Barca want Eboue – have him! Scousers favourites but Ade says we’ll do them 3 times.

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I seem to remember in the bible, Jesus said someone will deny him three times, that person was Judas, don’t quite see the parallel, but it’s my way of saying divine intervention is with us because Ade used the 3 word, 3 is my lucky number and that means we’ll beat them 3 times, trust me.

The Times Fink tank (honestly no typo) make Liverpool favourites, why? Because they are more of a European team??? What on earth does that mean, eh?

Okay so Eboue is wanted by Barca, TV3 says Barca are planning a summer bid for Eboue as they prepare for the departure of Gianluca Zambrotta. Why? Can they see something we all can’t?

As far as I’m concerned they can have him.

I was thinking about who we bought last season and who we sold.

I’m thinking we lost Henry, Freddie, Aliadiere, Larsson, Muamba, Ryan Smith, Connolly and Diarra.

We bought in Diarra, Sagna and Eduardo two of those of course have now gone.

So my maths suggest 8 out, 1 in and 1 gone for a year, but as I said I’m doing that from memory and could be wrong.

So I’m struggling to see how the boss thinks we have a strong enough and big enough squad, I’ll leave that for you to debate Grovers.

Finally we need to win big today, and no surprise, I’m going for 5 nil.

3 of those goals because 3 is my lucky number as I said, the other 2 is because it’s been ‘2’ long since we gave anyone a tonking and with Aliadiere coming back, the time is right, I’ll be there and singing hard.

Have a good ‘un Grovers.

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  1. Rico

    How much do i hope you are spot on with your blog, my boss is a pool fan and he is a bastard – we can not get knocked out by them… this must be our season for CL..

    Deby and Sunderland to get a point today, please lord

  2. Tee

    Pleez geez, if you’re gonna draw parallels with the Bible, you’ll find it was Peter who denied knowing Jesus.

    All the Times have done is drawn the “logical” conclusion. ie. Milan are out and Liddypill
    were the other finalists, plus they’ve got the history. An easy choice for those sitting on the fence.

    3 wins in a row…..heavily odds against but Arsenal are oddsbeaters.

    Liverpool (h), [Prem game](h),(a)

    I’m going for home wins and an away draw, that’d be jubbly.

  3. Mike (the neighbour)

    I am sticking to my 3 / 1 prediction -8 is my lucky number but I think thats going too
    far .I agree geoff I cant see how Arsene can afford not to strengthen the squad -Injuries are always the unknown quantity and they dont respect the quality of the player -Bearing in mind there are only limited opportunities to buy -it has to be done -unless he knows more about the youth team than we do ????
    Weather in spain is crap today Geoff so Mrs Mike has got me doing shopping -Will be watching the match wth El Presidente at Si´so suspect a few texts will be flying around later -Have a good one
    Good luck team and all grovers !!
    May whatever God you worship be with you today

  4. philbut frog

    Eboue wouldnt be a big loss. good player but fucking clown. Judus? Think you mean John, Judas just sold the sandled one to the jews. think i see the point though. we’ll need something biblical to get through our up coming fixtures!!

  5. Shubham

    I agree with you Geoff, we’ll knock Scousers out of the CL. but I am getting nervous with the PL. The run in seems difficult by the day. No more dropping points. C’Mon you Gunners, do it for Dudu, do it for Le Boss, do it for yourselves and most importantly do it for us.

    GOD listen to me and lets put 5 past Boro today and send a strong message to the Chavs…

  6. Geoff

    So it’s match day at night and the Mayor of London decides to take all the C2C trains out which puts an hour on my journey. Cunt.

  7. Phobia

    Adebayor-Van Persie
    Arsenal 2 – Boro 0
    Arsenal the boys are good

  8. chris

    so ade is confident, well he better have his shooting boots on today!

    still going with 4-0, aliadiare may be back for them, so what i hear u say!

  9. John

    The Telegraph make pool favourites too, but it is the arch pool fan Henry Winter, so no surprises there then. As for Eboue, where can I send my donation to the fund that I assume Barca want us to pay to take him?

  10. Sophie

    It’s strange to think that Arsenal are top of the Premier League, in the Champions League after a fantastic win in Milan, while other teams who strengthened their squads with quite large sums of money in previous years such as Liverpool, Tottenham, Newcastle, Man City aren’t doing quite as well. Personally I’m very proud of where we’ve got for the little money we’ve spent, focusing on players who are at the club and their desire to win things. Instead of buying Ryan Babel for £12 million let’s see how Theo Walcott can improve, in a couple of years he will repay the club for that trust. We’ve got Liverpool in the Champions League and personally I’d be pretty embarrassed to be supporting a team who’ve spent so much but are doing so crap. They’ve got a large squad but it hasn’t provided them with more desire to win a league.

  11. jimmyfingers

    If Wenger’s bad at buying players, he ain’t at selling them. Right price and he’ll bite your hand off. We’re all wondering whether Eboue has incriminating photos of Le Boss dressed as a nun playing chess with a teddy bear because none of us can fathom why he gets so many games. That said, I can’t see him being desperate to hang on to him. Maybe he can use him as a makeweight to sign some Barca ‘wunderkind’ feotus he’s been scouting since he was a sperm.

    He’s says he won’t sign anyone but he will, he can’t not do in the summer. But I doubt it’ll be the stature of signing we all want, more likely another Eduardo, which can’t be bad, and a few 17yr olds

    Rare Saturday off for me, first time in about 3 years! Wish I was down the Grove cheering the boys on, to all those who are bon chance and have a good day. Salut!

  12. Bud

    What happened to Aliadierre’s 4th match ban…. I thought he was missing our game……… was it overturned or something????

  13. Ray Gooner

    i agree with Chris, Wenger won’t sell him…
    Remember that Eboué has adapted to the new role as a winger and hopefully will be better next season, and i think Wenger believes so.
    To put things straight we only lost Henry, Freddie, Aliadiere & Baptista!
    Larsson & Muamba (played for Birmingham), Ryan Smith & Connolly never played a game for us last season. And then we bought and sold Diarra within the season. So as i see it we only lost 4 players!
    Then we bought Eduardo, Sagna, Fabianski and took back Bendtner from Birmingham!
    That comes to 4 players in 4 players out for me!
    As for next season we will have to cope with Eduardo being out most of the season but we get Carlos Vela back from Osasuna and it is status quo!
    We also have two new youngsters in Freeman and Miquel and some young players in the reserves (Randall, Merida, Barazite, Lansbury, Gibbs & Fonte)
    that all may have some playing time.
    Though you have to take in mind any injuries you can’t buy to many new players, and Wenger won’t do that if we don’t lose any players that is…
    Gilberto & Lehmann will surely leave but as they haven’t played that much this season we won’t miss them. I believe Wenger will maybe buy a replacement for Gilberto anyway though… But that’s about it!
    I believe in this squad and Wenger surely does…
    And the other top teams (United, Pool & Chelski) also believes that Arsenal will be great over the next couple of seasons with this young team already fighting for titles. I believe United, Pool & Chelski already last season knew that Arsenal were on the brink of something great as they opened their wallets and made some big buys this season! Only to keep Arsenal adrift…
    But they haven’t succeeded. We’re still in front of them…
    They can’t (as Wenger) find these young talents so they buy these BIG names instead to keep up! Tevez, Nani, Hargreaves (United) – Anelka, Pizarro, Malouda, Belletti (Chelski) – Torres, Benayoun, Babel (Pool) a.s.o.

    Arsenal will become better and better each season and the other teams know this, so if Arsenal should win the league this season you can count on the others buying BIG yet once more for next season…
    But Arsenal will keep getting better without buying any BIG players!
    We make our players into BIG players instead!!!

    Wenger knows…

  14. Evo in OZ

    very hungover today, so i dont think will get to watch this one. its on at 4.15am my time. might wake up though and when the excitement gets the better of me i usually come downstairs for a look, so we will see!

  15. Evo in OZ

    We need a replay of the Everton game a few years back where we trounced them 7-0!

    That would be a good result today!

  16. Geoff

    I just watched the BBC doing a tribute to Ade and he looked good, we should sign him, someone with that much confidence would win important games for us!

  17. Ray Gooner

    We sold Henry, Freddie, Aliadiere & Baptista (back to Madrid from loan)
    We bought Sagna, Eduardo, Fabianski & got Bendtner back from loan.
    Then we bought and sold Diarra in the same season (so i don’t count him)
    That comes to 4 players out, and 4 players in!
    I also don’t count Larsson & Muamba (they played for Birmingham last season on loan) and Ryan Smith & Connolly (never played any games for the first team last season).
    As for next season Wenger will only buy someone if he lose someone!
    Eduardo will be out most of the season but we get Carlos Vela in (status quo)
    I do think we will lose Gilberto & Lehmann but that won’t make such a difference will it?
    And with our youth/reserves players we have a couple that might step up
    (Randall, Gibbs, Merida, Barazite, Freeman, Nordtveit, Fonte & Miquel)
    So for me Arsenal will just keep getting better if we only keep what we have!
    And the other top teams know this! I think they knew this even before this season…
    Why else did they spend so much on BIG players?
    They were preparing to keep up with Arsenal!
    Just look at what they bought…
    Tevez, Nani, Hargreaves (United) – Malouda, Anelka, Belletti, Pizarro (Chelski) – Torres, Babel, Benayoun, Voronin (Pool)
    Still Arsenal are on top of the league…
    That says everything for me…
    And if Arsenal win the league this year be sure that the other teams will open up their wallets once again…

  18. Wrighty

    Just to pick bones but we also signed Harvard Nordveit and Lukasz Fabianski this summer. And there was a couple of young South Americans, too – one was called Pedro, but I can’t remember the other one’s name for the life of me. But obviously, these were future-purchases so not sure if you want them in that equation. 😉

  19. chris

    well spotted bud, sky say he is available after suspension, contary to the below which is also from sky

    The decision means Aliadiere must now serve a four-game suspension, starting with Wednesday’s FA Cup fifth round replay against Sheffield United.

    He will also sit out the Premier League game with Reading at the weekend and either the trip to Aston Villa, or a cup quarter-final against Cardiff City, if Boro beat the Blades.

    And, with the FA branding the appeal ‘frivolous’, an extra game has been added to the ban, which rules Aliadiere out of the match at old club Arsenal.

  20. chris

    AV game was rescheduled so he is ok to play, cunt!
    he says he wants us to win the league and for once is saying god things unlike that cunt bentley,

  21. Geoff

    Sorry Grovers, we had a few of you in awaiting moderation but I’m not that technical, that’s Pedro’s department, I think I sorted it, but bear with me I’m going to the Grove at 2pm, then I’ll be off until I stagger home!

  22. Geoff

    Ok thanks for the religious correction, it was Peter, Judas sounded better but from now on it will be Peter I refer to when talking of 3’s.

  23. Angry Loner

    Perlease Barca twats, tap the fuck out of Eboue! Use your Barca newspapers, radio stations and the tea lady…do it, do it, do it! You can have him, he’s a dumb fuck and shite as a right midfielder. Look at the stats;

    ZERO goals and ZERO assists. For an attacking right sided player that is piss poor. He’d be dropped if he played for Derby.

  24. Angry Loner

    As for Wenger signings in the summer. Course he will buy, he’s not gonna go on with himself bout signings NOW. Why? He needs the players focused on this season, not worrying about who might be replacing them. Well, probably!

    For me, I’d like him to go for a wide player that can actually score and assist, erm how about that Pires fella from Villareal?

    A defender who can play LB & CB coz I think Traore needs to go out on loan and he shouldve done this year really.

    A goalie coz although Manuel has completely astounded me with his performnaces ansd has got better and better, we still need cover as Jens is off innit. Maybe AW thinks Mannone can step up?

    And a striker, obviously. Liked Cesc coming out saying we should sign Eto’o!

    But of course, Wenger will only wanna go for a 17 year old from Papa New Guinea.

  25. chris

    irish international but born in scotland, plays for celtic winger, sylniniyo said yesterday he should go to barca, he is suppose to be the next big thing for ireland

  26. Stupid

    alrite chaps, back from a monster binge week over in lovely lisbon!!

    right, back to the real world…. LFC in the champs league? Ok they are a good team over 2 legs BUT lets look at all the arsenal v pool games under wenger and the fat man…. very very clearly, arsenals style of play is like krytonoite to the scouse monkeys. We have ( aside from that disgusting 4-1 at anfield ) battered them relentlessly over the wenger/fatman years. Pools style under fatman is tailor made to beat one dimensional carp chav teams from west london, NOT US.

    If they bring it on against us up at Anfield with there crowd roaring them on to attack us, we could ending giving them a fucking raping on the counter. As long as we don’t concede an away goal at the grove. I am very confident. RVP will be bang up to scratch by then aswell.

    Today? Comfortable 1-0 HT 3-0 FT Adebayor (2), Hleb.

  27. chris

    stupid i really think a demolition is due, 4-0
    i firmly think so, everybody will be watching us today
    derby very severly battered the other night, they might be fired up for this one and manu might take the foot off the gas, u never know, has 3-0 nil written over it before half time though,

  28. Stupid

    oh btw lads..if you are ever in lisbon ( without ‘er indoors ) get in a cab and ask to be taken to the White Elephant 😉

    No need to thank me.

  29. gazzap

    Barca want Eboue? must be some kind of joke. have they watched him play? they want a diving cheat who cant score or defend? cool.

  30. Geoff

    They have taken a great center forward and turned him into a left wing substitute though, so anything’s possible.

  31. Stupid

    Roma could do utd, they have a very good team and have a manager regarded as the next wenger. Very cerebal and promotes youngsters as opposed to going on buying sprees. They will want revenge bigtime for the roasting at OT last year.

    And fenerbache are no pushovers either, cracking little attacking team led by the brazilian legend zico, we could quite easily be the only english team in the semis. Seriously.

  32. Pedro

    Late posting from me today!

    The vibes aren’t good… I don’t think we are going to win…?

    I’m never negative so hopefully this is a good thing!

    Derby only conceded in the 76th minute! Who’d have seen that result coming!

    They aren’t as great as we all think they are!

    Come on you gunners!

    I’m off to the pub!

  33. Stupid

    Eboue starts, he really needs to appease the fans, he knows it aswell….could be the making of him at long last. We easily forget his monstrous performances in the champs league back in 2006… he has the ability.

  34. Evo in OZ

    Well Aliadiere was offside for that goal and Gallas was ball watching when it went in!

    We’re in the shit!

  35. Evo in OZ

    Draws dont win the league!

    What a fucked up anti climax!

    Id say we need to win every game now and thats virtually impossible!

  36. maggie Nakyanzi

    I really think your vitriolic attacks on Eboue are way beyond the norm, disgusting. Leave the fellow be. He is a right back playing midfield so that Flamini and Fabregas have the room to shine. Our defence benefits from not having an over burdened Right full back and or an overburdened holding midfielder. Shut up about Eboue.

  37. Pedro

    Do one maggie… he is a right midfielder earning 30k a week. Idiot.

    I was right with the result,

    I’ll be penning a very angry piece tomorrow.

  38. Odub

    Didnt watch the game, and glad I didnt! 4 draws in a row, what the fuck!!! Someone should have fucking told the fans they were planning on handing the title to the mancs, so we wouldnt have bothered supporting this shyte!

    Lokk forward to having a right proper rant tomorrow.

  39. Danny

    eboue to Bara. What a fucking laugh. Crap player. they can have him

    Ade says we do pool. What a laugh. we are not in form and ade is piss poor and cannot score. saying that, who will.

    we have no chance

  40. aliarsenal

    Forget Eboue going i think Wenger should go he cant make team win in the PL bring in Jose people with winning mentality. sorry guyz for your predictions its was another draw for arsenal