10 injured for greedy, greedy Arsenal.

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Bit of a whine today Grovers, which may seem strange from supporters who’s team are top of the English Premier league, but needed, needed because we are not sheep and we are allowed an opinion but the following takes the cake today, so read on.

So we have 10 injured players, what a coincidence, Rosicky is injured again after we were told he’s back just two days ago and Bacary Sagna has personal problems, whatever that means.

I think we have the most injury prone players in the Premier league, you can’t tackle from behind, you can’t have your studs up, you can’t shoulder barge and you can’t thump people anymore, they even play on billiard table pitches, so how on earth do they get injured all the time?

We need to start signing players that are a little tougher, simple, this is ridiculous.

We will, I have no doubt field a full and fit compliment (minus full time crock RVP) all nicely ready for the plump Champions league tie against Milan, funny that eh!

We have a better chance of winning the FA Cup than the Champions league, but for whatever reason the boss doesn’t see it like that.

It saddens me because I think the spectacle of the FA cup is unmatched, the whole of Saturday, the TV coverage is amazing, the fans at the ground, everything, conversely the Champions league is played out on a Wednesday evening on one channel and that’s it.

The double has more cachet for me than the league or the European cup but we look like we are putting a side in that has no chance, the Carling cup semis all over again, very disappointing Arsene.

Onto the scandalous rise in season ticket prices, Pedro wanted me to talk this one through, we fail to see how they can justify it, we’ve spent nothing, income from TV has gone up significantly, we have over £70 million available to buy players, match revenue has tripled, and they don’t even pay dividends to shareholders, so why oh why do they need to put the prices up?

And we have to pay it up front in 2 weeks time, I think it’s nothing more than greedy pigs in the trough Arsenal, a greedy and shabby way to pay back the ‘full house every game’ fans.

Shame on you, and all this on the same day that we find out you are offering a staggering £33 million to a 20 year old, tied in to another 8 year contract that means absolutely nothing if the player wants out, as Thierry Henry so adeptly demonstrated. No reflection on you Cesc, we all love you but £33 million, what do the rest of the team think about that?

Some seriously good comments yesterday Grovers, committed to the cause and in your own way very romantic with late night activity blogs coming in from Bud, Odub and Mike, I hope your evenings ended well.

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  1. Pedro

    Odub, drink blogging is not big and its not clever… you could crash your computer or something?

    LOUIS SAHA is back for united…

  2. Bud

    How fucking cold is it !!!!!

    Just ventured outside the office with my trusty Lieutentant Col U Malc with the aim to make it to the pub over the road, but it was so cold we turned back………. we are now being proper ladies and have opened a bottle of wine from the fridge and are enjoying a splendid Quaff !!!!

  3. Mike (the neighbour)

    Just got back home and whilst I was waiting on Mrs Mike I was playing on my DS lite Brain train (current age 103)……

    and it came up with this Question

    You are trapped in a cage with a Manchester United Fan , a tiger and a deadly snake and you have a gun with two bullets in it . What do you do?

    The answer was –

    A. You shoot the United fan – TWICE

  4. Col U Malc

    Having a gay drink with Bud. Sorry for the intrusion on here, am looking for acceptance based on my eldest being brought up as a fanatical Gooner, plus I think Ashley Cole is a cunt and hate Spurs!
    Can I stay? Please!

  5. Geoff

    I like the idea of taking gorgeous pills, MK or Harlow make sense and deserve it, in fact if they had them more people would go there.

    I’ll blog tomorrow morning but it will be pre match and I know I won’t hear from you guys until Monday, but it will be positive so there shouldn’t be too many cunts on there.

  6. Pedro

    You can stay Malc, what wine has bud got you on?

    Make him get the expensive stuff you… he hides it in that bottom draw!

  7. Steve

    Welcome Col.

    Evening all, have a top weekend. I’m heading for O.T early doors and won’t be home until silly o’clock so they’ll be nothing from me at the weekend.

    Hope you all have a right riviting rip roaring Gooner weekend.

    Come on you Gunners!!!

  8. Col U Malc

    Got me on Chardonnay, not my choice and to be honest it is the stuff he couldn’t give away at Christmas that suddenly turned into our Xmas bonus!!!
    Was either that or a can of Castlemaine well past its drink by date!!!

  9. Odub

    Second that Bud, even the alcohol consumed couldnt dull the fact that it is arctic out there!

    Geoff, will be making an appearance at some point tomorrow. I dont know why but I just feel the worst that will happen tomorrow is a draw.

    Col U Malc sdoesnt sound any worse than the knuckle dragging cunts we’ve had on here today does he?

  10. Bud

    That’s unfair…….. I deliberately over ordered wine for the clients with the view of slipping a few bottles to the troops…………. fuck me at £2.29 a bottle, wouldn’t you ???!!!

  11. chris

    Odub, if you met steve get some of those pills off him, ill get them off you when we win the league in Derby, they had better work!!

  12. Odub

    Chris, been to Derby great laugh it was too, and you can always nip over to Nottingham by cab, it’s only 15 minutes or so!!! And yes you will def need the pills up there!!!

    Anyone putting their necks on the line and predicting a heavy for the Mancs tomorrow?

  13. Big Raddy

    I can’t believe it. The wife bought us tickets to the fucking ballet on Saturday evening? She must think I am gay. But what to do? If I don’t go I will get a good kick in the proverbials, and f I do go I miss one of the games of the season.

  14. Geoff

    I just had my first beer and suddenly I feel confident about tomorrow, oh and I put my Arsenal rose coloured’s on too!

    It’s the footballing equivalent of the gorgeous pills Steve gets.

  15. Odub

    Big Raddy, I don’t know what’s more worrying, the ballet, or the fact that you might be missing the biggest game of the season!!!

  16. Bud

    Big Raddy………. get down that garage, put 20 pence in the air hose machine and inflate your bollocks before going home and telling the wife, thanks but no thanks, I am not a gaylord……. Fuck me, I thought that was obvious !!!

  17. chris

    odub, Nottingham is a scary place when the lights go down, but you lead and ill follow!
    my mate was just around, he recons AW is just being sly RE injuries for tomorrows game to try and get a “tell” off ferguson,

  18. Mike (the neighbour)

    Big Raddy -Sounds like a dose of Man flu on its way -tell her she can take her best friend and you’ll pick up the tab for pre dinner theatre -gets her out of the house early .
    Geoff you cant just say conscience -some of us are really fearful of our wives remember on divorce they get Fuckin HALF !

  19. Odub

    Guys I’m off!! Half the office is heading down the boozer, so who am I to object!! Have a good one, will try and get on tomorrow to psych myself up before Kick off, hopefully we won’t get any wankerson! have a good one all!!


  20. Big Raddy

    Thanks for the advice. Not sure what I will do, I am new on this forum so, here is a bit about me. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. Have been a season ticket holder since the 60’s (can’t believe it) and have a season ticket at the Emirates – Upper ier behind the goal. Can’t get to every game, but go to as amny as poss.

  21. Mike (the neighbour)

    Dear Deidre
    have just had my first Bud (beer) and have phoned the 8 people coming to dinner tomorrow at 7.00 and told them not to come til 8.00 .I know them mercenary buggers they will come early as usual just to drink my booze and I could miss some of the game .My quandry is do I tell the wife ive done this and get it over now or do I blag it tomorrow when she starts bending my ear about where are they and rabbitting when I could still be watching the game -adice please

  22. chris

    Mike gag her yes, dont bind her, otherwise it will be you that has to get the beer from the fridge,
    tell her now but tell her you did it so you could help out as if they came early you could not give her your full attention,

  23. Bud

    Tell her you got confused and were working on Spanish time as you hadn’t put your watch back yet !!!!!!!!!

    Fuckin Clever Or What !!!!!!!!

  24. Mike (the neighbour)

    I think Bud was referring to big Raddys problem however Chris better I take the shit now than whilst the games on -If shes sulking at least she wont talk whilst the games
    on and she wont ignore me whilst our chums are here anyway and i’ll just get pissed further -Thanks

  25. Mike (the neighbour)

    Bud FUCKIN BLEEDIN BRILLIANT -we only got back from spain last Friday -and the watch I was wearing today WAS still on Spainish time -You should write a book on this stuff youd make enough to pay for a season ticket well some of it

  26. Big Raddy

    At least you get to watch the game. I will be watching a load of overpaid queerboys prancing around in front of an audience of wankers….. Just realised, it sounds as though I am going to WHL to watch the Scum !!

  27. Mike (the neighbour)

    Chris Thats not a problem weve been married 34 years and I always get dirty looks cos if its not watching football or being on the computer when we have a dinner party its one or all of-
    Drinking too much
    telling an inappropriate jokie
    staring down a female guests cleavage
    or the most common one -Just existing within her space

  28. Geoff

    Like it better now Big Raddy, welcome to Le Grove, as far as the ballet is concerned, now we know your a Viking, we know you’ll do the right thing, so enjoy the game.

    Mike they don’t get half, I think you meant cut in half!

  29. Mike (the neighbour)

    Big raddy have you got an i phone you may be able to down stream the game you can then pretend youre asleep but for fuck sake dont say YYYYYEEEESSS when Arsenal get the first goal .I went with Geoff and Mrs geoffs to see the Nutcracker suite a few years ago and we both dosed off so sleeping would not be seen as unusual .Oh and stick a sock down the front of your trousers -cos youll feel so inadequate

  30. Mike (the neighbour)

    I see geoff I suppose thats why Heather mills got a leg off cos paul Paul was going for the full cut in half thing and missed eh .You havnt seen the texas chainsaw massacre have you cos I am getting really scared now

  31. Mike (the neighbour)

    I like it Chris -geoffs a designer so could help .Bit concerned about the the subliminal message cos it could infer Arsenal supporters are muppets – maybe it should say “all muppets love spurs” Or “I am a muppet and even I hate spurs ” geoff comon get your creative head on -are you out on the piss in spain tonite and has the weather got better ?????

  32. Geoff

    boys night out tonight with El Presidente, pissed down today and freezing.

    On the literary front I just read a book called The Ice Man, and it’s not Dennis Bergkamp, read it and then be scared, be really very scared, this book was a true story, it’s quite funny too and will go on the Le Grove recommended holiday reads list.

  33. Big Raddy

    Did I read earlier that you guys may go out drinking in Nottingham? Are you nuts? It is a complete and total shithole inhabited by Neanderthals who will kick the shit out of you if you use words of more than one syllable. Still, at least you are sure to pull…

  34. Mike (the neighbour)

    Give el presidente my regards see if you can convince him to contribute to Le grove I know he reads it !!
    The ice man thats not the one thats based on Slience of the spuds is it ?

  35. Geoff

    No it’s about a contract killer that was also a serial killer, a very interesting read.

    Big Raddy I’ve only been there once, it’s only on the map because of Robin Hood.

    Cardiff’s not bad though, I’ve been there for 4 cup finals, those were the days when we liked it! it was also probably because at that point we were out of the Champions league.

  36. Big Raddy

    The annual jolly to Cardiff was a great trip. Thanks to the pleasures of the M4, the lads usually stayed in Cardiff and sampled the local hostelries. It is a fine town.

    Didn’t enjoy it when that little shit Owen scored and denied us a totally deserved victory. But then we should have buried them well before that. Oooh, it still gets me mad !!

    Best day? Def. the “we love you, Freddie Cup final.

  37. Geoff

    I agree with that but the Liverpool final was marred by the cheating hands balls by Hyppia and Henchoz, happy days though!

  38. Mike (the neighbour)

    JUst in case no-one else posts wanted to make it 200 -Just cooking a meal for Mrs Mike as she cooked the meal yesterday .Am looking forward to a night of passionate sex -but if Mrs Mike finds out I am bolloxed
    Good to hear from you big Raddy as they used to say in the Beverly hill billies come back soon now

  39. Pedro

    ‘At least you get to watch the game. I will be watching a load of overpaid queerboys prancing around in front of an audience of wankers….. Just realised, it sounds as though I am going to WHL to watch the Scum !!’

    Fucking classic, good to have you on board big Raddy!

    200+ comments, its been a special day!

    I’m off to get fucked!

    Have a good night and good luck with your party mike, moving the time had me in stitches! Change the all the clocks in your house so they match you watch… then tell your wife her watch is wrong…!

    Have a good one!

  40. chris

    mike that is a character called grover, seaseme street i think, its something worth thinking about esepecially as we are called grovers, stick a beret on for the “le” bit you get the jist

  41. Geoff

    I like it! I’m now off to get beered up in readiness for tomorrow’s tonking of the Mancs, have a great night Grovers!

  42. Geoff

    Fuck off Angus, you’ve been banned from this site, don’t you understand?

    For the benefit of those of you who can’t read my trash, the Aussie twat has tried once again to blog on our site.

    Tried, Angus Chisholm now fuck off, you’re not welcome.

  43. Mike (the neighbour)

    Chris well done -I havnt seen sesame street since my son was about six and he is 30 in may -Fuckin GROVER Brilliant !!!sorry I didnt get it .

  44. Xlnz Canon

    “I think we have the most injury prone players in the Premier league”
    Stop this whining for f.o.o.k.s sake! Winners never quit, and quitters never win. We’ll beat them mancs with Rhys Murphy up front if necessary. Attitude rules, and attitude is the pure essentia of the Mighty Gunners.
    mancs: 2
    Arse: 3

  45. King Richard

    Cesc hasn’t been offered a new contract . . . The FA Cup is 3rd priority and will be treated as such . . . United will play their best side . . . If they don’t, they won’t win . . . There will be a mini crisis at the Trafford Scum Bowl if they lose . . . Should be fun . . . Enjoy

  46. Big Raddy

    Given the choice, I would take a 2-0 defeat today and a 2-0 win on Weds.

    But as we are the mightty Arsenal, let’s go for two victories….

    C’mon you Rip-Roaring Gunners