Noose is tightening on Arshavin and Brown + Upson to sign today?

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First things first, Gunnerfever from Arsenal Mania just told us that Upson is going for a medical today and Bendtner will go to West Ham on loan, interesting and makes sense if true. He says that West ham will have the first option on Bendtner and the source is reliable.

Well I woke up to the good news that we appear to be closing in on the player known as Arshavin, apparently Zenit are looking to get £12mil and not the £10 that Arsenal have offered, that must mean there is no interest from Milan or City as we thought all along.

Alisher Usmanov. is chairman of Gazprom investholding, the company which manages Gazprom’s international investments and Zenit.

So word has it that Zenit officials have invited Ivan Gazidis to Russia to carry out negotiations on an Usmanov-brokered deal. This could explain the delay as Arsenal don’t want to be seen to be helped by the Russian shareholder, but it appears that he has now emerged as a key figure and if that’s the case, well done that man, because we need a transfer like this.

This is supposed to be happening next Tuesday, so maybe Arshavin and Eduardo to make a cameo appearance at Cardiff, the home of the unemployed.

If we do get Arshavin and don’t follow it up with a defensive midfielder and or a centre back we will be missing a real chance to make some progress here.

The news that Gabby (girls name) Agbonlahor is taunting us by saying they can afford a draw at Sunderland and we have a tough next four games compared to them should give our boys a little extra incentive to start playing like they know they can.

I would like to see us tighten the noose around Phil Browns scrawny neck and take the fishmongers to the cleaners, we owe them for humiliating us at the Grove and where better to do it than at their ground and gain revenge.

Arsenal TV last night had us down for a 2 to 3 nil win, Diaby said he wants revenge so all good noises coming from there, I reckon 3-1 because they are capable of scoring, their dismal run though should see us through as it coincides with our good run, let’s hope Sunderland can stop Villa’s lucky run and let us draw level with them, they aren’t that good and O’Neill is beginning to irritate me.

I’ll be an armchair fan today as Setanta have kindly offered to screen the game live, so I’ll be online policing the site today. I hear Wenger has been praising Vela, so why on earth doesn’t he play him then? He says Nasri not only prefers to play in the middle, he’s better when he plays in the middle, so why not play him there all the time then?

Try this line up boss, it may surprise you.


Sagna Kolo Djourou Clichy

Eboue Diaby/Ramsey Nasri Vela

Adebayor/Bendtner or Boy Wonder

Play that team and we’ll play as a team, play Denilson, Song, Diaby and Eboue in the same midfield you may as well give them the three points now and save the bus fare.

Have a great day Grovers it would be nice to see us playing decent football again, don’t forget though it was Nasri and Vela that picked the locks last week.

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  1. PDT

    All three were good goals, including the fourth that wasn’t and cam back off the post.

    Bendtner was awesome. I wonder if he deserves to start on the right instead of Eboue. Some of his link up play was brilliant.

    Eboue had a reasonably tidy game.

    Ethan, Ade deserved the first goal. It was a good goal.

  2. kelsey

    morning all,

    a few pointers from yestdays bloggers, obviously just i.m.o.

    I find it totally unnecessary to have a heated debate about racism and in paricular about eboue DURING the game itself.eboue is at best a right back and cover for sagna. wenger choses were to play him not us.

    the upson/bedtner rumour of a deal concerns me.As already stated before,he is still young and suddenly as an impact player he is improving rapidly.i hope the board,who are more interested in money don’t take a view that he is now worth selling as his value has gone up.We need him as cover at the very least until the summer,and we need to gauge the return of eduardo.

    if only we had a player like lampard or gerrard(love them or hate them)who can single handedly drive on a team and score vital goals.

    To me the defence is still the major problem as there is still an uncertainty in communication between them and almunia,though in fairness we still don’t really know our best line up.

    Nasri, is really beginning to excite, his best away game by far.rvp is vital to us this season and i disagree with some about ade’s header,it was very well taken.he needs to keep practising that aspect of his game.

    denilson and diaby now have a chance to see if they really make first team impact,again both are young.

  3. georgian-gunner

    hi guys, i am really contended with a resalt, van persie was magnificant but sad he hsn’t scored, diaby played well, he has great skills but maybe must work on pass… overall goOd game…
    waiting for player rating 😀

  4. Mark P

    Unproven or relatively cheap players that worked out well for AW – for the record..

    Fab 4
    DB 10
    TH 14
    Chris Wrea
    Big Phil
    Laft bald headed lousy centre back whose name escapes me

    He must sign 3 kids for every one that works – it’s cheaper that way – although not really very fair on the kids.

    Still have high hopes for some of the current crop tho. Particularly

    IF vela is as good as I think he is – then we’ll have an international superstar on our hands – and he’ll learn from Eduardo too – the goal amchine.

    8 unbeaten with 4 wins, not too far off the top, great players due to come back from injury, potential new signing, djourou starting to look like a 6ft 4 inch CB with pace and skill… It’s not horrific.

    League will finish this year as follows…

    Man U

    There’s still half a season to go – and that’s a long time.