If you want to rant, rant away…

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I’m gutted, but not surprised.We didn’t look interested in the match, we really didn’t.

4 draws is only acceptable in a ‘chest of’.

I am way to angry to post now, but if you want to have a little rant of your own, feel free to now and I’ll address your issues in the morning.

Please don’t tune in tomorrow if you are likely to be offended – anyone who is an Ade fan, go somewhere else tomorrow – anyone who thinks Eboue is amazing, go somewhere else tomorrow and finally, anyone on the ‘Arsene Knows’ campaign team… fuck off tomorrow.

The headline wont be nice, nor will the article. I am a fan, I am not on the pay role at arsenal.com, so expect me to speak from the heart.

I’m going out to get hammered now.

Rant away if it makes you feel better.

Till tomorrow Grovers.

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  1. gazzap

    what an absolute fucking cunt that ref was. it was never a free kick for their goal. plus their goal was offside. he failed to give us a pen, disallowed a goal and generally gave everything to those fuckers, until he sent off Mido, and by then the damage was well and truly done.
    we hardly made any pressure of their goal until the last 5 minutes. for a title chasing team that is unacceptable. and Why the fuck wasn’t Ade taken off? worst player on the pitch but he is untouchable. wenger needs to show him that he is not the dogs bollocks. Eboue and Ade should have gone off. EVERY fucking gooner could see that. we needed robin at the end. he would have tucked away one of those goal mouth scrambles.

    anyways we have fucked it up now. the league is over. we are not playing well and we are drawing every sodding game. we seriously have more chance in the champions league but for my money we will end potless because things just look like that are going backwards right now and I am fucking pissed off after a season of hardwork.

    ps good to see eduardo today.

  2. The 49s

    I think Im going to agree with everything your going to say!! I go home and away and spend a fucking fortune…Time for Arsene to do the same!!!!!

  3. Harris

    I am fucken pissed of First it was brimingham then villa then wigan now fuken boro. but its only a point yh we hav chelsea and liverpool and man u next but we jus need hope and yh adebayor needs to stop thinking of da golden boot and jus play fuken football gna take van persiew tym to gt bak scorin but i feel the game agenst bolton is wt he needs.

  4. that was shite.

    Despite only being sixteen, I have followed arsenal extremely closely since I was about four and am very passionate…
    The arsenal teams I have seen over my life have mostly been very successful (ie. 98 season, invincibles) and I do not believe the team we have at the moment possesses the vigor to win the league. This was not my view at the start of the season, when we shot out of the starting blocks, but looking now (and i squint when I say this) I do not think we have the experience to go on further in search of trophies.
    The sheer depth of teams such as the Mancs surpasses our own, and I was more then a little upset to hear my dad saying Wenger isn’t buying big in summer.

    F**K IT!

    why the hell not? the team today just did not function, and in the famous words of noel fielding of the mighty boosh “they’ve gone wrong!” With the funds we have, why have we not snapped up players such as Torres? Don’t get me wrong, i’m a big fan of Arsene’s youth policy but I dont feel we are going to get very far without some more experienced players.

    aaaarrggghhh. the stress of it all!

    Why couldnt i have been brought up to follow badminton rather then football?

    On a brighter note, I think Walcott is finally coming good. His confidence seems to have stepped up a gear, and you could see how the crowd and the players around him reacted to his introduction.

    I’m finished. enjoy getting hammered.

  5. ac

    and wenger says we dont need tp add to the squad what shit you see our board in the comfort zone once we are in champions league every year. that means loads of cash i think the manager should be told we need throphys or else you see they have a full stadium champions league football and a manager who MAKES MONEY every summer from transfers so they are happy. maybe that big fucking russian with dean would demand an end prodouct cause this board dont.

  6. gazzap

    the Boro and Villa games were very similar in pattern and result to last seasons games at the emirates. they were consecutive games at the start of the season. how strange. but Arsenal suddenly look like they are playing last season all over again. why have we regressed by a year?

  7. Odub

    What a pile of fucking shit! Eboue and Ade play 90 fucking minutes again I see, despite playing shit i’ve heard from guys who were at the game!!!

    I’m saving the best for tomorrow. How to throw the league title away in 4 simple matches! Cunts.

  8. Big Dave

    Please please please help!!!

    I’m a season ticket holder and it does hurt to write this, I dont like to slaughter my own players but….

    Why the hell is Eboue starting, when Walcott is fit, i really dont get it he is a great athlete but he’s thick as shit. He runs around like a headless chicken most games, he doesn’t deserve a place on the bench let alone start. I now find myself praying every time he goes down and stays down (3/4 times a game) that he’s broken his leg…but no he bounces back up a carries on..It’s not fair when a player like eduardo get that injury and eboue remains fit.

    Nice touch before the game (eduardos P.O.M.) thought that might lift the players (didn’t), they wern’t that bad just didn’t look like a team that had played together long, still had chances to kill the game mind.

    I’m also finding myself disliking Adebayor more each week, his prima donna behaviour when he misses a chance dropping to the floor holding his head, jesus!!

    He seems preocupied with fancy flicks that dont come off to concentrate on what is letting him down at the moment…HIS 1st TOUCH!! arrgh the man has the touch of a rapist at the moment.

    Notice players arn’t putting the crunching challenges in we should, (worried about missing champ league games???) or an Eduardo like injury?

    On injures, hope Clichy isn’t out for long , not heard what the problem is yet, Hope That fat cunt Yid slag contracts Aids..

    Anyway as everyone tells me you never thought we’d be where we are at the start of the season, true but FUCK THAT!!I want silverware dammit!!

    Even if we win the league and the Champ lge, my wish list is as follows for the summer;

    Klauss Van Hunterlaar – could be our Torres
    Micah Richards – Need better cover, good all rounder
    Eboue – nuff said
    Lehmann – moaning cunt
    Gilberto – Thanks Bert you’ve been a legend, but your at the end of the road now xx

    Bye for Now

  9. Arsenal General

    We fucked up!
    We fucked up!

    Cardiff can beat Mboro at their own ground and we title chasers can’t even score a goal in our own ground!! Wtf?!! 1-1 againts a team that we should have beaten!

    Clearly the team is very tired – Fabregas, Flamini and Hleb. There are some players that don’t fit to be in Arsenal at all..they should play for Wigan! One of them is Ade..yea i know he contributed a lot this season but as the main striker he plays like shit! We depended on him too much n he is starting to be like henry – untouchable!
    Eboue is one of them too! Wenger should play Walcott infront of him. And should start wit V.Persie and Beth!

    The whole problem with Arsenal is because of Wenger! He chooses wrong players to start and don’t have enough strenght to motivate his team. Infact for me he is just an ordinary manager now. Maybe Jose was correct, wenger don’t have to win anything and he will still be in Arsenal. 3 years without title for a big club like Arsenal is unacceptable! If there was someone else than Wenger there, he will be sacked!

    Well wenger is still there because he is saving money for the board by buying untested and unexperience players and in hope to change them to world class one day..one day! How about today wenger??!! You want to built the future but destroying the present???!!

    I seriously think wenger should splash his money out to buy experienced players and start finding ways to get more plans to play rather than sticking with Plan A all the time. Plus toughen up some of his players!. Teams now will let Arsenal attack, get an early goal and sit back after that, and wenger is blind looking at it! He tells his players to pass the ball around when there are 11 players around the opposition’s 6 yard..it’s really frustrating looking at Arsenal pass the ball around with no end product. Time to change his attitude and managerial ways or lose it!

    And about Ade..he is simply over confident and over rated. Many will disagree but that is the truth. I thk it is better for Wenger to sell him and buy someone with more caliber and finishes like eto. How can a striker like ade pass back the passes he receive?? he is big and strong plus can hold ball but still pass back the ball from where it came..not like what henry does mr.ade!..and he thk he is untouchable, another mistake by wenger..the players don’t fear him like those in MU, they fear Alex and will do the best or they will be out.

    Arsenal’s title race is nearly over, it will be between mu and chelsea and as a die hard arsenal supporter, i fear we will end up 3rd place from what was possibly a title in our hands. The players are tired and show no hunger..4 draws are not acceptable and wenger goes around saying there is a great belief and strenght in the squad? I didn’t see it..many of you too.

    Dissapointing season overall, heart broken and i am looking forward to next season already..when arsene wenger will be serious in improving or else get the hell out. Simple as that..

    ARSENAL ROCKS..still..

  10. Bonesy

    Is it just me or haven’t we played well in the Premiership since the first half of the Villa game? When I say Villa game, I mean the Villa game at Villa Park a few months back. We look like the Arsenal of last season, more interested in passing than scoring. Fabregas and Hleb need to shoot more from 20/25 yards, Adebayor cannot be relied upon to convert an opportunity and I hate to say it but a few long balls to mix things up wouldn’t go a miss.

    Wenger is admirable to try and organically build a team but is obvious now that we need reinforcements. Ok Vela is coming in but Wenger admits it takes 6 months to acclimatise to the Premiership. I think he’s scared to take a gamble, I’m tired of hearing how we “almost” signed Cristiano Ronaldo/Ibrahimovic/Messi…I want a big signing now and this isn’t a knee jerk reaction at all. Knee jerk would be to think what I thought during the 94 minutes of hell earlier and that was “I wouldn’t say no to Downing joining Arsenal for a bloated fee.” I think the name of the summer might have to be Samir Nasri, f*ck it Jermain Defoe and Lassana Diarra.

    Won’t Wenger look a bit silly if Flamini leaves this summer after letting Diarra leave?

  11. sig

    the ref was poor…
    our “penalty” wasn’t – don’t forget it was Eboue that went down
    Ade was definitely offside for his attempt & I’m sure he heard the whistle

    4 minutes added on time although Clichy’s injury took at least 6 minutes before he was carried off
    and apart from not picking up handballs, fouls, and generally getting in the way of the ball, the ref blew before we could take our corner

    Ade doesn’t look great – his first touch is poor, his passing is poor – give me Bendtner anyday

  12. Mo

    i suggest a bit of a chill pill ppl, its not the end of the world…yes we havent been anywhere near where we should be but a combination of injuries, shit shit referreeing, below par play & pure damn bad luck has left us where we are…from a dominant 5 point lead to this! NOW ALL OF U WHO WERE LAMBASTING GALLAS FOR HIS REACTION CAN SHUT UP…because this is exactly what that kind of disheartening day canb bring about…he saw us throwing it all away! anyhow…we have players to come back…loads of games! & while it would be shit to end up trophyless this team is young…amazing…& will be even hungrier next season! every single player will improve just think of how good we will be! keep it all in perspective gooners we wouldve killed for this at the start of the season! we’ve done really really fucking well to be where we are & the players nor the manager dont deserve any lambasting…MR LEGROVE….u can have ur silly rant tomo if it makes u happy…but thats not gonna solve shit is it….eboue wasnt that bad today & whoever else u think played badly….as far as me & every other proper supporter is concerned u can take ur criticism & shove it you know where! arsenal till i fucking die!

  13. sig

    the ref was awful…
    our “penalty” wasn’t – don’t forget it was Eboue that went down
    Ade was definitely offside for his attempt & I’m sure he heard the whistle

    4 minutes added on time although Clichy’s injury took at least 6 minutes before he was carried off
    and apart from not picking up handballs, fouls, and generally getting in the way of the ball, the ref blew before we could take our corner

    Ade doesn’t look great – his first touch is poor, his passing is poor – give me Bendtner anyday

  14. Tim

    I am frustrated as well!

    But look at you guys “sack Wenger” make me laugh! A spell of bad luck and you guys are wavering?

    MU also played like shiate today, but they got lucky and won. We just didn’t find our luck today

    The club has been in a bad spell ever since Eduador’s injury. So in this period of difficult. I’d expect you guys to stick with your team thru thick and thin!

    Wenger will buy who he thinks is required. I know he’s seen that he must strengthen the squad. Trust in him guys! This guy knows what he’s doing, though he’s not God. He make mistakes like human do, Stick with him!

    We have not blown it! Keep faith and good endings come to those who do!

  15. TH

    Absolutely fucking gutted! What the fuck has happened to Adebayor?? Well not just him but the team! It was CLEAR he should’ve came off because his first touch,dribbling and passing is absolute SHIT!! And Wenger is starting to piss me off now! Benhc Adebayor and play Van Persie and Walcott up front! Bendtner seems a lil oft to me for such a big guy! Walcott is very quick and slick and we all know what RVP can do when he is fully fit! I say we HAVE to spend in the summer now! Why the fuck does Wenger always say we have enough players??? Jesus Christ wtf is he seeing??? I’m Arsenal till I die but they are starting to piss me off! If MU win the title now,somebody will be hurt!! We had chances to buy Babel,Tevez and Ribery but because “Oh they cost too much” they went on to shine in their teams! And another thing FUCK PLAYING THIS PRETTY FOOTBALL!!! WE NEED TO START SCORING AND GETTIN 3 POINTS!! ALL THIS PASSING INSIDE THE BOX AND NO SHOOTING MAKES ME WANT TO KNOCK THE SHIT OUT OF ALL OF THEM AND SHOW THEM HOW TO SHOOT A FUCKING BALL!!!!!!! Chelsea next week a very difficult game,we couldve been up by so many points,Birmingham was acceptable to me after what happened,but drawing against Villa,Wigan and Boro???? ‘Pool travel to ManURE and you know Liverpool wont do us any favours! Like Odub said throwing the games away in 4 fucking games where we shoudl’ve won them all!

  16. Ray Gooner

    am i the only one that still has faith in this team?

    We’re still in the title race! We’re in the QF of the Champions League!
    At the beggining of the season we were supposed to be fighting for a 4th place…(anyone remember that?)

    And this team has again and again hit back at their doubters!

    I know we haven’t played that good in the league lately, but we still are up there!
    We drew at home to Middlesbrough last season too and the following game we beat United at Old Trafford! (Adebayor scored that one by the way)

    I think this team has become better than most of us believed at the beggining of the season and they will become even better and dominate the league the next couple of years!
    I still say – Keep the faith and you WILL get rewarded!
    If not this season (and you really didn’t expect that before the season anyway) than next season…and the season after that a.s.o.

    And at least we’re still undefeated at home this season…
    That will make a BIG difference in the Champions League i think!

    Let me just say (to avoid any misunderstandings) that I also was very disappointed with only getting one point tonight but it won’t help us by moaning about it!


  17. charybdis1966

    I was at the game and I thought the main reason for our failure to win was too much sideways passing and not enough meaningful possession.

    Yes, we had loads of possession but not much if it hurt Boro.

    Of course the ref had a mare, from the moment he disallowed Andybayors goal after the touch from Boateng, to the times Robin was upeneded near the penalty area and we got nothing.

    Also 4 minutes of extra time only ? Clichy’s injury was 2 minutes in it’s own and there were 4 substitutions as well as Schwarzers ridiculous time wasting.

    Player wise I thought Andybayors touch was dreadful today – as was most of his passing. Cesc layed on pass after pass for him to do something with and he went down blind alleys.

    Sorry to be negative but today was the day we lost our chance to be champions – it’s going to need ManUre to stutter big time for us to have a chance.

  18. Max


    Last 4 premiership matches have not been good…little imagination going forward, and I haven’t seen so many long balls being pumped so desperately up front since the bleedin’ eighties. The boys look tired and a little jaded.

    That said, I think if you’re calling for Wenger’s head then you’re an idiot, or a Johnny-come-lately fan who signed on a few years back when we were winning everything, in which case who cares what you think?

    Wenger has been our best manager in my lifetime, and I have to read this:

    “The whole problem with Arsenal is because of Wenger! He chooses wrong players to start and don’t have enough strenght to motivate his team. Infact for me he is just an ordinary manager now.”

    What a complete load of shite.

    Did you lot forget the last CL game, when you would have greased your own arses and bent over if Wenger had walked into the room? To coin Scott Addams, when did crass stupidity become a point of view? I think you should sod off and go and support Man Ure or Chelski. We don’t need you. Off you go.

  19. dfb

    Think Arsenal General said it all. Adebayer and Eboue aren’t good enough and never will be. Squad is too thin. Arsene doesn’t seem to be able to motivate the team when it’s needed. Perhaps he needs help ? Anyway, the players we have obviously aren’t good enough to win anything. A couple of years ago we were one or two players short of being a world dominating team. We’re noe worse off. Who’s fault is that ?

  20. airydisc

    I agree, I think we have blown it again this season. I don’t think it matters that we are joint top and still in the Champions League. Arsenal under Wenger are a team of confidence players, if we have momentum we win trophies, if we lose momentum because of lack of form or confidence, it doesn’t matter how well placed we are or how many competitions we are in, we stop playing as a team.
    Since 1997 that has been the case. The mistake Wenger makes is that he sacrifices certain trophies in favour of others, and that allows us to get heavily beaten. That is OK providing the skillful but delicate players Arsenal have are tough skinned physically and psychologically…but they are not. Heavy defeats in the League Cup and FA Cup have dented confidence and we haven’t had the will or determination to win the games we should be winning.
    Its depressing but I predict we will lose to Chelsea now, and if we do we will struggle against Liverpool in the Champions League.
    Wenger needs to learn that skillfull and technically gifted players are not usually the brain-dead thugs that typical hoof players are. They are affected by events more so because they don’t have thick skins. Wenger needs to play his best sides in all competitions, because losing affects morale and teamwork. Arsenal are more likely to win trophies with several injured players but a team that wins and truly believes in themselves, than fit important players playing in a side that loses sometimes because of trophy sacrifice. Confidence is everything. In a game where there is a great deal of good and bad luck, poor refereeing and cheating, we can’t afford to juggle with teams for different competitions. It is important to ensure that we win, regardless of whether we value a trophy or not.
    Liverpool have to beat Manure, and we have to beat Chelski in order for us to stand any chance of winning the league. If Manure get one point next week and we don’t get all three, then that’s it.

  21. armchair fan

    Every week I watch 90 minutes of Arsenal football (streaming over the internet of course) and every week I almost break my £400 laptop at the sight of a misplaced pass by adebayor!!!!!!!

    Add lack of control and finishing to that and you have yourself a championship calibre striker!! Sell him before I go insane. Can somebody who has far too much time on their hands please find out what Adebayor’s chances:goals ratio is please! To help shut the gob of those who defend him. This is Arsenal FC not make poverty history FC.

    I would hazard a guess of 10 clear-cut chances:1 Goal. That’s just one on ones of course, lets save him the embarassment of half-chances to goals.

  22. Stupid

    The team have no ideas at the moment, been saying for weeks adebayor is totally overrated, any half decent striker would bang in 20 goals a season with the number of chances class players like rosicky, fab and hleb set up. We are gonna miss that final link player in eduardo badly. He is the only real clinical box striker we have, ade will never be clinical, he is just too clumsy.
    The only way to win this title now is to win at OT and take something off the chavs next sunday. RVP really needs to get some more minutes, chav game may just be too early for him…but he should be primed for the pool champs league games.

    All is definately not lost, manure will lose point no doubt, and theu have to beat us yet.

  23. Ray Gooner

    Just to put things straight “airydisc”, when we met United in the F.A. Cup you hinted that we didn’t play our best team, let me then remind you that Wenger played everyone that was fit that day!
    Sagna were out, Clichy were not fit Ade was not fit, Flamini was not fit, Rosicky, Diaby, Song, van Persie, Denilson, Djourou was all injured!
    Who else could he have played!

  24. dfb

    Well unfortunately they don’t. We could beat them but they’d still have a game in hand and better goal difference. So we really have surrendered control. Very hard for us now, especially as our form is poor and confidence shot.

  25. Ray Gooner

    And another thing!
    Man United had their easiest game against Derby tonight and only won by 1-0, scoring late!
    Their remainding games are all much tougher! They will also drop points, believe me!
    If they had problems with Derby they will also have problems with M’boro, Blackburn and Wigan away… and then they have (like we do) Liverpool at home and Chelsea away!

  26. Ray Gooner

    Chelsea have a tough game against Spurs away in mid week before facing Arsenal next weekend, (we can rest some players, they can’t) so I think we will get at least one point there! And at the same time we meet Chelsea United take on Liverpool and the “Pool” can surprise everyone there with Torres really on the “roll” right now (hopefully he won’t keep it up after that game though)…

    We’re still in it!

  27. Theology

    If it wasn’t for Wenger Arsenal would be battling with Portsmouth for 6 or 7. How can you expect Arsenal to win a game the ref clearly doesn’t clearly want them to win. Clearly onside and Ade finished it very well.

    Just have a little faith and wait for some V.Persie magic against Chealsea…

  28. Franny

    Adebayor is pure crap and anyone who thinks that he’s good really needs to get Their heads checked. That Cunt is an untouchable and we won’t win anything with that useless waste of space playing every game.

  29. Royal Arsenal

    That has to be the most pissed off I have been watching a game in a very very very long time. There is so much to cover about that dam game!!!!

    First we will start on the Ref’s: 1st The Ade Goal, Lets see in Kindergarden I learned that offsides can not be called if it is either touched or deflected off the opposing player. If you see the play the Ref is sitting right on top of it, but looks right for the flag, fucking Armature. 2nd How the hell they missed that offside call on the only Bouro shot of the dam game, just amazed me. Linesmen had nothing to do the entire half but make one call and he absolutely missed the call. 3rd the Eboue tackle in the box would have been a foul in any other game or league in the entire world but NOOOO. 4th Does not add any additional time for the corner. Absolute Armature hour and I am getting very tired of officiating in England, the inconsistency is absolutely overwhelming. Oh we don’t need the Hawkeye system that might help them get it right once in awhile.

    Once again Eboue right on my radar with his B.S. passing and shit attitude on the field. Did you see him get the Yellow after the game. He is so dam inconsistent and needs to go NOW!!!! Oh but he did cover 9000 meters.

    Betner – Oh shit, he did nothing but disrupt our own advances. His touch was frantic at best. But if you asked him he is still the best player on the pitch.

    Its time to spend some dam money this summer!!!!!!!!

  30. Arsenal General

    I am trying my best to believe that Arsenal can win the title this season, keeping in mind that the games we will have againts Chavs, MU and Lpool will be more open, which will favor us more.The most important is winning againts MU.

    What i am really pissed off is with Wenger and his style of taking football differently..when a player like Ade is not performing well replace him with someone else. Ade out Bert in will hurt his ego and make him work better and change his attitude.

    Wenger need to change before Arsenal get better..or not the same old story next season too.

  31. terry

    Is this Wengers last season because he wont buy new players .Is he waiting for the new guy to come in ,so he can move up stairs. I am a bit drunk but I still belive

  32. dfb

    Hi Sophie, I don’t think I’m a cunt ;). But I do know what I see. And I see a team that isn’t winning and has played badly for quite a while. I’m entitled to comment on a team I’ve supported for 40+ years and I think some players aren’t good enough and that the motivations been lacking. I’m being realistic. We’re now poor, unfortunately. I hope it changes, but I don’t see it.

  33. Kingman5

    Well,i don’t even know where to start,ok,first of all i had an accumulator bet this morning,i selected 10 home teams all to win and stake £20 on it and the returns were a tasty £1,236.06 and my selections were,WEST HAM,LIVERPOOL,PORTSMOUTH,MK DONS,ABERDEEN,HIBERNIANS,QPR,DARLINGTON,HULL AND ARSENAL.All my selections apart from the Arsenal game were 3pm k.o and after all my first nine selections were correct,i started budgeting for the cash coz i knew we were going to crash m’boro big time after their disapointing cup game last week but it wasn’t to be after my own beloved Arsenal let me down.Adding to this loss after the final whistle i smashed my remote control on the floor due to frustration and will need a new sky remote.

    After all this i still love Arsenal and still believe we can do it.Man U and Chelsea plays their games in hand in mid-week and if both win(God forbid),We will be leval in points with Chelsea and Man U will have 3pts lead.We will now have to win all the remaining 8 matches,yeah i know what you are all thinking,i know its difficult but its possible.

    About the match now starting with Ade,of late he’s becoming increasingly frustrating to watch.I think all the attention he got when he was scoring goals for fun got into his head so much such that he doesn’t even know he is playing poorly.

    Team selection i think Wenger got it wrong starting with RVP and Eboue.I’m not taking anything from the performance of RVP but i think he’s still not sharp enough and should have started with Bendtner who i think had a good game against Wigan and played Theo instead of Eboue.This is no time of taking gambles,well you see i took one earlier and lost.

    All in all if things don’t go well,we only have ourselves to blame,we blew 6pts lead twice,even Liverpool are now only 8pts behind us and at some point their was almost a 20pts gap,it’s that serious.

    One player i want to see Wenger sign in the summer is Micah Richards and he himself said he would love to play for us one day.Imagine his partnership with King Kolo T,no one will beat us.Winning the league starts from the defence and not the way we’ve been conceading silly goals like we always do.

  34. Marcus

    Its Adebayor
    It’s Adebayoooooooor
    Give him the ball…

    Looooool. A little less conversation a little more fucking action. Worst Arsenal strikers I have seen in years. Dont care about his goals. Any decent player, myself included, could score in that team. I love Wenger though, give a shit what anyone else says. Wenger is a top boss and he’ll get it right. Lets wait and see the final outcome…though I admit does not look good….

  35. terry

    He said he wont sing anyone kingman.So where does that leave us. I am starting to lose faith please bring me back into the fold. If it is going to be somene new in charge let us know

  36. Pedro

    Hi guys, sorry I’ve missed your rants!

    Goofle – fuck off you are a cunt. Poorly written blog… jeez… what a cunt you are. This is a blog written by someone who runs marketing company that turns over millions in profit.

    Its Geoff’s job to write well, so you can shove your comments up your ass.

    As for negativity… deal with it.

    It’s not been a great second half of the year in case you hadn’t noticed. We’re not an Arsenal propaganda machine, so if we are upset… generally everyone else is.

    Anyway, I will write a reasoned post for the fans tomorrow!

    Good night all!

  37. Pedro

    Oh and Sophie, you can fuck off as well. If you can’t deal with negative news… don’t open up your web browser.

    Do I know better than a professional footballer? What does that mean? What sort of dumb comment is that?

    Fans of Arsenal football club bust out enough cash to have an opinion, so keep your shit to yourself.

    Typical fan crap? Read the comments and tell me people don’t agree.

    4 draws in a row is about as negative as it gets, so don’t harp on about negativity on this blog.

    If things aren’t positive, we’re not going to paint a picture of bliss.

    So do yourself a favour and post somewhere else.

  38. Matt

    I have written on this site and a lot of other all season and during the pre-season, that our team is simply not good enough, our squad does not have the quality in depth that the others in the top 3 do…. and it is all down to AW. His continued policy of refusing to spend money and bring in players to build on what we do have look as if it is going to cause us to miss out on trophies again.

    And before the Arsene knows brigade start howling about how well we have done and how many goals Adeb has scored….. just think guys if we have spent the money on the likes of Torres who would have fitted in perfectly with our style of play, just how many goals would he have scored and he has great touch and skill unlike Adeb….who as I have said so many times, his first touch is awful and a lot of time he loses the ball needlessly and now he seems to have developed an oversized ego to go along with it!!! I am not just blaming the recent run on him I am saying we could have bought someone better….. likewise we have no natural left wingermidfielder, neither Hleb/Rosicky/Diaby can fill that role properly and they crowd the middle by coming inside all the time. We have no alternative to Feb when he is struggling, we do not have any players that look as though they can open up defences with a touch of magic (except for Fab). Seriously we also do not have a wide right midfielder of any class either, Eboue for gods sake guys he has been a liability last year and he has continued this year, Walcott has only made brief appearances but do any of us really believe he can terrorise teams when played from the beginning instead of when he plays against tiring players when brough on in the last 20 mins??

    This is not a “knee jerk” reaction neither is it a “get at the team when they are down” I would dearly love to have been proved wrong and for us to have walked away with the title, but nothing has really been done to improve the side from last season, so why should we have expected anything different?

    And just to cheer us all up and give the team that nice warm cosy feeling AW has already announced that he will not make any major additions in the summer….. ??? Wouldn’t he have been better saying that there are one or 2 areas that he will be looking to buy for …. just so that it actually keeps the players thinking and playing for their places?????????? Has AW actually got any Motivational skills ???

    So guys watch this space at the end of the season for I will be writing “I told you so” and I will once again pose the question………..just how long are the board and supporters going to accept trophyless seasons////as without buying we will just fall further behind?

    And finally it is going to hurt even more as the other mob have won the league cup, and Chelsea/Man U may well win the league and possibly the CL too!

    I am depressed!!!!

  39. Paul N

    Look Arsenal are a great team, there is no doubt about it but are in a bit of a dry spell with a lot of help from the refs! how can anyone blame Arsenal for the Birmingham game when the Penalty was false? wasnt Eboue fouled in the Penalty area today?

    Ray Gooner ur not by urself dude! i believe we will do it too. its funny how Arsenal fans flip flop – from match to match! i know we are not playing good but how the hell can u say the season is over when we were down already this season and went back in front when many thought it was over then, huh? lets get behind the team yo!
    we have not played well however we are still in second place.

    Someone said we need some kind of a skillful player – i disagree! what our players need to do is get a little selfish. We have players who will break down a team with a mind to pass and not shoot. That was the problem today, not enough shooting and too much passing (many bad ones at that!).

    Look i love this team and they are the best to me! They will do it!

    God Bless!

  40. Mark

    Well there goes the premier league title. We were barely hanging on to it before the game, but now it’s out of our grasp.

    Incredibly poor touches from Adebayor, Hleb looking totally out of sorts, and our “new signing” really looking like a new signing. Was that supposed to be Robin Van Persie!? 5 goals in 8 games this season?!? The radar was completely off too! Our usually pinpoint passes were randomly sprayed somewhere around the target.

    Flamini, Gallas and Toure were the only ones who seemed like they were trying. Walcott probably should have been brought on at halftime. We really missed Rosicky in midfield.

    Actually, we really missed 2 or 3 signings that should have been made in January. Wenger seems to believe that mediocre performance is justified if it comes on a shoestring budget.

    Why didn’t he buy in the January transfer window? He even loaned out the promising youngsters who could have bolstered the squad. Every season we have this late spurt of injuries, and he should plan for it. Somehow I get the feeling that he assumes that everyone will stay fit and no cover is needed. Ever.

    Shite refereeing, but then I think he should plan for that as well. If we want to fight for the title, we have to beat the referees’ shit decisions too. Don’t get bogged down with complaining about it, just do it.

    We should have been looking to win by 2 goals at the very least, because the title could have well gone down to GD. It never looked like they were going for 2 goals. Kolo Toure gobbled up time with his celebration, as if it was a winner. Arsene himself said that a draw isn’t good enough & arsenal.com seems to have given up as well.

    What a dismal performance, and what a sad way to end our title hopes. We should have fought right down to the last game, but it looks like we’re going to have to fight Chelsea for second place instead.

    The magic that we had at the beginning of the season is gone. I don’t know why that is, maybe “Arsene Knows”, but either way, it’s pointless unless someone knows how to get it back.

  41. Matt

    If i was told at the start of the seaosn that we would be 2nd after 30 games, i would have taken it! But we had a five point lead a few weeks ago and now we are 2nd on GD and only 3 points ahead of Chelsea and they got a game in hand. We have/had a great opportunity to actully win this title and we are throwing it away. Brum, Villa, Wigan and Boro, these are games we need to win and dont deserve to be champions if we cant beat these types of teams!

    Adebayor is so arrogant and thinks the goals will just come, he has been lucky this seaosn!

    And not to make excuses but the ref was a filthy cunt and should be banned forever! If Ade’s ‘goal’ in the 3rd minute was allowed, if would’ve ended 5-0!!

    We’ve got Chelsea away next, hopefully we can put in a similar performence to the Milan game! Manure are playing Bolton at home next, hopefully they can do us a favor… and guess who chelsea are playing in the midweek, SPUDS!! AS we all know Avram Grant still hasnt beatn a big team… definatly think we will end their unbeaten home run. Dont forget Manure are playing liverpool next wkend, Liverpool will hopefullly thrash them!

    And whats with Ade’s new haircut, hes stopped scoring and is getting shitter every week, and on top of that he now looks like a rapist

  42. Bob

    I think you fucking people wont be cheering when we grab the doubles wont you?Did you think that the boys aint clever enough to fullfill their promise to Eduardo da Silva or was it politics?Are we left with one match or what for you people to say it’s done?All we need to do is staying calm.In the case of who I dont like in the team the most is Ade but I have no choice but accept the boss’s decision cos I dont believe he is there to bring the team down.Does anyone know how many years it took Henry to settle in the team?

  43. Arse-not

    it was obvious some crap lyk this would happen. now those man u idiots would brag about catchin up wit us afta being 5points back AND havin a gr8 chance of leadin us by 3points.

    But i dont think its all gloom 4 arsenal yet, one thing is for sure…..we are winning the champs league…how do i knw? …..simple:

    3seasons ago, livapool went to final with AC and won.
    2seasons ago, arsenal went to final wit barca and lost.
    last season livapool went to final wit AC and lost.
    Tihs season Arsenal WILL go to the final …….. wit Barca( who will obviously beat man u) and LOOSE to us…..

  44. Muzzammil Hanif

    If we beat chelsea then well but we need title.to do this we need experience and killer instinct that man utd posses.adebayor is shit .i didnt change my mind .he was shit when he was scoring goal and i never believed in him.poor touches need thousands thousand chances.Hleb final passes r awful too,beat two defenders and then gave them ball back so whats the use of beating defenders.needs to buy more.wenger u can be the best .we need someone big.

  45. Gooner83

    Why are you all slagging arsenal when you all were shouting about they were winning the league this time last month. Ok I accept they are poor at the moment, but doesnt every team go through this spell. Just watch we wont lose against Chelsea, Man U or any of the 3 Liverpool games. We will then be in the semi finals of the Champions league for only the second time and be top of the league. You are all starting to sound like Gallas after the Birmingham game. It is not experience we need, look at the players that are under performing at the minute Gallas, Eboue, Adebayor who are the most experienced players in the team. One last thing get Almunia out of that team and play Lehmann, who in my opinion is the reason have done so well in previous seasons.

  46. orangunner

    if you look it up on stats, more than two goals out of ten chances this season vs. plenty of chances without even a single goal last season, we are not any better than we were last season. finally it could be all about luck i guess, but there are still something to blame. it could be justifiable if Wenger saw it as a run-up season for our youngsters or he should have strengthen our squad in January if we really wanted to be a serious title contender, not to mention we were still involved in all competitions then!

  47. Ashburton Perry

    Earlier in the season Arsene said Adebayor and Bendtner couldn’t play together because they’re too similar. When those two play up front together we’ve got no chance.

    However, Adebayor is one of the best strikers in the league. All you muppets who think we should sell him are nuts. Bendtner ‘s the one I can’t see at the Grove next season…

    Eboue should be our second right back after Sagna – no more. He’s not a winger and frankly, his attitude is astounding. Regarding the penalty incident yesterday, he was never looking to square the ball – all he was after was the pen. His yellow card after the final whistle sums him up.

    I hate the fact that I don’t love every one of our players and it’s his fault. If there’s one player not good enough it’s him. Just imagine if we’d signed Ribery in the summer…

    Maybe le boss knows exactly who he wants and he’d rather buy no one until they’re available.

    Robinho? Benzema? SWP? Richards? How about Ronnie on the left hand side?

    Who Knows? Arsene.

  48. parlane

    ok, not the best day…

    perhaps a photo of tony budsley and robbie keane with the i love le grove sign would cheer people up…

  49. orangunner

    by the way, Wenger’s tactics lack width strength to break through those “backs to the wall” defenses. we have no threat on the other end’s flank. we need some penetrations down the line and then distribute crosses to the area. the cross balls shouldn’t be pinpoint all the time but have to be like speedy low shots to make their defenders scramble that would really do a lot help to our free-flowing pass in the center, sometimes i could result an own goal too. anyway, floppy air-balls won’t work. that’s what a genuine winger can do i guess, though Hleb & Walcott sometimes could do that.

  50. Odub

    Here’s an idea, since Wenger is the most successful manager we’ve ever had, that means he’s beyond reproach and criticism!! ARSENE KNOWS, ARSENE KNOWS!!

    Since Adebarndoor has scored 19 league goals from the 150 chances the team has created for him, we’ll let him off being a shit target man with a crap first choice and the fact that he’s developed the histrionics that a certain TH14 developed when AW made him captain!!

    Oh and we all know AW knows so let’s not criticise him for playing a donkey of a player (Eboue), week in week out at right midfield despite the fact that he was just as shit as a right back, has not scored or created an assist all fucking season! Oh and for good measure he gets booked AFTER THE FINAL WHISTLE!! What a great player no wonder Barca, Juve and the Harlem Globetrotters want him! He’s def better than Theo isn’t he?!!!

    Oh yes and also, seeing as we didnt expect to be joint top and in the QF of the CL, we shouldn’t complain or criticise the team because they’re punching above their weight!

    If you havent figured it out yet, you dont win anything for being top for 6 months and then fucking it up in the last 2 months of the season!

    Any cunt that comes on today and starts yapping about over reacting can fuck right off! Feel free to go to arsenal.com for warm fuzzy feelings and blinkered outlooks to life.

    Bottom line is this, since we lost to manure in the FA cup we’ve been shit, teams do not win titles by drawing 4 consecutive games, if some of you want to keep the rose tinted glasses on feel free, but the fact is we’re shit and have been for more than a month END OFF! If we lose to the chavs next week, we can start booking our holibobs and forget about the league this season. FFS!!

  51. pete

    arsene is in denial and he doesnt respect the fans,i have being a season ticket holder for 24 yrs and i am sick and tired of the youth movement. It all boils down to the fact that arsene is a good manager but not a good coach because at the end of the day, the fans go home depressed. Rememeber it is the system that makes the players and not the players that makes the system work. If we had a mediocre striker or have an intelligent striker like jones in sunderland,germaine defoe even heskey, they will perform better than adebayor.Come summer, if he doesnt buy some experience players, i will not renew my season ticket and arsene can fill up the stadium with his families.

  52. Maximus

    I don’t believe we would take anything back because, as great as it would be to beat the Bank Of Chelsea, we need to question why our players have made it so hard for themselves.

    Is it psychological?

    Is there dissent in the squad (Ade & Bend, for one. Diarra previously)?

    Are the players who matter most, and you know who they are, lacking the necessary trust and belief in those around them (Ade, Eboue, Bend)?

    Are we tired

    Is it the great man himself?

    Sorry, but you knew what was coming.

    When January came calling, Arsene decided to do nothing. And this, to me, is our core problem.

    Where to start?

    For one, Ade could have done with some tough competition, He fired on all cylinders until the end of the transfer window. And then resorted to his old habits.

    He may also have played better with a new strike partner, instead of Bendtner.

    We are tired because we have injuries and players have played too many games. Bringing in two or three players (of the highest order) would have assuaged this situation.

    Moreover, our existing players would have had the necessary reinforcements and confidence to play with players of a similar calibre.

    This, to my way of thinking, does wonders for a player’s state of mind. For the game, it has to be said, is mostly played above the neck. Players don’t lose their ability just like that. It’s what’s happening inside their heads that dictates how well they play.

    That leaves us with Wenger. The man who had the power to bolster his squad yet chose not to. That is a grave error in my opinion. It is a decision which has spread through the team like a raging cancer.

    Poor Arsene. He wants to do things differently to Alex (and formerly Jose). He wants to show the footballing world that his cheap skate mehtods are best. Sadly, devastatingly in fact, that is done at the expense of his players, the supporters, and ultimately the club.

    All our best players have been bought at a good age. Henry, Vieira, Bergkamp, Pires, Ljundberg, Overmars, Petit. Some cost more than others. But good players cost money. That is simply how the transfer market works.

    For Wenger, the transfer market is about one thing and primarly one thing. A way to out players and reap a profit.

    But do you want to build a club that exists solely to make profits or one that competes for silverware?

    It must be said that the balance, it seems, is favouring profits over silverware.

    And that is a tragedy for Arsenal Football Club.

  53. Steve D

    I was suicidally depressed at the final whistle but all-in-all, I am extremely happy with this season when you consider what was said before a ball was kicked.

    Dawn French isn’t warbling yet and there’s still a lot of football left to play. On the whole I disagree with the negative comments above, although I can understand a few of them. (Ade & Eboue immediately spring to mind)

    In saying that, anyone asking to Wenger’s head is an absolute twat and should fuck off and support the Chavs. You have to take the good with the bad and if anyone can propose a better manager for Arsenal then I might listen.

    I’ve supported Arsenal man-and-boy since 1972 and he is by far the best thing that has ever happened to the club. Of course, if you want to change managers as often as the Scum and have 20+ years of crap football, then you’re just fickle mugs and have no place supporting Arsenal. I suspect a lot of the people posting here only started supporting the Arsenal in the late 90s and I suspect you’d change allegance with the weather. If you’d supported the club through the 70’s and early 80s you’d realise just how good we have it at the moment.

  54. Odub

    I’ve supported Arsenal for 36 years pal, and reserve my right to have an opinion that differs from Wenger’s. great him being the best manager we’ve ever had, but by the end of this season if we havent won the league, that will be 4 titleless seasons, a sequence which has only been punctuated by one trophy, and FA cup victory achieved by playing the most negative 120 minutes I can remember under AW.

    Like I said previously, we can’t keep saying ‘we should be thankful we’ve competed this season’ Since when was that enough for AFC?!!

    Blind fate does not work in football, common sense has to be applied, the best 11 we have can take on anyone, but after that we havent got enough to challenge for honours, whose fault is that?

    even this youth system we keep haping on about, when was the last time we won the FA youth cup for fucks sake?!

    I’m not suugesting for a sec that AW should be sacked, fuck no!! His policies just need to be looked at because it sure as hell aint working at the mo is it?!!!!!!

  55. Pedro

    Who suggested sacking Wenger?

    I’ll have my say in a bit… hold your thoughts…

    My rant is posting in 6 minutes, so move on over to the new page at 1040

  56. Avendesorax


    Almunia, Toure, Sangna, Clichy, Gallas, Cesc, Flamini, RVP


    Adebayor, Eboue, Helb, Gilberto,

    Get rid of the looser and get some winners in there place and we might just win something oneday!!!

  57. El Tommo

    *EBOUE – OUT


  58. diGriz

    Not being funny, but I have been posting for a while my thoughts on Adebayor. Whilst I think he has tonnes of enthusiasm and energy (not doubting his commitment either) he has a feckin useless first touch and No eye for a pass!!! Play Bendtner walcott or RVP up front. And why why why doesn’t Helb take a shot on goal…?????EVER!!!
    Sorry guys, you need to wise up or ship out.

  59. king gooner

    seriously depressed!!such is the highs & lows of supporting arsenal for 40 odd years-in a strange masochistic sort of way’i hope our media friends well & truly start writing us off because if history is anything to go bye we’re at our best when our backs are to the wall & make no mistake they are now…iv’e had a gut feeling since the start of the season that somehow we’ll do i t,(everton at home the omens and all that)there’s no logic i know let’s hope that “spirit”of old we keep hearing about resurfaces & soon!!!

  60. si-lo

    The performance wasn’t good enough – but if the ref wasn’t a fucking idiot – the score line should have been 2-0 – Ade’s first was onside – Alialiedere was off side and the board would have been buzzing.

    Get a fucking grip – what a bunch of fucking whingers you are! With your fucking nonsensical wish lists – Micah Richards is staying at Man City morons! There not a selling club. Ribery wouldn’t solve our problems – he doesn’t score many. The putting the boot into your own players – the bleating about Adebayor has been unbelievable all season – he’s one of the top scorers in the fucking league!!!?

    What makes me laugh about the plastics moaning now – “when was competing enough for AFC?!!” – well if you remember your history we didn’t compete in the league in the early 90’s for most of the 80’s – pretty much the whole of the 70’s apart from the beginning of the decade and forgot the 60’s we were nowhere.

    You’re pathetic views that buying=success – it fucking doesn’t – look at Leed’s look at Blackburn, look at fucking Chelsea this season, look at Man City, look at the money Liverpool have splashed – 50 players in – how many do you rate? It takes more than waving a cheque book fools.

    The most dominant team in premiership history was a Man U team built with young homegrown talent mixed with some class exports. Arsenal have spent money – Rossicky, Hleb, Eduardo, Gallas, Sagna – none of them kids all of them cost. Some of them good some bad – that’s life.

    I’m not anti fucking criticism but suggesting that half the team need to be sold is pathetic. I agree Gilberto is passed his best (that’s why he’s rarely being played), I agree that what were glimmers of skill from Eboue – have not come to fruition that it’s plain he’s not good enough. I think it’s fucking obvious that Rosiscky fitness problems are rendering him a dud.

    The season hasn’t finished – we’re second in the league and in the quarter finals of the champions league. But you so quick to moan when the going gets tough.

    I felt down about the result yesterday but after reading your collective whinging I feel ashamed of being an Arsenal supporter. Why don’t you all fuck off and start supporting another team. I won’t be back to read this shit again.

  61. airydisc


    Why are you ashamed of being an Arsenal fan because of what other fans think? I’ve been an Arsenal fan since 1967 and am proud to be a fan of the most successful team in London and south of the M62, despite what other fans think.
    Yes, fans rant after we lose when we shouldn’t, just like Gallas did after the Birmingham game, it shows passion and anger because they love Arsenal and hate to see us lose. If people didn’t come on to this blog to complain or rant it would show they didn’t care.
    The reality of the Premiership is that money DOES rule. Spending money DOES bring results. It doesn’t mean other methods such as Wenger’s nurturing of skilled youngsters won’t bring results because I think it will (although probably not this season), but money buys virtually anything in sport.
    Before the onset of the business circus called the Premiership, when did Manure win the League? Where were they during the 70s, 80s and early 90s? Would Blackburn have won it in 1995 without the millionaire backing of Walker and the purchasing of Sutton and Shearer? Would Chavski have won the league under Mourinho without £150,000,000?
    Of course not.
    The game has changed. You DO need to spend on “immediate” impact players if you have regular injuries like we do. If Wenger had spent on a no-nonsense centreback and an in-form world class striker in January, then I think we would not have drawn the games we have.
    If we lose the title and CL this season, yes we’ll hear all the usual bollocks from Manure fans because they have no class, we all know that. They’ll be singing the usual classless factually incorrect brain-dead songs about Adebayor or Eduardo or Viera (some of them still do), as they do every season, but so what…..its a sign of respect, they fear us. Thats why we should be proud to be Gooners, we are only hated because we are feared. Don’t be ashamed because some Gooners are pissed off and lash out, look at it as fans who DO give a fuck.
    We have the classiest fans, the most original songs, the best sense of humour, the classiest skills on the pitch, the most far-sighted manager, the best stadium and the club most others fear. What’s to be ashamed of?

  62. si-lo

    Where to start Airy:

    Passion is great. I’m proud to be a gooner. I shout for the team. I ball and scream. What’s embarrassing is the whining from fans. Moaning – whinging – digs at the entire team – sell everybody knee jerk reactions – in my view – are pitiable.

    Spending money helps but the point is it’s not the answer – if it was just about the spending of money – Spurs would be a top four side. Yes impact players need to be brought in – they’ve always been needed even back in the pre premiership days. But teams also need to be grown. It takes time and patience and coaching. No Blackburn wouldn’t have won the league without spending millions – but they also prove the pointlessnes of a quick fix. Blackburn have been nowhere since.

    When did Man u win the league before the premiership – the answer is 1907–08, 1910–11, 1951–52, 1955–56, 1956–57, 1964–65, 1966–67, – the early 90’s? – they won the league in 92-93 -what that’s got to do with my comments – I don’t know. I was pointing out that teams need a mix of homegrown talent and foreign exports (sorry that should have been imports)

    Chelsea have spent 150 mil + but they were dong it with Ranieri and going nowhere – it took the ability of Mourinho to take it somewhere. Chelski now have Jabba in charge and are going nowhere.

    I have to say again what other club would have a 20 goals a season striker and have fans saying get rid of him?

    I like your comments at the end. We do have the best stadium. a far sighted manager, silky skills on the pitch. But the classiest fans? Look at some of the comments on this page don’t back that up –

    “I agree get that cunt Ade out”
    “If there was someone else than Wenger there, he will be sacked!”

    And the fucking lacking of noise at the stadium and bastards that leave early every game. Maybe some of the “fans” should look at themselves – and get behind the club and show a bit of support. We are second in the league and i the quarter finals of CL for god sake!

  63. Paul N

    Some one earlier said we have to beat the referees as well! now how do you do that apart from scoring five or six goals a match? tell me please. We have not played well but u must realize if the referees are not fair it makes it hard for us to win by one goal, ecpecially when it seems we cannot get the obvious penalties but the other team does. Trust me we r in a very strange situation and one that i have never seen affect one team this much. The problem is we are not going to be pretty all the time but are being hindered from winning ugly by some weired refereing. I mean we played better than both Chelsea and Man U yesterday no? but the calls for some weird reason do not seem fair. It is very hard to win when the referees are against u, and it is the case, strange!

    I still believe mind u! We have more than what it takes!

    Be Blessed!

  64. Chetan

    Why have we gone backwards? We look like last years team. Adebayor is missing everything, Hleb is looking scared and lost, Rosicky’s injured (well i suppose that was expected), Fabregas is somwhere between a rock and greatness, Eboue IS NOT a winger, Overmas was a winger, Pires was a winger, Ronaldo is a winger, Robben is a winger, Ribery is a winger, giggs is a winger, Reyes is a winger, Nani is a winger, Joe Cole is a winger etc etc etc etc, and no please do not tell just because Clichy and Sagna give us width we do not need a penatrative winger, our histiry alone tells us how much a GOOD winger can give us.

    And what the fuck is going on with our general defensive errors, Clichy at Birmingham, Sendros against Villa, Gallas last night.

    Why is Wenger having problems motivating this team? Where is the lion instinct, even Cesc who is a fucking warrior is looking jadded.

    Up until we sold Diarra it looked like the squad was evolving nicely, now all of a sudden we sold him, Eduardo is out of a long time, injuries are everywhere, and our first team is tired and playing like shit.

    Wenger you are the man no doubt, but it is time to swallow your pride and ivest in a bigger squad.

  65. JAMON

    One full month of frustration !!!!!
    I thought, after the victory at san siro, the gunners are getting in to their track, but then after the humiliation continued the most sever ones happening at our home. what does that mean? every one coming to home stealing some points of our need,,,,,,, in the near future who knows we me suffer more horrors, Liverpool, Chelsea.. again Liverpool,, then MANUTD all being afraid of us but getting ahade of us,,,,,, i hope the comes again for the kids,,