Two new signings and a big fat I told you so…!

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Morning Grovers, sorry for the delay.. technical difficulties at Geoff Towers!

Our two new signings this week are an American Billionaire who we’ve signed to play mostly on the board… apparently he has great vision, superb decision making ability and he could help secure our financial future.

Our second signing is Peter Lawwel from Celtic… the Wiley old Scot has the experience we’ve been lacking in the Chief Exec position. Celtic appear unwilling to let him go without a fight though. Apparently he plays tough, he has quite a portfolio of skills and he has the ability to elevate us into the upper echeleons of European football.

Next up, a bit of gloating from me. Remember this?

‘He also feigned injury and went off… again, I believed this to be a cynical act to stop the press tearing him to shreds tomorrow and I felt that was poor from a player who knows about his bad reputation amongst the faithful…’

Well, I got a bit of a ripping from the Eboue Sympathisers club over that comment…

‘He’s out for two weeks you buffoon!’

Well, surprise, surprise… guess who is in the squad for tonight’s game?


Never trust an Eboue… that’s all I’ll say.

Onto tonight, Wenger is in a bullish mood,

“We are happy to play football – we are afraid of nobody in the world”

That’s fighting talk Arsene! I was hoping for a line more like,

‘Arsenal eat Kiev’s for dinner…’

Beggars can’t be choosers though, right?

I’ve got a good feeling about tonight… maybe a comfortable 0-2 victory! The boys are on a roll, Ade has found his shooting boots and the rest of the team are on fire. Keep the wins going boys!

So, who do you think will start? Here is your squad list, let me know your thoughts in the comments section because I have no idea!

1 Manuel ALMUNIA (GK)
3 Bacary SAGNA
5 Kolo TOURE
10 William GALLAS (c)
12 Carlos VELA
16 Aaron RAMSEY
17 Alex SONG
20 Johan DJOUROU
21 Lukasz FABIANSKI (GK)
22 Gael CLICHY
25 Emmanuel ADEBAYOR
26 Nicklas BENDTNER
27 Emmanuel EBOUE

Have a rip roaring day Grovers!

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  1. Geoff

    TJ I though we were by far the better team, but I was dissappointed that Song was there and again couldn’t work out what Wenger sees in him.

  2. Evo in Oz

    if i were playing championship manager against ateeb i would have taken off one of the midfielders at half time and brought on vela (or eboue) for more width and attack to give the link up with RVP to get back up the pitch and into the box.

  3. Geoff

    Just that Ateeb, we have this site for like minded people, not to slag them off and sarcasm if all part of that, I suggest you either calm down and grow up or go somewhere else.

  4. Evo in Oz

    well ateeb there are no feelings in text on a screen or in a text message. you need to emphasize it with more descriptive words. glad you clarified it for me eventually that you were actually making a joke/laughter instead of having an telling me my opinion

  5. Geoff

    Sorry ateeb you need to go now, all you are after is confrontation. Thanks for spending some time with us tonight, come back when you want to join in with the fun.


    I think the balance was missing because Song was there. He didnt necessarily have a bad game but because he was there RVP had to be shifted out wide where he is ineffective and it was too crowded in the middle. I think AW should have been a little more positive with the team selection. I think Ade needs support at all times up top. He cant do it all on his own. Still, he should have buried that early chance. Overall, i’m happy we got a point despite a very average performance.


    If i was affiliated with Bolton Wanderers, i would be very afraid. We’re gonna take out our frustration on their asses!

  8. Ateeb

    O.k. No problem. Well i usually come to this site but refrain of commenting, which is quite obvious why. But please when writing the article tommorow, think it through, and don’t come up with WHY THE HELL DIN WENGER SPEND? OR SONG WAS CRAP, be rational. Song’s first proper game for ages, and he was there as a defensive unit, rather then a creative one. And he was quite solid. We dont need to buy in january. What we though need are lesser people in the rosick list:) And away from home draw is acceptable, wenger maybe went for a draw.

  9. mark

    Ateeb … no I didn’t go off with Evo for a hug, I’m just expressing my opinion (without being sarcastic to anyone) I also didn’t say we haven’t got class in the team I was talking about two particular players. I think we have an abundance of class and on our day unbeatable. On the subject of Nikki B and Ade we disagree but I think Orangegooners point above is much more valid than all your sarcastic ones.

  10. Geoff

    You see ateeb I only block people that are causing problems, balanced views are Ok, even if we disagree with them.

    If you want to tell me how to write this blog, why don’t you write your own? Lots of people try, few get read, and fewer get the comments that Le Grove do, you may want to give that some thought.

  11. mark

    Sorry I replied to Ateeb and didn’t realise you had moved him out Geoff ….thanks for that. I know we all have our opinions about football and players but as you say we need to be civil about it.

  12. TJ DA GOON

    Sad really….there’s almost always a great ‘team spirit’ on here with all the regulars (Bud, Rico, Choy, DDM, Evo, etc). Everyone identifies with one another and RESPECTS their opinions on whatever the subject is, even if they dont agree, thats what grown-ups do.

    Fuck me, i’m shocked. ‘One day’ the Spud King just conducted his first ever interview in English. Thats a start Spuds!

  13. Jules1


    Your 11.29 post.

    I’m sorry, but your last statement is not true. You can’t back that up. How do you know what blogs are read or not read ?

    As for the amount of comments, that is meaningless. It’s not an indicator of popularity or the quality of the opinion, just the amount of comments.

    I am actually not looking for an argument, but the problem is that there seems to be a body of opinion on this site that is heavily contentious. Especially the view that instead of debating this opinion, you will delete the posts.

  14. Geoff

    Ok Jules, thanks for your opinion, much appreciated, when I spend the next 12 months writing posts, I’ll make sure I try not to get a lot of meaningless comments.

    If you want to spend your time disagreeing with people, try the other sites, they quite like all that.

  15. Evo in Oz

    pretty happy with Wengers comments after the game. the game was there to be won and the ref blew early. kiev definitely did a good job of winding down the clock with their subs and pretending to be injured. gives me the shits, but i suppose that always happens, its just sour grapes i guess cause the ref didnt add the same time back on and i felt as Wenger did, we were back on top in terms of having the ball!

  16. goonermichael

    I’m off to bed now. I thought we could have and should have won that. We need to take our chances and Ade needs to learn about the offside rule. Soft penalty as well.

  17. eltel08

    2 Jews walk into the Spuds ticket Office and ask for season tickets. The woman behind the counter asks, “are you cicumcised?” The Jews reply “yes of course” the woman then says, ” I’m sorry you have to be a complete prick to be a Tottenham fan!”

  18. ikon

    i thnk it was a fair result in the end….. scoring 4 goals in every match means the boys will take everything for granted… i think this was the best result we could have hoped for… now it again winds our boys a bit for the bolton game….. perfect!!!!

    And I dont think it was a penalty… but we need djourou in there.

  19. ethangunner

    Well blow me down ,

    i fell asleep last night waiting for the game , so i thought avoid the TV , grab the torrent and ill see it tonight ! but my son turned the tv on just as they showed the god amm score ! So my next question was how did ade go ??
    then i logged onto here … hmmmmm
    A BIG FAT I TOLD YOU SO !!! of my own !

    Seb Says:
    September 17, 2008 at 8:27 pm

    I have to ask myself, is it worth having Ade in the team when he fucks up so many times a game? It’s not even funny.

    Rasputin Says:
    September 17, 2008 at 8:35 pm

    Ade would be dangerous if he could shoot – the most frustrating player ever to wear an Arsenal shirt

    HelsinkiGooner Says:
    September 17, 2008 at 8:36 pm

    should be 1 or 2-0 up by now, and i’ve only watched since the 20min mark – just in time for Ade’s shocking miss.

    I got the idea !!! HE WAS ON PAR :)!

    Also seb , wheres the clinical movement midfield ? what happened to cesc ??
    this is a typical example of what im on about ,& what can happen to our team !
    (and i haven’t even watched it yet ! ) and 5 man midfield too ! we should have dominated the ground !
    no hleb – no flamini !
    it makes a difference !

    Seb Says:
    September 17, 2008 at 9:01 pm

    Nightman noone is moving in front of him, who can he pass to? We are too much behind the ball.

    Seb ,Its easy to look good when your against a very inferior team like blackburn …
    but any club who comes against us with a game plan can split us wide open !
    and saw gallas’es goal .. more ass than class !
    the way i see it is we just fluffed it with a near full strength team , and almost got whipped by the weakest team in the group ! NO CLINICAL FINISHER in the team we are done this season ! ..ade played 90 minutes and cant produce !!!

    yes why buy any quality players this transfer window when we can produce our own ..
    what a fucking joke !

  20. kelsey

    Good Morning Geoff.
    I refrrained from posting last night as it all got a little too heated and personal for my liking,though i am sure a lot of that was through frustration.
    I haven’t seen one comment that shows the Kiev coach did his homework very well on us,and i would say overall it was a flat performance by us and yet again our finishing especially in the first half wasn’t clinical.We have a poor away record in europe 2 wins from 9,but on the other hand kiev have never got a point in the group stages before.Can’t change what happened and a point is most probably not a bad result.To me our engine room cesc doesn’t look fully fit,and as much as gallas gets slated,not for the first time he found himself in the right place at the right time.
    The team will arrive back in the early hours of this morning and barely gives us 48 hours until Bolton.I think our lack of options due to numbers available won’t help us,and I hope that the lads recover in time.
    Because of my first paragraph maybe this should go on today’s post or alternatively you could mention that in house fighting doesn’t achieve anything.

  21. Seb

    Geoff I won’t be upset if that disappears, it puts us a man down compared to the opposition plus it looks silly.

    ethan Kiev were no great shakes as a team, we shot ourselves in the foot with our game plan, Wenger said he would be happy with a point and we played for a point basically. Without Nasri or Eboue we didn’t have nearly as much forward movement as we would usually, and without people to carry the ball forward you end up coming under attack, which we did, we only had 47% possession. Even so they only had 2 shots on goal to our 5. And the problem was not that Cesc was being manmarked, as you predicted, it was that noone (well Theo tried) was making runs around the back or between defenders for him to find them. If we had just played our normal 4-4-2 we would have been fine imo. Too cautious.

  22. kelsey

    Also wenger’s post match interview was a bit week,going on about not enough extra time being played.he had more than enough time to change things after the penalty,and lay off sagna please,it was a 50/50 penalty and he is consistently one of our best players.

  23. ethangunner

    Seb ,
    cesc being man marked is just one of the many reasons for midfield failure ,
    my argument was without bert , hleb and flamini to step up when cesc is flat , we are hardly are the same powerhouse going forward to feed ade as last season .. The lack of class midfielders this season was the overall statement i made . in which you said we have plenty of other options .. and they wont be missed … and to make out eboue as our new savior is just a joke and a cop out ! Nasri has looked good in 2 games but other than that is largely untested , to say we missed him ..well frankly im gobsmacked … He is untested against a quality team and to say he could make the difference at 21 years of age is not an accurate assumption !

    Hleb used to create that space you were talking about ,& flamini had the courage ..
    its all missing now if you ask me ! and it shows .. And im not even basing it on last nights game because im still 20% away from downloading it ..

  24. Pedro

    Morning everyone!

    So I missed the game… what a shitter, did I miss much? They didn’t shower us with praise on the radio?

  25. Geoff

    The heated nature of the blog last night was by two people arguing with everyone, I dealt with it so it will be fine from here on in, you give people a chance but sometimes all they want to do is cause trouble, ho hum.

  26. rico01

    Morning All

    What a funny old game, but I was so glad that Smudger and Keys were commentating..

    A game we should have had wrapped up by half time, a game where Theo got bashed, Song congested the midfield, Ade went back to his true form and we scrapped hard for a draw.

    So many chances, so many misses, and so many offsides (Ade)

    Song is not quick enough to play in midfield (imho) but I though the game was played at a high tempo from start to finish.

    We got a point, and in Ukraine, so all is not doom and gloom, and we didnt concede a goal in open play – so the defence did a sturdy job.

    But like I say, if our lot took one of their chances each, we would have been 4 – 1 winners!!

  27. simba

    give the man a break, why look on the negative only. eboue has really improved his game unless i am the only one who is noticing.