Dos Santos in Hleb out? Do we feel lucky today?

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Ok it’s now apparent that Hleb is off, Arsenal football club are about to demonstrate how they play hardball with football’s elite, much like ManU did yesterday when they reported Madrid for unsettling their player, Madrid immediately apologised and that’s the end of that story.

Anyone wants our players and it seems they can have them, we rarely complain, or when we do it’s all bark and no bite.

I read that Spurs are in for Dos Santos, why on earth would Barcelona sell him? If it’s the case then sign him before it’s too late, I know I prefer older players, but this kid is class, why would he want to go to Spurs when he could come to us.

Nasri and Ben Arfa were on display last night with Nasri looking a bit ordinary (according to some in the comments section), let’s hope that was an off day, I’ve seen him play and he looks fab, but hey, who knows who we’re after, we got linked with Santa Cruz yesterday as well, please let that be a rumour.

I also read that David Dein’s son is Cesc’s new agent, amazing that, a little bit of nepotism there or what? Is Darren really that good, would he be Cesc’s agent if his last name were Smith?

Still the Dein’s are all Arsenal fans and him being English should want to see him stay with us here in good old Blightey. I wouldn’t be too worried about him going anywhere, but with our record in getting tough on players, I wouldn’t be surprised who stayed here anymore.

There is still a big possibility that Diaby or even Djourou will fill in for Flamini and we won’t see a Gareth Barry come in, well with Sepp Blatter determined to push through this overseas player rule, Arsene really should be buying some English players, I think that overseas talent costs as much as English talent these days, but we’ll know soon enough.

Other news was Danny’s interview, which confirmed yesterdays blog and it was heartening to see that, all we need now is for the boss to go forth and multiply, over to you Arsene!

Great day again yesterday Grovers, you certainly put the com into comment, that’s for sure.

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  1. Geoff

    First touch, we should sign him for Flamini. England are boring with no imagination, we should stick Theo on, he’ll liven it up!

    Pedro, Bentley is indeed a wanker but Beckham is a cunty cunt wanker, I just invented that, but if there was such a thing, he would be it.

  2. Big Raddy

    Geoff, I love Becks. He is a proper footballer. Yes, he has a celebrity lifestyle, in fact he is probably in the top 3 most recognised men in the world. But when he gets on the pitch, he always gives 100%.

    His choice of wife may be unfortunate, but if my Mrs had a tiny rack, and I could afford it, I would send her straight to Harley St for a decent pair. It seems the right thing to do. After all, a man must have his toys !

    England look much better with Barry on for Lamps. Barry has improved so much, imagine how good he could be if he plays under AW

  3. Big Raddy

    Rooney …… Why? Yet another yellow card for a petulant stupid foul. Whoever says he is World Class is nuts. Yes, he is good ina MU shirt, but for England, he has yet to show anything except frustration and stupidity.

    Get a grip man

  4. Big Raddy

    Cole on for Rooney. So, I guess Theo will not get a game. Therefore, I am switching off. Nothing to watch really.

    Night Gents.

  5. Geoff

    Raddy I hate the cunt, he got sent off against Argentina for a petulant kick and we’re out the world cup, he jumped out of a tackle against Brazil in the next world cup after we were leading Brazil 1 nil, they scored straight from that and we’re out the world cup, he missed a penaly against Portugal in the Euros, shall I go on, and as for her, I think she looks like a bloke and her knockers are a laugh.

    As for his effort, he was more interested in his fucking haircut than his team in Japan, he’s a conceited up himself cunt and the most recognised cunt in football, so I’ll give you that, he can take a free kick though but is the most overrated footballer since Rooney.

    Barry is one we should sign though, why doesn’t he bring on Theo?

  6. Wrighty7

    Hi Pedro, Geoff and Le-Grove gang!

    Regarding Hleb, if he stays then I hope that he is left to rot in the reserves!

    I don’t think I could stomach him in a first team shirt ever again after the shit we’ve heard from his agent.

    He could have stopped his agent from spouting that shit if he wanted and left with his head held high in a respectable manner.

    Instead he has been hoared aroung Europe and I think that all this “respect Arsene” and “loves Arsenal” shit is because he’s shitting himself for all the flak he will get.

  7. Pedro

    Wrighty can you imagine all the Arsenal.commers tomorrow?

    ‘I told you… don’t listen to gossip until it’s on’

    I wont take back what I said the other day… I wouldn’t be bothered if he left but I would salute Wenger if he made him stay.

    Good point… Hleb pays his agent.

  8. Geoff

    Hi Wrighty, I think Wenger should have said more as well instead of sliding off to do match commentaries, he’s left us out to dry as well as Hleb.

  9. Wrighty7

    As for Rooney……..One jumped up over-rated little shit bag. Only rated cos he’s English. Would he get into any other decent international side?..Nope….

  10. Pedro

    I was going to post on your site earlier Wrighty… but a certain someone was on there and I didn’t want to get drawn into an argument on your forum again!

    Nice post though! I think a few people on here were talking up Yaya.

  11. finestcuts

    The new Fifa rule which obliges players aged under 18 to stay with the club that trained them will force change anyway, we won’t be able to get a 16 yr old from a foreign academy anymore but surely there must be a way of making a profit from the youth academy such as running soccer skills holidays with youth players participating, or some sort of venture with the private sector which would associate them with our youth brand.

    The board need to start getting creative about how to fund our youth costs without dipping into resources which should be reserved for paying the best players, if we’re to maintain our competitive edge, it must be done.

    Why should the wage bill of both youth and senior players be pooled together. A better question to ask Fiszman is “You state that our wage bill is similar to Manchester United’s, yet how do the wages we pay our first team players compare to Manchester United’s?”

    Wenger says he is going for balance within the team, but what about the balance within the league between our senior players and other teams? The very same reason is why players are lured away. The only other reason why a player would want to stay at Arsenal at a reduced price is because it’s a lifestyle choice, the’re effectively sacrificing the potential to earn millions because they want to play for the club, but how many players will buy into that idea. Hiring a good hypnotist or getting Derren Brown to tell them that they want to stay at Arsenal would be a solution. So the lifestyle choice card or religious style mind control could be the answer….but on a serious note, they need to start brainstorming and figure out how we can maintain a talent factory and compete with Manyoo on the wages front, because that’s what needs to be done to compete with Manyoo. If it can’t be done, RVP is right, the team will fall apart and we’ll take another 2-5 years to build another one and it could be a perpetual loop. Win a trophy, sell the big names, build a new team, win another trophy in 3-5 years time and then all over again.

  12. Wrighty7

    Your right there Geoff!

    Sometimes Le Boss puts his commentating before more important matters, like Arsenal!

    Pedro, for the stick we have given Hleb, if he stays we will get mullered! I’ve murdered him on here and on my blog!

    I stand by it though!

  13. Pedro

    Well… footballers pay their agents to be their voice in negotiations and in the press.

    If his agent says he has agreed a split with Arsenal… you have to believe it. Arsenal didn’t deny it and Hleb didn’t deny it.

    We heard from alsorts of people that Flamini was leaving and he left… the same with Thierry…

    There is no smoke without fire…

  14. simon mcahon

    we shouldnt be suprised the little fat cunt is just a scouse chav , no class he will end up like gazza.
    world class my arse,,,,
    And if the comments from van persie are correct and not paper bull shit ,about what AFC pay in Wages ,and how much more we should pay our players HE SHOULD TAKE A LONG HARD LOOK AT HIMSELF IN THE MIRROR ,

  15. david

    But finest, that new law is only a court case away from being dropped.

    What happens to a 16year old Southampton trainee who dosn’t like Southampton and wants to leave he goes to the EU and a new law will be named after him?

  16. Pedro

    Finest… we could lure a player into the mountains and keep them there until they old enough to sign a contract!

    Oh wait… we’ve already done that before…

  17. Wrighty7

    Ha Ha Pedro!

    Regarding the post, I think Dos Santos would go Spurs for two reasons


    2-Carlos Vela

    The second sounds stupid I know, but by all accounts Dos Santos and Vela are bessie mates. By moving to Spurs he will be closer to Vela.

    All the more reason for Arsenal to sign him! He seems a Wenger buy,and what Wenger is after, young and gifted.

  18. Pedro

    Well I’d be surprised Wrighty!

    I’ve just had my first, ‘you’ll look an idiot for saying Hleb was leaving’.


    Before you all start… show me a blog, news agency or fansite which said,

    ‘Hey it’s not true!’

    Everyone said it…


    Hleb’s agent is his mouth piece…

    Even Schuster said he was surprised Arsenal were letting him go!

  19. david

    Either say it on something officially Arsenal.
    Sign a new contract.
    Sack the agent if he lied.
    Or sell Hleb because we won’t believe him until he shows some comitment.
    Did he have a ice cream or was it a lie Mr Hleb?

  20. Wrighty7

    I’d be very surprised if he went to the Spuds!

    All the blogs said Hleb was on his toes, including mine!

    I agree with you Pedro, he’s still going.

    Now it’s all about the highest bidder.

  21. Wrighty7

    What I can’t understand is he says he can’t settle in London. So how will he settle in Milan, Madrid or Barcelona?

    I’m sure they are BIG cities as well!

  22. Pedro

    His agent has just whipped up interest… Hleb gets his 10% as he doesn’t have to put in a transfer request… Arsenal get ยฃ20mill!

    Everyones a winner!

  23. Pedro

    They have better Ice Cream Wrighty!

    I was going to include you in my list Wrighty… but seen as I was talking to you, it would have been a bit pointless telling you what you wrote! haha!

  24. Pedro

    Nice link Choy… Seems Almunia is convinced Hleb is off:

    โ€œFlamini and Hleb are two very good players, but we have confidence in our boss Arsene Wenger, who has been doing a great job for 10 years now. Every year, we lose a few players, but Wenger gets in the young players and they shine.โ€

    Anyway… great day Grovers!

    Good night all!

    Over to the night shift…!

  25. Pablo

    I very much doubt Hleb will stay, it sounds to me the last words of a man who has already made his mind up but doesn’t want to sound too direspectful, if that makes sense. To be honest I don’t think I would want him to stay now, I get the feeling his hearts’ not in it any more and wants a new challenge. I think Arsenal could do with a different style of wing play/attack as well. When Theo came on as sub his directness caused defences far more trouble than Hleb’s spin around the defender, spin back, beat him again and then pass backwards style of attack. Theo’s speed spreads defences far more providing proper wing play like Pires,Overmars & Limpar.

    The “breaking news” regarding Veloso is just another wind-up. I cant see Wenger spender ยฃ16mil on a player when he could use one of several other squad players he has. Besides I’m sure Manyoo with their connections to his club would pull some strokes to stop him coming to Arsenal.

  26. gnarleygeorge9

    Night shift here. In a bit of a rush, big day, & gotta go out to see some people. Did we sign anyone?

  27. gnarleygeorge9

    David – Cheers mate! Actually just read the England result. In a friendly, why would you play Defoe (who is never going to win you a World Cup) instead of trying Theo? Why?

  28. t-buzz

    494 comments, wow!!

    Did someone just put a gun to Hleb’s head to make him say he loves kissing Wenger’s arse or what? Still think he should either leave or rot in the reserves for half a season. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. El Tel

    I liked Hleb as a player and I believe he offers more to the team than just assists and goals, as a man he is obviously fucking stupid. He can just say he is going nowhere fuck off the silly agent and get on with it. Mind you that oily winker cunt is doing the same to the greatest of greatest one and only Mancscum. Beckham should never have been allowed in our camp last year the cunt is a spy and AW wants taking to task for allowing it. Becks old woman is fucking attrocious what an ugly fake cunt that is, no wonder he puts it about.

  30. ethangunner

    oh hlebs going no doubt !
    that statement was just to show homage to wenger and to make the fans think he’s
    still a good bloke ! fuck him !

    yes its funny why they still persist with rooney , he has class at club level
    but cant handle playing in the English team he is truly fucking useless at international level !

    capello should drop rooney and start with theo up front !
    sort of stick it to wenger ! and actually make some class decisions for england !
    he is no different to maclaren ! plays it safe and still picks the same knob ends
    who blessed the team before …

    i think the reverse ! players in the EPL get so much cash they dont feel motivated
    to play for there country anymore ! and RVP can go fuck himself if he wants more money for sitting on the bench ! I would offer him a new deal with the same money
    and just increase his 1st team appearances money !

    fuck him ! sell him and ade ๐Ÿ™‚
    he really didnt do fuck all this year !
    if you look at it objectively he is more of a liability than a performer !

  31. ethangunner


    Geof, the guy in the pic is Dirk Benedict – of (Original) Battlestar Galactica fame and the A team. BTW he wrote a good article on the difference between the original and current Battlesar :

    yes the main difference is he is now a fucking woman in the new one! and is sucking Apollos dick instead of his cigars !

  32. ethangunner


    oh hlebs going no doubt !
    that statement was just to show homage to wenger and to make the fans think heโ€™s
    still a good bloke ! fuck him !
    yes good shout egooner ๐Ÿ™‚ !

    i would also say that when you hear fucking statements like that !
    it isnt long before he’s packing his bags !
    its like a final salute to wenger and the fans !!
    im sure he will be gone within the week after that bit of propaganda !

    throw rocks at the cunt !

    (there you go pedro you thought 4 in a row was lonely ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  33. gnarleygeorge9

    Just caught the 2nd half of Boca Juniors v Fluminense. Three that caught my eye in a pulsating 45 minutes were Henrique in goals for Fluminense; Thiago Neves (bit of a Torres look alike), and Riquelme. If you get a chance to see the replay, check out his set piece where he gets booked for time wasting, but “its worth the wait”. Arsene Wenger this bloke is quality. Riquelme, why not sign him, just for set pieces at minimum. I’ve deliberately tried to not give away the result.

  34. gnarleygeorge9

    I’m a property valuer (chartered surveyor) so i move where the $$$ take me, & it just so happened i went home for lunch & turned on setanta sports. Glad i did too.

  35. jimmyfingers

    Oi, where’s my comment gone? Telegraph are reporting Nasri signed last night. I posted a link and everything

  36. ethangunner

    im an architect George , i also own 4 condos ! ( my retirement fund at 38 years old ๐Ÿ™‚ )
    and rent the buggers out .. im building a 6 house estate currently ,
    my final house will be situated there .(2 done so far ). and im going to flog the other 5 ..
    and probably buy more condo’s ๐Ÿ™‚

    but i freelance to any westerner who doesn’t want single wall shit boring thai houses .

    hey george if you can sell housing maybe you could put me in touch (or do it yourself)with a real estate agent who sells houses there , maybe i can sell my house quicker !
    and line your pockets at the same time !

  37. gnarleygeorge9


    An architect. I need someone to design me a beach house. Always good to know an architect. Retirement @ 38 years old, I’m impressed. My am is to be a pool attendant in my retirement years.

  38. James Bartram

    hrmm, that telegraph article is weird… says AW moved yesterday to sign him while nasri’s agent said 3 weeks ago that they’d had an offer from arsenal but were “waiting to see what happened” or some shit! no quotes either, but i remain positive that if he’s coming, we’ll hear either today or tomorrow, hopefully i don’t end up disappointed.

  39. gunnershabz

    hey nice to see mattieu flamini luck already changing when leaving arsenal, been left out of the squad