceded 15
    AVilla have scored 38 goals and conceded 24
    Arsenal ave scored 38 goals and conceded 25

    we have scored one less than Utd but conceded 2.5 times what they have conceded

  10. leon

    sorry but if rasenal have 3-4 injuries they in trouble because they simply dont have enough top class players just up comming that need time to develop but sagna never seams to make any sistakes and always looks solid, the midfield needs at least 3 more players top class

  11. nick

    IMO it is good wenger makes money and the board have a financial plan for the club to be debt free and able to compete survive without a sugar daddy, look at chelsea in debt with an old squad that only have average players ready to replace them going to need shit loads spent before long and asbo is bored with this toy and the money it costs and wont pay to fix it.I agree that this should not be the Arsenal way but it serves the greater good in we will still be Arsenal while chelsea will be a bitch for some new millionaire

  12. leon

    the problem is because arsenal have droped so many points they have put them selves wherethey have to win everything fron now till the end,there form since mancity has been pretty good but its just to many points droped,its just not lack experience its the complete lack depth in the team there only 3 top class players in the team and aint good enough is not realy enough goal poachers in fron of goal,not enough wingers, and because is not any realy midfield generals inthe team there is lack oragnisation and they concede to many goals,but if wengers does buy at 1/2 players the arsenal saeson ticket holders must all they can vote with feet and try get wenger out