Exclusive: Giant German wants to sign for Arsenal!

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Sorry for the misleading headline, I just wanted to get you here…

Just kidding.

Thanks to the vigilant blogger who goes by the name of Gooner02… we have our first decent defender link of the summer!

Per Mertesacker, the 6ft 6 German international defender has revealed on his own personal website that his dream club is Arsenal, don’t believe me?

‘Arsenal ist mein Lieblingsverein in England. Es ist sicherlich ein Traum, dort mal zu spielen.’

Don’t speak German? Buffoons! Here’s a translation.

‘Arsenal is my favourite club in England. It is certainly a dream to play there some time. ‘

I like the cut of this boys jib!

What did you think when you heard about Cashley and Jermaine?

Anyway, that is good news right? He is what we need? A beast in the air, a German international (43 caps), Champions league experience, 23 years old, played 41 games last season… sign him up Arsene, you’ll love him! Look at his hobbies for Christ sake!

‘If I have spare time, then I go to the cinema. I like to meet with friends.’

Isn’t that sweet? Can you imagine John Terry’s hobby list reading like that?

We don’t need Zapata, he’s the same size as what we have, we need an animal in there, also we need players that want to come, Villa and now this boy, not little shits we have to beg, like you know who, don’t get me wrong, I rate Nasri, but we are Arsenal and shouldn’t have to beg anyone.

We seem to be entering into a period of player power, Hleb, Henry and now Ronaldo, they want to go, and they get their wish, we need to clamp down on this, before it kills the game.

Anyway on the subject of Germans and all that is German, how about this for interesting.

  • The Germans have the most profitable league in the world. Fact.
  • The Bundesliga has the most players going to Euro 2008. Fact.
  • Bayern Munich spent a shed load of money in the summer to get back to the top, and it worked. Fact.

Do you know what else Bayern do? They fuse corporate with hardcore. No I don’t mean a sophisticated porn movie, I am talking about fans.

Arsenal, take note.

The average season ticket in Germany costs 600 Euros, very affordable to most middle class people. The Germans though, understand that a lot of football fans are working class, so they subsidise their certain tickets and put them in the ‘Hardcore’ end of the ground (Behind the goals). The reduced rate of the ticket is subsidised by the corporate companies who sign up for hospitality.

What a good idea! Corporates, families and working class fans all getting along at a successful club!

Could that work at Arsenal? Could this format ‘Bring back the noise’?

Let me know in the comments section!

Happy Friday Grovers!

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  1. Pedro

    Geoff, I wont lie to you… that is the best piece you’ve written!

    You’ve made some major points and I think you’ve been completly fair and rational!

    Well played!

    The tube point is spot on… we never go early, but there is still a queue! Even after an hour!

    PHW if you are reading, let us know your thoughts! haha!

  2. Monsieur Robert

    Dear Gooners, Dear Le Grove raders,
    pointed out the Mertesacker story to Arsenal News Review last Wednesday. Well done for spotting it, and more importantly recognizing that it is our solution!
    Mertesacker is young but already a “no-nonsense” international caliber defender.
    Have followed his season with Bremen: never puts a foot wrong!
    And Bremen has always ben a selling club (for the right price).
    It is important to mention that Mertesacker only refers to one single other football club on his website: Arsenal…it is not that he has many dreams to play fot several top clubs!
    No… just one is mentioned all together in the “A to Z” section of his website…if that does not count!!!

    I live outside Zurich in Switzerland and have been a season ticket holder for more than 12 years…actually a few more months before the Professor arrived, and I cannot think of Arsenal getting in a better position to replace the real Tony Adams! Per Mertesacker is our man even more than Sol Campbell was at his peak,